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  1. If I open a BPI acct here in UK,can I access that account whilst in the Philippines with no charge?

  2. Hi Melani, BPI online banking is free, so you can access your UK account online with no charge. But if you transfer money from your UK GBP account to your peso account, there’s a remittance fee of 5 to 15 pounds for a remittance amount of less than 1k to 50k GBP. You can enroll your UK account first, then enroll your Philippine BPI account into your UK account after it’s activated.

  3. Can I open a Manila-based account from the UK e.g. by visiting the London Office of BPI. I visit Manila every year and this would be useful for me. Or can I only do this when next over there?

  4. Hi Tony, it’s better that you open a Philippine-based account at a branch here when you get here. BPI London used to offer that service, but I heard they stopped it, most likely due to the RCBC-linked money laundering. They even closed their offices in Rome after the scandal. After opening your account, enroll in BPI online banking here, as you need to activate your online banking at a BPI machine here.

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