BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card — Can It Be Used Outside the Philippines?

Updated May 29, 2014:

Some readers asked if the BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card can be used to withdraw money from ATMS outside the Philippines, so  I emailed BDO Customer Service and asked.  I was pleasantly surprised that the customer officers replied immediately.

According to Ms. R. C. of the eServices unit, the BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card and any other BDO ATM debit card can be used to withdraw money abroad as long as:

  1. it is active
  2. and it has sufficient balance.

For holders of BDO ATM debit cards with the MasterCard logo, withdraw at the ATM of any foreign bank in other countries with the Cirrus Maestro/PLUS logos.

If your card is a BDO ATM debit VISA card, withdraw at ATMs abroad with the VISA/VISA Plus logos.

If your ATM card does not have a MasterCard or Visa logo, you cannot withdraw from ATMs abroad. 

These are the transaction fees for ATM withdrawals abroad:

  • Balance Inquiry -  US$ 1.00
  • Withdrawal -  US$ 3.50

For unsuccessful ATM transactions such as wrong PIN,

insufficient funds, exceeds limit, etc., you will be charged US$ 1.00.

For your financial needs abroad, do not rely solely on your BDO ATM debit cards while abroad.  Your cards may not work all the time.

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  1. Good day! ask Ko Lang po for the requirement of my employer to send mo on my BDO Kabayan accnt. Hindi Ko rin po na enroll yung ATM Ko s internet
    Swift Code#
    Sort Code#


  2. Hi Cris, the Swift code of BDO is BNORPHMM. BDO does not have sort code or routing code or IBAN (this is only for US banks). For bank-to-bank transfer using a BDO correspondent bank, what are needed are only your account name, bank name, bank branch, account no. and BDO swift code and your contact address and phone nos. If your employer uses a bank which is not a BDO correspondent bank, your employer’s bank will use a third bank to connect your employer’s bank to BDO. Here are BDO’s correspondent banks

  3. Good day!My wife had our January 26,2014 statement,with the enclosed information that “your BDO VISA GOLD Card has been replaced with a new Chip Card bearing 2018 expiry”, but unfortunately, up to now, she did not receive anything, only the February 26,2014 statement. Can my wife call the customer service to follow-up for this matter?? And also, we went to our branch in POEA last December 2013 when I had my vacation, to request for a change of our address, but up to now, the two statements for this 2014 still had the same old address. Thank you & God bless!!

  4. Hi Guillermo, BDO officers usually advise that it should be you calling BDO because you’re the cardholder, but since you’re abroad, your wife can try calling BDO asap to ask about the new chip card info in your Jan statement. They might ask some personal data to verify identification. About your change of address, it might take them some time to change it, or did they ask you to submit proof of current address like a Meralco bill? You can email them, to follow up on your change of address request, attaching a scan of your proof of address.

  5. Hi tanung k LNG po kng pwd k magamit ung bdo ATM ko dto Singapore it’s a saving account thank u po …

  6. hi ma’am, ask ko lng po. meron po kabayan account with mastercard logo. Puedi po ba ako mgpurchase sa or ebay using this account? thank you in advance.. have a nice day.

  7. hi ms nor, ask ko lng po kng puedi gmitin ang kabayan account with master card logo to purchase online like amazon and ebay? thanks in advance.. more power…

  8. Hi noyjoreb, sorry hindi puedeng pang-online payment ang Kabayan card. Itong cards ang mga puede: Smart Money, GCash, Union Visa Eon, BPI EPrepaid, and other Visa or Mastercard debit cards na hindi primarily savings atm cards.

  9. Hi Dolly, I checked just now and the foreign transaction fee is 2% of peso amount. You can also check the back of your statement of account; usually the fee is written there. Yong exchange rate from taiwan dollars to peso ay depende rin sa Visa exchange rate on transaction date.

  10. hi..ask ko lang po magkano ang withdrawal limit here in taiwan using my bdo debit card and sa mga 7-11 atm machine..thank you…

  11. Hi amie, ang maximum limit per withdrawal ay depende sa mga machines diyan, pero huwag ka lang lumampas ng 25k pesos per withdrawal at 50k pesos per day, and not more than 5 withdrawals per day. Mag-calculate ka na in taiwan dollars para alam mo yong i-enter mong numbers when you go to the atm.

