Tuition Fees at FEU and Other Universities in Metro Manila

Tuition Fees at FEU Updated March 16, 2018

Many are still coming to this page even though I last updated it in 2013, so I now plan to update it, starting with FEU. It may take some time to complete the updates for the other schools, as I also have a job. Our info on admissions and entrance exams might still be relevant.

When I wrote this post in 2010, my daughter was still studying at FEU. Now she’s married, working at IBM in Eastwood and raising a baby girl. And sadly, tuition fees shot up by 20% to 50% and even more than doubled for some courses.


From FEU’s website:


BS in Accounting Technology
1st year — 48,800
2nd year — 49,479
3rd year — 55,047
4th year — 40,342

BS in Accountancy (5 years)
1st and 2nd year — take first BS in Business Administration Major in Internal Auditing
and pass qualifying exams
3rd year — 52,987
4th year — 23,476
5th year — 37,204

BS in Architecture
1st year — 71,120
2nd year — 65,603
3rd year — 59,021
4th year — 74,199
5th year — 56,616

BS in Biology
1st year — 56,059
2nd year — 53,574
3rd year — 52,408
4th year — 49,213

BS in Business Administration Major in Business Management
1st year — 48,800
2nd year — 48,893
3rd year — 48,226

BS in Business Administration Major in Business Management
1st year — 48,800
2nd year — 56,481
3rd year — 52,357
4th year — 34,796

BS in Business Administration Major in Financial Management
3rd year — 48,226
4th year — 26,221

BS in Business Administration-Major in Internal Auditing

1st year — 48,800
2nd year — 56,481
3rd year — 52,987
4th year — 25,382
may enroll in 5th year BS in Accountancy after passing a comprehensive exam

BS in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management
3rd year — 48,226
4th year — 26,221

BS in Business Administration Major in Management
3rd year — 48,226
4th year — 26,221

AB in Communication
1st year — 51,870
2nd year — 43,182
3rd year — 40,137
4th year — 35,899

B of Elementary Education Major in General Education
3rd year — 49,239
4th year — 25,535

B of Elementary Education Major in Pre-School Education
3rd year — 44,478
4th year — 25,535

B of Elementary Education Major in Special Education
1st year — 51,740
2nd year — 51,117
3rd year — 49,239
4th year — 25,535

AB in English Language
3rd year — 43,255
4th year — 41,299

B of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts

1st year — 57,421
2nd year — 66,506
3rd year — 68,208
4th year — 66,732

B of Fine Arts Major in Painting

4th year — 68,301

BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management-A

1st year — 53,558
2nd year — 64,749
3rd year — 49,486
4th year — 26,221
4th year of BSHRM-B — 50,679

BS in Information Technology
4th year — 61,210

AB in International Studies
3rd year — 38,074
4th year — 36,592

AB in Interdisciplinary Studies
3rd year — 38,074
4th year — 34,949

AB in Literature
3rd year — 38,074
4th year — 34,949

BS in Medical Technology
1st year — 52,770
2nd year — 76,826
3rd year — 59,221
4th year — 55,796

BS in Nursing
1st year — 69,071
2nd year — 83,190
3rd year — 58,157
4th year — 87,193

B of Physical Education Major in School Physical Education
1st year — 51,740
2nd year — 46,356
3rd year — 50,882
4th year — 25,535

AB in Political Science
3rd year — 42,835
4th year — 35,635

BS in Psychology
1st year — 56,189
2nd year — 53,525
3rd year — 50,952
4th year — 33,831

B of Secondary Education Major in English
1st year — 51,740
2nd year — 46,356
3rd year — 52,413
4th year — 25,535

B of Secondary Education Major in General Science
3rd year — 42,891
4th year — 38,087

B of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics
3rd year — 48,422
4th year — 25,535

B of Secondary Education Major in Sports and Recreational Management
3rd year — 44,454
4th year — 34,612
5th year — 34,949

BS in Tourism Management
1st year — 44,014
2nd year — 48,849
3rd year — 50,826
4th year — 23,083

Notes: Downpayment is 8,500.
Discount of 5% if has paid at least 95% of total assessed fees within 10 days from start of classes.


Some Portions Updated February 16, 2013:

In less than two years, my daughter has enrolled and studied in three different universities in Manila because of different reasons, including allergies, fluctuations in finances and wrong choice of course.

As we searched for schools, we came to know about the ranges of tuition fees in some schools. Some universities publish their tuition fees on their web sites; others don’t. We hope the following info tidbits on tuition fees are able to give you some ideas about tuition fees in different universities.

Take note also that it’s best to inquire while your child is still in 3rd year high school, or early in the senior year, as there are certain schools which start and close their entrance exam and admission periods several months before the start of their freshman year.

UP – Application period is about a year ahead and the exam is usually in August. (For example, freshmen entering UP this June 2012 applied to take the exam or UPCAT within the period May to middle of June 2011 and took the UPCAT last August 2011.)

UST – Application period is from June to first week of December and the exam or USTET has 3 schedules (one in August, one in October, and one in December)

PUP Manila — Application period is from September to November. For the 2012-2013 school year, PUP Manila had two PUPCET schedules: January 29,2012 and February 19, 2012.

PUP Satellites – Have later schedules, but many hold their exams in February and in March. Some in the provinces hold several exams in March and in April.

DE LA SALLE – Application period is from June to middle of September and the exam has 3 schedules in October.

ATENEO DE MANILA – Application period is from June to middle of August and the exam or ACET is in September.


All tuition fees mentioned below are for ONE semester and are in PESOS, except when noted otherwise. Also, the tuition fees published here are ESTIMATES and may not be exactly the same as the total amount that you will eventually pay.

Most schools administer 2 semesters in a year. Those that operate on a trisem calendar (3 semesters in a year) include:
– De La Salle University
– Asia Pacific College
– De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde
– AMA University
– FEU-East Asia College
* (FEU Manila is on a 2-sem calendar)

* Mapua administers 4 sems in a year (quarterms)

Note: I gathered fees for only a number of courses; the schools offer other courses.

K = thousand pesos

ADAMSON UNIVERSITY (ADU) Updated March 16, 2018

From Adamson’s website:

Freshmen, 2016-2017, per semester

Tuition fees and miscellaneous fees are included.
Down payment upon enrollment is 10,000 pesos.
Discount of 5% on tuition fee is offered to: 

– Those who have paid tuition fee in full on or before enrollment period
– Siblings
– Alumnus Child

BS in Architecture — 51,018
BS in Business Administration major in Financial/Marketing Management — 42,378
BS in Chemical/Civil/Computer/Mechanical Engineering — 46,159
BS in Clinical Pharmacy — 37,118
BA in Communication — 43,320
BS in Computer Science — 56,348
BS in Information Technology — 50,926
B of Physical Education major in Sports & Wellness Management — 43,170
BS in Psychology — 45,811

Quezon City

From Delyn, Comment Section, May 26, 2012:
Minimum downpayment – 1k
School fees can be paid in 2, 3 or 4 installments

BS in Computer Engineering – 28,665 pesos per trisem for 22.5 units
– 23,753.3 (if with 30% discount)

By phone, 2011:

Information Technology and Computer Engineering courses cost between 19k to 20k, already discounted from the 20k to 23k original tuition fees.

Main campus: 2600 Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila

From Art, Comment Section, May 28, 2012
Manila: BS in Business Administration — 21k to 23k
Pasay City: BS in Business Administration — 21k to 22k

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 734 73 71

For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Accounting (4-year course) — 24 to 25k, down is 8k to 9k
Tourism/Hospitality — 25k to 26k

Magallanes, Makati

By phone, April 2012, Tel NO 852 92 32

For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Down payment — 35% of total

Information Technology — 40 to 45k
Multimedia Arts — 43k

Asia Pacific College’s website says that APC offers big discounts for:
– graduates of public and parish high schools
– children of the military and police
– children of AFP personnel killed or wounded in action
– those with annual family income of less than 400k
– scholarship and stipend for SM Foundation scholars
(ask SM Department Store customer service)


From Ateneo’s website:

Tuition and Fees per Year, 2017-2018, per semester

Tuition — 72,305.85
Basic Fees — 13,787.50
Other Fees — 13,098.95

Additional fees are charged for laboratory use and for additional load.
You can pay school fees in two or four installments.

Ateneo de Manila University School of Law Updated March 16, 2018
Per semester
1st year — 106,391
2nd year — 83,661
3rd year — 81,190
4th year — 87,711


– About 48 undergraduate programs including BS IT, BS MIS, BS Physics, BS Computer Engineering, BS Computer Science, BS Environmental Science,AB Chinese Studies, BS Management, AB Economics, pre-med courses such as BS Life Sciences, BS Psychology and BS Biology and pre-law courses such as AB Political Science, AB Philosophy and AB Management.


From forums, April to June 2011:

Nursing — 36k (1st year, 1st sem)
Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) — 35k
Pharmacy — 40k plus (1st year, 1st sem)

Manila and Makati campuses charge the same fees, according to students in these forums.


From Letran’s website:

First semester, school year 2012-2013

Engineering (EE,IE,CE,ECE)

– Cash: 38,077
– Installment 1: 38,954, Down payment is 22,383
– Installment 2: 39,381, Down payment is 17,691

Hotel and Restaurant Management
– Cash: 43,296
– Installment 1: 44,173, down is 28,302
– Installment 2: 44,600, down is 23,810

– Cash: 40,656
– Installment: 41,663, down is 23,412
– Installment: 42,154, down is 18,247

– Cash: 37,726
– Installment: 38,591, down is 22,691
– Installment: 39,036, down is 18,192

Communication Arts — 32,857 cash
Information Technology Major in Digital Arts — 44,522 cash
Business Administration — 36,399 cash
Tourism — 43,296 cash

Penalty of 2% for late payments


From La Salle’s website:

For Freshmen, 1st trimester 2012-2013

Tuition fee per unit per trimester: ranges from 2,143 to 2,605

New student fees — 3,029
Miscellaneous fees — 5,528
Computer lab fee — 3,430 to 3,704
Engineering lab fee — 3,019
Science lab fee — 3,019
Psychology lab fee — 3,019
Computer tech lab fee — 2,121
NSTP fee — ranges from 3,214 to 3,907
Comm in Writing fee — 6,599

There are other fees depending on the course/year/sem

Note: Freshmen are required to pay in full (NOT installment) for every term for the first 3 trisems or first year.

Average Tuition and Other Fees for Freshmen
For 1st Trimester of 2010-2011

Business courses — 63,000 pesos
Computer Studies — 61,500
Education — 61,000
Engineering — 70,000
Liberal Arts — 60,000
Science — 66,000
Economics — 59,200

Tuition fee per unit: ranges from 2,071 pesos to 2,517 pesos

From Nico, Comment Section, June 5, 2012:

School fees range from 66,000 to 80,000 pesos per term
Annual fees — about 200,000 pesos
Information on fees can be found on the DLSU website

1113-1117 San Marcelino St. corner Gonzales St., Ermita, Manila

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 632 521 2710
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

HRM — 32,436
Computer Science — 37,891

Down payment — at least 1k

From Ninji, Comment section, May 5, 2012:

Physical Therapy
Cash — 38,222
Installment — 39,414

Hotel and Restaurant Management
Cash — 30,692
Installment — 31,659

EAC Cavite: UPSI Bldg. 1, Congressional East Ave., Burol Main, Dasmariñas

Nagtahan St, Sampaloc, Manila

EARIST is a state college located along Nagtahan and has a satellite campus along Congressional Highway in Poblacion 5, General Mariano Alvarez (GMA), Cavite.

Tuition fee: 100 pesos per unit
Plus miscellaneous fees


Tuition fees: 15 pesos per unit


From FEU’s website:

For freshmen, 1st Semester 2012-2013

BS in Accountancy (5 years) — 40,430
BS in Accounting Technology — 40,430
BS in Architecture — 42,146
B of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts — 41,204
BS in Biology — 44,190
BS in Medical Technology — 48,372
BS in Nursing — 45,498
BS in Commerce Major in Marketing Management — 39,914
BS in Tourism Management — 37,656
BS in Financial Management — 39,914
BSBA Major in Management — 42,104
BSBA Major in Business Economics — 39,914
BS in Information Technology — 44,982
Bachelor of Laws — 37,326
AB in Political Science — 35,876

Notes: Downpayment is 8,500. Discount of 5% for full payment within 10 days from start of classes.


From, Comment section, April 15, 2012:

BSBA – 39,914 (23 units, w/o NSTP)
Accountancy/Internal Audit – 38,240 (23 units, w/0 NSTP, w/o Computer Subject)
BS HRM – 35,512 (17 units)
TourisM – 37,656 (20 units)
Education – 34,202 (20 units,w/o NSTP, w/o Comp Sub)
Applied Math – 39,914 (23 units, w/o NSTP,w/o Lab)
Arts – 35,876 (20 units, w/o NSTP)
English Language – 40,633 (23 units, W/o NSTP)
Biology – 44, 190 (25 units, w/o NSTP, w/o Computer Subj)
Mass Com – 42,883 (26 units, w/o NSTP, w/o Computer Subj, W/o other Lab Fee)
Med Tech – 48,372 (25 units, w/o computer subj)
Nursing – 45,498 (25 units, w/o NSTP,w/o Computer Subj)
Architecture – 42,146 (23 units, w/o Computer)
Fine Arts – 41,204 (21 units)

**Misc Fees for Architecture/Fine Arts – 8,158
**Lab Fees for Med Tech – 5,850
**Lab Fees for Nursing – 4,756

****QUOTA Courses***

Medical Technology

Per Unit Tuition – 1,308
Misc Fees – 6,647
Other Fees – 1,395
Comp Lab Fee – 1,674 (If you have computer subjects)
Math 1 Fee – 114
Speech 1 Lab Fee – 833
NSTP – 1,780
P.E. – 3,924 (Consider as regular subject)


From FEU-EAC student iTam, Comment Section, January 8, 2013:

BS in Information Technology, Major in Digital Arts (BSIT-DA)
2nd year 3rd term — 46k for 21 units

From, Comment section, April 15, 2012:

Civil Eng, Elec Eng, ECE & Comp Eng (1st Year, 1st Trimester)

Per Unit tuition – 1,380.50
Misc Fee – 5,310.75
Lab Fees – 6,596 (Civil, EE)
Lab Fees – 4,572,50 (ECE)
Lab Fees – 8,787.75 (Comp Eng)

CE/EE – 41,587.50 (21.5 units)
ECE – 38,183.5 (20.5 units)
CPE – 39,637.75 (18.5 units)


From, Comment section, April 15, 2012:

(Same as FEU Manila + 2k development fee)

BSBA – 42,104
Accountancy – 40,430
Information Technology – 44,982
Culinary Program (10 mos to 1 year) (ICF@FEU):
Down Payment 45,000 + Monthly 15,000


Sampaguita Avenue, Mapayapa Village
Diliman, Quezon City, Tel No: 931 6064
Trimestral Calendar

From the FERN website:

Downpayment: Php 6,000.00

BS in Accounting (4 years)
BS in Business Administration (3 years)
BS in Information Technology (3 years)

FERN comes from Nicanor Reyes Educational Foundation, read backwards


From FEU Silang Facebook page, April 19, 2012:

Tuition Fee per sem per unit is 800 pesos
Plus miscellaneous fees

Average number of units per sem is 24, so 24 x 800 = 19,200
Add miscellaneous fees

Secondary Education, Pre-school Special Education (SPED)
Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)
Tourism Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management


From Jazz, Comment section, January 2012:

Marine Engineering / Transportation
Per Unit: P1,100 x 28 units
Miscellaneous: P7,400
Laboratory Fee: P3,888
Total: P42,088


From Olem, Comment Section, Nov 8, 2012:
BS in Information Technology: about 26k per sem


From Art, Comment Section, May 28, 2012
BS in Business Administration — 22k cash, 23k installment

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 531 80 31
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013

Average for all courses:
20k to 21k per sem
Down is 6k to 7k

From a JRU online report for school year 2010 to 2011:

AB, BCS, BSIT, BSCPE, BSED, BEED — 1,624 per unit or 12,735 per 30 units
BSHRM, BS Tourism, BSA — 1,632 per unit or 12,816 per 30 units
BSN — 1,648 per unit or 12,933 per 30 units

Miscellaneous fees include development fee (1,330), HRM lab fee (920 per
unit), HRM 37 co-curricular activity (3,910), Management 32 co-curricular activity
(5,060) and more

Main campus is now beside St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish Shrine, National Highway, Tunasan, Muntinlupa

By phone, May 10, 2012, Tel No 403-82-48:

BS in Business Administration Major in Marketing — 18,657
BS in Elementary Education — 17,732
Down payment is 4k

Balance is divided into 4 installments, payable in July, Aug, Sept, Oct
Cash payments get a discount of around 600 pesos
Free entrance exam

From Hanna, Comment section, June 2011

– Almost 19k per sem


By phone, May 10, 2012, Tel No 527-8251 to 56:

BS in Accounting — 32,921
Minimum down payment: 4k
If installment, 33,921

From delyn, Comment Section, May 26, 2012:

BS in Computer Engineering – 34k if cash, 35k installment
Minimum downpayment – 4K
Balance can be in 3 installments
College Entrance Test fee – 400 pesos
Uniform – 400 pesos for the blouse, 530 for the slacks

From forums, 2011:
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (AB MMA) — 38 to 40K

From Jovi, Jan 23, 2012:

LPU tuition ranges from 35k to 40k plus.
HRM and culinary students get part of their training at the Lyceum-operated hotel The Bayleaf
of Intramuros. International Tourism and Hospitality Management students need to prepare additional funds for tours.


From the Mapua website:

Tuition and miscellaneous fees for freshmen, 1st quarterm 2010-2011

Architecture — 30,507 cash; 31,867 installment
Electrical Engineering — 34,385 cash; 3,915 installment
Civil Engineering — 31,523 cash; 32,968 installment
Mechanical Engineering — 32,179 cash; 33,624 installment
Nursing — 25,211 cash; 26,059 installment
Hotel and Restaurant Management — 22,881 cash; 23,805 installment
Information Technology, Computer Science — 34,502 cash; 36,151 installment
Multimedia Arts — 32,097 cash; 33,457 installment

From a certain forum, 2011:

Multimedia Arts and Sciences: around 36k per sem
(One incoming 3rd year BS MAS student says she has spent a total of about 300k for tuition for
her first and second years. This would be 36K multiplied by 8 sems = 288k)

(formerly Maryknoll College)
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

From a Forum, March 2012:

BA Communication — 49k (21 units)

From a forum, April 2011:
BC Entrepreneurship Major in Culinary Arts — 51k plus lab fees

551 M.F. Jhocson St. Sampaloc, Manila

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 712 19 00
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)
and Accounting (4-year course)

– Cash: 27,532.40
– Installment: 5k down, 6,411.15 monthly
– Installment: 10k down, 5,086.15 monthly

Computer Engineering
– Cash: 25k plus
– Installment: 5k down, 5k plus monthly
– Installment: 10k down, 4k plus monthly

According to forums, Dec 2011:
Engineering and Architecture — 35k to 38k
Management — 25k to 35k

Central Avenue (along Commonwealth Ave), Quezon City

From Jhem, Comment Section, May 15, 2012:

BS in Tourism — 12,600 per sem (this is with discount, has INK member recommendation)

Intramuros, Manila

From the PLM website:

PLM accepts applications only from Manila residents and from non-Manila residents who are valedictorians or salutatorians.

