Home Sonic Appliances Using PLDT in Their Deceitful Marketing Scheme

This morning, someone who identified herself as Patricia Aguilar called me through my PLDT

landline number and told me that PLDT is celebrating its 80th or (83rd?) anniversary. Immediately, my mind said “Here’s another marketing scheme.”  The woman didn’t mention Home Sonic in her first statements; she was always talking about PLDT.

Just the other day, someone called me about a FREE health care card from Mastercard, but in the latter part of her spiel, she said I was awarded a 50-percent discount, and that I had to pay ONLY about 6,000 pesos.

Going back to the claimed PLDT promo — I wonder where they get the numbers, and why they know my number is a new subscription. They must be buying these numbers.  I must have put my landline number in a raffle coupon, or an application for something, or a purchase receipt duplicate, or an agent must have made a list.  Cell phone number na nga lang ang isusulat ko sa mga slips kung kelangan — gagasto sila para tawagan ako.

Similar to the spiel of many other marketers, this ‘PLDT’ woman said I was a lucky PLDT subscriber, and that I can claim my rewards from Home Sonic at Metropolis Alabang.  I just need to bring two valid IDs, and my latest PLDT bill.

Of course, most of us know what usually happens when people go to Home Sonic, as told many times over by victims of these schemes. They’re presented with their prizes, but they could not get out of the store with these prizes. They’re pressured to buy costly appliances that are not needed to live. Kelangan ba natin ang massage chair? Ang foot massager? Ang microwave na may radio at orasan? Sa totoo lang, lumalamon ng kuryente ang microwave.

Pero sa galing nilang magsalita, mapapa-believe ka at maiisip mo:

  • Oo nga, kelangan ko ang mga ito.
  • Oo nga, deserve ng family ko ang mga ito.
  • Oo, kawawa naman itong seller na ito, walang kita pag hindi ako bumili.
  • Oo nga, napakamura na nga ito.
  • Oo nga, nakakahiya pag di man lang ako bumili eh may bigay sila sa aking libre.
  • Oo, bibili na ako kasi na-massage na ako nang matagal.
  • Oo, bibilhin ko na kasi kikita naman ako dito pag mabenta ko kay mare/pare.
  • Oo, kasi ang dami na ring bumili, ang daming masaya, ang saya-saya nila.

Shaming or flattering prospective buyers, and making them believe they’re getting the best deals of their lives are techniques that play on human nature, and specifically the respectful, understanding, maawain and gentle nature of many Pinoys.

I would have shamed the Home Sonic ‘PLDT’ caller by telling her how she was deceiving people, but I don’t know why I didn’t.  Siguro nagsawa na ako. O kasi Pinoy nga ako.

Akala ko wala na yong mga ganito. Marami pa rin pala.

Totoo pa rin yong Number 1 sign ng SCAM — TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Libre at walang bayad? Bakit? Hindi puedeng walang dahilan.  Malaki daw ang kita? Bakit? There’s a reason.

Legitimate promos are well-publicized. Ang mga promos ng mga Legitimate and Big Companies ay well-advertised. Nasa official websites nila, nasa one-page or half-page ads sa newspapers,at announced by reliable TV personalities.

Nakakapanghinayang na merong mga napapabili in CASH ng 25K to 54K ng mga appliances na later they realize are Not Really Needed.  Surf the Internet; nagkalat ang mga complaints from Home Sonic or Greentop victims.


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  2. naloko din nila ang dad ko! they told him that what he is getting is really a bargain. even though he only liked the massager. tapus sabi pa everything is worth 55,999 and installment daw for 12 months tru credit card. but when the bill came him, 111,998 pesos! and straight payment pa! they really tricked the old man!

  3. Hi barbs, bawiin nio, lalo na at senior na siya, meron kayong valid case. Merong deceipt. Magdala ka ng kasama nio na matapang at ala-lawyer ang alam at dating, or if you know a helpful lawyer, you can ask help from this lawyer.

