Pag-ibig Retirement in the Philippines — Process Your Claims Quicker

If you’re nearing retirement and you’ve had more than one employer, check as soon as you can if all the records of your contributions since your started contributing to Pag-ibig are already in one branch of Pag-ibig.

Pag-ibig does not consolidate the records of members whose employers are located in different Pag-ibig jurisdictions; it expects its members to consolidate their records.

It takes months to consolidate, so start now.

Ipunin mo ang records mo sa isang Pag-ibig branch lang

My husband, who had two employers and who also continued paying as a voluntary member while working abroad, had to track his contributions and consolidate them in one branch before he was allowed to submit his retirement claims.

The dollar-denominated Pag-ibig Overseas Program, however, is really separate. You make your claims separately at the Gil Puyat, Makati branch.

By the way, my husband has paid more than 240 monthly contributions, so he was to able to file a claim. But he’s still waiting because of the consolidation process.

Update as of March 2011:

My husband’s claim, which was processed over a span of several months in 2009, was rejected because Pag-ibig counted only 231 contributions. Pag-ibig advised my husband to pay nine monthly contributions, either monthly, quarterly, or at one time, but has to wait for 9 months before he can file his claim again.  We didn’t yet refile because we decided the money can earn more with Pag-ibig than with a time deposit. We can use it for my daughter’s tuition fees in her higher years in college.

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  1. I’am 53 years old.i’am not working anymore because i need to take care of my sick wife and aside from that it’s hard for my to get a job again because of my age.can i avail the early retirement to claim my contribution so i can use it for my wife medical maintenance?please reply how.

  2. Hi Beauregard, you can claim your Pag-ibig savings now if you have accumulated 240 monthly contributions or more. If you lack some months, like for example, you have only 234 contributions, you can make contributions for the next 6 months (minimum 200 pesos), then on the 7th month, you can file your claim. Sorry that if you’re far below the 240-contribution mark, you need to wait till you’re 60 before you can claim your benefit.

  3. I turned 60 last Dec. 8, 1955. I filed my retirement claim in your Alabang Branch last May 16, 2016 whch was received by your Makati Office on May 20, 2016.

    As of today, July 4, 2016 NO check has been prepared. According to Ms. Nora, it takes only a month to process it.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi olivia, documents: Application for Provident Benefits Claim form, 2 valid IDs, NSO birth certificate. Bring Pag-ibig card if you have

  5. i am now an sss pensioner since 2012, started working in 1972-1989 w/ an unsettled outstanding loan. Can i apply for any benefit claim?, please give info’s on where, how & all requirements and for what benefit claim title-re: my application

  6. Hi Carlos, do you mean you did not claim anything from Pag-ibig when you retired? If did not, file your claim at the Pag-ibig branch where your employer remitted your contributions. If you worked in different companies in different cities, check if all your contributions are in your main Pag-ibig branch. Ask for a copy or ask to see your summary of contributions. Documents: Application for Provident Benefits Claim, 2 valid IDs, Pag-ibig ID if you have. If date of birth is not on your IDs, bring NSO birth certificate (xerox and orig). It’s good Pag-ibig loan balances are set-off with total savings after loan term, so their interest do not balloon to huge amounts like with SSS salary loans.

  7. gud day po,lapit na po ako mag-60 kaya lang nagpalit ako ng date of birth.

    thanx po

  8. good day. Ms. Nora My question is this, Can I get my full Pagibig contributions at the age of 60 and sometime my housing loan was foreclose due to the reason that its very far on my work thats why it was foseclose but some one applied on that unit. Please let me know.

  9. Hi fatima, what I know is that if Pag-ibig recovers in full your housing loan amount and foreclosure expenses from the sale of the property to the new buyer, your savings will be safe. In their old circulars for loans taken out up to 2004, defaulting members’ savings are affected. But let me first find what’s said in the recent circulars.

  10. I have just filed my claimed on my pag ibig fund i just want to know how true that i takes a month before i got it thanks

  11. Hi Apolonio, yes, around 1 month usually napa-process ang Pag-ibig retirement claim. If you worked in only one or 2 companies in the same city, mas mabilis. Mas matagal kapag naikalat ang contributions ng member in different Pag-ibig branches dahil nag-work in different companies in different cities.

  12. Hi Ms. Nora. I used to work with government 15 years and then with private companies 2.5 years. I decided to stop working to take care of my children full time. I think I had only a total of 150 monthly contributions. I am now 61 years old. Will I be able to claim benefits from PAGIBIG? Thank you very much.

  13. Hi Dinah, yes, you can already claim your Pag-ibig savings. File at the branch where most of your Pag-ibig savings were remitted to. You can first request to see your TAV (total accumulated values) to check if all your contributions, private and government, have been posted in your branch. This is the Pag-ibig Application for Provident Benefits form

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