Can I Claim My Philippine SSS Pension Even if I’m Already a Citizen of Another Country?


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  1. Hi Nora,I’m here in Italy. I went home this year to process my retirement claim. It was approved and my first pension arrived Oct. 15. Dapat na ba akong mag file ng ACOP ? My sister went SSS branch in our place, at di na daw required ang 85 yrs. below, according to new memorandum daw. WAla dito sa mga latest infos. ninyo on line so please let me have the latest true information. Thank you so much……..Relly

  2. My dad was already past 70 years of age. When we come to know about this information. He was not able to get his SSS pension because his employer failed abroad failed to finish the 120 months for did not pay my dads monthly contribution. Is it possible for my dad to still get a lump sum of his total SSS contributions? please help us. Thank you.

  3. Hi! I have a question – i am currently pregnant with my first child and would like to claim a maternity benefit from SSS. However, I am a permanent resident in Australia (Melbourne). How would I be able to claim my SSS maternity benefit. Can I ask my parent (mom) in the Philippines to process this on my behalf?

    Appreciate your response!

  4. Hi mam nora. Ask ko po kung pano mag report ng acop online kasi ung mother ko po nasa ibang bansa. ako po ang nag fa-file sa sss every year at sabi po nnila pwede na sa online magpasa ng mga requirements sa acop. pano po ba ulit? salamat po

  5. Hi nora,
    Would it be posible if i will process my Sss pension even if am now here in America.what will i do.

  6. Hi Nora my husband is British, can I declare him as my beneficiary? I got married in the Philippines if that helps.

  7. Where can I get an ACOP form , im living in houston texas 78 years old & a dual citizen , weak to travel long by plane .
    , is it necessary for me to go to philippines even filing up an Acop? Is it possible that the sss philippines will direct deposit my monthly pension right here in any bank in houston , texas.? Please advqice & thanks in advance .

  8. Where can I get an ACOP form , im living in houston texas 78 years old & a dual citizen , weak to travel long by plane .
    , is it necessary for me to go to philippines even filing up an Acop? Is it possible that the sss philippines will direct deposit my monthly pension right here in any bank in houston , texas.? Please advice & thanks in advance .

  9. Hi po yung father ko po ay may disability claim sa sss 34 Months lang una nila na print ginawa po lumpsum ang claim nya pero lumabas sa computer na may mga contribution pa na di nila nasama pwede pa ba kmi mag file ng retirement khit may makuha kmi sa disability nya?

  10. Hi! My late mother died on Dec 21,2014. Her last pension was credited in her bank last June 2012 after that she didn’t get any pension due to ACOP from July 2012 till her death. How can I get her unclaimed pension for the suspended period July 2012 to Dec 2014.

  11. Hi,

    I am not a citizen of the Philippines, I had a student visa previously and I’m applying now for either a working visa or a Temporary Resident Visa. Am I entitled to a pension? I am being required by my company to pay it, but as per my knowledge, foreigners that are not citizens are not entitled to a pension.

    Please advise.

  12. Hello Nora, both me and my husband are living in australia, we continued to contribute fora year now up to the maximum my husband will be sixty in three years time. Can he claim pension at 60?

  13. Hi Karen, did you use a SPA to file? Did they not give you an acknowledgment stub? You can email and follow-up. Subject: Retirement Claim from USA – [Name and SSS No.} In the body, mention member’s name, SSS number, date of birth, date when filed, SSS branch where filed, name of representative with SPA who filed, and then your requests. Ask also how the member can get or receive the Visa cash card. The email is for ofws, but it’s also used for non-OFW Filipinos living abroad.

  14. Hi nora, im sorry, we already submitted chinatrust visa cash card enrollment form together with the claims application form back in the philippines. What next step should we do? Thanks a lot

  15. Hi nora thank u for your reply. No we havent file anything yet. Kailangan po ba namin pumunta directly sa sss office or pwede po online mag submit? Thanks

  16. Hi Karen, were you able to submit your father’s bank account number (bank account based in the Philippines) together with the claim? Or did you also file a Visa cash card application form (available at SSS) when you filed your claim? Because the pension is given monthly through your father’s local bank account, and if the pensioner is abroad, it’s the Visa cash card (Philippine based, but can be used abroad) which is being used.

  17. Hi nora. We want to claim my dads retirement benefits he is already 60 years old and we already submitted the requirements in philippines. We just need to claim it. How we will process that? We are here in los angeles.

  18. Hi Joyce, requirement ng SSS na Special Power of Attorney ang gamitin mo na authorization. Dapat specific yong SPA for SSS at merong kang authority to sign documents in behalf of your father and for your father. Pero dahil meron ka nang authorization letter, baka puede mo na yang gamitin to ask for the Visa cash card form para maipadala mo na rin sa father mo for him to sign. God bless too

  19. How can i claim the SSS of my father who is now based in U.S, i have all the supporting documents and letter from him , authorizing me to assist his SSS retirement benefits, thank you and God bless

  20. Hi ritz, no, it should be your own account, your name. SSS will give a Visa cash card application form that you will fill up (your relative can send you by mail). I don’t know if they’ll allow your relative to fill up the form in your behalf (using the SPA), but if not, you’ll fill up the form and send it back here.

