Planholders of Platinum Plans, Ideal Pension Plans, Grayline Plans — Who Will Fight for Them?


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  1. Hi Virgie, so sad pero wala o konti ang natirang funds ng mga firms na ito. Yong one year payment mo ba ay full payment ng plan mo? Kasi kung incomplete payment at nag-lapse yong plan mo, meaning hindi mo na-complete yong full payment ng plan, na-forfeit na yong partial payment mo noon pang 2007. Usually 2 years lang ang ibinibigay nilang palugit para kumpletuhin mo ang payment. Pero tingnan mo pa rin yong updates dito sa post na ito kung applicable sa yo.

  2. Just read this information now. Can I also claim a refund?I had one-time payment made for a year but this was year 2005. Hope I can also get it back. Thank you.

  3. Para po sa mga taong naghahanap po sa GRAYLINE PLANS, INC office at contact number:

    Grayline Plans, Inc
    Unit 4-A Dolmar Bldg.
    United Nations Ave., Paco, Manila

    Tel. Nos. (02)560-8145 & (02)560-8137

    Kung magclaim po kayo punta lang po kayo sa opisina nila tapat lang po nang Insurance Commission tapos magtanong lang po kayo kung saan ang Dolmar Building. Tyagain niyo pong magfollow up kung tatawag at nagpapadeposit kayo through bank dahil ang tamad tamad nang taong naka assign nagrerelease at nagdedeposit nang check dun. Sasabihin magdedeposit bukas pero di naman talaga. Papaasahin kayo at maraming alibi. Kaya ugaliing magfollow up hanggang sa makulitan.

    Saan po kaya pwedeng magfile nang complaint about this matter? Perang pinaghirapan po kasi nang mga tao yun tapos ayaw i-deposit yung check sa bank.

  4. May pag asa pa ba tayo na mabalik satin yung pera na para sa mga anak natin gumising kayo mga nagpatakbo ng Grayline perang pinag hirapan ano ang nangyari ipaliwanag niyo sa mga tao, sana maibalik ito salamat, may karma po ito.

  5. Hi Joey, I feel so sad na nakapag-invest ka sa mga na-bankrupt itong mga companies na ito and angry that the government was not able to protect thousands of planholders like you. will get back

  6. Hi have a niceday. My name is Joey D. Villanueva active member of AFP. Am holder of Platinum Plan insurance, SPPI and Gray Line Plans which are maturity 2016. Any update what to do? I f

  7. Hi benedict, sorry wala akong makitang update sa Insurance Commission website, pero merong Facebook page na ito: Magtanung-tanong na lang at magbasa ng info at comments kung ito nga ang totoong Platinum Plans. Ang alam ko kasi nasa Branch 61 of the Regional Trial Court in Makati City ang kaso ng Platinum Plans at ang court-appointed liquidator as of April 2015 ay si Mamerto A. Marcelo Jr. Ibang liquidator na ang nasa Facebook, liquidator Cruz daw, bakit walang full name? Or hindi ko lang makita pa?
    I saw a Branch 61 document which says that the new liquidator as of June 2015 is Jesusa C. Bigay.

  8. hi ma’m nora’. tanong ko lang po kung paano po ako makaclaim sa platinum plans ngaun ko lang po nalaman na nagsara na fully paid po ako sa pension plan katunayan meron po akong certificate of full payment ‘ ako nga po pala si benedict bato maraming salamat po

  9. I am a Platinum Plan holder and have 8 policies fully paidand some are matured already. Any update on what to do now? I just found this site. Thanks

  10. Hi good evening. My name is Lorna Sylvia V Velete. Am holder of Platinum Plan insurance which are long overdue and fully paid. Any update what to do? I found my name on the list (8) policies. Long overdue. Thanks

  11. Hi Jojie, sorry pero wala pa akong nababalitaan about Grayline recently. Ang last ay yong notice in 2013 na mag-file ng claim asap sa Insurance Commission. No news kung meron nang na-process.

  12. Gudpm, Im Mrs Jojie Regodos-Gabat..Ask ko lng sana kung may pag asa pa makuha ang matured plan s GRAY LINE. Almost 8yrs kna po naifile yun s mister ko, si Sandy Roland B Gabat..

