Pag-ibig Benefits — Retirement Claims

Can you now claim your Pag-ibig retirement benefits?

There are only five conditions in which you are allowed to get your Provident retirement benefits.

Under the sixth reason — death —  beneficiaries will get the benefits.

You should be in one of the following conditions before you can claim:

  • You are 60 years old or older.
  • You have 240 monthly contributions or more and you are 45 years old or older.
  • You have permanent and total disability.
  • You have been formally separated from service because of serious illness.
  • You have immigrated to the U.S. or another country.
  • You have already retired from the SSS or GSIS.
  • You have retired from your company under your company’s early retirement plan and you are 45 years old or older.
  • Death. Your legal beneficiaries will get your benefits.

For each of these conditions, you have to submit proofs.

Here is a copy of the Pag-ibig Benefit Claim Form

On the Provident claim form, you can see the list of required documents.  The type of required documents depend on your reason for retirement.

Before you go to Pag-ibig Fund, the best things to do first are to:

  1. List the companies where you worked, addresses of these companies, and dates when you worked in these firms.
  2. Go to Pag-ibig Fund and ask for a copy of your contributions. Go to the Pag-ibig branch where your last company is making its Pag-ibig submissions.  Bring 2 valid IDs.
  3. Check if all your Pag-ibig monthly contributions are included.
  4. If there are missing contributions, think if these could have been submitted in another Pag-ibig branch. Companies usually make submissions to the Pag-ibig branch nearest to them.
  5. If you need to, request for a consolidation of records.  This is a copy of the Pag-ibig Request for Transfer of Members’ Records form.
  6. If you’re making a claim for your parent or relative, have a SPA or Special Power of Attorney.  This is a copy of the SPA for Pag-ibig Claims.

Other Related Forms:

Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs
Affidavit of Guardianship

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PAG-IBIG Branches in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan


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  1. Hi Garingo, I hope you get your claim next week. Or it might take a little longer as you are in the province. Didn’t they give you a phone number to call for follow-up? You can try this Pag-ibig Iloilo Services hotline: (033) 338-1032

  2. Hi pOh. my father has been working for 5 yrs in a new company. Can he get something because he just retired. thanks.

  3. Hi Rowella, if your father’s company remitted contributions to Pag-ibig, then your father can file his claim at the Pag-ibig branch where his company remitted contributions, usually the branch nearest his company’s location

  4. Hi Ms. Nora! My father suffered from stroke and he already claimed for disability few years ago. I’ve seen in the tv ads the Balik Savings 65 whereas 65 yrs above can claim their contributions plus the interest. Can my father can still avail of it eventhough he already claimed for disability? Thank you very much! Regards, Shirly

  5. Hi shirly, that program is for members aged 65 who have not claimed their benefits or who have continued to contribute to Pag-ibig after claiming. If your father continued to contribute to Pag-ibig after getting his disability benefit, then he can claim his savings. You can call Pag-ibig 724-4244 and ask if your father has still benefits to claim. Be ready with your father’s personal and Pag-ibig information.

  6. Hello po, I’m Ofw. If I become a member of POP, can I avail of pension when I retire at the age of 60? Thanks

  7. Hi JR, POP has been changed to MP2 or Modified Pag-ibig Program and is now offered to both OFWs and non-OFWs. There’s also the original savings program Pag-ibig 1. When you turn 60, you get your P1 total savings plus dividends in one lump sum (in a single check), not pension. It’s SSS that gives pension. You can also claim your P1 at age 45 or older if you have accumulated 240 monthly savings. For MP2, you can withdraw your savings after 5 years, or if you like, on the 5th year, you renew your account for another 5 years. If not yet a P1 member, get your Pag-ibig MID no. and then start paying. For MP2, apply for your MP2 account no. then start paying.

  8. hi po, is my father qualified for balik savings? He has retired and has claimed his lump sum from PAG IBIG. He did not continue contributing. thanks

  9. hello, I claimed my retirement benefit last april 2015, iloilo pagibig branch. Your processing was so fast my check arrived this june. The thing is my total contributions from 1981-1996 in my former company plus my 18 yrs abroad contribution i compute it to be more 20 thousand in total. My question why i received only 18,787.77 for my retirement without any dividends and even less that my total contributions.

  10. Hi Leslie Ann, you said your father has already claimed his money from Pag-ibig when he retired, so he has no more money to claim from Pag-ibig. I think Balik Savings65 is just a pakulo to make processing faster for those 65 and older who have not claimed their money from Pag-ibig.