  21. hi nora it’s me again.
    if a relative can lodge on my behalf, will sss accepts her bank details? i have disability that restrict me to travel.
    salamat uli.

  22. Hi ritz, oh oks lang, but thank you for clearing it up. About your other question, sorry there’s no SSS office in Australia.

  23. Hi Grace, yes, you can file your claim as long as you were eligible, meaning you contributed at least 3 contributions within the past 12 months prior to your semester of delivery, and that you were you able to file notification with SSS before you gave birth. But if you gave birth at a DOH hospital, lack of notification can be excused. You can give a letter of authorization to your relative or representative to file your claim. Documents required
    If filed by Member’s Representative:
    • Original of one (1) of the Authorized Representative’s primary ID cards/documents or two secondary ID cards/documents both with signature
    at least one with photo and
    • Original of one (1) of the Member’s primary ID cards/documents or two (2) secondary ID cards/documents with signature and at least one (1)
    with photo

  24. Hi Nora, just wondering if I can still claim the maternity benefit from SSS even if I am a permanent resident in Australia. If yes, would you know what would be the process. Thanks!

  25. Hi ritz wintle, did you mean an SSS pension claim? Are you very far from an SSS office abroad? If very far, yes, you can authorize your relative to file your SSS claim using a SPA with specific powers/authorities written, including authority to sign in and for your behalf, and addressed to SSS.

  26. hi nora
    just would like to hear a reply from you.can a relative in the phils lodge a claim on my behalf?
    thank you.

  27. hi nora i’m 63yrs old had worked from 1979 to 1997 and now a citizen of australia.
    my question is, can a relative in the phils file my claim in my behalf? or is there an sss office here in australia? maraming salamat po….

  28. Hi, this might help. I decided not to continue my contribution since I am not planning to settle in the Philippines. In that way, I can have a lump sum payment.

    Who may qualify for a lump sum retirement amount?

    Member is at least 60 years old (or 55 years old, if an underground mineworker) for optional retirement, or 65 years old (or 60 years old, if an underground mineworker) for
    technical retirement, and has paid less than 120 monthly contributions

    A member filing for retirement benefit and has
    paid less than 120 monthly contributions shall be given the option to continue paying the contributions
    as a VM to complete the 120 months to avail the full benefits thru monthly pension

  29. Hi Noel, sorry hindi nawiwidro ang SSS contributions, kahit yong mga nag-immigrate na sa ibang bansa. What to do? Wait till you turn 60 years old, and then file your claim for your Philippine pension. Puedeng mag-pension kahit nasa ibang bansa ka. At present, Visa debit card ang ginagamit for pensioners living abroad.
    Yong Pag-ibig savings, yon ang puedeng iwidro na ng mga nag-migrate.

  30. Hi Nora , Pwede ko po bang makuha ang SSS contribuitions or Lumsump ko po na almost 15 years me working at Philippines na complete ko po yong 120 contribuitions , although naging Citizen po me dto sa Australia at the age of 42 possible po ba makuha yong naihulog ko po ? ano po pwede pong gawin ? Salamat po

  31. Hi Nora,
    My mom lives in Canada and failed to report for ACop on her birthday. She forfeited both hers and my dad pension. My question is, can she still recovers the money

    Many thanks,

  32. Hi Nora, not pension related. Im here in the US and married to a US Citizen. My question is, can I claim a maternity benefit kahit andito ako sa US?

  33. Hi Bea, is her Philippine SSS pension her own retirement pension? Meaning she turned 60 and claimed her own retirement pension from SSS in the Philippines? Or did you mean her SSS Philippine pension was from her first husband who has passed away? And that now she has a second husband abroad?

  34. Hello po Ms.Nora
    My mom had a an self voluntarily sss pension there in the she’s married abroad and had a sss pension from her new husband, does she need to close her sss pension dyan sa pinas.thanks. .-bea-

  35. Hi Jenny, yes to both questions. You are the SSS member, so remarriage or change of citizenship or receipt of other country’s pension will not affect your Philippine SSS pension. It’s also good to change your civil status now. Here’s the SSS Change of Member’s Data form. You support this with a copy of your annulment declaration by the court (Certificate of Finality of Annulment/Nullity or annotated Marriage Contract/Certificate, if due to annulled or void marriage with previously reported spouse). Normally this is done in person at any SSS branch. But I just asked SSS through their FB page if it’s possible to do this via email. I’ll inform you when I get a response. You can also ask (the email address of SSS members abroad, whether OFWs or not).

  36. hello, I am annuled and continuing my sss contribution, If i will marry again, will i still be entitled for an sss pension once I reach 60? My second question is what If I become a US citizen and receive pension from US, will I still be getting my SSS pension in the Philippines at the same time? Thank you.

