How to Input your BDO ATM PIN and Activate your New BDO ATM Card

Updated February 15, 2013:

Many new BDO account owners are commenting here that they don’t know how to input their ATM PINs or validate their ATM cards.

Nowadays, BDO instructs new account owners to use 123456 as the default PIN no.

If you were not given a default PIN no., you can use 123456 as your default no.

Before going to an ATM machine to change your PIN and validate your new ATM card, make ready your 6-digit PIN, so you don’t get confused. Memorize it.

Don’t use your birthday as your PIN. Not 123456, or 987654, or 888888. These numbers are easy to guess. Think of a six-digit number that you can easily remember, and will not forget, but difficult for others to guess.

Think of an event, a place, or something that remains vivid in your mind. And a six-digit number that relates to that event, place, or something.

There are OFWs commenting here saying they’ve forgotten their PINs, and therefore could not use their ATM cards. A memorable event, place or something might retrieve that 6-digit number from the mind.

Here are the steps to validate your BDO ATM debit card, or to input your BDO ATM PIN.

The steps described here may vary with the actual steps, as procedures keep improving, but they’re essentially the same.

Of course, you read the instructions on the screen, but generally here are the steps:

1. Go to any BDO ATM machine
Insert card
If the card comes out, and it says “Take the card for …”, get the card.
Banks did this to prevent people from forgetting their cards at the machines.
Enter the default PIN (123456)
Press “Other Services” button
Press “PIN Change”
Enter your PIN (the 6-digit you prepared)
Re-enter your PIN (the 6-digit you prepared)
Get your receipt

If you want to see if your ATM card is already activated and your PIN is already encoded, you can make a BALANCE INQUIRY.

Most of the time, you CANNOT yet make a Balance Inquiry. You might get a response such as Your Card Is Invalid, or Account Invalid.

Don’t worry. Try the next day. Your ATM should already be activated and ready.

For OFWs who opened their Kabayan accounts abroad:

Your Kabayan account is already active; you can remit/send/deposit money to it.

It’s only your ATM card that needs activation, and you can activate your card only here in the Philippines.

Before activating your ATM card, go to the BDO Main branch at the corner of Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia) and Paseo de Roxas. This is the first intersection you’ll see if you’re coming from EDSA. Why go there? To link your ATM card to your account. This extra procedure was probably done to safeguard your money.

After the linking is done, you can change your PIN at any BDO ATM machine.

For further questions, don’t hesitate to call:
BDO Costumer Contact Center at:
Metro Manila: 631-8000
Domestic Toll-Free No: 1-800-10-631800

How to Input Your BDO ATM PIN and Activate your BDO ATM Card

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  1. Hi Lyn, yes, I think so. You can try today. If it says “your account does not exist” or similar replies, go back to your branch and ask for resetting.

  2. hello, I’m here in uae i have kabayan card and i already changed the pin I left my card in the phil. I already sent money for my account but my mom can’t open my atm. i need help thanks

  3. Hi vanessa, ask your mom to read the response of the machine. At what point of the atm process is she stopped? Does she choose “savings” as type of account?
    You can also use this BDO Remit Status Inquiry to track your remittance.

  4. Hi. Our BDO atm card has been replaced for a new one because it’s lost. It was released on us last April 27. We want to withdraw now but unfortunately the machine says “incorrect pin” . It’s his old password that I typed and we don’t want also to have new one. Any advise? Thanks

  5. Hi Matesh, your atm card is new, so you need to change the default pin. The default pin is any 6 digit no., like 123456 or 654321. Enter as new pin the old pin that you said you like.

  6. I was able to open a bdo savings account. i activated it and waited for 24hrs. It still says invalid and so i went ro the bank where i opened. I was able to withdraw! And nowwwww here if goes again when our school directress will deposit my salary the bank says i have an invalid accnt number! Can someone please help me. The bank is closed every sat and Sunday

  7. Hello I forgot what is my PIN number. I was able to use my ATM while in Philippines. What do I do now? I’m in New Zealand and my mother in law deposits money for me to withdraw here as my allowance.
    thanks please help

  8. Hi Lenly, so sad about that. But if you forgot your PIN, BDO personnel cannot retrieve your PIN because PINs are encrypted for security reasons. What BDO does is to ask you to replace your atm card in person here in the Phils so you create a new PIN. I hope you can remember your PIN.

  9. Hi Cristelle, it’s possible the school directress missed a digit. Did she text you when she was at the bank to countercheck? About the atm card activation, sometimes now, the activation is validated after 2 business days.

  10. Hi. just want to ask where I can see the pin code of kabayan savings. I wasn’t able to ask them. They gave me a passbook and ATM card but I wasn’t able to ask the pin code.

  11. Hi Cristina, with BDO, you can use any 6-digit PIN, maybe 123456 or 654321 as the default PIN or old PIN. When you change your PIN, enter 123456 as your current PIN, and then enter your prepared 6-digit as your new PIN. Prepare a PIN that’s easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

  12. Good eve po is it still okay to change my pin? I was not able to change my PIN after getting it; it’s been almost 1week

  13. Hi freddie, sorry I’m not so sure now if they’re still implementing that 2-day deadline. Just try changing today your PIN, and if you’re not able to change, you should go to your branch and ask.

  14. Hi i got my bdo atm debit card a while ago. I’ve changed my pin and will just wait for 24hrs. Will I see the amount I deposited even if I have not remitted to my kabayan account? Thank you

  15. Hi. I was activating my account about an hour ago, during the process I got a message saying that I already exeeded pin change eventhough it was my 1st attempt. Now the in charge advised me to go to another branch this monday. I have to wait for 3 daya to get my 1st salary. My question is, can I go to the back today instead of waiting 3 days to activate? Thanks. Hoping for response.

