Pag-ibig Benefits — Retirement Claims

Puede ko na bang kunin ang Pag-ibig retirement benefits ko?

There are only five conditions wherein you are allowed to get your Provident retirement benefits.

Under the sixth reason — death –  beneficiaries will get the benefits.

Dapat merong applicable sa iyo na isa sa mga sumusunod:

  • You are 60 years old or older.
  • You have 240 monthly contributions or more.
  • You have permanent and total disability.
  • You have been formally separated from service because of serious illness.
  • You have immigrated to the U.S. or another country.
  • You have already retired from the SSS or GSIS or from your company under your retirement plan and you are 45 years old or older.
  • Death. Your legal beneficiaries will get your benefits.

For each of these conditions, you have to submit proofs.

Here is a copy of the Pag-ibig Benefit Claim Form

On the Provident claim form, sa bandang baba, andon yong checklist ng required documents.  Ang required documents depende sa reason mo.

Before you go to Pag-ibig Fund, the best things to do first are to:

  1. List the companies where you worked, addresses of these companies, and dates when you worked in these firms.
  2. Go to Pag-ibig Fund and ask for a copy of your contributions. Go to the Pag-ibig branch where your last company is making its Pag-ibig submissions.  Bring your ID.
  3. Check if all your Pag-ibig monthly contributions are included.
  4. If there are missing contributions, think if these could have been submitted in another Pag-ibig branch. Companies usually make submissions to the Pag-ibig branch nearest to them.
  5. If you need to, request for a consolidation of records.  This is a copy of the Pag-ibig Request for Transfer of Members’ Records form.
  6. If you’re making a claim for your parent or relative, have a SPA or Special Power of Attorney.  This is a copy of the SPA for Pag-ibig Claims.

Other Related Forms:

Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs
Affidavit of Guardianship

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  1. Hello M’ Nors,
    Good day! I enjoy reading queries and very informative kaya I decided to ask my concerns too.. I have previous Multi Purpose Loan last 2005 nakapag remit ako ng payment maybe five amortization then nakapag abroad at bumalik year 2007 and employed again by 2009 up to this time di ko pa nabayaran ang loan ko dahil mas inuna ko yung iba pang liability ko.. Natatakot tuloy ako na sobrang penalty na ang inabot.. meron kayang restructuring or mapababa ang penalty or ma waive na lang….Kung okay lang na ma avail sana ung Optional Withdrawal kaya lang need talaga bayaran ung loan.. Thanks.. God Bless>>

  2. Hi po,ask ko lng po kung pede na po ba ako makapag avail ng lumpsum, ngresign po ako sa work noong 2012 saktong 10 years of my service, i’m just 32 years old..thanks

  3. Hi Rachel, puede lang ang optional withdrawal kung continuous ang contributions at tinatanggap lang ito exactly on the 10th and 15 year. About your loan, I hope na in-offset na lang nila yong loan at total savings/dividends mo years ago, meaning ginamit nila yong savings mo to pay off your loan balance, para hindi nagka-interest/penalty pa. Ginagawa nila ito if they find out you got unemployed. What you can do is to register at to get your Pag-ibig MID no. and then email and ask them about your total accumulated values and salary loan eligibility. Tell them you’re abroad.

  4. Hi Mary ann, sori hindi ka pa puedeng mag-claim kasi wala ka pang 60 years old. Puedeng mag-claim at age 45 or older kapag meron kang 240 contributions. Merong optional partial withdrawal sa 10th year, pero allowed lang ito kapag wala kang ni isang gap in contributions, at allowed lang ang claim filing doon sa 10th year, which is lagpas na.

  5. namatay po ang asawa ko..we are legally married but we have no children.her parents were already dead..can i claim my wifes pagibig contribution.20 years po syang nakapaghulog sa pag ibig.

  6. How long is the release of claims on the maturity benefits if I have existing loan will paag-ibig automatically deducts all the loans?