  13. Hi Abbie, yong sa mother nio: Go to SSS with your ID, your birth cert and your mother’s and father’s death certs (orig and xerox copies). Fill up ka ng 2 verification slips, one for your father and another for your mother. Your purpose is to verify their SSS number and contributions. Diyan mo na malaman kung meron silang SSS contributions o wala. Kapag meron, ask for SSS claim forms, then obtain the requirements and file your claim. Unahin nio muna yong funeral claim. Dapat meron kayong ORs ng funeral expenses. Kung sino yong nasa OR o kung sino yong gumasto, siya ang makakakuha ng funeral benefit. After nito, file your death benefit claim. You said your mother was self-employed: If SSS will say she has no Date of Coverage, ask them how to refund all the contributions your mother paid, or comment ka na lang dito uli.
    About your father’s US SSS: Email Ask for help so you can claim your father’s SSS death benefits. Ask for the list of requirements and where or how to file your claim
    About your Insular Life claim: Punta ka sa nearest branch of Insular Life and request for claim forms. Obtain the required forms and the file your claim.

  14. Gud am father ko po nag work as employee of DOD WASHINGTON DC as radio mechanic from 1967-72 with the US ARMY mother nmn po meat vendor and self employed sa SSS since 1980 kaso dpo nmin makita sss# Nya and 1979-1985 insured sya – Insular life Insurance for death grabe maski sss Ni tatay wala kmi Nakuha Maari nyo po b Kami mtulungan my father Generozo G. Mejorada born sept 16, 1930 my mother Herminia Nido Natividad / Herminia N. Mejorada

  15. Hi Gladys, so sad that Platinum became bankrupt, and there’s little money left for planholders. You can email …will be back

  16. Hello po. I’ve read this only now. My mama got an educational plan for me from platinum plans. Maturity date is 2012. Mama has passed away a long time ago. Is there hope I can claim? Would be for my education. Thanks a lot! Godbless 🙂

  17. may makukuha paba yung mga may plan sa grayline? mature na ngayon yung sa papa ko na namatay nung 1997, nahulugan nya yun nung panahon na nakapag turo pa sya, inaasahan pa naman sana ng mother ko yun pampa ayos sa bahay ngayon

  18. Hi my father is a retired police and he also a grayline pensioner. last month po I called grayline and was told to call sec and ic. I was able to talk with atty rosario gallo and was told to email info of pensioner. I emailed po last march 8 up to now there’s no update.

  19. Hello! Iam SHARON M. ESTOQUE a plan holder of Platinum Plans Inc. and I avail of Budget Pension Plan with policy #460121134193 which already matured last February 5,2014. I was able to talk to Mr. Homer Samson and told me I was not in the list of the claimants. He told me to write to Mr. Mamerto Marcelo, Jr. which I did but no reply. What shall I do now? Shall I follow up again my problem to Mr. Samson? What is the status of the case of Platinum Plans, Inc. Thank you..

  20. Hi Freddie, so sad about those plans. You can email the Insurance Commission and ask how to claim your benefits: Include details about your plans (preneed company, planholders’ names, amounts, date fully paid, maturity date).

  21. Gud evening, my niece and nephews’ policies were all fully paid. your baguio branch has closed and I was told you’re bankrupt. what should we do? all four are educational plans. thanks po

  22. Hi sheril, if your plan is Family Plans, this firm has been liquidated by the SEC in 1997. I don’t know if there are still assets. You can write or go to the office of:
    Mr. Manuel C. Baldeo, Jr.
    Family Plans Liquidator
    12th Floor, SEC Bldg., EDSA, Greenhills
    Mandaluyong City
    584-5343 / 584-5767
    or call by phone

  23. Hello po I’ve just read this. My mother is a holder of Family Pension Plan, fully paid. maturiy date SEptember 30 2019. The branch here is closed. Can we still claim? Please advise us about what we can do. Thanks

  24. Hi Dionisio, it’s always painful to me whenever we I get these kinds of comments in our blogs, especially from soldiers, farmers and teachers who sacrificed a lot in order to save for their children. It’s even made more painful that our national leaders, the SEC, IC and the courts are not able to do anything. With the latest court decision on the planholders of Platinum, I’ve lost hope in human resolution — I’ve lost hope that appointed and elected officials will/can do something (and this is not only about failed pre-need firms) — and I’ve now given it all up to divine resolution. Sorry that I am not able to help. I should advise you go to IC, you go to the media, but I don’t know — these have been done many times — and there have been no favorable result. (I’m hopeful though that the amounts to be given to Danvil planholders will be fair.) I’ll just pray that your youngest child will be able to go to school through blessings that will come your way.

