Continuing SSS Membership Contributions for Overseas Filipinos

Continuing SSS Membership Contributions in the Philippines for Overseas Filipinos, Filipino Immigrants Abroad — Does It Make Financial Sense?

If you’re a Filipino who has become an immigrant or permanent resident abroad, does it make sense if you continue paying your SSS membership contributions in the Philippines as a Voluntary Member?

According to the SSS rules, you can get a lifetime pension if you’ve paid at least 10 years or 120 monthly premiums before your semester of retirement, which is either at age 60 when one has retired from work, or at age 65 when retirement is compulsory.

If the number of your monthly contributions is less than 120, you get a lump sum.

Now, if you’re a permanent resident or immigrant abroad, and you have less than 120 monthly contributions, does it make sense continuing as an SSS voluntary member and completing the required 120 monthly contributions?

On the other hand, if you already have at least 120 monthly contributions, does it make sense continuing as a voluntary member and increasing the number of monthly contributions in the hope that the monthly pension would become higher?
To get a better answer to the above questions, let’s see how SSS computes the retirement benefit or the monthly pension:

A.   For those who have paid less than 120 monthly contributions, the retirement benefit is a lump sum. The amount is equal to the total contributions paid by the member and by his/her employer plus interest.

B.   For those who have paid at least 120 monthly contributions, the monthly pension would be the highest of the following three computations:

1.  40 percent of the average monthly salary credit

2.  300 pesos
plus 20 percent of the average monthly salary credit
plus 2 percent of the average monthly salary credit for each credited year of service in
excess of 10 years

3.   1,200 pesos when the credited years of service is 10 or more but less than 20, or
2,000 pesos when the credited years of service is 20 or more

For formulas Nos. 1 and 2 of letter B, take note that it says average monthly salary credit. (The salary credits are seen in the SSS Contribution Schedule) If you continue as a voluntary member, can you maintain paying the high monthly contributions that you and your previous employers previously paid? Does the plus-2-percent add value if you increase your number of years in excess of 10?

The best answer really is for you to:

  • request for a copy of your SSS contributions (the SSS online inquiry can display only 20 years of contributions),
  • and then compute your retirement benefit according to the SSS formula using your actual contributions and salary credits,
  • and then compute using a projected or additional monthly contributions and salary credits,
  • and then compare.


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  1. Hello Ms. Nora, ask ko lang po kung pwede ko mawidraw ang sss contribution ko kasi magmimigrate po ako sa UK at ayaw ko na po ituloy ang pagbabayad. Nasa 110 po contributions ko at may sss employee na nagsabi sa akin na pwede ko itong mawidraw bago ako umalis.
    Marami pong salamat sa pagsagot nyo.

  2. I just wanna ask if i can continue my contiribution in sss monthly but in evry month i pay it covers for three months it is possible ? I had only 11 months contribution am 46 yrs old now but i want to finish my 120 months contribution within 4 yrs

  3. Hi Ms. Nora,

    I moved here in US last year and just got my PR green card (conditional) recently. I resigned from my previous work due to me migrating here, but then I have a loan balance at SSS and Pag-ibig. Can I use my contributions to pay for my loan balances? If for example I decided not to continue paying for my contributions since I am residing here already. Also, If I decided to continue paying my contributions even if I’m already a citizen here will that be possible? What will be the benefits of continuing my contribution? Sorry if I have a lot of questions.

  4. Hi Ms. Nora.. Pwede pa bang maging sss member ang mother ko who is a now permanent resident in japan? She’s already 57. Thanks po

  5. Hello po, ask q lng po Kung pano ko Malalaman Kung magkano po ang contribution ko dati noong nag work pa po ako sa company. Tapos d q nahulugan Ng 5 years ang nakalipas then noong 2013 nahulugan q ng isang beses dito sa Singapore tapos stop ulit. Ngaun gusto q nang ituloy Sana.ano po ang dapat qng gawin…slamat po!

  6. vincent pocte mendoza

    gd morning pano po ung monthly pension ng biyenan ko. nag abroad po kc sya at hindi naka pag undergo ng confirmation.. na stop po kc monthly pension nya. ano po ang dapat naming gawin para magtuloy po uli ung monthly pension nya? salamat

  7. Hi Romulo, dahil employed member ka na dati, hindi na kelangan ang form to restart contributing again. Just pay at accredited SSS collectors there in Saudi:
    Telemoney Center: PNB/RCBC
    Tahweel Al Rajhi: BDO/Land Bank
    Enjaz: AUB
    Ventaja outlets: Skyfreight/APEX/Kapamilya/Al Rajhi Movers
    Online banking: via
    Auto Debit Arrangement with Philippine Banks (PNB, BDO, Metro Bank, AUB, BPI)

  8. Good day po isa po akong ofw gusto ko pong mag voluntary members dati po kong employed members ng sss. Paano ko makakuha ng Rs5 form dito sa Saudi

  9. Mam Nora,

    Pag OFW po mam continue ang contribution s SSS dati n po syang member ng SSS pwede po quarterly ang payment.wla n pong pipirmahan na forms at ibibigay n requirements

  10. Carmelita D. Dela cruz

    Kindly reply please

  11. Carmelita D. Dela cruz

    Hello Po! Ask ko lang paano naku ha ang pera ko 2015 ang maturity

  12. Hi Jennifer, yes, you can continue paying. But since you’re not sure about your SSS no., you can email This email address is for all Pinoys overseas, OFWs or not. Write on the Subject field: SSS Number verification — Jennifer Tolentino Lopez. In the body, mention your complete name, date of birth, place of birth and names of parents. Attach a scan or photo of your ID.
    Pay the maximum contribution (1,760 pesos) if you can, as the pension amount is based on the last 60 contributions prior to semester of retirement. You can pay for 2 or more months in advance to save on remittance fees. This is how to enroll in the SSS online system

  13. Jennifer tolentino lopez

    Hi gusto kp i continue ang sss ko kaso matagal n po akong hindi nghuhulog simula ng magresign ako s trabaho at ngayon lng po ako may kakayanang mghulog gusto ko po mlaman kung puede ko png i contue khit 20 years n po nkalipas at khit po ba dito na ako nakatira s abroad kc pgdating ng 60 ay uuwi ng ako ng pilipina for life kaya naisipan ko po i continue eto po ang sss number ko pero not sure ko po kung d kulang or sobra 33-2510672-5

  14. Hi Rudy, no. You can pay your SSS while you’re abroad. You can pay from month to month, or every 6 months so you can save on remittance fees. OFWs have more flexible payment deadlines. While local members have monthly and quarterly deadlines, OFWs can pay for any month of the current year any time.

