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  1. Greetings…
    I am a planholder. I learned the liquidation/closure of the company only this August 2017 when I received a letter from Atty Rody Togonon the company’s liquidator saying that I have not claim my insurance proceeds yet. I already mail thru LBC the documents needed in claiming last September 14,2017 in their office in Banawe quezon City. And it was received by a certain Balacana in Sept 15, 2017. In regards to this how will I know that my claim is already in process and when can I receive my claim.
    Thank you very much and hope to hear an update the soonest possible.

  2. Hello, I’m a plan holder and supposed to process and claim. Please advise if late claim request can still be processed and where. Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    Ask ko lang po pano at saan magclaim kasi nalaman ko lang naging status ng danvil lately from a friend. Suppose to be matured na ung plan namin 2016. Then a friend of mine nagkwento regarding what happened to danvil planholder, so were so worried kung makeclaim pa namin ung plan namin. Kindly help us. Thank you.

  4. To whom it may concern,

    This is Michael Toston, son of Mr. Oliver Toston. I’d like to make a follow up in regards to his insurance that was supposed to be claimed last June this year but unfortunately, my father wasn’t able to checked his email on time. I already claimed the first payment as I was given authorization by my father. I’m currently in Cebu City and I was hoping to get any response from you as soon as possible so I can prepare. Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Michael Toston

  5. Hi, I am a policy holder and I am fully paid since 6/ 2011, but matured date is not until 2021, however, I never received my certificate of Full payment. Where/who can I ask for it as I am living abroad (US). Please advised. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  6. Hi Nora,
    I have my maturity date October last year, I only knew this fiasco 2 days ago, I am based here in UK. How can claim? I don’t know what to do. Please point me to the right direction. All my documents are with me. Thank you in advanced.

  7. Hi Nora,
    Im in UK, I have no letter or news from this fiasco, I have paid my pilicy in full on 2003, I just stumbled in this section, I dont know where to start, is my money gone already? can I still have it back? and how?

  8. Good day!!
    I’m also one of the policy holder in Danvil, i’m an OFW, can I still process my claim next year by February 2018? I’ m going for leave that month..
    Hope someone can advice me in this problem. Thank you!

  9. Hi Ms. Nora,
    My Policy plan maturity is on 24th of September 2017. forgot to check due to my expectation that Danvil is still good. I forgot due to busy at work. please let me know how to claim

    B32 LOT36 Imperial Homes San Vicente Sto. Tomas Batangas 4234 Phils
    Cel nos. 09351062226 / 09152228550
    FPN: 418713

  10. Hi Ms. Nora,
    My Policy plan maturity is on 24th of September 2017. forgot to check due to my expectation that Danvil is still good. I forgot due to busy at work. please let me know how to claim

    B32 LOT36 Imperial Homes San Vicente Sto. Tomas Batangas 4234 Phils
    Cel nos. 09351062226 / 09152228550
    FPN: 418713

  11. Ms.Nora,

    Good day po! Isa po ako sa mga planholder ng danvil at mag-apply ng claim.. tanong ko lang po kung pwede ipadala ko na lang mga requirements needed po nila tru lbc? At pwede ko din po malaman ang email add.nila? Thanks in advance & God bless po!

  12. Ms. Nora,

    Isa po ako sa mga planholder ng danvil at mag-apply po ng claim pwede ko po ba ipadala na lang tru lbc yung mga requirements needed? At pwede ko po ba malaman ang e-mail add po.. thanks in advance..

  13. Good afternoon. I am a plan holder of family first and sad to say nklimutan kna may policy kme kung kayat nde ko po nalaman ang mga pangyayari. Naghalungkat po ako ng mga papeles sa boxes nmin at nakita ko itong policy ko under my name. Ask klng po kung nong anong status po ng policy ko. At may konting pagbabgo ho sa email add ko. Maraming salamat at pasencya na po.

  14. Greetings Maam Nora
    Pwede malaman ang recent email address ng DANVIL Plan INC. pinadala ko na ang mga documents ko sa kanila last May 16, 2017 at natanggap daw ng Representaive already according to LBC. Ang problem hinde ko alam paano paano ko sila ma contact thru email para maitanong kung na sa kanila na nga ba nag mga documents ko. Sana may alam kayo ng email nila.
    Thank you po.


  15. Hi Maria, claim your check on June 20 at their Quezon Ave. office during office hours. Bring original copies of your Policy Face Page, Contract Provision, Certificate of Full Payment, and 2 government-issued IDs with picture and signature

  16. Mrs Nora, I just checked the website of the Insurance Commission which has an Advisory on the 6th Batch Danvil Plans, Inc. Schedule and my name is included in the list for Day 13, June 20, 2017 (Tuesday). May I inquire what steps I have to do now. Thank you. Maria

  17. Hi Caroline, subukan mong i-send through postal mail yong photocopies of receipts mo sa address above, plus the other documents required, and then after about two weeks, email them, asking them about the claim that you sent. Send photocopies para nasa yo muna yong mga originals.