  25. Hello Ms, I am a soldier who has been in the front line and now I’m retired. However, during the time I am out of budget, I can recall what the good GRAYLINE PLANS did to us. I paid up my Educational Plan just last 2008 but until now there’s no explanation or sorry or whatsoever from them. I should be using the money for my youngest child’s tuition but where’s the money? Is there no contribution from the government to solve this? I believed this issue is now slowly being forgotten based on my latest complaint. There’d been many times I made claims from SEC to Insurance and they were putting the blame on each other. There are a lot of soldiers who invested in this, but most probably, they’ve already given up hope. Do we still have hope? Thanks po

  26. Hello po. Tagal na panahon ang problemang ito. Kinalimutan ko na rin.Dko alam kung may pag asa p bang maibalik ang pera na hinulog namin.Year 2000 pa po ito.Nag mature last 2010.Fully paid kming dalawa ni Daisy R. Antonio.Hinanap ko names namin pero ngtataka ako bat wala sa list.Sana namin makonsensya ung humawak nito dahil pawis at lungkot ang puhunan namin para lang bayaran ang insurance na ito. Salamat po.

  27. good day po. misis ko ang plan holder under platinum unlimited usage plan fully paid na po maturity date april 2017.Paano po ma claim ang benifits.

  28. gud am po. my platinum plan is under platinum unlimited usage plan. maturity is june 27, 2016. fully paid po. what should I do? Should I go to the insurance commission to file my claim?

  29. sa PLATINUM PO AKO, BUDGET PENSION PLAN poh ang ina-vail koh fully paid poh aqo mayroon po akong Certificate of Full payment kaya lang nag mature ng May 13 2011, na missed ko po ito because of some different problem and i’m newly employed that time is there any other way to claim, please kindly reply. thank you

  30. How can I claim our educational plan benefit from grayline? I’m now entering college. It was paid by my daddy. It’s such a waste if I won’t be able to use it.

  31. how do i open the masterlist in that was indicated in the comment of Sir Wilfredo O. Quezon

  32. i got a educational plan and pension plan at gray line plans incorporated here in cebu last 1998, educational plan for my nephew/niece richardson sarsaba but upon last payment of my plans the office of said company here in cebu city were already closed.

  33. Ihave here my certificate of full payment the type of grant is college how can i claim k

  34. Hi Atty. Manny Fule, thanks for sharing helpful info. It’s really frustrating that government agencies have been unable to protect pre-need investors.

    My plan also matured last August 26, 2014 and submitted all requirements to collect the full amount of my pension. I received a letter from a certain Ruperto Marasigan, Jr. & Adelaida Lingao of Pryce, that the company is under Conservatorship and it could only settle my claim thru swapping options as follows: (a) 30% cash pay out; (b) 70% equivalent memorial lots; (c) 70% equivalent LPG; or (d) 70% Pharmaceutical products.
    I knew that the company is already being mismanaged and would default in the payment of its obligation as early as May 2009. I filed a court case against the company, but it was dismissed on a technicality. My position then in 2009 and it still is now prior to date it was placed under Conservatorship, is that, by reason of Pryce’s admission that it is illiquid or insolvent, then it loses its right to avail or make use of the period as expressly provided for under Article 1198 of the Civil Code of the Philippines. Hence, plan holders who have fully paid the pension premium may demand immediate full payment of the pension plan from Pryce without waiting for its maturity date.
    I am also wandering what SEC, Office of the Insurance Commissioner and/or government agency concerned have done since Pryce became illiquid or insolvent many years ago to protect its plan holders. Pryce’s officers and directors should be made criminally and civilly liable for the mismanagement of the company and defrauding its plan holders of their hard earned money. Have they checked if Pryce’s directors and officers who are stockholders may still have unpaid subscriptions, etc? The other companies allegedly assisting Pryce may, in fact, be dummy corporations whose assets and/or properties may also be taken to secure payment of its obligations to plan holders.
    Atty. Manny Fule

  36. For those who still don’t know if their names were listed on the Master list and additional list just try the below link from our fellow Platinum holders but I’m not sure if those names were already officially noted or published at the Insurance Commission. Here’s the link on Master List;

    Additional List;


  37. Hi Marina, it’s really frustrating, but Platinum failed several years ago. If you decide so, you can file a claim/complaint at the Insurance Commission along UN Ave.

