Pag-ibig Retirement in the Philippines — Process Your Claims Quicker

If you’re nearing retirement and you’ve had more than one employer, check as soon as you can if all the records of your contributions since your started contributing to Pag-ibig are already in one branch of Pag-ibig.

Pag-ibig does not consolidate the records of members whose employers are located in different Pag-ibig jurisdictions; it expects its members to consolidate their records.

It takes months to consolidate, so start now.

Ipunin mo ang records mo sa isang Pag-ibig branch lang

My husband, who had two employers and who also continued paying as a voluntary member while working abroad, had to track his contributions and consolidate them in one branch before he was allowed to submit his retirement claims.

The dollar-denominated Pag-ibig Overseas Program, however, is really separate. You make your claims separately at the Gil Puyat, Makati branch.

By the way, my husband has paid more than 240 monthly contributions, so he was to able to file a claim. But he’s still waiting because of the consolidation process.

Update as of March 2011:

My husband’s claim, which was processed over a span of several months in 2009, was rejected because Pag-ibig counted only 231 contributions. Pag-ibig advised my husband to pay nine monthly contributions, either monthly, quarterly, or at one time, but has to wait for 9 months before he can file his claim again.  We didn’t yet refile because we decided the money can earn more with Pag-ibig than with a time deposit. We can use it for my daughter’s tuition fees in her higher years in college.

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  1. Ms. Nora, do you have any format of Early Retirement Certificate? kindly send to my email, pls. Thank you very much.

  2. Hello. my father is 60 yrs. old now. He got his lump sum before from pag-ibig fund. He heard he still has some money to claim from Pag-ibig at age 60. Can he still claim? Thanks

  3. Hi vhina, if your father has previously claimed all his money from Pag-ibig, then he has no more to claim. If he is not sure, he can go to his Pag-ibig branch and ask, or he can authorize you to ask. Bring his ID and your ID.

  4. gud am. where can I claim or file? I went to atrium in the past; should I go there? My previous office was in Fort Bonifacio, but it’s now closed – Vetronix Inc. Can we claim here in Bacoor or Las pinas? Tnx. God bless

  5. Hi Carmencita, Pag-ibig records are not yet centralized, so you should file your claim at your branch. I assume your branch is the Buendia branch, as you mentioned you were going to Atrium in the past, and Fort Bonifacio offices are remitting at the Buendia branch.

  6. Hi Carmencita, there’s no more Atrium branch. Yes, the Makati branch is in Justine Bldg, Gil Puyat, formerly Buendia

  7. Ms. Nora, do you have any format of Early Retirement Certificate? kindly send to my email, pls. Thank you very much.

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