  12. Hello ms amie! Magwwdraw sana ako this afternoon using my kabayan ATM card. I was disappointed to know that block daw ang card ko. I wonder why? :-( I tried to use other metro bank ATM machine, pero same response ng machine. What do you think is the reason? I wasn’t able to check it with the bank personnel anymore coz banking hours is over. Maybe I’ll try to ask tomorrow. :-(

  13. Hi me-an, usually naba-block ang atm after you’ve entered a wrong PIN 3 times, or when BDO wants you to appear at the bank. You can call BDO 631-8000 even at night.

  14. Hey guys…I enjoy my my ATM BDO Kabayan savings MasterCard herein abroad thru ATM withdrawal and swiped my purchases in military stores.. It’s so convenient.

  15. Hi Jun, thanks a lot for sharing info. Are there extra charges for your purchases at military stores? Thanks.

  16. Hi!good evening!question..i received my BDO kabayan saving account this saturday and i changed the pin on same day.they said that i can use the atm on tuesday since its weekend.i also registered it thru online for electronic banking and activated thru atm machine the electronic banking activation the same day that i activated my atm card. The question is, can my electronic banking be activated even when initial atm card activation will be granted the other day?i was worried about this coz there is no bdo machines available abroad to activate my electronic banking..thank u

  17. Hi Camille, if the atm showed “Your online banking activation is successful” then your online banking should already be activated. Try logging in now. You will be asked to answer questions or fill in some blanks. Then you can explore most other features of your online banking. This means your online banking enrollment is successful. It’s great that you immediately enrolled in online banking.

  18. Mam, Ask ko lang po kung pwede ko magamit ang BDO ATM DEBIT CARD sa payment po sa renewal ng aking international certificate sa UK? Thank u po!

  19. Hi Ric, do you mean you’re going to pay online? Sorry you can’t use that card to pay online. Get a Smart Money card (BDO partner) or a GCash card. Go to a Smart store with your phone with Smart mobile no. and at least 120 pesos, your photo ID and your renewal payment. If your mobile no. is Globe, get a GCash card. Tell them you need the type of card that you can use online. Other options are Union Bank Eon Visa card and BPI EPrepaid Mastercard card.

  20. Hi! Recently, BDO has been releasing megalink-only kabayan debit cards.Ang problem dito, di rin sya magamit for POS terminals and even online payment kasi walang mastercard logo. tapos, sadyang hindi daw pwede gamitin as debit yun dahil kailangan may 15k maintaining balance. I don’t think this used to be the case with BDO eh. kaya nga sya debit card diba para magamit for transactions apart from atm withdrawals? Would you know of their new rules?

  21. Hi lucy, I observed that too, last year pa. I asked the BDO officer, and she was vague with her answer. I think BDO now issues only atm debit cards with Mastercard or Visa logo if the customer specifically asks for it before opening the account and by opening a regular savings account and by depositing a big initial deposit amount. I assume that they did this to save on maintenance costs.

  22. Hi, tanong ko lang po nag open po ako s pinas ng acct. pero d po updated ung passbook ko. Gusto ko sana check yng balance ko hanngang nabasa ko dito n pwede ko p lng ma-check ang balance ko dito sa abroad. Dapat po ang balance ko ay 29,062 ng i check ko knina s hsbc 2,500 pesos n lng. Ano po kya ang nangyari sa iba kong pera. D nman po ajo nag withdraw dito. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

  23. Hi Michelle, I hope you kept your remittance receipts. Did you mean you checked your balance at an atm there in Bahrain? Dinars ang lumalabas sa atms diyan? Hindi kaya 250 ang nakita mong balance sa atm diyan? Meaning that would be 250 dinars, which would equal about 29k pesos? Ask BDO if you can ask your balance amount here:
    Maintain 10k pesos or more in your Kabayan so that in case it’s converted to a regular passbook account, it does not incur a below-maintaining-balance penalty.

  24. Hi. Pesos po at d po dinars. Buti n nga lng po naitabi ko ung mga remittance receipt ko. Salamat po.

  25. HI. Tanong ko lang din po pwde bang gamitin ang BDO kabayan ATM debit card sa paypal account kung may savings naman sya. Gusto ko sana gamitin for online shoping.

  26. Hi Jack, you cannot use Kabayan to fund Paypal or for online shopping. It does not have an expiry date and a CVC code. You can get a BPI EPrepaid Mastercard or UnionBank Eon Visa debit card for online shopping or Paypal funding.

