BPI Correspondent Banks in Saudi Arabia, Middle East

There are BPI correspondent banks in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East for OFWS sending money to the Philippines.  BPI has partnered with these banks so that you can send money through them.

To send money to your family or any recipient in the Philippines:

1.   Go to any of the following banks, and apply for a Wire Transfer.

Wire Transfer is sometimes called telegraphic transfer, bank to bank money transfer, or SWIFT transfer.

2.  Fill out the wire transfer form.  You will write:

  • Name of Recipient
  • Name of Recipient Bank: BPI or BPI Family
  • Name of Branch and Address of Branch
  • BPI or BPI Family Account Number
  • BPI SWIFT Code or Address: BOPIPHMM

*Use the same SWIFT Code for BPI Family.

*SWIFT means Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.
*SWIFT is the same as BIC – Bank Identifier Code.


  • You will pay a Transfer Fee to the Correspondent Bank.
  • BPI also charges a Service Fee:

-between 150 to 200 pesos for deposit to a peso account
-$6.50 for deposit to a dollar account

The following are the BPI correspondent banks and their SWIFT Codes.  You need a correspondent bank’s SWIFT Code if you’re far from a correspondent bank and you make a wire transfer in a non-BPI-correspondent bank. In this case, the transfer of funds would be from the non-correspondent bank to the correspondent bank and then to BPI.

SAUDI ARABIA  (updated Sep 22 2014)
Al Rajhi Bank RJHISARI
Bank Al Bilad ALBISARI
Banque Saudi Fransi    BSFRSARI
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA Riyadh CHASSARI
National Commercial Bank   NCBKSAJE
Samba Financial Group   SAMBSARI
Saudi Hollandi Bank   AAALSARI
Saudi Investment Bank SIBCSARI

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank   ABDIAEAD
Dubai Islamic Bank   DUIBAEAD
HSBC Bank Middle East Dubai   BBMEAEAD
Mashreqbank PSC   BOMLAEAD
National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah   NRAKAEAK
Standard Chartered Bank   SCBLAEAD

Qatar Islamic Bank   QISBQAQA
Standard Chartered Bank   SCBLQAQX
The Commercial Bank of Qatar, (QSC)   CBQAQAQA

Alahli Bank of Kuwait K.S.C.   ABKKKWKW
Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait   BBKUKWKW
Commercial Bank of Kuwait SAK   COMBKWKW
Gulf Bank Kuwait   GULBKWKW
National Bank of Kuwait   NBOKKWKW

Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait   BBKUBHBM
Citibank, N.A.   CITIBHBX
Standard Chartered Bank   SCBLBHBM
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, LTD   BOTKBHBM

Bank Muscat S.A.O.G   BMUSOMRX
Standard Chartered Bank   SCBLOMRX

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited   BBMEJOAX

Byblos Bank Lebanon   BYBALBBX
Credit Libanais SAL  CLIBLBBX
Societe Generale de Banque Au Liban   SGLILBBX

Bank Hapoalim   POALILIT
Bank Leumi Le Israel   LUMIILIT
Israel Discount Bank   IDBLILIT
Mercantile Discount Bank, Tel Aviv   BARDILIT


You can enroll your BPI or BPI Family account in Internet Banking so you can track
your remittance online while you’re abroad. Enroll while you’re in the Philippines because you need to activate your online enrollment in a BPI ATM. Your family members can also enroll their accounts online.

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  1. Hi,

    Im working now in Dammam Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I tried to withdraw from mostly all of the atms here having counter part with CIRRUS. I never had my transacation since the machine never validates my account. Please let me advice where I can have my cash withdrawals. I really need cash now.


  2. Hi i am saudi citizen and i bought a condo in philippine how i can send the money on total to philippine or even to the company Avida

  3. Hi Ismail, what is the name of the company that developed your condo? If it’s Avida Land Corp., ask the bank and bank account no. of Avida Land Corp. http://www.avidaland.com/contact-us Usually, it would be a BPI account no. since BPI and Avida belong to the same parent conglomerate. If it is Avida, then send your payment to the bank account name Avida Land Corp. and account no. and never deposit to the account of an individual person. You should also have a reference no. that usually identifies the name of the condo project and your condo purchase account.
    You can go to Al Rajhi, Bank Al Bilad Samba or National Commercial Bank and make your wire transfer to the bank account of Avida Land Corp.

  4. Hi Edelyn, sorry BPI Direct does not yet offer account opening for those in Saudi Arabia. Only those in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain and UAE and those in UK (BPI Europe). If you like BDO, you can ask if you can open a BDO Kabayan account at any of these banks with remittance partnership with BDO.

  5. I have a problem with ENJAZ, I believe it is a BPI correspondent bank also. I tried sending money to the Philippines but the recipient ‘s name is misspelled. I tried to change and they said wait for 2 days.3 days passed already but still my relative in the Philippines didnt receive anything. It is really inconvenien because I live far from city. I cant follow up everyday. What to do? Who can I contact?

  6. Hello , i am here in saudi arabia(jeddah) and i would like to open an account in bpi.would it be possible to do it here?

  7. Hi Nora, are these data still updated?. I’ll be going to Oman this year for work, and I’m checking on possible remittance services to arrange, with respect to the fees, do you have any idea on how much is sending money to the Philippines on a BPI account should cost?. Thanks.

  8. Hi Ms. Nora, Just want to ask you. Can we receive money thru bank to bank transaction. From Philippines to Saudi Arabia. BPI(Philippines) to NCB(Saudi Arabia) account. Please Advise. Thank you! Best Regards!

  9. Hi Allen, yes. Your sender should have a BPI bank account (either peso or dollar account), so he/she can go to BPI and apply for wire transfer to NCB Saudi Arabia.

  10. Hi Miss Nora, I was sending international money transfer from Commercial Bank (Qatar) to BPI Philippines. I paid the service fee in Commercial bank, however, the amount I have sent to my BPI account was also deducted with another service fee. Thank you and awaiting for your response.

  11. Hi jennifer, yes, it’s really sad that most banks charge for inward remittance fee, even BDO and other banks, specially if the money transfer is bank to bank. The charge is also higher than what they publish on their fees list. How much did BPI charge you? On the BPI list of fees, inward remittance fee for wire transfer is $6.50 for dollar accounts and 150 plus 10 plus .30 for every 200 and fraction for doc stamp.
    I’ve observed that when I pick up remittance via Xoom in dollars and Moneygram in pesos over the counter at BDO and Metrobank, I don’t pay any charge.

  12. Hi there. My brother is working in Qatar, He will be sending me money from qatar to bpi. Is it possible? Thanks!

  13. Hi may I ask how can I send money to Dammam Saudi Arabia? My sister told me that their bank in saudi is INJIAS what bank here in the Philippines can I deposit?

  14. Hi Hazel, do you mean ENJAZ? Enjaz is the remittance company of BANK ALBILAD. If you have a bank account, ask your bank if you can make a wire transfer to Bank Albilad. BDO makes a wire transfer only online for those with a US dollar account. Other banks might do a wire transfer for you. You need to have your recipient’s bank name, account no. and swift code. An easier option is to send to your sister through Western Union. Your sister will pick up your money at a Western Union shop there. Send her the Western Union money transfer control no. The name you write should be the same as your sister’s name on her ID.

  15. Hi nora can you give me a contact no.of the person representative from bpi here in saudi arabia..im in jeddah now and i want to track my remittance but fortunately the mobile no.given to me by ENJAZ is not available anymore. And also is there any possible to change my BPI Card since it was already broken.

    Thank you

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