  37. Kailangan po ba I close nang mama ko ang pension dyan sa pinas, she had sss pension through her self voluntarily she’s married an American she had an sss pension her abroad through her husband , they she need to close her pension there bec.they said she can’t have 2 pension each country? Salamat po.from -bea-

  38. Hello po SSS, my mom is 68 years old po at mayroon po syang pension every month..(from her self voluntarily sss),, now she’s going to married and American and living abroad ..My mom po mayroon po syang sss monthly pension dito sa america after she married. .through her husband…kailangan po ba I close nang mom ko ang sss pension dyan sa pinas kasi they said she can’t any longer have 2 pension at different country?..salamat po.-beatrice-

  39. Hi Riz, yes, you can claim your benefits from Pag-ibig and SSS, and you can claim them through your representative that you will authorize through a SPA. Yes, you can download the claim forms from SSS and Pag-ibig’s websites. Pag-ibig has its own SPA form. If you contributed at least 120 contributions to SSS, email SSS at and request them to send you a form for opening a Visa debit card in the Philippines (for your pension releases). Write your full name, SSS no., date and place of birth, and attach a scan or clear photograph of your SSS ID or if none, at least 2 other valid IDs. They don’t have this debit card form on their downloadable forms.

  40. Hi Nora, I need your expert advice regarding CLAIM FOR LUMP SUM with SSS & PAG-IBIG. I worked in the Philippines for 11 years and has been paying my contributions until I moved permanently to the U.S. Please advise on how to apply for the claims and what are the requirements… Do you know if the claim forms can be downloaded from the websites?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  41. Hi Lyn, yes, kahit hindi ka na Filipino citizen at Canadian citizen ka na at the time of your retirement, you will still get your pension. Maraming nagpe-pension abroad who are no longer Filipino citizens. Dalawa kasi ang basis ng pension amount: 1. yong average ng last 60 monthly salary credits mo (AMSC) at 2. yong number of credited years of service (CYS). The higher these 2 numbers, the higher the pension. So siempre, if you continue paying, you are increasing your CYS. The ideal situation would be yong last 60 salary credits ay puro maximum.
    Ang pension is the higher result of these two: 1st: 40% x AMSC or 2nd: 300 + [(20% x AMSC) + (2% x AMSC) x (CYS-10)]

  42. Good day! I’m a permanent residence here in Canada married to a Canadian Citizen contributing over 17 years in SSS as an employee. Before I left Philippines, I opted to continue my contributions in a monthly basis to a maximum contribution as Voluntary member. My question is, can I still avail my pension once I reach 60 even if I will change my citizenship? Any recommendation, if it’s advisable to continue my contribution until I reach my retirement age? Can I ask further on how to compute monthly pension? Thank you & anticipating your favorable reply to this matter.

  43. Hi Lorna, yes, you can claim your SSS pension when you turn 60. To facilitate your claim later on, change your personal data asap, so your SSS records will match your current passport and other IDs. Do you live near the SSS office in the U.S.? You can file your data change there.
    Philippine Consulate General
    447 Sutter Street, 7th Floor, Suite 701
    San Francisco, California, USA 94108
    Representative: Marites C. Marin
    If not, download this form: will get back

  44. I am a US citizen, I have changed my my last name to my maiden name when I took my US citizenship.. can i still collect my survivor pension? And how..thank you

  45. Hi. My mother died last year and my sister did not declare it to Sss until the lending company she owed has contacted us. We pay her remaining balance in her loan then from there my family declares her death in Sss. They asked us to submit and fill up necessary documents since i still have a sister receiving pension. Though it took months before my sister completed the documents. My inquiry now, would it still be possible to claim my sister’s pension from the previous months? Thank you

  46. mum did not received her pension for 10 months.SSS instruct me to make a replacement for unclaimed pension in order to clear the check. They will back pay her as long as she will request for replacement.. what is this replacement means? replacing an old sss card? is that what they asking for..My mum is here residing in Australia..Can you PLEASE help me make a letter of replacement of unclaimed pension? Thank you very much..God Bless

  47. Hi Tria, I think it’s better that you inform SSS when you get back. Or if you like, there’s also a SSS branch there in the UK. In your pension voucher, there could be instructions in your pension voucher about this requirement to report. In the SSS death claim form that you signed when you filed your claim, there are these statements:
    5. I will immediately notify the SSS in case any of the above listed children die, marry or become employed, or I cohabit or remarry.
    Wish you all the best in your marriage!

  48. i am a filipina widow and receiving a survival pension. i am going to UK to marry my British fiance. my question is..can i still receive my survival pension after marrying my British fiance in UK?

  49. Hi Marivic, sorry you’re not allowed to withdraw your SSS contributions. Your options: 1. stop contributing, then file your claim upon turning 60 (pension, if you have 120 contributions, and lump sum if you have less than 120). 2. Continue contributing to accumulate 120 contributions or to accumulate more than 120 to have a higher pension amount. Take note that the basis of pension computation is your last 60 contributions and the number of years you contributed. Yes, you can claim your pension even if you’re already a citizen of another country.

