Saving Money with Modified Pag-ibig II — Higher Earnings, Government-Guaranteed

Updated April 1, 2015

You want to save and grow your money?  Modified Pag-ibig II (MP2) is a great savings plan.  It has advantages over regular savings accounts, time deposits, or pre-need plans.


What are the advantages of Modified Pag-ibig II?

1.  Guaranteed by the Philippine government.

Your savings will not be lost. Your savings are guaranteed by the Philippine government.  Pag-ibig Fund will not vanish like the pre-need firms mismanaged by families who never returned what the planholders sacrificed to pay over many years.

2.  The interest rate is much higher.

In April 2010, the annual interest rate for Modified Pag-ibig II was 5.5% — much higher than savings account rates that are usually between 0.5% to 1.75%. MP2 earnings are not taxed. Interests on savings accounts are taxed.

The Pag-ibig board can also declare an interest rate of more than 5.5%.

If you look at time deposits, rates range from only 1.75% for deposits of at least 10,000 pesos to 2.75% for at least 5 million pesos.
There’s a 5% interest rate, but this is only given to time deposits of at least 1 million pesos and should not be withdrawn within 5 years.

Another thing, bank savings accounts are accessible — you can withdraw them anytime.

They also have maintaining balance requirements, and if you are not able to comply, instead of saving money,  you lose 300 pesos to 500 pesos or more for each month you fall below the maintaining balance.

The MP2 interest rate can go up, if the Pag-ibig board sees that Pag-ibig earned much more for a certain year.

Look at this Pag-ibig table of expected earnings; 6%  was used as annual interest rate:


Monthly Savings Total Savings After 5 Years (at 6%)
500 pesos 34,922 pesos
1,000 69,844
1,500 104,765
2,000 139,687
5,000 349,218


3.  Interest earnings for MP2 are tax-free.  No tax deductions.

For time deposits,  there’s a 20% withholding tax on the interest income, except for 5-year tax-free time deposit products. The same with savings accounts, there’s also 20% withholding tax on the few pesos earned as interest.

4.  Low monthly minimum savings amount, which is 500 pesos per month. Affordable.

You can increase your monthly MP2 savings anytime.

5.  All your savings are still yours, even if you missed paying for some months, or if you’re unable to continue contributing to the program.

If there are gaps in your contributions, you are not penalized. You get back all what you’ve saved, plus your dividend earnings.

With pre-need, your 50k, 100k, 150k savings or more are forfeited (mawawala sa yo parang bula) if you’re not able to complete your plan, even if your reason is valid. You signed the contract, and the forfeiture policy is in that contract. If you pre-terminate early, you get nothing back. If you pre-terminate after 3 or more years, you get only a little of what you’ve paid.

6.  You CANNOT withdraw your Pag-ibig savings anytime.  This is great, in the sense that you cannot just withdraw to buy a useless gadget on sale.  Your friend or relative cannot also force you to withdraw so they can borrow —  “Ay sori talaga, nasa Pag-ibig kasi savings namin eh, hindi puede iwidro.”

7. You CANNOT borrow it.  There’s no loan program for MP2 members.  The short-term loan program is only for the mandatory Pag-ibig I program.  Again this is good — your savings remain untouched.

8. Available for withdrawal after 5 years. Oh ayan, puede nang iwidro! For tuition, or for a house and lot downpayment, or outright property purchase, or business capital.

If you like to save more, you can keep on adding to your MP2 by renewing it for another 5 years.

Who can save with Modified Pag-ibig II?

Anyone who is already a member of Pag-ibig I.  You should first become a Pag-ibig I member, as Pag-ibig I is mandatory. Pag-ibig II is voluntary.  You can be an MP2 member whether you’re a land-based OFW, seaman, employee, self-employed or business owner.

How do we start saving with Pag-ibig II?

Apply for your MP2 account no. online at

Or visit any Pag-ibig branch with your IDs and apply for Modified Pag-ibig II membership.  Fill out a Modified Pag-ibig II Registration Form (MP2RF).  You can start with 500 pesos, or go ahead with 5,000 pesos.


If you’ve reached your MP2’s 5-year term, and you want to renew it, contact Pag-ibig and renew it, otherwise, the interest rate for your MP2 savings will be the same as Pag-ibig 1, which is a bit lower than MP2.

Saving Money with Modified Pag-ibig II


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  1. Dear Nora, Just to ask an advise from you regarding my MP2 which is to be matured this coming June 2016. I’m planning to extend it for another 2 years in order to avail the same benefits as of now. Please help me, if what I will do about it. It’s my pleasure, if you could give me the requirements needed for the extension and esp. the e-mail of person or department in charge of it. Thank you very & more power to you.

  2. Hi, I am new to this MP2 program and I want to know how do you guys monitor your account? is there any online monitoring tool that I can access?

