Western Union in Narita, Chiba, Japan — Send Money to Philippines

You can send money to the Philippines from Japan thru the following Western Union agent in Narita City and Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture:

The agent is Travelex.

NARITA Terminal 1

C/O Keisei Tabi Room, Narita Airport First Building Station
1-1 Goryobokujyo, Sanrizuka
Narita City, Chiba

NARITA Terminal 2

C/O Keisei Tabi Room, Narita Airport Second Building Station
1-1 Furugome
Narita City, Chiba


1st Floor North Building/LaLaport TOKYO-BAY
2-1-1 Hama Cho
Funabashi City, Chiba
Above data is true as of Feb 15, 2011.  To be sure about location information, please call the Western Union Japan hotline:

0034-800-400-733  (for calls within Japan)

Monday – Sunday,  10 am – 7 pm

English information service is available 24 hours Monday to Sunday.

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