  50. Hi Good Day.How about I am not already a pensioner and ill become citizen of another country what step i am going to do to claim my contribution or can i withdraw or pullout it?or can i continue the contribution even if im on another country?and will get pension when im old?

  51. Hi reyofel, I’ll reply to you in a post so it will be read by more people. I’ll put OFW in the post title, although you’ll soon to be a resident. I’ll give you the link later.

  52. I have paid the maximum monthly contributions of 126. AT present i am working in New Zealand, applying for a permanent residency.If I stop paying contribution, what is the effect on my pension? Some advice, to continue paying because the basis of computation is based on the last paid contributions. Should I continue paying until I reach the retirement period. Will it be beneficial on my part? Please advise what to do.I am 34 years old only.

  53. Hi Joe, I wonder how your colleague was able to withdraw all his SSS contributions, as this practice was disallowed starting 1964, according to the March 2012 SSS Newsletter. The SSS FAQ page also says that withdrawal of SSS membership is not allowed. What I know is SSS contributions can be refunded if they’re paid by a member who does not have a Date of Coverage, meaning he was not registered by an employer and did not register as self-employed. It’s also possible your colleague was served by an SSS officer who found a valid reason to make a Refund, and not release a withdrawal.
    I’m not sure if it will be successful, but if you decide so, when you take your vacation here, you can try requesting for a Refund of all your SSS contributions at the main office in Diliman, also saying you’re already an Australian citizen and you’re not coming back to the Phils, and see if you can get back your contributions too.

  54. Hello Nora. I migrated to Australia year 2000. Before that I worked in the Philippines for a total of 5 years (less than 120 contributions). I have a colleague here in Australia who migrated in 1996 and before he left, he was able to claim ALL his SSS contributions. He said he was able to do this as he mentioned that he is no longer going back to the Philippines hence no more future contributions. I don’t plan to make any more contributions myself and that I have less than the 120 required monthly contributions to qualify for pension. Am I able to get my previous contributions as a lump sum same as what my colleague? My colleague got the lump sum when he was in his 30’s. I’m 39 years old.

    Sorry I posted this originally in a wrong blog subject.


  55. Hello Nora, Great. One last thing, my previous contributions in SSS won’t matter for my lump sum, for as long as i have to pay the maximum amount for the last 60 months then I should get the maximum amount, too? Thank you very much in advance fro your response.

  56. Hi Tram, thanks for commenting here: 1. Yes, you get the same benefits from SSS and Pag-ibig even if you become a dual or Canadian citizen. 2. No, you’re not allowed to pay for past years or quarters. There are payment deadlines. For SSS and Pag-ibig, what you can pay this month is for July and onwards. 3. Yes, to save on remittance fees, it’s practical to pay every 3 or 6 months 4. For Pag-ibig, you can just pay the monthly minimum which is 200 pesos, and then pay 500 pesos or more to MP2. MP2 gives a higher interest than P1 and you can also claim this after 5 years or renew it for another 5 years. 5. Yes, it’s true that the pension amount will be based on your last 60 monthly contributions before your semester of retirement. You might want to choose b). The current minimum for overseas Pinoys is 550 pesos. Then start paying the maximum when you turn 54 and 5 months (you can stop at 59 and 5 or 6 months–this is because of the “semester of retirement” phrase). Check on contribution change rules from time to time — they might change the rules again. By the way, if your heirs need to get a higher amount from SSS in case something happens, you might want to choose a).

  57. Hello Nora,

    I left the country last 2014 and immigrated in Canada. I have previous contributions to PAG-IBIG AND SSS and I’m planning to continue the contribution.

    1. Can I get the same benefits from my PAG-IBIG and SSS like pensions, if I become a Canadian Citizen? (I’m planning to have a dual citizenship)

    2. I stopped my contribution since I left for 2 years (PAG-IBIG AND SSS). Is it okay to pay the number of years that I didn’t paid while continuing my monthly contribution?

    3. Is it okay to pay (PAG-IBIG and SSS) quarterly or bi annually?

    4. What do you think is the ideal contribution for pag-ibig 1 since they don’t have a table of contribution like the SSS? Is is the more you contribute monthly the bigger your benefits after you retire? I am planning also to register in MP2.

    4. I have the maximum contribution for SSS when i left the country.Is it that the last 5 years of contribution has a significant impact in your pension? Which one is better.

    a) continue paying with the maximum; or
    b) continue paying with the minimum then increase to maximum in the last 5 years of your retirement or before you reach 65 years old.

    Please enlighten me and I will be waiting for your response. Thank you.

  58. SSS Pension recipient, now just turned 67 (July 18, 1949 born). She lost her China Bank Trust Debit SSS Pension Bank Card 2 months ago in Sydney, Australia. Please advise how to get a replacement Bank Card. Any instructions to apply for replacement of lost bank card.
    Thank you for your kind attention.

