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  1. Hi Just wondering if its possible for me to open a peso account here in BPI uk. I’m currently residing in the UK but want to have a BPI peso account. I would be very grateful if you can give me information on how to apply please. Thank you

  2. Hi Di, yes, you can. Bring to the UK branch the documents listed above, and then ask to apply for a Philippine-based BPI account. Sorry I don’t know if they’ll require you to open a UK-based account first.

  3. Can you please tell me if there is a bpi bank in Birmingham England. My girlfriend has bpi account in the Philippines and she wants to travel to me here in England she is wondering if she can withdrawal money from any bank here in England thank you

  4. Hi henry, there’s no BPI-Philippines branch in the UK. What’s there is its subsidiary BPI Europe whose offices are in London. But what your girlfriend can do is to check if her atm card has a Cirrus logo on its back side, and then call BPI 89-100 a few days before she travels to the UK and notifies BPI that she’ll be using her atm card in the UK (look for atms with Cirrus logo). There’ll be charges ($3.50 per withdrawal $175 and less; 2% of withdrawn amount if more than $175).

  5. I have been in the Philippines for 5 years now ,I have a BPI account. My bank in UK is First Direct who I have been with for over 20 years . would it be beneficial for me to open a BPI europe account and have a certain amount transferred to that account and then put it into my BPI account over here. I look forward to your hopefully swift reply. Iain Deakin

  6. Hi iain, to see if there’s a benefit, you can compare the speed and cost of transfer between your current transfer process and transfer from a BPI Europe account to a BPI Phils account through BPI online banking. According to the BPI website, for transfers from BPI Europe account to your BPI account here in the Phils using bpiexpressonline.com (assuming the other account is already added to the account already enrolled in BPI online banking), the transfer will be just within minutes.
    Transfer fee for up to 1,000 pounds is 5 pounds.
    For 1,001 to 2,000 pounds, fee is 6 pounds.
    2,002 to 5,000, fee is 7 pounds
    5,001 to 10,000 pounds, fee is 8 pounds
    There could also be additional inward fee charged by BPI Philippines for foreign remittance: 160 pesos plus 0.30 pesos for every 200 pesos.
    Also, if you open a BPI Europe account here through a BPI branch here, you might also pay for the courier to send your documents to BPI Europe (sorry not sure if this is still the process).

  7. I am trying to call the contact number 02078530088, to activate my account and to continue to deposit as saving. I forgot how I did the last time I started. Will call me or update your contact number. My contact number 07789770865. Thank you

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