Dentists in the Philippines — How Much Do Braces Cost Really?

Notes about looking for a dentist in the Philippines and cost of braces:


We thought we got a good deal for my daughter’s braces when we found a dentist who seemed dedicated to his profession.  His price was also reasonable, compared to the quotes we found in the area.

But as months passed, we discovered things that we should have asked when we were looking for a dentist. For instance, his price quote was 50,000 pesos for a complete brace procedure that would improve my daughter’s teeth alignment. But we soon discovered that this 50k was not the only expense. I personally think that before the process is over (we’re into the 16th month), we would have spent 90,000 pesos or even 100k, as my daughter pays for every process and every item he says is not part of the normal service. Sana kung nagtanung-tanong kami, dapat ang comparison ay hindi yong sa quote. Puede nga pala silang magsabi ng mas mura, pero in the end, magiging mas mahal, kasi marami palang hindi kasama sa quote.

Here are things that you should ask when looking for a dentist in the Philippines for your child’s braces:

1.  Ask for the full price of the service, the payment arrangement, and the estimated length of time that the brace process will achieve the desired correction and the estimated number of dental visits. Often we ask only for the quote, and then we compare. Of course, as ignorant as we are, we don’t know that the quote doesn’t include the extras that add up to 30 to 40 thousand pesos more.

2.  Ask which parts of the brace often fall or get disjoined and often replaced and ask for the cost of replacement. Ask also if he/she charges for reattaching a piece that gets disjoined, but can still be reattached.

3.  Ask if he/she charges for teeth extraction, if needed, and for cleaning. Ask for any other service and products that could be needed and the cost of such service and products. Ask what x-rays are to be performed and the costs.

4.  Ask about scheduling of dental visits. Will your child be the one calling or texting for an appointment? There were times towards the end of the first year I felt my child was not getting a schedule because the service was already paid for, so she no longer pays for the visit, and there were new patients who were paying and need to be prioritized.

You might say why do I not confront the dentist or file a complaint with his dental association?

Yes, why don’t I? Well, I feel that the situation hasn’t reached a point where everything is unredeemable. I’m thinking that we might spend much more if we move to another dentist at this phase of the brace process. We’re into the 16th month.

My main point really is that we could have managed this dental brace thing more wisely, saved money and avoided stressful situations, if we have known what we know now.

Dentists in the Philippines — How much do braces cost?


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  1. Hello po. I’m working here in middle east and braces here are quite expensive. Im planning na jan nalang po sa pinas magpalagay ng braces for my crooked front teeth. Since 1 month lang ang allowed vacation namin, pede po kayang jan lang ako magpapalagay ng brace after nun dito ko na ipagpapatuloy ang treatment? Magkano po kaya price? Thank you po.

  2. Hi delvin, sori pero hindi ako dentist. Nagsulat lang ako about experiences ko as a mother whose daughter had braces twice. Maaayos ang ipin with braces; maghanap ka lang ng dentist na okay. Puedeng sa neighborhood ninyo, or yong Uy Dental clinic along Lacson near Espana. Several dentists ang working doon. Hindi ako connected doon pero I know meron silang package na puedeng 5k down and then 1500 kada visit.

  3. Hi Van, basta merong dentist diyan na willing to adjust your brace, okay naman. Yan na lang ang priority mo pagdating mo para meron pang time to make adjustments. Ang alam ko 40k ang average price, at usually 10k-20k down and then 1k or 1.5k per visit. Pero sa case mo, dapat much lower kasi hindi na siya ang mag-aadjust. Magtanong ka rin about self-adjusting braces, although merong nagsabing not worth the higher cost.

  4. Hi dex, yes, the 35k includes all the adjustments. Ask about what else is included: retainer? tooth extraction in case it’s needed? payment for replacement brackets or wires?

  5. so I don’t have anything else to pay aside from 35 000? what if something gets broken or lost? and if I have lots of misaligned teeth, do I have to pay a higher rate?

  6. Hi dex, as I said in my previous response, you need to ask those things when you go there. There are several dentists there, so they may quote different rates, but the average is about 35k. I’m not connected in any way with the clinic. I just know persons who had their brace processed there.

  7. HI Guys,

    First thing you need to do is ask a reachable dentist, meaning, someone who can really respond right away, and there is one dentist who is having a great online presence!

    Dr. Pam’s Dental Clinique. this is her website

    Reach her in Facebook —

    Follow her tips on twitter! —

    Im sure she will be able to answer most of your inquiries and maybe give you discounts, I heard she also has terms on dental braces, so not outright pay for it.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Eric..

    Last month Oct.2014 yong last payment ko sa Philhealth lasi nag resign ako sa Work ko. If ever po ba na may may ma confine sa Hospital sa Dependent ko, let say this November or December 2014 magagamit ko pa po ba yong Philhealth Card ko?


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