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  1. Hi Russel, if your husband is employed and Pag-ibig member, you can register with Pag-ibig as nonworking spouse. This is how to get your Pag-ibig MID no.. If your husband is not a member, you can register as self-employed, but show proof of source of income after getting your Pag-ibig MID no.

  2. Hi Roberto, if you’re here in the Philippines, visit your branch with your ID and verify your contributions. If you’re abroad and you’ve paid as OFW, you can check at

  3. Hi mam, just wanna know where can i get my pag-ibig id aside branch offices?
    Thnk u…

  4. i have been amember of pagibig from sep 2008 to 2011 im i entitled to death benefits? i don’t know my pagibig no.and no id

  5. Hi Honesto, are you younger than 45? If yes, register on and get your Pag-ibig MID no.. If already 45 or older, and you want to claim your benefits, you can go to your branch with your IDs and fill up forms to claim your savings. About death benefit: if you don’t claim your savings while alive, your beneficiaries will claim your savings plus death benefit.

  6. Hi Miss Nora, do you have an idea about Contract to Sell in pag-ibig? I’ve been paying Pag-ibig for my housing loan for more than 1 yr under CTS. This past months po we were struggling financially and unable to pay for 4 months po, we received notice from pag-ibig that our balance is now due and we have to pay for the entire balance so it would not be put into buy-back by developer. However, I might be able to pay by end of June. Thanks a lot

  7. Hi Nicky, go to Pag-ibig and request for more time. Pag-ibig just wants to be sure that you’re fully aware of your dues and that you’re doing something to pay your dues. If you can bring some amount of money to reduce your arrears to 3 months, then it would be better. Or call the phone no. in the notice you received. Do not ignore the notice, talk with Pag-ibig to get advice.

  8. good day po. how can I obtain my pag ibig id and sss id? I’m currently outside the Phils. Thanks

  9. Hi janine, there are SSS offices at Philippine consulates abroad that have ID photo capturing machines to process SSS ID applications. The Pag-ibig ID is just a small piece of paper card (not yet digitized), so as long as you know your Pag-ibig MID and transaction no., you can make Pag-ibig transactions even without the card. What Pag-ibig offers is a discount/loyalty card, initially offered in Cebu, Davao and Baguio.

  10. Good morning Mrs Nora. Do you have an idea about 3rd party collection agency of pag-ibig? What happens po if our account is with collection? we’re 4 months behind in the payment of our monthly amortization. We received a letter from collection po. I am confused if we go to pag-ibig to coordinate or with the collecting agency? Thank you po.

  11. Hi Jen, sorry I’m not familiar with these collectors, but I know that Pag-ibig has accredited collectors and the list is on the Pag-ibig website. I have read somewhere that if you have money to pay for 1 or more months, it’s better that you go directly to the Pag-ibig branch where you filed your loan, and ask for some more time. Tell them that you have money to pay some of your delayed payments. If you’re far, you can also call Pag-ibig first 724-4244

  12. Hi Lailane, visit your Pag-ibig branch with your IDs and ask for a copy of your TAV or contributions. There’s no online inquiry system yet for local members.

  13. My wife gave birth so for 3 months she was not able to pay. Can I get my lump sum? What are the requirements?

  14. Hi Oliver, if you contributed to Pag-ibig for 10 years without any gap, meaning no month missed, not even one, you can apply for partial withdrawal. File your request anytime after you reach your 120th contribution (10th year) and before your 11th year starts. You can claim your Pag-ibig lumpsum at age 45 if you already have 240 contributions, or at age 60 if you have less than 240 contributions.

  15. Hi! Want to follow PO if our claim is already ok? name of member Joepet M. Matic. (death claims ). Thanks

  16. How can I know my pag ibig number? I lost my phone where my no. was saved. I registered in March 2014. Thanks po

    THE SCENARIO: WE PROVIDE ALL THE DOCUMENTS REQUIREMENTS AND THE TOTAL CONTRIBUTED OF MY HUSBAND PHP118,000 FOR 9YEARS AND 3 MONTHS AND HE HAD 6,000 DEPTHS ONLY FROM HIS PAG-IBIG LOAN. NOW THE PAG-IBIG IN CABANATUAN , NUEAVA ECIJA STILL ON PROCESS AND THEY ADD ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS. It’s so frustrating because every requirement has a cost. Shouldn’t Pag-ibig be supportive in this kind of situation? And why is the amount that I can claim is only PHP 10,000? Because my husband had a loan? So meaning what’s the use of Pag-ibig? Thanks

  18. Hi Kiara, is it 118,000 or 18,000? It’s most likely 18k because you said what you’ll get is 10k. There’s a death benefit worth 6,000, so your total benefit should be more. You can ask for a copy of your husband’s TAV (total accumulated values) so you can see what amounts were added and deducted. Yes, in a way, Pag-ibig is so distressingly strict with documents if the claimants are heirs and if the claim is filed by a representative. They say they do that to avoid claims by the heir or other heirs later on. It’s easier if it’s a retirement claim. You can also email Pag-ibig and suggest to them that they should be clear with the list of claim requirements so claimants don’t spend much for documents.