  7. Hi Rogelio, yes, your loan balance is automatically deducted from your total savings. Based on comments here, processing may take 2 months or more.

  8. i have already filed two weeks ago, send to calapan oriental mindoro just waiting for the approval of my long will i wait? thanks!

  9. Can I proceed filing my Application for Provident Benefits (APB) Claim Form?
    If so, can I file it to your branch in Pasay City?

    Thank you

  10. Hi Amelia, depende sa location ng records mo ang processing. 2 months or more siguro. Kung nasa isang branch lang lahat ng contributions mo, mas madali nilang ma-process.

  11. Hi Rosalinda, file your claim at the branch where your contributions were remitted. Pag-ibig’s records are not yet centralized.

  12. I am SPO4 CRISTINO ANTIPORTA URACA, a newly retired PNP member of Boljoon Police Station, Boljoon, Cebu. When I conducted follow up to my retirement benefit claim at PAG IBIG Cebu I learned from that
    office that Pag ibig cubao had already issued check to my benefit claim with check no.54526 dtd February 14, 2014 and until now I have not received the said benefit claim check. More than one month had been lapsed from the issuance of myn benefit claim check and why is it that until now hindi pa ito natang gap ko. Iyon ba ka bagal ang pag process ninyo. As a member of pag ibig I am very much disappointe3d. Hope for your immediate action.

  13. Hi Cristino, you can email Office of the Manager – Pag-ibig Cubao at and ask about your Provident benefit claim if it was sent through the postal mail already. Or you can go to your local post office and ask if they have your registered mail from Pag-ibig. The check is dated Feb 14 but it might have been sent to the post office a week or weeks later, and then the post office also takes some time to deliver registered mail.

  14. good morning po. sa August 7 po mag 60 na po ang father ko, entitled na po sya for retirement claim, pwede na po bang mag process ng mga papers nya for retirement claim at pwede po ba na kami mga anak nya na lang mag ayos ng documents nya kasi di na nya kaya mag byahe. thank you.

  15. gud morning po, ask ko lang if may makukuha po akong benefits, resigned na po kasi ko as a teacher because of health problem, and my service is 14 years and 3 months. meron po ba akong benefits na makukuha?thank you.

  16. good afternoon,
    this coming august 7 mag 60 years old na po ang father ko, pwede na bang ngayon month na namin asikasuhin ang pag ibig retirement nya or need pa bo namin mag wait until mag 60 years old na sya. Pwede na rin bo ba na kami anak nya ang mga process ng papers since di na po kasi nya kaya magbyahe. salamat

  17. thank you.. pwede na po bang asikasuhin na namin sa pag ibig ngayon, or kailangan pa rin po namin na mag 60 sya bago kami mag process.
    salamat po.

  18. hello po! mam tanong ko lang po kung pwede po akong magwithdraw kc naka 5 years po ako sa work ko before po ako magresign and complete po ang contri ko. thanks po.

  19. Hi Grace, sori hindi pa puede. Ang earliest partial withdrawal ay sa 10th year (pero dapat continuous; walang missed payment). Puede kang mag-loan, pero kung matagal ka nang resigned/unemployed, baka hanapan ka ng certification of source of income.

  20. Ask ko lang po.I started working at the age 17. I am now 41. My SSS contributions are now a total of 210. I have not asked from Pag Ibig pero I have made 2 loans na po and so far updated din naman when it comes to consolidation from all my past employers. So pag 45 na ako, puede na ako magfile ng retirement? Ano yung separate from employer? Kelangan resigned na ako sa company when I file for retirement?Nag aalala ako kasi I am still working, baka pag 60 na ako dami ko na contribution tapos hindi din ganun ka beneficial sa akin. Pa explain naman po thanks.

