Pag-ibig MP2 or SSS PESO? Which Is a Better Savings Scheme?


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  1. Hi Ms Nora,
    Tanong ko lang po kung magkakaron ba ako ng problema sa restructuring loan ko sa SSS if binayaran ko ng dalawa kada hulog? example 2017 to 2019 ako matatapos kase 2 years siya. Ang ginawa ko po kada buwan 2 ang bayad ko. So, kung naka 3months na ko ng hulog dapat magappear na anim na buwan ang katumbas pero nung nag verify ako sa SSS tatlong buwan lang daw po. Pano yun? Balak ko kaseng tapusin maaga ang loan ko.

    Thanks po sa reply.

  2. Hello maam, ang pag ibig mp2 po ba pwdng bayaran sa banko?.. or sa bayad centers?. Like sm bayad centers?..thanks

  3. Hi Nora,
    I’ve just started my MP2 today, I asked for MP2 number but the cashier said that I will be given only 1 number which is my MDN, is it okay? will my P1 and MP2 contributions will be separated if in case? or do i have to really request for another account number?

  4. hi ms nora pwede po magtanong kapag nag loan ka po ba sa pag ibig paano po amg kaltas nya every month po ba yun/thnx po sa sagot

  5. Hi Ma’am Nora, ask ko lng po pwd po bang magbayad anak ko ng contribution ko using my name lng po. Kasi d ko po alam pagibig number ko. Pero nakapagbayad naman ako last year. Nung nagbayad kasi ako, name lng naman kasi pinasulat sa akin with my valid I.d. OfW po pala ako. Tnx! vvian

  6. Hi Nora. :)I am not sure if my employer is updated with my Pag-ibig contributions, will I be able to apply for MP2?

  7. Hi maam Nora,
    About po sa basic Pag-ibig account (P1), mawithdraw ba ang contributions natin sa P1? Alam ko po makaloan tayo, pero kelan po pede mawithdraw yong mga contributions sa pag ibig?

  8. Hi ms Nora.i have an existing MP2 account. Then i read in one’s blog that Mp2 could have more than one MP2 account? how can i apply for another account? will it not be conflicting with my first account?

  9. Hi Nora,
    Meron po bang paraan para macheck kung magkano na ang savings mo sa MP2? ano po ang requirements para makuha mo ang lahat ng savings mo after 5years?

  10. MP2 po.anu po ang mga requirements sa pagkuha ng pera pag nakatapos kna po ng 5years.tnx

  11. Hi ian, walang conflict, okay lang. Mas mabilis usually kasi ang posting ng individual payments kasi direct payments. Yong employers, meron silang schedules when to file.

  12. Hi ian, I think okay lang kung ayaw mapalitan online, kasi puede mo namang i-change mo later on sa branch using the data change form.

  13. Panu po ito? pagregister ko sa mp2 thru online,, previous employer po nkalagay hindi nman kac ma edit..ok lng po b ito??

  14. helo po madam/sir panu kung hindi updated pagbayad ng employer sa mp1?? at mging updated ako sa mp2?? my conflict po b yun??

  15. Hi, ask ko lang kung paano po transaction or payment kapag nasa ibang country, OFW po kasi ako.

  16. Hi olympia, yes, mas gusto nga ng Pag-ibig ang mas mataas na contribution. At siempre it will be all for your benefit kung malaki ang savings mo kasi mas malaki ang dividend rate ng Pag-ibig kesa bank savings account. Kung gusto mo yong 5-year term, puede ka ring mag-register sa Pag-ibig MP2. Yong Pag-ibig 1 contribution, makukuha mo at age 60 or after accumulating 240 contributions.
    Sa POEA ka ba unang nagbayad ng Pag-ibig 1 contribution kasi sabi mo 100 pesos ang initial payment mo? Pag-ibig MID na ba ang ginagamit mo na number?

  17. Hi nora, ofw po ako, nag member po ako sa atin 100 pesos po binayad ko. nagbyad po ako dto 2 months.pwde po bang taasan ang contribution? tnx po

  18. Hi Jhoan: Yes, puedeng hindi through employer ang MP2 kasi optional ito at merong mga employers na ayaw magpa-isturbo. Yes, after 5 years makukuha mo ang MP2 kahit meron kang housing loan. Ang nakakabit sa housing loan ay yong P1.