  59. Hi alicia, SSS does not yet have a system for online filing for pensions. Check if there’s an SSS near your location, so you can file your pension claim there. You can also download all the needed forms from the SSS website, then print them, accomplish them, then authorize someone to process your pension claim via a SPA (docs can be sent through a courier). You can request beforehand from SSS using this email address a Visa debit card application form (this form is not downloadable from their forms page) so you can accomplish it.

  60. I’m living in the us can I file my retirement online or do I need to go home and file it myself

  61. yes she does file it every yr. would that be every 30 days of my moms bday or my dad? cause shes getting this sss from my dad when he passed. also its direct to the bank not visa.

  62. Hi kim, your mom will continue to receive her pension as long as she does not remarry and does not cohabit with another man. She also needs to file her SSS ACOP every year, around 30 days before her birthday. Is your mom receiving her pension abroad through a Visa card?

  63. hi nora
    question. my mom is currently receiving sss pension since my late father passed. she was pinoy citizen that time. now would it be affected if shes canadian citizen n still receiving the sss. shes still single since then. pls let me know as shes worried about it.

  64. Hi Sholem, I’m still finalizing my post about this. Is your father near a Philippine consulate or embassy where there is an SSS office so he can file his claim there? If very far, he prepares a Special Power of Attorney (should be authenticated by a Philippine embassy or consulate; maybe he can do it by mail there). The SPA should empower one of his children to process and file his pension claim and fill up and sign on his behalf any document required to claim. He also emails SSS and request for the CTBC Visa debit card application form so he can fill it up and sign it.

  65. Hi there,

    I Just have a question, my father and my mother are separated more such a long time, my father is already naturalized citizen in other country. He turned 60 last April and we are trying to get his pension since he also worked in the Philippines and have paid for more than 120 monthly contributions. We just wanted to get his pension since my parents are legally married here. We consulted this matter to my father and just wanted to ask what do we need to do/ get to process his pension even without him.

  66. Hi florepis, you can choose any of the major Philippine banks. Should be a single account, not a joint account. Present the atm card and a photocopy. Initial deposit slip is required if name and account no. are not printed on the atm card. If passbook, present the passbook and a photocopy. If you don’t have an account, you can ask for a Chinatrust Visa debit card application form from SSS.

  67. Hi Nora, it’s me again do i need to open an account in China bank or any bank will do to claim SSS pension.

  68. Hi Nora,
    thank you for the reply.and i will go to Phillipines embassy in Qatar to ask what is the requirements..

    God bless..

  69. Hi florepis, sorry, SSS does not yet offer online filing for death benefit claims. You can file your claim by issuing a SPA to one of your children. Give clear copies of your IDs (issued in the country where you are). I’m still doing my post on claim filing while overseas. I’ll give you the link after posting. If you live near a Philippine consulate where there’s a full-service SSS office, you can file your claim there.

  70. Hi Nora, my husband died last 2011, and i was not able to attend the funeral. my childrens could not process his Sss pension for they are over age already. only they claim the burial benefit. can i claim it through online? and how long it takes before the pension will receive? thank u and God bless

  71. Hi Tess, no, not their old company IDs. I meant their current valid IDs. Can be passport, driver’s license, or US company ID (to prove they’re the ones asking for verification).

  72. Thanks for immediate reply. what if they can no longer find their IDs? But they know the name of the company they worked for, can I verify? thanks

  73. Hi Ma. Teresa, yes, they can use a SPA to claim their benefit. Have they contributed at least 120 contributions? If yes, they’ll get a pension. If less than, they’ll get back what they have contributed plus interest. First, ask them to email you an authorization letter, with their names, dates and places of birth, authorizing you to verify their SSS numbers, date of coverage and no. of contributions, attaching a scan of their IDs. You print these and go to SSS with your ID and verify for them. Later on, I’ll give you the link to a post I’m still writing about how overseas residents can claim. I hope you can later on comment again here if you’ve verified already their SSS nos.

  74. My tita and my uncle already American citizen. They went to America 1975. They worked at a company here in the Phil’s 1969. They ask if they can claim their SSS pension but they no longer know their SSS number. Can they verify it? Can they claim their pension? What should they do? Can they use a spa if in case they aren’t able to come here to pilipinas? Tess

  75. Yes, your relative can authorize someone to file her pension claim on her behalf using a SPA. But since SSS said that a SPA drawn up in the Philippines is only valid for 6 months (I would have suggested drawing up a SPA now here in the Phils since it’s most likely cheaper here), you can ask SSS for all the SSS pension claim forms now and a list of requirements and ask your relative to accomplish them in NZ by December and then send the documents to the you via a courier. You can study the docs (date and signature portions; will her signature in the SPA in Dec be the same as her signature in the docs if signed now here?) and then decide if she can accomplish them now here in the Phils. and your relative will just send her SPA from NZ. State in the SPA she’s residing in NZ and include NZ address. Ask also from SSS the Chinatrust SSS All-Day Access Visa debit card form. Have clear photocopies of passport, SSS ID and/or valid photo IDs issued in NZ. Ask also further info at SSS. I hope you can share with us anything later on about your experience.

