Best Foreign Exchange Rates in Metro Manila Philippines


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  1. Your list used to be true but not anymore. My recent experience (2017) puts Villarica Pawnshop and Aguirre Pawnshop which are both in Farmers Cubao on top of the list. They have the highest exchange rates compared to the companies in your list

  2. Merun po akong iraqi dinar saan ko po bah pwedi ipapalit saang brance po pwedi pls help me and respond

  3. San money changer po pwede ang colombian peso? Thank you, i papalit ko po sana into phílippine peso

  4. pwd po bang magchange ng venezuela money,, into peso,, saan po pwd na money changer pwd,

  5. Hi Nick, thanks for sharing your personal experience about US$ notes here. I’ve observed that all these started when the RCBC money laundering scandal escalated. Prior to the scandal, at Czarina Alabang, where I usually exchange dollars to peso, I saw a lot of people walking in and buying different kinds of notes (USD, CAD, AUD, SD, yen, etc), obviously without any advance order. Advance order is only an option for those who needed to be sure there’s enough when they come in. When the scandal escalated, all these financial businesses started to implement rules that were not there before.

  6. I would like to say that based on personal experience it’s nearly impossible to get US$ notes from ANY bank or money changer in Metro Manila without first making a reservation in advance. I’ve tried at least ten places to buy US Dollars with my peso, all of them refused unless I ordered the currency in advance. This also includes Sanry’s, BDO, BPI, or SM Money Changers.

  7. Hi Ray, I think money changers here will first change your Macau patacas to peso and then you buy yen using your pesos. Based on, pataca-peso rate is 4.20 pesos, so your 1,110 MOP will be 4662 pesos. If you buy yen from BDO (buying rate at this hour is .4432 pesos per yen), you can buy 10,509 yen with your 4,662 pesos. I don’t know if BDO has Japanese coins, so you might have to buy 1 lapad only using your Macau money. About changing your money in Japan, sorry I can’t compare because I don’t know the exchange rates in Japan. But it’s common that exchange rates at money changers are more favorable than exchange rates at airports.

  8. Hi, Ms. Nora, tanong lang po, may Macau money po ako dito worth 1,110 MOP. I’m going to Japan by next week and planning to use it to purchase goods in Japan since excess money ko lang naman po ito from my recent Macao visit, and of course, I must convert it to YEN first to be used in Japan.

    I want to know which has a higher yield or value. Shall I get higher value if I already exchange to money changers stores/dealers my macau money to YEN here in Philippines to bring and used in Japan, or just exchange my Macau money in Japan money changers stores/dealers in Japan airport already when I arrived there? It’s just a matter of place of exchange, but does it differ significantly?

    Please send me info. Thank you.

  9. Hi Sette, depende sa money changer. Pasok ka lang sa money changer and ask. “Nagpapalit po kayo ng baryang Saudi riyal?”

  10. Hi jonin, kahit luma basta genuine dollar bill, subukan mo na lang na papalitan, kasi iba-iba rin ang mga money changers. Merong strict at ayaw nila ng kahit konting mantsa; yong iba naman, tumatanggap. Usually, yong mga smaller money changers, tumatanggap.

  11. ask ko lang kung tinatanggap ba sa mga money changer yung old 100 dollar na may maliit na ink sa dulo ng pera?

  12. hello po
    what if ipapadala ko ang form 137 ng kaibigan ko sa maynila mag kanu bah ang mababayad ko nun?

  13. Hi Reynan, you can send money to Malaysia through Western Union or Moneygram. Just tell them how much Malaysian ringgit you need to send, and they will compute the amount of pesos you will pay. Note that your receiver needs to pick up the cash at a Western Union or Moneygram outlet in Malaysia

  14. Hello do you a money changer where I can Wire transfer or telegraphic transfer from Philippines to Malaysia and the rates? Banks are bit strict.

  15. Hi lester, you can buy US dollar using your peso from money changers. Tanungin mo yong mga money changers near your work or residence. If you have an account with BDO or BPI, you can buy dollars from them. Meron ding mga Western Union outlets na nagbebenta ng dollars. You can ask “Puedeng bumili ng US dollars sa inyo?”

  16. Saan po pwede magpapalit ng pera from peso to dollar? Need ko po kasi mag open ng dollar account sa bank. Salamat sa magrereply.

