OFWs Can Send Money to the Philippines Thru BDO Remit


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  1. hi po I just found out a while ago that the money I sent last jan 16 was not credited to my account. My passbook was updated a while ago. I’m here in saudi, i sent money to my bdo account. My account number is correct. Is there a possibility I can get back my money. tnx a lot

  2. Hi gennie, yes, you should be able to get back your money. Go to where you sent your money with your receipt (xerox it) and ask why your remittance did not reach the Philippines. There have been cases where you write correctly your name and account no. but the one processing it at the remittance company misses a letter or a number. I hope you can update us about what happened.

  3. Good eve. Hi ms nora, can I deposit an eastwest check to bpi? the same account. my problem is that the owner is not here, he’s/she’s abroad. He/she asked me to do it for him/her. Can I deposit in his/her behalf? Thank you so much

  4. Hi Curvy Ann, if the name on the Eastwest check (name of payee) and the name of the BPI account are the same, yes, you can deposit the check even if the payee/account owner is not here.

  5. hello …. my mother send me a money thru my BDO ATM Card .. shes said it from Lebanon to Philippines and the money she send get inmy account after 4 days …. How long it will take before the money in in my ATM? hope you message me on my Email …thanks

  6. Hi Francois, if the money is already in your account, you can already get it using your atm. Have you checked via the atm?

  7. Helo good evening, tanong ko lang po kung ilang oras nyo ma receive ang deniposito kng pera, andito po ako kuwait,, nag deposit po kasi ako 6pm, tapos check ko po sa online banking, nag install po kasi ako ng apps BDO unibank, wala pa nadeposit sa account ko.

  8. Hi Good afternoon, i wanted to inquire how many hours my remittance will go in to the account of my daughter if i will send it in bdo malaysia remittance partners?

  9. Can a relative claim a remittance sent to me by my father? I’m a college student but I’m on vacation. It will be my brother who will claim from the bank. The remittance might be in my name. Thank you po

  10. Hi Michelle, ask the remittance company if they offer a fast remittance service because remittance speed vary from within the day to next day to up to 5 days. If your daughter needs the money quickly, the fastest might be Western Union for cash pickup. But if it’s a big amount, yes, it’s better if it’s through a bank.

  11. Hi Taps, is this for cash pickup? Only the person named as receiver can claim the remittance. The receiver should bring his/her valid IDs. If it’s through BDO, you can claim at any BDO branch, even in the province. Just bring your reference no. and IDs.

  12. Hi, which rate do they use for remittances? For Example BDO, Buying or Selling rate? Thanks!

  13. Hi Marlon, the buying rate, but based on my past experiences, they use a much lower buying rate. Try to ask your remittance company if you can send a certain amount in pesos and pay the remittance fee for that amount. For example, you want your recipient to receive the exact amount of 20,000 pesos, and you ask how much will you pay in your currency there where you are (total of remittance amount and remittance fee) so your recipient will receive 20,000 pesos

  14. hi po I’m in papua new guinea. I want to send money to my child’s bdo account. Can I send through any bank here?

  15. hi how many days po is the clearing of checks from China bank to bpi account. I deposited it po friday and now it’s wednesday but it’s not yet available in my husband’s account. The check deposited to the bpi account was from manila. I hope the answer is clear po as I have no one to ask. I live in a remote province. tnx po

  16. Hi ice, the check was issued in Manila and your BPI account is based in the province, so clearing takes a longer time. If it was deposited Friday morning, your money should be available today, Thursday. If deposited Friday afternoon, it should be available tomorrow, Friday. But there are also cases in which clearing for regional checks takes up to 7 days.

  17. even if the BPI account was opened in manila? does it take up to 7 days? clearing of checks? sorry just need clear answer because I know clearing takes only 3 days po thanks po

  18. Hi ice bert, if both the issuing and receiving accounts were opened in Metro Manila, then you’re right, clearing should take only 3 business days. Are you sure the check is good? Is it a personal check? Did you deposit the check in the province?

  19. Hi po. I have bdo kabayan atm po and bank book but I have not deposited, not even once, within 4 months. is it still active? I’m here in Saudi. salamat po!

  20. Hi Richard, yes, I think it’s active because 12 months have not passed. Make sure to remit to it from abroad at least once every 12 months. I hope you can remit this month or next month.

  21. Hi good afternoon tanong ko lang po nasa saudi po ksi asawa ko.pwede po ba xa magpadala ng pera sakin kahit wala po akong account sa bdo..

  22. Hi po BDO status po sng gamit ko pinasok ko po ang reference number ko wsla parin mag 3weeks na po pumunta na rin ako sa hinulugan ko d2 sa lebanon sabi nila pinasok n daw po sa account ko sabi ko wala pa kukunin ko nlng pera ko sabi sa hinulugan ko paid n daw di na daw pwede kunin ano ping dapay kong gawin help po

  23. Hi Ruth, yes, puede kahit wala kang account. Punta lang siya sa remittance company, at isend lang ng husband mo for CASH PICKUP at BDO o ibang remittance outlet. I-email o text ng husband mo yong reference no. at kung saan puedeng kunin.

  24. Hi lolita, merong remittance na hindi covered ng BDO Remit Status Inquiry. Baka andon na sa account mo. Call this BDO no. 00-800-8-6318000 from a landline para toll-free. If you use your cellphone, you can also try +632 631 8000 (ang charges parang yong tawag mo sa iyong family). Be ready with your account no. and other personal info that you wrote when you opened your account, like mother’s maiden name and the challenge questions.

