OFWs Can Send Money to the Philippines Thru BDO Remit

There are now plenty of ways for OFWs to send money to their families in the Philippines.  These include:

  • Bank-owned remittance services like BDO Remit or BPI Expres Remittance
  • Internet banking
  • Non-bank remittance services like Western, Xoom, Moneygram
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Post-dated checks
  • Payment processors like Paypal

Typically, you choose a remittance service or method depending on:

  • Reliability – Mapagkakatiwalaan ba?
  • Speed of remittance – Kailan darating sa pamilya?
  • Exchange rate – Magkano sa peso?
  • Accessibility of sender to remittance office – Malapit ba ang office kung saan magpapadala?
  • Accessibility of receiver to where remittance is given – Malapit ba ang pamilya  sa bangko, service o sa ATM na daratnan ng remittance?
  • Remittance fee – Mahal ba ang pagpadala?

One of the ways to send money to the Philippines is through BDO Remit.

BDO Remit is a remittance service available in almost all countries where there are OFWs and  Filipino immigrants. You can load the equivalent of up to 100,00 pesos to the BDO Remit Cash Card of your family.  Where you are, look for:

  • BDO Remit subsidiary offices
  • BDO Remit representative offices
  • BDO Remit remittance agents
  • BDO Remit remittance partners

You can choose how your remittance through BDO Remit can reach your family:

  • Through a BDO account, such as BDO Remit account, BDO Kabayan Savings account, or a regular savings account (can be withdrawn anywhere there’s a BDO ATM or affiliated ATM)
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Deposit of money to family’s account in another local bank
  • Cash pick-up at BDO branches, SM department stores,  Savemore, affiliated rural banks

How much is the remittance fee?

The fees vary depending on the country of origin, the type of delivery and whether the money is received in pesos or U.S. dollars.  If in dollars, the fees vary depending on the amount.  Dollar deposits and delivery are offered only in Metro Manila.

Fees for remittances from California:

Deposit to a BDO account –  US$8
Deposit to another local bank – US$12 (Metro Manila), US$14 (Province)
Cash Door to Door – US$12 (Metro Manila), US$14 (Province)
Pick-up – US$12 (Metro Manila or Province)

Fees for Remittances from Italy:
Credited to a BDO account: 8 Eur or $8, 10 Eur or $10
Credited to other local banks or door-to-door: 10 Eur or $10
Cash Pick-Up Anywhere:  8.50 Eur or $8.50

Fees for Remittances from Hong Kong:
Credit to a BDO Account:  HK$ 20 for peso account, HK$28 for dollar account
Credit to another other Local Bank:  HK$ 30 for peso and dollar accounts
Cash Door-to-Door: HK$ 30 Metro Manila, HK$ 40 for provinces (peso only in provinces)
Cash Pick-up Anywhere: HK$ 20 for remittance in pesos or in dollars

How fast can the family receive the remittance? (From California, Italy, or Hong Kong)

  • For deposits to BDO accounts –  within 1 hour
  • Deposits to other local banks – within 1 to 2 days if in pesos, within 3 to 4 days if in dollars
  • Door to door – within 1 to 2 days in Metro Manila, within 1 to 3 days in major cities, within 4 to 7 days in other areas
  • Cash pick-up – within 1 hour

You can open a BDO Remit account abroad:

  1. Go to a BDO Remit subsidiary, partner or agent located in your city.
  2. Fill up a BDO Remit Cash Card Application Form.
  3. Pay the BDO Remit cash card fee.
  4. BDO will deliver the the ATM to your family.

Or a member of your family in the Philippines can open his/her own BDO Remit Cash Card account and then email you the account number.

You can check online the status of your remittance through BDO Remit Status Inquiry.  Just fill in your Reference Number, including any alphabet letter or special character provided by the remittance office, partner or agent.

What is a BDO Rewards Card?

You can also earn points that you can use for shopping through a BDO Rewards Card. You can request for this card at your branch or at any BDO Remit office abroad. Just fill out a BDO Rewards Customer Information Update Form.  The card will be delivered to your mailing address. You’ll earn points as you remit money, make deposits and pay bills using BDO services.

There are BDO Remit Subsidiary Offices in:

The addresses of BDO remittance offices, partners, representatives and agents can be seen on the BDO website.

There are BDO Remit Representatives in:

There are BDO Remittance Partners in:
Australia / Bahrain/ Belgium / Brunei / Canada / England (Great Britain or UK) / Greece / Guam / Hongkong / Ireland / Israel / Jordan / Kuwait / Lebanon / New Zealand / Norway / Oman / Malaysia / Mexico / Papua New Guinea / Qatar / Saudi Arabia / Singapore / Spain / Switzerland / Taiwan / United Arab Emirates / U.S.A. /

There are Remittance Agents in:

California and other U.S. cities

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  1. Hi po.I just want to ask if how much maximum limit for bdo cash pick up anywhere.from enjaz Saudi arabia then pick up po sa bdo.same as lhuillier.

  2. Hi joel, you can send any amount that you earned legitimately there in Saudi. In the Phils, your recipient might have to answer questions about the source of money if they receive more than 500,000 pesos at one time. I’ve read just now that MLhuillier has a maximum cash pickup limit of 50,000 pesos per transaction, and that an additional charge of 300 pesos will be added for every increment of 50k pesos to be picked up.

  3. Hi. how can i open an account for savings? what are the requirements? Is it immediately filed in the Phils? Here in lebanon

  4. Hi zanzie, ask this BDO remittance partner, Service Exchange Co.(SECO) Hamra – behind Pecadelly, Baalbak St., Beirut, if you can open a BDO Kabayan account through them. If yes, you’ll fill up forms, then they’ll send your papers to BDO here. You’ll pick up your atm card and passbook later on. You can then start sending to your account (use your account no., in your passbook). But you can use your atm card only in the Phils when you vacation. Activate your atm card at the branch written in your passbook.

  5. Hi Karen, if through Moneygram, your recipient can get the money immediately if for Cash Pickup. If for deposit, it will take several hours or the next day. If through other remittance firms, the process can take 1 to 6 days.

  6. Hi how many ids are required to receive money through moneygram? Can we receive money through moneygram? thanks

  7. Hi Jayson, yes, you can receive money through Moneygram at BDO, Allied Bank, Cebuana Lhuillier. One valid ID should be enough, but if the amount is big, they usually ask for a second ID. Know your reference no., sender’s name and location, and expected amount.

  8. I have a BDO account and my sister will send money from korea. What korean bank is possible to send money from my bdo?

  9. Hi! I’m Gina. My Husband sent me a amount last other day in my account but Ti’ll now I didn’t receive from my account. BDO Bank Company I need your help. From Switzerland to Philippines

  10. I need your help BDO Bank Company.My Husband sent amount for me but 2 days ago till it didnt show the amount He sent.From Swiss to Philippines.ASAP

  11. Hi Gina, if your husband sent through a bank that is not a BDO correspondent bank, it might take longer for the money to get posted in your account. Call BDO 631-8000

  12. My uncle send me money from california remittance wire transfer through my bdo checking account its been 6 days till now nothing he send me the receipt but until now nada He send the money throgh lucky money

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