No Annual Fee Credit Card in the Philippines — Metrobank M

no annual fee credit card metrobank

This is the only credit card in the Philippines which has no annual fee for life.

Except of course those premium cards for the very wealthy, and those cards whose owners accumulate enough points to get annual-fee waivers.

I’ve related in my other posts that I finally became free from the bondage of credit cards last February 15.   I had eight credit cards, and after paying off all the balances, I canceled all of them, except my local BPI Classic.

Credit card freedom

But because I need a credit card for my Internet payments, I had to choose one credit card good for international purchases.  I like BDO Shop More, but if I have to cut costs, I should retain one with no maintenance fee.

So I finally chose the M Free Mastercard of Metrobank.  After canceling my old Metrobank card, I requested for the no-annual-fee card, and it was given to me.

More than a year ago, I applied for this no-annual-fee Metrobank card, but I was told I need to first use an annual-fee Metrobank card for at least a year before I can qualify for the free annual-fee credit card.

If you need to maintain just one card, consider this no-annual fee credit card.


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