  17. Hi JA, tanungin mo muna yong mga money changers na malapit sa inyo, kasi dollar coins naman yan so malamang gusto nilang palitan. Kung hindi sila nagpapalit, punta ka doon sa Malate/Mabini/Taft area like Nailas Money Changer, Ans Money Changer, Azmee. I-google mo na lang yong addresses nila.

  18. Hi alyssa, anong rials ba ito? Kung Saudi riyals o Qatari riyals, there are money changers changing these money. Pero kung Iraqi rials o barya na Omani rials, konti lang ang nagpapalit nito. Tingnan mo ang mga money changers na ito:

  19. Tanong ko lang po kung pwede pa mapalitan yung 1000 at 500 rials ko po sa ibang money changer ayaw na tanggapin wala na daw pong halaga sana matulungan nyo po ako salamat!

  20. San po pwede mag papalit ng old rials? 1000 at 500 po yung mga pinuntahan ko pong money changer sinasabing wala ng halaga sayang naman sana matulungan nyo po ako thanks.

  21. Hi good day. I jusy want to ask where can i changes my 200 oman baisa in the philippines.

  22. Hi Nora, I’ve been looking for a money changer that changes 100 baisa, been to sanrys, czarina, and other, but they don’t change baisa nowadays so I’m wondering if you know other who can?? It will be so great to here something from yah. thank you!

  23. Hi ella, none. You can have 1 dollar changed at most money changers. Many money changers also give lower exchange rate for lower bills.

  24. Hi po..may alam po b kyo n pwede png pagpalitan ng 100 Oman baisa 1995.nag ask po ako sa naila’s pero hndi na sila nagpapalit ng baisa.really need lng po.tnx

  25. Hi ask q lng po if nagpplit po kayo ng 20,000 venezuela bolivares series of 2001. If yes how much po? Tnx

  26. Hi nancy, go to Chat with them, or go to their Facebook page. Google Facebook

  27. Hi jamaica, go to and post your question in the chat section. You can also post in their Facebook page.


  29. Mayroon akong 500000 old lira Saan ko po ito maaaring maipalit Hindi naman tumatanggap ng old lira ang ibang money changer eh..

  30. Hi jerlyn, yesterday afternoon (I changed some dollars yesterday), Czarina’s rate was Php46.90 to $1. Nailas rate was Php47 to $1. Robinson’s Madrigal was Php46.95. BDO’s rate was Php46.75 to $1. Metro ATC’s rate was Php47.10

  31. For those looking for money changer offering the best rate in town.
    Please give us a call Mobile No. 09177056328
    Tel No. (+632) 511 1835

  32. Hi Tsarlot, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, that Czarina branch should fix their reservation system. I hope Sanry’s has a better customer service.

  33. Just to share my experience, I already reserved Cad at Czarina Foreign Exchange. But it will still depend on available Cad on the day you’ll pickup. BUT, to my dismay Customer Service in their Makati branch is so lame. Like I think I can get my CAD on the given pick-up date. But I wasn’t able to TSK! The money will still come from the Makati branch, but I was not informed by the person I spoke with through the cellphone. Too much hassle. They’re feeling important, so frustrating. When I reserved again, was again frustrated! They forgot! Tsk I hope they can fix their Customer Service. I will try tomorrow at Sanry’s Money exchange at Trinoma. Hope they’re better Tsk! :S

  34. i just want to inquire where to exchange my Indian rupee to Philippine peso? and am living in Muntinlupa and i hope i can get a foreign currency exchange close by to my place. thank you very much !!!

  35. hai,,,ask qoh lng poh san pwd mag papalit ng baisa to peso… and san poh mkikita ang neliasmoneychanger?>?? txt u na lng poh aqoh eto poh digit qoh 09489793778 tnx..

  36. Hi Bheng, I think there’s no Czarina or Sanry’s there, but shop around, ask around, so you can find the best one there. You can see the exchange rates on so you have an idea about the rates.

  37. hi ms nora. Im a trader here in pampanga? where can i trade my third currencies? which money changers offers the best rate?

  38. San po pwde magpqpalit ng singapore dollar coins almost 1k kasi to sa peso pag pinalitan sayang nmn

  39. Hi Nora, where do you think I can exchange Ukraine money (UAH) to Php? Aside from naila’s. Their rate is a bit low. Thanks in advance. Pls reply asap.

