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  1. hi nors, is police clearance acceptable as i.d to encash my check at bdo? and how many IDs should I present? i lost my documents, I only have police clearance and barangay clearance

  2. Hi michelle, what I know is that you should show at least 1 photo ID with signature. But in the BSP list of valid IDs, police clearance is included. Just try. If they don’t accept, then deposit the check in your account. If you need the cash, ask BDO if they accept postal ID and police clearance; I think you can get a postal ID quickly. Just bring your barangay clearance with at least 500 pesos (depends on the post office).

  3. Hi Nor, I haven’t received yet your response, if the check will be cleared on Wednesday if you deposited it Saturday before clearing time.

    anyway, it’s already Wedensday. Perhaps I’ll just check it later.


  4. Hi josey, usually banks that are open on a Saturday just accepts the check, and then deposit the check the following Monday. If it’s a local check, it will clear on the following Wed.

  5. Hi Nora, Im fresh grad and new at freelancing and I got my payment from my employer through a check in BDO. I just want to know, when will this check be expired or stale dated… since I dont have the required ID yet, it was dated on jan 8 2015

  6. Hi Jett, see your check if it has a “VALID UNTIL ___”. If it does not have a validity date, your check will be valid for 6 months. I hope you get your ID soon. It’s easy to get a postal ID, although it costs around 500 pesos, depending on the post office. You need a barangay certificate to get a postal ID. And ask BDO if they accept postal ID; some banks no longer accept postal ID.

  7. How much is the interest if my check bounced? is there interest every day? If the check worth 2695.35 bounced march 10 because I lacked maintaining balance, how much is the interest by april 30?

  8. Hi christian, you should check your account balance through atm to see if your account is still active. If a check bounces, usually the penalty is 2,000 pesos, and there’s an additional penalty of 200 pesos per day until the account is funded. There’s also a 300-peso penalty for accounts not maintained for 2 consecutive months.
    To whom did you issue your 2695.35 check? Did he/she not complain that your check bounced?

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