  15. Hi Nora,
    Are departing OFWs required to pay SSS Premium for the term of their contract?

  16. Hi.. im an immigrant here in philadelphia usa. Gusto ko sana e continue ang voluntary contribution ko. Kaya lang hindi ko alam kung paano. Thanks

  17. Hi jeff, ang desisyon ay nasa inyo. Sa akin, kung one or 2 months lang yong pahinga ninyo, puede namang hindi na. Pero kung palagay nio magtatagal ang bakasyon, it’s good to pay as voluntary. Puedeng the same amount as your last payment while at work, puede namang lower. Take note na kapag voluntary, bayaran rin nio yong share ng agency/employer nio. What happens ba if magcontribute or hindi? Ang effects ng payment while on vacation ay madadagdagan yong Credited Years of Service (CYS) nio, part ito sa pension computation formula (since 2002, kada 12 months of payments, meron kang additional 1 year sa CYS mo) at puede kayong mag-loan later on (kelangan kasi updated pag planong mag-salary loan, although dapat hindi naglo-loan pag hindi naman kelangan para walang utang, at puedeng maka-avail ng sickness benefits, although we hope to be always healthy.

  18. Hi ati nora. kami at ng usap usap dito my tanung sana kami. Kmi po ay marino so ng kabababa poh nmin ng barko di na kami ng babyd ng cntrbtion sa sss. kung aalis kmi dun na ulit maka cntrbte. So tanung poh kmi kung san mas maganda.. MAG BABAYAD BA KMI PAG NASA BAKASYON KAMI OR HINDI NA? SALAMT

  19. Hi Marites, yes, you can continue paying. You can pay through SSS collectors there, or your family can pay for you here. Ilagay lang nila OFW ang member category mo. 550 pesos ang minimum for OFW. Puedeng higher to enjoy higher short-term benefits. Pag 54 years old na, dapat maximum (1,760 pesos) na ang bayaran mo to increase your pension amount. About your husband, download the SSS Member Data Change Request form, fill it up, scan it, then email I-attach mo itong Data Change form, scan ng IDs mo at scan ng marriage contract nio. When you take your vacation, visit SSS with your IDs and marriage cert (orig and xerox) and ask if your data change request was effected. Or if you decide so, puede mo namang gawin itong data change later on when you take your vacation, as SSS needs to see the original marriage cert.

  20. Marites chua cirelles

    Hi po good pm gusto ko ituloy ung pag hulog ko po ng sss ko natigil po kasi ito.ano po ba dapat kong gawin para makapaghulog uli ako.gusto ko rin po mapasok na isa benefeciaries ko ang husband ko.hindi ko po naipasok kasi napasok cia dati.ano po ba ang requirment para ma add ko cia?thanks

  21. Hi Peter, sorry, SSS members are not allowed to withdraw or get back their contributions. Since you have contributed at least 120 contributions, your retirement benefit will automatically be a lifetime pension. You can file for your pension at age 60. You can file at an SSS desk office there if you’re near an SSS overseas office, or you can file through your representative with your SPA.

  22. Hello Nora. I have been living and working in the United States since 2006. My regular SSS contributions started way back 1988 until I left the country 200 (18 years)
    How I can collect the lump sum from my contributions from 1988 – 2006. Thank you

  23. Hi Virginia, if you’re abroad, email and ask how you can replace your lost CBTC pension debit card. Include your name, SSS no., date of birth and attach a scan or photo of your IDs. Request them to send you the required forms, probably application form for replacement of lost CBTC Visa debit card for pension and an Affidavit of Loss.

  24. Virginia Santiago


  25. Hi Aida, there’s a loan restructuring that was just launched, offered until May next year, if your family here lives in a calamity area. I’ll give you the link later. Enroll in SSS online, so you can check your loan balance and other data. But before enrolling, you need to have a recent contribution payment receipt so you can get a 6-digit reference no. You can ask your family here to pay for the month of June for you at an SSS branch so you can get a receipt no. quickly. But if you can wait, you can pay SSS in Canada through I-Remit, PNB and their partners. will be back for the links

  26. I left my employment in Dec 2000 and haven’t paid any SSS premiums since then. I also have a Salary Loan balance which I haven’t paid since 2002. I want to know how much I owe SSS todate and if I were to continue paying the monthly or quarterly or annual premiums how would I go about it? I am living in Canada so I appreciate if you could provide where and how to remit to SSS.


  27. hi ms. nora! my mum just finished her 120th contribution and she’s already filing her retirement claims. aside from all the forms she needed to fill up she needed to open a separate bank account from a bank of her choice for her pension claim. when she went to the bank to open for that kind of account, she was told to go back to sss office and ask for a form from them (duly notarised or some sort) since it was a mandatory requirement they say. so now my mum went back and ask for a that said form and was given one but she had to pay $200hkd for it. now i would just like to ask if that’s the case for everyone? I mean a fee needs to be paid for that form everywhere. even in the Philippines and if so, how much is it there? my mum is based in HK now. many thanks

  28. Hi Mary Ann, I emailed you

  29. Mary Ann Williams

    i am now residing here in Virginia Beach USA for almost 4 yrs now, since i got here i stop paying my SSS contribution but this year i want to continue paying my contribution. The question is where can i pay my SSS contribution as much as possible i would like to pay it online so its easy for me to do the transaction and no hassle for my part. Pls let me know where to pay my contribution and i want to pay it as soon as possible. And can i pay also the years that i have not been able to pay my contribution? How can i do that? I would be glad if you can email me back soon.

  30. Hi jen, do you mean you stopped paying your SSS contributions ten years ago? If this is so, yes, you can continue paying even if you’re already a British citizen. You can re-start paying immediately through accredited SSS collectors there, like IRemit (632-706-9999 loc. 125), Ventaja and Lucky Money. If you’re younger than 55, you can choose any amount of monthly contributions higher than 550. This is the SSS table of contributions.
    But it’s also good if you verify your SSS no. and contributions first, so you can be sure about your SSS data. You can email Ms. Thelma V. Venturanza at (SSS office at the Phil Embassy in London) and request to verify your SSS no. and contributions. You write your complete name (your maiden name if you did not yet amend your SSS data), birth date and SSS no. Later on, after your first payment is posted, enroll in online SSS so you can track your payments and records.

  31. hi nora i stop my sss pension about ten years ago but i’m a british citizen now,can i re-start paying even though i’m not a filipino anymore if yes what forms i need to complete.thanks!

  32. Hi Chino, glad about your question. Your Credited No. of Years (CYS) is affected. One year = 12 months. For example, if you pay 6 months in 2015 and pay 6 months in 2016, the total CYS will not be 2 years, but 1 year. In the pension formula, the more you have extra years (in excess of 10 years), the higher your pension.