  76. Hi Faith, yes, before she gets back to NZ, she can have a SPA drawn up here in the Phils. empowering her representative to accomplish, file, process, sign documents and perform all other processes required to claim her SSS pension benefit. She states in the SPA that she resides in NZ and includes her NZ address. She can accomplish all the SSS retirement claim forms now and sign them. About the bank account for her pension, she can fill up the Chinatrust SSS All-Day Access Visa debit card form (get this form at SSS). Have clear photocopies of her passport, her SSS ID and/or 2 valid IDs issued in NZ. Ask further info at SSS. If she’s younger than 65, she needs to submit an Affidavit that she has stopped working and no longer earning income.

  77. Hi, I have a relative who’s now residing in New Zealand but she’s no longer working there. She went home just this month to file for her sss pension but she was told by sss that since she still has voluntary payments paid completely for the whole year 2016, she has to wait till the end of the year before she can file it. She’s set to go back to New Zealand this May and it will be difficult for her because she has parkinsons and also expensive for her and her husband to go back home again this year december. Can she assign someone here in the Philippines to file it on her behalf? Thank you. I really hope you can help me with this.

  78. Hi Nora,
    I am a NATURALIZED Filipino citizen then and now a naturalized canadian citizen. I don’t have a phil.address and don’t have a phil. Bank account anymore.I have paid more than 120 monthly contributions, can I claim for retirement benefits now that I am 60? What are the procedures for me to do so? Thank you and hope for your quick response.

  79. Hello there Ms. Nora,
    Good day!
    I’ll be turning 60 by Aug. this yr. I’m a permanent resident of other country. I contributed to SSS for 23 yrs. by or ‘thru 2 companies I worked before. I resigned in 2001. Our company closed in 2002. I don’t know how & where to contact & who will provide me certificate of separation from last employer. In their records of course, there was no more contribution after Sept.2001, is this not a proof that I’m already separated from my employer?. Don’t they (SSS) have list of companies that closed? It would be expensive to go home just to file for SSS pension. Can I assign an SPA to a relative in the Phil. to process? or can I process here on line?
    Thank you very much. Have a great day!

    Best regards,

  80. Hi Merly, thank you very much for being frank and for calling me out so I can correct it early. If that’s what SSS told you, then it’s great for you if SSS give exemptions to residents abroad or if they have changed the rules. I’m very sorry that I caused confusion. I’m puzzled though because they still require those cessation of employment, self-employment or practice of profession in their list of required documents. Also, for Philippine SSS pension claimants in Canada, they must declare they’re no longer employed and must submit employer’s termination notice or letter of resignation if under 65. There’s also this re-employment question in the annual ACOP form. Another thing: the 70-year-old pensioner in the UK that I cited in my post above filed for pension when she was 70, and she was paid a lump sum representing her pension for her past 5 years (from age 65 to 70, not from age 60 to 70), as she was still working even past 65.
    Thanks a lot again. Henceforth, if someone asks this question, I’ll know what to reply so that I won’t cause confusion. They should file. I’ll also email Joey, the one who specifically asked this question here on this post, and will rephrase my public reply.

  81. I don’t think you right Ms Nora that you can not claim your sss retirement pension while still working in us because sss in the philippines has no jurisdiction over SSS of foreign land. You will be required to submit separation from your job in the philippines,because sss philippines coversyour job in the philippines and not usa.your opinion is a king confusion on people who are already due to retire.sss requirement to file retirement will ask you to submit separation from work in the philippines and not from us which sss philippines did for me right now that I am retiring

  82. Hi ceci, thanks a lot too! I hope, if you have time, you share with us your experiences later on. I also gather info from comments.

  83. Hi Nora,

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    These infos should be of great assistance to all the other retirees who are
    in the same predicament as we are.

    Assigning an SPA looks like the easier process. I guess we will try to
    go this route first .

    Thanks again for your assistance !


  84. Hi ceci,
    1. He can still file his claim because he’s still within the 10-year prescription period from the mandatory retirement age of 65. Sometimes they ask the reason for the delayed filing.
    2. He can request for a Visa debit card application form from SSS or from CTCB Bank (SSS All-Day Access Card). Opening a bank account here through SPA is not yet allowed.
    3. Yes, that can be done at the Philippine consulate there. But according to the SSS charter, the authorized representative is allowed to sign for and in behalf of
    member as long as it is stipulated in the SPA.
    4. Yes, you can claim his past benefits and you can continue getting his pension.
    More power to you too
    I saw this option on the SSS charter, but it looks like it’s a more difficult option:
    If member is incapacitated
    – valid medical certificate of member issued by his/her attending physician
    confirmed/certified by the Medical Specialist of PEC;
    Note: RCA form and submitted documentary requirements may be received
    while awaiting PEI result.
    – Affidavit for Guardianship of Incompetent Pensioner (CLD1.1B), if guardian
    is the spouse/parent; or
    – Application for Representative Payee and Guarantor’s Bond Form (BPN 109),
    if guardian is other than spouse/parent; and
    – In-trust-for savings account.