For freshmen, Manila residents: Free tuition and miscellaneous fees

For freshmen, non-Manila residents:

Tuition fee per unit:
– 132 pesos for category 1 and 220 pesos for category 2
Miscellaneous fees: 1,771
Plus lab fees and other fees

Higher fees for non-Manila residents taking Physical Therapy
and for all students taking Medicine and Law


From the PCU website:

Down Payments for the 2010-2011 school year:
– 10,000 for Nursing, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Nutrition and Dietetics and related

– 8,500 (old students) and 6,500 (new students) for Business and related courses
– 7,000 for law and masteral and doctoral programs

From Zach Arroyo, Comment section, April 12, 2012:

Tuition fee per sem for 30 units: 25k to 27k
Night class for working students: up to 9 pm
Zach said he’s an irregular student, paying between 16k to 18k per sem for 15 to 18 units

From Christian, Comment section, April 25, 2012:
Accounting — around 30k, down payment is around 7k

Taft Avenue and Ayala Boulevard, Manila

From the PNU website:

1st semester, 2010-2011

1st year
Tuition fee per unit — 120 pesos
Miscellaneous fees: 1,145

2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year
Tuition fee per unit — 35 pesos
Miscellaneous fees: 875

826 R. Papa St., Sampaloc, Manila

By phone, April 2012, Tel NO: 735 13 80
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Accounting (5-year course)
– 27,280 if cash
– 28,335 if installment, down is 12,500

Campus in QC: 1029 Aurora Boulevard


From the PUP website:

– Tuition fee per unit — 12 pesos (Wala pa sa kalahati ng cell phone load na 30…)
– A semestral load of 28 units will cost 336 pesos.
– Miscellaneous fees include registration (8 pesos), library (17),
athletics (27), engineering freshman (61), sports development (50),
computer (60), guidance (50), ID 975), handbook (45), engineering lab (28),
other lab (31), cultural (11), medical/dental (11). Fees are subject to change.
– Entrance examination fee is 500 pesos.

Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong

From forums, 2011 — 200 pesos per unit

RTU is a state university along Boni, Mandaluyong. It has branches in Pasig, Antipolo, Baras, Cavite and Occidental Mindoro.

Note: According to one Facebook commen, passing the RTU entrance exam does not guarantee admission. You must also pass the interview.


From forums, April 16,2012, for school year 2012-2013:

College of Arts and Science — 64k to 70k
Down payment: 50%

From forums, May to June 2011:

Freshmen tuition fees for Information Technology and other courses range from 54,000 to 60,000 pesos per sem. Some courses start at 40,000 pesos per sem.

Arts and Sciences courses — 60k
Law — 47k
Medicine — 84k
Other courses, average of 50k per sem

Tuition fees per sem range from 45k to 50k
Accounting — 58 to 60k (2nd year, 1st sem)

R Hidalgo and Recto Avenue, Quiapo, Manila

From Kenneth, Comment Section, Sep 19, 2012

Tuition fee — around 978 per unit
BS in Accountancy — 38k for 24 units, with summer classes which cost 15k for 9 units
Tuition fee for Tourism: from 40k to 50k

By phone, May 9, 2012, Tel No 734-8931 loc 211:

BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) — 40,268
BS in Accounting — 44,474
Minimum down payment — 10k

From Forums, May 2011:
Several students said that tuition fees range from 25k to 31k
and majority of them said tuition is from 28k to 29k per sem
Call trunkline: 734-8931

295 E.Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard
Tel No: 7230221

From the St. Joseph website, 2011-2012:

Nursing: 35k, 54k, 49k, 47k

College of Arts courses: 27k, 31k, 27k, 27k


From the SPU website:

Tuition fee per unit per semester for freshmen, 2012-2013 — 1,149.26

2nd year — 1,097.20 per unit

3rd year — 1,044.78 per unit

4th year — 1004.60 per unit

Pay also miscellaneous fees
The increase in tuition fees was presented in a consultation meeting in February 2012. The
increase was 5% over 2011-2012 fees. No increase in miscellaneous fees.

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 524 56 87
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Mass Communications — 55k
Down payment is one-third
Almost all courses cost 55k per sem for freshmen


From the SSC website:

For freshmen, school year 2012 – 2013

Tuition fee per unit — 1,708 pesos
Special fees — 5,927
Miscellaneous fees — 1,810
Science lab fees — 350 to 2,700
Computer lab fees — 3,450
Fine arts lab fees — 2,050
HRM/Nutrition lab fees — 4,600
Psychology lab fees — 600
Mass Comm electronic newsroom — 3,450
Music lab fees — 6,230

– 2% discount for cash payments

For 20 units:
Tuition — 34,160
Miscellaneous and special fees — 7,737
Cash — 41,214
Installment Plan B:
– 21,449 upon enrollment
– 10,474 July (Dec for 2nd sem)
– 10,474 Sept (Feb for 2nd sem)

For 25 units:
Tuition — 42,700
Miscellaneous and tuition fees — 7,737
Cash — 49,583
Installment Plan B:
– 25,719 upon enrollment
– 12,609 July (Dec for 2nd sem)
– 12,609 Sept (Feb for 2nd sem)

There are installments Plan C and D
Lab fees not yet included in computations


From TRiX, Comment section, May 7, 2012:

Marine Engineering — 35k if cash, 37k if instalment

From Jmz, Comment section, 2011:

25,887.30 cash
27,522.45 installment

From Yong, Comment section, January 21, 2012:
Architecture: 27k per sem

From Richard, Comment section, April 11, 2012:

Engineering — 22k, down payment is 3,500

From Reily, Comment section, February 6th, 2012:


743 per unit
5-6k miscellaneous
3,500 downpayment
balance divided by 3, payable before exams


From the TUP website:
For freshmen, school year 2012-2013

Civil Engineering — 9,045
Electrical Engineering — 9,045
Electronics Engineering — 9,495
Mechanical Engineering — 8,195

Architecture — 8,195
Fine Arts — 6,695
Graphics or Architecture Technology — 9,195
Product Design and Devt Technology — 8,945

Computer Science — 7,695
Information Technology — 7,545
Environmental Science — 6,845
Entrepreneurial Management — 6,295

Engineering and Industrial
Technology courses — 9,045 to 9,495
Food Technology — 7,845

Computer Education — 8,895
Art Education — 8,895
Home Economics — 8,895

From RED, Comment section, April 17, 2012:

Tuition fees have increased from 50 pesos to 195 pesos per unit
and from about 4k to about 8k to 10k per sem.

Cathedral Heights, QC

By phone, April 2012
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Nursing — 33,595, down is 11,800

From the TUA website:

Tuition fees per semester, 2nd semester 2010-2011:

Accountancy — 29k, 26k, 31k, 28k
HRM — 30k, 35k, 24k, 9k (9 units)
Computer Science — 29k, 35k, 23k, 15k (9 units)
Psychology — 28k, 29k, 27k, 7k (3 units)
Mass Communications — 26k, 24k, 25k, 8k (3 units)
Medical Technology — 29k, 38k, 45k, 49ka
Nursing — 33k, 61k, 58k, 63k (St. Luke’s College of Nursing, part of Trinity)

Sucat Road, Parañaque City

Tuition fee per unit – 580 pesos
Average school fees for freshmen – around 18k to 22k per sem
Minimum down payment – 7k per sem

Arroceros St, Mehan Garden
near LRT-1 Central Station and Manila City Hall
Tel No: 302-6551 to 52

For Manila residents only
No tuition fees

Pearl Dr, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

From oneWhey, Comment Section, August 29, 2012:

School fees range from 80,000 to 90,000 pesos per semester

J.P. Rizal Extension, West Rembo, Makati City
Owned and funded by the City of Makati

Only for Makati residents
Accepts non-resident freshmen if they have a high school general weighted average of at least
88% and if they pass the entrance exam

From, Feb 2012:

Makati residents: Token fee of 1k per sem
Non-Makati residents: Token fee of 3k per sem

Nursing: Higher tuition fees because the UMAK College of Nursing is a joint venture between UMAK and Systems Technology Institute (STI)

Note for prospective UMAK freshmen applicants:
No freshmen admission this school year 2012-2013. 4th year high school finishers will enter Grade 11 under K-12 program.

From Bham Sibayan, March 15th, 2012, and Ken, May 6, 2012, Comment section:
This year, the University of Makati (Umak) will not accept freshmen applicants because of the new K-12 program.

From the Makati City website:
According to UMAK and Makati officials, UMAK is one of several schools that will pioneer the K-12 senior high school program this 2012-2013 school year. High school graduates in Makati in 2012 are offered the option to enroll in UMAK as Grade 11 students. In addition to humanities studies, they’ll also study technical and vocational courses to enable them to become employable after senior high school graduation.

546 M. V. de los Santos St., Sampaloc, Manila

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 735 50 84
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Accounting (full load) — 12k to 14k, down is 3k
HRM — 12 to 14k


By phone, April 2012, Tel No. 871 06 39
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Pharmacy (4-year course) — 40k, down payment is 10k
Information Technology — 34k


From the UST website:

Total fees for Freshmen, 2nd sem 2011-2012

Arts and Letters — 38,661 with PE; 40,472 with ROTC
– (Literature, Political Science, Journalism, Economics,
Philosophy, Communication Arts, etc.)
Accountancy — 42,197 without ROTC — 44,008 with PE and ROTC
Architecture — 55,169 — 56,980
Advertising Arts — 44,956 — 46,767
Industrial Design — 41,335 — 43,146
Interior Design — 42,542 — 44,353
Painting — 45,502 — 47,313
Commerce courses — 38,373 — 40,184
Physical Therapy — 44,090 — 45,901
Travel Management — 48,583 — 50,394
Special Education — 41,573 — 43,384
Nutrition and Dietetics — 48,364 — 50,175
Engineering, CE,EE, ME, IE (15 units) — 32,310 — 34,121
Chemical Engineering (17 units) — 39,496
– Engineering courses increase to 42k to 50k in higher years
Computer Science — 42,736 — 44,547
Information Technology — 42,736 — 44,547
Nursing — 53,611 — 55,422
Pharmacy — 45,421 — 47,232
Medical Technology — 47,175 — 49,986
Biology — 42,936 — 44,747
Chemistry — 48,310 — 50,121
Psychology — 44,257 — 46,068
Medicine — 105,858
Civil Law — 36,348

Note: UST plans to increase tuition fees by 6 percent for the 2012-2013 school year. That’s an increase of about 72 pesos per unit (from 1,207 per unit to 1,279 per unit). Source: March 13, 2012 issue of the UST student publication The Varsitarian.


From UE student JandenLee, Comment Section, Jan 29, 2013

For school year 2012-2013:

For courses under the College of Art and Sciences — P1263 per unit
(Ex. Broadcasting, Journalism, HRM, Legal Mgmt., Psychology, Library Sciences)

College of Business and Acccountancy — P1263 per unit

College of Computer Studies and Systems
(Ex. IT, Computer Science):
Non-computer subjects: P1263
Computer subjects: P1470

College of Dentistry:
Pre-Dentistry: P1263
Dentistry PROPER: P1878

College of Education — P1100 per unit

College of Engineering — P1263 per unit
Mechanical, Civil, ECE, Electrical

Computer Engineering:
P1263 non-computer subjects
P1525 computer subjects

For the College of Law — P1679 per unit

UE Entrance Examination fee — 300 pesos
Accepting applicants until June 2013
Tuition fees might increase by 5% this 2013-2014 school year

From UE student Jandenlee, Comment Section, July 26, 2012
Fees for 2012-2013 for Freshmen
(Tuition and miscellaneous fees)

BS Psychology – 35 k
AB Political Science – 32k
BS Tourism Management – 37k
BS Business Administration – 40k
Pre-Dentistry – 44k per sem
BS Information Technology – 36k
BS Accountancy – 40k
AB Broadcasting – 35k
Electronics and Commmunications Engineering – 34k
Legal Management – 29k

From a Forum, April 25, 2012
BS in Information Technology (IT) — 36k

From Ela, Comment section, April 28, 2012

Dentistry — 43k plus

From the UE forum, March 2011:

1200+ per unit for non-computer courses
1400+ per unit for computer-related courses
Might increase this June 2011 by 5 percent, accdg. to a forum member

BSBA Marketing — 38K (tuition fee plus miscellaneous fee)
BS in Accounting UE Caloocan — 35K (3rd year)
Civil Engineering — 29K to 30K


From the UP website:

UP uses a socialized tuition system, meaning students pay based on their family income. The system is called Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP).

A student applying for the lower tuition brackets need to show notarized financial documents that include tax returns, real estate tax declarations, statements of assets and liabilities, water bills, electric bills, or municipal certification of unemployment.

Tuition fee per unit (UP Diliman, UP Los Banos and UP Manila):
– 1,500 pesos per unit for Bracket A (annual family income of more than 1 million pesos)
– 1,000 pesos for Bracket B (income of 500,001 to 1 million)
– 600 pesos for Bracket C (income of 250,001 to 500,000)
– 300 pesos for Bracket D (income of 135,001 to 250,000)
– Free tuition for Brackets E1 and E2 (income of 135,000 or less)
– student allowance of 12,000 pesos per year, Bracket E2 (income of 80,000 or less)

Miscellaneous fees = 2,000 pesos

UP evaluates students’ financial capabilities every year and changes their STFAP brackets to match their current financial situations.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m sad that some of the bigger schools removed tuition fee info from their web pages very recently. BAKIT KAYA?

Please share your schools’ tuition fee info in the COMMENTS section below. I’d appreciate very much your effort.

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Updated: March 17, 2018 — 9:15 am


Add a Comment
    53+K for Nutrition and Dietetics
    57+K for Doctor of Optometry
    as of July 2019

  2. gud pm po ask ko lang po magkno po tuition fee s grade 11 s FEU at kailan din mo ang entrance exam .. thank you po

  3. Hi May, pumunta ka muna sa Perpetual Help and request for your school records (transcript of records, honorable dismissal or certificate of transfer of records, cert of good moral character), kasi usually yan ang mga nire-require ng schools na tatransferan mo, at para makita mo rin kung ano yong grades mo, kung Incomplete o Failed. Maganda ang TUP Manila or other TUP branches, pero hindi sila tumatanggap ng merong Failed grades. Ganon din ang PUP at PLM. Kapag makita mo na ang grades mo, puede ka nang maghanap ng school. Magtanong ka sa Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar Memorial College of Las Piñas about their transfer policies or kung andon ang course na gusto mo.
    I-research mo kung merong branch ang Cavite State University na malapit sa iyo.

  4. Good afternoon po, ask ko lang po kasi last 2016 i was enrolled in Perpetual help University 1st yr BSHRM then second sem nag enroll pa po ako ulit pero di ko na po natapos so probably madami po akong bagsak, ask ko lang po if i will enroll again sa ibang school this yr or next yr will they accept me? If yes po any recomendation po kung saan pwede ako maaccept? Public school po sana around manila.
    Paid ko po tuition ko buong 1st yr sa dati kong school.

  5. Alam niyo po ba how much tuition fee ng feu nrmf for nursing? And kung may choice po ba na magbayad on a monthly basis. Thank you po sa magaanswer ??

  6. uhm is the tuition for med tech in feu legit? others said it’s 60k+ per sem. pls reply asap. thank you

  7. may i know po mga schools na tumatanggap ng hnd k12 graduate this school year po?

    reply po sana asap
    gusto ko na po bumalik sa pag aaral

    maraming salamat po!

  8. may i know po mga schools na tumatanggap ng hnd k12 graduate this school year po?

    reply po sana asap
    gusto ko na po bumalik sa pag aaral

    maraming salamat po!

  9. Hi Alliah, quick reply lang ito ha, kasi I have no time yet to check again the courses offered by TUP Manila. Pero diyan ka magtingin ng course na okay sa iyo at diyan ka mag-apply mag-aral. Although kulang sila sa budget for facilities, okay ang turo at mas affordable ang tuition compared to others.

  10. Hi po. Ask ko lang po sana kung saan magandang pumasok ng industrial engineering sa manila yung kayang kaya Lang po ng budget. Malapit lapit po sa las piñas?

  11. Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 beghb

  12. Pumunta kami ng UP diliman last april 2017, inquire po sana para sad talaga…napag alaman namin na hindi pala sila tumatangap ng senior high na galing ibang school..bkit ganun?panu na lng ung mga mag aaral na gusto nmn makapag enrol sa magandang school na medyo afford nmn ang tuition db? Sana nmn maging open na sa lahat na student ang senior high UP diliman..

  13. Nag-inquire ako sa New Era University very recently lang about sa BS Respiratory Therapy course nila binigay sa akin breakdown ng tuition fee:
    Minor subjects – Php570/unit
    Major subjects – Php1,323/unit
    Laboratory – Php850/unit
    Misc fees nasa Php7,000
    Yan po sinabi sa akin nung secretary nung Dean nila.

  14. May idea po kaya kayo kung how much po ang tuition fee para sa senior high school sa mga listed universities if ever meron po thanks po sa mag bibigay ng info.

  15. Mahal ng mga tuition nag aalangan tuloy ako kung magaaral pa ako????but some day sa LPU or New era ako mag trtry

  16. Mahal ng mga tuition nag aalangan tuloy ako kung magaaral pa ako????but some day sa LPU or New era ako mag trtry

  17. for june next year tatanggap pa kaya ng transferee ang mga schools? or babalik sa k12?

  18. I want to study fine art in feu, pls can u tell me the tution fee and the processes for of admission for a Nigerian students.

  19. Hi Nowell, thanks a lot for your helpful info.

  20. Sa TIP Manila po, 37K including miscellaneous fees. 1k+ kada unit eh. Ang mahal! XD

  21. Mam Nora good day saan po kayo ako pwede magtuloy ng Accountancy Course? Graduate po ako ng BS Accounting Technology.

  22. Hi miss nora, just wondering. does feu has an entrance exam? if yes, when? does the entrance exams for freshmen already stopped? and how much tourism fee cost?

  23. Hi Ms. Nora i am PSY. Let me know that how much we will spend if my brother will be enrolling in FEU under the track of ABM. He plans to take BSBA-Major in Management in Grades 11 & 12?

  24. Hi Alona, I think your son will still take up the regular path to architecture even if he studied under the high school STEM program. FEU tuition fees for architecture per sem: 1st year: 60k per sem; 2nd year: 63k per sem; 3rd year: 60k per sem; 4th year: 71k per sem ; 5th year; 56k per sem. Architecture in FEU is a quota course, meaning your son has to get high scores in his entrance exam.

