BPI, BDO, or Metrobank Fees — Why Keep Paying Them?


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  1. Hi Jepoy, I think your SPO was not applied because you made your SPO later than due date. You should have made the SPO days before June 15. I think your check bounced because you were charged 2,000 plus 200 pesos daily since June 15. But I’m puzzled because you said your checking account has an automatic-transfer facility (linked to your savings) so it should not have bounced. Was your savings account balance sufficient? But there are also banks that impose the same higher charges on SPO. So what you need to do is call your bank. There’s no harm in asking. Ask them to explain your charges and how to stop the charging without you closing your account. Regarding your deal, if you were in the right, why did they deposit the check if your purchase deal was off? But anyway, you said you learned your lesson and you won’t do it again. From now on, be careful in issuing checks.

  2. Thanks for replying, Yes mrs nora i does have sufficient fund in my accounts. Yes youre right about the SPO i applied it late and the cheque was already deposited and its on clearing process so thats why the SPO was not honored and they told me that spo with insufficient and sufficient funds are both considered as returned check and will automatically charged 2000. Do you think that is acceptable even though i have a sufficient fund thats to much charging noh..

  3. They forgot to tell their depository to not deposit the check anymore. Do they also have charges or just me the issuer? Where will be my check now. Do i need to get it back po?
    As of today i dont have anymore charges yet. Im hoping that will be all. What a stupid action. my 2000 is gone, my goodness.

  4. Hi Jepoy, really so bad and so sad, but that’s the policy of banks regarding late SPOs. 1,000 is for your bank; the other 1,000 is for your payee’s bank (different or the same bank) No, there’s no charge to the one who deposited the check. About the check, it already has stamp and mark that say “With stop payment order” (cannot be redeposited anymore), but if you like, you can get it back. Sure, you lost money, but everyone makes mistakes. Just tell yourself you paid some tuition fees, then learn from it. Some tips here about handling checking accounts.

  5. my husband deposited money from jeddah bpi to my bpi account here in philippines. how long its gonna take for me to get it?

  6. Hi joy, your money should be available within the day or the next day, or within 3 to 5 days, depending on the remittance company used.

  7. If you send money to philippines try xoom.com its faster than money remittance you will receive your money with 5 minutes

  8. hi mrs nora, I had a payroll account w/ metrobank. I resigned from my company last june 2014. since then, I was not using the card anymore. just few months ago, my friend from the same company I was with told me that metrobank was sending letter about automatically converting payroll account to savings account. he was surprised he got charged below maintaining balance fees just because he did not mind the letter. he asked me to go to the bank and cancel mine for I might have similar charges. im from quezon province and the bank is in quezon city. I don’t feel like going to manila just for that purpose. if I don’t do anything, will those balances accumulate to a point that I will end up having so much debt? or would it be void after several years? would they charged me if I open a new account in the future? and lastly would it affect my credit standing? I have a bpi credit card.
    or is it even legal. what if nobody tells me anything about it? if I did not receive a letter? and I did not do anything forever. will I owe them hundreds of thousands. it doesn’t sound right, right? thank you nora.

  9. Hi paul, most comments posted here related to payroll accounts that are not closed despite not having been deposited to for several months are Metrobank payroll accounts. Based on these comments, I came to know that Metrobank’s practice now is to convert unused payroll accounts to savings accounts and writing account owners about the conversion. I’m thinking now that maybe Metrobank is doing this a a marketing strategy to increase their number of depositors.
    About your friend’s case: did he make a balance inquiry through the atm, and saw a negative amount? Or was it the Metrobank letter that informed him he was charged a below-balance penalty? If he was informed of the penalty through the letter, he should make an atm balance inquiry and see if there might have been a deposit made to his account. There was one person who commented here that his former company deposited additional back-pay to his account, and he came to know about it only after all the money was wiped out by below-maintaining penalties. So in your case, make a balance inquiry through your atm, so you’ll know the status of your account, or if you have an additional back-pay 🙂
    About accounts not being automatically closed and penalties being charged: Accounts are automatically closed only after the balance becomes zero or negative, so if the balance is, like 0.78, the account remains active, and then the usually-300-peso penalty is charged at the end of the 2nd month. The balance then becomes negative and it should automatically close.
    About perpetual below-balance penalties: I have researched the MORB and did not find any regulation requiring bank account owners to close accounts in person at the branch. It’s common knowledge that if we leave our accounts untended, they’ll automatically close when they get to zero or negative. And I haven’t seen any penalty about not closing in person in lists of fees on many bank websites. The only penalty I have seen related to closure is closure of an account within 30 or 60 days after opening (some banks even put on hold 300 pesos of the balance within 30 days to make sure they can get the money if the balance is withdrawn in full within 30 or 60 days).
    No, you should not be charged if you open a NEW account with Metrobank in the future. No, it would not affect your credit standing.
    Yes, as you said, it’s not right if banks do that — forever charging for not closing your account in person.

  10. I don’t know my atm pin anymore. 🙂 it was 2 years ago. but I know I left an amount not more than a hundred pesos back then. . .thank you… I haven’t seen him yet…but the answers you gave is more than enough and is so helpful to enlighten me…you’re actually a lot greater than their customer service! you’re awesome. I salute you. long live nora. thank you once more.

  11. Hi paul c, wow! The words you’ve said are so encouraging! So inspiring! Means a lot to me. I’m happy if I’m able to help a bit, or if another person can make use of what I blog about. Thank you again. You’re so thoughtful, and you write well too. Wish you the best too! 🙂

  12. Good pm po… Paano po if nag issue ng check yung company, den ni receive nung binayaran nyo. After dat, they deposited it to their account, not seeing that there is discrepancy between the figure & words.. Napasok na raw po xa sa clearing… Kanino po i ma charge yung babayaran sa company po ba na nag issue ng check?

  13. hello, can anybody tell me how much is the service charged using bdo atm card in Saudi arabia? thanks!

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