Tuition Fees at FEU and Some Other Universities in Manila, Philippines

Some Portions Updated February 16, 2013:

In less than two years, my daughter has enrolled and studied in three different universities in Manila because of different reasons, including allergies, fluctuations in finances and wrong choice of course.

As we searched for schools, we came to know about the ranges of tuition fees in some schools. Some universities publish their tuition fees on their web sites; others don’t. We hope the following info tidbits on tuition fees are able to give you some ideas about tuition fees in different universities.

Take note also that it’s best to inquire while your child is still in 3rd year high school, or early in the senior year, as there are certain schools which start and close their entrance exam and admission periods several months before the start of their freshman year.

UP – Application period is about a year ahead and the exam is usually in August. (For example, freshmen entering UP this June 2012 applied to take the exam or UPCAT within the period May to middle of June 2011 and took the UPCAT last August 2011.)

UST – Application period is from June to first week of December and the exam or USTET has 3 schedules (one in August, one in October, and one in December)

PUP Manila — Application period is from September to November. For the 2012-2013 school year, PUP Manila had two PUPCET schedules: January 29,2012 and February 19, 2012.

PUP Satellites – Have later schedules, but many hold their exams in February and in March. Some in the provinces hold several exams in March and in April.

DE LA SALLE – Application period is from June to middle of September and the exam has 3 schedules in October.

ATENEO DE MANILA – Application period is from June to middle of August and the exam or ACET is in September.


All tuition fees mentioned below are for ONE semester and are in PESOS, except when noted otherwise. Also, the tuition fees published here are ESTIMATES and may not be exactly the same as the total amount that you will eventually pay.

Most schools administer 2 semesters in a year. Those that operate on a trisem calendar (3 semesters in a year) include:

– De La Salle University
– Asia Pacific College
– De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde
– AMA University
– FEU-East Asia College
* (FEU Manila is on a 2-sem calendar)

* Mapua administers 4 sems in a year (quarterms)

Note: I gathered fees for only a number of courses; the schools offer other courses.

K = thousand pesos


From Adamson’s website:

Freshmen, 2012-2013

Tuition fees and miscellaneous fees are included.
Down payment upon enrollment is 8,000 pesos.
Discount of 5% on tuition fee is offered to students paying the semester’s school fees in f

A.B. in Communication — 32,652 pesos (25 units)
Accountancy — 38,370 (29 units)
Architecture — 38,723 (26 units )
Biology — 32,826 (22 units )
Business Economics — 32,192 (25 units )
Chemistry — 36,008 (25 units)
Computer Science — 43,006 (27 units )
Computer Technology — 37,382 (23 units )
Customs Administration — 38,660 (29 units )
Education — 32,352 (25 units )
Engineering — 35,550 (26 units )
Financial Management — 32,314 (23 units )
Hospitality Management — 44,683 (29 units )
Information System — 36,417 (26 units )
Information Technology — 39,231 (26 units )
Marketing Management — 32,314 (23 units )
Nursing — 38,147 (25 units )
Pharmacy — 39,181 (28 units )
Political Science — 29,179 (22 units )
Psychology — 31,615 (19 units )

Quezon City

From Delyn, Comment Section, May 26, 2012:
Minimum downpayment – 1k
School fees can be paid in 2, 3 or 4 installments

BS in Computer Engineering – 28,665 pesos per trisem for 22.5 units
– 23,753.3 (if with 30% discount)

By phone, 2011:

Information Technology and Computer Engineering courses cost between 19k to 20k, already discounted from the 20k to 23k original tuition fees.

Main campus: 2600 Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila

From Art, Comment Section, May 28, 2012
Manila: BS in Business Administration — 21k to 23k
Pasay City: BS in Business Administration — 21k to 22k

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 734 73 71

For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Accounting (4-year course) — 24 to 25k, down is 8k to 9k
Tourism/Hospitality — 25k to 26k

Magallanes, Makati

By phone, April 2012, Tel NO 852 92 32

For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Down payment — 35% of total

Information Technology — 40 to 45k
Multimedia Arts — 43k

Asia Pacific College’s website says that APC offers big discounts for:
– graduates of public and parish high schools
– children of the military and police
– children of AFP personnel killed or wounded in action
– those with annual family income of less than 400k
– scholarship and stipend for SM Foundation scholars
(ask SM Department Store customer service)


From Ateneo’s website:

For School year 2010 to 2011

Annual fees:
Tuition fee — 103,897
Basic fees — 20,171
Other fees — 20,635

– Additional fees for overload and for laboratory use
– Payment in two or four installments, with interest of less than 3 percent

– About 48 undergraduate programs including BS IT, BS MIS, BS Physics, BS Computer Engineering, BS Computer Science, BS Environmental Science,AB Chinese Studies, BS Management, AB Economics, pre-med courses such as BS Life Sciences, BS Psychology and BS Biology and pre-law courses such as AB Political Science, AB Philosophy and AB Management.