  25. Gud am po! Ask ko Lang how much will we spend if my son will be enrolling in feu under the track of stem. He plans to take up architecture in college? He’s senior hs po. Ty

  26. Hi po. How much is the tuition fee range for feu tech? Super mahal daw sabi ng iba? Thanks

  27. Hi ish, yes, apply as soon as you get your grades or Transcript of Records from your current school. The FEU department that manages your course will check your subjects and if they match the subjects required for that course at FEU, they will credit your subjects. If you have a description of subjects, bring it. Major subjects usually are not credited. FEU quota courses are accountancy, nursing, architecture, medical technology, and psychology — meaning they have stricter admission requirements for these courses. Ask about your course — the department might accept transferees only during the first semester’s admission period.

  28. Hi ish, yes, apply as soon as you get your grades or Transcript of Records from your current school. The FEU department that manages your course will check your subjects and if they match the subjects required for that course at FEU, they will credit your subjects. If you have a description of subjects, bring it. Major subjects usually are not credited. FEU quota courses are accountancy, nursing, architecture, medical technology, and psychology — meaning they have stricter admission requirements for these courses.

  29. Hello po wanna ask if I’ll be able to transfer to feu if ever. im planning to transfer there 2nd yr 2nd sem po. Will my subjects be credited? Thanks

  30. May k12 n po ba ngeon 2nd semester

  31. Hi Che, sorry there are no universities offering all-night classes. But many universities offer class schedules up to 10:30 pm; some up to 9:30 pm. Enroll early so you can choose evening classes. God bless too

  32. Good day, Hi poh Ms. Nora, is there a university that offers night classes particularly in manila. thank you poh. Hoping for your response. Godbless.

  33. elizabeth l. esguerra

    hi po ask ko lang po f ready for senior high school na po ang FEU diliman or k-12 ready na po? and what range po kaya and tuition for grade 11 for sy 2015-2016

  34. elizabeth l. esguerra

    hi po ask ko lang po f meron na senior high school sa FEU diliman? and nasa magkano kaya ang range ng tuition for grade 11 to 12 nahirapan na po kc mag hanap ng school para sa anak ko na grade 10 na po ngayon. please need ko po ng sagot. salamat po!

  35. Hi Carren, sorry I’m not sure about a second degree, as slots are reserved for freshmen and transferees. You can try though. What I know is you can study again there if you’re taking up a masteral degree.

  36. Hi I would like to ask if PUP will accept enrollees for BSIT course for 2nd degree? I am a graduate of this school for BSAccountancy course but I would also like to study IT. thanks.

  37. Hi po Ma’am Nora, I just wanna asked po if you have already the updated per unit fee in FEU? I learned that the tuition fee in FEU was already hiked. Thanks for the response.

  38. Hi Regine, check if you are in the waiting list. You can also study at another school for your freshman year, complete your course units, get high grades, at least 1.5 or 2.0, depending on the course, then apply for transfer to UP. Get more info at It might be easier to transfer to other UP locations other than UP Diliman.

  39. Hi po, do u have any idea how much tuition fee sa NU for high school? Hope to hear from you… Thanks.

  40. Hi po good morning. if ever I don’t pass the UP exam, is there no other way to study at UP?

  41. Hi luke, I think so, as long as there are still slots for Advertising Arts. Go to the department covering Advertising Arts asap and ask, as they have additional requirements. You might have to take an additional exam to test your aptitude and skills for Advertising Arts.

  42. hi po. What if the course that you chose when you took the entrance exam at feu was computer science? then later on you decide to to take up advertising arts? is that allowed? please reply. 🙂

  43. hi po Ma’am Nora, ask ko lang po if kailangan po bang magtake ng exam ang mga tranferee kung lilipat po sa RTU? or direct na po interview… I am a scholar sa university po na last ko pong inattendan and I think ok naman po ung academic standing ko, nagkaroon lng po kasi ng personal problem so mejo napabayaan po ang studies last sem, i got an average og 1.88 and nakita ko po na 2.0 ang dapat average sa RTu so pasok po, the thing is, inaalala ko lng po kung pwede po kaya akong makapasok sa RTU, desidido naman po akong makapasok and I am willing to do anything to my extent… salamat po sa magiging comment niyo po… 🙂

  44. Hi Jose, I’ll respond to you again later. You know, there are a lot of people whose problems are much worse than yours. And your problem has a solution. So learn to be positive and be hopeful. And be grateful that your problem is much easier and much lighter than many other people’s problems. Is your problem heavier than those of persons who have illnesses that need expensive treatments, or who have lost hard-earned money in scams or bad investments, whose marriages or families are broken, who are in prison for wrong accusations? So so so sleepy, I’ve worked overnight, have to sleep a little. napansin ko lang kc yong “depressed”. will be back

  45. Pol.Scie. Po ako ngayon.. Balak ko pong mag Comscie. Com.Tech. Kung my mcrecredit po

  46. Hi ma’am nora ask ko lng po kung makakapag transfer po ako sa earist or madali lng po mag transfer at kung macrecredit yung subj. Syang po ksi 2 years.. Meron po ako failed subj. Pero ibang course na po kukunin ko.. Posible po ba na makakapag transfer ako? .At kung my exam yung transfer. Nila? Thank you po .. Need some ans.. Depress. na depressed na po ako.. Lakina ng problem ko

  47. Wenifreda T. Oclinaria

    How about foreign students? Are they paying the same school fees /tuition fees or are there any other fees that they pay aside from the regular tuition fees for a particular course/program? Thanks.

  48. Hi Angie, the more affordable schools are of course the state schools. Check this list:

  49. Hi po. Ask ko lang po kung saan mganda magaral ng bs in accountancy..?? Ung affordable po ung tuition fee and maganda po yung turo.??graduating po kasi ako ngayong taon eh.tska po pala may private schools po ba na nag ooffer ng 50%within metro manila lng po. Thanks po and godbless… 🙂

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    just search in google – laranitas free content source

  51. Hi! I passed the UE Entrance Exam. But I don’t know what’s the exact tuition fee for the Com Sci or other computer-related courses. Do you know what’s their tuition? Thanks! 🙂

  52. Good day Miss Nora ask ko lang if may marerecommend kayong school na nag ooffer ng ng xray technicians or related dito yong affordable ang tuition fee. thanks you very much.


  53. hi Ms. Nors ask lang po ako kung pwede kaya yung transferees na 15 units lang yung na take can allow to entering UP thanks po…sana magreply kyo po

  54. Hi what is the current tuition fee for Lyceum 2014? Thanks!

  55. Hi Ms.Nora ask ko lang po san po ba yung school na may trisem at pwedeng 2 araw lang ang pasok ko kasi sobrang nahihirapan ako na pagsabayin ang pag aaral at pagtatrabaho ko. 12hrs. po kasi akong nagtatrabaho ask a cctv-operator at the same time office work din po. Sobrang pagod po talaga ako at kulang lagi sa oras ng tulog. hindi din naman po pwedeng mawalang ako ng trabaho dahil ako ang inaasahan samin. salamat po

  56. Hi, thank you for posting this valuable information. Would you know how much the minimum downpayment is for UP? I would greatly appreciate your reply. Thanks!

  57. Hi Regine, I think any school where you can hone your English communication skills will be good. La Salle, St Paul’s, UST. Lyceum also is recommended in forums. And of course, UP and PLM.

  58. Hi Maye, TUP would have been great for you. Sad to say, TUP accepts transferees only to their engineering tech programs. Check this list:
    I saw in the RTU website that they accept transferees. I hope all courses are offered to transferees. God bless too.

  59. Hi Dreamer, new-employee salaries depend on your skills and your employer. CPAs get good salaries after some years. Your preferred courses, which are medical, will help you earn a lot later on. Find better employers as you gain experience.

  60. Hi Dreamer, I’ll email you UST’s tuition fee chart. Please email back after receiving it. Tuition fee per sem for first-year Pharmacy is 58,600; 2nd year, 66,800; 3rd year 50,500; 4th year, 63,900. You can explore Med Tech or Physical Therapy.

  61. Hi Regrets, you still have time. Take a warm bath in the morning. Wear comfortable clothes. Be calm. Focus. Concentrate. Get away from distractions. Pray. Say “From now on, I’ll do my best. If UP is for me, then I’ll pass the exam.”

  62. Hi tita nora, ask ko lang po, meron po ba kau maganda idea na school para magtransfer ng BS ARCH. Affordable but quality education. Nag aaral po ako ngaun sa TIP MANILA. Ng BS ARCH. Sadly po, hindi po maganda ang turo, kasi po walang nagtuturo. Lagi po absent and late. Madalas po ngpapa attendance lang. Kaya po naisip ko po magtransfer. Nanghihinayang po ako sa tuition na binabayad. 2nd year student po ako. Balak ko po magtransfer sa RTU. Tumatanggap po kaya sila ng transferee?

    God bless.

  63. Hello po 🙂 Itatanong ko lang po sana kung saan po magandang mag-aral ng BS Tourism Management? 1st year College na po kase ako ngayon sa STI kaso po parang gusto ko pong lumipat. Tnx po.

  64. Huhuhu. August 17! 12:30 pm. My schedule in UPCAT Entrance Exam. I wasted so many time. Instead of studying I keep on watching movies and surfing the net thenI realized that I only have almost 3 weeks left to study. I really regret it. The clock is ticking real quick. I’m aiming for UP huhu Is it possible for me to pass it? I reviewed in 2 entrance exam last summer though. Im now cramming. I really hate procrastinating.

  65. I also want to ask kung what courses are currently in demand and has a high salary.

  66. Hi po. I would like to ask kung magkano aabutin ng UST Pharma in just 1 year? Hoping for your reply thanks! And what other medical courses would you like to recommend. Im still undecisive on which medicinal course to take up.

  67. hello po ! i’m arra mae. saan po bang university magndang mag aral ng BS Commerce major banking and finance ..yung di kamahalan ang tuition .. gusto ko po tlaga makatapos .

  68. hi nora my name is cathy bigyan mo nmn aqko ng advice kung ano ba ang dapat ko gawin may anak ako 3 gusto mkatapos ng pagaaral ko sa kolehiyo planong ko kunin “PT OR NURSING”kaso wl ako pera pangaaral sa sarili ko kc may estudyante dn ako,plano ko sna sa mga state college or university na lng magaral ano ba ang school na tatanggap sa akn pasok pa ba ako sa state college or university kc 4oyears old na ako,please give me some advice about my confusing thoughts,thanks and god bless you,,

  69. hello,you can call me “cathy”gusto ko bigyan mo aq ng advice kung ano ba ang dapat ko gawin gusto ko magaral ng “physical theraphy or nursing”ang edad ko 40years old na ako ano ba ang school na tatangap sa akn sa public at may mga anak dn ako kya nghahanap ako ng murang schl na may quality at kilala dn sa mga kurso na kukunin ko.tatanggapin pa ba ako sa state college o hindi, please give me a good advice para maging reference ko sa desisyon ko sa life ko,thanks and god bless you…

  70. Hi maki, comp engg is a good course, especially if you’re really into computer tech. Study well; supplement your studies with online studies. You’ll be able to get a job, as long as you’re determined. You can browse, to see the current job market.

  71. hi po ms nora,,
    im 2nd yr comp engg student ngaun,, plan ko po kc maglipat(same course) ng skul nxt skol yr for some reasons, ,mahihirapan po ba aku makahanap ng trabaho after grad?? (im asking po para po mapaghandaan at makadecide ng maaga ),,
    ..maraming salamat po 🙂

  72. Hi Lyza, do you mean Jose Rizal University? JRU is a private school, so it’s very likely that it’s accepting second coursers.

  73. Hello po Ma’am Nora ask ko lang po tumatanggap po ba ang JRU ng second courser ?

  74. hi. NORA
    My son study. In dentistry in manil. He is in propel in clinic
    How much is tuition ? He is fifth year?


  75. Hi Kath, most basic first-year or 2nd-year subjects like English will be credited. The department will interview you about the contents of certain subjects before they’re credited. Some schools ask you to submit a written description of all subjects that you’ve taken. If your 2nd course is accounting or a course that requires a board exam, some schools require that you take all your subjects with them.

  76. Hello Ma’am paano po yung mga second courses na ang kukunin ? maccredit po ba yung mga subjects ko dun sa bagong course . o nagsstart po ulit ako mula first year ?

  77. hi i am ghanaian a high school graduate i will like to be offered admission in feu to study med tech as my pre med course before i further to study MD. i will like to know the requirements for admission in feu and the Fee structure of each semester for feu.thanks and hope to receive your reply soon.

  78. Hi Marites, you know of course na mahirap ding maghanap ng affordable na quality school. LPU has a hotel for HRM students. Among more affordable schools are University of Manila, RTU and PCU. If you like, you can ask your son to go with you to EARIST Nagtahan (HRM is offered here), so he can see that there are young people diligently studying at cheaper schools, hoping he’ll feel how lucky he is that he can afford to study at private schools with better facilities, and hoping he’ll focus on studies this time.

  79. Hi, my son studied in UsT for 1 yr and transferred to Trinity of computer science , apparently d sya nakatapos because of his barkada.and his not that interested in his course .He’s asking me to study again maybe HRM or Tourism. What do you think yung magandang turo para d na to mabarkada uli and affordable tuition in Manila .ty

  80. Hi makies, depende ang future earnings mo sa work mo or business mo. Evaluate your skills and passion so you can choose. Pag med tech, usually sa hospital or medical/research/health facility ka magwo-work. Pag pharmacist, puede kang mag-bisnis o mag-manage ng generic pharmacy. Both of these require licensure exams, so choose one wherein you know you can excel.

  81. hi ms nors, anu po ba sa tingin nio yung mas maganda bs pharmacy or bs med tech??.. and san po ba yung mas mataas yung salary???

  82. I am quite discouraged that most schools do not entertain students who are willing to finish college but is not a resident in that certain place.Is it really a requirement?Oh come on people!

  83. Hello po. Saan po ba maganda kumuha ng Medtech course? Yung within Manila lang po.

  84. Hi iamrafa, depends on the school and the course. If your course is not accounting or nursing or medical technology, many of your subjects will be credited. For some schools, they want you to take all their subjects with them if you’re taking accounting and other courses with licensure exams. But there are schools that are more considerate with transferees.

  85. good am po maam nors ask ko lang po sana kung magtransfer po ako sa manila possible po ba na may macredit sa mga subjects ko from my old school?sayang po kasi ung 42 units na natake kuna po. thank you po. Godbless mam nors.

  86. Hi po maam gusto ko po mag aral ng BSIT O BSA sa PUP
    kasi mura lang..naghanap ako ng work para makapag ipon kasi wala na po akong mga magulang eh pero gusto ko pong mag aral para sa kinabukasan dream ko po sana sa UP pero pwede ko po bang makamit yun?thank you maam mag 1st year transferee pa lang po kasi ako eh taga las pinas po ako.. i need advice to lighten up my mind…

  87. HI! I was wondering if alam niyo po ang tuition and fees ang CEU Manila ng Proper Dentistry? Hindi po kasi ako taga Manila. Taga Iloilo po ako so plano ko po sanang mag proper dyan. Wala talaga akong ideya kung mag kano. Maraming Salamat po! God Bless:)

  88. Hi Maya, mahirap ding umasa na maging student assistant, kasi ang dami ring nag-a-apply na dati nang student. I think it’s better if you study at a state university or your city’s or regional/provincial university so you can focus on your studies. Check if PNU , TUP, RTU or EARIST are still open.
    Puede ka ring young businesswoman — sell cellphone loads, or observe what your classmates want/need and do buy-and-sell. Magkakapera ka na, magiging popular ka pa.

  89. Hi Ms. Nors! It’s me again. 🙂 do you know any universities that have Student Assistance Program? Gusto ko sana maging working student at the same time studying na din sa school na alam kong makakatulong sa akin sa future.. Financially in need po kasi baka magstop ako pag hindi po ako makapag isip ng paraan. Text me for further info you want to know Ma’am 09213377956. Please help me! Thank you very much!! I owe this blog alot! 🙂

  90. Hi Arcee, thanks a lot for your willingness to share info.

  91. Hi guys! I am inviting everyone to visit FEU Manila. Quality education + awesome events + great professors. I am a BSBA Internal Auditing student. I would love to further elaborate this program, interested? Message me! 09437009090 thanks!

  92. good day po..magkanu po kaya ang tuition fee ng bsED sa NEW ERA UNIVERSITY? wala po kc nakalagay na info about tuition fees sa website nila…tnxs po sana po masagot…

  93. Hi Eya, you must be a Manila resident because you were eligible to take the PLM exam. That means you’re eligible for admission at Universidad de Manila — I’m not sure though if they’re strict with their rule that applicants must be grads of public high schools. Siguro naman, ok ang turo dito because it had a high rating in the Mar 2014 electronics engineering exam, although medyo malayo ang marketing sa engineering. Kung puede ka sa ibang course, tingnan mo rin ang TUP kung okay pa sa iyo yong mga open pang courses — last exam is Apr 27. RTU in Mandaluyong is also a state school. Explore mo rin ang EARIST. Don’t stay discouraged. Ok lang ma-down, but don’t stay there down, get up and find your school. Merong purposes/reasons kung bakit hindi ka nakapasok sa PLM or PUP — one is to make you stronger to find success in another school. God bless

  94. Hi dominic, glad to hear from you. thanks a lot.

  95. Hi po maam , kakagrduate ko lang pong 4th year HS , suggest naman po kayo kung saan ako pwede mag aaral sa BSBA major in Marketing kong course , unlucky po kase ako sa Plm at Pup at yun lang po ung natesan ko , ano pa po bang school ang masusuggest nyo na may mababang tuition at may magandang quality ng pagtuturo para po ako ay madaling makahanap ng trabaho pagka graduate ? Hanggang ngyon kc po wala pa akong school at nanlulumo po ako kapag naiisip ko un 🙁 . Yun lang po Thank you po sa mga informasyon. Godbless po:”) and have a Good day <3

  96. Hi,

    About FEU’s Biology Program..

    Tuition and Fees for incoming freshmen (AY 2014-2015) is P48,978.00 (25 units)

    It’s a level III accredited program by PAASCU..

  97. Hi Charence, pareho lang siguro ang FEU at CEU in terms of quality. Known ang CEU for dentistry at ang FEU naman ay sa medical technology. Around 40k or above ang tuition fee per sem nila; although higher pa palagay ko ang CEU. Tingnan mo itong schools dito: Would you like to consider Fatima or MCU?

  98. Charence Kate Pulido

    Hello, ano po ba ang mas maganda ang edu for BS Bio, sa FEU po ba or CEU. At talaga namang reasonable ang tuition fee.
    Hindi ako nakatake sa UP and sadly hindi ko naipasa ang USTet. Hindi namin ang dslu or ateneo. May iba pa bang magandang school esp. their edu in Bs Bio?

  99. Charence Kate Pulido

    Hi, im Charence. Hindi po ako makapagdecide ng school for my pre med. (bs bio) plano ko pong maging doctor and bs bio is my choice for my premed. [hindi ako nakapagtest ng UP, kase late ko na nalaman] I took the ustet, sadly hindi ako nakapasa. I also took CEU test. I passed naman po, pero nagdadalawang isip ako, dahil sa FEU. Magtetest palang ako next week. (Kung pasado ako, since im capable of having good grades naman) Ang problema ko po, ano kayang mag ok yung education between these 2 schools? CEU or FEU and the tution fees po. Any other schools na maganda ang edu sa bs bio?

