BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card — Can It Be Used Outside the Philippines?

Updated May 29, 2014:

Some readers asked if the BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card can be used to withdraw money from ATMS outside the Philippines, so  I emailed BDO Customer Service and asked.  I was pleasantly surprised that the customer officers replied immediately.

According to Ms. R. C. of the eServices unit, the BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card and any other BDO ATM debit card can be used to withdraw money abroad as long as:

  1. it is active
  2. and it has sufficient balance.

For holders of BDO ATM debit cards with the MasterCard logo, withdraw at the ATM of any foreign bank in other countries with the Cirrus Maestro/PLUS logos.

If your card is a BDO ATM debit VISA card, withdraw at ATMs abroad with the VISA/VISA Plus logos.

If your ATM card does not have a MasterCard or Visa logo, you cannot withdraw from ATMs abroad. 

These are the transaction fees for ATM withdrawals abroad:

  • Balance Inquiry –  US$ 1.00
  • Withdrawal –  US$ 3.50

For unsuccessful ATM transactions such as wrong PIN,

insufficient funds, exceeds limit, etc., you will be charged US$ 1.00.

For your financial needs abroad, do not rely solely on your BDO ATM debit cards while abroad.  Your cards may not work all the time.

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  1. Is kabayan savings the same with the debit card? How can I activate my card if I’m here in taiwan? Can I use my kabayan savings or card for international online shop? Thanks

  2. Hi lani, sorry but you can activate your atm card only at a BDO atm here in the Philippines. Your Kabayan account and your atm card is one and the same account. You have only one account no. Your atm card should have a Mastercard logo, so you can use it abroad, after activation here in the Phils.

  3. Can i use my bdo kabayan debit card with mastercard logo to book for a flight? It has 16 digits and have pin at the back

  4. Hi Butch, if your Kabayan ATM card has a Mastercard logo, an expiry date and a 3-digit security code at the back of the card, you can use it for online shopping.

  5. dear BDO I’m in qatar. I sent money to my sister in hongkong thru BDO, but found out that her account is no longer active. so I again put the money to my account so I can withdraw and send it through another money transfer. but when i withdraw through my atm here in qatar and in other branches, i could no longer withdraw. I have verified from manila that my account is active and that the money I deposited was already credited. and my atm has logo master card and kabayan savings. any good advice from your office to withdraw the money for she need it badly. please

  6. Hi norman, sorry I’m not a BDO employee. If you opened your Kabayan abroad, and have not activated your atm card in the Philippines, then your atm card will not yet work. If already activated in the Philippines before, call BDO Qatarcode-800-8-631-8000, or ask your inquiry here: Or if you have BDO online banking, and if you have a trustworthy friend/relative in the Philippines, you can use “Send Money for Pickup at BDO branch”, and ask that friend/relative to pick up the money and send the money immediately to your sister in HK through Moneygram or Western Union.

  7. Hi im marilene. I just want to ask if i can use my atm kabayan savings to check my savings through any atm machines here in abu dhabi. THANKS FOR THE HELP.

  8. Hi Marilene, yes, if your atm card has a Mastercard logo, and the atm machine there has a Mastercard logo, and you have changed your PIN here in the Phils. Balance inquiry costs 1 US dollar

  9. hi bdo how much is the exchange rate when i use my kabayan savings debit card for shopping here in saudi arabia.thank you

  10. Hi Raymond, it’s more practical to use your own cash there for shopping. The exchange rate will surely be lower – it’s the Mastercard rate that will be applied. And usually there’s a foreign transaction charge.

  11. Hi po, I registered for online banking and went to a bdo atm machine for validation. It was okay. The receipt says “Thank you for activating your electronic banking. Your request has been accepted for validation.” Now, I cannot yet access my online banking, the request is pending :(

  12. Hi kjcaissa, that’s BDO’s process, you wait for maybe a week. Check from time to time. Have your phone with you, as BDO sends your one-time password to your phone.

  13. Hi Nora my atm card is kabayan saving have Mastercard logo can I use shoping for international and booking a ticket… Thanks

  14. Hi I have BDO kabayan saving with logo mastercard, can I make online shopping and booking ticket?

  15. Hi Almira, you can withdraw from an atm machine abroad with Mastercard logo. About paying shops or stores abroad, ask first the cashier if you can use your Mastercard debit card.