  40. Hi Aries, sorry I don’t know which money changer gives the best rate for MOP. gives a low rate for MOP: 4.20 . Try czarina or sanry’s, as these are the ones offering higher US dollar rates.

  41. Where can I change MOP to PHP, where the rate is 1MOP to 5+PHP. It’s 5.7PHP when I went to Macau. I wish I won’t lose so much. I’ll change 11000 MOP. Thanks

  42. Hi Cecilia, I’m sad to come to know of your experience. I wish you have insisted that you gave 2500 that exact time you were there so they will check and recheck. Yes, you can go there again and talk with the teller again, ask them if their balancing resulted in an excess of $100. You can also ask if they write the serial numbers of currencies they accept and issue. But I think money changers don’t write serial numbers, I’m not sure though. At Czarina’s ATC where I usually changed mine, it seems they’re so fast in accepting/giving out currencies, so I think they’re not writing serial numbers, but I’ve never experienced being shortchanged.

  43. Hello.i recently had money exchange for 2500dollars at sanrys.the teller told me it was 2400 only.i have a list of the serial numbers of the dollars because I just withdraw it from the there a way sanrys can check the serial numbers they have?i trusted the teller that I forgot to count my money again in front of her.i was sure I had 2500 that time that I even I asked my bank if there was a mistake in the amount they gave me.

  44. Hello. San po ba nagpapapalit ang money exchange business ng dollar o peso? Balak ko kasi mag forex in big amount pero in actual sa money exchange shop talaga. Ex I bought dollar in 44.50 morning then pag tumaas agad example 44.60 sell it. Pwede ba un? Thanks

  45. Good day! We have a cross check from US. Is it possible to find someone with dollar account then we deposit the check and get the cash later on? Or do we need to open a new dollar account same name with that on the cheque?

  46. Hi loidz, I think they can change a reasonable amount, depending on how much dollars they have at the time you transact with them. But they might ask for more IDs or you might be required to fill up a form if you exchange more than US10,000 — this is to comply with the money laundering policy regarding transactions worth 500k pesos or more per day. Other money changers offering good exchange rates do not ask customers to fill up a form, so a customer can change up to the money changer’s limit, then line up again for the rest of his dollars. But you are right to exchange your dollars inside the mall as it is relatively safer there.

  47. Hi Dan, most money changers change even 5-dollar, 10-dollar or 20-dollar bills, but they give lower rates for small bills.

  48. Hi dan, try asking your question at the chat box of If they don’t accept your currency, then I think most other money changers will not change your currency.

  49. Hi san aq pwede magpapalit ng 100 baisa? And it took currency symbol is omr. Anu diff ng baisa sa omr?. Tnxs in advance

  50. Hi cairi, I think naila’s is one of those that change a lot of currencies, so if naila’s does not want to change brazilian real, then the others might not want to change too. Will add to this if I find something

  51. Hi san po ako pwedeng magpapalit ng romanian leu or ron money ichachange ko po sya ng peso?

  52. Hi Abel, go to and ask via their chat. If they don’t change it, then it’s most likely that you cannot change it in the Phils

  53. Hi roril, sad to say, if many money changers have refused to change your ghana cedi, including, then that currency may be too difficult and expensive for them to transact with.

  54. hi ask q lan kun san pde mgpapalit ng 1000 ghana cedi kse madame nku npuntahan d dw ng papalit …help naman po

  55. Hi carlos, sorry but I think it will be hard finding any one willing to encash a personal check. You know of course that you can deposit that in your dollar bank account here, or to withdraw your money using your atm card. You can also explore using Xoom.

  56. good day, i’d like to ask if you know a money changing place that can encash my personal check? thank you very much. my personal checking account is from Citibank in the states. 09166101005

  57. Hi geisha, I found out na yong Western Union agent Ebiz sa Espana near cor Morayta ay okay din ang exchange rate. Ang Czarina kasi wala silang Internet connection so they cannot access WU online directly. What Czarina does is fax your info to their WU partner and it’s the partner that processes your WU – this is the reason that it takes time, especially if their WU partner has a long line of customers in their own outlet. Czarina Alabang Town Center processes WU remittances for about 30 mins; their WU partner is PetNet, although sometimes I think if they’re tinatamad, they say they have no WU form, and they now require a xerox of your IDs. Try Robinsons Bank that has a WU service; usually they give you US dollars if you ask.