  18. Hello po plan holder din po ako ng family first pede ko po bang ma claim yung mga naihulog ko mga ilang taon din po akong nkapaghulog sa tapos dko na po naipagpatuloy dahil nawalan ako ng trabaho dito sa italy. Sana matulungan nyo po ako.

  19. May I ask the contact numbers of Danvil Office. I have submitted my documents last Oct 2016. But plan will reach its maturity on Nov 2018. I would like ask what will be my next step to assure that I can claim my check. Thanks in advance

  20. Greetings!
    Maam Nora thank you for this blog.. I am Joselito B. Dela Pena from Zamboanga City.. Nagyon ko lang nalaman ang isyu about DANVIL i am one of the Plan Holders I already made my Full Payment Through Bankard last September 15, 2013 but unfortunately they did not send me the Full Payment Certificate.. Pwede pa kaya ako mag apply for Claiming of my Funds, considering last The DEADLINE for FILING CLAIMS was July 30, 2015.. taga probinsya kasi ako at ngayon ko lang nalaman ang isyu sa DANVIL.. sana matulungan niyo ako kung ano ang dapat kong gawin, ganoon last June 17, 2016 pa ang last update na Blog na ito..

    Thank you

  21. Greetings!
    Maam Nora I’m Joselito B. Dela Pena, ngayon ko lang nalaman ang isyu ng DANVIL, im from Zamboanga City kasi.. Na full payment ko na ang Plan ko last September 15, 2013.. but they did not send me the certificate of full payment.. I read on this blog na ang last update ay June 17, 2016 maari pa rin po ba ako mag apply for claiming of my Funds? taga Mindanao kais ako at wala akong alam sa mga internet until ngayon lang May 11, 2017 accidentaly nakita ko ang blog na ito…Humingi ako na tulong sa iyo kung Pwede yo ba akong tulungan kung ano ang dapat kong gawin..

    Thank you

  22. Nora, thank you so much for your immediate reply. At this time, at what address do I send the required documents? Can I also just scan the documents and send it by email to my policy@danvil.com.ph or to the Danvil liquidator so it gets there at once? By the way, may I know what the mailing/email address of the liquidator is?

  23. Hi Maria, yes, you can make your request about direct deposit to the Danvil liquidator. But first, file your claim asap. Send photocopies of the required documents to the address mentioned. Use a courier like LBC. Then after a week, email them to confirm if they have received your documents and ask them if they can send your money via a wire transfer to your US account. Track their announcements on insurance.gov.ph for the list of planholders with checks already available.

  24. Good evening, Nora. Ngayon ko lang nalaman ang nangyari sa Danvil. Kumuha ako ng plan noong May 1,2002 at puede ko raw i-redeem ang policy ko after May 1, 2017 kaya nag-check ako sa mypolicy@danvil.com.ph. Puede ko pa rin ba ma-claim yung mga nahulog ko? Wala akong certificate of payments at hindi rin kumpleto ang resibo ko/bank statements (automatic deduction sa bank account ko yung mga hulog ko nang dito sa America na ako nakatira). Puede rin ba na kung meron akong ma-claim, ipa-direct deposit ko na lang sa account ko dito sa America, ibawas na lang yung bank charges sa proceeds tulad ng mag-pre-terminate ako ng insurance ko diyan na nga-file ako online. Thank you. Maria

  25. Hi Nora

    Now ko lng nalaman issue ng Danvil ang maturity ko ay sa 2020 ..at nasa abroad ako pwede pa ba ako ma claim ng mga nahulog ko fully paid na ako ..akal ko nga may additional pension ako how..sad

  26. Hi Charlene, nasa Notice sa taas ang list of required documents for Danvil claims and the address of their office, sa corner ng Quezon Ave and Banawe Ave sa QC

  27. Hello Good evening,

    May investment kami sa Family First at ang maturity namin sa 2,020 pa po. Di namin alam na may ganto palang nangyayari. San po yung main office? San po kami pupunta para mag claim ng investment namin. Please reply po

  28. Hi Liza, yes, you need to go to their Banaue office to file your claim. Bring all the papers required and your IDs. See the list in the Notice above. Submit the photocopies, keep the originals, and give the originals later on when you get your cheque.

  29. Hi Ms.Nora can i go directly to their office in Banaue Quezon City to file my claims? I’ll try to call their landline in the office but no one answers the phone. Pls reply me..I didnt know what to do.. thanks

  30. Ms Nora Im Liza i am a planholder at Danvil. My plan will mature at Nov 2019. Ngayon ko lang po nananotice na may problema ang Danvil. Pls help me how can i coordinate with the Danvil staff to assist me and to refund the money i invest.

  31. Dear Nora,

    I was trying to send email to pubassist@insurance.gov.ph but could not send. i will be going home next month to try to work for my policy on LOyola Time Plan. I don’t have any idea where i will go there to ask for help about my Time Plan. i wanted my money back I have two policy from Loyola one will mature next year and all had been paid off. I hope you can help me about this problem.