  38. Hi! My husband & I are Platinum Plans Holders under Budget pension plan and it was matured last June 16, 2014. Please help me where to claim our pension benefits. Thank you & more power. God bless.

  39. help naman po paano ko po ba mabubuksan ang masterlist para macheck ko kung nakapasok ang name ko!

  40. paano po ba mabuksan ang masterlist? sabi kc check q daw name ko sa masterlist. help naman po para sa nakakaalam

  41. hello po,appreciate the info ,but that is for platinum plans holders only? how about po sa mga grayline plan holders?

  42. Hi Rodrigo, pakibasa po yong 2 comments sa itaas lang nang konti: jpbuenaventura on March 9th and Nora on March 29th

  43. Good evening, I am Mr. Rodrigo M. Maullon of Bancal Carmona Cavite, one of the Platinum Plans holder.Magmamature na ang aking Platinum Plans sa July 5,2015. pero ngayon ko lang naisipang mag-usisa sa internet about Patinum Plans Phil. Inc.,bankrupt na pala. ano po ang dapat kong gawin upang makuha ko pa yung para sa akin? Salamat po.

  44. Hi Pilar, Platinum Plans po ba ang plan ninyo? Nabankrupt po ang Platinum at Ideal, at konti na lang ang pera, kaya nasa korte po ang kaso. Pakibasa po yong sagot ko kay alexander.

  45. Paid na po ako matagal na.matured na. Mag kclaim po ako ng educational plan ng apo ko na si Anne Quincyan Milca Norombaba. Kaso lang wala na office sa Tacloban.ngayun ko lang na open ito. Sana matulungan ninyo ako maka claim para makatulong sa tuition ng apo ko na kasalukuyan ay enrolled na sya.salamat po

  46. Hi alexander, ang suggestion ng Platinum Planholders Coalition sa Facebook ay ipadala ninyo ang copy of front page of plan and Certificate of Full Payment by courier like LBC to:
    Makati Regional Trial Court – Branch 61
    Branch 61, 11th Floor, Makati City Hall
    J.P. Rizal St, Makati City
    Attn: Atty Mr. Homer
    Then follow-up ninyo sa courier after 2 to 3 days kung na-receive at nadala ng courier sa Branch 61.
    Check out Platinum Planholders Coalition at Platinum Plan Holders (Philippines) sa Facebook for more updates

  47. hi po.. pde po b tru email n lng po ang documents? para masama po s master list? nkpg file npo km insurance commision s mnila till nw wala p po response..tnx & God Bless

  48. Hi Zenaida, pakibasa na lang po yong comment ni jpbuenaventura sa taas at yong iba pang comments

  49. Hi maylou, pakibasa na lang po yong mga latest comments; yan po ang mga updates. Meron ding mga suggestions on what to do.

  50. Sr.Maam,ako po ay Platinum holder,pumunta ako sa office Makati ang naka add.piro pinapunta ako sa Ortigas,pasig city noong 2009 maturity year ng plan ko,ang sabi sa off.ibinta pa ang mga asset. at 2014 ibigay ang share namin,balitaan nyo naman ako 2014 na ngayon, salamat po.

  51. thank you very much for the updates Mr jpbuenaventura. Praise God, for He sent someone like you to assist us.

  52. ako po ay asawa ng planholder 2006 pa dapat nakapag claim na kami pag dating ko sa office ng platinum yon kaagad ang sinalobung ng staff sa amin tanong ko lang po ano na ba status ng claim namin walong taon na po ang nakalipas pwedi ko po ba malaman. thank you po.

  53. Thank you po sa info ni Mr.jpbuenaventura,mag uutos na lng po ako sa anak ko at ipapadala ko sa kanya ang lhat ng requirements na sinasabi nya.Maraming salamat po uli sa inyo.

