Send Money to the Philippines from London via BPI Online Banking

Consider BPI Europe online banking if you’re frequently sending money to the Philippines from London or other cities in the UK.

BPI Internet banking is perhaps the cheapest, fastest and most secure way
to send money from England to the Philippines.  Because it’s done over the Internet, the credit process is instant or within minutes of clicking keys on your PC or laptop.

For remittances up to 50,000 British pounds, the remittance fee is only 5 pounds,
according to the BPI Europe website.

Of course, if you don’t have yet the required accounts, you must do the following first:

  • You must open a BPI Europe account.
  • You must enroll this account in BPI EXpress Online.
  • You must attach to your Express Online account your BPI, BPI Family, or BPI Direct account (the Philippine account to which you are sending your money to).

Note:   This remittance system is not available to businesses. It’s not also offered to persons engaged in the money-transfer-to-Philippines business.

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