If You’re an OFW, You Can Win 10,000 US Dollars from Pag-ibig


If you’re an OFW, grab the chance to win 10,000 US Dollars!

That’s close to half a million in pesos!

Just save 600 pesos with Pag-ibig I and you’ll get a chance to win in the Grand Draw on January 16, 2015.

Last year, an OFW in Dubai won US$ 10,000 in the first Pag-ibig promo.

This year, you can win it too.

You’ll also get a chance to win plane tickets to and from the Philippines, family vacation packages, smart phones, iPad minis and 3D smart TVs in 3 draws.


What to DO:

1.  Pay 600 pesos or more to your Pag-ibig I account.

Every 600-peso payment gives you 1 electronic raffle entry.

A payment of 1,200 pesos gives you 2 entries.

Higher amounts mean more entries and bonus entries.

2.  Go to pagibigfund.gov.ph and click “FILIPINOS WORKING ABROAD”

3. Click “OFW Member DAGDAG IPON Raffle Promo Part 2”

4. Read the promo rules.

5. Click “I understood and agree to the terms and conditions of the raffle promo. I want to join now.” at the bottom of the page.

6. Enter your Pag-ibig MID or POP No.

7. Update your member records, if not yet updated.

8. Continue and complete registration, then click “Submit”.

You’ll get a message that you successfully registered.

9. You will receive an email within 24 hours.

1st Draw — September 19, 2014
4 smartphones
4 3D smart TVs
1 vacation package
1 plane ticket

2nd Draw — November 21, 2014
4 smartphones
4 iPad mini 2 16gb
4 3D smart TVs
2 vacation packages
1 plane ticket

Grand Draw — January 16, 2014
4 smartphones
4 iPad mini 2 16gb
4 3D smart TVs
2 vacation packages
2 plane tickets
1 US$10,000 cash prize


1. Only Pag-ibig I and POP savings are included in the promo. MP2 is excluded.

2. Promo runs from July 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.

3. Your electronic raffle entries will automatically be registered to your account.

Updated: June 20, 2015 — 1:08 pm


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  1. Hi ms. Nora thank you po..

  2. Hi Lei, 65 ang mandatory retirement age sa SSS, so required pa rin na mag-share ang employer at i-remit ang SSS niya to SSS from age 60 to 65 habang employed.

  3. Good pm..tanong ko po kung yung member at over 60 na pero employed pa..kelangan bang i-covered pa sya ng employer nya o kelangan nya na mag self employed na lang sya..

    Thank you in advance

  4. No comment

  5. no comment.

  6. joint the raffele promo

  7. I believe local members like me would appreciate it if there are promo offers alike. Appreciating local workers similarly as with OFWs create awareness. Imagine Pag-ibig could create greater awareness to local members not only to update or pay-off their dues but also invite them to invest and grow their hard-earned money using Pag-ibig II. I was thinking the other day, if Pag-ibig can offer something to locals if they invest their money then that would be great too.
    I understand if there might be some differences with offered promos to fellow Filipinos working abroad, in case Pag-ibig will consider such, but local members are also contributing to the fund even though not as much as OFWs do. The point is, reward local members as they are also making sacrifices.

  8. Hi Kim, that would be great if Pag-ibig also offers promos for local members. It seems that they’re focused on attracting/encouraging OFWs. Indeed, OFWs have been bringing money into the country and propping up the economy. About housing loans, yes, I wish they also do what NHMFC has been doing — offering raffle promos for those updated in paying their monthly housing amortizations. Thanks again for commenting.

  9. That’s a great opportunity to entice our fellow Filipinos who are OFWs to save money on PAG-IBIG I. I just wish this year they (PAG-IBIG office) will consider placing the same invitation here locally. They don’t have to come up with the same price mark of 10,000 US dollars. Maybe 300,000 in pesos as a prize money can be a great deal already for incoming and active members. If ever there will be I hope they also entice members who have pending arrears to update their payments and others to pay up their existing loans.
    Thanks to PAG-IBIG for doing this to our modern day heroes.

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