Late Philhealth Payments — Can I Make Retroactive Payments?

Puede pa bang bayaran ang na-miss na Philhealth payments?
If I missed one quarter of Philhealth payment, can I pay it the following month?

Yes and No.

Yes, you can make a late payment, or a retroactive payment, but you have to pass three conditions:

1.  You’re not a frequently late payor. You have not been late in paying three consecutive quarters within the last 12-month period prior to the missed quarter.
For example, if you missed paying the October-December 2010 quarter, you must have paid on time your Philhealth payments from January to September 2010.

2.  You’re still within the grace period. The grace period is one month immediately afer the missed quarter. The grace period for the above example is January 2011.

3.  You must pay the missed quarter together with the current quarter, so you’re going to pay two quarters.
You can also pay more than two quarters, if you like, but it’s not required.

The following is a copy of a portion of the Philhealth rule that applies to late Philhealth payments:

Retroactive payments are not allowed except when a member can show proof of sufficient regularity of premium contributions or payment of nine (9) consecutive months or three consecutive quarters within the last 12 months prior to the missed quarter. If you meet this condition, you shall be given a grace period of one month immediately after the missed quarter to pay retroactively including the current calendar quarter. This privilege is granted only once every 12 months.

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  1. hello po!tanung ko lang po ung philhealth since 2012 pa updated po ako!pero nitong jan to march 2016 ay hindi ako nakabayad?pwde ko po b byaran ung ulit un?tnx po

  2. hello po! I’ve paid my philhealth since 2012. But I wasn’t able to pay jan to march 2016. Can I continue paying?

  3. Hi joy, yes, of course, you can continue as Philhealth member. You’re no longer allowed to pay for Jan to March, but you can pay April to June. Payment deadline for any quarter is the last day of the quarter. Deadline is last business day of the quarter if there’s no Bayad Center or SM Business Center in your area.

  4. What if I’m a new member and I missed paying. Can I continue? I registered december 2015 and I was supposed to pay last March. This May, can I still pay? salamat po

  5. Hi Mrs. Anip, yes, you can pay 600 pesos for April May June. If you already got your MDR and card, then you can pay at Bayad Center, but if not yet, pay at Philhealth. Bring your ID.

  6. good afternoon mrs nora I registered as a member in the october to dec quarter. I wasn’t able to pay jan to march. I wanted to pay at Bayad Center but they were accepting only for april to june. Can I still pay for Jan to March and this quarter?

  7. Hi editha, it’s true that the payment deadline for Jan to March is March 31, so your payment for Jan to Mar can no longer be accepted. Pay asap for April to June, and then for the next quarters, always remember to pay every quarter. Payment deadline is the last day of the quarter.

  8. hi po if I missed paying jan to march but paid april to sept 2016, can I use Philhealth in june?

  9. I’m giving birth this june. almost a year unemployed. Can i pay this quarter as self-employed to avail the benefits? I haven’t paid for jan to march contribution. Please reply

  10. Hi Chris, yes, pay asap at Philhealth so you can get your new MDR and card. Bring your ID. Fill up registration form as Informal Economy (individual) and check FOR UPDATING.

  11. Hi my last payment was dec 2015. Was confined now may 2016. But missed jan to march payment. Philhealth says I can no longer be covered because I didnt pay the jan to march is this right? Thanks. But I’ve paid april to june 2016.

  12. Hi Michelle, was it Philhealth who told you that, or the hospital? Did you pay April to June prior to confinement? Explain to them that your Dec 2015, Apr and May 2016 payment represent the 3 monthly payments required for eligibility. Philhealth’s eligibility requirement is payment of 3 monthly premiums within the past 6 months prior to confinement (with current month included in the 6-month counting). With my interpretation, you’re eligible, but if it was indeed Philhealth that said you’re not qualified, then that could be their interpretation. Their policy might be 3 consecutive monthly payments. I hope you can comment again.

  13. My sister paid the first quarter, but not paid this running quarter yet, april to june. Will she be covered if she will be confined this May?

  14. Hi Arlene, she can use Philhealth if confined this May. She has paid 3 premiums within the 6-month period before confinement (with May included in the 6-month counting).

  15. hi, can i used my philhealth if i confined this month of May? but jan to march i don’t have payment yet.., thanks a lot

  16. hi, if i will not able to pay this quarter april to june can i pay it on july? and can i avail maternity benefits on september?

  17. Hello Mrs Nora Just wanna ask po if I can still pay for my philhealth? last may 2014 was my last payment. can i still pay for this year?

  18. Hi Rhea joy, yes, pay asap for April to June (600 pesos) so you’ll be covered starting June. Then in July, pay for July to Sep. In Oct, pay for Oct to Dec. Or you can pay asap for Apr to Dec at one time (1,800 pesos)

  19. Hi vic, yes, if you pay July to Sep in July, you can avail in September, but to be sure, ask your hospital or lying-in.

  20. Hello po. Question po, I’ve been a member of philhealth for over 5 years now only to find my previous employers did not remit my contribution. Only my first 1st company remitted, but incomplete. last contribution is around 2012. Now I’m expected to give birth this July, very near. and hassle if I’d go after my previous employers in Manila, as I’m in the province since I’m no longer working. Can I pay a whole year in advance or any no. of months required and use my philhealth this July which is no more than 2 months away. Please advise po. thanks!