  85. Hi Nora ,
    My husband has worked for 28 yrs in the Philippines , moved to the USA and is now a naturalized US citizen . He had planned to claim his SSS pension at age 70 but suffered a massive stroke that left his right side paralyzed.
    He is now unable to travel home to process his claim . He still has comprehension but is now unable to speak or write.
    So i have a number of questions for you ..
    1. Will his claim be forfeited since he is now 72 yrs old ? Does SSS have a time frame for claims ?
    2. How does he go about opening a passbook in the Phil for this purpose ? Can a relative open an account for him if granted an SPA ?
    3. Since he cannot sign , SSS requires that fingerprints be affixed and witnessed by an SSS employee. Can this instead be done in a consulate office here?
    4. If , God forbid , something happens to him before his claim is processed, would i , his wife , be able to claim his rightful benefits ?

    Thank you and more power to you !


  86. Hi Nora, your blog is a big help. Thank you! It answered some of my questions through reading your reply to others about SSS and PAG-IBIG. However,I still have several questions and I am a bit confused.

    1. I already have MP2 since September last year (2015). You mentioned that we have to continue paying our PAG-IBIG 1 while we are investing in MP2. I wonder how much do I need to pay for PAG-IBIG 1 since I am an OFW? Is it still P200? Or is there an ideal or required amount?

    2. I have an existing loan in SSS and I would like to pay it in one time, do I have to go to SSS counter to inform them or can I just go to the bank directly for my payment?

    3. I quit paying SSS since last year, is it possible if I will pay starting February 2015 (since my last payment was January 2015),pay the whole year up to present,or I will just proceed to 2016 payment starting January to December?

    4. When can I claim my PAG-IBIG 1 savings, is it at the age of 60? If yes, is it in full cash or just part of it?

    Thank you in advance Nora!God bless you always.


  87. Hi Beth, sad to say your sister is not yet qualified to file because she’s still employed. In the application form, she will certify that she’s no longer employed. She also needs to submit a certificate of separation from last employment or affidavit that she has no more income from self-employment

  88. Hi Nora, my sister just turned 60 last Dec. 2015, she migrated to Canada for a couple of years now and she’s planning to come home this year to file retirement claim in SSS (she has over 120 contributions). When she left the country she continued her contributions as a Voluntary member. Is she eligible to receive her pension now that she’s 60 even if she is still working there? Will the same procedure be followed that she has to wait for age 65 when employment does not matter? If she is qualified what are the requirements needed? Would appreciate your prompt reply, thank you.

  89. Hi Vio, are you already 60 years old? and have you stopped working? Or are you willing to certify that you’re no longer working? If not yet, you’ll not yet be allowed to file your retirement claim. If you meant withdrawal of contributions, this is not allowed. It is Pag-ibig Fund that allows withdrawal of savings when the member has immigrated to another country. If already qualified, yes, you can authorize someone in the Philippines to process your retirement claim by giving him/her a SPA, which should be verified by the Philippine consulate there. Comment again if qualified, so I can email the list of requirements.

  90. Hi Nora, We’re planning to go for a vacation in the Philippines, and I’m now a citizen of other country. And I decided to get the lump sum amount of my contribution in SSS. Is there any chance that we can process that without me in the Philippines? What are the process/steps for this?

  91. Hi Christine, it’s good that you’ve continued to pay your SSS. SSS is for retirement, and you can claim only at age 60. You cannot claim for a lump sum before age 60. By the way, lump sum is for those who have not accumulated 120 contributions at retirement, and pension is for those with at least 120 contributions at retirement.
    But before age 60, you can claim sickness or maternity benefit if you’re eligible, even while abroad.
    If you want to save where you can get your savings back after some years, you can save with Pag-ibig MP2 (5-year-term, save also 200 pesos monthly with Pag-ibig 1) or SSS Flexi-Fund or PESO Fund (you need to contribute 1,760 to regular SSS). We have posts here: and here:

  92. Hi Emmanuel, so sad about your situation. But you should be here in the Philippines in person to file your retirement claim. Why? SSS will think that you’re still working if you’re still there in Saudi. For members 60 to 65, they should submit proofs that they’re no longer working. Do you have a bank account in the Philippines? You also need to present your passbook or atm card and a copy, and if you don’t have yet a bank account, you will need to open an account. If the SSS office there in Saudi is near you, you can also ask about your situation. I’ll email you the requirements in filing a pension claim. By the way, have you contributed at least 120 SSS contributions?

