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  1. Hi Anacita, yes, only planholders with plans that already matured were able to get the full maturity amount. It’s really sad. Our consolation is that the bigger pre-need firms like Pacific Plans were much worse — many lost a big part of their premium payments. Other firms like Platinum gave just 1k pesos as initial payment, merong pang 150 peso-charge for deposit.

  2. Dear Nora,

    I was trying to send email to pubassist@insurance.gov.ph but could not send. i will be going home next month to try to work for my policy on LOyola Time Plan. I don’t have any idea where i will go there to ask for help about my Time Plan. i wanted my money back I have two policy from Loyola one will mature next year and all had been paid off. I hope you can help me about this problem.

    Best Regards,

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