Hello, I’m Nora.
I answer questions the best I can at the moment I’m writing my answers. Many times, if I’m not sure, I take the time to check circulars, guides, forms, news items, laws, etc.

But I cannot be correct every time. So for critical questions, please ask others also to confirm my answers in case I missed something…baka lang merong updates or changes that I missed.
Thank you very much for visiting this blog.

I’ve some personal info here, if you’re interested.

I am NOT AFFILIATED with SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, GSIS, banks or any institution mentioned in my posts.

I’M SORRY (Year 2019)

ICU of a hospital in the province
Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to your questions these past few months. I went home to my province to care for my mother in the hospital and at home.
I thank God for all His miracles and blessings.