  21. Hi Marianne, you pay ASAP for April to June so you can use Philhealth in July. It’s good also if you pay Apr to Sep so your coverage is continuous. Pay at Philhealth so you can update your records and get a new MDR. Fill up the registration form and check FOR UPDATING. Bring your ID.

  22. Im a philhealth member since 2006 but i only pay 3 months. Can i still use my philhealth? Can i still pay my contribution to use my philhealth this year?? Plss reply. Tnx

  23. Hi Grace, pay at Philhealth branch so you can update your data (fill up registration form and check FOR UPDATING) and get your new MDR. Bring your ID. Pay for Apr to June or Apr to Dec, so you’ll be covered starting June.

  24. Hello po! Can I pay for first quarter? My papa forgot paying and he’s admitted now. What can we do? Thank you and God bless

  25. Hi Marga, sorry you’re no longer allowed to pay for the 1st quarter. And premium payment must be made prior to admission, not the same day of admission or after admission. You can pay for 2nd quarter — it can be used in June or July. If the bill is big, you can ask assistance from PCSO (ask hospital’s social services, should be before full bill payment) or from the offices of your local officials. God bless too

  26. Hi po can I update my philhealth using my id with my maiden name. I have no ID yet using my hubby’s surname. The surname on my philhealth id is that of my husband? Thanks for the reply! God bless!

  27. hi po, is advance payment allowed? for example, I paid JAN-MARCH, can i pay in advance for april-june?

  28. Hi Dan, yes, you can even pay up to Dec 2016 or further. Pay April to June asap. Payment deadline is the last day of the quarter.

  29. Hi po,. I want to update my philhealth membership but the last time I paid for it was June 2013. Should I pay from July 2013 up to the present just to make it updated? Or just pay for the recent quarter which is April-Jun 2016?

  30. Hi Joanna, just pay asap this month for this quarter April to June. Pay at Philhealth so you can get your new MDR and Philhealth card. Bring yout ID

  31. Hi Mrs Nora, good day, my parents had a Philhealth coverage 4-5 years ago but unfortunately they stopped. I am planning to re-activate it since my mother will undergo surgery. We are planning to sched her surgery within this month. If i will re-activate her Philhealth membership today, will it still cover her surgery? Can you kindly verify. Thank you for your response.

  32. Hi Ken, yes, pay for April to June today, and get a new MDR. Bring your mother’s ID and authorization letter to get her MDR and card. To be sure, ask also Philhealth and the hospital

  33. Hello po I haven’t paid my contribution for january to march 2016. How can I pay it? I was told by bayad center to go to philhealth to pay January to March before I pay for April to June 2016. Which Philhealth branch should I go to pay?

  34. Hi Thor21, you’re no longer allowed to pay Jan to Mar because the payment deadline has passed. You can pay Apr to June asap this month. You can go to any Philhealth branch. If you don’t have your MDR yet, request this from Philhealth, including your Philhealth card

  35. Hello po, since last 2014 I haven’t paid my contributions. Can I continue paying? Am I still a member? What should I do? thanks po

  36. Hi Babylyn, yes, you can be an actively paying member again. Pay asap this month for April to June. If you don’t have a clear MDR, pay at Philhealth so you can request for your MDR. Bring your ID.

  37. Hello Ms. Nora. I also missed paying for the first quarter, like Thor21, so there is really nothing that can be done? I was told by the person in the Bayad Center that I can pay at a Philhealth branch but based from the thread, I don’t think it is an option. What are the consequences of this?

  38. Hi Hazel, payment deadline for the first quarter was March 31. It’s June now, so pay asap this month for Apr to June so you’ll be covered starting from the day after payment this June), even if you did not pay for Jan to March. Pay for July to Sep on or before Sep 30.

  39. Hi Po. May sister’s payment was last march 2015. She want to update her payment. Is she going to pay last 3 quarters of 2015 and 2 quarters of 2016?

  40. i forgot to pay my philhealth po from oct 2015 to june 2016. need to pay missed quarters at any philhealth branch po to activate.

  41. Hi Ann, you can reactivate your membership without paying missed quarters. Your late payments will no longer be accepted. Pay ASAP this month for Apr to June or Apr to Sep. Payment deadline for every quarter is the last day of the quarter.

  42. Hi Imelda, sorry no. Late payments are not accepted. Pay ASAP within June for April to June or for April to Sep. From now on, pay quarterly within the first month of the quarter, so you won’t forget, but you can pay anytime on or before the last day of the quarter.

  43. hi mrs Nora, 2015 po jan-sept i Paid philhealth but this year 2016 from jan to present I did not pay. Can I pay for last year to this year ?

  44. Hi wing, you do not need to pay past quarters. Just pay for Apr to June ASAP this June (deadline is June 30) and you’ll be covered starting the next day after payment. You can also pay in advance July to Sep or July to Dec so your coverage is continuous. Payment deadline for every quarter is the last day of the quarter.

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