  19. Hello Ms. Nora! I just want to ask if I can give my PDC for my housing loan at any pag-ibig branch? T.y 🙂

  20. Hi jo, I think no, submit it at the branch where you filed your loan application. If in Metro Manila, it should be at the JELP Bldg. Shaw branch. You should get a receipt or cert that your PDCs were received. To be sure, call 724-4244

  21. am I qualified to become a pag ibig member eventhough I have no permanent job but have money to pay for the contribution. What should I do to be a member of a pag ibig.

  22. Hi olivia, yes, you can be a Pag-ibig member. Register first online to get your Pag-ibig MID. This is how to register online to get your Pag-ibig MID number. Bring your ID and any receipt or document that shows the source of your income (rental, sales commission, contracting income, barangay certificate stating your source of income). Make your first payment at your branch. You can pay your next payments at Bayad Center.

  23. Hi mrs nora, I’m ofw po. With my owwa balik mangagawa, I also paid 100 pesos to pag-ibig. I haven’t paid for more than 2 years already. Can I continue? Thanks po

  24. Hi lolita, yes. First, register with Pag-ibig so you can get your Pag-ibig MID no. If your Internet is not stable, as soon as you see your registration tracking no., write it. You will use this when you email Pag-ibig later on, in case you’re not getting your Pag-ibig MID no. After getting your Pag-ibig MID, you can continue paying at least 200 pesos or more a month. You can pay for current month and several months in advance to save on remittance fees. You can pay through IRemit, Ventaja and their partners.

  25. hello po. I have work but because I have a difficult pregnancy, I have frequent spotting, I’m on early matenity leave po. My problem is I don’t have payment for april because I didn’t have salary for April. Can I pay for april?

  26. Hi nhelmie, are you asking about Philhealth? When are you giving birth? You’re now late for April payment, but you can pay for April if you pay the whole April to June quarter. Bring your approved leave form to Philhealth and pay as Individual member. If you’re giving birth this May or June, you can avail of Philhealth if you have paid Jan to March. To be sure, ask your hospital or lying-in.

  27. Hi Nora, i intend to buy a house and lot property which according to the seller has an outstanding balance under pagibig payable for 24 years pa. She wanted to sell the property for 2M plus the assumed balance. If i file this under pagibig housing loan, will pagibig grant this 2M + assumed balance as my loan amount, (example i passed the capacity to pay and appraised value is also 2M+), or will they only grant the outstanding amount since this is the lowest among the 3 criteria in granting a housing loan. Thanks

  28. Hi Yam, Pag-ibig lends up to 85% of appraised value (if appraised value is more than 1.7M up to 6M). So if the appraised value is 2M, Pag-ibig may lend up to 1.7M. Remember also that you will spend for the transfer of the property to your name. Before Pag-ibig releases the loan, it requires you to submit the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT) in your name, including the updated real estate tax declaration and tax payment receipt.

  29. good day i am eduardo f. nacas a pag ibig member and now applying for a provident benefit. i filed my application last april 06, 2016 and was advised to follow up after one(1) month may 06, 2016. up to this time there was no reply from your good office. anticipating for a positive response on this matter thank you and God bless.

  30. Hi eduardo/eva, did they give you a phone no. to call? If not, call the hotline 724-4244. If your records are in only one branch (all your employers remitted to the same branch), your processing should be faster.

  31. Hi Nora, clarification. So, the which ever is lower in the actual amount need, appraised value and capacity to pay won’t matter anymore? Because I’m worried on the actual amount need. Pagibig might assumed that the actual amount I need is the assumed balance only, wherein fact, I would also want to file under pagibig housing loan the asking amount of the owner (which example 2M) + the assumed/outstanding balance. Kindly enlighten me. Salamat 🙂

  32. Hi Yam, yes, you’re right, whichever is lower. Even if you’re able to pay a big loan because of your high income, the loan amount based on the appraised value will be their final basis. This is so because it’s the property that will be your loan collateral. This is why buyers are usually asked to pay an equity of 20% to 30% of the cost of the property, or more.

  33. hi mrs nora. I’ve been calling Pag-ibig nos. 0918-8984-363 and 0917-888-4363 but were all call barring. thank you

  34. Hi Ms. Nors. just want to clarify what is capital interest Multi purpose loan of Pag ibig? I thought po the interest is split for the two years the loan is payable. I have an MPL last year. I saw in the voucher that what was approved was 24,280.44 then the capital interest is 4,486.94. so the loan proceeds is only 19,693.50

  35. Hi Sel, it’s sad that Pag-ibig still deducts the total interest for the whole term of 2 years in advance. But I noticed that the simple interest rate applied in your loan was not 10.75% per year (as written in the loan form) but 9.24% per year. I might write about it. I wrote about the SSS loan before. I used the BPI Credit Card credit-to-cash calculator for the 24-month term and entered 19,693.50 as loan amount (BPI’s loan proceeds = loan amount) and the total interest is 4,679.18, which is about the same as your 4,486.94 interest.

  36. Thank you Ms. Nors for the response.Sayang nman kasi I thought na buo makukuha ang loan like yung SSS na service charge lang na 1% ang kinakaltas sa loan. Sa Calamity lang po pala sila di nagkakaltas ng interest. Tiningnan ko po kasi yung 2 previous calamity loans ko, wala sila nito. First time ko po kasi mag MPL last year.

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  38. Hi Ms. Nora, I would like to withdraw my Modified II which already matured last June 2016. Can you provide the details on how to? Thanks

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