  11. Hi Honorato, it’s really sad that Pag-ibig has not yet centralized their records. If you worked for only one company in the Philippines, then it’s most likely that your local savings/dividends total is correct. It could be that your OFW contributions were remitted to the OFW office at the Makati Gil Puyat branch and was not included in your claim. You can call or email: and CC
    OFW Center/CEO III
    OFW Members Services Department
    317 Justine Bldg. Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
    Tel. No.: (02) 422-3114

  12. I’ve been paying regularly. I want to have my house in Bulacan repaired or have home improvement. Already totally paid. Has title. What should I do? I don’t have work. I’m a housewife. I’m here abroad, plain housewife. Is there a chance I can reconstruct my house in pilipinas since i am paying my regular contribution?

  13. Hi Carmela, you have your own residential title, and you’re a Pag-ibig member, so yes you can apply for a Pag-ibig home improvement loan. Your only problem is you need to show proof of your source of income. Do you have a bank account where there’s a 2-year or longer record of regular deposits? Other requirements will be building plans signed by an engineer, bill of materials and labor costs, and building permit and SPA for your Philippine representative. These are my unsolicited thoughts though: I feel uneasy about the thought of pawning your fully-paid house to repair it, especially that you’re not here to supervise the repair, and there’s the risk that you can lose your house to foreclosure if you’re unable to pay off your loan. Maybe it’s wiser to save money, then have the repair when you accumulate a bigger amount. Saving will also test your ability to receive a bigger amount of money and set it aside regularly.

  14. I want to know the status of my retirement claim which was filed on July 22, 2015. I’m trying to reach the number given to me 812 4731 local 402 but no one is answering my call.
    Please let me know the status. Yours truly, Arnel Batac Ople

  15. Hi i am felisa i retired last June 1 2015 at LGU Cainta compulsory retirement. why up to now i have not received my BENEFIT? PLS MAKE IT I NEED THE AMounT BADLY TY GBUs
    Please facilitate my CLAIM. MY NAME IS FELISA F TANCINGCO

  16. Hi Felisa, have you filed your Provident benefit claim at your Pag-ibig branch? After filing, processing takes 3 weeks to one month. Pag-ibig will give a stub with a phone no. for follow-up.

  17. Hi Hilario, file your claim in person at your Pag-ibig branch with 2 valid photo IDs, Application for Provident Benefits form and NSO birth certificate. If you worked in different cities or provinces, make sure your contributions have been consolidated in one branch before your file your claim.

  18. Hi Cristina, usually Pag-ibig processes claims in 3 to 4 weeks. You may call Pag-ibig to follow up after 4 weeks


  20. Hi julie, yes, you can pay your MP2 at any Bayad Center. Don’t check member type, but if the Bayad Center insists on you to check member type, check VM (as anyway, your MP2 payment is voluntary although you’re employed). Keep your receipts and keep a record of your savings for future reference.

  21. I have more than 240 contributions. I’m already 59 this October of 2015 and plans to retire by 2016 to get myself involved in charity works. I have a loan at Pagibig which I had received last March, 2014 of P20,140.00.I have not paid anything yet, because my salary is not enough to pay those bills that I need to pay. I also have one from SSS. Can I still get my retirement benefits even if I did not pay any single amount to my loan? Thank you for reply.

  22. Hi Josephine, yes, you will have something to get from Pag-ibig. Your salary loan amount was about 80% of your total savings last March 2014, so you have about 20% left. What Pag-ibig does is to deduct your total loan from your total savings/dividends, if your loan is left unpaid. The same with SSS, if you have an outstanding salary loan when you retire, SSS will deduct your loan monthly from your monthly pensions, until your loan is fully paid off. You’ll start getting your pension only after your loan is paid off.

  23. Hello po may I ask the status of my father’s retirement benefit. My father is Mr.Edgar D. Farola. up to now there’s no update. We live here in general trias cavite and it’s difficult for my parents to travel many times to shaw. Thank u

  24. Hi sheila, did your father receive an acknowledgment stub? Was it written there that you can call them after 3 to 4 weeks? That’s usually the time frame that they give. And usually they write a phone number to call for follow-up after 3 or 4 weeks. This is Pag-ibig Shaw’s phone number: 422-3000

  25. Hello. I have a friend. Her spouse who’s a public school teacher for 32 years has died. Before he died, he was 60 years old and 6 months. He filed for early retirement july 25, 2015. Time of death 2nd week ng august 2015. May I ask who’s the beneficiary? They have no child. What are the requirements to claim pag ibig benefits of her spouse. Thanks po

  26. Hi Richard, do you mean that her spouse filed his claim just before he died, and that the claim was not yet processed and was not yet claimed by the spouse? If not yet claimed by her spouse, she’s the primary beneficiary. But she is required to write the names of her spouse’s parents on the Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs form. Other requirements: Application for Provident Claim form, 2 valid photo IDs, NSO marriage certificate and NSO death certificate.