  54. Hi my name is Regina at nsa ibang bansa po ako,ngayon ko lng nalaman ang tungkol sa deadline ng submission of claimant last November 2013.Paano po kung d po ako nakapagsubmit ng application for claims,ano po ang gagawin ko.At saka maari po bang ipakuha ko na lng da anak ko ang claims ko,ano po angmga requirements para dito.Pwede po bang malaman ang exact facebook account ng platinum plan natin para makita ko po sa masters list ang pangalan ko at ng asawa ko.Salamat po ng marami at mabuhay po kayo.God bless you always.

  55. Im Analiza from GenSan, Nag email at sumulat po ako kay atty Caalim noong August 2013, nakakalungkot lang po hanggan ngayon walang reply, kung maibalik pa o wala ng pag-asa maibalik yong pera na pinaghirapan namin. Salamat po


    i’ve been to makati city hall last march 7 for the ?th hearing re: platinum plans,…

    please verify your names at the court branch 61, 11th floor, makati city hall and look for mr. samson and atty. suison acceptance of xeroxed certificate of full payment will take effect until may 1, 2014 so that u’ll be included in the MASTER LIST. please do so,.. as they will assist you to answer such queries you wanted to know.
    i am giving this information to help my fellow platinum plan holder to at least be UPDATED!

    best regards to all

  57. Hi rowena, sorry at mukhang hindi mo na mabawi ang investment mo. Kung meron man, konting-konti na lang. I hope sa Pag-ibig 2 or sa SSS Flexi-Fund ka na lang mag-ipon, o sa time deposit sa BPI or BDO or Metrobank or Landbank or any other stable bank.
    Pakibasa na lang itong update from jpbuenaventura

  58. Ako po ay platinum holder nasa ibang bansa di ko po alam na may kaso po sila please ano na po ang progresso ng kaso salamat po

  59. Hi omar, sori po hindi po ito website ng Platinum, or Ideal or Grayline. Tumawag na lang po kayo sa Insurance Commission Insurance Commission, Phone: 404-1758 / 5238461 to 70 local 127 or 103

  60. dear sir mam, pwede po bng paki follow up po ung maturity ni plutarco r. tolete sya po ung dating member pero namatay na po sya ang nakapangalan sa check na makukuha sir madam, e WILMA M. TOLETE. parati po akung bumablik po jan dati kaso lng ang tagal maantay yung advice ng check. cguro nman sir madam, meron na po sa ngaun kc matagal na po yan

  61. If some one wishes expert view regarding blogging and site-building after that i propose him/her to go to see this web site, Keep up the fastidious work.

  62. dear platinum plan holders:

    as published,.. names of holders with CERTIFICATE OF FULL PAYMENT already posted (MASTER LIST) in FACEBOOK: PLATINUM PLAN COALITION,… kindly check your names!

    i have been informed by the liquidator so as alam ko na kung ano ang latest sa PLATINUM PLAN!

    sa mga kapwa ko umaasa, nagkakaroon na po ng linaw.

    AUCTION SALE is now going on!

    best regards po

  63. platinum plan holders:

    please join platinum plan coalition on facebook for latest news,….






  65. I am one of the plan holder . I just read this post can i still sent my claim against the grayline.

  66. Hi Terence, matagal nang bankrupt ang Platinum Plans. Malamang wala na sila sa office na yan. Pero I’m not sure. Kung wala sila diyan, sa Insurance Commission sa UN Avenue, Manila na lang kayo mag-file ng complaint.

  67. So yung office ng Platinum Plans na nasa Ortigas with address Unit 1005, West Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Center Exchange Road, Ortigas Center eh updated ba? My mom will be going there eh; We were advised na when it reached the maturity date nung Educational Plan ng kapatid ko eh we can claim daw the money. Maturity date was December 2013.

  68. mag update sana ako ng latest address ng platinum …if meron pa pag wala ask ko lng kung saan ako pupunta sa mga katanungan ko actually i have may certificate of full payment last 2005 pero ang maturity ay 2019 pa… kung may maasahan pa ba ako..

  69. Hi does anyone receive his/her money back from Platinum Plan Phils, Inc? if so, please enlighten us. thank you. keep praying for God will help us with this issue.

  70. Good Pm. I am a planholder of Platinum Plans Inc.-Education Plan of my daughter and already paid the insurance in full.In fact, I have with me the certificate of full payment. Next school year, my daughter will start to receive the yearly tuition fee payment but with the status of the insurance company, I lost hope to get back the premiums that my husband and I sacrificed just pay the premium contributions quarterly. With this group, may we could help each other to prosecute the owner of the insurance company. Hope to hear from you guys and I am very much willing to cooperate with you. Thank you very and Happy New Year!