  33. question: if there’s lapses on monthly contribution what is the impact?

  34. Hi Nora! Where can I remit my contributions here in U.A.E.?
    If i got sick here in abroad, how can i file my benefit? What sort of sickness is covered? Thanks

  35. Hi Nora, would like to ask how I am gonna pay my sss since I am moving to Chile this year, is there any remmittance there that could remit?

  36. Hi Frecy, yes, that’s what’s being done. There’s no paperwork required to change. Just write Voluntary as your membership type. I hope you’ve enrolled to get your online SSS account so you can track your records.

  37. Hi nora is that possible to pay my sss from ofw to voluntary ?im now living in australia i have no work just house wife .

  38. Rogelio Panganiban

    Hi there, I paid my SSS contribution for 340 months, my question is how will be my pension when I reach the age of 60. My latest contribution is 750.00. Can I continue paying the 1,760 maximum contribution for voluntary member to get the higher pension , im now 58 years old.

  39. Hi Jadine, yes, you can continue paying as Voluntary. This March, what you can pay is for the quarter Jan to March 2016. You’re no longer allowed to pay for Nov and Dec 2015. When is your expected delivery date? This is our guide for checking your SSS maternity eligibility.

  40. Hi i left my job last October po and i want to continue my contribution. is that possible if i will pay the last four months that I missed paying? I hope I can use it for maternity

  41. Hi Rogelio, first you need to know your SSS no. Email SSS and ask your SSS no. and no. of contributions. Write your complete name, date of birth, place of birth and parents’ names. Scan your 2 valid photo IDs and paste or attach them to your email. After your SSS no. is sent to you, you can pay your contributions through IRemit or PNB Remittance. Since this is your first time to pay as Voluntary, you can pay the maximum 1,760 right away. You’ll get a higher pension if your last 60 payments prior to your semester of retirement are all or mostly maximum. Later on, you can enroll in the SSS online system so you can track your records.

  42. Hi Nora, I want to inquire about the status of my SSS membership and contributions in the past. I’m already here in Canada and I want to continue my payment. My problem is I forgot my SSS number and it’s been approximately more than 20 years since my last contribution. How do I restart my payments and how much would it be? Can you please send me the link where I can check my status.
    Thanks, Rogelio

  43. Hi Albino, yes, you can continue paying SSS right away without filing any paperwork. Here are IRemit partners where you can pay SSS in Spain. You can pay the maximum monthly premium, which is 1,760 pesos. Check SSS news from time to time as the maximum premium might be increased. If you have some more money for savings, you can save with
    Pag-ibig MP2 or SSS Flexi-Fund.

  44. Albino C. Memoracion

    Hi Nora, I just want to inquire regarding my SSS contribution, How and Where I can continue to pay my SSS contribution. I stop my payment of my SSS for almost 20 years. Since when I was working here in abroad and until now I still working here in Spain. I asked my Brother in law in Manila to checked the status of my SSS contribution according to SSS office in Manila i had a lacked payments of 2 yrs and 5 months. Is there any form\papers to fill up and sign to continue my payment and how much I can pay now? I could be able to pay 3K- up to 5K
    Best Regards, Albino

  45. Thanks Nora
    Pls disregard I asked the same question on one of your blogs. Thanks 🙂

  46. Hi May, no, it won’t affect your pension. Section 15 of the 1997 SSS Law states that the SSS shall pay benefits without regard to nationality or country of residence. At present, there are lots of Filipino-born pensioners who are naturalized British, American and Canadian citizens. I have a post about this issue:

  47. Hi Nora What if I change my citizenship to become a Singaporean, which means renouncing my Philippine citizenship. Would that affect my future claim for pension? Or will the government return to me all my contributions? Many thanks May


  49. Hi Ameerah, if your father was an Employed member before, you can go ahead and continue paying his contributions without filing any document. The minimum for OFWs is 550 pesos.
    If your father is in his 50s but younger than 55, it’s better if he pays the maximum or near-maximum so his pension will be higher. If he’s older than 55, he should start paying the maximum because for those older than 55, they can increase their contributions by only one level per year.
    After paying (after about 3 days to allow for posting), ask him to enroll in online SSS, so he can track his SSS records. He needs 6 digits from your recent payment receipt.

  50. Hi Ms. Nora! Just want to ask about my father’s contribution. He’s an OFW and wants 2 continue paying his monthly contribution, w/c had stopped a years ago. He asked me to pay it monthly, in the Phil. What are the steps that I need 2 do before I pay his contribution. Thanks.

  51. Hi Maria, yes, your uncle can claim his SSS pension when he turns 60 and stops working even as a US citizen. Mandatory retirement age is 65. The only problem is when he decides to claim, he must take a vacation to file his claim, since he has to sign forms and open a bank account for his pension, or by that time, maybe the process of retirement filing for Pinoys abroad will already be in place through the use of SPA and Visa debit card opening while abroad.
    Ask your uncle to register to have his online SSS account so he can track his records and see if there are errors. He needs 6 digits from your recent transaction receipt.

  52. Hi Nora, My uncle is now a US citizen and he sends me money to make a payment for his SSS via voluntary contribution. Would there be any problem for him getting his pension if he is a US citizen?

  53. Hi Nora

    If the estimate amount of monthly pension whom a retiree would receive when he retires will be at Php9,260. Would it mean he will receive this amount lifetime or just for about 37 months and beyond that the amount will be reduced base on SSS computation? Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  54. Hi Lyn, you can send your ACOP here to the email address devoted to overseas Filipinos: Write ACOP and your name as your Subject. Attach also a scan or photo of at least 2 valid photo IDs and a scan of any recent medical certificate or diagnostic report or medical consultation document. Yes, you send your ACOP yearly during your birthday month, or a week before your birthday month. In news sites, they mention only the ACOP form and at least 2 valid photo IDs, but in the ACOP form, it lists a medical document as required, so if you have, include it.

  55. Hi Nora, I would like to ask how and where can I send SSS ACOP and what are the requirements as well like ID or authorization letter in order for my pension to continue? I am living in abroad and I have a little pension in SSS but I have never come back in our country ever since I left 2012. I just found out about the ACOP when I tried to research online that there is an implementation of yearly verification. And my pension was cut probably due to that ACOP requirements, knowing that you reply quickly than waiting for SSS to reply to my message, I took my chance living a comment in your blog thinking that you could find answers quickly for me.

