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no annual fee credit card metrobank

This is the only credit card in the Philippines which has no annual fee for life.

Except of course those premium cards for the very wealthy, and those cards whose owners accumulate enough points to get annual-fee waivers.

I’ve related in my other posts that I finally became free from the bondage of credit cards last February 15.   I had eight credit cards, and after paying off all the balances, I canceled all of them, except my local BPI Classic.

Credit card freedom

But because I need a credit card for my Internet payments, I had to choose one credit card good for international purchases.  I like BDO Shop More, but if I have to cut costs, I should retain one with no maintenance fee.

So I finally chose the M Free Mastercard of Metrobank.  After canceling my old Metrobank card, I requested for the no-annual-fee card, and it was given to me.

More than a year ago, I applied for this no-annual-fee Metrobank card, but I was told I need to first use an annual-fee Metrobank card for at least a year before I can qualify for the free annual-fee credit card.

If you need to maintain just one card, consider this no-annual fee credit card.

Updated: February 27, 2010 — 4:27 pm


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  1. Hi Cristy, it depends on your income. Maybe the minimum now is 10k pesos. There are now better no-annual fee credit cards: Citibank Simplicity card, AUB Classic Mastercard (2.95%), and HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card (application until May 31)

  2. May i know the credit limit for first time Metrobank M lite.

  3. Hi Range, for the initial credit limit, they look at the card owner’s income. For increases, they look at card usage and payment history.

  4. How did they calculate the credit limit?

  5. Hi Gina, yes, when they gave me the annual-fee-free card, they doubled my credit limit, and after 2 years, they increased it by 4 times.

  6. Hi Ms Nora,
    Thanks for this blog. How about your previous credit limit, has it been translated to your new M mastercard?

  7. Hi Eric, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with your Metrobank cards. About the MFree card, just think of the free annual fee for life as your total reward points every year. 🙂

  8. Before I got my M lite card with no annual fee, I had first my Toyota Card from Metrobank. After 3 yrs of using it , I decided to cut some costs. What discouraged me to continue using the toyota metrobank CC is the increased of annual fee from 2K to 2500. Also, I do not have a car which the card has a lot of perks.

    I applied the M lite card over the phone and the card was delivered within the week. One disadvantage of this card is that, it does not earn points.

  9. Hi John, sorry, as far as I know, all Philippine-owned credit card issuers have maximum age limit rules, with most issuers setting 65 as the maximum. Maybe foreign banks such as Citibank or HSBC or Standard don’t have this restriction, as long as you have income papers. You can try their online application systems.

  10. I used to have a credit card associated with my UK bank account, but when that bank closed its off-shore branch my account was closed. I am currently using a pre-paid BPI card, but the pre-payment is a nuisance (apart from the small annual charge). I tried with East-West bank, but was told that at 88 years of age I am no longer eligible. How bout your M-Free Master Card?

    John G. Gellner

  11. Hi Gracita, you can go to a Metrobank branch and ask for their no-annual-fee card application form, and then file your application. Some branches may not have the form, so try the other branches.

  12. Gracita A. Villahermosa

    Sir / Madam,

    Good day. I’ve been using a classic metrobank card for quite some time with good standing. I would like to know if & how can I avail of this no annual fee credit card.

    Thank you,

    Grace Villahermosa

  13. thanks for this great information about metrobank m free mastercard.

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