  71. tanong ko lang po kailan ba nabagsak ang grayline plans at may pag asa poh ba na makuha ang pera namin kahit kalahati lang ?

  72. kailangan talaga naming mkuha ang perang pinaghirapan ni papa !! pang aral ko yun ehhh at insurance/benefits ni papa ..
    Pinaghirapan niya yun ehhh kahit HOLLOW BLOCKS MAKER ang trbaho ng papa ko tiniis niya para ma fully paid ito ng limang taun … salamat pohhh sana na man poh matulungan niyo poh kami 🙂

  73. hi poh ! gusto ko poh sanang itanung kung saan na poh ang office ng GRAYLINE PLANS sa davao city .. hindi kasi namin alam kung saan sila lumipat. NAGhanap hanap din kami ….. matagal na din kaming na fully paid elementary pa lang po ako noon at mag ka collage na sana ngayun pero nag stop po ako. pwde poh bang malaman kung saan ito !! salamat poh maghihintay poh ako

  74. mother Rosalia G.Salao is a planholder of Grayline Plans Inc..She was fully paid last June 22,2013.She wanted to claim her maturity benefits but we didn’t know the location of their new office coz their old office is no longer existing here in Davao city..My mother died last Nov.03,2013.How can we claim her insurance/benefits here in Davao City?Please help me what to do regarding this,,,thank u &more power

  75. I’d like to ask if we could still file a claim – our mother was a retired public school teacher who passed away in 2002. We’re not aware she had an insurance policy with Grayline until last week, we found the papers from her files. Are we still eligible to process any type of claims? Thanks.

  76. Wala na kahit na sino ang makakakuha pa from Platinum Plans. Mang-loloko ang may ari na Salas. Mga swindler pala talaga ang mga ito. Sorry na lang tayong lahat.

  77. Hi tessa, sori, pakibasa na lang yong latest updates from members sa comment section na ito. Yong iba kasi ayaw tanggapin yong offer ng PPLIC, at yong iba naman gusto. Di ba merong PPLIC branch diyan sa SM Iloilo? Di ba dapat nag-a-accept din ng claim diyan? I don’t know much, kasi wala akong plan from PPLIC. Meron ako dati sa Danvil pa, pero nakuha ko noon. God bless din

  78. good day to all plaan holder,,
    nors dito ako sa negros,,paano ba ang paraan na maka pag commuincate sa mga responsable tungkol sa ating problema,,may nakapag sabi sa akin na sa iloilo daw ay may nag pa follow up daw don at may nakakuha na rin,sana maka kuha ka ng impormasyon tungkol dito,,napakalayo ko dyan sa maynila,kaya sana makatulong ka,,god bless

  79. GOOD DAY PO!
    Isa rin po ako na Plan Holder ng Platinum Plans.”Family Protector Plan” Meron na po akong hawak na Certificate of Full Payment. Na Fully paid ko po ito noong Feb.27, 2002. Ang date of availment ko po ay sa July 15, 2017. Sana matulungan nyo po ako na ma withdraw ko po ang pera ko. Maraming maraming salamat po…..

  80. Good day to you all,

    I am imelda i was one also a victim of platinum plans.year 2005 i was fully paid din po ako sa platinum at napakalungkot po na hindi mo magagamit ang perang pinaghirapan kung hindi ito ngayon po wala talaga akong trabaho kaya i wish na maibalik sa atin lahat ang pera.i hope that you will informed me also kung kelan po makukuha ang pera.salamat po.

  81. nors beneficiary for ako ng father ko pension plans ng platinum full payment na po 2005 nasa akin po certificate of full payment san ko po ito pwede clam

  82. Hi, I would like to ask on behalf of my mother on how we get our money back? my mother is a planholder of GRAYLINE PENSION PLAN,Tel No: 753-4930 atty caalim,its working po,but hindi po sa office ni atty po,.208-3123 its ringing lang po,how can we get through sa conservator,please help us po,

  83. it’s sad to see this page i’m 48 yrs old nw before i invest in platinum family protector plan even in lower investment for the education of my child but nw i’m amazed that brother told me platinum was closed already that was 2005 when i went to their main ofc in makati avenue to pick up my certificate of full payment waiting to mature this coming 2019 hopefully makuha ko man lng

  84. Years back, the guard from World Trade told us that Platinum Plan transferred somewhere in Ortigas. Our children are already graduating in college this year. Obviously, Platinum Plan gave us a horrible time with what is supposed to be a big help for the education of our children. Please help us locate where Platinum Plan is. We need our hard-earned-money back.

