Late Philhealth Payments — Can I Make Retroactive Payments?

Puede pa bang bayaran ang na-miss na Philhealth payments?
If I missed one quarter of Philhealth payment, can I pay it the following month?

Yes and No.

Yes, you can make a late payment, or a retroactive payment, but you have to pass three conditions:

1.  You’re not a frequently late payor. You have not been late in paying three consecutive quarters within the last 12-month period prior to the missed quarter.
For example, if you missed paying the October-December 2010 quarter, you must have paid on time your Philhealth payments from January to September 2010.

2.  You’re still within the grace period. The grace period is one month immediately afer the missed quarter. The grace period for the above example is January 2011.

3.  You must pay the missed quarter together with the current quarter, so you’re going to pay two quarters.
You can also pay more than two quarters, if you like, but it’s not required.

The following is a copy of a portion of the Philhealth rule that applies to late Philhealth payments:

Retroactive payments are not allowed except when a member can show proof of sufficient regularity of premium contributions or payment of nine (9) consecutive months or three consecutive quarters within the last 12 months prior to the missed quarter. If you meet this condition, you shall be given a grace period of one month immediately after the missed quarter to pay retroactively including the current calendar quarter. This privilege is granted only once every 12 months.

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  1. Hello! Im 7 months pregnant and I really need PhilHealth. Pwede pa po ba ako magbayad sa PhilHealth kahit na hindi ako nakapagbayad since nung April 2015 until now? Thank you.

  2. Hi wasnt able to pay my philhealth membership for 7 years. my husband is an ofw he also has his own philhealth but he also wasnt able to give his contribution for 2 years now. im giving birth in may. what is the most possible way for me to avail the benefit when i give birth. can i just pay for my missed contributions or shud i just re-apply for a new membership card?

  3. Hello , i asked someone to pay for my october- december philhealth contribution but sadly, she didn’t pay the money i gave her. Can i still pay it this January together with my January- March contribution? Thank you very much!

  4. hello po. I paid philhealth this month from january – june. I planned to pay for the whole year but since my budget was short, I paid for only 6 mos. Can I pay this month for july-dec? thank you

  5. Hi. I was a contributor of philhealth since 1999-2013. After 2013 i loss my job and was not able to pay for 2 years. And now i am here at the hospital can i still use my philhealth?

  6. Hi, I was not able to pay oct to dec. Can I pay it this january? So I can avail of my benefit since I’ve been admitted today?

  7. Hi jing, sorry, payment deadline for Oct to Dec was Dec 31, 2016. Besides, Philhealth said that payment should be made prior to first day of confinement. Did you pay Aug and Sep? If yes, and you like to try this idea — have someone pay for you for Jan to Mar 2016 today. Payment for Aug Sep and Jan can make you eligible, but what I’m not sure is if Philhealth honors your January payment on the same day as your first day of confinement. Ask others too

  8. Hi czarina, sad to say that Philhealth’s eligibility requirement is payment of at least 3 contributions within the past 5 months and current month. Late payments are not accepted. Payment should also be done prior to first day of confinement.

  9. i havent paid my contribution for almost 2 years now. what will be the terms and conditions regarding on my situation?

  10. Hi faith, pay asap for Jan to March (600 pesos). It’s good if you can pay at a Philhealth branch so you can request for your card and MDR. If you’re not sure about your Philhealth no., fill up the registration form and check FOR UPDATING. You can make your next payments at Bayad Center.

  11. my mom just have her philhealth this december and she didn’t pay immediately but now we are planning to pay for it, can we include the month of december together with the 1st quarter?

  12. Hi april, sorry but you’re no longer allowed to pay for Dec. Monthly deadline is the last day of the month. Quarterly deadline is the last day of the quarter.

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