  27. Ah thanks.. But I try to register my Kabayan card to Paypal and it accepted the only thing is when i try to order it seems i need to put money on my saving? Below the massage from Paypal and I don’t if things will be successful when I try to put money on my Kabayan savings.

    Invoice ID:
    May 25, 2014
    02:10:55 PDT

    Transfer from:
    MasterCard Credit Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-5859
    This transaction will appear on your bill as “PAYPAL *MY COM B V”.

  28. Hi Jack, you can register Kabayan for the purpose of transferring Paypal money to Kabayan, but not Kabayan to Paypal. Did you register your Kabayan atm card as Mastercard credit card? The initial process may push through, but will not be completed. What I know is that only US bank accounts can fund Paypal. For other countries, it’s either Mastercard/Visa/Discover debit card/credit card.

  29. Hi Nora,

    I’ll be travelling to hongkong tomorrow and I am a bit worried if I can use my BDO Kabayan account (with Master card logo)there incase I’ll use it any transaction (thru ATM or as a debit card). How will I know if my account is still registered as a kabayan account and was not changed to a regular account?

  30. Hi Issa, call BDO (24-hour hotline: 631-8000) now while you’re here in the Phils and ask about your account status.

  31. I just want to emphasize to others that withdrawing money abroad from your ATM account is not reliable as mentioned in the article. I recently tried here in NJ to withdraw money from my account using a Mastercard/Maestro/cirrus ATM machine that was inside Bank of America, and it did not recognize the card.

  32. Hi, maam ask ku lbg if my bdo kabayan debit card nako san ako pweding mgwithdraw if sakali nasa manama, bahrain ako? Pwede po ba aku mgwithdraw dun? Thanx

  33. Hi misfitz, you might be able to withdraw at an atm there with the same logo as the logo on your atm card (either Mastercard or Visa). If there’s no logo, you cannot withdraw. But there are many times the BDO-Mastercard or Visa connection does not work.

  34. Hi. Do we need to inform first BDO if we plan to use our debit card abroad? Like, do they need to “activate” first our account/card so that it can be used abroad?

  35. hi maam! i have BDO Debit Card with Mastercard Logo, can i used this card for online shopping, presently i’m here in qatar. thanks.

  36. Hi Ken, BDO does not require permission/activation for use abroad. But based on comments online, the BDO-Mastercard-or-Visa-or-Cirrus connection does not always work abroad. So be ready with your backup source of cash abroad

  37. Hi Louie, sorry, the regular BDO debit cards cannot be used for online shopping, even if these have the Mastercard or Visa logo. Debit cards that can be used for online shopping are those that have expiry dates and security codes like the Union Bank Visa Eon debit card and the BPI EPrepaid Mastercard

  38. Hello!

    My family and I are planning to take a vacation in Singapore this July. We are not sure if we should bring cash or a debit card or a cash card. We don’t have either of the last two. Which brings me to my question. Which is the quickest way to access money while we are in Singapore?

    Debit card? Or cash card?

    Very confused and need advice asap.


  39. Hi Mish, you know of course that it’s best to bring cash to cover all your expected expenses. And then you can use your debit cards for unexpected or extra expenses. You can use a BDO debit card with Mastercard or Visa logo, but sometimes the BDO-MC-Visa connection does not work. Bring also another bank’s Mastercard- or Visa-linked debit card. BPI requires its debit accountholders to notify them when cards are going to be used abroad.

  40. Good Day,

    I would like to know if there is any way I can access my online banking in BDO. I do have KABAYAN SAVINGS but i would like to know my saving details online. But, the problem is i lost my GLOBE Roaming number who happens to be registered as my contact number on my BDO Account. So when I am requesting to changed my PIN (Which I forgotten) the only way to recover it is to send retrieval code to my mobile to enter on their system. What will you suggest?

  41. Thanks Ms. Nora I already called the Toll Free Number here in UAE. They gave me a BDO Case #. I will follow up with in 2 banking days for Pin reset.

  42. hi, ok ba yung kabayan saving account dito sa taiwan? may nakapag withdraw na ba dito or in taoyuan?

  43. Hi Ever, if your atm card has a Mastercard logo, you might be able to withdraw at an atm with Mastercard or Maestro logo. There are times though that the Mastercard-BDO link is off.

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