From forums, April to June 2011:

Nursing — 36k (1st year, 1st sem)
Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) — 35k
Pharmacy — 40k plus (1st year, 1st sem)

Manila and Makati campuses charge the same fees, according to students in these forums.


From Letran’s website:

First semester, school year 2012-2013

Engineering (EE,IE,CE,ECE)

– Cash: 38,077
– Installment 1: 38,954, Down payment is 22,383
– Installment 2: 39,381, Down payment is 17,691

Hotel and Restaurant Management
– Cash: 43,296
– Installment 1: 44,173, down is 28,302
– Installment 2: 44,600, down is 23,810

– Cash: 40,656
– Installment: 41,663, down is 23,412
– Installment: 42,154, down is 18,247

– Cash: 37,726
– Installment: 38,591, down is 22,691
– Installment: 39,036, down is 18,192

Communication Arts — 32,857 cash
Information Technology Major in Digital Arts — 44,522 cash
Business Administration — 36,399 cash
Tourism — 43,296 cash

Penalty of 2% for late payments


From La Salle’s website:

For Freshmen, 1st trimester 2012-2013

Tuition fee per unit per trimester: ranges from 2,143 to 2,605

New student fees — 3,029
Miscellaneous fees — 5,528
Computer lab fee — 3,430 to 3,704
Engineering lab fee — 3,019
Science lab fee — 3,019
Psychology lab fee — 3,019
Computer tech lab fee — 2,121
NSTP fee — ranges from 3,214 to 3,907
Comm in Writing fee — 6,599

There are other fees depending on the course/year/sem

Note: Freshmen are required to pay in full (NOT installment) for every term for the first 3 trisems or first year.

Average Tuition and Other Fees for Freshmen
For 1st Trimester of 2010-2011

Business courses — 63,000 pesos
Computer Studies — 61,500
Education — 61,000
Engineering — 70,000
Liberal Arts — 60,000
Science — 66,000
Economics — 59,200

Tuition fee per unit: ranges from 2,071 pesos to 2,517 pesos

From Nico, Comment Section, June 5, 2012:

School fees range from 66,000 to 80,000 pesos per term
Annual fees — about 200,000 pesos
Information on fees can be found on the DLSU website

1113-1117 San Marcelino St. corner Gonzales St., Ermita, Manila

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 632 521 2710
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

HRM — 32,436
Computer Science — 37,891

Down payment — at least 1k

From Ninji, Comment section, May 5, 2012:

Physical Therapy
Cash — 38,222
Installment — 39,414

Hotel and Restaurant Management
Cash — 30,692
Installment — 31,659

EAC Cavite: UPSI Bldg. 1, Congressional East Ave., Burol Main, Dasmariñas

Nagtahan St, Sampaloc, Manila

EARIST is a state college located along Nagtahan and has a satellite campus along Congressional Highway in Poblacion 5, General Mariano Alvarez (GMA), Cavite.

Tuition fee: 100 pesos per unit
Plus miscellaneous fees


Tuition fees: 15 pesos per unit


From FEU’s website:

For freshmen, 1st Semester 2012-2013

BS in Accountancy (5 years) — 40,430
BS in Accounting Technology — 40,430
BS in Architecture — 42,146
B of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts — 41,204
BS in Biology — 44,190
BS in Medical Technology — 48,372
BS in Nursing — 45,498
BS in Commerce Major in Marketing Management — 39,914
BS in Tourism Management — 37,656
BS in Financial Management — 39,914
BSBA Major in Management — 42,104
BSBA Major in Business Economics — 39,914
BS in Information Technology — 44,982
Bachelor of Laws — 37,326
AB in Political Science — 35,876

Notes: Downpayment is 8,500. Discount of 5% for full payment within 10 days from start of classes.