  16. my bdo debit card is invalid. what should I do? i need my account as soon as possible.

  17. Hi jennifer, is your atm card newly issued? Have you just changed your PIN? If yes, try making a balance inquiry again tomorrow or after 24 hours from PIN change. If you’ve been using your debit card for a long time already, go to your branch and ask. You might need to replace your card.

  18. Dear
    I opened an account here in dubai. I recieve already my passbook and atm card. But my problem is how can i have my temporary pin number.?

  19. Good day to u nora.
    I opened an account last june 15,2016 i receive my atm card and my passbook on june 28,2016. My question is where is the pin number. Or how can i get my pin number for this account…?

  20. Madam ask kulang po. Pano po namin mapapa link at activage bdo kabayan saving passbook and atm card namin. E andto kami abroad. So d pa namin pwede kargahan.?

  21. Kelan ba mag start yang twodays po para magchange pin. After pagka tanggap ng passbook at atm card o after maipalink ang atm.?

  22. Dear Nora, I had my kabayan savings atm card with me for a year now, I opened my accnt here in Dubai, I had my wife bring it to Philippines and she just used the card in an atm to enter a pin, this was 6hours ago,when she tried to check the balance it is showing accnt not existing, is this normal? How long will the card be activated? Thank you.

  23. Hi Marvin, it means that your atm card still needs to be linked to your account. But sad to say, BDO’s policy is it should be you going to your branch to link the atm card to your account since you’re the account owner. Have you remitted money to this account? If yes, you can ask your wife to deposit 100 pesos to your account to test if your account is active. If the deposit is accepted, it means your account is active. Your wife can also ask the teller if there’s a balance — subok lang, kasi usually they don’t answer this type of question because of privacy laws.

  24. Hi Alyssa, sorry, most banks now have atm PIN encryption systems in which PINs cannot be retrieved by their IT people, para masabi nilang wala silang liability in case mawidro ang pera fraudulently. You need to apply for a new atm card to replace your card.

  25. Good day! Ask lng may kabayan peso savings aq BDO. Inopen q sya s kuwait then chinage pin ko sya knina sa SM fairview branch. May receipt n lumbas it says your new pin has been accepted. So it means activated na sya ganun ba? So after that i tried to balance inq. But unfortunitely i cant tpos sbi skin ng guard after 24 hours pa daw aq makkapag balance inq. Activated n ba yun? Reply pls…

  26. Hi Jasmin, yes, activated na ang atm card mo, pero tama yong guard, you can make a balance inquiry or withdrawal after 24 hours. There are some cases pa na after more than 24 hours.

  27. Hi mrs nora. panu po if you have exceeded the maximum number of pin’ kasi naklimutan ko password. try ako ng try hindi tlga panu po ako mkapag-withdraw

  28. Hi Mich, are you abroad? Dito ka ba sa Philippines nag-activate ng atm or nag-change ng PIN? Kung dito ka nag-activate, try again there after 24 hours. Dapat sa atm na merong Mastercard or VIsa logo (the same with the logo on your atm card). Try to recall your correct PIN. Kapag 2 na at mali pa rin, stop ka na, after 24 hours ka uli mag-try. Kapag hindi mo na talaga maalala, sorry, yong BDO encryption system, hindi nare-retrieve ang PIN. Pag-uwi mo, you go to your branch and ask for a replacement card (new card), and then activate it by changing PIN again.

  29. Good evening I already get my atm debit. Card today. I already change my pin but when I balance inquiry the ATM machine response account doesnnt exist.thank u

  30. Hi Monaliza, you’ll be able to access your account after 24 hours. In some cases, after a bit more than 24 hours.

  31. Good evening, debit card holder din ako. But unfortunately, nag invalid din yun card ko po. last friday ko p po nakuha yung card ko. its been 4 days n po. please help

  32. Hi rose ann, that’s the policy of BDO: Change PIN then start using the next day. I don’t know the purpose or reason — could be for additional security.

  33. Hi, I activated my debit card last week. Today, I wanted to register it for online banking, but before that I tried checking my balance (I know its zero), but it still says that my account does not exist. Its a payroll account, so can our HR check on this as I don’t know where they opened it.

  34. Hi Des, baka ang policy ng BDO sa payroll account is mag-start lang siyang maging active after the first deposit of your salary. Kasi ang BDO, iba ang treatment niya sa payroll account compared sa regular account. I-enroll mo na lang after may deposit na

  35. Hi po,tanong ko lang po.nag open po ung sister ko ng kabayan savings account. Pero iniwan po nya sakin ung atm card nya para po kapag nagpadala sya ay dun nlang daw nya ipapadala sa account nya.pwde po bang ako ang gumamit nun at kng pwde pa po bng gamitin un kc 3 months n po,hndi p npapalitan ng pin at kung pwde po n magsave din po ako ng pera sa account na un.thanks po

  36. Hi cerlyn, yes, puede mong depositohan yang account over the counter, pero bago mo depositohan ng sarili mong pera, i-activate mo muna asap yang atm, para sure na makawidro ka later on. After successful PIN change, magagamit mo after 24 or 36 hours. Don’t forget your PIN because once you forget it, it’s only your sister who can ask at the branch for atm card replacement.

  37. hi, i tried to widraw, kaso sabi “your card number is invalid”. sinubukan ko po uli pero ganun pa rin, sinubukan ko kung pwede ang balance inquiry pero ayaw rin. ano po ang dapatkong gawin?

  38. Hi Valerie, have you just changed your default PIN? If kaka-change pa lang, hindi pa puedeng gamitin. Make a balance inquiry after 24 or 36 hours. Pag after 48 hours na at hindi pa rin, visit your branch and ask.

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