Baka Lang Manalo ka ng 1 Million Pesos from Pag-ibig Fund

Naka-save ka na ng 600 pesos, baka manalo ka pa ng half-million or 1 million pesos!


Save 600 pesos monthly or more with Pag-ibig and have a chance to win one or more of these prizes:

1 Million Pesos — May 1, 2017 Grand Draw

500,000 Pesos — Dec 21, 2016 Raffle Draw
500,000 Pesos — May 1, 2017 Raffle Draw

250,000 Pesos — Dec 21, 2016 Raffle Draw
250,000 Pesos — May 1, 2017 Raffle Draw

Mac Book Pro Retina notebook/laptop

— total of 25 units (11 monthly raffle draws

from June 24, 2016 to May 1, 2017 )

Samsung S-7 Edge smartphone

— total of 20 units (11 monthly raffle draws

from June 24, 2016 to May 1, 2017)
Every 600 pesos = 1 Raffle Point

What to DO:

One-time registration only.
Pay 600 pesos or more as your monthly Savings to Pag-ibig. After it is posted, maybe after 1 or 2 days, go to: PAG-IBIG EXPANDED RAFFLE PROMO

Or just go to the Pag-ibig website: and click the raffle promo ad

Scroll down and click I want to join now

Type your Pag-ibig MID No.
Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date of Birth

Type the Captcha Code
Click Verify

You will see your data. Type your email again to confirm.

Type your mobile phone no.

Type your employer’s name or Self-Employed (Do not leave blank)

Type your region (Do not leave blank)

Click Submit

Wait a while, if the Internet is slow.

You will read: Thank you for joining Pag-ibig Expanded Raffle Promo. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

Click Okay 

Save 600 pesos or more again next month.

For questions, contact phone no. (+632) 724-4244

or email us at

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