From, Comment section, April 15, 2012:

BSBA – 39,914 (23 units, w/o NSTP)
Accountancy/Internal Audit – 38,240 (23 units, w/0 NSTP, w/o Computer Subject)
BS HRM – 35,512 (17 units)
TourisM – 37,656 (20 units)
Education – 34,202 (20 units,w/o NSTP, w/o Comp Sub)
Applied Math – 39,914 (23 units, w/o NSTP,w/o Lab)
Arts – 35,876 (20 units, w/o NSTP)
English Language – 40,633 (23 units, W/o NSTP)
Biology – 44, 190 (25 units, w/o NSTP, w/o Computer Subj)
Mass Com – 42,883 (26 units, w/o NSTP, w/o Computer Subj, W/o other Lab Fee)
Med Tech – 48,372 (25 units, w/o computer subj)
Nursing – 45,498 (25 units, w/o NSTP,w/o Computer Subj)
Architecture – 42,146 (23 units, w/o Computer)
Fine Arts – 41,204 (21 units)

**Misc Fees for Architecture/Fine Arts – 8,158
**Lab Fees for Med Tech – 5,850
**Lab Fees for Nursing – 4,756

****QUOTA Courses***

Medical Technology

Per Unit Tuition – 1,308
Misc Fees – 6,647
Other Fees – 1,395
Comp Lab Fee – 1,674 (If you have computer subjects)
Math 1 Fee – 114
Speech 1 Lab Fee – 833
NSTP – 1,780
P.E. – 3,924 (Consider as regular subject)


From FEU-EAC student iTam, Comment Section, January 8, 2013:

BS in Information Technology, Major in Digital Arts (BSIT-DA)
2nd year 3rd term — 46k for 21 units

From, Comment section, April 15, 2012:

Civil Eng, Elec Eng, ECE & Comp Eng (1st Year, 1st Trimester)

Per Unit tuition – 1,380.50
Misc Fee – 5,310.75
Lab Fees – 6,596 (Civil, EE)
Lab Fees – 4,572,50 (ECE)
Lab Fees – 8,787.75 (Comp Eng)

CE/EE – 41,587.50 (21.5 units)
ECE – 38,183.5 (20.5 units)
CPE – 39,637.75 (18.5 units)


From, Comment section, April 15, 2012:

(Same as FEU Manila + 2k development fee)

BSBA – 42,104
Accountancy – 40,430
Information Technology – 44,982
Culinary Program (10 mos to 1 year) (ICF@FEU):
Down Payment 45,000 + Monthly 15,000


Sampaguita Avenue, Mapayapa Village
Diliman, Quezon City, Tel No: 931 6064
Trimestral Calendar

From the FERN website:

Downpayment: Php 6,000.00

BS in Accounting (4 years)
BS in Business Administration (3 years)
BS in Information Technology (3 years)

FERN comes from Nicanor Reyes Educational Foundation, read backwards


From FEU Silang Facebook page, April 19, 2012:

Tuition Fee per sem per unit is 800 pesos
Plus miscellaneous fees

Average number of units per sem is 24, so 24 x 800 = 19,200
Add miscellaneous fees

Secondary Education, Pre-school Special Education (SPED)
Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)
Tourism Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management


From Jazz, Comment section, January 2012:

Marine Engineering / Transportation
Per Unit: P1,100 x 28 units
Miscellaneous: P7,400
Laboratory Fee: P3,888
Total: P42,088


From Olem, Comment Section, Nov 8, 2012:
BS in Information Technology: about 26k per sem


From Art, Comment Section, May 28, 2012
BS in Business Administration — 22k cash, 23k installment

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 531 80 31
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013

Average for all courses:
20k to 21k per sem
Down is 6k to 7k

From a JRU online report for school year 2010 to 2011:

AB, BCS, BSIT, BSCPE, BSED, BEED — 1,624 per unit or 12,735 per 30 units
BSHRM, BS Tourism, BSA — 1,632 per unit or 12,816 per 30 units
BSN — 1,648 per unit or 12,933 per 30 units

Miscellaneous fees include development fee (1,330), HRM lab fee (920 per
unit), HRM 37 co-curricular activity (3,910), Management 32 co-curricular activity
(5,060) and more

Main campus is now beside St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish Shrine, National Highway, Tunasan, Muntinlupa

By phone, May 10, 2012, Tel No 403-82-48:

BS in Business Administration Major in Marketing — 18,657
BS in Elementary Education — 17,732
Down payment is 4k

Balance is divided into 4 installments, payable in July, Aug, Sept, Oct
Cash payments get a discount of around 600 pesos
Free entrance exam

From Hanna, Comment section, June 2011

– Almost 19k per sem


By phone, May 10, 2012, Tel No 527-8251 to 56:

BS in Accounting — 32,921
Minimum down payment: 4k
If installment, 33,921

From delyn, Comment Section, May 26, 2012:

BS in Computer Engineering – 34k if cash, 35k installment
Minimum downpayment – 4K
Balance can be in 3 installments
College Entrance Test fee – 400 pesos
Uniform – 400 pesos for the blouse, 530 for the slacks

From forums, 2011:
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (AB MMA) — 38 to 40K

From Jovi, Jan 23, 2012:

LPU tuition ranges from 35k to 40k plus.
HRM and culinary students get part of their training at the Lyceum-operated hotel The Bayleaf
of Intramuros. International Tourism and Hospitality Management students need to prepare additional funds for tours.