  3. Hi Dong, sorry for replying late. I had to find the relevant circular first. Emailed you.

  4. Hi Ms. Nora, I’ve just enrolled online in MP2. I’m an OFW in Qatar. I like to know if the Pag Ibig registered exchange outlets in Qatar accept MP2 payments? My MP2 payment might just be credited to my P1 savings. Thank you

  5. Hi Maridelle, if you can write your MP2 number on the payment/remittance slip, then your MP2 payment will be posted to your MP2. You can later on check your payment via If you find out that your payment was credited to P1, you can email Pag-ibig I have an in-law who found out after more than a year of paying MP2 that her MP2 payments were posted to her P1, and after she complained at the Makati branch, Pag-ibig transferred her payments to MP2.

  6. Hi Ms Nora,
    Can I also ask for the circular for MP2, I did get information that it is taxable but more of my research indicated it is not. Would be helpful to get a copy of the circular to save for future use, and hopefully, it indicates it is tax – free.

  7. Nag start po ako ng MP2 last april 2015 thru salary deduction. This Jan. nag resigned na po ako sa companya, kaya from Feb until June hindi pa ako nakabayaran. Question, pwede ko po ba ipag-patuloy ang pagbayad at wala po bang penaltu for late payment?

  8. Hi Niez, yes, you can continue paying your MP2 as voluntary. You should also continue to pay your P1 (minimum is 200). Pay your MP2 at your branch. There’s no penalty for late payments because late payments from voluntary members are not accepted. This July, you can pay for July and onwards.

  9. Hi Ms Nora

    I would like to ask your advise. How will I know if my payments are posted to MP2 ? I got a print out of contributions and the Program code is listed as Pag-IBIG Overseas Program. Is that MP2? Thank you.

  10. hi, i made a payment for MAY amounting of 1000, and skip for june then i made a payment for July 1500. Then i had noticed that for MAY payment it’s stated in the receipt MAY-JUNE payment and for July payment it’s stated JUly-September 1500. That’s why i wondering if do i need to say that my payment is good for 1month only? because my contribution is not fix, sometimes is pay 500,1000 or 1500. Is there any impact, if i pay again this august? baka kasi mag doble doble? diba any amount po pwede ihulog. ang ginawa kasi nila eh hinati nila ung hulog ko.

  11. Hi, I have recently enrolled to MP2 program but did not receive the MP2 Account # yet. I was told that they will send it to my current company who I am working with Right now. But when I asked our HR about it they said that they are not processing such benefit in our company. My question is how can I enjoy the benefit of lowering my taxable income via MP2 if my company would not compute for it in our payslips’ non-taxable income? Diba dapat eh kasama ang MP2 dun sa SSS, Philhealth, HDMF para maibawas din sya dun sa taxable income at para mas mababawa Withholding tax ko. Pa-advise naman po. Need ko clarification nung process ng pagpapasetup ng automatic deduction from my payroll to my MP2 account. I would really appreciate your information on this. TIA

  12. Hi Francis, sorry you are not allowed by BIR to include MP2 to reduce your taxable income because MP2 is an optional savings scheme. BIR allows only the mandatory deductions, namely 200 pesos for Pag-ibig, your SSS employee share based on the SSS contribution table and your Philhealth share. About your HR refusing to process your MP2 deduction: Sorry it’s their prerogative or right to deny you the service because MP2 is optional, so you have to pay your MP2 through GCash or directly to your Pag-ibig branch’s cashier. What you can do is study the employee/individual withholding tax table. See the effect of your OT income on your tax rate so you can control your OT, if OT in your company is within your control.
    The gaps between the basic tax amounts are wide, so if you can manipulate your OT, without affecting the income you want, and you can stay within the lower basic tax amount, then it’s good.
    For example, the tax amount for a single or married person without dependent is as follows:
    Taxable income for the month is 15,833 to 24,999.99 — withholding tax for the month is 1,875 plus 0.25 x (taxable amount – 15,833)
    Taxable income for the month is 25k to 45,832.99 — monthly withholding tax for the month is 4,166.76 plus 0.3 x (taxable amount – 25,000)

  13. Hi Mervin, sad to say, hindi pa nag-o-offer ng Pag-ibig ng system so that local members can see their savings online. OFWs lang ang puedeng makita nila ang savings nila online. You can visit your branch with your ID and ask your total amount of savings.

  14. Hi Earl, do you mean you’re already paying MP2 through your employer? If already paying MP2 through employer, and you’re asking if you can pay additional MP2 directly to Pag-ibig, I think yes, because Pag-ibig encourages more savings. Pay directly to your Pag-ibig branch, and keep your receipts for double-checking purposes later on when you ask for a summary of your savings.