  56. Thanks a lot, Bon! 🙂

  57. pa Up na tin ito Ms. Nora

  58. Hi lito, you can pay SSS through Skyfreight, IRemit and Ventaja partners in Saudi. But if you have time, open an account at a Bancnet-member bank so you can pay SSS online. After opening, enroll in online banking and activate it while here in the Phils. so you can check your account online abroad. The minimum contribution for OFWs is 550 pesos. Your salary is more than the highest SSS salary credit — you can choose from 550 to 1,760. If you pay your SSS abroad, SSS will automatically change your status to OFW. If through Bancnet, download this OW-1 form, fill it up, scan it, scan also 2 IDs, and email them to

  59. Hi, I am an sss member, i had 88 contributions as far as i know. Then i stopped working for years. Now i am about to go abroad to work in ksa as waiter. What should i do to convert my sss status for ofw? Where to pay the contribution abroad, and how much? My monthly salary is 17,000 php/mo. Does my agency can help about this? Hoping for your response.
    Thank you and have a good one.

  60. Ms. Nora, I have contributions through my employer in 2005 to 2006 (I supposed) and I want to continue it, is this okay?
    2nd, I’m here in another country as Permanent Resident and working. Which is better? pay as voluntary or Self-Employed? I plan to start a business in Pinas and I would just travel to and from Pinas. I read that it’s difficult to claim if voluntary payment and not self employed.
    3rd, when I return to Pinas, I’ll complete something I need as a doctor so I can work again in a hospital and it’s because of that most likely I’ll again have SSS, but will this be Employment based payment? can I revert? With possible scenarios, will these affect negatively my projected pension in the future?

  61. how about immigrant pensioner?what they need to do in order for them to continue their pension because of the yearly acop?

  62. Hi anna, yes, it’s okay. But if you like to have a bigger pension in your golden years, continue contributing — this will increase your number of credited years, which is part of the pension formula. But make sure that when you continue, pay the same or higher amount than your previous monthly contributions, not lower. A lower contribution will decrease your average salary credit. Another option is to save with Pag-ibig MP2 or SSS Flexi-Fund.

  63. Hi Nora, Im only 32yrs old and already completed the 120months required sss contribution.currently i am an it ok to stop contributing?

  64. Hi Jhoy, you can make a single payment or pay in installments. Any installment amount, but much bigger than your monthly amortization so you can pay off your loan faster and reduce the penalties and interests. Register to get your online SSS account so you can see your payment postings.

  65. Hi Ms. Nora, Ive got a salary loan dated April 2013, but unfortunately, before I start paying my salary loan, i went here in Dubai. Now, my question is, how can I pay my amortization amount and what I need to do because even it is 2yrs already, i want to pay all my balances. Do I need to pay all my balances in one time payment or installment? Thank you.

  66. Okay! Thank you so much for the valuable information! I really appreciate it!

  67. Hi Bhawna, you need to get your SSS no. All employers are required by law to require their applicants or new employees to get their SSS nos. To get your SSS no., go to SSS with your Alien Certificate of registration plus passport or any other immigration-related document. Bring photocopies. Fill up E1 form and then file. About benefits, I’m not sure. What I’m sure of is that in case you’ll not qualify for pension at age 60 (whether because you paid less than 120 contributions or because of your citizenship), all your contributions will be returned to you. I’ll get back to you if I find something relevant.

  68. Hello Ms. Nora! I have recently been accepted for a job here in the Philippines, and one of their requirements is an SSS number. I am an Indian citizen with a permanent residence status here in the Philippines. My question is, am I required to register for this or am I exempted from becoming a member and making the monthly payments? Also, will I be getting any benefits as a non-Filipino citizen? Furthermore, if I plan to retire in India in the future, will I have access to these benefits? Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!

  69. Hi Mustafah, you can pay at the remittance partners of BDO, RCBC and PNB. Minimum for OFWs is 550 pesos (for minimum salary credit which is 5,000 pesos). For OFWs, the payment deadline is flexible. You can still pay for any month this 2015 that have passed like Jan to August 2015 that you have not paid. Your member type will change to OFW once your payment from abroad is posted. BDO remittance partners in Oman

  70. Hi Emma, yes, when you turn 60, take a vacation in the Philippines and file your pension claim in person. Yes, you can get your pension as a US immigrant or citizen. You can even receive your pension while in the US through a Visa debit card (current card, might change or might be expanded in the future).

  71. Hi Ms. Nora, I am 50 years old and have recently resigned from work to migrate to US and marry my fiancé. I have been continuously working since age 20 and have paid my SSS contribution regularly. Can I still get my SSS retirement benefit in the Philippines when I turn 60 and already a US immigrant? What about if I become a US citizen by the time I turn age 60 or 65? Can I still get my SSS retirement benefit? Thank you for your help.

  72. Mustafah A. Maradial

    Hi ms. nora! I’ve been here in abroad (Oman) for three months and sad to say I have not continued to pay may SSS contribution. What to do mam coz i want to continue my contribution and as much as possible to cover up my missed due payments. and how can I pay it here in Oman? And how can I change my status from former employed status contributor to ofw?pls pls pls mam help me! Thanks.

  73. Hi Janice, you can start paying as Voluntary while you’re here in the Philippines. Then when paying from abroad as OFW, your status will automatically change to OFW. Benefits will be the same for all member types. The only advantages for OFWs are the flexible payment deadlines and option to save with Flexi-Fund. If you like to save with Flexi-Fund later on, file an OW-1 form at SSS; bring your OEC or work visa, in case they require. You can also email your OW1 from abroad, if you prefer.

  74. Hi Ms. Nora, 2008 was the last time I was employed here in phils then I went to kuwait to work for 3years in 2010 and I never paid my monthly contribution since then.Now I want to continue my contributions Im still here but planning to go back to mid east before this year end.Is it mandatory to change my status to Ofw before continuing or Voluntary is possible?Whats the right thing to do?Tnx in advance.

  75. Hi Mellanie, yes, you can pay there in UAE through accredited SSS remittance partners: For online registration, try using the transaction no. Choose 6 digits. But if you’re a new SSS member (you were not an employed member in the Phils), file first an OW-1 form before paying. You can do this at the SSS branch in Abu Dhabi if you’re near there. If not, you can download the OW-1 form at, accomplish it, scan it, then email it to

  76. Dear Ms Nora,. I am OfW, before I left,I manage to have my sss number but I failed to pay my first payment in Philippines,. Is it possible I can pay my first payment here in UAE? If im going to pay it here are they going to provide me Otc # or Sbr number? for I know this is the requirements for regestering online. thank you

  77. Hi Liberty, you can pay through Lucky Money: Another option is if your Philippine bank is a Bancnet member, you can pay at

  78. Hi, I’m US immigrant, my mother is continue paying my SSS in the Phil. is there any way I can pay it online? My mom is old and I don’t want her to go to SSS office every month she having trouble walking.