From the Mapua website:

Tuition and miscellaneous fees for freshmen, 1st quarterm 2010-2011

Architecture — 30,507 cash; 31,867 installment
Electrical Engineering — 34,385 cash; 3,915 installment
Civil Engineering — 31,523 cash; 32,968 installment
Mechanical Engineering — 32,179 cash; 33,624 installment
Nursing — 25,211 cash; 26,059 installment
Hotel and Restaurant Management — 22,881 cash; 23,805 installment
Information Technology, Computer Science — 34,502 cash; 36,151 installment
Multimedia Arts — 32,097 cash; 33,457 installment

From a certain forum, 2011:

Multimedia Arts and Sciences: around 36k per sem
(One incoming 3rd year BS MAS student says she has spent a total of about 300k for tuition for
her first and second years. This would be 36K multiplied by 8 sems = 288k)

(formerly Maryknoll College)
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

From a Forum, March 2012:

BA Communication — 49k (21 units)

From a forum, April 2011:
BC Entrepreneurship Major in Culinary Arts — 51k plus lab fees

551 M.F. Jhocson St. Sampaloc, Manila

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 712 19 00
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)
and Accounting (4-year course)

– Cash: 27,532.40
– Installment: 5k down, 6,411.15 monthly
– Installment: 10k down, 5,086.15 monthly

Computer Engineering
– Cash: 25k plus
– Installment: 5k down, 5k plus monthly
– Installment: 10k down, 4k plus monthly

According to forums, Dec 2011:
Engineering and Architecture — 35k to 38k
Management — 25k to 35k

Central Avenue (along Commonwealth Ave), Quezon City

From Jhem, Comment Section, May 15, 2012:

BS in Tourism — 12,600 per sem (this is with discount, has INK member recommendation)

Intramuros, Manila

From the PLM website:

PLM accepts applications only from Manila residents and from non-Manila residents who are valedictorians or salutatorians.

For freshmen, Manila residents: Free tuition and miscellaneous fees

For freshmen, non-Manila residents:

Tuition fee per unit:
– 132 pesos for category 1 and 220 pesos for category 2
Miscellaneous fees: 1,771
Plus lab fees and other fees

Higher fees for non-Manila residents taking Physical Therapy
and for all students taking Medicine and Law


From the PCU website:

Down Payments for the 2010-2011 school year:
– 10,000 for Nursing, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Nutrition and Dietetics and related

– 8,500 (old students) and 6,500 (new students) for Business and related courses
– 7,000 for law and masteral and doctoral programs

From Zach Arroyo, Comment section, April 12, 2012:

Tuition fee per sem for 30 units: 25k to 27k
Night class for working students: up to 9 pm
Zach said he’s an irregular student, paying between 16k to 18k per sem for 15 to 18 units

From Christian, Comment section, April 25, 2012:
Accounting — around 30k, down payment is around 7k

Taft Avenue and Ayala Boulevard, Manila

From the PNU website:

1st semester, 2010-2011

1st year
Tuition fee per unit — 120 pesos
Miscellaneous fees: 1,145

2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year
Tuition fee per unit — 35 pesos
Miscellaneous fees: 875

826 R. Papa St., Sampaloc, Manila

By phone, April 2012, Tel NO: 735 13 80
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Accounting (5-year course)
– 27,280 if cash
– 28,335 if installment, down is 12,500

Campus in QC: 1029 Aurora Boulevard


From the PUP website:

– Tuition fee per unit — 12 pesos (Wala pa sa kalahati ng cell phone load na 30…)
– A semestral load of 28 units will cost 336 pesos.
– Miscellaneous fees include registration (8 pesos), library (17),
athletics (27), engineering freshman (61), sports development (50),
computer (60), guidance (50), ID 975), handbook (45), engineering lab (28),
other lab (31), cultural (11), medical/dental (11). Fees are subject to change.
– Entrance examination fee is 500 pesos.

Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong

From forums, 2011 — 200 pesos per unit

RTU is a state university along Boni, Mandaluyong. It has branches in Pasig, Antipolo, Baras, Cavite and Occidental Mindoro.

Note: According to one Facebook commen, passing the RTU entrance exam does not guarantee admission. You must also pass the interview.


From forums, April 16,2012, for school year 2012-2013:

College of Arts and Science — 64k to 70k
Down payment: 50%

From forums, May to June 2011:

Freshmen tuition fees for Information Technology and other courses range from 54,000 to 60,000 pesos per sem. Some courses start at 40,000 pesos per sem.

