Highest-Paid Hollywood Actors and Actresses

As I love movies, I love a lot of actors and actresses, be they Hollywood, European, Asian, or others, as long as they’re good.

On the fastest-growing website Best-Reviewer.com, I’ve written at least 14 posts about the highest-paid Hollywood actors and actresses and their annual incomes.

There’s one about Johnny Depp and one about Drew Barrymore.

You can also go to my account on Best-Reviewer.com and look at the posts
I’ve written. You may find something that interests you.

For those of you who may be wondering why I’m writing Hollywood-ish on
this blog, which is primarily about working Pinoys, I’m posting this because
I’m participating in a contest on the Best-Reviewer website.

If you’re interested to know what this site is all about,
check it out…Best-Reviewer.com.

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