  100. Hi Vanessa, based sa mga online comments, okay ang HRM sa Lyceum of the Phils Manila, partly because they own a nearby hotel for training HRM students. View the websites of schools in Manila so you can choose. Among the private schools, baka University of Manila ang most affordable. Consider also travel time from where you’re staying, kasi super-traffic dito.

  101. Vanessa Rose Detomal

    Hello po goodmorning 🙂 ako si vanessa from st. paul university tuguegarao city cagayan. balak po kasi ng mama ko na itransfer ako dito sa manila. bale,PANG 3RD YEAR collage napo ako this coming june with the course of BSHRTM-Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Tourism Management.wala po kasi akong kaalam alam sa mga diff. schools dito sa manila ask kolang po sana kung saan ang school pwede ang course ko w/affordable tuition fees and siguradong matututukan kapo 🙂 Sana po masagot nyo katanungan ko :0 M,ARAMING SALAMAT PO :_)GODBLESS

  102. Hi maleoza, please call TIP: 733-9117 / 733-9142 or email

  103. maleoza jane moredo

    magkano po ang tuition fee per semester sa TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF THE PHILLIPINES kung ang course po ay education?thanks po pakitext na lang po sa # ko 09394520896 as soon as you read this po big thanks

  104. Hi Rose, good choice ang CEU Makati, malapit pa sa inyo. Mataas ang MedTech passing rates ng CEU Makati: Mar 2012 – 83.33% (10 passers/12 examinees); Aug 2013 – 84.38% (27/32); Mar 2013 100.00% (11/11). Sorry I’m not sure now about their minimum downpayment; maybe 5k to 8k. Nasa Gil Puyat campus yong Med Tech nila. Near Makati Post Office Buendia. Puedeng any EDSA bus, then get off Mantrade/Magallanes, walk towards Pasong Tamo Extension to ride a Pasong Tamo/Chino Roces jeep to Buendia or Gil Puyat. If Bicutan East kayo, palagay ko merong mga jeep diyan to Mantrade. Puede ring Lawton bus, then get off Delarosa, then Buendia jeep. Meron na rin daw Executive train yong PNR; ganda rin as an option; check the schedule. Baka puede kang mag-share ng tuition fees later on to help others too. Thank you and God bless too.

  105. Hi i’mL, ang main TIP ay TIP Manila. Sa Manila nagsimula ang TIP.

  106. Hi po. I’m planning to enroll my daughter at ceu makati as a medtech student. How is their mode of payment please on cash and installment basis. And if from bicutan, how can it be accessed. Lastly, does the school’s medtech curriculum / passing rate is good?…Thank u so much and God bless…

  107. hi po,, san po ba yung main ng TIP?
    sa TIP manila po ba o sa TIP qc??
    TY po

  108. Hi I’mL, less than 30k pa siguro ang per sem ng TIP. Puede ka ring magtanong about their scholarship programs. Sa March 2014 electronics eng board exam, ito ang some of the results:
    34 passers/84 examinees = 40.48% TUP
    11/31 = 35.48% TIP QC
    7/34 = 20.59% TIP Manila
    Since computers use electronics, puede siguro nating gawing basis yang results. But kahit saang skul ka mapadpad, supplement your campus studies with self-learning through the Internet, and you will succeed.

  109. Hi po, tanong ko lang po kung saang school ang affordable pero may mgandang quality for hrm students? yung around mga 25k ang tuition fee? manila areas lang po. thnak youu

  110. Thank you po ms nora,,,
    how about po sa TIP manila yung computer eng’g. nila maganda po ba?? still 22k per sem parin po ba ngaun yung tuition fee o tumaas na po?? and nabasa ko rin po kc na level 3 na yung PACUCOA Accredited nila sa computer eng’g.. .anu po say nio about TIP. .. TY po ulit 🙂

  111. Hi imL, ang pag-credit ng subjects taken, depende sa school. Some are credited; some are not. I-evaluate nila ang subjects; usually they ask you to describe certain subjects. Mas okay ang performance ng UE sa electronics engineering board exam, so mas okay siguro ang UE sa comp eng. Am not sure now, pero puedeng pareho silang 30 to 35 plus per sem.

  112. Hi po, san po ba masmagandang school for computer engineering? UE manila, UE caloocan and LPU manila?? and nacrecredit po ba yung mga dating grade?? im planning to transfer kc.. and magkanu po yung tuition fee???
    thank you po and God bless..

  113. Hi lookingforsomethingbetter, EARIST at University of Manila lang ang makita kong medyo affordable, pero wala silang Tourism; meron silang HRM. Try transferring to PUP San Juan kasi mataas naman ang average mo; hindi ko lang sure kung puedeng transfer and at the same time shift to HRM. God bless din.

  114. Hi cassandra, oo madali lang ang mga exams ng mga schools, kakayanin mo. Basta review your basic Math and English, pray, relax and focus. TUP ang the best diyan sa mga sinabi mo, financial-wise and quality-wise. So yan ang pag-igihan mong pasukan. Private naman ang UM, so open pa yan. About TIP, yes, merong mga exemptions ang TIP. Yes, okay ang EARIST, affordable pa. God bless din.

  115. lookingforsomethingbetter

    hi po maam nora, I’m taking up BS Tourism Management po dito sa Province namin sa Pampanga, kaso gusto kupo magtransfer sa manila kasi po medyo magulo po sa school na pinapasukan ko.ang problema kupo wala po ako mahanap na Tourism school na mura po ung tuition fee hindi po kasi afford ng parents ko ung mahal na tuition. matataas naman po ung grades ko, 1.25 po gen.average ko nung last semester. possible po kaya na makahanap ako ng school na mura at pwede po ako makapagtransfer. thank you po and God Bless.

  116. Hi Maya, yes, with a financial management degree, you can apply for jobs in non-bank companies. Not all new financial management employees get big salaries; salary depends on experience, communication skills and other traits. Develop communication skills — these will greatly help you in your job hunting. While you’re studying, think also of a small business that you can start with a small capital. Buy and sell. Or develop a product and sell.

  117. Hi po. ask ko lang po (1) kung madali lang ba makapasa sa exam ng TUP? (2) Magkano po tuition sa TIP? Totoo po bang di na kelangan magtake ng entrance exam kapag higher than 80% GWA mo? (3) open pa po ba ang admission sa UM? Madali lang din po ba dun pumasa? (4) Maganda po ba quality ng education sa EARIST kung Business Ad or IT/Computer Science ang course? Salamat po! God bless! 🙂

  118. Ang Financial Management po ba kahit hindi sa bangko magtrabaho? I mean pwede kaya po ako makapagtrabaho sa mga companies? With big salary? Kung hindi man po, anong pwedeng business course po para saakin? Ang pagpili ko po kasi ng course ay binabase ko po sa salary and hindi sa demand or dahil sikat na course sya.. Kasi gusto ko po talaga umasenso dahil sa napagdadaanan namin ngayon.. Hindi ko po kasi kaya ang mga Engineering courses okaya accountacy na alam kong sureball na malaki talaga ang magiging salary non.. So I wonder what business course ang makapag-aasesnso saakin. Maraming salamat po talaga sa blog na ito!! 🙂

  119. Hi Rowell, sana kung nakapag-drop ka noon, baka may narefund ka pa. Hindi ko alam kung anong policy ng school ninyo, pero puede kang sumulat sa dean nio or department head nio para ma-drop ang mga subjects mo, para hindi Failed ang grade mo kundi Dropped. I-explain mo ang diagnosis ng mother mo na nakapagpagulo sa isip mo. Submit in person para makausap mo rin ang dean or department head. Try mo rin kausapin yong finance head ng school about your down payment and your situation, baka magawan nila ng paraan at meron kang marefund. Be strong. And pray for healing and guidance.

  120. Maam/Sir, Balak ko po sana mag balik aral,kaso po nagdown po ako ng 15k sa school na dati kong pinasukan 30k per sem po ang tuition dun,yun nga lang po yung nadiagnose po nanay ko sa ovarian cancer mga 7days lng po tumugil na ako sa pagpasok dahil po sa financial, di po ako nakapagdrop sa school dahil magulo na po isip ko nun trabaho na lang po agad inatupag ko. Kaso alam ko po,di ako makakakuha ng honorable dismissal pati TOR ko dahil may utang po ako na 15k pa sa kanila eh 7days lng po ako pumasok.Obligado parin po ba akong bayaran yung 1sem ko kahit 7days lang po ako pumasok?panu po gagawin ko?help naman po sa inyo..

  121. Hi Maya, I think Financial Management has a wider scope. In order to manage finance, you need to know economics and marketing. Yes, if you plan to study at Arellano, then study there. Basta you study well, and support your formal schooling with English communication practice, then you will succeed. Ask about scholarships there baka eligible ka.

  122. Hi po Maam, Saan po may mura na magandang BS Physical Therapy, aside po sa PLM at UDM? Thanks po.

  123. Maam, follow-up question lang po.. Which of the two ang better? I mean in the world of Business, ano ang mas malawak na course? Ang gusto ko po kasi yung course na kukunin ko is reliable sa lahat ng field of Business. Like pwede sa bangko, resto, companies, government companies, etc.. Economics? Financial Management? Or Marketing? Sadly ang PNU closed na po.. Ask ko lang if maganda ba ang mga business courses sa Arellano? TIA

  124. Hi pagnes, depende sa availability ng teachers, maraming schools na merong schedules up to 9:30 pm. Try Mapua or TIP or Adamson

  125. Hi Maya, mas known ang Arellano for law. Mas affordable palagay ko ang UM. Try nio rin ang state schools na TUP or PNU.

  126. san ba school meron offer na evening class for engineering course?

  127. Hello Maam! Ask ko lang po if which of the two ang better. Better sa facilities, teachers, students at syempre education. Arellano University or University of Manila? Eto lang po kasi ang kaya ng budget namin.. Waiting for your reply! Thanks in advance!

  128. helo po . ask ko lang kung magkano ang misc. fee sa lyceum of the philippines . Computer engineering po yung course ko , tska bale magkano po lahat ng bbyaran ?thank you po

  129. Hi Thina, application will start probably July 1, 2014, kasi last year, ang start was July 1, 2013. will be back to answer the other Qs

  130. May idea po ba kayo kelan ang admission sa ust for entrance exam for 2015-2016 sy. And ano po requirements and grade na kelangan, Engineering po kasi gusto kunin ng anak ko sa ust po. Salamat po!

  131. Good day everyone. This has been a great help to all. Thanks to the person who posted this. If only I may ask, does anyone here know about Medical school tuition fees? I’m 30 but as they say there’s no age cap in learning (besides that Medicine is my passion). Currently on my 5th year working as a Nurse abroad, I am planning of going home next year and go to a medschool (in contrast to some doctors taking up nursing to go abroad). I would really appreciate if someone could help me on this. I already tried searching a lot of forums and blogs but most answers are for international students (as Philippine Medical Schools are popular options for them due to low cost tuition fees compared in their countries). I am eyeing on state universities on the provinces since I think they cost half less than tuition fees in Manila (Yep, I’m on a tight budget). To not exclude Manila, I am thinking of Manila Central University (one of the oldest Medical Programs in Manila), I heard that the fees there are minimal compared to other NCR Med Schools. Inputs are highly appreciated..
    Thanks a lot..

  132. Hi guys! Call Center agent here and I’m having this thought of pursuing my college education and achieve my fondest dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant! Problem is, 30 y/o na ko and with that probably madiscriminate ako of being an overage undergrad in case subukan kong mag apply ulit sa mga schools here in manila.

    Sa catanduanes state university (in bicol) ako nag take ng BS Accountancy program but due to financial constraint nag stop ako sa pag aaral to look for work and earn a living sa mega manila. Now that I have a steady flow of income, naisipan kong bumalik at tapusin ang kurso ko.

    Can someone help me find a school that accepts BSA transferee with an average GWA of 2.9 – Prospect ko sana NEU sa QC dahil mejo kaya ng budget at malapit sa workplace. Second choice po TIP Manila or MLQU sa quiapo. What do you think guys. Any input from you will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  133. Hi yoojinyahni, merong MassCom sa Lyceum, wala sa Fatima. Ang gawin mo, visit the websites of the schools you’re considering, and then click Academics or Courses or Programs so you can see if they’re offering MassCom. Under College of Arts and Sciences ang MassCom.

  134. Hi Pogs, I usually come upon these as recommended IT schools in forums: College of St Benilde or Asia Pacific College. I think FEU’s IT is general IT while IT at East Asia has specializations, like animation, web application, or digital arts. Ask these schools if they have rules on minimum no. of credits or subjects to take per sem.

  135. ahmm ms.nors tanong ko lang po kung meron po bang mascom sa lyceum or lady of fatima ? ano ano pa po ba ung mga universities na merong mascom course?

  136. Hi. Any good universities you could recommend where I could take BS IT? I’m currently working and I would need a school that would be able to offer me flexible class schedules. Btw is the IT course being offered by FEU the same as that of FEU East Asia College

  137. Hi Maricris, parang inalis na ng UST yong tuition fee pages nila sa website nila. Nagtaas na kasi sila ng tuition fees last year pa. Mas mataas sila sa FEU ng several thousands, so kung 43k to 55k per sem ang BSIT sa FEU, maaaring more or less 50k and up sa UST.

  138. Hi po! Any idea how much tuition fee ng IT sa UST? Tnx

  139. Hi myke, kung yang course ang gusto mo, go. Nagagamit ang basic math sa buhay, so dapat huwag mong katakutan ang basic math. Ang math ay pera, so dapat yakapin mo ang math. All courses have basic math in them.

  140. Maganda po ba ang course na BS CUSTOM ADMINISTRATION ? Paano naman po in terms of difficulties gaano po ba sya kahirap itake? Mahina po kasi ako sa math haha may phobia po ako sa math..:-)

  141. Hi princess, check out the state and city universities in Cavite like Cavite State University. Merong Business Admin sa PUP Maragondon. Meron din sa EAC Cavite. Hindi ko lang sure kung meron silang Financial Mgt na major.

  142. sorry its financial management super gulo na po ng utak ko ,need ko po talaga ng help niyo thanks po

  143. good day..i just want to know kung ano po bang university ang affordable ang tuition fees when it comes to BS business administration major in financial government na located din po sa Cavite…hoping for your suggestion and answer..thanks:)

  144. Hi myke, depende sa sked system ng school at sa makuha mong schedule. Usually kapag maayos ang sked, marami ka nang makuhang subjects kahit morning lang, lalo na kung everyday ka papasok. Siempre i-enroll mo lang yong puede sa sked mo sa morning. Kung kaya mo, everyday ang pasok mo, para mas marami kang subjects na ma-enroll. Merong schools na MWF at TThS ang sked at 1 hour per subject; meron ding 1 1/2 per subject at 2 days a week lang; so kung 4 days ang study days mo, meron kang break na 2 days.

  145. Maraming salamat po mam,.malaking tulong po itong blog site na ginawa ninyo…tanong ko lang po ulit ilang oras po ba ang pasok ng isang college student 5hrs. straight po ba? Kasi po noong nagaaral pa ako ng vocational course whole day po ako na nasa school 7:00am – 5:00pm–pasensya na po madame akong tanong hehe first time ko po kasi magco-college eh ..busy po kasi ako sa work kaya sa mga ganitong blog site ako nagtatanong kasi alam ko na may sasagot..hehe salamat po ulit:)

  146. Hi myke, it’s good that you can go to school in the morning, and not in the evening — you can enroll in more subjects that way. You can also have more school choices, since you can have a school sked in the morning. Try inquiring at RTU Boni or RTU Pasig. About entering college as freshman, it depends on the school where you took your vocational course. Did you submit to them your Form 138? Do you have a Transcript of Records? You can either be a transferee (where some of your subjects can be credited) or a freshman (you will take the entrance exam). Since you don’t have work in the morning, use this to visit colleges/universities near your area, so you can get a feel of the school and get informed about their policies, entrance exam skeds or transfer policies. If you’re near the MRT-2 line, there are many schools along that line — the University Belt schools. You can enroll in these private schools since you can study in the morning and you can get more subjects. Continue to pursue your goals. Keep striving. I applaud you for not accepting the status quo, and that you want to reach a better goal. Keep praying too.

  147. Mam tanong ko lang din po kung freshmen pa rin ba ang admission of entry ko sa college kahit grumaduate na ako ng 2yrs.vocational course? Salamat po

  148. Mam,dito po ako sa mandaluyong nagtatrabaho jru po malapit saken pero di ko po alam kung may panggabi na klase dun …ano po ba ang karaniwang time schedule para sa mga working student? Pwede rin po kasi ako pumasok sa trabaho ko ng 12:30pm-9:30pm dahil nasa loob naman po ng mall yung workplace ko.. kung sa PCU nman po mabilis lang byahe via mrt tapos sakay ng lrt..saan po kaya ako pwede mam sana matulungan nyo po ako makapagdecide pangarap ko po kasi makapagtapos ng pagaaral at magtrabaho sa magandang kompanya…siguro kaya ko naman po pagsabayin ang pagtatrabaho at pagaaral dahil nagawa ko na po yun dati noong nagaaral pa ko ng vocational course..salamat po mam sa pagsagot sa mga katanungan ko malaking tulong na po iyon sa akin

  149. Hi myke, tingnan mo kung anong schools ang malapit sa place of work mo. Mas okay na you choose a school near your work, para paglabas sa work, you just walk to the school. Matrapik kasi yang 6:30 pm. to 7 pm. Sa Mandaluyong ba ang workplace mo? or home address mo? Malapit ka ba sa JRU? PCU ang merong sked for working students, pero medyo malayo sa Mandaluyong.

  150. I’m mhyke.single/ 24yrs.old na po ako graduate po ako ng 2yrs. vocational course at full time ang work ko 9:30am-6:30pm 5yrs. Na po ako sa workk ko as a electronics technician gusto k po makapagtapos ng course para makahanap ng mas magandang kita at trabaho..anong school po ang marerecomend ninyo sa akin na may pang gabi na klase para pagkagaling ko sa work derecho na ko sa school? BSBA MANAGEMENT po ang gusto kong kunin….dito po ako sa mandaluyong..salamat po sa mga sasagot..

  151. Hi!May I know if Accountancy course is ok in FEU?

  152. Hi coreen, puede kang mag-inquire sa mga tri-sem or quarter-sem schools like PWU. Call this school if it’s offering accelerated college courses: St. Dominic Savio College, Block 1 Lot 6 Mountain Heights Subdivision, Quirino Hi-way, Pangarap, Caloocan City, Tel (+632) 961-5497 / (+632) 961-7755 Call also PCU if they have an accelerated program.

  153. Hi,I’m 34 y/o. gusto ko kumuha ng 72units para sa application ko sa canada.yung boss ko binigyan niya lang ako ng limit na from now to next year april para makuha naman po saang school ako pwede.budget ko po 20k to 25k per sem.
    thank you.