  19. Hi This Jhoan, kung meron akong Housing Loan pero gusto kung mag ipon sa MP2 program ng pagibig after 5 years pwede ko bang ma withdraw yung saving ko na MP2 saving program ng Pag Ibig at pwede ba na ako ang voluntary na mag bayad na hindi ko pakakaltasan sa employer ko.

  20. Hi Nora;

    tnry ko po ung online payment facility sa pag-ibig website. transactions went well. Program type “MONTHLY MANDATORY SAVINGS”. new member lng po ako ng pag-ibig. anu po ba e2. sa MP1 po ba napunta or sa mp2.

  21. Hi Victoria, sorry no. It’s only the mandatory contribution (P1) that you can pay through your credit card. But if you have a Globe GCash card, you can use it to pay your MP2. I’ll send you the link later, as Pag-ibig’s website is at the moment under maintenance.

  22. Hi Jonathan, yes, puede kang mag-register online sa MP2 registration page. Off ngayon ang Pag-ibig website so I cannot check the registration page. Yes, your wife can pay for you. It’s better that your wife pays at the branch nearest your residence para mas madaling mag-claim. Yong P1 ay puedeng bayaran sa Bayad Center or SM Business Center, pero itong MP2 ay hindi pa nila tinatanggap as of today. So sa Pag-ibig branch talaga binabayaran ang MP2

  23. Hello miss Nora.jonathan po.and2 po ako sa Saudi.pwede po ba magopen ng mp2 account online.tapos pano po yung payments.kc ung wife ko po syempre nasa pinas..sya nlng po ba maghuhulog ng payments..

  24. Hi Francis, so happy for you! So glad you’re saving and investing and tracking your investments. Wish there were more Filipinos like you. More power too!

  25. Hi Nora, thanks for the copy that you’ve sent to me! I just deposited the maximum payment per annum at SSS PESO Fund this week and I just want to make sure that everything is in order. Thanks again and more power!

  26. Hi Francis, all guaranteed earnings and excess earnings credited to PESO members’ accounts are not taxed, or in short, PESO earnings are tax-free. About the coupon payments: Since the SSS is a tax-exempt institution, all earnings gained by SSS from its investments, such as coupon payments, are tax-exempt.

  27. Hi Francis, management fee is 1% per annum, deducted from the member’s account every month-end after guaranteed earnings are credited. I’ll send you the enrollment form — the rules are on page 2 of the form — so you can compare PESO with your other investments.

  28. Hi jay, that’s a perfect explanation of that phrase! Thanks you very much! I’m so happy you shared what you know. Truly appreciative of your post. And you write very well. Thanks again 🙂

  29. With regards to “Guaranteed by the Philippine Government” it means that as long as there is a Philippine Government your money is safe even if they declare bankruptcy the gov’t will make a way to pay the members. Slim chance of not getting the investment not unless we will be invaded or occupied by another country.

  30. Also, what exactly is “tax free”? Does that include the coupon payments on securities the fund invests in? If the fund’s interest earnings are exempt from the 20% withholding tax, that is a big deal, and makes this different from a UITF/MF that invests in government securities.

  31. Hi Abegail, pareho silang savings schemes ng SSS, pero yong Flexi ay para lang sa OFWs at yong PESO ay puede both sa OFWs and local members. Kung OFW ka, mas maigi yong Flexi kasi meron itong additional earnings bukod sa dividends. Merong annual incentive bonus. Kung local member ka, sa PESO Fund ka puedeng mag-enroll.

  32. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Pwede po ba na di ko na idadaan sa employer ko ung payment ko for SSS Peso Fund? Instead, ako na magbabayad sa SSS or bayad centers or banks or auto-debit na lng sa account ko?


  33. hi. i’d like to ask. if saving on banks will have 1% to 2% interests rate. then what is the exact interest rate annualy when investing on mp2 and peso fund? does the investment made earn through compound interests? thank you.

