Pag-ibig Retirement in the Philippines — Process Your Claims Quicker

If you’re nearing retirement and you’ve had more than one employer, check as soon as you can if all the records of your contributions since your started contributing to Pag-ibig are already in one branch of Pag-ibig.

Pag-ibig does not consolidate the records of members whose employers are located in different Pag-ibig jurisdictions; it expects its members to consolidate their records.

It takes months to consolidate, so start now.

Ipunin mo ang records mo sa isang Pag-ibig branch lang

My husband, who had two employers and who also continued paying as a voluntary member while working abroad, had to track his contributions and consolidate them in one branch before he was allowed to submit his retirement claims.

The dollar-denominated Pag-ibig Overseas Program, however, is really separate. You make your claims separately at the Gil Puyat, Makati branch.

By the way, my husband has paid more than 240 monthly contributions, so he was to able to file a claim. But he’s still waiting because of the consolidation process.

Update as of March 2011:

My husband’s claim, which was processed over a span of several months in 2009, was rejected because Pag-ibig counted only 231 contributions. Pag-ibig advised my husband to pay nine monthly contributions, either monthly, quarterly, or at one time, but has to wait for 9 months before he can file his claim again.  We didn’t yet refile because we decided the money can earn more with Pag-ibig than with a time deposit. We can use it for my daughter’s tuition fees in her higher years in college.

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  1. Ms. Nora, do you have any format of Early Retirement Certificate? kindly send to my email, pls. Thank you very much.

  2. Hello. my father is 60 yrs. old now. He got his lump sum before from pag-ibig fund. He heard he still has some money to claim from Pag-ibig at age 60. Can he still claim? Thanks

  3. Hi vhina, if your father has previously claimed all his money from Pag-ibig, then he has no more to claim. If he is not sure, he can go to his Pag-ibig branch and ask, or he can authorize you to ask. Bring his ID and your ID.

  4. gud am. where can I claim or file? I went to atrium in the past; should I go there? My previous office was in Fort Bonifacio, but it’s now closed – Vetronix Inc. Can we claim here in Bacoor or Las pinas? Tnx. God bless

  5. Hi Carmencita, Pag-ibig records are not yet centralized, so you should file your claim at your branch. I assume your branch is the Buendia branch, as you mentioned you were going to Atrium in the past, and Fort Bonifacio offices are remitting at the Buendia branch.

  6. Hi Carmencita, there’s no more Atrium branch. Yes, the Makati branch is in Justine Bldg, Gil Puyat, formerly Buendia

  7. Ms. Nora, do you have any format of Early Retirement Certificate? kindly send to my email, pls. Thank you very much.

  8. Hi Janine, not yet. When you have accumulated 240 contributions and you’re 45 years old or older, you can claim your savings and dividends. If less than 240, wait till you turn 60.

  9. hi! I been working since 1991. can i claim my retirement? this is my first job. im now 45y.o. thnx

  10. Hi emils.lim, if you have accumulated 240 monthly contributions or more, yes, you can file your claim.

  11. Hi Ms. Can I apply for Optional withdrawal of my provident funds? I became a member in 1995 up to the time that we were early retired by the company in 2007. I am already 50 yrs old and since 2007 was no longer employed. And where can I get an updated membership contributions. Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi Cora, optional withdrawal is allowed if you contributed continuously without a gap, and you can request only on the 10th or 15th year. But you can already claim your savings, as you’re already older than 45. Ask about your savings info at your Pag-ibig branch — usually the branch nearest the location of your former company.

  13. hello we are looking forward for the result of the retirement benefits of my auntie Ms.Amelia delos Santos Pasco, she already filled -up their form last march of this year 2015. she was looking to the final result of this immediately, she needs it badly. thank you and more power to your column

  14. Hi ms nora! I have just retired from the government service last may of this year. May i know how much will i receive fm pagibig and what are the requirements needed

  15. At age 60 po I got a claim but i am not retired yet. effective june 1 2015 I’m already retired from service. Do I have benefits to claim due to my retirement? Im a public school teacher. Thank you po

  16. Hi Cora, if you and the Education Dept. continued to pay contributions to Pag-ibig even after age 60, then you have something to claim from Pag-ibig. You can check your last payslips. If you’re not sure, you can email

  17. Hi, im nearly on my retirement age of 60 years old by december 2015 and i know im going to have problem with my sss retirement (loan) will that problem affect my retirement with Pag-ibig fund

  18. Hi Leticia, your SSS loan balance will be deducted monthly from your monthly SSS pensions until your loan is fully paid. Your SSS loan will not affect your Pag-ibig claim because they are different institutions.

  19. Hi.just had my early retirement last nov 2015.A public school teacher in Pasay.How can I claim my retirement benefits and where?