  4. So, what you will suggest for those victim? They have written a promissory note that they will pay that amount for a certain period of time. They might use that as evidence to collect the remaining money if the victim decide not to pay. Is it really need to pay that knowing it is indeed a scam? please advise

  5. Hi Jerry, sorry I’m not a lawyer, pero I think if the victim does nothing, the promissory note can be treated as a legal document. Kasi parang tinanggap ng victim na legal yong transaction, na hindi siya na-deceive.
    Dapat bawiin niya ang down payment dahil na-deceive siya, at sabihin niyang isosoli lang niya ang product kapag ibinalik ang down payment niya. Dapat merong mga kasama pag pumunta doon.

  6. ako din nabiktima na din nila ako…HOME SONIC STARMALL EDSA…RECENTLY LANG, Dec.23,2013..hindi ko na maibabalik yung produkto kasi kinabit na ang WATER PURIFIER, sinamahan nila ako sa bahay para sila na mismo ang mag install nun…sabi ko sa kanila kami na ang mag install pilit parin nila ginagawa…siguro inisip nila pag hindi nila ikakabit yun at makapag isip2x na ako at ibabalik ko ang produkto, kaya nila ako sinamahan sa bahay namin mismo…
    Ingat nalang tau next time…lesson learned!!!

  7. someone called me that i won an item..so nagulat ako how did she knew my phone nmber..eh ka install lng nun last saturday..binigay nya yun code nmber n proof n makukuha ko yun gift item..magdala daw ako ng 2 valid id’s..sinabi p ang nme nya myleen..curious ako so i decided to check s gooles,so it’s true scam nga..hindi lng pala s pldt pti s globe nrin..kya buti nlng at nag check ako,,kya pls every one check nyo muna bgo kyo pumnta..par hndi kyo mbiktima ng scam..

  8. may iba poh talagang tao na naninira ng pangaLan ng isang Company…
    bago kayu maniwala sa mga ganyan , , bat d nyu poh muna sguraduhin ng maigi kung tutuo talaga …

  9. We also had a call telling us we had won a prize in a raffle from Globe (just taken new landline with them) & we should collect it at Home Sonic Starmall. After 2 hours there & being told how lucky we were we only had to pay P 60900 for all these FREE prizes & we could use a credit card. Luckily my boyfriend realised it was a scam & said no & we left but it was 2 hours completely wasted. This is a scam & should be stopped. Never ever give your credit card to any company you do not trust as they will steal from you. We were lucky as my boyfriend realised what was happening. Please BEWARE of these tricksters.

  10. Hi Luzviminda, yes, it’s good your bf is smart and strong. It’s sad to know that these people are still operating — this means there are still people being conned. Thanks a lot for commenting.

  11. oo nga ako nadale noong may 25 babalikan ko ng sila imagine binawas nila sa metro bank ko 26 thousan at magbabayad pa ako ng 34,100 dahil kailangan daw cash that time may undergo kami ng seminar ng cursillo pinuntahan ko lang dahil tawag ng tawag saken no cash out tapos nag offer ng katakot takot ng ma ma interes ka kaya ayon dale ang 26, thou ko sa metro bank.

    wala ba kayong magawa dito.

  12. Hi norvina, magreklamo kayo sa management ng mall. Dapat meron kang kasama na matapang na tao o lawyer at dapat mai-prove mo na merong panloloko na nangyari.

  13. 20 minutes ago I received a phone call from this Lian Gonzalez, informing me that our globe number was selected from electronic raffle and I need to claim the product that I Have won @ Homesonic located at Starmall Edsa.
    Though I entertained her call I still have doubts about it since my husband and I hasn’t joined or filled up any raffle entry with globe. We are just a new subscribet of globe like for about 2weeks only so how come they know our number? Only few relatives know our landline number so I thought this is a Scam. Because IT SEEMS MS. LIAN GONZALEZ is guessing information about me and my husband. But I gave her very small details and told her that we are still busy. That’s why its not just PLDT that these Homesonic Scammer is using even globe subscribers, too are also they’re target victims.