  21. Hi Jocelyn, I admire you for starting to be so responsible and resourceful at a young age. For SSS, surely you’ll get a pension because your no. of contributions is more than 120. But if you’re still working at age 60, you can’t get your pension yet. If you file your pension claim at age 60, SSS will require you to also submit a cert of separation from employment. But starting at age 65, you can have your pension whether you’re working or not.
    For Pag-ibig, what you get is not pension but a lump sum of your total savings plus dividends. I see 3 possible options for you: Membership term maturity (You can get your Pag-ibig savings after accumulating 20 years of contributions or 240 contributions, whether you’re working or not) or Early Retirement at age 45 (if your company has an early retirement program) or Retirement (age 60, whether working or not). If you like, you can also save with Modified Pag-ibig 2 (MP2) and get back your savings plus dividends after 5 years.

  22. Hi,

    the story goes like this, month b4 my father turn 60y/o he for lump sum. but even b4 he turned 60 he go to US with my two younger brother since he has special immigrant status from the US embassy. now a week ago we already got the check from landbank. our problem is that the bank wont allow as to get money even if we had special power of attorney. my question is what is the best way to do so we can get the money ASAP. pls Help us.

    Thank you very much.

  23. Hi Arben, you mean Landbank refuses to encash the check? What did Landbank suggest? Is your SPA specific to Landbank? Ask Landbank if they want a more specific SPA, and what details should be included in the SPA. If Landbank will not recognize any kind of SPA to encash the check, then ask your father to open a Kabayan account in the US so you can deposit his check in his Kabayan account. BDO remittance partners in California If he’s not in California, write where he is, and I’ll find info on BDO partners there

  24. My father is now in Maryland. Landbank suggest that we may deposit the check, but then right now i just found out that my father cancelled all His bank account. No, the SPA is not specific to Landbank. it was intended to be in general for any other uses, if just in case needed.

    thanks Ma’am nora.

  25. Hi arben, if your father is near Bethesda, he can inquire at Viamericas Corp at 4841 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 400, Bethesda if they offer BDO account opening

  26. Hi po,gusto ko po sanang malaman kung pwede ko pang ipagpatuloy yung hulog ko from 2011?the whole year po ng 2011 nkapaghulog ako at nung 2012 till now hindi na po.pwede ko po bang blikan at hulugan ang 2012 till now at baguhin ang contribution ko?thanks.

  27. Hi Virginia, you can no longer pay for past years. You can start paying again. Start this Apr to June quarter. Yes, you can increase your contributions. Minimum for Pag-ibig 1 is 100 pesos and minimum for MP2 is 500 pesos. Do you have your Pag-ibig MID? This is how to get your Pag-ibig MID no.. You can also save with MP2 so you can get your savings after 5 years.

  28. Hi Ms. Nora. Im interested in the maturity claim upon completion of 240 monthly contributuons. Im 40 years old. I’ve been a Pag-ibig paying member since 1997. So in fact, me & my company has been paying continuously for the past 17 yrs. Roughly around 200 monthly contributions were remitted already. But Ive missed my April and May contribution due to separation from work. You mentioned here that early partial claims on the 10th year should be gapless. Same also with the 20 years / 240 monthly contributions ? If so, what can I still get out of the maturity claims?

    Im jobless now, will probably get another job later this year. Do u suggest that I continue paying my monthly dues? Or wait for my next job? Are there disadvantages of prolonged missed monthly dues / dormant members?

  29. Hi again Ms Nora. Pertaining to my earlier inquiries, I was told by a Pag Ibig representative that they accept retro payment. It contradicts a bit with your suggestion to Ms Virginia that she can start paying her past dues at least for the April to June quarter? Will this (retro quarterly payment) also apply to me given I missed April and May na? I was advised kasi that I can only pay starting June.

    I reside in the Philippines by the way.

    Here’s the excerpt response I got from Pag ibig through facebook:

    ” Hi Sir Richard, Good day to you! You may continue paying your contributions as individual payor.