  20. Hi nerissa, if you use the early retirement option, you need to show a certification from DEP or CHED that you have availed of their early retirement program. If you are 45 or older, and you have accumulated 240 monthly contributions or more, you can claim your savings even without early retirement certification. Sorry I’m not sure which Pag-ibig branch does DEP or CHED remits to. You can call 724-4244 or email

  21. I been a Pag Ibig member since 1981 and will be turning 60 in six (6) more years. How much will be my benefits upon retirement age?

    Since I have already contributed more than 240 monthly contribution, can I already file the claim even I still working?

  22. Hi Rene, your retirement benefits will be the total of all your monthly contributions plus annual dividends. I think you can already claim since you have contributed for more than 20 years and have more than 240 contributions, even if you’re still working. But I’m not sure. I’m sure only if the member is Voluntary. One can also continue paying. And I think it will be better if you claim your money when you retire because Pag-ibig’s dividend rate is much higher than banks’ rates and Pag-ibig dividends are non-taxable.

  23. hi, ms Nora. I’m 53 years old and unemployed for 2 years now, because I have to take care of my mom who had alzheimers disease and recently succumbed to acute hemorrhage. I only have 174 monthly contributions. but technically, i actually had more than that number, except that an outstanding loan was deducted. can I apply for early Pagibig refund? I plan to use this to start farming a small piece of land in batangas. please advise.

  24. Hi len, you’re blessed for sacrificing for your mother. About your question: if you had paid 240 monthly contributions (count all, including those monthly payments deducted), you can file to get your Provident benefits. If you lack 9 or 12 months or a bit more, you can pay these months to complete 240. If you need 9 months more, for example, pay from August 2015 to April 2016, and then file to get your benefits in May 2016.

  25. I’m 17 year’s in company and I’m already resign last January.I would like to lumpsum my share. How long is the processing?. pls need advice, kindly send it to my e-mail. tnx,God bless

  26. Hi Norie, there’s no Pag-ibig pension. At age 60, you can get back all your contributions plus dividends in one lump sum.

  27. hi Ms. Nora. do u have a sample of certificate of early retirement for pag-ibig purposes? please send to my email. TIA

  28. do public teachers have P200.00 monthly hdmf contribution as well? do they get to have an employer share of P100.00 just like a private employee has?

  29. Hi tessie, yes, public school teachers receiving their salaries from the DepEd are Pag-ibig members. Yes, the DepEd pays their 100-peso share per teacher.

  30. I still lack 1 yr. contributions , but I want to withdraw my savings,if I pay the amount for this, can I have my lump sum? I need money for education of my child this semester. thank you .

  31. Hi Ernie, you can pay in advance to complete the 240 contributions, but you have to wait for the year to actually pass in real time before you can claim your savings+dividends. What you can do is to apply for a multipurpose loan — you can get 80% of your total savings+dividends since you’ve contributed more than 120 contributions. To qualify for the loan, you should have paid at least 5 contributions within the past 6 months.

  32. Hi Ms. Nora. I am already eligible to withdraw my contributions. I worked for two companies, one located in Intramuros and the other in Pasay City. To what branch should I go? And should there be 2 branches, how do I go about consolidating? Thank you.

  33. Hi Ms.Nora im resigning my job this end of this month nov 30,pwede ko po ba lumpsum yung sa pag ibig ko.over 20 year na po ako naghuhulog?

  34. Hi Bino, I think not yet because you’re still employed. But you can ask Pag-ibig. What I’m sure of is that for those who have turned voluntary and have accumulated 240 contributions and are 45 years or older, they can already claim their Provident benefits. But for those employed, I’m not sure. You can consider just taking a loan — that will be 80% of your total savings/dividends (if you have accumulated at least 120 contributions). This way, you still have money to claim later on.

  35. Hi Ms. Nora, do you have any format of Pag ibig Early Retirement Certificate? kindly send to my email, pls. Thank you very much.

  36. Hi Ms. Nora how much po is retirement benefit after 6 yrs of contributions to pag-ibig? I’m now 60 and I plan to claim my retirement plan from pag ibig. Thank u

  37. Hi Myrna, it depends on your total savings and the years when you contributed these. If you contributed 200 pesos monthly (100 pesos from employee and 100 pesos from employer) for 6 years, that will be 200 pesos x 72 months, totalling 14,400. So your total retirement benefit will be 14,400 plus dividends. Yearly dividends is about 4% of total savings at the end of each year.

  38. Hi, I just want to ask if I can claim my pag-ibig savings? I’m 56 years old and already retired in 2000. Please help me. Thanks!

  39. Hi Ricardo, if you have accumulated 240 contributions or more, you can already claim your Pag-ibig savings any time. If less than 240, you have to wait till you turn 60. Or if you lack just a few months, you can pay for these months, so you can claim after a few months. Another option if your total is less than 240 is early retirement cert. If you retired from your company under a formal company early retirement program, request from your previous company a cert of early retirement, and submit this cert together with the other required documents. See this Application for Provident Benefits Claim form

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