  34. hi! i am interested with miss poly question. what can you say about her question…thanks

    When it say “guaranteed by the Philippine government” does it mean na even malugi un SSS or Pag-ibig the whole amount of contribution mapapabalik sa member? Un kasi un worry ko sa mga mutual fund and other financial institutions there are risk. Base dun sa samputation sa website ng SSS, if i saved 2M, estimated earnings in about 500T, so magiging 2.5 in 20 yrs. What if malugi ang SSS, makukuha ko pa rin ba un buong 2M na nacontribute ko?

  35. hi ms. nora, i enrolled for MP2 last Feb 11, 2014, and i just saw this form in my files yesterday. Meaning I was not able to pass the form to any PAGIBIG Branch in the Philippines and now I’m currently working abroad. Is the MP2Accont No. provided in form still applicable for me?
    Please advise.

  36. Hi November, yes, you can request your HR to collect and remit your MP2. If they refuse, that’s their right, as MP2 is optional — you will then pay your MP2 at your branch. For SSS PESO, there’s a special payment form for this savings scheme, so I think it might be better to pay this yourself at any SSS branch. It’s required that you have paid your regular SSS contributions for the month before your pay your SSS Peso for the same month. Bring your pay slip with SSS deduction, just in case. will get back

  37. Hi Nora,
    If I enroll on M2 and SSS peso, is it possible to arrange an automatic monthly deduction from my salary?

  38. Hi nogs, yes, you may skip months or a year. What you haved saved and what it has earned will remain in your account. There are no penalties or deductions. Make sure to add to your MP2 savings again as soon as you’re able to save.

  39. Hi,is it possible to skip monthly contribution for MP2 and make it a yearly amount?also what if you miss contribution for a year? Will it not affect your running contribution?

  40. Hi melay, yes, online banking would be very convenient for us if these systems are linked. Sad to say that payment for these are not yet offered through our banks’ online banking. Try to go over your bank’s list of merchants for bill payment and you can’t find them. Only regular SSS contributions can be paid through MP2 can be paid through GCash if you have this card. Here’s the instruction: Pag-ibig payments

  41. Hi Nora. Can i pay for MP2/PESO via online banking? will it be the same as paying for my electric bill where i just have to enroll it in my online account? This will be very convenient for people who can’t find time to go to BayadCenters. Thanks!

  42. Hi Nora! for the information of OFWs,please include there that Flexi-fund has a minimum retention period of 1 year and they can partially withdraw their funds anytime and that they can save any amount but not less than 200 pesos on top of their regular contribution of Php 1,760. Thank you

  43. Hi Wilmer, thanks a lot for appreciating my blog. It’s a big encouragement for me. I’m glad that you’re saving a lot for your retirement and that now you want to save with MP2. Kudos to you. Based on comments online and personal experience, it’s easier and faster to withdraw MP2 than Flexi-Fund, so MP2 can be planned for use for real estate investment or kids’ college tuition after 5 years or 10 years.

  44. Hi Nora, Your blog is very informative and can be understood by many. I am an ofw working here in Laos. Despite the controversy haunting the SSS, I still pay the maximum monthly premium of 1760 pesos. I also paying the voluntary contribution to Pag Ibig which I made 1000 pesos monthly. Now that I know the advantages of MP2 over PESO and Flexi-fund, I am planning to open an account with MP2.

  45. Hi Dyesebel, if your husband is sure that his agency remitted his contributions to SSS, he can continue as voluntary, not self-employed, because he was an employee previously. You can pay for him at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. You can pay any amount based on the new SSS circular on increasing contributions. Of course, the higher the better. To be sure if his agency remitted his contributions, he can visit the nearest SSS branch and verify his contributions. After paying as voluntary (wait for 3 days to allow time for posting), he can enroll in online SSS so he can track his contributions.

  46. hi Ms. Nora! my husband stopped working as security guard last 2007. since then he did not work due to some health concerns. and because of this, he failed to continue to give his sss contribution. i would like to continue as s self employed. is that possible, will there be penalties?


