BDO Correspondent Banks for Sending Money to the Philippines

Updated June 9, 2015

Here’s a list of BDO correspondent banks for Filipinos, OFWs and other persons abroad who want to send money to the Philippines through a WIRE TRANSFER or TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER to a BDO account.

In many cases, wire transfers or telegraphic transfers are more expensive than other remittance or money transfer services, so if there are no valid reasons why you need to use wire transfers, check if there are other ways to send money to the Philippines in your place of work, business or residence.

Accredited money transfer services could be cheaper, and also faster, and at the same time as secure and as safe as the banks.

If you’re sending to a BDO client, you can check if there are BDO Remit partners or BDO remittance agents in your area.

Other options are MoneyGram and Wells Fargo ExpressSend, which are both BDO partners. You can also use Western Union, but use it only if you’re depositing to a BDO account, and not for cash pickup at a BDO branch.

If you need to use a WIRE TRANSFER to send money to a BDO account, you need the following information:

  • BDO Swift Code is BNORPHMM.
  • Name of your recipient, spelled exactly the same as the name on his/her BDO account
  • BDO account number of your recipient
  • Address of your recipient
  • Address of the BDO branch of your recipient (some banks require complete address; others require just the country and city)
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your bank account number (Most banks require that you have an account with them before you can send a wire transfer.)
  • Amount to be sent
  • Telephone numbers of both sender and recipient (required by some banks)

BDO Correspondent Banks

CITY BANK Currency
New York Citibank NA U.S. Dollars
New York Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas U.S. Dollars
New York JPMorgan Chase Bank NA U.S. Dollars
New York Standard Chartered Bank U.S. Dollars
New York The Bank of New York Mellon U.S. Dollars
New York Wells Fargo Bank U.S. Dollars
San Francisco Bank of America NA U.S. Dollars
London Barclays Bank PLC British Pounds
London HSBC Bank PLC British Pounds
London Citibank NA Swiss Francs
Frankfurt Deutsche Bank AG Euros
Frankfurt Standard Chartered Bank (Germany) Euros
Melbourne Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Australian Dollars
Tokyo Standard Chartered Bank Japanese Yen
Tokyo Wells Fargo Bank Japanese Yen
Singapore Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Ltd. Singaporean Dollars
Hong Kong Banco De Oro Unibank Inc. Hongkong Dollars

Here are the Swift Codes or BIC Codes for the banks above:

Correspondent Bank Swift Code or BIC Code
Citibank, New York CITI US 33
Deutsche Bank, New York BKTR US 33
JPMorgan Chase, New York CHAS US 33
Standard Chartered, New York SCBL US 33
Bank of New York Mellon, New York IRVT US 3N
Wells Fargo, New York PNBP US 3N NYC
Bank of America, San Francisco BOFA US 6S
Barclays Bank,London BARC GB 22
HSBC, London MIDL GB 22
Citibank, London CITI GB 2L
Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt DEUT DE FF
Standard Chartered, Frankfurt SCBL DE FX
Australia and New Zealand, Melbourne ANZB AU 3M
Standard Chartered, Tokyo SCBL JP JT
Wells Fargo, Tokyo PNBP JP JX
Oversea-Chinese Banking, Singapore OCBC SG SG
Banco De Oro, Hong Kong BNOR HK HH

BIC means Bank Identifier Code. This is the code for the bank in financial transactions done through telecommunication systems.

The Swift Code consists of 8 or 11 characters. SWIFT refers to Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, an organization that assigns codes to track wire transfers.

Note:  I removed Royal Bank of Canada (Toronto) from the list; I no longer see it on the list on BDO’s website.

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  1. Hi joan, ask your sender if he/she sent to your account, or if he/she sent it to you for cash pickup at BDO (no BDO account no. written). If she did not write any account no., claim your money at BDO over the counter. Bring your IDs. If he/she sent to your account, ask him/her to check the account no. You can call BDO 631 8000

  2. I have the same problem. the money was sent to my bdo kabayan account last March 3 and until now the money not yet show up in my account..the sender is from Korea..before, in just 3 days I receive the remittance. Now it has taken so long. i dont know what to do. the sender uses the same bank. What could be the reason? I’m worried.

  3. Hi jaja, sometimes weekdays delay remittances. I hope you get your money by Friday. If not yet, tell your sender so he/she can inquire there in Korea.