Arts and Sciences courses — 60k
Law — 47k
Medicine — 84k
Other courses, average of 50k per sem

Tuition fees per sem range from 45k to 50k
Accounting — 58 to 60k (2nd year, 1st sem)

R Hidalgo and Recto Avenue, Quiapo, Manila

From Kenneth, Comment Section, Sep 19, 2012

Tuition fee — around 978 per unit
BS in Accountancy — 38k for 24 units, with summer classes which cost 15k for 9 units
Tuition fee for Tourism: from 40k to 50k

By phone, May 9, 2012, Tel No 734-8931 loc 211:

BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) — 40,268
BS in Accounting — 44,474
Minimum down payment — 10k

From Forums, May 2011:
Several students said that tuition fees range from 25k to 31k
and majority of them said tuition is from 28k to 29k per sem
Call trunkline: 734-8931

295 E.Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard
Tel No: 7230221

From the St. Joseph website, 2011-2012:

Nursing: 35k, 54k, 49k, 47k

College of Arts courses: 27k, 31k, 27k, 27k


From the SPU website:

Tuition fee per unit per semester for freshmen, 2012-2013 — 1,149.26

2nd year — 1,097.20 per unit

3rd year — 1,044.78 per unit

4th year — 1004.60 per unit

Pay also miscellaneous fees
The increase in tuition fees was presented in a consultation meeting in February 2012. The
increase was 5% over 2011-2012 fees. No increase in miscellaneous fees.

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 524 56 87
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Mass Communications — 55k
Down payment is one-third
Almost all courses cost 55k per sem for freshmen


From the SSC website:

For freshmen, school year 2012 – 2013

Tuition fee per unit — 1,708 pesos
Special fees — 5,927
Miscellaneous fees — 1,810
Science lab fees — 350 to 2,700
Computer lab fees — 3,450
Fine arts lab fees — 2,050
HRM/Nutrition lab fees — 4,600
Psychology lab fees — 600
Mass Comm electronic newsroom — 3,450
Music lab fees — 6,230

– 2% discount for cash payments

For 20 units:
Tuition — 34,160
Miscellaneous and special fees — 7,737
Cash — 41,214
Installment Plan B:
– 21,449 upon enrollment
– 10,474 July (Dec for 2nd sem)
– 10,474 Sept (Feb for 2nd sem)

For 25 units:
Tuition — 42,700
Miscellaneous and tuition fees — 7,737
Cash — 49,583
Installment Plan B:
– 25,719 upon enrollment
– 12,609 July (Dec for 2nd sem)
– 12,609 Sept (Feb for 2nd sem)

There are installments Plan C and D
Lab fees not yet included in computations


From TRiX, Comment section, May 7, 2012:

Marine Engineering — 35k if cash, 37k if instalment

From Jmz, Comment section, 2011:

25,887.30 cash
27,522.45 installment

From Yong, Comment section, January 21, 2012:
Architecture: 27k per sem

From Richard, Comment section, April 11, 2012:

Engineering — 22k, down payment is 3,500

From Reily, Comment section, February 6th, 2012:


743 per unit
5-6k miscellaneous
3,500 downpayment
balance divided by 3, payable before exams


From the TUP website:
For freshmen, school year 2012-2013

Civil Engineering — 9,045
Electrical Engineering — 9,045
Electronics Engineering — 9,495
Mechanical Engineering — 8,195

Architecture — 8,195
Fine Arts — 6,695
Graphics or Architecture Technology — 9,195
Product Design and Devt Technology — 8,945

Computer Science — 7,695
Information Technology — 7,545
Environmental Science — 6,845
Entrepreneurial Management — 6,295

Engineering and Industrial
Technology courses — 9,045 to 9,495
Food Technology — 7,845

Computer Education — 8,895
Art Education — 8,895
Home Economics — 8,895

From RED, Comment section, April 17, 2012:

Tuition fees have increased from 50 pesos to 195 pesos per unit
and from about 4k to about 8k to 10k per sem.