  154. Hi kieth, sorry ang alam ko hindi puede. Sa QC ka na lang muna mag-aral at pagbutihin mo ang studies so you can get goot grades, and then apply for transfer to the main campus next school year. Ask others too

  155. Hi tnung kulng kung pwede akong mag take ng entrance exam sa quezon city pup pero s main campus ako papasok sa sta.mesa manila tpus n kc ang pasahan at deadline sa manila??

  156. Hello, i am 44 years old, female, married. I am a graduate of BSBA and MBA already. And I wish to pursue another field/course and enroll in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and I wish to begin in the SY 2014-2015 and ultimately to be a future Civil Engineer. This is inline with the family business i am in. Can you please help me research and give me an idea what are the universities in Manila that has a good training and has plenty of second-courser students enrolled in the College of civil engineering and please include the requirements and schedules of requirements if possible. Thank you for your help.

  157. Hi emps, sorry I don’t know if San Beda allows only 9 units per sem, especially for Accountancy which has a licensure exam. Many schools have stricter requirements for their accounting programs because they’re conscious of their PRC passing rates. It’s better if you call or visit San Beda.

  158. Hi po. Advice naman po. I’m a graduating student .Bali plan ko po eh 1year muna work to save money for my second course (accountancy). My question is San beda accepting working student? And earn kahit 9 units (2-3subjects) I think per semester? Balita ko kasi maganda ang accountancy dun lalot laging nasa top Sila pag dating sa boardexam. Then magkano po kaya tuition if units earner Lang. Thanks

  159. Hi Aira, walang Nutrition sa FEU course list. Ang good schools for Nutrition based on PRC results are (not in order):
    UST, CEU Manila, Manila Tytana Colleges, PNU, PUP QC and Manila, St. Scholastica, UE Manila, UP Diliman and UP Los Banos

  160. Hi Annlaizza, ang alam ko 2 sems per year din sa FEU Silang, kasi ang FEU Manila ay 2 sems per year. Ang trisem ay yong FEU-EAC

  161. Hi po . ask ko lang po kung tri-sem din po ba sa FEU-SILANG?

  162. Hello, Ask ko lang po kung magkano nutrition sa feu? and sa iba pa. Thankyou po!

  163. Hi, I would like to recommend this creative writing for kids course. I sent my child to their program (, and he has benefited a lot in learning how to put basic ideas into writing.

  164. Hi Jenny, you need to call the accounting departments of schools where you like to study because many schools are strict about their accounting student admission because they are conscious of their CPA passing rate. They require that accounting students start their freshmen year with them. Try PSBA or TIP.

  165. hi po..tatanong ko lang kung pwede ako mgtake ng 5th year Accountancy khit may naiwan po akong subject sa previous school ko..4th year na po kc ako kaso po may 2 accounting subject po ako na naiwan ..gusto ko po sana mg5th year in just 1yr.thanks

  166. hi mrs nors ask ko lang po pede po ba mag register sa santa rosa pup?e naka registered na po ako now d2 sa san pedro ok lang po ba na mag take din ako ng entrance exam sa PUP santa rosa at PUP san pedro just in case lang po na d ako maka pasa d2 sa san pedro, d po ba mag complict yng unang registration ko?

  167. Goodmorning po! ano pong pwedeng school para sakin kasi ang generalAverage ko ay 83% ang kukunin ko pong course ay (BSIT).

  168. Ma’am nors magtatanung lang po may reconsideration po ba sa pup? I really need to study there because it offers high qualty of education but low tuttion fee. I’m not pretty sure that I can passed it. Kasi almost 50k ang nagtake ng exam and almost 10k lang ang nakuha. And unfortunately I am one of the 40 k. Pls need help.

  169. Helo Every one, pwede magtanung kng san pwedeng or shall i say, kng saan magandang mag aral ng MEDECINE, MASSCOM or LAW.??Sa manila po.. nagpipili pa kasi ako kng anong magandang atake na cuorse ehh.. Comment naman po yung mga may Experience na dyan pra hndi ako mhirapang mamaili.. Thanks.. 🙂

  170. Hi shaine, try PUP QC (but no CE, there’s IT); or PUP Manila — tuition at PUP is less than 1k per sem.
    Or TUP Manila; tuition is 8k to 10k per sem. There’s New Era University; tuition here is more affordable than in other private schools.

  171. only in this school yr.2014-2015…and how much is the tuition fee in civil engineering? thank you.

  172. thanks tita nors.. how about on the other school? nearby Q.C.

  173. Hi shaine, the UPCAT for the 2014-2015 school year was held last August. If you will apply for the 2015-2016 school year, apply between Feb and June 2014.

  174. good’eve. tita nors can i ask question? when would be the entrance exam of freshman in up?..hope you’ll answer it.thank you.

  175. Hi kreme, the first 2 USTET exams for the 2014-2015 school year were already held. The last would be on Dec 1, 2013 so apply asap.
    The Ateneo entrance exam was held last Sep 21 and 22.

  176. good evening po…
    im arriane 16yrs.old …4th yr. high school… mg-ttanong po sana ako kung saang school po may offered na bs pharmacy course in Q.C. yung may pinaka mbabang tuition fee lang po…. thank you po…. godbless.

  177. Hi po mrs. nors. ganun din po ba ang UST? open entrance exam? til May 2014? how about ateneo de manila? Thanks 🙂 GB.

  178. Hi Dominic, thanks for coming back to comment. Always a pleasure to read your comments and info sharing. Have another great week!

  179. Regarding Transferee Admission in FEU

    -Only General Education/ Minor courses will be credited.
    -Major courses will not be credited.
    -Only a maximum of 25% of the total number of units of a specific degree program can be credited for the transferee.
    -Only creditable courses with grades of at least 2.25/ 82/ 2.5(C+) or higher can be credited.
    -Transferees who have failed more than 25% of their previous courses will be advised to go back to zero.
    -PE and NSTP are automatically credited as long as they have a passing grade.

    (BS Nursing will not admit second coursers.)

    Tuition Fees as of 2nd Sem of AY 13-14(Estimated)

    1ST YEAR – P58,319.00
    2ND YEAR – P71,079.00
    3RD YEAR – P49,371.00
    4TH YEAR – P79,331.00

  180. Hi Carla, depende sa course description ng university. Pero usually, kung voice, naka-focus na sa voice, at side subjects na lang ang mga instruments. Ganon din pag instrument, merong focus, like piano or violin or yong more general na stringed instruments. Read up on the course descriptions on the schools’ websites.

  181. Mrs.nors eh young bs in coversation in music lahat na po ba yun nandun na po yung voice. And mqa instrument po ?

  182. Hi Jenifer, almost all universities accept transferees for the 2nd sem, especially private schools; more students, more money. There are college departments though that don’t accept transferees for the second sem, like accounting, nursing, architecture, etc.
    Some state schools have certain grade and course requirements before you can transfer. Visit the websites of the schools you’re planning to enroll in.

  183. Jenifer Managuelod

    hi, just want to ask what college university accepting transferee for 2nd sem? your answer will be a big help… thanks… god bless

  184. Hi carla, kung voice ang gusto mong major, dapat makapasa ka sa audition nila, kasi bukod sa entrance exam, meron pang department exam na ibibigay ng music department. They might ask you to sing your audition piece or sign-read a music piece. Pag musical instrument naman ang focus mo, dapat meron ka nang alam sa instrument na yan at hilig mo na talaga. Different schools have different admission policies, so i-research mo yong websites ng schools ng gusto mo at puntahan mo yong admission rules for their music department. Marami ring threads sa Internet — try googling “enroll music course philippines” or enroll conservatory ust” etc

  185. Hi Kreme, call NU 749 8153. Usually naman, open ang entrance exams ng many private universities up to May 2014. Puede kang magtanong sa Facebook page nila

  186. mrs nors tanung ko lang po kung nag course ka po ng musicology dapat po ba na magaling ka mag giatara mag piano etc… eh panu po hilig mo po kasi kumanta mahilig ka sa music pwede po ba yun ? at pwede ka po ba makapasok ? kaya po gusto ko puimasok kasi gus2 ko po kasi ma22 pwede po ba yun ? sakaling makapasok ako?

  187. Hi, i just want to ask if when will be the entrance exam for National University for school year 2014-15? And how can i get admission form? Thanks. This would be a great help. God bless.

  188. Hi Sheh, any of those 3 schools you mentioned is good. Success will depend more on you. My niece studied nursing at Trinity (which I think charges the least tuition among those 3), and she was able to pass the NCLEX and work in the U.S. Check your travel time and costs. Pasyalan mo ang campus. Ask your parents and other people. Yes, Trinity accepts irregular students. My niece transfered there from another school. Not sure about FEU and CEU, but I think so. At FEU, nursing freshmen should start in the first semester.

  189. Hi, In your opinion po saan mas maganda mag-aral ng BS in Nursing? Sa Far Eastern University o Centro Escolar University? Tsaka maganda din po ba sa Trinity University of Asia? Sabi kasi sakin na kahit 85 lang yung average mo nung high school tsaka basta wala ka lang disciplinary problem eh bibigyan ka ng scholarship. Parang ang baba naman ata nung requirement nila dun? Tsaka huling question na po tumatanggap ba yang tatlo ng Irregular student kasi po hindi ako nakapag-aral ng first semester dahil pumunta ako sa ibang bansa.

  190. Hi jhen, wala pa silang sked kung kelan ang start ng online application for the PUPCET. From time to time, check nio dito:

  191. hi MRs, nors ask ko lang po
    panu po malalaman kung kelan entrance exam
    ng pUp san pedro at PuP sta,rosa

  192. Hi Mercy, please call CEU for updated rates. 735-6860

  193. Good evening po.. I just want to know po if how much yung tuition fee ng political science ng ceu makati? Thanks

  194. Grabe. 🙁 Dream university ko yung UST pero sobrang mahal naman. I was planning to take my AB Journalism course at UE. Kaso mahal din pala. Wala po ba kayong updated list ng tuitions? 🙂

  195. Hi Rhuie, UP of course. Pero kung di puede sa UP, TUP Manila is good; around 10k lang ang tuition per sem. Keep pursuing your goal.

  196. Hi,anung skul ung affordable and best in BS.Architeture.

    Thank you very much.


  197. Hi thess, I applaud you for thinking about pursuing your interest in the fine arts and in teaching children. I don’t know if you can complete a fine arts course in 2 years, while working and managing your family, but you can achieve your dream with determination and patience. Marketing and Fine Arts are not very similar, so not many of your subjects already taken will be credited for your Fine Arts course. I checked PNU, as its tuition is affordable, but it does not offer Fine Arts Education. You can check its courses though; you might reconsider: . You might also like to check out EARIST; it has short courses, associate and undergraduate courses in fine arts, some sort of ladderized — a good way to test the waters while you’re making choices. Pursue your dream. Best regards.

  198. Hi po! pero confuse lang po ako if what course ang kukunin ko, Can I ask for suggestion? Im working, married and I want to study or mag master about fine arts. Im graduated BSC Marketing. Pero gusto ko talaga ituloy ang interest ko at gusto ko i master about fine arts. And gusto ko din po, maishare sa mga kids and sa iba ring kagaya ko na interested about arts(like drawing, painting, design, etc..)I mean gusto ko magturo about Arts. pwede po ba yun? from commerce mag aaral ako fine arts? may macecredit po ba mga units sa dati ko course? pwede ko kaya matapos ng less than 2 years ang pag fine arts course ko? dahil nakataos nanaman ako ng 4 year course? Which better course for me,Bachelor of Fine arts or fine arts education? I realy love drawing and designs…Pero need ko din po budgeted tuition fees,beacouse me and my husband are both working for our family, we both ordinary employee in company, I need to explore for the future of my kids. Hope for your prompt reply on my comment. thank you…

  199. Hi Jennylen, pilitin mong makapasok sa PUP. About 1k per sem lang. Maganda ang PUP Manila, kasi mas malaki ang campus at population, pero maganda rin ang PUP San Pedro, para makatipid sa transpo, food and time. Puede rin ang TUP, pero about 10k per sem. Other affordable schools are EARIST sa Nagtahan or RTU sa Boni Mandaluyong. Mag-aral para hindi mag-fail. At isipin mo palagi na mag-succeed ka, para mahila mo ang sarili mo na mag-succeed.

  200. hi mam nors im graduating this year ano po bang magandang kuwaing course kung computer engeneering , computer science or BSIT at Saan po ba pwedeng skul na dapat pasukan. Na mura Lang po .. At ano po pwedeng Gawin pag bumagsak po Ako ? . Taga San pedro po ako mahirap Lang po kasi kami .

  201. fictional character

    Hi, Mrs. Nors, thanks for the reply. Susubukan ko po 🙂 Take care!

  202. Hi fictional character, PNU requires that all your 4th year high school grades should be at least 80%, so I’m not sure if they accept transferees with an F grade. You can visit PNU and ask. They require transcript of Records and Honorable Dismissal. Parang mga government schools lang ang lower than 15k ang tuition. Yong University of Manila, baka affordable pa rin ang tuition. Kung 1 year ang ban, baka puede na sa RTU or EARIST next year. Yes, you’re right about the unfairness of the ban. Kung merong honorable dismissal ang isang student, it means hindi siya naging kasali doon sa chair burning. Yong Pamantasan ng city mo, meron ba? Baka ayos naman doon. I hope you find a school. Keep pursuing your goals amidst the challenges of life.

  203. fictional character

    Hi, last year nag aral ako sa PUP Tagui pero nag stop ako, I didn’t file a LOA. Then last Feb, nag file ako ng honorable dismissal, when I got my grades for the first sem, nagular ako kasi may isang 5 (fail) tas yng 7 dropped tas yung CWTS passed. Mag aaral sana ako ngayong taon pero nhirapan ako, dahil doon sa 5. Tapos yung RTU at EARIST, sabi nakaban daw ang mga taga PUP sa kanila ng isang taon dahil sa insidente nong pagsusunog ng upuan. Wala na akong nagawa. That was stereotyping, galing ako ng PUP Taguig hindi naman sa main. I wasn’t one of those activists. So nayon nagpaplano na ulit ako para next school year kung saan papasok. Yung lower 15K yung tuition. Papayagan kaya akong magtest sa PNU kahit may 5 ako? may photocopy ako ng Form-138 ko nong HS. Then certificates ng mga awards na nareceive. Nagkaproblema kasi kami kaya ako nag stop. Saan kaya ako pwede mag transfer? Thanks.

  204. Hi Jey, thanks for appreciating my blog. BA and BM have the same meaning, pero different schools have different lists of subjects kahit the same courses. Usually different din ang subject titles kahit the same subject content. Usually nagre-require ang school na ta-transferan mo ng subject description, or yong evaluator tinatanong sa iyo kung ano yong inaral nio sa certain subject na parang iba ang subject title. Usually nagiging irregular ang transferee sa unang sem sa new school at nakakahabol na lang sa 2nd or 3rd sem. Tingnan mo yong comment ni Michael Mabilangan sa taas, nag-lista siya ng Adamson tuition fees. Take care and study well…

  205. Hello Ms. Nors, im jey and i would like to ask a question, magkano po ang tuition sa FEU silang and LPU cavite course ko po ngaun kasi is BSBM balak ko po sana mag transfer next sem or next year within that schools i choose. Kaso po ang available lang po sa kanila ay BSBA, matanong ko lang po magkaiba po ba sila sa BSBM(Business Management)? At credited po ba mga grades ko or may possibilities na magiging Irreg ako?
    And magkano po ngayon ang tuition sa ADU? (same course) Thankss your blog is really helpful :))

  206. Hi Dominic, glad to hear from you again, thanks!

  207. ^ FEU’s per Unit cost is P1,354..

  208. Good day po. I just want to know if there are universities in manila that are admitting students for 2nd semester? I wasn’t able to finish my 1st semester, and there are no subjects credited so the thing that I need to do is to transfer to another school being an irregular student. Others suggested that only private schools accepted this kind of case but it’s quite tough because the tuition fees are costly. What should I do? Is it possible po ba for me to study again this 2nd sem? Thanks po 🙂

  209. Hi Michael, thanks for the info. I will transfer your info to the article later on. Thanks again.

  210. Michael Mabilangan

    First Semester School Year 2013 – 2014

    A.B. in Economics
    28 (3) units lecture
    A.B. in Communication
    25 (3) units lecture
    A.B. in Phillosphy
    23 (3) units lecture, 2 units laboratory
    26 (3) units lecture
    22 (3) units lecture, 4 units laboratory
    Associate in Computer Technology
    20 (3) units lecture, 3 units laboratory
    20 (3) units lecture, 2 units laboratory
    23 (3) units lecture, 2 units laboratory
    Computer Science
    24 (3) units lecture, 3 units laboratory
    Customs Administration
    29 (3) units lecture
    25 (3) units lecture
    24 units lecture, 2 units laboratory
    Financial Management/Marketing/Operation
    23 (3) units lecture
    Hospitality Management
    26 (3) units lecture, 3 units laboratory
    Information System
    25 (3) units lecture, 1 unit laboratory
    Information Technology
    24 (3) units lecture, 2 units laboratory
    23 (3) units lecture, 2 units laboratory
    26 (3) units lecture, 2 units laboratory
    Political Science
    22 (3) units lecture
    20 units lecture, 2 units laboratory

  211. Hi Precious, yong tuition na 41k ay per sem. It’s around 80k per year. Asia Pacific College at Magallanes offers scholarships (50% tuition for grads of public high schools). Visit the APC website for other grants. If you live where there is a SM mall, visit their Customer Service desk and ask for SM scholarship application form.
    Check the courses offered by PUP and TUP and pass the entrance exam. These schools charge only around 1k and 10k per sem, respectively.

  212. Hi khai, yes, FEU is accepting freshmen for the 2nd sem.
    Tuition: about 40k for Psycho and about 41k for Accountancy (take first Internal Auditing; retention exam at end of 1st sem 2nd year)

  213. Hi po. 4th year high school ako ngayon, naghahanap po ako ng magandang school na tumatanggap ng scholar. Mass comm or Ab multimedia arts po ang kukunin ko. Nakita ko po sa feu na 41k ang tuition, per sem po ba yun or per year? Pls answer. At kung may alam ka pong ibang school thanks po

  214. Tatanggap po ba ng freshmen students ang FEU Manila for this 2nd Sem ?! At ilan po units ng Accountancy & Psychology Courses at magkano din po per Unit ?! Thankyou po !

  215. Hi rey, July na, ewan kung makahabol ka pa, kasi June 11 pa tapos ang enrollment nila, so dapat punta ka na lang don sa Feati, or call them 733-83-21 to 25 loc. 114 & 139

  216. at ano po requirements and yung enrolment po ba ay is on going pa rin 🙂

  217. magkano po tuition sa Feati ng BS.Marine Transportation.. thanks in advance 🙂

  218. thank you this is very helpful! 🙂

  219. tska po mkakaapekto po ba yung NCAE results sa ittake kong course? im kinda worried kasi i didnt take it seriously .

  220. tsaka kelan po mag oopen yung mga admission sa TUP and PUP para makapag sched sa entrance exams ?

  221. uhm. how about PUP and TIP ? mas maganda po ba tlga sa TUP ?

