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NOTICE to ALL DANVIL Planholders:

If you’ve never heard about the JULY 30, 2015 deadline, read this:

                        Notice from Danvil Plans  



After reading more comments about Danvil Plans not answering
emails, I tried to send my own inquiries to Danvil Plans at last Tuesday April 21.

I asked why Danvil Plans has not been answering emails when email is the most affordable way to contact them, especially for Danvil Plans planholders working hard abroad.

To my pleasant surprise, the next day Eleazer L. Francisco, Danvil Plans customer service supervisor, replied and here is part of the response:

Thank you for your e-mail of 21 April 2009.

Our record shows that your plan under policy number FPN401756 is already fully paid.

Thank you for deliberating your concern with us, rest assured that we are doing our best to serve our policy holders with their concerns. Blogs are open to all to post their opinions, and they are not filtered out even if it is true or not.

Please feel free to e-mail us again should you have anymore concerns.

Best regards,

Eleazer L. Francisco
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Relation Group
Danvil Plans, Inc.
(632) 755-1521

I emailed back Mr. Francisco and asked him about Ms. Aurora Dino, the Danvil Plans executive I was communicating with last year about my own preneed plan.  He said Ms. Dino is no longer with Danvil Plans.

So there, try sending your inquiries to Danvil Plans at, and then kindly write about them here.


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