  4. My sender already inquire at Korea exchange bank yesterday..wala namn daw po problem…sana nga po dumating na po until Friday pero check ko po ulit today sa bank..thanks po

  5. Hi! Good day! when can they receive my remittance thru german bank online transaction to bdo junior saver? I transferred sunday. thanks in advance..

  6. Hi Roseanne, if your bank is not a BDO correspondent bank, your remittance might take 3 business days or more. It’s faster if your bank is Standard Chartered or Deutsche Bank

  7. Hi Ms. Nora,
    I’m married to a retired American and we’re staying here in the Philippines for good. He’s receiving Social Security retirement money every 3rd of the month through BDO Direct deposit but we wasn’t able to mail his annual report on time so the check was posted March 17th, 2016 american time. I viewed our payment history on social security website and we got all the previous payments on the same day it was posted but when I checked our bank today the money hasn’t hit yet. They’re transferring from bank of newyork Mellon to BDO, do you have any idea when are we gonna get the money under this kind of circumstances?

  8. good day, can i ask if how many days should be expect to recieve the money if the recipient send today march 18,2016 my bdo kabayan? it will directly send to my atm?

  9. Hi Shayne, it’s now the 19th so I hope your money is already in your husband’s account. Sorry I’m not able to say a time frame as international money transfers vary from within minutes to next day to 7 days or more.

  10. hi po can i ask po why I’m not seeing through online banking the money deposited by my bf. he is from norway, and he sent money direct to my bank account. He sent the money march 15, 2016.

  11. Hi April, call BDO 631 8000 or go to your branch and ask. Make sure also that your bf wrote the correct bank name, account name and number.

  12. okay lang po ba hindi complete ang pangalan na nilagay niya example ganito po April oking lang nilagay niya imbes APRIL-ANN OKING.. THANK YOU PO MS. NORA

  13. Hi Nora, some money was transferred to me from HSBC hong kong in to my BDO dollar account on the 21st and I am yet to receive it and my business partners have checked and the money has left their account .. what should I do

  14. Hi delores, you should call BDO or visit your branch. There could be an error in the account no. or name. Or there could be a problem with the currency sent — was it HK or US dollars? I think a peso account can accept other currencies, but a US dollar account might accept only US dollars.

  15. Good Day, Hi Nora, I just want to confirm if I can transfer dollar via swift code to a BDO peso account?

  16. Hi Nora, I am expecting funds from Citizens bank and I do understand that it’s not a correspondent bank of BDO. Would you happen to know how many days/weeks am I supposed to wait for it to be credited to my account? Not sure as well if I need to pick it up or will it go directly to my BDO savings (in peso). Sorry, this is a first for me.

  17. Hi JM, if it’s wire transfer, it goes to your account. But banks also send to other banks for cash pickup, and you should get a reference number from your sender so you can claim. If it’s already past one week, ask your sender, or call BDO — there could be an error in your name or number.

  18. Hello po. My friend will send me money through Hongkong Hanseng Bank which is in China. I gave him The details for the wire transfer and yung intermediary bank details po ng BDO sa hongkong para mareceive ko po sa kabayan savings account ko po since kailangan po ng third party para isend po saken yung pera. yung currency nya po is GBP. Converted na po ba yun into peso pag nareceive ko po ? usually ilang days po bago makuha? Thanks po.

  19. Bali isesend nya po gamit yung hongkong hanseng bank nya po to my bdo kabayan savings po dito sa philippines. ilang days po kayo bago makuha? sinend ko din po sa kanya yung correspondent bank po sa bdo hongkong as the third party po. sana po matulungan nyo po ko. thanks po.

  20. Hello Good day… i had recieve a message from my sender that the money hes going to send to my Kabayan Saving account was returned to him.. he use WESTERN UNION to transfer money to, he is from Germany… this is the first time that we transact through this… any help maam? Thank you

  21. Hi Maria Edna, you said “he’s going to send”. Do you mean his money was refused by Western Union there? Or do you mean BDO or Western Union Philippines returned the money to him via Western Union in Germany? The remittance process should have been completed, since it was sent to your account. Did your sender write your correct name, bank name and account no.? Anyway, ask your sender to send the money to your Kabayan account through Moneygram or for cash pickup at BDO. Moneygram is the one that has partnered with BDO. BDO Remittance partners in Germany

  22. i need to send my saving funds to barclays bank. what are the details i need to present in bdo to do this transaction? by the way my acount is atm savings

  23. Hi Ms. Nora. It’s been 3 days now since my friend sent me some money through my Kabayan Savings. He sent it through wire transfer and used a BDO correspondent bank in HONGKONG. I checked my account online but its still not there. What will I do? How many days do I have to wait before it reflects on my account? I hope you can help me. It’s my first to receive a wire transfer.

