Veteran Dubai OFWs, Have You Tried to Send Money to Dubai from the Philippines?

To veteran OFWs in Dubai who have tried to send money to Dubai from the

Philippines, can you help by giving us info on the best but cheapest way to send money to Dubai from here?

The people I know — they use Western Union. Pero baka meron pang ibang mas maganda.

Also, have you tried withdrawing from ATM machines in Dubai using ATM cards issued by banks here in the Philippines like BDO, BPI, Metrobank or PNB? How much is the charge?

Tinatanong ko ito kasi may mga nagtatanong how to send money to Dubai. Ang kapitbahay ko, she had to send money to her nurse-daughter in Dubai para makapag-rent siya and her friends ng isang unit nearer the hospital where they’re working.  My neighbor used Western Union and paid nearly 1,500 pesos.

Previously daw, the daughter couldn’t save because she lives far from the hospital and she spends much for transportation.

Merong ding OFW diyan na nagpa-deposit ng pera sa kanyang BDO account dito sa Philippines. Nasa kanya yong ATM card, pero she could not withdraw the money there in Dubai. I told her to find an ATM machine with the same Mastercard or Visa logo on her card, as per BDO instructions. I didn’t know if she was eventually able to withdraw.

Thanks a lot for any information you can share about how to send money to Dubai from the Philippines.
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