Late Philhealth Payments — Can I Make Retroactive Payments?

Puede pa bang bayaran ang na-miss na Philhealth payments?
If I missed one quarter of Philhealth payment, can I pay it the following month?

Yes and No.

Yes, you can make a late payment, or a retroactive payment, but you have to pass three conditions:

1.  You’re not a frequently late payor. You have not been late in paying three consecutive quarters within the last 12-month period prior to the missed quarter.
For example, if you missed paying the October-December 2010 quarter, you must have paid on time your Philhealth payments from January to September 2010.

2.  You’re still within the grace period. The grace period is one month immediately afer the missed quarter. The grace period for the above example is January 2011.

3.  You must pay the missed quarter together with the current quarter, so you’re going to pay two quarters.
You can also pay more than two quarters, if you like, but it’s not required.

The following is a copy of a portion of the Philhealth rule that applies to late Philhealth payments:

Retroactive payments are not allowed except when a member can show proof of sufficient regularity of premium contributions or payment of nine (9) consecutive months or three consecutive quarters within the last 12 months prior to the missed quarter. If you meet this condition, you shall be given a grace period of one month immediately after the missed quarter to pay retroactively including the current calendar quarter. This privilege is granted only once every 12 months.

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  1. hi,
    September 2012 was my last payment/contribution. How can I reactivate my membership? thanks

  2. Hi jennifer, go to the nearest Philhealth with your ID, then fill up registration form, then pay 1 quarter (450 pesos) this year. Rate will increase to 200 pesos per month next year.

  3. I was employed until November 30, 2013. My employer paid my premiums until NOvember 2013. I missed December payment and am pregnant. Can I pay for the missed month in December and continue making my premiums? Or do I need to start all over again? Please advise. Thanks.

  4. Hi Kris, you can no longer pay for Dec. You’re past the deadline; same with Jan, if you have not paid yesterday, 31st. Anyway, pay for Feb and onwards, you can still qualify. If you paid continuously when you were employed, you can accumulate payments for 9 of the 12 months before your delivery month. If not, you can update your category to Informal Sector so you can qualify for the 3-monthly-payment eligibility requirement (pay at least 3 months immediately before your delivery month, or pay for 1 year in advance)

  5. Hi. I was employed 2011, and I’m planning to be a voluntary payer.. How can I still be qualify to avail the benefit? I’m pregnant and my due is on June this year.. Can I still pay for the last quarter last year? How can I be qualify pls tell me what to do..

  6. Hi sheyl, update your member data with Philhealth; check Informal Sector as your member status, then pay Feb to May 2014. You will qualify kasi you will pay at least 3 contributions within 6 months before delivery — yan ang required sa Informal Sector.

  7. hello po, ask q lng po ung about s philhealth q kz n end po q s work last year month of june so for the next month until now ndi q nhulugan ang philhealth q tpos nkaprivate p po ang status q,.maaari q po b byaran ung namissed q months n wlang payment?.bali from july2013 up to present. thank you!
    pregnant po kasi q.

  8. by this month of march n po ang delivery q,.syang dn kz kng hndi q maavail ang benefits,.almost 3years nrin nhulugan ang philhealth q.

  9. hello, ask lang po about s late payment q from july2013 up to now. maaari q po b byran lhat ng namissed q n payment?
    gusto q po kz makaavail ng benefits kz syang kng mababalewala lng ang almost 3years q n nacontribute,.
    pregnant po kz aq. thank you po!

  10. Good day po! My husband is an ofw and he paid his contribution in SG last 2012 pa for coverage of Jan 2012-Jan2013. I was not able to update his payment after the coverage lapsed. What would be the best thing for me to do to continue his payments? Thanks!

  11. Hi siren, ask from your husband any proof of being an OFW (OEC copy, or copy of passport with work visa, or OFW contract, etc), then pay at Philhealth. Bring your ID and marriage cert, baka lang hanapin.

  12. Hi jeniesette, sori hindi na puedeng bayaran ang 2013. I suggest magregister ka uli sa Philhealth branch. Bring your ID. On the registration form, check Individual Payor-Informal Sector, and then pay for Jan to Dec 2014 (2400 pesos) or Feb 2014 to Jan 2015 (ask Philhealth), para maging eligible ka for your delivery in March.

  13. Hi maam, ask ko lang po kung makaavail ako ng maternity benefit sa philhealth sa case ko. Ofw po ako, pinaasikaso ko sa mother ko yung philhealth ko last yr. Ngbayad sya oct2013-2014. Kung 9 months po ang required before delivery, ang estimated delivery date ko po ay april 2014 meron po akong namiss na 3 months pero nkacontribute po ako till oct.2014. Mahohonor po kaya yun? O pwede ko po ba balikan bayaran ung 3 months na namiss ko? Thank you!

