Pag-ibig Retirement Linked to Pag-ibig Housing Loan

Your Pag-ibig retirement claim is linked to your Pag-ibig housing loan. Pag hindi mo pa

nabayaran yong Pag-ibig housing loan mo, hindi mo makukuha ang retirement claim mo, o yong Provident Fund Benefits mo.

When my husband filed his Provident Fund Benefits claim, Pag-ibig asked him to get a clearance from the Pag-ibig Housing Loan division, certifying that his housing loan has been paid. Thanks to a big blessing from the Lord, we were able to pay his housing loan.

But eventually after submitting all the needed documents, and after several months, my husband’s Provident Fund Benefits claim was rejected because the required total 240 monthly contributions was not reached. Kulang siya ng 6 contributions.

IMPORTANT:  Don’t abandon your Pag-ibig housing loan. Look for a buyer who will assume your balance. If you have to lose some amount to be able to give a discount to attract a buyer, go for it.

Has anyone of you tried surrendering your house bought with a Pag-ibig housing loan to Pag-ibig? Yong i-surrender (after paying for just a few months) para lang hindi ma-foreclose at para ma-erase yong record mo sa Pag-ibig at nang sa ganon ay makuha mo ang Provident Fund benefits mo? Puedeng i-share mo dito.

By the way, here’s a link to the Provident Fund Benefits Claim Form where you can see that Pag-ibig checks if you have a Pag-ibig housing loan before it processes your benefits or retirement claims.
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  1. Paanu o saan website po ba ako pede mag follow up ng burial claim at ng contribution ng late husband ko name jose malang garcia,past away last a year ago august14,2015 pa.po till now d pa marelease yan pls, send email tnx po

  2. Hi Ms. Nora, do you have anarticle about pag-ibig housing loan used for buying foreclosed pag-ibig properties?

  3. Hi christina, yes, you can use your Philhealth in August or Sep. For prenatal care, present your prenatal care receipts worth 1,500 or more. Yes, you can include your lab receipt. For your newborn care benefit, submit a second claim form 1 in the name of your baby. You’ll use your hospital-issued birth certificate. The pediatrician should be Philhealth-accredited.

  4. hi ms. nora can I claim philhealth benefits? I’m voluntary, I paid 1st to 3rd quarter, my due is august 30, 2015. Can I claim prenatal care and newborn benefits? What’s prenatal care ? Can I include my labaratory receipt?

  5. for verification of pag ibig claims

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