  222. Hi Danica, the IT course at PNU is an education course. Try your best to get into TUP, the tuition there is only about 10k, but the quality of teaching is good. The facilities may not be as good as private schools, but you get your money’s worth.

  223. hi .:) i am a 4th year graduating student and i am looking forward for college. i just want to ask if theres a BSIT course in PNU , TIP , and TUP . and how much is the tuition there ? thanks 🙂

  224. Hi nics, ang mura lang naman ay sa mga state schools or city-funded schools. Check schools offering Mass Communications or Multimedia Arts — tingnan mo sa list above yong estimates sa tuition fees. Pursue your dreams

  225. Hi po,pde po b mlaman kng sn pde kmuha ng course pra mkapsok s media or radio,ung mjo mura dn sna ung psok s budget,p tngin n dn po sna ng tuitionfees.salamat po

  226. Hi mimi, mga state schools lang naman ang mura, pero malamang closed na sila. Try Feati, PCU, JRU, TIP, National Teachers College. Ang EARIST merong Computer Science, pero hindi ko sure kung open pa.

  227. Hi ms nors san po ba my mura n tuition fee for i.t course?

  228. Hi rey, wider ang scope ng BSBA; more focused naman ang marketing, pero parehong hindi assured ang job prospects, kasi marami ang college grads. Depende pa rin sa iyo. Whichever you choose, develop and improve your communication skills — good asset yan. Also your Internet skills. study well. wish you success!

  229. at present po nag aaral po ako sa University of makati (UMak).. taking up BS marketing., gusto ko lng pong malaman galing sa inyo, alin ang mas magandang course BS Marketing or ang BSBA major supply management??.. ang basehan ko po ay ung endemand na job,mas advantage at mas magagamit in the future.

  230. Hi camile, sorry, sa mga details for many schools, hindi na ko informed. Please call ACLC Taft.

  231. hi ms.nors ask ko lang po kung may uniform ba ang AMA computer learning center ng taft ave pasay city and kung magkano po. nakalimutan ko kasing itanong sa kanila .. tanong ko rin po sana kung kailan ang first day of school don .thanks !

  232. Hi chlorie, the more affordable schools are usually the state schools, but their admission periods for this school year has already ended. The better private IT schools have high tuition fees. Baka open pa ang TIP Manila or Cubao. Basta mag-aral nang mabuti at maging resourceful, kahit ano ang school mo, puedeng mag-succeed.

  233. hi po ms. nors, i urgently need answers po for my friend kasi magjune narin, he wants to transfer and get information technology, may masu2ggest po ba kayo na may murang tuition for that course at yung good din para sa course na IT. thanks po.

  234. Hi michelle, about 500 pesos ang palda and blouse.

  235. how much is the feu uniform blouse , palda ang pe unifrom ?

  236. Hi ACLC student, since ACLC is the learning center enterprise of AMA, then you should be able to have some of your subjects credited when you study BSBA at AMA. If your bookkeeping subjects are listed as some of the 1st-year or 2nd-year subjects of BSBA at AMA, then you’ll be able to make a smoother transfer to AMA.

  237. hi miss nors tanong ko lang po graduated po ako ng book keeping course sa ACLC ,gusto ko lang pong malaman kung pwede ito iupgrade into bachelor science in business administration sa AMA ? At kung may mga units pa ba akong hahabulin ?


  238. dissappointed AMA student

    Hello Good day everyone I am one of the student in AMA university. Kung gusto niyo mag enroll sa AMA wag nlang kasi once na pumusok ka sa AMA nkakapanghinayang sobra kase pataas ng pataas tuition fees at may mga hidden fees pa. Di ka mkaka survive sa AMA Akung di ka mayaman. Maganda lang dun pangalan and facilities but when it comes to academics nakakatamad na magaral hindi masyado nagtuturo teachers at hindi ka masyado matututo kase sinusunod lang nila kung anu nsa module nila khit di nga naituro basta exam exam at ang masaklap pa pag nag transfer ka hindi mccredit kase may sarili silang pagkakasunod sunod ng subjects at code ng subjects.

  239. Hi Gen, based on PSBA’s website, 4-year course ang accountancy sa PSBA, with 2 summers and a qualifying exam before 3rd year. Pero baka nagiging 5 years for many (I’ll check why I previously wrote “5-year” in the above post.)
    I hope the tuition fee per sem is still less than 30k.

  240. Hi Miss Nors, I just want to ask kung ilang years ang accountancy in PSBA QC? And how much will be the tuition fee? Thank you. 😀

  241. Hi lynn, I think UM is still open. I hope tuition fees are still in the 12k to 15k range. Maybe 5k downpayment, and the rest are paid before midterms and finals. Call UM for more accurate info.

  242. Hi good day, I just want to ask if university of manila still accepting enrollees? How much is the tution fee of tourism and how is the payment terms? Thank you.

  243. Hi allyna, you can check out University of Manila in Sampaloc, Arellano University Taft and Phil Christian Univ Taft. will add to this later

  244. allyna jovelyn bacunata

    hi ms.nors tanong ko po sana kung saan malapit na school sa makati at pasay maliban sa University of makati (ung mababa lang po tuition like 8k-20k)
    at kung magkano po ung tuition for bachelor in business administration. thanks!

  245. Magkano set ng uniform sa TIP Manila?

  246. Hello po. Magpapa-enroll po kasi ako sa TIP Manila. BSIT po. Eh may dalawang campus po ata dun. Yung Casal Campus at Arelgui Campus. Ano po ba pinagkaiba nung dalawang yun? Saang campus po ba ko magpapaenroll pag BSIT?

  247. Hi Wannatry, if you have plans of working in Singapore, then Informatics might be better, as this school is affiliated with a Singaporean company. There are however companies that prefer graduates who studied at “traditional” schools, such as San Beda. There are HR officers who still see Informatics something like STI or AMA, which can be franchised by anyone who has the capital. But if you naturally thrive in IT (you can already create a website, or use Movie Maker, Powerpoint, etc. even without studying it formally), you will succeed, whether you study at Informatics or San Beda Alabang. I suggest you research forums such as (find the San Beda thread). Maganda ring basahin mo ito: Advice about the best IT school

  248. Hello nors! what can you say about Informatics Northgate? San Beda Alabang or Informatics for BS Information Technolgy, which is better? Thank you 🙂

  249. Thank you so much for posting this. Very informative and helpful, it is. 🙂

  250. Hi RR, sorry I don’t know about EAC, but the FEU main uniform cost about 500 pesos per set — there are a lot of uniform makers at the Quezon Blvd-Recto underpass near FEU

  251. magkano po ung 1 set ng uniform sa FEU EAC??

  252. Hi joy, NEU offers only BSBA in Management, Marketing, Legal Mgt and Banking and Finance. For transferees, the weighted average should be 2.25. I’m not sure if they consider those with Incomplete. You can call 981-4221 local 3816 for BSBA Dept. I hope you can share here later on what happened

  253. ms nors i just wanna ask if new era accept transferees i studied 2years and 1sem in BS management accounting but i am planning to change course to BSBA major in HRDM i got my TOR with me and i have 3 subject inc grades due that i was not able to fix it coz am in the hurry to move here in quezon city it was inc coz of late payment of tuition fees.please give me advise what best to do ..

  254. Hi Joy, sorry I’m not familiar with ABE; my impression is that it’s like STI or AMA Learning Centers that have franchise operations. I suggest you check out New Era University. I’m not an INK member, but I’ve heard good stories about this school. Here’s info about New Era University

  255. hi ms Nors i am looking for a school here in quezon city close to fairview, novaliches or along commonwealth for a coarse BSBA or BS in management accounting.Ung mura lang po at affordable tuition fees (15k-18k)i was checking ABE international business college in the web but then it doesn’t show there how much the tuition fees.Do u have any idea about this school? best choice kaya mgaral jan?any idea ms norms about ABE along commonwealth? ill wait for the reply thanks a lot..

  256. Hi Aegrene, are you referring to the private school UM? It’s a private school so I think they accept transferees from any place as long as the transfer papers are in order. It’s Unibersidad de Manila which accepts only Manila residents and voters.

  257. Hi Ms. Nors.. I just wanna ask lang po if totoo bang transferee from Manila lang ang inaaccept ng University of Manila? TIA. 🙂

  258. Hi Olga, it’s cheaper at the Recto underpass near FEU (Quezon Blvd side). There are many FEU uniform makers there. I’m not sure if it’s 500 per set, or less. I forgot. Ask about 3 makers first, and then decide.

  259. Hi theoneee, am not sure, but it could be about 20k per sem

  260. HEllo ask ko lang po if you have idea how much ang uniform sa feu, and pe uniform also. Salamat po

  261. magkano IT sa TIPQC? asap pls.

  262. Hi Jhovi, UDM is for Manila residents only. One of their requirements is voter’s ID of parent. But go there and ask, baka meron changes. If not, try EARIST along Nagtahan.

  263. Hi Paul, no you no longer take the UPCAT; this exam is only for high school grads who have not yet taken any college subject. I think you’ll be classified as transferee, so you would have interviews, and exams depending on the course. Your acceptance also depends on available slots. You can check this out: Transfer to UP

  264. Hello po. pde pa po ba mag test sa UDM hanggang ngaun??? saka pde po ba na ndi manila ung voters Id ng parent ko??

  265. Hello po. Kailangan pa po bang mag entrance exam sa UP kahit bachelor’s graduate ka na pero ibang school.
    Gusto ko po kasing kumuha ng ibang course sa UP eh.
    salamat sa makakasagot.

  266. good day! pwede din po bang malaman and tuition rate/fee or per unit subject ng BS Marine Transportation sa PMMA? sa University of Cebu? sa Naval State University? sa Palompon Institute of Technology?

    naghahanap po kasi ako ng paaralan na malapit sa Samar para po sa kapatid kung may planong kumuha ng BSMT. Salamat! God Bless Po!

  267. Hi bryan, buti naman at nakita mo yong pagloko mo when you were in high school. I hope you’ve already realized that you need to give attention to your studies. Have you tried JRU? Kasi this is along the Quiapo-Pasig jeepney route. I’ll make a list of schools in Pasig, and then give you the link later.

  268. hi ako po si bryan ano po bang college tatangap sakin baba kac ng average ko 75 lang nag loko kac ako ng highschool days bukod sa sti? d2 sa pasig po help namn yung 20-27k p ang tuition? help nan po

  269. Hi Charlie, congrats for conquering the working world abroad despite not getting a college degree. You’ve already accomplished a lot despite what you see as limitations. Check this program, you might want to try it as a better option for you: Info on ETEEAP program
    Or if you like to get the campus feel, perhaps you take one sem or one year of actual college life, and then apply for ETEEAP. Obviously, the state schools are preferred, but the entrance exam deadlines are already past. You can check the private schools above with lower rates, such as PCU or Univ of Manila. Hope you can share here later on your accomplishments. Best regards!

  270. Hi Chaine, I think they’re both good schools. Choose the one where you’re comfortable, where it’s easier to travel to, and where you like better the environment (campus, etc). Perhaps San Beda has an edge. Hope you make the right choice. Best wishes on your studies.

  271. Hi My name is Charlie, I finished my high school last 1988 with grade of 85 in Pardo Gullas, Cebu. Since then, it’s hard for me to get back to school as financially I do not have any, and had to work full time to support my family.

    By profession, I’ve done so many jobs just like others who’d been graduated in college as comparison such as Sales, Technician, Export Sales and Marketing. These high paying jobs lost me somehow, thought I could live without college diploma, but since i am getting older … I realized it doesn’t make me feel complete, opportunity is very limited.

    Now, I am 42 this year and was thinking to finish my college degree, I think I’d like to take up in Business Administration, which university should I go, budget wise I do still want to consider going with inexpensive universities. Doesnt matter Cebu, Manila area.

    Thank you much !

  272. Hi..which is a better school to take up a business it San Beda or Letran?
    My grades are not that high when i graduated in HS that is why in both school (San Beda-probationary student ako) and in (Letran-ive got enrichment for both english and math).
    Which will be better for me. I know i need to be studying harder in both schools..which is which?

  273. Hi Jhay, UE and PUP and your previous school are not the only schools around. There are others. Don’t give up. Life is not easy. You need to be strong. Did you inquire at FEU EAC? How about TIP? Adamson? Lyceum? NU? Letran? hope you find your school soon…

  274. Nag-inquire ako sa UE, they said that if you failed many times they won’t accept you even if you start as a freshman. Also at PUP, tapos na yung enrollment schedule nila. I am lost, di ko na alam saan ako mag-aaral 🙁

  275. Hi Jhay, there are a lot of private schools that give second chances as long as you submit complete documents and give the right answers during interviews. Asia Pacific College allows 1 Failed grade per semester and a maximum of 4 Fs for all sems. At St. Benilde, pass the interview. The same with FEU EAC and UE. Hope you comment again here when you’ve found the right school.

  276. Hi po, I know this is kinda late and I am planning to transfer to I.T. Hihingi lang po ako ng advice kung anu-anong school ang magaling sa field na yan. Ang mga nakita ko pong school na kilala sa I.T is Feu-eac, UE at PUP. Wala naman po siguro akong problema about sa entrance exams, ang tanging concern ko lang is that I had a lot of failing grades in my previous school at worried ako dahil mayroong mga colleges na hindi tumatanggap pag may failing grade ka. Willing po ako mag-aral ng ulit kahit na hindi ma-credit yung mga taken na minor subjects ko. Salamat po.

  277. Hi Lieann, sorry I’m not sure if the April 17 exam results on their website are the last ones or if there will be others. Please call 534-8267

  278. hi ms. nors ask lang po if open parin po ba ang RTU for entrance exam.

  279. Hi Ana, I hope the tuition per sem for education is still less than 30k.

  280. Hi Jedsmith, meron namang mura… sa PUP and TUP and their branches, RTU, PNU, Unibersidad de Manila at sa mga Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng ___ or Probinsiya ng ___. That’s good — nag-a-advocate ka ng lower tuition, but while you’re doing your advocacy, find a cheaper-tuition school and turn your anger and frustration into something good for you and society.

  281. Hi Jerome, 🙂 nasaan ka ba?

  282. Hello, good evening. I would just like to ask kung magkano ang tuition fee ng education sa Trinity? Thank you for the response.

  283. Ang Ma2hal ng mga Tuition fee sa mga Eskwelahan na toh.! Masakit sa “BULSA”.. Ibaba ang Tuition2. :'(

  284. Kung ako sa inyo! mamundok nlnq kayo! or else manganlakal nlnq sa “ILOG” pra hndi bumigat ang Bulsa ng inyong mga MAGULANG.. hahhahahha.! 😛

  285. Hi Paul, is your home in Manila? If yes, then you don’t have to pay dorm fees, etc. Have you computed expenses, including transpo, food, dorm, laundry, etc. if you study in Baguio? Yes, SLU is a good school, it’s licensure passing rates are high. But at the moment, sorry I don’t have info on their fees and on living accommodations. I’ll get back if I have info.

  286. gusto ko lang malaman, if you have the tuition fee list ng Saint Louis University (SLU) sa Baguio CIty, balita ko kasi mas mura doon at maganda din naman ang turo, i am a Communication student of AdU, since nagtaas ang school namen n Tuition fee per semester, plano ko lumipa. Mas makakatulong din po sakin kung may mga post din po kayo ng mga affordable apartments or dormitory sa Baguio City.. thank you po..


    Heres a link to a website that can help us to find school.. till when is the application for this school year and the tuition fee per semester on a particular school/university is indicated… just change the course… :))

    Hoping that it could also help you guys… pardon my grammars.. :)) it might be grammatically incorrect… sorry

  288. Hello guys! I just got the unofficial tuition fee list for freshman SY 2013-2014 at University of the East. Just click the link and it will lead you to UE page which has the list. Thank you.

  289. Hi maam , ask ko lng po nag study po ko ng masscomm in public school kaso lng po 1st sem lng natapos ko and plan ko po mgstudy ulit and my choice is lyceum manila kasi my naipon nman po ko when i stop .gusto ko po icontinue ung masscomm .mag kano po kya ang initial payment pg nag enrol po ako. Tnx and godbless 🙂

  290. Hi Edlyn, I looked at the NEU course list, and there’s no Architecture. I’m not sure about working students — it would depend on whether they offer late schedules and if they have a minimum no. of units per sem. Try TIP; some say it has flexible schedules.

  291. Hi xian, PUP charges only about 1k per sem; but exam/admission period is already past. RTU’s tuition fee is about 200 pesos per unit. University of Manila, I think, charges lower than 15k per sem. New Era University is good, but your high school average should at least be 85%

  292. Hi don-eldz, thanks for writing about your school. I like your school and its feel. I went there once, as a friend and her husband got their nursing degrees there — they both passed the board exam and they’re now on their way to Canada, as they wait for their U.S. family visa. I really like your campus, and its location is also near Tagaytay. Do you have campus pictures you can share? I like to write about your school in our other blog and If you have, and you have time, would you please send them to I’ll credit the pictures to you. Again, thank you very much.

  293. Hi kimmy, try TIP, PSBA, University of Manila. Here’s a list of accounting schools and their performance in the May 2012 licensure exams:
    Accounting Schools

  294. hi good day po
    Saan po b magandang mag-aral ng bs accountancy na less than 15k ang tuition? Thanks in advance

  295. Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP), Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite..

    It is affordable tuition fees,, Php729/unit
    Good environment, True Christian, you can be able to stay inside the campus, tru’ Dormitories,,
    separated the girls & boys. makakapag study ng matino, because you have time to study.
    no problem for food, go to Cafeteria, AUP have own Store inside the Campus, @ 5:30pm close na.
    Maganda ang Turo.
    March 25, 2013
    four(4) topnotchers from Medical Technology Department, from top 1,2 4 & 8. 100 percent Board Passer!! Praise God!
    Hindi Nag papahuli Ang College of Nursing, Last December 2010 AUP Top 1!!!

    100percent Every year- College of Dentistry.

  296. Good day ma’am.. I’m kimmy, 18 turning 19yrs. Old this year.. graduate po aq ng 2-year course but I still want to pursue my studies… and I wanted to shift from office management to accountancy.. what do u think is the best school with affordable tuition na tumatanggap ng transferee? By the way, I already took pupcet 3yrs. Ago but unfortunately, I didn’t passed… hope that u can help me… thanks.

  297. Good eve Ms.Nors, I’ll just askin’ po if NEU accept a working student .And Another question Mz.Nors magkanu po per sem if i took an Architechture ?,


  298. Hi Chrispher, it all depends on the number of TUA subjects that will be credited by FEU. What the FEU department for your course will do is to check its first-year curriculum and then see if you’ve taken these subjects at TUA; they will ask you to describe the subjects, or they might require a description of subjects from your school. What’s likely is you’ll be 2nd year irregular, with more subjects than the 2nd year regular students. But I’m not sure of course; you have to go to FEU and have your subjects evaluated.

  299. hey’ panu po ba kapag 2nd year level na kami tapos lilipat kami school .from TUA to FEU babalik b kami sa 1st year??