Cathedral Heights, QC

By phone, April 2012
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Nursing — 33,595, down is 11,800

From the TUA website:

Tuition fees per semester, 2nd semester 2010-2011:

Accountancy — 29k, 26k, 31k, 28k
HRM — 30k, 35k, 24k, 9k (9 units)
Computer Science — 29k, 35k, 23k, 15k (9 units)
Psychology — 28k, 29k, 27k, 7k (3 units)
Mass Communications — 26k, 24k, 25k, 8k (3 units)
Medical Technology — 29k, 38k, 45k, 49ka
Nursing — 33k, 61k, 58k, 63k (St. Luke’s College of Nursing, part of Trinity)

Sucat Road, Parañaque City

Tuition fee per unit – 580 pesos
Average school fees for freshmen – around 18k to 22k per sem
Minimum down payment – 7k per sem

Arroceros St, Mehan Garden
near LRT-1 Central Station and Manila City Hall
Tel No: 302-6551 to 52

For Manila residents only
No tuition fees

Pearl Dr, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

From oneWhey, Comment Section, August 29, 2012:

School fees range from 80,000 to 90,000 pesos per semester

J.P. Rizal Extension, West Rembo, Makati City
Owned and funded by the City of Makati

Only for Makati residents
Accepts non-resident freshmen if they have a high school general weighted average of at least
88% and if they pass the entrance exam

From, Feb 2012:

Makati residents: Token fee of 1k per sem
Non-Makati residents: Token fee of 3k per sem

Nursing: Higher tuition fees because the UMAK College of Nursing is a joint venture between UMAK and Systems Technology Institute (STI)

Note for prospective UMAK freshmen applicants:
No freshmen admission this school year 2012-2013. 4th year high school finishers will enter Grade 11 under K-12 program.

From Bham Sibayan, March 15th, 2012, and Ken, May 6, 2012, Comment section:
This year, the University of Makati (Umak) will not accept freshmen applicants because of the new K-12 program.

From the Makati City website:
According to UMAK and Makati officials, UMAK is one of several schools that will pioneer the K-12 senior high school program this 2012-2013 school year. High school graduates in Makati in 2012 are offered the option to enroll in UMAK as Grade 11 students. In addition to humanities studies, they’ll also study technical and vocational courses to enable them to become employable after senior high school graduation.

546 M. V. de los Santos St., Sampaloc, Manila

By phone, April 2012, Tel No: 735 50 84
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Accounting (full load) — 12k to 14k, down is 3k
HRM — 12 to 14k


By phone, April 2012, Tel No. 871 06 39
For freshmen, first sem 2012-2013:

Pharmacy (4-year course) — 40k, down payment is 10k
Information Technology — 34k


From the UST website:

Total fees for Freshmen, 2nd sem 2011-2012

Arts and Letters — 38,661 with PE; 40,472 with ROTC
– (Literature, Political Science, Journalism, Economics,
Philosophy, Communication Arts, etc.)
Accountancy — 42,197 without ROTC — 44,008 with PE and ROTC
Architecture — 55,169 — 56,980
Advertising Arts — 44,956 — 46,767
Industrial Design — 41,335 — 43,146
Interior Design — 42,542 — 44,353
Painting — 45,502 — 47,313
Commerce courses — 38,373 — 40,184
Physical Therapy — 44,090 — 45,901
Travel Management — 48,583 — 50,394
Special Education — 41,573 — 43,384
Nutrition and Dietetics — 48,364 — 50,175
Engineering, CE,EE, ME, IE (15 units) — 32,310 — 34,121
Chemical Engineering (17 units) — 39,496
– Engineering courses increase to 42k to 50k in higher years
Computer Science — 42,736 — 44,547
Information Technology — 42,736 — 44,547
Nursing — 53,611 — 55,422
Pharmacy — 45,421 — 47,232
Medical Technology — 47,175 — 49,986
Biology — 42,936 — 44,747
Chemistry — 48,310 — 50,121
Psychology — 44,257 — 46,068
Medicine — 105,858
Civil Law — 36,348

Note: UST plans to increase tuition fees by 6 percent for the 2012-2013 school year. That’s an increase of about 72 pesos per unit (from 1,207 per unit to 1,279 per unit). Source: March 13, 2012 issue of the UST student publication The Varsitarian.


From UE student JandenLee, Comment Section, Jan 29, 2013

For school year 2012-2013:

For courses under the College of Art and Sciences — P1263 per unit
(Ex. Broadcasting, Journalism, HRM, Legal Mgmt., Psychology, Library Sciences)

College of Business and Acccountancy — P1263 per unit

College of Computer Studies and Systems
(Ex. IT, Computer Science):
Non-computer subjects: P1263
Computer subjects: P1470

College of Dentistry:
Pre-Dentistry: P1263
Dentistry PROPER: P1878

College of Education — P1100 per unit

College of Engineering — P1263 per unit
Mechanical, Civil, ECE, Electrical

Computer Engineering:
P1263 non-computer subjects
P1525 computer subjects

For the College of Law — P1679 per unit

UE Entrance Examination fee — 300 pesos
Accepting applicants until June 2013
Tuition fees might increase by 5% this 2013-2014 school year

