How to Input your BDO ATM PIN and Activate your New BDO ATM Card

Updated February 15, 2013:

Many new BDO account owners are commenting here that they don’t know how to input their ATM PINs or validate their ATM cards.

Nowadays, BDO instructs new account owners to use 123456 as the default PIN no.

If you were not given a default PIN no., you can use 123456 as your default no.

Before going to an ATM machine to change your PIN and validate your new ATM card, make ready your 6-digit PIN, so you don’t get confused. Memorize it.

Don’t use your birthday as your PIN. Not 123456, or 987654, or 888888. These numbers are easy to guess. Think of a six-digit number that you can easily remember, and will not forget, but difficult for others to guess.

Think of an event, a place, or something that remains vivid in your mind. And a six-digit number that relates to that event, place, or something.

There are OFWs commenting here saying they’ve forgotten their PINs, and therefore could not use their ATM cards. A memorable event, place or something might retrieve that 6-digit number from the mind.

Here are the steps to validate your BDO ATM debit card, or to input your BDO ATM PIN.

The steps described here may vary with the actual steps, as procedures keep improving, but they’re essentially the same.

Of course, you read the instructions on the screen, but generally here are the steps:

1. Go to any BDO ATM machine
Insert card
If the card comes out, and it says “Take the card for …”, get the card.
Banks did this to prevent people from forgetting their cards at the machines.
Enter the default PIN (123456)
Press “Other Services” button
Press “PIN Change”
Enter your PIN (the 6-digit you prepared)
Re-enter your PIN (the 6-digit you prepared)
Get your receipt

If you want to see if your ATM card is already activated and your PIN is already encoded, you can make a BALANCE INQUIRY.

Most of the time, you CANNOT yet make a Balance Inquiry. You might get a response such as Your Card Is Invalid, or Account Invalid.

Don’t worry. Try the next day. Your ATM should already be activated and ready.

For OFWs who opened their Kabayan accounts abroad:

Your Kabayan account is already active; you can remit/send/deposit money to it.

It’s only your ATM card that needs activation, and you can activate your card only here in the Philippines.

Before activating your ATM card, go to the BDO Main branch at the corner of Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia) and Paseo de Roxas. This is the first intersection you’ll see if you’re coming from EDSA. Why go there? To link your ATM card to your account. This extra procedure was probably done to safeguard your money.

After the linking is done, you can change your PIN at any BDO ATM machine.

For further questions, don’t hesitate to call:
BDO Costumer Contact Center at:
Metro Manila: 631-8000
Domestic Toll-Free No: 1-800-10-631800

How to Input Your BDO ATM PIN and Activate your BDO ATM Card

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  1. Hi artemio, apply for a replacement atm card. Cost is 100 or 150 pesos. Makukuha mo agad ang atm card if you choose a no-name atm card; input your new PIN, then you can withdraw the next day or after 24 hours.

  2. Hi lester, baka hindi BDO machine ang ginamit mo. Or make sure na Cash Card ang type of account. Try another BDO machine, or try the next day. If ayaw pa rin, ask your office mates, or ask your BDO branch.

  3. The teller told me that my default PIn is 123456… but the machine says i entered a wrong pin number… how can i get my dafault PIN

  4. nag open po ako ng passbook and atm card… ATM DEBIT CARD… sabi po ng teller 123456 ang default pin ng atm bakit po kaya pag ginamit ko na ang lumalabas po ay wrong PIN?

  5. Hi shieryl, sa PIN change mo ginamit ang 123456? Or for balance inquiry or withdrawal? 123456 is only for PIN change. During PIN change, you enter 123456 as default or old PIN, and then later, enter your own 6-digit PIN. Then wait for the next day to make an atm transaction.

  6. ma’am gud morning po ask po ako. kasi po malyo po ako sa branch ng bdo so kailangan ko pong mag inquire ng balance ko for my po ba akong mag inquire sa online po? hingi po ako ng procedure kng paanu po /…


  7. Hi noel, register first your account in BDO online banking at, and then validate your enrollment using your atm card at a BDO atm machine.

  8. Hi mam nagtry ako magpinchange nung nakuha ko ung bdo atm ko -replacement atm sya. Nung hinanapan ako ng old pin iba nilagay kong numbers hindi 123456 pero Tinanggap. Tapos after 1day nagtry ako magbalance inquiry sabi sakin acct doesnt exist. Help naman po

  9. Hi ngopen aq ng acount last year pa sa BDO,my question is my validity period po b ung account kc eversince di q p xa nhulugan my expiration po b un?salamat!

  10. Hi Arlene, if your account has a maintaining balance requirement, and you have not maintained it, it’s probably closed already. If your account is a Kabayan peso savings account, it is converted into a regular passbook account after 1 year that it does not receive a remittance from abroad. The maintaining balance requirement for a regular passbook account is 10k. You can inquire here:

  11. hi, pwedi magtanong nag open po ako ng atm acct. and then pag kabigay po sa akin ng atm sabi ng teller palitan ko dw po ung pin no. nung pinalitan ko na po. tinry kopo magcheck mg balance bkit ang sabi ” selected account does not exist” ? bkit po ?

  12. hello po ako po si mike..tanong ko lang po kse hindi ko napalitan pin code ko sa atm..pag issue sa akin ng card sbi palitan ko within 24 hrs..what happen po kung di ko napalitan within 24 hrs..

  13. Hi michael, if it’s only a few days since, try changing your PIN. If no longer allowed, go to BDO and ask for reset of deadline so you can change your PIN.

  14. Hi good pm, what happens if I entered a wrong PIN 3 times using my BDO CASH CARD? What should I do? thanks

  15. Hi Darianne, yes, you’re right, you can try again after 24 hours, and if your PIN is correct, you should be able to complete your transaction.

  16. mam may i ask why i can’t use my atm card. I’ve changed my pin; the other day I tried to withdraw and the response is “selected account does not exist.” What should I do to access my account? thanks

  17. Good pm mam. I’ve entered my PIN 3 times using ATM savings, and my PIN was incorrect; can I withdraw again after 24 hours?

  18. Hi cedrick, try again today. Make sure you’re choosing the correct type of account (current, savings or cash card).

  19. good day. I found my atm bdo debit card today. cant remember when It was delivered. iwant to use it. exp is 12/19….i have not change my pin yet since I received it and still not used it yet. now i want ito use it.can i still use it? please send reply to my emeail. thanks

  20. Hi leilani, you can try changing your PIN. And if not successful, go to your branch and ask for reset. It’s important that you tell them your atm card is new. Sorry I’m not updated with BDO’s first PIN change deadline.

  21. I was issued a cash card by my company for my pay, but I haven’t changed the PIN. Almost a month has passed. What will happen to my cash card? My pay is in there. Is there a deadline for changing PIN?

  22. Hi gem, you can try changing your PIN. If the atm machine says invalid or any similar response, go to your branch and ask for your PIN for reset. Tell them you haven’t changed your PIN since the card was issued.

  23. Hi, may I ask. I haven’t used my bdo kabayan card. Is 123456 still the default pin? I want to change it. Applied for it at UN AVE. Now I’m here abroad. help please! Tnx

  24. Hi jul, yes, that’s the default PIN. But sad to say, you can change your PIN only here in the Phils, at a BDO atm machine. But you can remit money to your Kabayan account, as long as 12 months have not yet passed since opening. You’re required to remit to your Kabayan account at least once in 12 months so it will remain a Kabayan account.

  25. Hi nag three times wrong pin poh ako, d ko n poh mwithdraw ung pera, ilang araw poh bgo mblik sa dati? Thanks

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