Wells Fargo — Send Money from the U.S. to the Philippines


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  1. Hi can i directly send money from wells fargo account on website or mobile to a bdo card with 16digit number

  2. Hi! My boss just sent me fund from well fargo to bdo pick up he sent it 8:00 in the morning but havent receive it. it’s almost 6hours since he sent. How long doe it takes? my clinet told me that it only takes 2-3 hours until the fund is available. what’s happening? i went to bdo branch here and still the fund is not yet available.

  3. hi i have two checks from kaplan clearing account wells Fargo bank, na i was if i cab cash them here at manila wells Fargo bank

  4. I currently have a wells fargo account and im planning to also open a dollar account at bpi or whatever local branches that offers dollar account once i get back to the Philippines. Is it possible to transfer money from my WF account to a dollar account from a local bank?

  5. Hello jocelyn, send through Wells Fargo ExpressSend via account deposit or cash pickup at BPI, BDO, Metrobank and PNB. For cash pickup at M. Lhuillier or Cebuana Lhuillier

  6. Hi Earl, thanks for commenting. I hope you describe your experience so we can learn from it. Are you in Kuwait? Is this about remittance? Anyway, I hope you experience better customer service with any bank

  7. I don’t know about PNB I have the worst customer service I had ever seen I am changing to BPI with hopes of better service.

  8. Hi Nora how do I checked the money I send from Wells Fargo to Metro Bank direct deposit to my acct sa Pinas, tnx

  9. Hi! can you send money from Wells fargo US to BDO Kabayan Account here in the Philippines? Hi! can you send money from Wells fargo US to BDO Kabayan Account here in the Philippines?

  10. Hi Kris, yes, at any Wells Fargo, but there are certain branches that offer only either For Cash Pickup or For Deposit to Account, and not both. But most branches offer both options. You might like to explore XOOM — it’s what my US employer uses to send my salary.

  11. Hi Andy, sorry no. Wells Fargo need your US SSS no., a US address and your driver’s license or valid ID issued in the US. If you have an account with HSBC, they might be able to help you a US-based account.

  12. Can, I open wells fargo account? I am Filipino and living here in the Philippines. If so, what are the possible requirement? How to open?

  13. Hi Johannes, if you have a Wells Fargo debit card (with Mastercard or Visa logo), you can withdraw at MC or Visa-linked machines here with a fee of 200 pesos or more per withdrawal. Wells Fargo also has an ExpressSend remittance service. But if you retire here, it’s better to open a Direct Deposit account with PNB California or New York (you can email or call them on how to open via mail) so you can get your SS money here monthly. PNB CA or NY can also help you open your Philippine-based account. BPI and BDO also have Direct Deposit accounts, but you must open them while you’re here.

  14. If I opened a bank account at Wells Fargo here in the US with my Social Security check, can I retrieve my funds in the Philippines. Do I have to open an account in the Phil as well??????

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