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Updated November 28, 2015:

If you want to send money from Canada to the Philippines, just go to any of the BDO Remittance partners in Canada, as listed below.  This list is based on the BDO website’s most recently updated remittance partner list.

You can send money through BDO in the following ways:

  • Direct deposit to a BDO bank account, in Metro Manila or in the province
  • Credit to an account in another bank, in Metro Manila or in the province
  • Door to door delivery, in Metro Manila or in the province
  • Cash pick-up from a BDO bank, in Metro Manila or in the province, or from SM Department Store, SM Business Center, or a BDO partner

If you like to open BDO Remit cash cards to be given to your families in the Philippines, some of these partners in Canada can help you open BDO Remit cash card accounts. Just inquire.  You can also ask if they can help you open your own BDO Kabayan savings account.



Atin Ito Variety Bakery and Remittance Ltd.
938 Pape Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M4K3V2

First Global Data Corp.
555 Richmond St., West
Suite 905
P.O. Box 214
Toronto, Ontario MSV3B1

Luminus Financial Services & Credit Union Ltd
1 Yonge Street Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E5

Mabini Express
4841 Yonge Street
Unit 133 Sheppard Center Mall
Toronto, Ontario M2N 5X2

Mercury Mercantile Technologies Inc.
8 King Street East, Suite 1200
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5C 1B5



Ipadala Money Transfer Ltd.
7351 Edmonds St., Burnaby, BC


Family Express Canada Ltd.
1523 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1W6

FilRemit Corp.
(Through Manila Express)
1636 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6J 1X6

Ipadala Money Transfer Ltd.
1-1558 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver, BC V7M2J3

Ipadala Money Transfer Ltd.
4873 Main St., Vancouver, BC

J&M Coin and Jewellery Ltd.
127 E. Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1W1



Gemini Exchange International
Gemini Worldwide Inc.
Oriental Centre
4438 Sheppard Avenue East, Unit 232
Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5V9



LDV Express Inc.
6464 Yonge St., Unit 161 B, Centerpoint Mall
North York, Ontario M2MX4

Reliable Peso Remit
4132 Bathurst St.
North York, Ontario M3H 3P2



Kabayan Remittance Inc.
4731 Avenue Van Horne
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3W1H8



Wall Street Finance (Canada) Ltd.
113 Dundas Street East
Mississauga, Ontario L5A-1W7



Easy Padala Money Transfer Ltd.
205-101 Morissey Road
Port Moody, British Columbia

More info on BDO Remit.


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  1. Hi nora, ilang days bago makuha ang padala from saudi to philippines?

  2. Hi nora, ilang days bago makuha ang padala from saudi to philippines?

  3. i have bdo saving account in the phil and i want to deposit on it..which one is the cheapest and easiest way i can do.

  4. Debbie Remolador Herman

    hi Nora
    I did open account BDO it asenso kabayan last month June 8,2016 until now i did not received my BDO bank card what is going on and how long I have to wait with whom I can contact in here in Vancouver ,Canada


  5. Hi Ria, it should be credited within the day or the next day, or within 3 to 5 days, depending on the remittance company.

  6. Hi Nora how long before i receive the money deposit to my bdo in the philippines from canada?

  7. Hi Alden, I emailed you additional contact info

  8. Hi ms. Nora I did that alrealdy, including their tel no. there in pinas and email

  9. Hi Alden, try using their email or the other phone nos.:

  10. Hello po what happened to mabini express? Nobody’s answering their customer service no.

  11. Hi Levine, it’s not wise sending dollars to a peso account here. Their exchange rate for remitted deposit is not favorable. You can just bring your dollars with you and change to pesos here. In case you need more later on, if you have a US bank account, when you get here, you can go online to and send $1k to your girlfriend for cash pickup at BDO, NOT to her account. Then you can go with your gf to BDO, together with the reference no. and pick up the dollars, and change the dollars at money changer like Czarina or Sanry’s. If no bank account, you can send through Western Union and pick up in dollars at a Western Union US dollar payout outlet. Your gf needs to have a valid ID (for Western Union) or at least 2 valid IDs (for BDO).

  12. Hey! I’m an American, meeting my filipina GF in Manila next week. I want to get money(around $1,000) to her BDO account, either before or after I get there. I can bring the money with me and change to pesos there or send it to her BDO account. Which is the cheapest way? How much less than the official exchange rate does BDO charge?

  13. Hi Eva, you can ask this if it offers BDO Kabayan account opening: Kabayan Remittance, Inc., 4731 Avenue Van Horne, Montreal. If a Toronto trip is feasible, you can also ask these PNB remittance branches in Toronto if they’re offering Philippine-based PNB account opening: Are the checks crossed-check? If not, your family in the Philippines can ask the drawee bank if they accept SPA from you to encash the checks.

  14. Hi! I am presently in Montreal, Canada and i have a check refund from a developer in Philippines, since I dont have anymore account there ,my family sent the checks to me but my RBC bank do not accept foreign check deposit so I am so stressed as to where I can deposit my check. Can u help me open an account from Montreal ? Pls reply asap.

  15. Hi Annaliza, I checked Google maps and this is might be the nearest: Wall Street Finance (Canada) Ltd., 113 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, ON, L5A-1W7
    Try calling this no.: 905-232-2822. By the way, I don’t work for BDO; I only write about BDO

  16. Hi Nora do you have a branch near in Brampton? I’m far from Toronto or north York region.

  17. Hi Nora, I would like to know how much would it cost in sending for example 100 – 1000 Canadian Dollar to Peso BDO Kabayan acct or Dollar BDO Kabayan Acct. Thanks in Advance!

  18. Hi renato, check this list of BDO remittance partners in Canada and if there’s one near you, ask if they’re offering BDO Kabayan account opening. Send to the account at least once a year, or put at least 10k into the account so that even if you’re not able to send once every year, your account will be active.

  19. I don’t have BDO account in philippines. Is it possible to open an account in canada? I want also to send money thru this bank for future use in case ill take a vacation.

  20. hi, is there any bdo remittance partner in Edmonton? if there is, what is it and where? thanks.

  21. Hi maria, there are now limits to remittance amounts because of money laundering laws. Usually banks allow only 2,000 to 3,000 US dollars per day. There’s also a maximum limit on dollars sent by the same sender per month. Bring your valid IDs. You might fill up forms that ask about your source of income.
    For big amounts, usually For-Account-Payee-only checks are used, and these are cleared after 1 or 2 months. The problem with checks is they can be stolen while in transit.
    Ask your bank about wire transfer and their maximum limit. Royal Bank of Canada is a BDO correspondent bank. I also saw a remittance ad by TD Canada Trust:

  22. Is possible to send 35,000 canadian dollars to the philippines? If yes, how much it cost? is there any document requirements?

  23. Hi rowena, depende sa remittance company, dapat within 1 hour, or within the day, or the next day or within 3 days.

  24. ilan hours bago ma receive ang padala fr canada to philippines

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