  14. I’m glad I found this site. I’m thankful for intuition because I didn’t believe that Homesonic caller. Instead this prompt me to call globe customer service to report to them about that incident with Homesonic because they’re using globe just to make fool of its subscribers.

  15. Hi mitchie, thanks a lot for taking the time to share your experience. It’s great that you outsmarted Homesonic and that you reported them to Globe.

  16. tinawagan din nila ako dahil sa nakukulitan na ako sabi kasi no cash out punta naman kami ng anak ko. ang tagal tagal kong nagantay sa madaling salita pinakilala nila un mga product nila sa akin at dahil anniversary daw nila kaya ako nabunot ang gusto ko lang masiguro ay kung totoo un mga mga item na ibibigay nila sa akin kapag natapos ko ng bayaran un isang item na kinuha ko worth 55900 na babayaran ko ng one year kapagdown na ako ng 20,000 kaya 35900 na lang ang balance ko totoo kaya makukuha ko un ibang item

  17. Hi nene, do you have a receipt and a contract? Does the receipt or contract list those items? If you have those items on the list, then you can demand for them later on. Ask for a receipt or contract before completing your payment. I hope you really need that 55900 item so it would be worth it, or you can make a business out of it.

  18. omg…i just have received a phone call a minute ago from annabelle mendoza telling i have won from their electronic raffle and my landline number was luckily chosen daw providing the claiming code 2014 puz and just bring valid id to claim at home sonic starmall alabang…and because i was not aware with the company i try to google it and search what product they are selling then i have read all your comments and thank you because i will not be one of their victims…thank you also sa internet at nasurf ko itong site nyo…

  19. I’m one victim also of home sonic last Monday, isang pagkakamali na hindi ko muna na search ang name ng company…
    Ano ba ang pwedeng magawa sa mga ganyan, para wala ma biktima sa mga susunod…

  20. Hi emgee, if you like, you can help others by commenting on social media like Facebook. It also helps if we don’t bring our credit or atm cards all the time when we go out.

  21. Found this blog while searching for Univox/ home sonic. Dito sa Tarlac. Nung 2007-2008, naloko nila mother-in-law ko in tarlac. That time, nasa Angeles, pampanga kmi ng husband ko nakatira. Pinauwi kmi ng biglaan dahil hindi nila alam pano bawiin ung na-swipe na 59K sa credit card ng mom-in-law ko, na naka-autodebit sa savings account nya sa saktong 60k ang laman. Okay na sana eh, gusto daw ng mom-in-law ko ung massage chair, kaso ang problema ang chinarge sa credit card eh full payment after 1 month, eh ang sinabi ng sales people sa knila within 6 months ang charge, so hulugan within 6 months. Pero nung iniswipe nila, din nila ginawang deferred payment, kundi one swipe lng — talagang lokohan na ang ginawa nila.
    It took us 2 weeks bago nabawi ung perang nacharge sa credit card. Nagcomplain pa sister-in-law ko sa DTI to report Home Sonic.
    Ngayon, lumipat n kmi dito sa Tarlac, kakatawag lng sakin the third time nila – Univox na ang name nila, sa Metrotown tarlac. Dating lugar ng home sonic, tlgang talamak pa rin ang panloloko nila..
    Payo ko lng sa mga nagttrabaho duon, lumipat n lng kayo ng ibang trabaho, dahil makakarma kayo sa kalokohang ginagawa ninyo!

  22. thanks for the feedback. I was soundly asleep then somebody called me. very good speaking ability. was puzzled so I searched the internet.

  23. Hi Johanna, yes, really and truly sad that they’re still pushing through with their deceitful business. Yes, I agree with you that their employees should look for other jobs. If they can talk like how they’re speaking on the phone, then they can easily find decent work as call center agents.

  24. They also call me a while ago. Gusto ko pagtripan. Who’s with me? haha ! Starmall Shaw raw iclaim ung item. Gusto ko ireklamo sa T3.

  25. Hi Lheine, if you go, be strong and assertive. It’s also good if you bring a friend who’s also strong and assertive. And don’t bring any atm, credit card or big cash with you. I think going there would not be beneficial for you (time, cost and stress), but could be beneficial for others if you can give some lessons to those deceitful marketers and could help others who are too weak to resist their offers.