  79. Hi Joseph, the new ACOP advisory says that if there’s no SSS ID, the pensioner can present a Certificate of Appearance issued by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate, plus, if confined or staying in an institution, a certification of confinement from the retirement home or similar institution. She can email scans of these to, including scans of the accomplished ACOP form and available photo IDs. I think, if she’s not in an institution, she can instead include a medical certificate (see back of ACOP form). She’s not ofw, but this email address can be used by overseas Pinoys to get faster response.

  80. Hi Mrs Nora, Would like to ask a question for my aunt who is an 87 year old US citizen and is retired and living in the US. Regarding the Annual Confirmation of Pensioner (ACOP), she found out that her pensions for the years 2012 to 2014 has been recalled from her SSS account in the philippines. We searched for the requirements to reinstate her sss pension. However, one of the requirement is that she has to submit a copy of her philippine sss id and a copy of her passport. What should we do if she lost her philippine SSS ID? Thank you very much for the help. Joseph

  81. Hi marilou, you can, but it’s better that you now write Voluntary — members get the same benefits, whether they’re OFW or non-OFW. The only advantage of being an OFW is the more flexible payment deadlines for OFWs. If you saved with SSS Flexi-Fund as OFW, you can continue paying to Flexi even if you’re no longer OFW.

  82. hi! i would like to ask if i can continue paying my sss contribution as ofw even if im not ofw anymore?

  83. Hi Jen, try entering 6 digits from any transaction no. that appears on your remittance receipt. Use a receipt for contributions you think are already posted by SSS. If your tries are not successful, ask someone in the Phils to pay one contribution for you using the Contributions Payment Form at an SSS branch, and ask for the SBR no.

  84. Hello .. I’m here abroad and I’ve tried to register online.. Where can I find the Otc # or Sbr number? Should I fill up first the sr5 form to change the type of Payor So I can get the required number ?? Thanks a lot in advance

  85. Hi Gigi, if you were an employed SSS member before in the Philippines, you can continue paying without doing any paperwork. You just continue to pay. You can pay online through or About beneficiary change: Download this SSS Member Data Change Request Form, fill up, then scan and email it to together with a scan of 2 valid photo IDs/passport. You’re not ofw, but this email address gives priority to overseas Filipinos.

  86. Hi, good day! I live in US. I want to continue my sss contribution, what form should i use? And i would like to change my beneficiaries too. Could you help me what to do? Thanks for your help…

  87. Hi Lyn, if your mom was previously an employed SSS member in the Phils, yes, your mom can continue her SSS payments without filing any paperwork. If she was self-employed, and did not file RS-1, it’s better if she emails to SSS an accomplished OW-1 form with scans of her IDs. If she was previously an employed member, and she wants to increase her contributions to maximum or near maximum, she needs to email SSS a scan of signed SSS Contributions Payment form (sign the DECLARATION OF EARNINGS OF INDIVIDUAL PAYOR portion) and a scan of her contribution payment/remittance receipt. If she prefers not doing the paperwork, she can increase her contributions from month to month by up to 2 levels only, starting from 500 pesos (since she’s OFW). Next will be 660, then 770 and so on. If she’s 55 and older, she should increase by only 1 level after reaching 1,100.

  88. Good day. I want to ask about continuing payment for SSS for my mom as OFW who is living with me now here in Spain. We have remittance centers here which accepts payments. She said that the last payments she was paying was Php 200, what she wants to increase it, is is possible? Can she do that automatically without any problem or without any paper work to do in the Philippines? Thanks a lot po in advance!

  89. Hi Ariel, yes. This is how you can register with SSS while in Japan

  90. Hello Nora can i become an SSS member even in living in Japan?

  91. Hi Ma. cecilia, yes, you can continue paying your SSS. Payment deadlines for OFWs are more flexible, so you can pay for any month/months of the current year during the current year. To save on remittance fees, pay for several months in a single remittance. You can pay for June to Dec this month or in July or in Aug or in Dec. You can pay through Skyfreight or IRemit or Ventaja partners.

  92. Hi I’m an ofw here in jeddah. I’ve been here two months. Can I continue paying my sss? I have paid month of may. thank you

  93. Hi Andy, sorry I missed this question of yours. Yes, you can continue paying SSS. Do you mean you don’t know your SSS no.? No, you are prohibited from getting a new SSS no. Everyone is allowed to have only one SSS no. Email SSS at with Subject: SSS No. Verification. Write your complete name, date and place of birth, names of parents, gender, the home address you most likely wrote when you registered and current Philippine address. Scan or photograph your IDs and attach it to your email.

  94. Good day! Ms.Nora, where in Sydney Australia can I pay SSS? I’m new here.I hope you can help me. Thanks

  95. Andy Christopher Isip

    Hi Ms. Nora I want to continue my SSS but unfortunately I lost my ID and don’t have any records. Is it possible to continue the same contribution or do I need to register for a new one? If yes, can you please guide me on how to do it. I’m an OFW now for about 10 years and I have stopped paying my contribution since then. Thank you.

  96. Hi tina, SSS password should be changed every 6 months. This SSS’s advice for blocked accounts: for online account assistance, email Ms. Farrah Lachica at Write your concern/request, complete name, 10-digit SSS number, date of birth, name of employer as reference. Attach scanned or screenshots of valid IDs.

  97. Hi nora. I’m registered at my.SSS. Previously I could see my records. Recently I can no longer log-in, always denied/”ACCOUNT IS BLOCKED”. Why did that happen and how can I unblock? thanks

  98. Hi garycruz, thanks for sharing info. Yes, SSS checks or verifies the status of its pensioners yearly.

  99. I live abroad permanent resident in Canada, I have been receiving small SSS pension since 2005, it was terminated recently but reinstated when I sent required document of my present status around 2013…

  100. Hi Gigi, yes, you can continue paying. You don’t need to register again as long as your first contributions were remitted properly (meaning your previous employer remitted to SSS for you). Register to get your online SSS account so you can track your payments and records. Register at non-peak time (about midnight or dawn here in the Phils). Check if you have a Date of Coverage — this is important for benefit claim filing later on.

  101. Hi, I just got my australian citizenship recently. Can I still continue my sss payments eventhough I stopped paying my contributions for a few years now? If I can, do I need to register again even if I’ve been paying sss already before I moved overseas?

  102. Hi Corazon, yes, if you’ve accumulated at least 120 contributions when you turn 60, you qualify for pension. But you should pay your loan balance asap so the interests/penalties will not reduce or wipe out your pension. You can email SSS and ask your loan balance and no. of contributions. You can also register at so you can check your records online. But you need a recent transaction no. to register — you can ask someone here in the Phils to pay 1 contribution at SSS for you and ask for the transaction no. Register at non-peak time, such as midnight or dawn here in the Phils.