  14. Hi Chainey, anong dates ang paid sa premium receipt mo? Oct 2013 to Oct 2014? If yes, covered ka when you give birth in April. Kapag OFW, covered kapag ang confinement or delivery date ay within the dates on the premium receipt. Kapag hindi nakalagay na OFW sa premium receipt mo at Individual Payor ka, covered ka pa rin, kasi 3 contributions na lang ngayon ang required, at hindi na 9 months.

  15. Good day! I would just like to ask if how can i reactivate my philhealth account? I haven’t been working for the past 8 years and haven’t paid any contribution since then. Is there a chance that i can reactivate it again? Thank you.

  16. Hi katrina, yes, anytime. Go to Philhealth with your ID and fill up the registration form to update your data and to pay at least 600 pesos (3 months x 200 pesos). If you don’t remember your Philhealth no., verify with them, or they will give you a number, since I think Philhealth nos. were not significant years ago.

  17. Hello. Good day. Individually payer po ako.Na missed ko pong bayaran ang January to March 2014. If ever na hindi ko ma-avail ang 1 month month grace period. Ilan buwan ang dapat kong bayaran starting May 2014. at anong month ako cover ng Philhealth.

    Thank you po.

  18. Hi Vilma, if paid mo ang Oct to Dec 2013, puede mong ma-avail this Apr (but ask hospital because sometimes they don’t know yet the new rule). Pag month of May or June gamitin, pay the whole year so you can avail or Apr 2014 to Mar 2015

  19. Hi kaye, you can no longer pay the 1st quarter. If you need Philhealth now (and you also did not pay Oct to Dec 2013), pay for the whole year in advance so you can use Philhealth.

  20. Good evening po.Pwede po ba bayaran ng employer q ang current month contribution without paying previous months contribution? Thank you po.

  21. Panu po kaya un na hospital po kasi ang nanay ko ngaun may 2014.pwede po ba siyang maka claim sa philhealth kapag nagbayad kami?thank you po.

  22. Hi maryluds, file your Philhealth before discharge so your coverage will be deducted from your bill. If you meant registering and paying Philhealth premium during or after hospitalization, you cannot claim. Pay premium before hospitalization. Ask Philhealth too.

  23. Gudpm poh, for retroactive payment requirement photocopy of last 3 quarters receipt kaso po naiwala ko p yung isang receipt …pano po yun pwede po b ako mkahingi ng receipt sa philhelt office?

  24. Gud day. pwede pa po ba ako magbayad ng January-december 2014 sa philhealth? Ngayon po sana August 2014 ko babayaran? Tnx

  25. Hi Mel, this August, the months you can pay are July to Dec 2014. You can no longer pay for Jan to June 2014.

  26. start po aku maging member nung november 2013 so tatlong quarter n po akung d nakakahulog s philhealth qualified pa po ba ako o continue lang po ang paghulog ko para makumpleto ko po ang philhealth ko…hintayin ko po ang sagot ninyo..salamat po..

  27. hi, i just would like to ask if ever i was not able to pay the 2013 up up to now and i want to reactivate my phil health. my last payment was the time i was in the Philippines when i worked for a company. is it possible if i will pay everything because i want to use it by September for my mother’s it possible or any chances that i can use my phil health by next month if i will pay everything this month? what do you mean by premium payment? thank you!

  28. hi po, i haven’t been working since 2012.. so from that year onwards di ko na po nabayaran yung Philhealth ko.. ask ko lang po kung ano ang gagawin pra ma reactivate ito. Gusto ko po kasing gamitin yung benefits sa panganganak ko this November. Do i need to pay the whole year fro Jan 2014-Dec. 2014 pra ma reactivate? Pls help

  29. Hi aileen, go to Philhealth with your ID and fill up member data form. Check For Updating. Pay July to Sep or July to Oct and get your Philhealth card and MDR.

  30. Hello nora,
    I want to update my details in my sss pagibig and phil health . Do i have to go the main office of theses government agencies? If yes where are the offices located. Tankyou

  31. hi Ms. Nora,
    My mom wasn’t able to pay the contribution this quarter because the Philhealth office here was offline. She also failed to pay the contribution in a bayad center since the center already sent their reports in their main office. Can she still cover the 3rd quarter if she’ll pay on October 1st?

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