  300. Hmmm. Ok po. Eh yung BSIT po ba sa UE Caloocan okay or not?

  301. Hi Annyka, if you like TIP Manila, that’s a valid choice. Other good choices are Asia Pacific College, College of Saint Benilde, FEU East Asia, and Mapua.

  302. And also sa TIP Manila

  303. Hi po. Ask ko lang po if okay lang ba yung BSIT sa Informatics? Suggest other schools naman po para sa BSIT. Thank you. 🙂

  304. Hi Chrispher, thanks a lot. It helps me and the others. I’m sad though that TUA has increased its IT fees to 55k.

  305. sa HRM 33.5k 1st .. I.T 55k 1st Sem. yung iba meron na kau information eh..

  306. Hi Chrispher, yes, and some of your subjects might not be credited if you transfer. Tuition fees at FEU are also higher, I think. If you have time, can you share your tuition here to help those who are looking for schools. Thanks

  307. ahh ok thank you sa information.. ahmm katulad rin pla sa Trinity University of Asia. bka d na ako mag transfer thanks.

  308. Hi veron, you need to find schools that are not very particular with their CPA Licensure passing rate. Schools that are tracking their passing rates require that their accounting grads studied with them since the first year. I don’t know if I can find a college/university with Saturday and Sunday schedules only. This sked is more likely that of specialized schools. The more likely school hours that could fit your work hours are 730 to 1030 pm Mon to Sat. Where are you working? You should study in a school very near your workplace or home to save time. Are you near PCU? or St. Dominic Savio College? or PSBA? or TIP? These schools might have late or flexible skeds.
    There’s a program called Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP), and there are schools that offer accountancy under this program. This is offered to those who have 5 years of related work experience and who want to acquire a degree related to their work. I’ll email you one ETEEAP program. God bless too. Keep pursuing your dream!

  309. Hi alissa, did your brother graduate from high school this March or April? If yes, I wish he took the entrance exam at PUP (payment here is only about 1k per sem). Try RTU Mandaluyong if the application period is still open (tuition here is about 200 per unit). RTU trunkline 534-8267. Did he pass the USTET? Does your city government have a scholarship program of residents. A relative knows someone who got a scholarship from the Muntinlupa city government, and she graduated last year from UST with a Mass Comm degree. New Era University can also be an option if your near this school — tuition is more affordable than most schools.
    You can also apply for an SSS educational loan for your brother every sem if you’re single, have paid at least 36 contributions and your SSS salary credit is lower than 15k. SSS Educational Loan best regards. keep pursuing your dreams!

  310. Hi jerald, do you mean registration for the entrance exam? The last entrance test for TUP Manila is Apr 27 or 28; go there and ask, so you can apply if it’s still open. For TUP Cavite, application is still open.

  311. Good day! Ask ko lang po kung nasa magkano ang tuition fee ng BSIT sa FEU East Asia and UE? Thank you.

  312. hi having a hard time choosing a college for my brother..he wants to take up accountancy and he’s very eager about ust,unfortunately im the only one working in our family,and my income will never be enough..he’s very diligent,graduated valedictorian during elementary,and 5th honorable mention in highschool.he’s confident that he is eligible for the scholarship program,but im worried that the programs would need ”backers” since they dont have exams..i want to send him to a good college,somewhere not to expensive but can provide quality education..we also consider colleges with good mom sees him as her “pagasa sa buhay” and we dont want to fail her..pls give me suggestions about where i can enroll him..thanks and i appreciate it a lot!

  313. hello TUP.when is the exact date of last day of registration.

  314. Ms. Nors good evening po!

    Pwede pa ho ba mag-exam sa rtu for schoolyear 2013-2014

    Thank you!

  315. Hi Ms. Nors! i’m Veron, 22 years of age. I’m working as an Executive Assistant in a broadcasting company. I’ve graduated BSBA Major in Financial Management pero i’m very much interested to pursue Accountancy. Some of my friends told me na may mga schools daw po na nag-ooffer ng ganun, yung itatake up ko lang po yung mga Accounting Subjects na naiwan ko dahil FM is until Accounting 10 only.May alam po ba kayong schools? prefer ko rin po sana yung Saturday and Sunday classes since my working sched is Monday to Friday only, 9am -6pm. Thank you very much. God Bless..

  316. Hi Marian, the ones offering customs administration are Adamson, Lyceum, Emilio Aguinaldo, Philippine Merchant Marine, Feati, West Bay College Alabang. I hope, later on, you can share where you enrolled and how much is the tuition…wish you the best.

  317. Hi pearl, sorry, you’re already late for admission at PUP Mla, even at PUP QC. The minimum weighted average grade for transferees is 2. New Era is affordable — about 12k per sem. Find an Iglesia ni Kristo member who can give you a recommendation. You can also try Philippine Normal University or Philippine Christian University along Taft or Earist in Santa Mesa. Check the estimated tuition fees of these schools in the article above. Thank you for appreciating my blog. Keep pursuing your dreams. Be determined. And keep praying.

  318. good day po madam nors..your blog is very helpful,since i was looking for an affordable tuition fee here in manila..maam, i just finished my 1st year college at cagayan de oro city last scoll year 2005 till 2006 and because of many problems i wasnt able to pursue.and now i am coping to study again here in manila?i am living at quezon avenue,quezon city..and planning to pursue my course which is BSED ..which school can i enroll for now?can i still enroll at PUP? my lowest grade is 2.75 in one subject only.the rest are 1.5 …if i cant enroll there?where are the other options?an affordable tuition fee..thank you maam..

  319. Hi Chrispher, based on forum comments that I’ve read, FEU’s international tours happen during 4th year, and they’re usually to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

  320. goodmorning!

    gusto ko sana mag transfer sa FEU Manila in Course of Tourism. pde malaman kung anu ung international travel nila? thanks you.

  321. Hi! I’m a HS graduate student. Gusto ko mag take ng BS customs Administration.. Kaso ang hirap maghanap ng school na nago-offer ng ganung course EXCEPT po sa PMI. May maisa-suggest po ba kayong school? Pero yung affordable din kahit papano at dito lang sa QC or Metro Manila.. PLEASE help me po. Thnks. 🙂

  322. Hi Allen, you said you’re waiting for the TUP result — did you apply for transfer? The same with RTU, what you do is to apply for transfer. They require an average grade of 2. I just don’t know if they’re still open for transfer. I hope your TUP application will be accepted. If you’re not able to enroll in TUP and RTU, you can consider Earist, but they might also have a grade requirement for transferees (they require a 85%-grade for English and Math for high school grads). Thanks for sharing your TIP Manila experience. It will help others. Hope you can share again your experiences about your transfer. best regards

  323. Hi I’m allen share ko lng expirience ko sa TIP Manila, nag aral ako dun last year 2012 first year first sem lng ako ksi nhrpan magbayad mother ko sa tuition fee nila na umaabot 28K per sem BSECE ako non, mgnda nman sa TIP maayus ang Facilty at library, tpos may teacher ako dun na from UP and ateneo so may quality tlga ang TIP Manila kso yun nga hnd ko natuloy ang pagaaral ko dun in short nahinto ang pangarap ko. Pero ngayong 2013 balak ko sna mag aral ulit hnhnty ko ang result sa tup at ask ko lng sna kung kung paano ako mkkpag enroll sa RTU for bsece thanks

  324. Hi carlo, k11 is part of high school, so I think it cannot be counted as first year college. You’re still a freshman if you apply for college admission. APC gives 60% discount for military kids; so assuming the tuition fee is 40k, you’ll pay 40% of 40k, which is 16k. I don’t think your K11 subjects will be credited, since these are senior high school subjects, but of course I’m not with APC, so go to APC and inquire — they might have a different policy for K11 and k12.

  325. Hi mrs.nors I’ve finish the first year k11-program of univ. of makati and i decided not to finish the k12, bec. i want to transfer in APC . im from a public highschool, but not a freshman na.. How much po ba ang tuition fee pag military dependent? at ma-credit po ba ung grades para maging 2nd yr student ako? pls. reply ASAP. Thank you 🙂

  326. hi ms nors! Ask lng po if TUP Taguig still open for admission? Waht school is best for IT course? Is TUP prefer for IT course?

  327. Hi ellen, TUP is still open for a few courses; most courses are already closed. Last exam is on Apr 27. I don’t know the deadline for application for this last batch, so you go there asap. Try EARIST and RTU. Most private universities are still open for admission.

  328. is TUP admission still on-going?or what other schools are still open for admission?

  329. Hi!!goog day to all of you:)
    I would like to know if letran is a good school for hrm because they have a good facilities and clean campus that can helP the students to study in a good environment..

    Thank you!!

  330. Ahaha I hope I can make it. Thanks for giving me such wonderful and helpful advises! May God bless you. And I THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  331. Hi Jess, Earist has not performed well in recent PRC licensure exams for electronics engineers, but you could be one of those that will lift them up. Just supplement your campus studies with self-sourced off-school studies, such as online studies, equipment repairs, etc. Wish you success! And congratulations for being chosen as one of the DOST scholars!

  332. The scholarship policy says that I shall enroll to any state college/university or any CHED identified COE/COD. I’m also thinking of enrolling to RTU but I’ll be residing at Paco and it is quite far. I have no choice but to enroll in EARIST. Is their College of Engineering good?

  333. Hi Jess, transfer to PUP depends on the number of slots available, your grades and your interview. Is EARIST okay with DOST? If you can use your scholarship there, then that’s good. How about RTU in Mandaluyong? I hope it’s still open.

  334. Thanks for sharing the link! I’ve learned a lot from it! 😀 I am now confuse if I should defer or continue. Well, EARIST is my only choice. Is it a good engineering school? I’m thinking of some plans that after a year in EARIST, I will transfer to PUP. Is it a good idea? What do you think Mrs. Nors? How hard is it to apply at PUP as a transferee?

  335. Hi Jess, I checked the DOST scholarship website, and yes, you can enjoy another scholarship as long as it’s not another government scholarship and it’s offered by the school or coursed through the school. The website also listed priority schools for ECE like UST, LaSalle, UP, TUP, Ateneo, Mapua, Adamson and other schools in the provinces like SLU. I think you need to study the rules of your DOST scholarship, about transfer, shifting, deferment, etc. so you can weigh things and decide wisely. What if you lose the scholarship — can you continue in that school? Would it be better if you defer so you can apply for admission at UP, PUP, or TUP? Does DOST allow transfer from a private to a state school? What’s the policy of state schools about transferees?

  336. Good evening Miss! Freshly HS Grad but until now, I still can’t decide where to go college this coming AY. I really wanted to go to either PUP or TUP but the application period are both closed. Can you please recommend me some schools offering BS ECE which are known for quality education and affordable tuition fee? Especially, those which are within Manila. I have another question. Can I still avail scholarships offered by the school if I’m already a government scholar particularly a DOST scholar? Your answers will really help me a lot! THANKS^^

  337. Hello Ren, Ian, and Cess, please call those schools for their tuition fees so that you get the exact amounts. I now don’t have time calling schools for their tuition fees.
    The only tuition fees I know are those that are in the article above.

  338. How much po ang tuition fee ng pharmacy and med tech sa CEU?

  339. Pwede po bng pakiklaro lng nag kaunti ung computer Eng. Ng. National University. At pwede rin po bang ibigay ung comsci ng National U.

  340. Hi sharra, where do you live — what city? have you taken up college subjects already? I think Unibersidad de Manila is still open – free tuition for Manila residents. University of Manila has low tuition fees. I think there are really no night-shift classes; class schedules usually end until 9 or 9:30 pm only. PCU can also be an option — some working students commenting here are from PCU. Keep pursuing your goals, sharra, wish you the best!

  341. Good Day!..
    i just want to know if how much are the tuition fees in olopsc college marikina, Marikina polytechnic college,montessori professional college located in marcos highway just the estimated amount per term.. thanks a lot and godbless!.

  342. Good day,
    Hi,Im Sharra I just want to know if what school has offering a night shift class,because I’m working, and I just want to know the school that it’s fit to my budget.My course is BSBA and I also want to ask what school can accept me,If my enrollment is to late.And I’m a high school graduate.

    Thank you & best regards.

  343. How much po ang tuition fee ng pharmacy and med tech sa CEU? 🙂

  344. Hi bridgite, have you tried Unibersidad de Manila near City Hall? Tuition is free here for Manila residents. Bring your voter’s ID. But I’m not sure if admission for this coming school year is still open. PNU offers Psychology for guidance counseling. Only 120 pesos per unit, if they haven’t increased fees. EARIST in Sta Mesa is also an option. God bless too, and don’t be discouraged. Keep looking for ways so you can achieve your dreams. Hope you can comment again here to say where you have enrolled.

  345. Hi lester, yes, the fees on FEU’s website are already total school fees. But the actual total that you pay may be a little bit higher or lower than those on the website, depending on the actual no. of units that you will have.

  346. Oo, ang galing if you’re accepted at PUP. I bet students spend more for their load and soft drinks than their school fees for 1 sem.

  347. Hi Kurt, yes, it’s still open. Most private schools except UST and Ateneo, are open for admission until April or May.

  348. magkano po kapag 6 units lang ang isusummer sa feu ?

  349. Jackieline N. Corpuz

    No problem ms. nors. 🙂

  350. bridgite mahirap ba talga pupcet? send ko sau listing wats ur email?

  351. hi po gud morning ako po si bridgite bumagsak po ako sa pup entrance exam and i cant afford nman po sa ibang school na mataas ang tuition fee hnggang 7k lng po ang kaya ng mama ko at sa ganitong month dba po wla ng msyadong available na school?im afraid nman po to take another entrance exam kc bka po ma failed nnman ako. im olredy 3 yrs. stopped in college..tga dito po ako sa blumentrit manila at pg pumasok po ako mag boboarding house lng ako help nman po sa pghhnap ng school na may mababang tuiton fee at wlang entrance exam san po ba ako pwede? psychology po sana ang gusto kong course thanks po sna po matulungan niyo ko godbless take care olways…

  352. ms.nors i just want to ask if the tuition fees listed on FEU‘s website already include miscellaneous fees? thanks! 🙂

  353. kurt dominique delos reyes

    sayang talaga sa pup . 12 pesos lang . di pa daw aabot sa kalahati ng panLoad na 30 .

  354. kurt dominique delos reyes

    open pa po ba yung admission sa UE ?

  355. Hi Lorenz, I think the differences would not be great, so I think PUP Commonwealth would be okay, if you’re not so particular about campus facilities (FEU-FERN has the best among the 3). The thousands of money you save from tuition — you can use it for equipment and supplemental studies.

  356. Hi cha, there are several here who have commented they studied there but they left because they said the tuition is not worth it. Explore other schools.

  357. Hi! Can you please help me to choose from these schools for a course in information technology: PUP Commonwealth, TIP QC, FEU-FERN (Diliman) or other schools you can suggest near QC that has good IT curriculum? Please provide me with further information. Thanks.

  358. hello ms.nor 🙂 maganda po ba sa AMA para sa course ko na INformation Technology… baka naman po kasi pera pera lang dun..

  359. Hi ! Ask ko lang po kung magkano
    Na tuition fee ng I.T sa JRU ngayung
    School yr.2013-14 .. tenks

  360. Hi Bhelle, do you mean for freshmen? For the 2013-2014 school year, application for the UP admission test closed in June 2012 and the test was already held in August 2012. Application for the test is 1 year ahead. Try TUP, RTU and other PUP branches.

  361. Hi Jackieline, thanks again! About average, you did not have to say sorry (parang kanta)…because I was also referring to general average, to 85%, which is really quite high, compared to the grade requirement of state schools. But that’s good for the school — that means all students there were top-performing high school students. thanks again and best regards

  362. Good evening po! Gusto ko Lang po itanong Kung open pa po ba ang admission sa U.P Manila until now? Para po sa friend ko

  363. Jackieline N. Corpuz

    Welcome Ms. Nors 🙂 I really love to help everyone in need of finding schools with quality education and at the same time, with affotdable tuition. And to add info about NEU, there is no sunday classes there kasi po pinapahalagahan nila ung nasa 4th Commandment ni Lord na nagsasabing bawal magtrabaho kapag Linggo 🙂 At about din po sa grade, gen. average po pla ung 85% dapat. Sorry po nagkamali lang. 🙂

  364. Thank you Mam Nors and also to you, Anon. It’s a great help for someone like me who thought that everything wrong I did in the past will define me in the future. I now have hope that every thing will turn out fine. I will pursue my chosen path and hopefully I can share my success story on your blog someday. Again, thank you for your big help.

  365. Hi anna, I have a relative, an accounting student who transferred from LaSalle Dasma to PSBA Manila, so PSBA must be okay. I think the fees are within the range you mentioned. These are the performance of accounting schools in recent CPA exams; take a look: Keep pursuing your dream; a good accountant can always find a good job since most businesses need an accountant.

  366. Hi Anon, wow! Thank you very much for sharing info. This would help Renzo and others looking for schools and in the same situation. Wish you the best. I hope later on you can share us your experiences at TIP Manila. And did you ask about tuition fees? Can you share that info too? Thanks again

  367. Hi renzo, you write very well, specially for someone who hasn’t finished college. Good grammar. And I’m glad you recognize you’ve made mistakes and you’re now determined to get back on the road and pursue your dreams. I think TIP QC accepts those with failed grades; I’m sure you can answer all their questions about what happened. Bring your high school records just in case. Supplement your on-campus studies with online studies. Since you’re into IT, I suggest you visit cragslist manila from time to time and look at what jobs are being advertised. And perhaps be inspired and be knowledgeable about what subjects you should focus on or research about. If you feel like applying because you’re qualified, be conscious that there are scams on craigslist — never pay to get a job and never do a service without making sure you’re paid. Wish you the best!

  368. @renzo
    Hi Renzo, I’m a graduate of 2 year course in ACLC. I attempted to continue my course in AMA University but I decided to transfer right away after one trimester (to prevent further damage lol). And here I went to TIP Manila for Inquiry, they have entrance exam for transferee which is three parts: English, Mathematics(with bits of Diff Calculus) and Science. They said in the first part of my exam I already reached the passing grade (more items on first part) so I think it would be a piece of cake for you. The best thing, I already had session with the Dean and he decided to transfer me to Computer Engineering instead of Electronics Engineering cause my previous course was more related to computers, but he will have an assessment with my grades after I finished the first two years of Engineering so I can shift to ECE. Most of all my subjects from ACLC will be credited with little exceptions. hope this helps you.

  369. hi mam nors.. im a nursing student but i stop studying last 2011 due to frustrations and also financial incapability.. i always wanted to take up BS Accountancy but my parents wont let me.. and now i was thinking if i can still go back to college.. i was once a student of san beda mendiola and i want to study again. but i guess thier tuition is so expensive, can you please help me find a good school for accountancy with 20-30k tuition because thats all i can afford.