  103. hi, I’m married here in US I’ve been paying my SSS since 1995,and it was stopped when our company was down and i still owed there as i remember more than 2,000 pesos from the last SSS loan that i got, my question can I still able to get my retirement fee in the future? What certain steps that i need to do? Please help me in this matter. I highly appreciate your response.

  104. Hi Rolando, yes, you can revert back to paying as OFW. I hope you’ve already registered for your online SSS account so you can track your payments online.

  105. Dear Nors, I changed from ofw to voluntary contribution. I’m going back abroad together with my family. I want to pay as ofw. Is it allowed? Thanks a lot! Roland

  106. Hi Salvacion, there’s a new table of SSS contributions. Check the table and then look for the amount nearest what you paid before. You can pay that amount, or you can increase by 2 levels. You can increase by 2 levels from month to month until you reach the amount you prefer. If you like to increase by more than 2 levels, fill up the income portion of the SSS RS5 form. By the way, did you register as self-employed? Did you file RS1 form before you made your first contribution? If you’re OFW, it’s easier, just download this SSS OW1 form and then send by postal mail to the address in the form.


    I already start paying my sss only 1 question is can I continue to pay to same amount even many years past im not paying

  108. Hi Haregia, it’s sad that the embassy there does not offer SSS service. Yes, you can continue paying your SSS. If you like to continue asap, you can pay as Voluntary through your kapatid here in the Phils. Just give your SSS no. and amount to pay. She checks Voluntary as member category in the meantime. Ask her to pay initially at SSS using RS5 form so you can get the transaction no. and you can enroll at so you can track your contributions. Enroll during nighttime here in the Phils as the SSS website gets so busy at daytime. To change your status to OFW (so you can save with Flexi-Fund, if you like, and so your payment deadlines are more flexible), you can scan your filled-up OW1 form and then email it to When approved, your kapatid can check OFW as your member category when paying. She should follow Voluntary payment deadlines so she does not have to prove you’re OFW.

  109. ms. pls help me. I want to continue paying my SSS contributions. My problem is there’s no payment facility here in China. I plan to have my sibling pay for me there in the Phils. My problem is I previously worked for a company there in the Phils. and they paid for me. I don’t know if I can continue paying. What should I do? I have an OFW form here but there’s no way to submit it here. I went to the embassy here to inquire but they said they have no SSS service.

  110. Hi Jennifer, were you asked to pay SSS at POEA before you were allowed to get your OEC? Because what I know is that it’s only OWWA (1 year), Philhealth (1 year) and Pag-ibig (1 month) that are mandatory to pay.

  111. For ofw sss, is the sss paid at poea before they can get the oec for the whole year? because if it’s only for 1 month and we need to pay for the next month, then there would be a problem. We thought that’s for one year.

  112. Hi masing, your registration was accepted, so that means you registered properly and therefore will receive your benefits when the right time comes. Did you use RS1 form or OW-1 form to register? Keep that in your files. Register at so you can track your payments, and so you can check if you already have your Date of Coverage (DOC). If you have DOC, it means your membership is valid, and you’ll get your benefits even if you become a citizen of another country (even maternity benefit if you’re eligible). To register, you need 6 digits from a recent payment transaction no. (ask your sibling).

  113. Maam, I’m married here abroad. I registered with sss when i vacationed there this year. I’ve been paying for 9 months through my sibling. Can my family or I claim my benefits even if I’m a resident of another country? I’m worried that I cannot claim someday my benefits.

  114. Hi ms. Nora, thank you for that info. It’s a big help.. 🙂

  115. Hi Lesile, you can file your claim next year. You have 10 years within which to file, but of course file your claim as soon as you can. Xerox your TRU Skyfreight, together with your salary slip in Oct 2013 (so they can see your higher salary that corresponds to the sudden increase in contributions). Include a letter to SSS explaining that you cannot present an RS5 form for Oct 2013 because you paid your SSS contributions in Saudi Arabia through remittance firms, and they do not have RS5 forms.

  116. What to do mam? Next year pa kc ako makakauwi ng pinas. May deadline po ba ang maternity claim? Nanganak po ako Nung July 3, 2014. Thanks

  117. Lesile Anne Balolong

    Hi mam, may deficiency po kc ako maternity claim. Submit daw po ako ng RS-5 payment for October 2013 kc may sudden increase ng contribution from that time on. The problem is dito ako sa ksa nagbayad Nung October 2013 TRU skyfreight. Walang RS-5 na binigay

  118. Hi Virginia, yes, your father can now claim his lumpsum because he’s now more than 60 years old.

  119. Virginia B. Cervantes

    Ask ko lang po si papa ko hanngang 5 years lang ang nabayad niya and now he is 62 years old pwde ba niya e withdraw na lang ang na contribute niya since hindi niya natapos ang 120 months.

    pls reply thanks.


    hi Ms. Nors thanks sa reply mayron na po ako pag ibig 1 ppno po pala mag apply sa MP2 may online po ba yan para sa fill up ng application para nman po makakapag save kahit 1k a month..thanks po

  121. Hi Ellen, sad to say, hindi puede. Requirement sa Flexi-Fund ang payment of 1760. If you really like to stop basic SSS, you can contribute to Pag-ibig 2 or MP2, which also gives higher interest and can be withdrawn after 5 years and can be renewed for another 5 years. You can pay 200 to Pag-ibig 1 and then a higher amount to MP2.

  122. Hello po, malapit ko na po ma complete 120 contributions ko, am paying maximum 1760. Puwede po ba after completion sa flexifund ko na lang po ako magco continue? Stop na yung voluntary at flexifund na lang? Ofw po ako. Thanks!

  123. Hi Maritess, pag more than 120 contributions, pension ang retirement benefit. Walang lumpsum. Meron lang lumpsum if you check the 18-month advance pension option. If you like lumpsum after 5 years to 20 years or more, you can also save with SSS Flexi-Fund (only for OFWs). But if you like to save with Flexi-Fund, you need to pay the mandatory maximum of 1760. Puede ka rin sa Pag-ibig MP2.