  47. hi Ms Nora

    When it say “guaranteed by the Philippine government” does it mean na even malugi un SSS or Pag-ibig the whole amount of contribution mapapabalik sa member? Un kasi un worry ko sa mga mutual fund and other financial institutions there are risk. Base dun sa samputation sa website ng SSS, if i saved 2M, estimated earnings in about 500T, so magiging 2.5 in 20 yrs. What if malugi ang SSS, makukuha ko pa rin ba un buong 2M na nacontribute ko?

  48. I asked PAGIBIG re: management fee. Good news, MP2 has no management fee. SSS PESO/Flexifund po has, based on experience.

  49. Thanks for providing the good points. I read on the SSS website that PESO charges management fees but did not provide how much. How about MP2? Would you know? I can’t find anything online.

  50. Hi Mariahyfe, here’s the SSS address in Dubai:
    Philippine Overseas Labor Office
    35 Beirut St. Extension
    2 Al Qusais 3, Dubai
    Phone: (971) 5621-23426
    Representative: Lydia E. Cabagnot
    But the savings program specially designed for OFWs is the SSS Flexi-Fund. Just fill up the OW-1 form. You can apply for this through email. Here’s info about the SSS Flexi-Fund.

  51. Hi Merille, because your status is Employed, you don’t need to pay the maximum in order to save with PESO. It’s only the individual payors (not Employed) that need to pay the maximum. During your registration (register in person with your IDs at selected SSS branches), you will know if you will pay PESO through your employer, or if you can pay separately. You can also ask your HR if there are already employees paying PESO through your company.

  52. What if my salary bracket is not the maximum in sss, that means i didn’t reach the maximum monthly contribution. do i need to pay for the difference (max monthly contribution-my monthly contribution remitted by my employer to sss) directly to sss in order for me to be eligible with SSS Peso? does this mean i only have mp2 as option for easier process?
    please enlighten me.

  53. Hi Weng, I’m glad you’re thinking about these things. If employers like BPOs are competing for talented employees, they can offer MP2 and PESO payment remittance as one of the benefits they can offer. But for other employers, obviously they prefer not being saddled with additional accounting/remittance tasks. Currently, there are no forms like collection lists for MP2 or PESO, so what employers will do, if they decide to collect/remit MP2 and PESO for employees, is to fill up individual payment slips and pay directly to the cashiers for each of their employees – a time-consuming task for them. For me, I prefer paying my own MP2 or PESO, since Bayad Centers are now in malls, and so I can increase/decrease my monthly savings any time I want. Thanks too and more power.

  54. Hi Ms. Nora, good day! I would like to know if employees should have the option to pay through their employers by payroll deduction. Since the contribution is not mandated for monthly payment, it will be tedious on the part of our employer to monitor and implement. What do you suggest to employers for both Pag-ibig MP2 and SSS PESO to support this govt program? Thank you and more power.

  55. Hi Lyn, yes, you can add your 50k to your MP2 account. You can spread it out as your contributions for Oct Nov and Dec 2015; anyway dividends are computed on an annual basis. Kudos to you for saving.

  56. Hi Ms Nora, May I ask for example im active member of Pag-ibig Modified 2 since November 2013 and im planning to add my extra savings say 50,000.00 is it possible? Thanks!

  57. hello, can I continue paying my contributions to pag ibig? almost 2 yrs that I stopped paying. I’ve paid my contributions for almost 3yrs.

  58. Hi evangeline, PESO opened for applications last May at these SSS branches: Legarda, Diliman, Cubao, San Francisco Del Monte, Pasig-Shaw, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Makati-Gil Puyat, Alabang and Pasay-Roxas Boulevard. Other branches will offer this program soon. Bring your SSS ID or 2 valid IDs.

  59. hello mrs Nora great day. when can we apply for sss peso fund?thank you. God bless

  60. Hi Ed, yes, you can pay MP2 using manager’s checks. Checks are made payable to PAG-IBIG FUND. There might be Pag-ibig collectors though that don’t accept cheques. Pag-ibig branches surely accept cheques. Thanks again for appreciating my blog.

  61. Hello Miss Nora. I just want to ask if I could pay my contribution in MP 2 using a managers cheque?I have opened an account for me and my wife recently because of the atractive rates they have compared to the banks.Thank you and more power to your website.

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