From UE student Jandenlee, Comment Section, July 26, 2012
Fees for 2012-2013 for Freshmen
(Tuition and miscellaneous fees)

BS Psychology – 35 k
AB Political Science – 32k
BS Tourism Management – 37k
BS Business Administration – 40k
Pre-Dentistry – 44k per sem
BS Information Technology – 36k
BS Accountancy – 40k
AB Broadcasting – 35k
Electronics and Commmunications Engineering – 34k
Legal Management – 29k

From a Forum, April 25, 2012
BS in Information Technology (IT) — 36k

From Ela, Comment section, April 28, 2012

Dentistry — 43k plus

From the UE forum, March 2011:

1200+ per unit for non-computer courses
1400+ per unit for computer-related courses
Might increase this June 2011 by 5 percent, accdg. to a forum member

BSBA Marketing — 38K (tuition fee plus miscellaneous fee)
BS in Accounting UE Caloocan — 35K (3rd year)
Civil Engineering — 29K to 30K


From the UP website:

UP uses a socialized tuition system, meaning students pay based on their family income. The system is called Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP).

A student applying for the lower tuition brackets need to show notarized financial documents that include tax returns, real estate tax declarations, statements of assets and liabilities, water bills, electric bills, or municipal certification of unemployment.

Tuition fee per unit (UP Diliman, UP Los Banos and UP Manila):
– 1,500 pesos per unit for Bracket A (annual family income of more than 1 million pesos)
– 1,000 pesos for Bracket B (income of 500,001 to 1 million)
– 600 pesos for Bracket C (income of 250,001 to 500,000)
– 300 pesos for Bracket D (income of 135,001 to 250,000)
– Free tuition for Brackets E1 and E2 (income of 135,000 or less)
– student allowance of 12,000 pesos per year, Bracket E2 (income of 80,000 or less)

Miscellaneous fees = 2,000 pesos

UP evaluates students’ financial capabilities every year and changes their STFAP brackets to match their current financial situations.

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I’m sad that some of the bigger schools removed tuition fee info from their web pages very recently. BAKIT KAYA?

Please share your schools’ tuition fee info in the COMMENTS section below. I’d appreciate very much your effort.

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  1. hi Ms. Nors ask lang po ako kung pwede kaya yung transferees na 15 units lang yung na take can allow to entering UP thanks po…sana magreply kyo po

  2. Good day Miss Nora ask ko lang if may marerecommend kayong school na nag ooffer ng ng xray technicians or related dito yong affordable ang tuition fee. thanks you very much.


  3. Hi! I passed the UE Entrance Exam. But I don’t know what’s the exact tuition fee for the Com Sci or other computer-related courses. Do you know what’s their tuition? Thanks! 🙂

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  5. Hi po. Ask ko lang po kung saan mganda magaral ng bs in accountancy..?? Ung affordable po ung tuition fee and maganda po yung turo.??graduating po kasi ako ngayong taon eh.tska po pala may private schools po ba na nag ooffer ng 50%within metro manila lng po. Thanks po and godbless… 🙂

  6. How about foreign students? Are they paying the same school fees /tuition fees or are there any other fees that they pay aside from the regular tuition fees for a particular course/program? Thanks.

  7. Hi ma’am nora ask ko lng po kung makakapag transfer po ako sa earist or madali lng po mag transfer at kung macrecredit yung subj. Syang po ksi 2 years.. Meron po ako failed subj. Pero ibang course na po kukunin ko.. Posible po ba na makakapag transfer ako? .At kung my exam yung transfer. Nila? Thank you po .. Need some ans.. Depress. na depressed na po ako.. Lakina ng problem ko

  8. Hi Jose, I’ll respond to you again later. You know, there are a lot of people whose problems are much worse than yours. And your problem has a solution. So learn to be positive and be hopeful. And be grateful that your problem is much easier and much lighter than many other people’s problems. Is your problem heavier than those of persons who have illnesses that need expensive treatments, or who have lost hard-earned money in scams or bad investments, whose marriages or families are broken, who are in prison for wrong accusations? So so so sleepy, I’ve worked overnight, have to sleep a little. napansin ko lang kc yong “depressed”. will be back

  9. hi po Ma’am Nora, ask ko lang po if kailangan po bang magtake ng exam ang mga tranferee kung lilipat po sa RTU? or direct na po interview… I am a scholar sa university po na last ko pong inattendan and I think ok naman po ung academic standing ko, nagkaroon lng po kasi ng personal problem so mejo napabayaan po ang studies last sem, i got an average og 1.88 and nakita ko po na 2.0 ang dapat average sa RTu so pasok po, the thing is, inaalala ko lng po kung pwede po kaya akong makapasok sa RTU, desidido naman po akong makapasok and I am willing to do anything to my extent… salamat po sa magiging comment niyo po… 🙂

  10. hi po. What if the course that you chose when you took the entrance exam at feu was computer science? then later on you decide to to take up advertising arts? is that allowed? please reply. 🙂

  11. Hi luke, I think so, as long as there are still slots for Advertising Arts. Go to the department covering Advertising Arts asap and ask, as they have additional requirements. You might have to take an additional exam to test your aptitude and skills for Advertising Arts.