  16. hello ms/mrs Nora. I just want to know if the benefactor of the BDO kabayan could withdraw everything in the account or just the amount I wish to send? I am confused between the remittance thing and the savings thing. also could the local atm be used also in depositing in the account or it just work for claiming purposes? thank you for your response!

  17. Hi! I have an online shop and I need a deposit account in bdo with small maintaining balance. Can I apply for kabayan savings even if I am not an ofw? Please reply, thanks

  18. Im an ofw and my mother just opened an account with kabayan cash card? How much is the transmittal fee?

  19. Hi Laurice, price depends on where the remittance comes from. If from KSA or UAE, the remittance fee ranges from 200 pesos to 800 pesos

  20. Hi i need help. Can i use my bdo atm visa debit card to pay for paypal online? will they accept?

  21. Hi need help, i’m here in the philippines, and i already open bdo atm visa debit card, can i used this to pay online using paypal. My transaction is in saudi.

  22. Hi nikkov, see if your card has an expiry date and a 3-digit security code at the back. If yes, you should be able to use it to pay your purchase. First, add your Visa card to your Paypal account. After your Visa card is already verified, you can use Paypal to pay your online purchase. At the point of payment using Paypal, Paypal will get funds from your Visa account. There will be charges, so make sure what you’re paying for is worth it.

  23. Hi Kittykat, yes, you can apply for a BDO Kabayan Savings account even if you’re not an OFW, as long as you can present a receipt of a foreign remittance addressed to you.
    But I suggest that you open a BPI Easy Saver account (no maintaining balance, but has a 5-peso fee for every withdrawal and every balance inquiry), or a BPI Family atm savings account (maintaining balance is 1,000 pesos). Why BPI? So that your customers need not pay an interregional deposit fee when they deposit their payment to you. Most other banks charge interregional deposit fees that range from 50 to 200 pesos. You can post “Free deposit” or “No deposit fee” in your instructions to your customers.

  24. Hi, last night i was trying to withdraw here Dubai using my BDO Debit card (Mastercard)through an Emirates NBD machine, please let me know why we can’t withdraw. Do you know how much is the maximum amount we can withdraw per transaction and the maximum amount each day in UAE Dirhams currency? Looking forward to your immediate feedback. Thank you, Desiree

  25. Hi Desiree, does the NBD machine has a Mastercard logo? The maximum atm withdrawal amount per transaction is 10,000 pesos or 803 UAE dirhams and the maximum atm withdrawal amount per day is 50,000 pesos or 4,016 dirhams.

  26. Hi Nora, Thank you for your prompt response. Yes please, it has a mastercard logo (Emirates NBD teller machine), The transaction is always failed, the details i have provided during the transactions are correct including Pin and the type of account.

  27. Hi i just want to ask you regarding my bdo online banking, i already enrolled but still not yet activated. it is okay if i go any atm machine to activate my bdo account? Im here in UAE, it is possible?

  28. Hi Hannelyn, if you’ll use atm activation, you need to activate at a BDO atm here in the Philippines; it’s not possible there in UAE because there’s no BDO atm there. When you enrolled, did you choose “Outside the Philippines” If not, wait for your activation deadline to pass, afterwhich your first enrollment will be cancelled, so you can then try enrolling again.

  29. I applied for kabayan a while ago and got my passbook and was told to get my atm card after 1 week. If I apply for bdo online banking here in pinas, can my sender who is in austria access my account through online banking? My sender wants to monitor my bank account.

  30. Hi mae, yes, your sender can access your account if you give your user name and password to your sender, and you also give your challenge questions and answers. For online fund transfers, you need to send the one-time-password (OTP) within 5 minutes, as the OTP is sent to your local mobile number.

  31. Hi po, my bdo kabayan debit card has no visa/master card logo. Is it the bank’s prerogative on which type of card are they gonna release for each individual client. Or upon our request..I find it useless esp. Doing online transaction/ booking. Thank shai

  32. Hi Shai, yes, usually they issue the generic atm card. You can go to your BDO branch and request for a debit card with Mastercard logo. There could be a charge for the replacement card (maybe 100 or 150 pesos)

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