  26. yesterday i received a phone call and she said she’s from globe makati. and i won wifi gadget and can claim at univox metro town tarlac. I had doubts because why metro when their office is in sm tarlac and I didn’t join any globe promo. It’s good I googled and read your blog. thanks a lot. hayy I wonder why their employees don’t feel any guilt at all

  27. Buti na lang nabasa ko ang mga comment nyo, thanks for this. Makulit kasi sila, tawag ng tawag sa landline namin.

  28. Thank you for this thread super helpful sya. Yesterday lang at kanina may tumawag sakin sa landline ko na napili nga daw yung landline ko dun sa anniversary bla bla bla nila. Pinapaclaim nila sa akin yung prize at wala daw akong babayaran na kahit ano, sa home sonic starmall daw pwedeng kunin and may binigay na referrence number para daw pag claim. Pang twice na sila tumawag sakin earlier at muntik na ako makumbinse since malapit lang ako sa starmall. Hanggang sa naisip ko isearch yung home sonic at eto nga madaming review ang nakita ko. Buti nalang. Salamat po dito. :)

  29. i dont think na scam siya kung meron kang products na makukuha after mo sila bayaran. Yun nga lang nakakainis kasi hindi yun yung sinabi nila strategy lang nila yun para makabenta its really up to you kung magpapauto ka sa strategy nila. it also happened to my mom 15 years ago that was with AOWA raffle kuno tas free gc tas binayaran ng mom ko yung 20k para makuha namin lahat ng products so di kami lugi kasi parang binli mo din so everytime na may makita kaming ganun tumatawa nlng kami sinasakyan namin trip nila at humihingi ng payong. as long as di ka nila pinilit or what di ka agrabyado. I dont work for them or wha iam not connected to them i just want to let you guys know what happened to us and e careful and dont take it seriously. And before i forgot we got a call today from a girl and same thing from others we won an appliance from home sonic pero sabi ng mom ko di siya interested kung bibili ng product or what sabi di daw bibili and pad pinabayaran tawagan daw siya so lets see what happen.

  30. buti n lng ngbasa muna ko sa google, my tumawag din s kin just now claiming na napili dw ung landline number nmin tru electronic something anniversary promo daw nila, my bnigay na reference # sa kin mgdala lng dw ako ng 2 valid ids at pde na iclaim ung gadgets and computer related item sa starmall alabang, ung name nung caller is MELODY MARQUEZ with tel # 310 9765. napag isip ako kc unang una mg 3 mnths p lng naikkabit ung landline nmin at wala nmn ako snasalihang raffle he he…

  31. hello! nangyari rin po sa akin yan kanina few minutes ago. tumawag siya akala ko yung dad ko pero when i answered taga home sonic daw nagtataka ako kung saan nila nakuha yung landline number nmin eh kaiinstal palang nun kahapon. Pigdadala niya ko ng valid id at binigyan niya ko ng reference number at iclaim ko nalang daw sa metropolis alabang, after the call medyo kinabahan ako kaya sinearch ko sila sa internet at ayun hindi lang pala ako :(

  32. may tumawag sakin kanina lang na nanalo daw ako at napili na magkaron ng libreng appliances na maki claim ko daw sa homesonic sa starmall edsa magdala daw ako ng 1 valid id at sabhin ko daw na ang tumawag sakin ay si micah suarez at nagbgay pa ng ref# pero tinanong nya kng ano name ko,nagduda ako kaya tinawagan ko ang binigay nyang # pero di ko makontak kaya nag search ako sa google at ito ang ang lumabas at nabasa ko mga nag commentsd pareho sa akin..scam pala muntik na akong pumunta bukas p nman ang balak ko tsk!tsk!

  33. Hi Shane and jovelyn, it’s good that you researched first. I think there are some employees in various companies that sell names and phone nos. to businesses like Home Sonic. Names and phone nos. can also be copied from raffle stubs.