  370. Hi Mam Nors, may I know if TIP QC accepts transferees with failed and dropped subjects? I’ve been to different schools from UST to STI and currently in AMA. Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same lack of quality education with my current school. I have a lot of dropped and failed subjects because I wasn’t able to pay my tuition fees in time. For a time I worked to earn enough so I can transfer to a better university and continue my course. I just want to finish my IT course with competency so that I can land my dream career. I have high hopes in high school that’s why I studied hard and fortunately it paid off because I graduated valedictorian of our classs. Now my dilemma is if I still can be admitted to a very good university despite my mistakes in my early years in college? Thank you for your help.

  371. Hi Bryan, thanks for sharing your experiences. The other trisem schools that I know don’t meet your criteria. How about PUP Open University since you’re already into business? and the school is good. Hope you can share again if you consider this one. I’ll add to this if I see something. God bless too!

  372. Hi Cess, both courses are offered at Fatima Valenzuela, which I think is one of the more affordable private schools. Which course? Depends on which you prefer doing. Do you prefer a hospital setting? Then medtech could be it. Although there are also pharmacists in hospitals and there are medtechs in research or equipment sale companies. Continue browsing online about comments on these courses.

  373. Hi mam nors im back again share ko lang yung experienced ko s sa eteeap. Ive tried my luck to take an eteeap course but sad to say i failed. I am a computer shop owner for five years so ito yung ginamit ko na requirements fo eteeap, being self employed for five years although i have work experiences hindi naman pwede kasi dapat currently employed. Complete namn lahat ng legal documents ko kasi alam ko na qualified ako but one thing is nung pinacheck ko na requirements ko lumalabas na yung permit ko is 3 years pa lang kasi late na ako nagparegister. Ive even show them my sss contribution as self employed para maproof na 5 years running na yung business ko and also im expecting na ibabackground check din nila ako talagang nilaban ko po hehe pero ayun atleast i tried and a lesson learned for me na napahalaga ng mga documents na yan credentials, certificates etc. Kya ingatan natin guys. Mam nors im heading now s plan B ko to take traditional education na po im planning to enroll this cominng school year sana po matulungan nyo uli ako business ad po ang gusto ko itake nka 2years naman na ako sa dati ko coarse kya sure namn na may maccredit na subjects kahit minor lang pero eager po talaga ako makatapos asap kasi 26 na ako kaya need ko sana ng mga trisem schools na mura lang my budget is around 25k lang po im not up to the school, facilities etc etc kasi fulfilment ko na lang po sa sarili ko ito i believe na nasa tao pa din yan. Basta focus lang ako makatapos p ara naman may maipagmalaki ako sa anak ko. Mam nors may nkapag inquire po ako nung fri at ito po un

    Pwu – 30k+ tuition fee hindi ko po kaya ng budget
    Ama makati – 20 to 25k mejo pasok pero hesitant dahil sa nabasa ko comment above
    Informatics manila- wala akong idea sa school na to pero may night classes which is suited for me kya lang depende pa rin ata s mga mg eenroll and singapore pala ang informatics
    Apc- medyo labas din sa budget at konti lang maccredit ko pero dun sa 3 i mentioned halos lahat

    Hope na meron pa po kayong trisem schools na pasok po sa budget ko salamt po and god bless always!

  374. Hi! =))) Ask ko lang po kung ano po mas magandang course kung medtech po ba o pharmacy. naguguluhan po kasi ako. and sa’n po ba ung mura lang ang tuition fee. thanks! :)))

  375. Eckart. For me yung pinakamahirap na part ng PUPCET ay yung general information about history di kasi ako masyadong common dun eh. Saka maraming nakapagsabi na 36K+ yung nagtake pero 7K lang po yung pumasa.

  376. Thank you po Ms. Nors! Godbless po! 🙂

  377. Hi Allysa, you can try RTU in Mandaluyong, a state university. New Era in QC also is affordable – your high school average should be at least 85%. You can transfer to PUP if your weighted average grade is 2 or higher and you don’t have Failed, Dropped or Incomplete grade. It depends also on the available slot. BS in Accounting or Accountancy qualifies you to take the CPA exam. Accounting Technology could be a 3-year diploma course, depending on the school. Best regards. Wish you the best. Keep determined.

  378. Hi pinopip, yes, APC is a good school, specially for courses related to computers and multimedia. It’s for the first sem; you need to maintain a certain grade. APC is trisem. But you go and inquire; there could have been changes.

  379. allyssa mahirap ba talga pupcet? send ko sau listing wats ur email?

  380. Karagdagan po pwede po bang magtransfer sa PUP manila? kapag second year na po. Ang plano ko po kasi mag aaral po muna ako ng 1 yr sa ibang school at kung pwede po ay magtransfer po ako sa PUP manila gusto po kasi talaga dun.

  381. Hello po gud day! Im going to grsduate na po this tuesday sa high school wala pa po aqng school na mapapasukan. ad to say bumagsak po aq sa test ng PUP manila 🙁 Nagdecide po ang parents ko na sa UE daw eh kaso mahal nasa 36 to 40k per sem. And ang course ko ay accounting technology. Anu po ba ang pinagkaibahan nito sa accounting lang? Saka may suggestion pa po ba kayo ng school na maganda ang standard and hanggang 20k lng ang tuition per sem? Salamat po :))

  382. Hi po ate. maganda po ba sa APC tsaka nabasa ko rin po kasi na nago-offer sila ng 50% discount pag public scholl grad ano po ba ibig sabihin nun 1st sem lng po ba yun o per sem? ASAP pls

  383. Hi Jackieline, wow! thank you very much! I’m so happy you shared all these. Valuable, relevant and really very helpful. I’m sure many will be helped by what you shared because many are looking for affordable schools. Most private schools now charge more than 30k per sem, with the bigger ones more than 40k per sem. I’ve been mentioning NEU to some inquiring about schools in QC because I’ve also heard about its more affordable tuition. Your info is a winner because it’s complete! even with the transpo and dress code! wow! really I’m amazed. So thank you very much, Jackieline. Wish you continued success in life. Hope you share again later on your experience at the state university where you will go. One thing that bothers me a bit is that 85% grade requirement — is it really 85%? For all courses? Wow that’s quite high. PUP requires only 82%; they require 85% and 88% only for certain courses. Thanks again, Jackieline

  384. Jackieline N. Corpuz

    Hi Ms. Nors! Your article is very useful for me to find a state college/university with affordable tuition because I’m planning to transfer due to financial problems. Thank you very much for posting this article. I became a student at NEU and I would like to add some information about New Era University to show my appreciation to your efforts in informing the interested applicants 🙂

    Requirements for Admission
    -Must have 85% average in each subject (because if not, you cannot enroll there)
    -Entrance exam is free but you must to bring these following requirements:
    1. 5pcs 2×2 picture (I recommend you to have name tag in your picture or if you can’t, write your name at the back of each picture with signature.)
    2. 2pcs 1×1 picture (same as above)
    3. Birth certificate issued by NSO (orig&xerox)
    4. Patotoo sa Lokal for Iglesia Ni Cristo(INC) members (orig&xerox)
    5. For non-INC members: Secure a recommendation (letter) from an INC Member and a Locale Resident Minister of INC Locale nearest to applicant’s residence attesting to his/her being good and law abiding citizen.
    6. Form 137 or 4th year card (orig&xerox)
    7. Certification of Good Moral Character from the last school attended.

    *They also accept PEPT, ALS and NFE A&E qualifiers. Just bring the original copy and a xerox copy of Certificate of Rating & Certification issued by DepEd.

    *For minors, you must bring a guardian.

    *Their enrolment system is on a one-day basis. Isang araw lang ang pag process ng papers for enrolment kapag nakapasa na sa entrance exam nila kaya kapag decided ka na mag-enrol doon, you must bring 50% of the tuition fee for the downpayment. Engineering courses and Accountancy have additional special exams.

    Courses offered:

    College of Engineering and Technology (CET)
    *BS Civil Engineering (the best eng’g course they have)
    *BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
    *BS Electrical Engineering
    *BS Mechanical Engineering
    *BS Industrial Engineering
    *BS Computer Science

    Tuition: around 380 pesos per unit
    2ndyr-almost 14k
    3rdyr-around 12k
    4thyr-around 11k-12k
    5thyr-around 10k-11k

    College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
    *AB Mass Communication
    *AB Political Science
    *BS Foreign Service
    *BS Biology
    *BS Psychology
    *AB Economics
    *AB Math

    Tuition: around 350 per unit
    per sem is around 12k, pero bumababa kapag 2ndyr onwards

    College of Business Administration (CBA)
    *BS Accountancy
    *BSBA Major in:
    -Financial Management
    -Marketing Management
    -Human Resource Department Management
    -Legal Management

    Tuition: same as CAS pero 13k yata ung Accountancy kapag 1styr

    College of Education (COEd) ^research
    *BEEd General Education
    *BEEd Special Education
    *BEEd Major in Pre-school Education
    *BSEd English
    *BSEd Filipino
    *BSEd Social Studies
    *BSEd Mathematics
    *BSEd Technology and Livelihood Education

    College of Nursing – around 14k

    College of Law – 500 per unit

    College of Music – 500 per unit
    *BM Major in Choral Conducting
    *BM Major in Music Education
    *BM Major in Piano
    *BM Major in Voice

    Eto po ung school na disiplinado at tahimik, and employees there are approachable 🙂

    How to get there:
    Ride a jeepney heading to Lagro and then bumaba kayo sa overpass sa Central, sabihin nyo lng sa driver na ibaba kayo dun. Tapos umakyat kayo sa overpass at sumakay ng tricycle. Ibababa kayo nun sa gate ng NEU.

    Kapag andun na kayo, di kayo makakapasok kapag di kayo umayon sa dress code nila. And bring 2 ID’s.

    These are the clothes that are not allowed:
    -dress without sleeves
    -see through blouses
    -dress na above the knee
    -puruntong or yung pants na hanggang tuhod or binti lang. Dapat full pants siya.

    You must wear decent clothes.
    Ex. Dress with sleeves, pants, slacks, closed shoes.

    And another thing. They have satellite campuses at Pampanga, Batangas, and GenSan. But they only offer limited courses there.

    There is another satellite campus (actually the biggest and most modernized campus of NEU) that is currently under construction at Bocaue, Bulacan. It will be finished by 2014, in the INC centennial anniversary. It will open by June 2014 and it will be their MAIN CAMPUS. But the students and courses at NEU here at QC will be retained, but if the students are near Bulacan, they can transfer there. They will also open more MEDICAL COURSES at the Bulacan campus.

    For more inquiries, go to or call 9814221.

  385. Hi Nancy, there could be some reservations if HR people look at your transcript and see eteeap written on your transcript, although I’m not sure if schools write eteeap there. But I’m confident your work experience will carry you through. If I were an HR manager, I would prefer you over traditional graduates without experience, except for positions that have lower salaries. I researched some more about eteeap — you need at least 5 years of work experience, and that your course should be relevant to your work experience. I suggest as you complete your 5-year work experience, you research different schools’ eteeap programs and look at the courses offered. Check those of PUP and TUP. I came upon an interesting eteeap article here:

  386. Hi take ken, thanks a lot for appreciating my efforts. Yes, you can start a blog even now while you’re exploring your other options. But prioritize your work and your plan of continuing your studies. I’m so sad you have 2 failed grades — the affordable but quality schools require good grades from transferees. Now, your options have been narrowed to affordable private schools. But these affordable private schools oftentimes are not in the higher tiers of board exam rankings. You can look at this ranking: I’ll give you the link of a more recent one later on. Keep determined and keep reaching out for your goal.

  387. Hi, Madam 🙂 im a Freshmen student currently taking up B.S. Medical Technology at Chinese General Hospital Colleges. But i decided to shift This Coming School year B.A. In Multimedia Arts what are the other Universities/Colleges Offering that course Ranging Only 20-30k? per sem Aside from APC And LPU? Manila area or Qc Or near in Bulacan only 🙂 Thankss 🙂 I’ll wait for your respond Thank you Good day!

  388. Hello Madam Nors!Long live!Ur such a good person for sharing ur experiences and knowledges to all up coming and current college students who are still dreaming to fulfill they desired course. Two thumbs up for you effort and time to make this blog more informative and accommodating. Keep up the good work and I hope someday I could be also like you helping others tru this. By the way, I’m 22 yrs. old and working. I stopped schooling due to financial problem last March 2008 in TIP mla and my course is BS ECE. I only finished 1st yr. Unfortunately I failed two major subjects in first yr.Everyday I always thinking of my self studying again.I dnt have enough money to sustain my school needs before. I decided to work and to earn money and someday I’ll send my self back to school. But sad to say, In my frustration to study again and look for cheapest but not sure for the quality of education I choose DATAMEX,Manila. Honestly, Im not happy studying there, number one reason is the course I choose is IT w/c is just try if its good to me since IT is related in computer because Im addicted to online gaming. Secondly is the school facility is not advisable for the good teaching because its hot,( but there’s ceiling fan yet it cant help.) limited spaces and equipments. Student like me is hardly to focus in our study that’s why I ended up there nothing. I just waste money time and effort. But instructors and faculty members are accommodating, w/ no bad intentions to DATAMEX Mla I jst want to share my experiences. Now, Im still working and try to earn money because next school year is quite approaching, I really want to continue my study and to pursue my dream course w/ is now change to BS CE Im now 22 yrs old and getting older. My fire is still burning to study again especially when my workmates (some are graduating now in march) boost and encourage me to continue my dreams.I already inquire to EARIST and unfortunately they are not accepting transferee students who have fail grades. Ill loss hope. I still looking and searching in google for the better yet cheap engineering school when I visited your blog. Im happy to know that there’s still a person like you who patiently and willing to answers all questions given to you.. Hehehe Hope you can help me to find correct school for me. I want my hard-earned to be worth it. SAVE TIME your really right. ^_^ Pls send me an email so I can still keep in touch to you and update what happen to my quest to be an Civil Engineer someday. Godbless you more and I pray for you good health and more love for your family and friends. Thank You very much once again and have a nice day.( SOrry to my sentences, my english is not excellent.^^,)

  389. Hi Ms. Nors. I’m Nancy. I would like to ask lng po kung ano cons and pros ng eteeap and what best quality school offers this. may discrimination po ba pag eto yung kinuha? dahil kukunin ko lang siya ng within 1 yr compare naman po sa traditional school na may 3yrs po. may 3yrs work experience na po ako sa field ng semiconductor company.Thanks po

  390. Hi lui, you’ve already mentioned schools that offer quality education despite charging low tuition fees — PUP, TUP and RTU. Aside from UP and certain state universities in the provinces, I think these are the only schools that charge low fees. Sorry, I’m no longer updated with the scheduling system of these schools. Tuition-wise, PUP would be good; I hope you have an average grade of 2 or higher. But for easier admission and crediting of all the subjects you’ve completed, I think TUP would be good as you’ll just go up TUP’s ladderized system. I admire you for working while studying; wish you more success.

  391. hi po ulit :). tanong ko po pla din eto ma’am kung ano magandang skul para computer engineering. rtu lng po alam ko. low tuition lng po sana . budget ko lng po ksi below 9k lng. thanks a lot again

  392. tsaka po pala kung may idea po kau about summer class sa tup taguig kung how much? sa pagkakaalam ko po binabayaran ung prof. nd ko lang po alam kng magkano un. gusto ko po din kasi pabilisin ung pag aaral ko po ksi . may narinig po ksi ako na maglalagay pa sila ng 8 subjects . aaabutin na po ako nun ng 4yrs.. sa pup taguig po naman wala po ako idea kng ok ung schedule nila tska kng madali lng matapos ung bs ece..

  393. hi i’m Luigi. nalilito po ksi ako kng anu magandang school sa dalawa, in terms of time ng schedule at budget, tup taguig(10k?) o pup taguig(1k-2k) para ma continue ko ng bs ece/elex. pag ksi tup taguig, ang offer nila sched ay evening 5pm to 9pm. ung pup po, nd ko po alam. baka po ksi magulo ung sched nila( anu po sa tinging niu tym ng pasok dun?). prefer ko po ung pang umaga pasok sa skul tapos panggabi sa work.graduate po ako ng bt ecet sa tup manila. hindi ko po din alam kng nagoffer sila ng parehas ng summer classes. . sa ngaun po eto muna po katanungan ko .. salamat po 🙂

  394. Hi wendy, I’m puzzled why your high school needs a request when you’re the one requesting for your own record.
    However, I think they do this (ask you to get a request from your college) if you’re already past your freshman year, or if you have requested your records so many times before.
    Or was she asking you to write your own letter of request? Is your high school very far so you can ask again? You can ask a high school teacher in your neighborhood.

  395. Hi wendy, I’m puzzled why your high school need a request when you’re the one requesting for your own record.
    However, I think they do this (ask you to get a request from your college) if you’re already past your freshman year, or if you have requested your records so many times before.
    Or was she asking you to write your own letter of request? Is your high school very far so you can ask again? You can ask a high school teacher in your neighborhood.

  396. my high school wanted me to acquire a request so that I can get a copy of my records. I dont know how to get the request, the new office lady did not even tell me how. can I ask how to get the request? thank you. 🙂

  397. Hi jennie, baka umabot na sa 30k per sem. Less than 30k last year.

  398. Hi niko, the best schools would be UP, Ateneo, La Salle, UST, University of Asia & the Pacific. You can choose from schools which are good in accountancy —

  399. Hi Lhyka, yes, TUP is still open. It’s open until first week of May, but you should take your exam asap.

  400. Hi wendy, sorry, schools will not let you enroll without your high school records. There are schools where they allow you to take the entrance exam even without records, but they will require your high schools upon enrollment. The other good law schools are San Beda, FEU Makati, Arellano University and University of Perpetual Help Rizal.


    A letdown indeed. Well, I was only referring to the COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION (CBE). Their IT and Engineering, and I guess, Marine programs are decent enough. Haven’t heard anything bad about them (yet?). I’ve never compared my experience in TIP with that of ADMU because first and foremost, THEY’RE INCOMPARABLE. And I even realized its neither incommensurable with my HAU experience. Their CBE is just really d@mn bad. If it was just based from my own experience, then why would these classmates of mine who were there since their freshman year complain about the same things I am complaining of? Their CBE is really horrible! Most of the profs there feel that they’re smart but their English command cannot even justify who they think they are. Neither do they show mastery and expertise in the subject/s they teach. Though there are few, as in few good profs, they’re still way outnumbered by the “rotten tomatoes”. I was able to get a partial scholarship due to good grades I’ve obtained during the 1st semester of this Academic Year (without me exerting much efforts, how’s that?) and I thank them for that- but just because I’ve enjoyed a partial scholarship (which, by the way was due to my own performance) doesn’t mean I will hold my peace in letting others know of the truth about TIP’s CBE and even TIP student services in general. And again, I suggest people to go and ask students who are currently enrolled in CBE to prove you my credibility.
    About the program completion, yes! And I meant “unfortunately yes!” I’ve garnered more than enough credits from my previous schools so much that all I needed was 42 units from them to earn a degree (BSBA-FMA). I’d thank them for that, but I am still totally not happy with the experience. I’m moving to a well decent school next year (as a 2nd courser) to pursue BSA which would at least hide that TIP name in my record.
    Again, I am not happy I’m doing this but I have to. It’s for the benefit of the many especially those who want quality education for their hard-earned money.
    God bless us all!

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