  85. good day. I would like to ask if you have any idea or any latest update about Permanent plans inc.

    You wrote “Permanent Plans has been updating its website for its planholders since it decided to stop operating. It has a letter to its planholders explaining its decision and its subsequent plans. Its latest report is dated February 25, 2011, which is a list of planholders for liquidation payment.”

    I have submitted the requirements and contact info to them but heard nothing.

    I saw the list of plan holders for liquidation payment when I searched it in the internet before, and saw my name in the list. but I could not find the site anymore. Can you please help?

    I appreciate any response about the issue.

    thank you very much

  86. Hi nikko, ang latest updates yong nasa taas sa article, merong mga addresses diyan ng mga liquidators. Kung wala na sila doon, punta ka na lang sa Insurance Commission sa UN Avenue

  87. Hi nors ask ko lng san ko pde dalin ung papers ko pra matulungan ako sa paki nlng ppntahan ko kc asap salamat

  88. Pa inform nmn po ako ng latest update ng
    platinum plans tpos na po nahulogan ung amin ..
    pang college ko po un .. tnx God bless po .

  89. Hi Master, yes, it’s really frustrating, and it makes us angry. Visit — there are instructions there about Prudential.

  90. Greetings to all..
    I am Master Marlowe C. Rovillos of Davao City. It’s really hard to think about that after we had fully paid from our hard earned money, these Platinum Plans Phils, Inc. & Prudentialife Education Plans, Inc. will just go insolvency. Why not our Insurance Commission exerts possible effort to run after them so we will be fairly getting what we are supposed to be entitled to. Paki follow up naman para pakinabangan pa ng mga anak namin. Thanks

  91. Hi Vilma, so frustrating pero bankrupt na itong mga companies na ito. Pakibasa na lang yong updates sa article para sa company ng plan mo.

  92. Gud am my name is vilma im the one of planholder too what to do my plan matured this comming october 2013 how to claim pls help me dahil wala po akong hawak na certifacate of fully paid dahil nasa singapore ako noon ang nag bayad ng lash payment ko yong hipag ko po at hindi nya hiningi ang certifacate so pag uwe ko pinuntahan ko yong office at ang sagot nya sa akin wala naman daw problema dahil fully paid naman daw ako pls help me if what to do thanks…

  93. Hi Edsel, file your claim at the Insurance Commission along UN Ave near Taft Ave, Manila, asap, not later than November 15, 2013

  94. good day po! isa po ako beneficiary ng mother ko sa grayline insurance. san po ba ang branch nyo malapit sa quezon city. kasi po matured na po ung terms ko. gusto ko po sanang magpunta para ma double check ung policy ko kung pwede ko na din po marefund. edsel calara ako. sana po matulungan nyo po ako. salamat po.

  95. I am also a plan holder of Platinum Plan “Family Protector Plan” & “Budget Pension Plan” that were matured last 25 June 2013 and badly needed the money that should have been collected from the mentioned date. Pls help advice updates, thanks!~

  96. pls update us asap sa platinum plans na savings and investment plan. we fully paid it and we really need it so badly. thanks.

  97. It’s so sad to hear that most insurance plans are putting us into trouble. We saved our money for nothing. Hope they’ll find peace in their mind and heart.

  98. I’m a platinum plan holder and already fully paid.Please help me how to get my money back.

  99. hello ask ko lang kasi dis comming october mag pay back ang platinum plan sakin may mkukuha ba ko if ever tnx sa reply

  100. Hi Bienvenido, sorry pero nabankrupt ang Platinum, noon pa. Nasa article above ang update about Platinum and the others.