  27. Hi Nora, I have staggered contributions since 2010 totaling over 5 thousand pesos. Am i entitled for a housing loan at this point? I am an OFW.

  28. Hi Lloyd, yes, you can apply for a Pag-ibig housing loan. Even if you’re short on the required 24 contributions, you can immediately pay what’s lacking in one payment, so you can apply. For example, you only have 16 past contributions, so you need 8 more contributions to complete the required 24. You just pay 200 pesos x 8 = 1,600 pesos, and you’ll be allowed to apply. After your loan is approved, and the loan amount is higher than 500,000, you will pay the increased monthly contributions based on your loan amount. Here’s a table of Pag-ibig loan amounts and monthly contributioons

  29. Hi Marites, it takes 3 weeks to 1 month or more. Did they not give you a phone no. to call for follow-up? If not, call the hotline after a month of no call-up: 724-4244

  30. good day Mam, kami po ay isang Agency na ang business ay janitorial services.May isa kaming retired employee na binayaran namin ng Retirement pay na half-month salary x number of yrs in service. Nagreklamo sya dahil sa batas daw ay Daily rate x 22.5 days x no. of yrs. in service dapat nareceive nya. nabasa ko nga po sa Dole guide. kaya lang po, ang sinisingil namin sa Billing sa aming principal (kung saan binibigay ang aming services)ay half-month salary lang po, bale 15 days. Nabasa ko po sa dole guide to retirement, na may option ang employer na pwede ang Pag-ibig Retirement benefit ang i-substitute ng employer for paying Retirement as long na may Employer share kami sa monthly contribution, at mayroon po.Tama po ba ako? na pwede yung maging option namin?Kasi wala kami pagkukuhaan ng kapupunan na hinahabol niya. sana ay matulungan nyo ako. Salamat po

  31. Hi zeny, I also read DOLE’s retirement pay rule, and why 15 days was turned to 22.5 days. 5 of this 22.5 is Service Incentive Leave (SIL). Read this and you’ll see that if your retired employee enjoyed at least 5 paid vacation leaves per year, you can remove 5 days from the 22.5 total. I’ll try to find that one which says that Pag-ibig retirement can be used as substitute. Will get back to you later.

  32. Hi! My Dad died in 2006, and retired from work four years earlier. We don’t know if he claimed his retirement benefit. Is there a way for us to find out? If no, then can we claim his death benefit and dividends? Thank you

  33. Hi Rebecca, yes, you can visit his Pag-ibig branch and ask. Bring your ID, your father’s death cert and your birth cert (to prove relationship). You can also call the Pag-ibig hotline: 724-4244 Be ready with your father’s info like birth date, date of death, company name, years of employment.

  34. Hi nora, I just want to ask. My father retired at the age of 62 last August, 2015. What would he do to claim his contribution? thank you.

  35. Hi Nora,

    Good day.

    Namatay po ang nanay ko recently and we are now in the process of completing the requirements for benefits claim under pagibig. Napagusapan na namin a week after mamatay ang nanay ko na na ako na ang magffile and claim ng mga benefits nya (GSIS, Pag-ibig, etc), so nag secure kami ng SPA notarized by an attorney na ako na ang magiging representative for filing and claiming.

    Nagpunta ako sa GSIS Kamuning branch kanina to get forms and requirements required. Binigyan ako ng form na dapat daw si papa ang pipirma as claimant, then check list saka ung affidavit of undertaking na dapat daw ang tatay ko ang pipirma as affiant. may affidavit of waiving of rights din na binigay sakin na iwawaive ang rights naming magkakapatid (lahit kami ay of legal age) para sa benefit and kay papa lahat mapupunta ang claims (cheke).

    Sabi ko, napagusapan na namin na maghahati hati kami sa mga benefits under pagibig so hindi na ako binigyan ng affidavit form for waiving of rights, sinabi din ng officer na 4 kami magkakaron ng cheke kapag naging ok na ung benefits.

    so nagpunta ako sa kakilala kong attorney to notarized the said document (affidavit of undertaking), pero sabi ng attorney, mali na si papa lang ang pipirma dahil rightful heir din kaming 3 magkakapatid. dapat daw 4 kami pipirma dun. sa affidavit of undertaking na binigay samin, iisang tao lang ang affiant o pipirma.

    tumawag ako sa hotline ng pagibig knina to ask, sabi ng nakausap ko ok lang daw na 4 kami pipirma dun sa affidavit of undertaking. so sinecure ko na ung affidavit na 4 kami na pipirma.