  58. Meron din bang Western Union yun pong mga nabanggit nyo sa taas na mga money changers?

    Monthly kasi, e may remittance ako from US, at sinusunod din ng WU kung ano ang US-Peso Forex.

    Nagtanong na ko sa may Czarina malapit sa amin. Ang sabi nila, meron silang WU but di daw sila online, Fax lang daw, maghihintay daw ako ng at least 1 hour. Is this okay or reliable? Mataas kasi palitan nila kesa sa mga RCPI/Ebiz. Ang concern ko e, bakit matagal ata, at saka safe ba na fax lang?

    Thank you so much and more power po sa website nyo.

  59. Hi gina, ang nag-issue ba ng check ay bank abroad? If abroad, open a dollar account, and then deposit the check. It might take a month before the check clears. Find a bank that requires only $100 dollars to maintain a US dollar account. Kung locally issued at hindi siya cross-check or walang nakasulat na For Payee Account Only, encash mo doon sa bank branch written on the check.

  60. Hi Rinah, yes, they change Malaysian ringgit to peso. If you want to buy ringgit, you must call them beforehand and reserve.

  61. hy gud eve po…ask ko lng po f available sa czarina ang malaysia ringgit to peso pls.pasagot po pauwi na po kasi ako tnx po…god bless.

  62. Hi Cons, ibenta mo na lang online, example sa, baka merong interested na collector, lalo na kung older coins yang mga yan.

  63. hello po mag ta tanong lang po saan po ba pede mag pa palit ng quarter penny dime dollar coin? nag try na po aku sa mga money changer hnd sila tumatanggap ng coins pero po ung iba naman nag papalit sila ng one dollar coin pero half or 50% ang value to peso. salamat po

    at saka nga po pala dinala ko mga US dollar coin sa Philippine National Bank para i deposit ko kasi meron aku account dun pero hnd din po sila tumatanggap ng coins

  64. hi….pls help naman po,i have turk lirasi bill worth 500,000 saan po pwede magpapalit nito?nag enquire na po kasi ako sa money changer hindi na daw po sila tumatanggap..only small bill lang daw…ano po kaya pwede kung gawin?pls help naman…

  65. Hi Frances, call Nailas 525-2307 and Czarina 8486112/8486113/8111859 or visit their websites or

  66. Hi, I would like to change P35,000 into $1,000 NZD and P25,000 into $625 AUD. Where is the best money changer that has these rates please? Thank you.

  67. Hi Aileen, go to those that are purely money changers. The exchange rate is lower, but some money changers change small bills. Western Union is primarily a remittance company.

  68. Hello. Good morning. I have remaining 27usd where can I change it? Because I inquire in western union and they not avail to change my 1usd,5usd,10usd they change only fixed like 50-100-1000usd. Thank you for the response I hope you get my point. 🙂

  69. Hi Erick, usually it is the same money changers on the list above. But it also depends on the branch if they have available euros. Usually it is best to call first and ask. You can chat with Nailas at

  70. Hi Queenie, I’ve searched online and could not find a money changer changing that currency here.

  71. Hi andrhea, somebody asked that question at in their chat section, but Nailas did not answer. Try emailing the BSP if they can help you change that currency.

  72. meron po akong bulgarian lev..saan po pwede itong mpalitan? tagal.tagal ko na po nghahanap ng money changer ng bulgarian lev wla pa rin hanggang ngayon..sana po matulungan ninyo ako.
    ..ito po tamang email ad ko salamat po

  73. meron po akong bulgarian lev..saan po pwede itong mpalitan? tagal.tagal ko na po nghahanap ng money changer ng bulgarian lev wla pa rin hanggang ngayon..sana po matulungan ninyo ako.

  74. Hi King, go to and ask your question via their chat. One reason is that there are Turkish bills which have become obsolete. Old bills can be exchanged only at the Turkish central bank, and the rate is not worth the effort (1M old liras = 1 new lira). Turkey issued new bills in 2009. Search online — there are pictures of obsolete Turkish BIN

  75. Meron po ako turklirasi Bin 1000 mgkano palitan nito sa at saan pwede papalitan mayron kc money changer hindi daw sila ngpapalit ng turkey.. bkit hindi sila ng papalit?

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