  93. Nora, im here in saudi arabia as ofw my problem is until now I cannot go home in Phil. The last departure in NAIA was on Feb. 2013 no time to file my pension because only 59 in that date.In about 3 years not go home.our company was turning down.our salary not given until now they support us only for food and lodging. We file a case from Saudi labor but nothing happened until now. Can you help me to claim my pension even I’m here in Saudi Arabia. My family need financial support. Please help me.. Thanks a lot.

  94. Hello Nora. I just started paying my SSS contribution since 2 years now. (Well a year from my employer and the remaining months through self contribution). Now i am residing abroad. What can you suggest what should i do? Should i continue paying it? or can i just pay 8 years from now and then stop, and when i go on a holiday to the Philippines, can I get it as lump sum? By the way i am 26. So many many years to reach 65. Thank you so much Nora. Your reply will be highly appreciated. 🙂

  95. Hi Angela, yes, you can stop anytime. You can also continue but have gaps in payments, or miss some months, if you like. You can’t get your money back while you’re healthy and not yet 60. If your total no. of contributions at age 60 is less than 120, you can get back all your money plus interest. If your total is more than 120, you’ll get your pension. If you’re still working at age 60 to 65, you can’t get yet your pension. It’s at age 65 when employment does not matter.

  96. Thank you for answering Nora. But if for some reason and I decided to stop the self contribution, can I get my money back? Or how does it work if I’m already 60? Thanks a lot in advance.

  97. Hi Angela, yes, you can continue paying the maximum. Check SSS news from time to time because they might increase the monthly contributions after the elections or within a few years. If the maximum salary credit is still 16k when you turn 60, then your average monthly salary credit (AMSC) will be 16k. Your extra Credited Years of Service (CYS) will be 30 (that’s 40 minus 10; 10 is the qualifying period). The formula for your case will be: 300 + 20% AMSC + (2% AMSC x 30) = 300 + 3200 + (320 x 30) = 300 + 3200 + 9600 = 13,100

  98. Hi Nora, when i left the country I’m paying the maximum amount of contribution (1760) based on the salary from employment. Is it ok to just continue the amount until i get 60? Can you please help me calculate what my pension would be if im a member and paying for 40yrs until 60? Thank you.

  99. Good day Ms Nora!thanks for the information. It helps me a lot. I am 37 yrs. old and still paying my contribution as voluntary. I will Check my contribution and will think it over if I will continue paying. Thank you again.

  100. Hi Sharon, sorry that I overlooked your question about SSS. There’s no problem with your Voluntary category because you were employed before. Your member category is correct. Enroll in online SSS so you can track your records and see if you have a Date of Coverage.
    About your question on continued payments: Do you already have at least 120 monthly contributions? If yes, you can stop if you like. But it’s better to continue paying so you can increase the amount of your pension. I hope you’re currently paying the maximum monthly premium. How old are you now?
    About Platinum, I’ve sent you an email.

  101. Hi Nora. My father is a pensioner of sss phil. He is living abroad. For more than 2 years his pension stopped. We found out that yearly he should submit his ACOP form to SSS. Can I submit his Acop form to SSS anytime or do I have to wait for his birth month(May) before I submit it?

  102. Good day Nora,
    Ang nanay ko ay isa beneficiary sa Tatay ko at kasalukuyang tumatanggap ng Sss pension. Sya ay 82 years old na. Ang Pension nya ba as a beneficiary ay pang habambuhay ba? Kahit umabot pa sya ng 100 makakatanggap pa ba sya ng monthly pension?
    Maraming salamat sa inyo and more power to you

  103. SHARON

    I left and resigned from my work in the Philippines thus worked abroad. I continued my SSS payment under category of voluntary. Is there a problem on said category? What if I stop my payment, what will happen to my contribution? Can I get it earlier or will wait for my age 60?

  104. Thank you Ms. Nora for the info that you’ve provided me. I really appreciate it very much and pls. continue what you’ve been doing to our kababayans especially filipinos who’s living/working abroad like me!

    Thank you again and God bless you always! Merry xmas and Happy New Year to you and to you family!



  105. Correction to my Dec 19, 2015 reply to Joey. For others who are residents abroad or naturalized citizens: If you’re already 60 and still working, you may file your claim with SSS. Disregard what I told Joey. What I told Joey is not a statement from SSS. I’m not an SSS officer. (My disclaimer has long been on all my pages). It was how I interpreted the SSS rules, and what I have known from other sources such as from the Canada-Philippines SSS agreement.
    Hi Joey, you cannot yet file because you’ll still be working. If you’ll continue working, you can file at age 65. When you file for your pension, SSS will require you to submit a certification of separation from employment or an affidavit. Several of the SSS claim documents, including the annual ACOP form, also contain statements or check boxes where you state or affirm that you’ve been separated from employment.

  106. Hi Nora, i am naturalized U.S. citizen now and continued paying my monthly voluntary SSS contribution since i left the Phil. in 1986. I will turn 60 yrs.old in March, 2016, my question is can i file my SSS pension when i turn 60 yrs. old in 2016 eventhough i’m still working here in the U.S. when i reach that age (60 yrs. old).

    Thank you!

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