  15. Hi Nora,

    ano po ang pinagkaiba ng MP2RF(REgistration form) sa MP2EF(Enrollment form)? Ginamit ko po kasi yung MP2EF, kakabayad ko lang last week for 1st enrollment sa MP2. Ang sabi po sa akin sa may PAG IBIG, tru online ako magkakaroon ng MP2 Account Number, nag register ako, pero errors lang lagi ang nakukuha ko sa system ng PAG IBIG (katulad nang, “Last name/First name” samantalang nailagay ko naman ng ayos ang mga detalyeng kailangan.

    maraming salamat.

  16. hi maam im jenalyn, gusto ko po mag apply ng mp2 pwede po ba i voluntary ko yong mp2 ko kahit employed ako..


  17. I’m really interested in availing this savings plan, however, my issue will be the hassle on paying it to a branch since I work 8am-5pm. Is there any other payment facility that accommodates payment of MP2? (bayad center, bank transfer, gcash, SM bills payment, etc). Thank you so much

  18. Hi ms. Nora! Interested po ako mag open ng MP2. im an ofw here in singapore. do you have any information on how to pay for mp2 outside the philippines like online bank payment or transfers? Thank you!

  19. OFW here, I already have MP2 account… my question is… can i open another MP2 account? I want to withdraw the first one at maturity then i want to continue it afterwards. At the same time.i want to open another 1 for other purposes. Yung una kc my family knew about it the one i am planning to open is for myself alone and i want them separated from the other.

  20. Dear Ms. Nora, Pwede po bang ipaalam ninyo sa pamunuan ng Pag_IBIG na may problema sa website dahil maka ilang beses akong sumubok mag pa rehistro on line ay laging may problema sa website ang lumalabas na resulta. Nag email na din po ako sa EMAIL SUPPORT TEAM Pag-IBIG Fund Member Care subalit wala ring silbi kokontakin daw ako ng member relations officer subalit hangang ngayon ay wala pa ring aksyon.

  21. Hi Renato, oo merong problem ang website nila. Wala pa akong nabalitaan na pumalit sa CEO ng Pag-ibig. Mukhang merong impact sa management at naaapektuhan ang website. Ok naman before ang website nila. Try to register during office hours.

  22. Good nun! Mam nora,tanung ko lng po ung asawa ko july 2016 namatay.. kasalukuyan po ako nan dto sa saudi.may ma claim po b ako..20 years po cxia sa cowpany..d po ba pwde ang anak ko mag salary loan po cxia stop po sa work nia october 2013 kc nag kasakit na cxia,,

  23. hello Ms. Nora

    i started investing in Pag-ibig Fund 2 last January. akala ko ang maximum contribution is 5,000 peso only at hindi pwede mag lower ng 5,000 once you started investing 5,000 yun po sabi ni Manong guard . Siya po nag sabi sa akon about Fund 2 which i am really grateful. Ngayon po this month lng nag contribute ako at nagtanong sa cashier kung magkano ang maximum ang sabi nya kahit magkano daw kahit 100,000 monthly pa as long as di baba sa 500. Yong sabi nya oppositte sa sinabi ni Manong Guard before. Tanong ko lng po magkano ba talaga maximum contribution ng Pag-ibig Fund 2 gusto ko sana gawin pang mas malaki pag nagka extra income ako pang retirement ko balang araw.

    salamat po… sana matugonan mo ang mga katanungan ko.

  24. Hi anna, sa written rules nila about MP2, wala talagang nakasulat na maximum monthly amount at walang rule na you cannot contribute lower than your past monthly contributions. Ang nakasulat lang doon is minimum monthly savings is 500 pesos. You can contribute any amount, no limit, and you can save an amount lower than your past monthly contributions, but not lower than 500. It’s great that you’re saving with MP2, as its interest rate is higher than banks’ time deposit rates

  25. Ask ko lng po how to verify if im pag ibig mp2 kasi i just started this year 5k po ang monthly ko,my kailangan pa po pag mag fill up ng mga papers to become one?tnx.

  26. Hi Ms Nora! Your blog is very informative. Halos nasagot yung mga questions ko regarding sa Pag-Ibig at SSS just by reading yung mga Q & A nyo ng mga readers. Keep it up! I recently started saving in MP2 and have increased my contributions dun sa Pag-Ibig 1. I was planning to invest in Mutual Funds sa isa sa mga insurance providers in the Philippines, but decided to just save in MP2 instead., Anyways, I know it’s off SSS/ Pag-Ibig topic, but can you start a discussion regarding VUL? Any feedback? Or do you by any chance have purchased an insurance with investment product offered by banks/ insurance company?

  27. Hi Ms. Nora,

    I just enrolled to MP2, my question is how can I monitor my contributions? Is there an online portal for that? Thank you.

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