  101. nagmature na po kc yung platinum plan ko, san ko po iclaim ngaun kc d ko na mahanap yung office ng platinum, Im From San Juan, La Union po

  102. Hello everyone. Yong ate ko po abraod ay isa ring planholder ng Platinum Plans, Yong ibang members sa Province namin like ILOILO City nakapag claim na daw sila, how possible po ba ito? Kase dito ako nag wo work sa manila at ako po ang nag aasikaso ng claim ng kapatid ko, dati may contact ako sa Ortigas sa opisina ng Platinum kaso ang person na yon wala na, nagpa issue ako ng certificate of completion ng Hulog kase last 2009 pa tapos maghulog ang kapatid ko lately lang ako nakakuha kase sabi ng nakausap ko, daoat daw meorn ako noon para pag nagkabigayan ng balik ay may ma i present kami na formal document. Ano na po ba ang status ngayon ng Platinum plans, bakit po ang iba sa province nakapag claim na ho. Maraming salamat at sana tayong lahat magkaroon ng kasagutan sa mga problema natin.. Kawawa naman ang mga namuhunan at mauwi sa wala.

  103. hi po gud pm! pwede po bang magtanong kong saan ang office ng grayline dito sa davao city? kasi po yung mama ko maturity na po ang grayline nya. dis coming june 9 2013. complete lahat ng papers nya. meron po ang certificate of full payment. 15 years po automatic deduct sa kanyang payslip. isa po syang policewoman.

  104. Hi, I have 3 fully paid plans with PPI, is their any news on when they are going to pay us or about the rehabilation? I have read above that some of you guys here had a meeting with Sec. De Lima, may I know the result of the meeting? I was out of the country for 5 years so I am trying to catch up about PPI, please if anybody could fill me in with any updates I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  105. Hi, I would like to ask on behalf of my mother on how we get our money back.We’re five siblings and our parents get fully paid investment in this platinum plan for our future. What action we can make to refund the money we invested?

  106. Hi Angelica, I’ve read in a newspaper that Grayline Plans is now to be liquidated. Please read the intructions above… in the article. God bless din

  107. I am Bernie M. Abugan, my Plan in Graylines fully paid last 1999 my daughter now Hanna Rebekah T. Abugan is now in college i am expecting to get my return investment is there still hope for us to get our money needed for her tuition fees.Thank You… God Bless..

  108. Hi,on behalf of my sister who had fully paid the education plan for her son which will mature on 2015, I would like to inquire on how she would go about this. I read from the message of ms veronica that who attended the sept 2011 will be put in the masterlist. My sister just remembered recently about the status of pre-need plans and only now she found out that Platinum Plans do no longer exist.

    Your advise will be much appreciated.

  109. isa rin po akong plan holder ng platinum, makikibalita po kung ano pong nangyari sa meeting po with doj sec de lima. kung nalaman ko lng po ng maaga sna po nkasama din ako. ano po kyang nangyari sa meeting nila?

  110. ako po si veronica goyenechea..tatanong ko lang po kung kelan makukuha yung insurance plan ko sa platinum plans(budget pension plan)umatend po ako ng hearing noong september 8 2011 ang sabi daw po nila malalagay daw po sa master list yung umattend ng hearing..salamat po..

  111. Regarding information from Choy above (March 13 2013), is the meeting with DOJ Secretary L. De Lima pushing through as was indicated?

    Thanks for an update.


  112. ako po si levy, mam ngayon ko lang po na open etong kasagotan u sa problema ko.. di ko akalain na ganyan pala manyayari sa 5 years kung hinulogan diyan sa grayline plan inc. nakakalungkot naman na umaasa ako na magkakaroon ako ng pera yon pala mapupunta sa wala… tanong ko lang mam, may hawak po ako na policy contract saan no ko po ba ito pwiding ilapit.. sana po mam umaasa ako na baka sakali matulongan nyo po ako.

  113. Let us volt in to bring the Salas Family to jail. Join Meeting with DOJ Sec de Lima on Wed, Apr 3, Wed 10am, 2nd Flr DOJ Main. Padre Faura.

    Members meet 9am before. Bring pertinent documents. Info others.


  114. Hi Levy, it’s so sad, but I don’t know when you’ll get some of your money back. Grayline and many othe pre-need firms failed 3 to 5 years ago. The Insurance Commission website says that this is the conservator of Grayline, but I’m not sure if this address is updated:
    Atty. Teresita L. Caalim
    Grayline Plans, Inc.
    419 Quezon Avenue cor. Banawe Street
    Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City
    You can write the Insurance Commission: Write also your senator or congressman. I’m very sorry that I cannot do anything more. I can only blog about these things.


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