  24. hi my husband sent money before in dubai. it has written on the transaction slip is loan payment instead of salary or savings. tellers error. when he got here in the philippines he checked that the money he sent was not in his account when the remittance in dubai said that there is no problem, how come it has not yet received. its been last september can he still get the money? we checked it last month of March.

  25. Hi Evelyn, have you told BDO your problem? Ask them if there’s a remittance sent to your husband’s name but possibly with wrong account no. Did your husband go back to Dubai? He should follow this up himself there in Dubai. If he did not return, call the Dubai remittance company and ask them to check if the teller there entered the correct BDO account no.

  26. What are the BDO Correspondent Banks in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and their swift codes?

  27. Hi mrs nora just how long it takes to receive money from norway via online banking .my sister send it to my account kabayan savings last june 25 i check my atm account the money not yet arrive on my atm.what will i do

  28. Hi julie, it might take some time because BDO has no correspondent bank in Norway. Your sister’s bank will use an intermediary bank outside Norway to send the money to your account. You can call BDO or visit your branch if your money is not credited by Thursday or Friday

  29. Good day! Tanong ko Lang po, ilan araw ba bago marecieve ang pera na mang gagaling Germany to Philippines? Nung July 12,2016 pa na deposit hanggang ngaun wala pa din:( commerzbank to BDO

  30. Hi Ms. NORA.
    Nag deposit po friend ko over the counter from commerzbank germany, nung July 12 pa, hanggang ngayon hindi pa pumapasok sa account ko, bakit po kaya matagal?:( salamat po

  31. Hi Robert, Commerzbank is not a BDO correspondent bank, so a 3rd bank was used, and this affects the speed of wire transfer. Did your sender write your correct account name, bank name, account no. and Swift code? The Swift code of BDO is BNORPHMM

  32. Hi Ms. NORA
    I don’t tell him the Swift Code. But the account Name, account number and Bank name was all correct . And also he send me the copy of deposit Slip .. and after 2 days the money was deducted to his Account .
    But till now and money was not in my BDO account 🙁 do u have idea how many days will appear on my account ?

    Tnx Ms.Nora

  33. Hi I have a BDO kabayan savings and I try to use in any atm machines here in Dubai with that applicable for master card to check my balance or to withdraw but I cant use it.

  34. Hi Jha, did you change your PIN at a BDO atm in the Philippines? Does your atm has a Mastercard logo?

  35. Hello po I just want to ask about how long it takes a processing to transfer the money on my bank account from Germany? Or how many days to wait? Its worth of €1000? Thank you

  36. Hi jera, it depends on the remittance company. Normally, remittance is credited within the day to up to 5 days. If it’s wire transfer from a non-correspondent bank, sometimes it takes more days.

  37. Hi Ms. Nora, my friend from Cambodia will send me money to my BDO account Lucena branch, the swift code is as above BNORPHMM right? This is applicable for all BDO branch per my understanding, just to be sure but I did gave it to my friend.

  38. Hi Ernelyn, yes, that’s BDO’s swift code and yes, it can be used for any branch, as any remittance from abroad through BDO goes to BDO’s main office first before it’s forwarded to other branches.

  39. Hi Ms Nora, my friend from Australia is planning to send me money to my BDO account,he will be transferring through SWIFT and his bank is Citibank. He is asking if there are any fees for that. Also, will his money be automatically converted to PHP? Thanks.

  40. Hello MS.NORA,
    My husband sent me money through online transfer his bank was postfinance in Switzerland,only the swift-code I gave him.Ms. Nora it is correct? I can receive the money? for how many days?

  41. Hi, Nora – I remitted money from Maldives through State Bank of India to my wife’s BDO account but I wrote the wrong or another BDO account. What should I do and what should I expect to happen? I already contacted my SBI bank. Could the money be credited to the wrong BDO account or will it be rejected and send back to my account as the name of the beneficiary will differ from the account number holder?

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