  124. Hi manuel, you can verify your SSS no. with SSS. Try emailing SSS. Write on Subject: Attention: International Affairs — SSS No. Verification para alam nila na OFW. Request for your SSS no. Include complete personal data (complete name, names of parents, birthplace, birthdate, address, sex) kasi maraming the same names. Then pag alam mo na ang SSS no. mo, magregister ka as OFW para maka-save ka rin sa Flexi-Fund. SSS OW1 form

  125. hi


    matagal na po ako ng huhulog sa sss ,ang problema ko po nawala lahat ng sss documento ko forgot pati sss number ko,pano po gagawin ko nandito ako now sa abroad ,

    please help



    Isa po pala akong ofw pwede po ba reply sa email ko thanks po


    hi ms nor ask ko lng po bukod po ba sa pension my lumpsum pa matatanggap at age of 60 kung makakabuo ng 120 months contibution halimbawa po magbabayad ako 1760 for 20 years magkno po pension at lumpsum kung hindi pko nagkakamali almost 7 years or less 7 years nko nakakabayad before pero hindi parepareko now gusto ko maximum hanggang 20 years thanks po

  128. Hi manuel, email mo SSS and ask/verify your SSS no. Write on the Subject: OFW Inquiry — SSS No. Verification para makakuha ng attention. Include all your personal data para ma-sure nila ang identity mo kasi maraming the same names: first, middle and surname, birth date, birth place, sex, civil status (yong alam mong nasa record nila), permanent address in Phils, names of parents, spouse name (kung naisulat mo noon at nasa record nila). Later on ka na lang mag-change of data kung single ka noon at married ka na ngayon. Sige isulat mo na rin ang estimated years of contributions mo. If SSS does not reply in 1 or 2 months, ask someone in the Phils to verify your SSS no. for you. Send him/her complete info and your authorization letter and copy of ID (puedeng email, tapos i-print ng representative mo). Pag meron nang SSS no., ask your rep to pay 1 month for you at SSS, so you can get a transaction no. (you get 6 digits from the transaction no. to register online).

  129. hindi po ako maka registered sa sss online kasi po need ang sss number ko ,kasi po forgot ko ang sss
    number ko po kasi po nandto po ko sa saudi , nawala sa dati bahay ko po un mga record ko

    thank you po

    manuel d. santos

  130. hi
    ng hulog po ako noon sa sss mga 78 months po n stop kasi ng work n ko dito sa saudi
    gusto ko po ituloy ang hulog as self employ ang problema ko forgot ko sss number ko , 1991-1992
    then 1992 -1994 2009 2011

    name ko po manuel d. santos 55 yrs old

  131. Hi Romulo, you can continue paying immediately since you’ve been a paying member before. You can pay at Skyfreight, IRemit, Telemoney or Ventaja partners. You can pay online if your bank is a Bancnet member. New SSS contribution table Minimum for OFWs is 550.
    If you plan to also save with SSS Flexi-Fund, download this OW1 form, and send it to SSS. See instructions. About a week after making your first payment (to allow for posting), register at so you can track your payments. Check if you have a Date of Coverage — this date is important.

  132. Romulo B. Diolola

    I’ve been a member of SSS since 1980, and I stopped paying it on 1991 because, I am working abroad already til now, my question is “can I continue membership? I mean I want to reactivate my membership, what should I do? please guide me..Thank you!

  133. Hi Mary, yes, you can continue as Voluntary. Just fill up RS5 form sa SSS or yong SSS payment form sa Bayad Center. Maximum contribution (1560 pesos) ba kayo when you were abroad? Nagregister na ba kayo sa online SSS so you can check your contributions online? Ang suggestion ko mag-contribute lang kayo kapag mataas na contribution; huwag masyadong mababa, because your very low contribution will decrease your average salary credit (this will be the basis of pension computation). In addition, do not decrease by more than 2 levels; if more than 2 levels, fill up the Declaration of Earnings in the lower portion of RS5 form. Merong instructions sa form. Ask others too.
    In your online SSS account, check also if you have a Date of Coverage — this is important.

  134. Hello po, 53 years old na kaming mag asawa, dating ofw!. We finished our contract one year ago. Gusto po naming ituloy ang sss namin as voluntary na lang sana kasi masyadong malaki para sa amin ngayong wala na kami sa abroad. Pwede kaya yun at ano ang dapat namin gawin? Thanks a lot!

    Waiting for your reply,

  135. Hi Ara, sori you cannot withdraw your SSS contributions. But if you did not register correctly with SSS, you can ask for refund of your contributions. Ask SSS if you have a Date of Coverage — if you have, it means you registered properly, so you cannot withdraw. You can get your contributions plus dividends when you turn 60 years old.
    If you have Pag-ibig contributions, it’s these that you can withdraw if you migrate permanently.

  136. Hi goood afternoon,

    I’m 24 years old. Nakapag hulog na ako sa SSS for more than 4 years. I’m getting married and moving abroad for good. I don’t want to continue my SSS contributions anymore since I’m already moving. Can I refund my contributions? What are the requirements?


  137. My husband is 60 y/o and has contributed more than 120 monthly contributions. He is no longer Filipino citizen and still working here abroad. Can he file for SSS retirement benefits since he is no longer working or retired in the Phil.?
    Your response will be highly appreciated.

  138. Hi geraldine, SSS instruction is to submit the accomplished ACOP form plus copy of IDs through an authorized representative, so I’m not sure if they accept the scanned ACOP. But I hope they do; you can try if you like. Ask your father to also scan his passport or 2 valid IDs (with photo and signature) issued in the country where he lives. Bring your ID and authorization letter.

  139. hello po.. regarding the annual confirmation of pensioners. As an authorize representative of my father who now living abroad, Can I submit scanned ACOP form with my fathers signature and submit it to the SSS office.. will that possible? will they honor it? because it will take more days if they will send it through mails and I Only have 4 days more before my dad’s birthday. Thank you for your response.. Godbless

  140. Hi Ann, sinagot ko ang questions mo sa isang post, para mas maraming makabasa rin, so I can answer na rin those with similar questions. SSS maternity benefit, Online SSS Registration for OFWs

  141. Hi,

    I’m working abroad & i would like to inquire on how to continue my SSS contribution that has been stopped since Aug 2012 up to this date of 2013.

    According to the previous posts, online contribution is allowed. But i can’t go home now to get the RS5 receipt.

    -Can i get RS5 online?
    -Or can I ask my sibling to get for me?
    -Can I still give the monthly contribution for the years that i wasn’t able to give?
    -And am I still eligible for the maternity benefit? I’m expecting to give birth next year March.
    -I did 48 months of contribution before I stopped because I’m overseas now.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks a lot.



  142. Hi Jimmy, yes, you’re eligible for SSS pension even if you’re a dual citizen. Even those who have become citizens of other countries are eligible for Philippine pensions as long as they have contributed at least 120 premiums at retirement age. You can claim your pension at age 65, regardless of whether you’re still working or not.

  143. Hello,

    Ask ko lang, I have had 120+ contributions since working sa Phils but stopped contributing since 2007 when our family migrated overseas. If I were to retire now approaching age 65, am I still eligible for a pension from the SSS? I have stopped contributions since 2007; Im a dual citizen if that makes any difference.

    Thank you for any assistance.

  144. Hi,

    I was working in abroad last 2005 but I stopped working since 2007 until now. I had an SSS but I didn’t contribute any payment. I would like to ask below;
    1.) How to be come a voluntary member to continue my SSS?
    2.) What are the requirements to change my status to married?