    The minimum monthly contribution is P200. You may opt to contribute a higher amount as this would mean a higher amount of savings upon membership maturity. The initial payment of contribution will be upon membership registration, while succeeding monthly contributions may be done at any Pag-IBIG fund branch. Self-employed or voluntary members must remit their contributions on or before the 10th of the month. They may also opt to pay their contributions on a quarterly basis, provided that such remittances are made on or before the 10th day of the beginning month of the quarter.

    We don’t have retroactive payment of contributions. Unpaid monthly contributions are considered as gaps. You may pay your contribution for the month of June onwards.

    Thank you – admin5″

  30. Erratum:

    *Pertaining to my earlier inquiries, I was told by a Pag Ibig representative that they DON’T accept retro payment…

  31. Hi Richard, thanks a lot for taking the time to give correct information. Will help me a lot and others too. It’s important to me that I’m giving correct info. I will use Pag-ibig’s reply to you as basis for future inquiries. Perhaps there are some allowances for OFWs — I paid for Jan to May 2014 on Feb 19, 2014 at the OFW floor in Makati for my OFW sis-in-law and they accepted it. Also, the Pag-ibig deduction for OFWs in their OEC is 100 pesos, so the minimum is 100 pesos. I will add some notes on OFWs and individual payors in future posts. Thanks again, Richard, and more power to your endeavors.

  32. Hi again Ms Nora. Actually its more of an inquiry than an FYI from my end :) I thought you can give me supplemental information with regards to Pag Ibig’s policy as Im having a difficult corresponding with them.

    Anyway, do you know if the 240 monthly contributions leading to the maturity fund payout need to be without gap?

    Any contact number that I can reach Pag Ibig? Their hotline is not working. Worst case, I can just go to their ofc in makati. Where is this located btw?

  33. Hi Richard, sorry, was busy yesterday so I replied to only a few, and didn’t see you have an earlier comment here. Partial withdrawal is only allowed within the 12-month period after the 120th contribution or 180th contribution, and yes, there should be no gap in the contributions, not even a 1-month gap. The earliest that you can claim is when you turn 45 and have accumulated at least 240 contributions. Yes, it’s good if you continue contributing if there are no other priorities, but if there are, you can miss payments without incurring any disadvantage other than that of not increasing your total savings. You write well; perhaps you can explore blogging…
    Pag-ibig Makati is along Buendia, near RCBC Plaza/Zuellig Loop

  34. Thanks Ms Nora for your inputs. I’ll consider these options you’ve mentioned. Appreciate the compliments as well :)


  36. Hi! Ask lang po. Ang housing loan po namin ay 14yrs po ang contract ng loan pero 8yrs and 2 months lang po paid off na po namin, last May 2014. Ang housing loan namin ay under po ng POP. Nag huhulg po kami monthly ng saving sa POP w/ passbook pero maraming gap. Means di po regular nahulugan. Ang tanong ko po ay May makukuha po ba kaming pera galing s housing loan namin, nagyon paid na off na to? Tama po ba ang pagkakaintindi ko na mayroon P600 monthly na nilalagay s savings nakasama sa monthly amortization namin.? Kung meron kelan po namin puedeng makuha? Pati po ang POP savings? Kami po mag asawa ay US base na. Isa na pong US citezen ang asawa ko na naka name s POP at 59yrs old pa lang po.
    Salamat po

  37. Hi Nora,
    Tanong lang, meron bang circular na nagsasabing di na required ang mga retired employees na magcontribute ulit sa fund kung sakaling magkatrabaho ulit/employed ulit sa isang kompanya?ano ang pwede kong gamiting proof/circular/memo?

  38. Hi Ron, I can’t find a circular yet regarding that matter. You can use the Pag-ibig Law or RA 9679 which defines Mandatory and Voluntary Membership. Mandatory membership is for those aged 18 to 60. Pensioners are mentioned as examples of Voluntary members in the IRR of RA 9679.

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