SSS Pension Adjustment for 1985-1989 Still Ongoing

More than 154,000 SSS retiree pensioners have received their SSS pension adjustments as of June 2016, according to the SSS. Total of adjustments released was 7.21 billion pesos. These adjustments arose from the system upgrade in 1986 that affected the posting of 1985 to 1989 member contributions.

For SSS death pensioners or survivor pensioners and disability pensioners, you can expect your adjustments by December 2016.

For all types of SSS pensioners whose pensions were processed prior to May 24, 1997, you can expect your adjustments in June 2017.

SSS have advised SSS pensioners that they will process all adjustments for all pensioners who qualify for the adjustments, regardless of whether the pensioner filed an adjustment request or not.

Pero kahit meron silang sinabing ganito, puede pa rin that you file your letter of request for adjustment, or you can go to the nearest SSS with your IDs and ask. If you’re a representative, bring your IDs, the IDs of the SSS pensioner and an authorization letter from the SSS pensioner.


According to SSS, the average back payment per pensioner was 51,883 pesos while the average monthly adjustment per pensioner was 515 pesos.

Not all SSS pensioners received adjustments or will receive adjustments. Those whose pensions were correctly computed or those who did not have at least 6 monthly contributions within a year from 1985 to 1989 will not receive adjustments.

If you are an SSS retiree pensioner, you can try to enroll in the SSS Online Service, so you can see your SSS records and your pension computation and details.

After enrollment in the SSS Online Service, here’s how to view your SSS pension computation and data.

If you’re curious about this 1985 to 1989 adjustment, here’s some info on why there’s this SSS Pension Adjustment for 1985 to 1989.


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