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Thank you so much,

  145. Hi Romie, opinion ko lang based on what I’ve read: you can scan your papers and then email them to SSS, kasi sabi naman ni SSS chief sa SSS website “De Quiros added that SSS pensioners who find it difficult to make that once-a-year visit for ACOP compliance, such as those based overseas, aged 80 years old and above, with poor health or under confinement, can still comply by submitting the required documents to SSS through mail, via email or through a representative within their birth month.” (write ACOP submission — SSS No.____ in the Subject line)
    Merong list of requirements for those based abroad sa ACOP form.
    Or baka mas mabilis if you just authorize your relative in the Philippines to submit your docs at an SSS branch. Rep’s IDs are also required.
    About when to submit: De Quiros announced that pensioners can now file their ACOP during their birth month. Pueden ring in advance para sure na continuous ang pension. He said “Pensioners also have the option to comply as early as six months before their birth month, which shall be treated as early ACOP compliance.” Here is the full circular: best regards

  146. Tanong ko lang Pano ko masend yung annual confirmation of pensioner kung nandito ako sa US. hindi ko din alam kung kelan ako magpapadala at saan, baka matigil pension ko this year. Hope to hear from you soon. Please give me details and info about this. Thank You so much.

  147. isa pa po sir, employed po ako nung magpamember sa SSS 2years ago. Pero magtatrabaho na po ako sa abroad next month. ano pong proseso ang kailangan para maituloy ko po ang contribution ko kahit nasa abroad ako? Pwede po kayang pahulugan ko nalang sa kapatid/magulang ko habang wala po ako? magkano po ang magiging monthly contribution ko pag sa abroad na ako magtatrabaho? Maraming maraming salamat po.

  148. hi sir, Ask ko lang po sana kung pwede ko pong icontinue ang SSS contribution ng father ko, 57years old, nakapaghulog po sya noon ng less than 10years. nagtatrabaho po sya noon sa abroad at ngayon ay isang construction worker. paano ko po kaya malalaman kung magkano na po ang dapat na icontribute nya? hindi rin po namin alam ang SSS number nya. maraming salamat po.

  149. Hi Jeng, yes, as long as you file your MAT1 before delivery and you have paid at least 3 of the 12 months BEFORE semester of contingency.

  150. Hi,

    Will I still be getting my maternity benefit if I stop paying my SSS this 2013? I am an immigrant and have been paying my SSS since 2001.


  151. Hi adalinaaragones, your previous contributions are there with SSS. Have you not accumulated at least 120 contributions? If not, you can decide to continue paying to accumulate 120 and qualify for pension, or your husband can already claim his lump sum. You can authorize someone to inquire for you (authorization letter, member’s ID and representative’s ID)

  152. Hi Juan, yes, you can continue to pay so he can accumulate 120 months. But that will take you nearly 6 years. Your father will be 84 by then. There’s a new SSS policy about this — you need to apply on or before July 1, 2013 if you want to continue. Click this to see the
    SSS voluntary payment application form.
    Sorry, your father will not qualify for a lump sum that includes pension from age 60 because he did not have yet 120 contributions when he turned 60. Pension starts only when 2 requirements are complied with: age 60 or older and 120 contributions or more.

  153. adalinaaragones

    Hi,pwede pa bang ituloy ang voluntary sss contribution now that my husband is 60 yrs old. I think i stop paying since 1990’s. and what happen to our previous contribution. thanks

  154. Hi, my Dad, 78 years old, has 49 months contribution only and I plan to complete the remaining unpaid 71 monthly contributions. If I ever do this, will he automatically be entitled for a pension considering his age? Will he be able to collect a lumpsum payment for the uncollected pension from 60 to his present age?


  155. Hi,

    I’m working abroad & i would like to inquire on how to continue my SSS contribution that has been stopped since May 2006 up to this date of 2013. According to the previous posts, online contribution is allowed. But i can’t go home to get the RS5 receipt.
    -Can i get RS5 online?
    -Do i need to give the monthly contribution for the years that i wasn’t able to give?
    -Is there any online service for checking my contribution from Y2003-Y2006?

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks a lot.



  156. Hi mabelle, yes, your papa can get his pension, even if he’s voluntary. Maybe the news you’ve heard are those cases with no Date of Coverage (this happens when they did not register correctly with SSS). But if your papa was employed before becoming voluntary, it’s most likely that he has a Date of Coverage. Enroll your papa online so you can check if he has a Date of Coverage.

  157. hallo. good day! 59 yrs old na po ang papa ko… he’ll be 60 this nov 2013. ask ko lng po makakatanggap po ba cya ng pension? pinagpatuloy ko po ang monthly contributions nya… mga 120+ months na po ang na contribute nya. may nasagap kasi ako na hindi daw makakatanggap ng pension pag voluntary member ang category nya… pls advise… maraming salamat po.


  158. Hi david, yes, you can continue paying for your father. Use RS5 form. Did your father register as self-employed? Does he have his SSS-stamped RS1 form? If you’re not sure, enroll him in online SSS, so you can check if your father has a Date of Coverage. Call SSS if he doesn’t have a Date of Coverage.

  159. hi ma’am
    ang tatay ko po ay 60 na, may 2 years lang po syang hulog sa sss dati lang po kasi syang vendor sa kahirapan po ng buhay ay hindi na nya nahulugan pa. posible po ba na ipagpatuloy ko ang contribution nya.. nais ko po kasi matulungan ang tatay ko ng s pagtanda nya ay may sarili naman po syang pera.
    Maraming Salamat po

  160. Hi shirrymel, ask your mother to update her SSS abroad at the SSS desk (Philipine consulate). She brings her marriage certificate (orig and xerox). Another way is for you to send her 3 E4 forms via postal mail—-member-s-data-amendment-form
    Your mother fills these forms, writes an authorization letter authorizing you to process her SSS papers, and send these to you via postal mail including xerox of her IDs or passport. You submit these to the nearest SSS. Bring your ID too. You should be able to get an approved and stamped copy of E4. Keep this. Ask your mother her preferred amount of contribution:
    Pay one month, using your mother’s married name. When the surname is updated and when your payment is posted, you can enroll your mother in online SSS:

  161. Hi. My mother has been a member of SSS when she has still no husband and she’s using her maiden name that time.And she stop contributing when she got married,became housewife and now she went abroad. Now she wants to continue contributing to her SSS. And me as her daughter wants to pay to said contribution since she is now working abroad. I just want to know how to know her last contribution through online? Should there be any? I want to locate her name but don’t know how, because I want to continue her contribution. Please send me an email, stated above is my email address. Thank you.God Bless.

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