BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card — Can It Be Used Outside the Philippines?

Updated May 29, 2014:

Some readers asked if the BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card can be used to withdraw money from ATMS outside the Philippines, so  I emailed BDO Customer Service and asked.  I was pleasantly surprised that the customer officers replied immediately.

According to Ms. R. C. of the eServices unit, the BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card and any other BDO ATM debit card can be used to withdraw money abroad as long as:

  1. it is active
  2. and it has sufficient balance.

For holders of BDO ATM debit cards with the MasterCard logo, withdraw at the ATM of any foreign bank in other countries with the Cirrus Maestro/PLUS logos.

If your card is a BDO ATM debit VISA card, withdraw at ATMs abroad with the VISA/VISA Plus logos.

If your ATM card does not have a MasterCard or Visa logo, you cannot withdraw from ATMs abroad. 

These are the transaction fees for ATM withdrawals abroad:

  • Balance Inquiry –  US$ 1.00
  • Withdrawal –  US$ 3.50

For unsuccessful ATM transactions such as wrong PIN,

insufficient funds, exceeds limit, etc., you will be charged US$ 1.00.

For your financial needs abroad, do not rely solely on your BDO ATM debit cards while abroad.  Your cards may not work all the time.

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  1. May I know if there is BDO Kabayan ATM debit card with visa logo because I need this for me to claim my money in Paypal if there is how much is the cost.What I really need is a card with Visa logo.Hope you can answer me.Thanks.-Jordan,Caloocan City, Philippines

  2. hi miss nora

    i purchased an item on an online store using kabayan account mastercard, and after 2 days the online store cancelled my purchase and refund my it automatically credited to my bdo account?

    here’s the transaction summary..

    13 August 2014
    Payment refunded to credit card -120.00 SAR 0.00 SAR
    13 August 2014
    Transfered amount from withdrawal account to non-withdrawal account
    120.00 SAR 120.00 SAR

    can you explain this mam.


  3. Hi drenz, if the left column is Credit and the right column is Balance, that means your 120 SAR is already back in your account. I’m just puzzled that you were able to use your Kabayan account to purchase online. I think it’s better if you make a balance inquiry at a Mastercard-linked atm machine to check your balance.

  4. Hi Ms Nora

    Can I widraw cash using my BDO Kabayan Savings here at Saudi Arabia. My card is still active which I opened in the Philippines. How much is the charges? Thanks.


  5. Hi Noel, find an atm machine with Mastercard/Maestro or Visa logo (same with logo on your card). Withdrawal fee is around 3.50 US dollars; balance inquiry fee is around 1 dollar. Note that there are times the BDO-Mastercard/Visa link is off.

  6. Hi Lance, I used to reply that you cannot use it, and many others agree. But there was one who commented here that she was able to use it to buy from a fashion site. If there’s Mastercard or Visa logo, expiration date and security code on your atm card, you can try. Or you can apply for a Smart Money card (go to for online purchases.

  7. Hi Denise, yes, you can, specially SM supermarkets. If not SM, before you get goods, ask first the cashier if they accept BDO atm card swiping for payments.

  8. Hi, can BDO change my kabayan atm card because it has no MasterCard logo on it, I applied kabayan bdo a long time ago and since I tried to have my balance inquiry in kuwait it didn’t recognize because it doesn’t have a MasterCard logo on it.

  9. Good day! I am based here in kuwait & i have with me the bdo debit card.i have used it before here then last week until now I tried to transact all atm machines decline my atm card though its still active & still fund on it. Please assist me it’s urgent. Thanks

  10. How can I withdraw my savings here in kuwait? I hold bdo kabayan ATM card,which is maestro and circus logos.only?

  11. Hi ms nora, how can I register my beneficiary in pinas while im here in kuwait? I want to transfer my savings to my beneficiary. What’s the fastest way?pls help me..

  12. Hi irene, yes, use an atm machine with Mastercard or Maestro logo. But there are times the BDO-Mastercard link is off, so make a balance inquiry first (1 US dollar charge).

  13. Hi irene, sorry I think there’s no fastest way for transfer. You can register your account in BDO online banking, but it will take time since you’re abroad. Linking your beneficiary’s BDO account to your account will also take time. If your beneficiary in the Phils need the money, the fastest way might be to withdraw there (if your atm has Mastercard logo and if the Mastercard-BDO link is working) and then send the money through a remittance company there.

  14. Hi Erle, do you mean the card goes out after you enter it? Or the screen says your card cannot be recognized? Do you think the card has been demagnetized? Or the BDO-Mastercard link is just off for a while? You can call BDO, or inquire here:

  15. Hi Ruth, yes, you can ask BDO for a card replacement, but you can do that only at your BDO branch when you vacation in the Phils.

  16. Hi Nora,

    I own one BDO Debit Card (w/ Mastercard logo). I am planning to use this while I am abroad. is there a need to activate my card? or I can use it directly? thanks much!

  17. Hi cha, have you changed your PIN before? Are you using your atm card here in the Phils? If yes, you can use it abroad at a machine with Mastercard logo.

  18. Hello po mag open sana aq ng hew account sa bdo and i want it to use it abroad i will open with a mastercard network ilang pin po ba meron yan? 6 din po ba? Kasi sa europe yung atm nila have 4 pin digits lang… Thank you

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