  12. Hi po good morning. if ever I don’t pass the UP exam, is there no other way to study at UP?

  13. Hi po, do u have any idea how much tuition fee sa NU for high school? Hope to hear from you… Thanks.

  14. Hi Regine, check if you are in the waiting list. You can also study at another school for your freshman year, complete your course units, get high grades, at least 1.5 or 2.0, depending on the course, then apply for transfer to UP. Get more info at It might be easier to transfer to other UP locations other than UP Diliman.

  15. Hi po Ma’am Nora, I just wanna asked po if you have already the updated per unit fee in FEU? I learned that the tuition fee in FEU was already hiked. Thanks for the response.

  16. Hi I would like to ask if PUP will accept enrollees for BSIT course for 2nd degree? I am a graduate of this school for BSAccountancy course but I would also like to study IT. thanks.

  17. Hi Carren, sorry I’m not sure about a second degree, as slots are reserved for freshmen and transferees. You can try though. What I know is you can study again there if you’re taking up a masteral degree.

  18. hi po ask ko lang po f meron na senior high school sa FEU diliman? and nasa magkano kaya ang range ng tuition for grade 11 to 12 nahirapan na po kc mag hanap ng school para sa anak ko na grade 10 na po ngayon. please need ko po ng sagot. salamat po!

  19. hi po ask ko lang po f ready for senior high school na po ang FEU diliman or k-12 ready na po? and what range po kaya and tuition for grade 11 for sy 2015-2016

  20. Good day, Hi poh Ms. Nora, is there a university that offers night classes particularly in manila. thank you poh. Hoping for your response. Godbless.

  21. Hi Che, sorry there are no universities offering all-night classes. But many universities offer class schedules up to 10:30 pm; some up to 9:30 pm. Enroll early so you can choose evening classes. God bless too

  22. Hello po wanna ask if I’ll be able to transfer to feu if ever. im planning to transfer there 2nd yr 2nd sem po. Will my subjects be credited? Thanks

  23. Hi ish, yes, apply as soon as you get your grades or Transcript of Records from your current school. The FEU department that manages your course will check your subjects and if they match the subjects required for that course at FEU, they will credit your subjects. If you have a description of subjects, bring it. Major subjects usually are not credited. FEU quota courses are accountancy, nursing, architecture, medical technology, and psychology — meaning they have stricter admission requirements for these courses.

  24. Hi ish, yes, apply as soon as you get your grades or Transcript of Records from your current school. The FEU department that manages your course will check your subjects and if they match the subjects required for that course at FEU, they will credit your subjects. If you have a description of subjects, bring it. Major subjects usually are not credited. FEU quota courses are accountancy, nursing, architecture, medical technology, and psychology — meaning they have stricter admission requirements for these courses. Ask about your course — the department might accept transferees only during the first semester’s admission period.

  25. Gud am po! Ask ko Lang how much will we spend if my son will be enrolling in feu under the track of stem. He plans to take up architecture in college? He’s senior hs po. Ty

  26. Hi Alona, I think your son will still take up the regular path to architecture even if he studied under the high school STEM program. FEU tuition fees for architecture per sem: 1st year: 60k per sem; 2nd year: 63k per sem; 3rd year: 60k per sem; 4th year: 71k per sem ; 5th year; 56k per sem. Architecture in FEU is a quota course, meaning your son has to get high scores in his entrance exam.

  27. Hi Ms. Nora i am PSY. Let me know that how much we will spend if my brother will be enrolling in FEU under the track of ABM. He plans to take BSBA-Major in Management in Grades 11 & 12?

  28. Hi miss nora, just wondering. does feu has an entrance exam? if yes, when? does the entrance exams for freshmen already stopped? and how much tourism fee cost?

  29. Mam Nora good day saan po kayo ako pwede magtuloy ng Accountancy Course? Graduate po ako ng BS Accounting Technology.

  30. Sa TIP Manila po, 37K including miscellaneous fees. 1k+ kada unit eh. Ang mahal! XD

  31. I want to study fine art in feu, pls can u tell me the tution fee and the processes for of admission for a Nigerian students.

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