    pagdating sa affidavit ng surviving heirs (nadownload ko ung form sa pagibig site), ako ang nakapirma sa claimant with signature ng tatay ko under spouse. nung chineck ng officer, dapat daw si papa ang nakalagay at nakapirma under claimant at hindi ako. eh, nakalagay under entry number 6, “in what capacity, or by what title, do you claim the HDMF (Pagibig Benefits) of the deceased”, ang nilagay ko ay SPA.

    so tumawag ulit ako sa pagibig hotline, ang advise sakin eh ruling daw ng pagibig, tatay daw ang magcclaim at hindi ang anak.

    under pagibig fund Provident claims FAQ:

    8. Where to file for provident benefits claim and what are the basic requirements?
    • A member who is eligible to apply for provident benefits claim may file the application at the Pag-IBIG branch servicing
    his/her account, and bring with him/her the following:
    * Duly accomplished Application for Provident Benefits (APB) Claim (Downloadable from the website
    * Two (2) valid IDs
    * Updated Service Record (For government employees)
    * Special Power of Attorney and two (2) valid IDs each of the Principal and Attorney-in-Fact
    (If member cannot claim personally)

    4. Death 1. NSO Certified True Copy of Member’s Death Certificate
    2. Notarized Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs [HQP-PFF-030]
    (Downloadable from the Pag-IBIG website at
    3. NSO Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate of all children or
    Baptismal/Confirmation Certificate (If with child/children)
    4. Notarized Affidavit of Guardianship [HQP-PFF-028] (If with
    child/children under 18 years old or if child/children is/are
    physically/mentally incompetent) (Downloadable from the
    Pag-IBIG website at
    5. To establish kinship with the deceased member, the claimant
    shall submit any one of the following:
    ? NSO Certified True Copy of Member’s/Claimant’s Birth
    ? NSO Certified True Copy of Non-Availability of Birth Record
    and Notarized Affidavit of Two (2) Disinterested Persons
    [HQP-PFF-029] (Downloadable from the Pag-IBIG website at
    ? Certified True Copy of Member’s/Claimant’s Baptismal/
    Confirmation Certificate
    ? If Member is single, Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
    ? If Member is married, NSO Certified True Copy of Member’s
    Marriage Contract and Advisory on Marriage

    nirerequire under Annex 5 na ang magffile ng claim ay magpprovide ng requirements to establish kinship. hindi nakasaad na tatay lang ang pwedeng magclaim, hindi rin nakasaad na hindi pwede ang anak na magclaim kahit na buhay pa ang tatay.

    ang hindi ko maintindihan eh legal heir din ako katulad ng tatay ko at 2 kong kapatid. may SPA ako na pinagagreehan naming lahat na ako ang magffile and claim. pero bakit may sariling patakaran ang pagibig na taliwas sa FAQ nila posted in their website??

    anu po ang mai–advise ninyo.
    salamat po ng marami.


  36. Hi Art, sorry but that’s really Pag-ibig’s policy. Based on comments on our blogs about similar Pag-ibig claims, it’s the surviving spouse who is the primary claimant. Recently, a legal wife (second wife after the death of the first wife), estranged from her stepchildren and even from her husband before he died, was able to claim her husband’s Pag-ibig benefits alone.
    Although the Pag-ibig law did not clearly defined beneficiaries as clearly as the SSS and GSIS laws. SSS and GSIS clearly defined primary beneficiaries — their policy: the legal spouse is the sole claimant if the children are above 21.
    In the IRR of Pag-ibig Law of 2009, it says that beneficiaries are the heirs as defined by the Civil Code of the Philippines. The Civil Code says that the compulsory heirs of a married person with children are the legal spouse and children, but the spouse gets most of the inheritance (50% of the inheritance plus an equal share in the other 50%). Check this out with your lawyer-friend as I could be wrong.
    About the Pag-ibig SPA: it’s a SPA empowering a person to file the claim in behalf of the claimant because the claimant is not able to personally file the claim. But the claimant is still the claimant. The cheque will still be in the name of the claimant.
    One option: You can claim in behalf of your father, your father gets the cheque, and then your father shares the money with you and your siblings. Another option is your father signs the Pag-ibig Waiver of Rights form, giving all his Pag-ibig benefits to you, his children.

  37. Hi Art, I have to add something about SSS and GSIS: I said the primary beneficiary is the legal spouse (if the children are over 21) — I should have said legal and dependent spouse.

  38. Hi julita, the first thing to do is this: register and get your Pag-ibig MID no.. Pag-ibig will text you a transaction no. and later, they’ll text you your Pag-ibig MID no. Then go to the nearest Pag-ibig branch with your ID, MID no. and proof of your source of income (receipt or direct marketing ID or business permit or trade association document) and make your first payment there. Later on, you can make your next payments at Bayad Center/SM Business Center.

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