  34. Juz got d call today frm them mylene suarez and told me exactly d same thing. Tnx to google got this info frm u guys bka npunta nko starmal alabng. Layo pa nmn.

  35. i experienced the same thing with your complaint here. Im using pldt sim card for 3 weeks then someome called me that i won a eHappy cignal tv. Since pumupunta ako ng alabang starmall for some curiosity dumaan ako ng homesonic to claim tge said prize or promo reward. And its tru, meron tlaga na nagkakahalaga ng 7kplus (but i found put that its only 3k and korean or chinese chanels pa). After that claiming may survey cla, since dun sa questionnaire i got the right answer daw kay pinabunot ako sa sobre.. I got 2k at tulad ng ibang posted complaint ganun din nanyari sakin. I was so tempted yesterdy night and i paid 5k as first deposit for the total amount 62k (induction cooker with five free items). When i got home i searched in internet that is the true prices of the item and i found out its overpricing. The 82k chair massager is only 25k and the induction cooler worth 62k for them is only 15k. The next day we went first to the sucurity office of starmall alabang and nagpaassist sa guard with the consent of mall admin management. Infront of the mall guards we claim the 5k. At first they are asking kung bkit sinosoli i sain its overpricing and was read that there are so many cases in internet na nanyari tulad ng samin. I said din that we consult this happening with the lawyers (public attorney office) and read the dti consumer act na mali ginagawa nila. After that statement they return the 5k to us. I ask everything to them why they doing this, sabi ni naninira lang daq ang social media. Sabi ko i experienced it and at parepateho ang marketing strategy nyo.

    According to the pffice of public attorney, pwede daw natin tong kasuhang ng stafa, kung hindi natin marerefund, aince no service or contract agreement withh bot parties. Magrequest lang daw tayo sakanila and after investigation they will do a demand letter to the homesonic or the lessor homesonic tegarding the issue. Pwede din the iteport to sa dti since lumalabag cla sa consumer act of the philippines.

  36. We got a call today from this so called Carla. And given us information. It my mom’s birthday and we thought na swerte siya. pero di naman pala. Kasi sa tunog pa lang eh. Scam na. Home Sonic? Ano yun? Haha. I have searched about it. And found out it is true. Scam nga. Thanks for the info.

  37. hello to everyone here. nananawagan po ako sa lahat ng nabiktima at nakabili dito sa companyang eto,gusto ko lang po makatulong dahil hindi lang po customer ang inaagrabiyado ng companyang eto pati po mga empleyado na sobra sobrang oras na nagtatrabaho na wala pong bayad ang overtime, hindi lang po yan ang reklamo peo nakapagfile na po ng complaint sa DOLE. ang mga nagpapatakbo sa companyang eto dito sa pilipinas ay mga foreigner at mahigit 600 empleyadong pilipino ang ginagamit sa ganitong strategy, lahat po ng sinabi ko ay mapapatunayan ko sa inyo sa mga ibidinsyang hawak ko.dahil po sa kakulangan ng trabaho dito sa bansa natin marami parin po ang nagtatagal dito sa companyang eto. peo ang concern po dito ung mga nabibiktima na ung iba nagloloan at umuutang pa para lang mabili ung sinasabing promo na kung susuriin tripli ang halaga sa iba, (overprising). dahil po sa kakaibang tiknik sa pagbebenta kahit cno po maiinganyo dahil may exitement sigawan so, matutuwa ka talaga pag ikaw ang customer dahil i paparamdam sayo na nanalo ka sa pamamagitan ng pagkamay sa iyo para sabihin congatulation, kung kayo po nakabili at kahit matagal nyo na pong nabili pwede parin po kayong magcomplaint basta po dumaan po sa ganitong strategy. pwede nyo po akung tawagan para masabi ko po sa inyo kung paano ang proceso dahil kung kayo po makikiusap na magrefund hindi po nila kayo pagbigbigyan may proceso po para maibalik o makapagrefund kayo. salamat po sa inyo.

  38. just received a phone call from them. saying I won via electronic raffle. yun pala isang matinding scam. no good.

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