  25. Mrs nora kc po 3 na po ang nahulog ko sa account ko ung isa lang po ang pumasok sa inquiry status ung dalawa pong reference# ko di pumasok nghuhulog po ako sa SECO dito po sa lebanon

  26. Ilang days po kaya makukuha yung remittance pag galing middle east? Nahulog na po kasi kahapon, chinecheck ko sa remittance inquiry pero no transaction found.

  27. Hi Ivy, depende sa remittance company. Usually within hours to the next day or more days, maybe up to 3. Bihira na dapat yong up to 5 — oks lang ito sa wire transfer from countries with no correspondent bank here.

  28. hi po.nagsend po aq ng money thru bdo online.san ko po mkikita ung tracking no.para po mapick up na ito ng receiver ko. thanks

  29. hi po.nagsend po aq ng money thru bdo online.san ko po mkikita ung tracking no.para po mapick up na ito ng receiver ko. thanks po.

  30. Hi steph, did you mean you used BDO Online’s “Send Money for Pickup”? Dapat nong natapos mo yong transaction, merong nag-appear na page na andon yong reference number at amount. Successful ba yong transaction? Nabawasan na yong account mo? Kung hindi mo nakuha yong reference no., login again, and click “Account information” then My Transactions at My Activity History. I hope andon yong reference no.

  31. Hi po. Tanong q lng ngpadala kc ung husband q skn from italy to my BDO savings acct, fund transfer daw po ung ginawa 5days na po kc simula nung pinadala nya wala pa rn po sa acct q hanggang ngaun. Gano po ba katagal bago un pumasok sa acct q or posible po kaya na kunin nlng dun sa bank dun ung pera para ipadala nlng thru remittance. email me pls. thanks.

  32. hi mis nora ask kulng po snkin kc ung pasbook at atm card ng kbayan savings panu po mllaman f active p ung card nkalimutn kupo kcing iwan ung pasbook nakailng hulog ndin po ako napasok pdin po b ang pera khit dixA active

  33. Hi xien, nadepositohan mo ba ang account mo kahit one time lang within 12 months from opening? At yong mga interval ng mga remittances mo ay less than 12 months? Yong last mong remittance ba ay wala pang 12 months? If yes to all, active pa ang account mo. Puede mo ring pa-test sa family mo. Magdeposit sila 100 or 200 pesos over the counter sa BDO. Fill up nila deposit slip. Puedeng magdeposit kahit walang passbook. Give them you account no. Kung tanggapin ng teller at magbigay ng receipt, ibig sabihin active ang account mo. Or you can call BDO: 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000

  34. hi miss nora tanong ko lang po kung ilang araw po bago ko po makuha ung remittance ko po from abu dhabi.. pinadala po kasi ng asawa ko nong sunday pa sa kabayan account ko po gang ngayon po wala p pong laman atm ko.. thanks pki email nlang po ako kung ano po dapat kung gawin

  35. hi po my brother has sent remittance hes from saudi dammam how long could i get it here in the philippines as per cheking po kasi wala pa siya sa bdo remit thank you so much.

  36. Hi gemz, dapat nasa account mo the next day or within 3 days. Make sure din na tama yong naisulat na account number at account name (correct spelling).

  37. Hi Ms Nora,

    I have sister abroad, Qatar. She’s going to have a money transfer form her BDO account to my Eastwest bank account. The fact that shes in Qatar and i’m in Philippines. How long will it take to have the money debited on my bank account? Will it take day(s)?

  38. Hi ms nora,
    My friend from lepzig Germany send me money last November 29. Ask ko lang if how many days ago cya mag credit sa bdo account ko. Tnx and how much pala ang charge nun?

  39. good day po miss nora,

    my boyfriend was sending my allowance to me through to my bdo kabayan account.Pero yung mg widraw na po ako is zero balance pro sabi nya po napadala na nya at 8pm in us then 9am sa atin..pero try po ako ng try pg widraw pro zero parin kc dati 10minutes lng mula ng pinadala nya ma wiwidraw ko na agad.tnx

  40. Good morning, Tanong lang po. Ilang ids po ba need para makuha yung pinadala sakin ng father ko from saudi. Isa lang po kasing valid id ang meron po ako. Salamat.

  41. Hi She, usually BDO asks for 2 valid IDs. Pero kung less than 15k, baka okay na sa kanila yang one valid ID. Bring a supporting document, like barangay certificate (madali lang kunin ito), NBI clearance or police clearance. Kung maghanap sila ng another valid ID, ask them if they’ll accept a postal ID (you can get this at your local post office for around 450 pesos – bring birth cert and barangay clearance)

  42. mam tanung kulgpo yung sahod po namin transfer po sa local BDO acct. nmin jan sa bacolod po galing d2 japan ilang working days po kaya yeterday po na transfer darating po kaya ngayung byernes 23 Dec.thanks po!

  43. mam tanung kulgpo yung sahod po namin transfer po sa local BDO acct. nmin jan sa bacolod po galing d2 japan ilang working days po kaya yeterday po na transfer darating po kaya ngayung byernes 23 Dec.thanks po!

  44. Mam tanong ko Lang po papadala po asawa ko sa NASA Taiwan po siya BDO Pwede po ba yun kahit Wala akong bdo account paano po ba yun ssana po masagot nio

  45. Hi po emelyn roldan po ito itatanung ko lang po ilang days bago ko mawidraw pera galing po ng Europe noong dec 27 pa po deniposit sa account ko hanggang ngayon WALA pa po laman atm ko please pakisagot naman maraming salamat

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