    Best Regards,

  32. Hi Anacita, yes, only planholders with plans that already matured were able to get the full maturity amount. It’s really sad. Our consolation is that the bigger pre-need firms like Pacific Plans were much worse — many lost a big part of their premium payments. Other firms like Platinum gave just 1k pesos as initial payment, merong pang 150 peso-charge for deposit.

  33. I have my 2 plans and I emailed Atty. Togonon on Dec. 29, 2016 and he responded promptly. According to him planholders can still claim but only the total amount that was paid not the maturity value but its better than nothing. I feel sorry for all of us who were hoping for better returns of our money but it was wasted. Let’s hope that we get back our hard earned money. Good luck!I just submitted my claims and I hope to get the response soon. By the way my two plans were full paid and were supposed to mature August 6, 2020.

  34. Hi Ms. Nora
    My policy will mature on March 2017. I will take my vacation this Dec. 2016. How can i get in touch with Family first/ danvil. I got my policy from SM Southmall. Do they still have office there? Can i still file my claim?
    Thanks and waiting for your reply

  35. Hi everyone, my partner fully paid in advance for 6 plans many years ago before I met her. When she told me about these I consulted a UK solicitor, we live in the UK. We were advised to forget about persuing the claims.
    Fortunately she ignored the advice and last week she got 6 checks. In affect she got paid back all her money’s
    It would seem that she got half the stated maturity value
    It’s been many worrying years for her in fact one cheque was over 6 months old but Landbank honoured it
    Hope this helps and inspires other innocent investors
    Fenech25@icloud.com 13/12/16

  36. Thanks for this website and the blogs published, hats off to Nora who initiated it for her unselfish act and genuine concern to help others to raise awareness and for informing us about the proper procedures on how to claim our funds. God bless you, Nora.

  37. Hi Erwin, doon pa rin siya sa dati sa corner ng Quezon Ave at Banawe sa QC. Nasa article above ang complete address and info about how to file your claim. Basahin mo lang yong notice.

  38. Good am davil plans..ask ko lang po kung san ang bagong office ninyo po,at kung pwedi pa akong mg file ng claims ko?tnx po god bless..

  39. Hi Che, their office said they’re going to process first those whose plans that have already matured. Just keep checking insurance.gov.ph for the next announcement on planholders with available cheques. Usually under ADVISORY or NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC sa left portion ng website homepage nila. Yong latest list was released Oct 26.

  40. I have submitted my documents to Atty Togonon via LBC but i did not received any feedback from his office. As per LBC, they received my documents. My plan maturity date is 2017. How can I know if i already included in their masterlist.

  41. I am a plan holder for Family First Now Danvil and have already paid my Full Premiums. Where can I submit all my requirements.

  42. Hi Mary Ann, the cheque is good, based on the comments of people who got their checks from Danvil. Let me see if there’s a Landbank rep or a BDO remittance partner there. Where are you in Canada?
    Here’s a list of BDO Remittance partners in Canada. Ask them if they can help you open a Kabayan account and if you can have your cheque deposited to it later on.

  43. Hi! My brother got the Cheque from Danvil. I was included on the 2nd batch. Just wondering now how to cash my Cheque since I don’t have a chequing account in the Philippines. Thinking of going home just for me to open an account but I want to know if the check from Danvil is legit and not a scam. Thanks.

  44. Hi! My name is Gladys I’m also a policy holder of Danvil and I’m fully paid just waiting for the maturity date which will be in 2019. I’m here in US, didn’t know what’s going on with Danvil. Can I still file my claims? Thanks!

  45. Hi Emily, usually, the original copy of the SPA is required, so ask your aunt to send her SPA through EMS or registered postal mail. Danvil will get a photocopy but they need to see the original. Pero ask mo pa rin ang Danvil if they accept a scanned copy of the SPA sent through email or a faxed copy para mas mabilis sana.

  46. Hi! Ask ko lang if yung SPA kailangan ipadala? Hindi puwedeng fax or e-signature? Because my aunt is in the US, and I need SPA for me to claim her check.

  47. Salamat maam Nora, ngpagawa n ako ng SPA at inutusan ko na ung anak ko, pna LBC ko pero sa wednesday pa nla matatangap ung mga documents pinadala ko ng personal ngaun araw pero naabutan ng closing galing pa kc ng province, hopefully asikasuhin cla sa office bukas pgbalik nla. Salamat maam nora sa pgrply. God bless

  48. Hi Maribelle, yes, you can authorize your child or brother to file your claim asap. Lagpas na sa deadline, pero nag-issue sila ng announcement na puede pang mag-file. So file asap. Sabi nila the representative should present a SPA to claim the check. Siguro naman sa pag-file puede na ang kahit letter of authorization lang. I-email mo na agad ang copies of your 2 valid IDs and your authorization letter para ma-print ng anak mo or brother mo.

  49. Salamat mrs Nora sa reply pano po kc andto ako sa hongkong pwd ba ung anak ko o kya ung brother ko, at hangang kailan ung claim? More power Godbless.

  50. Hi Maribelle, please go back to the post above, scroll up ka sa “Notice to the Public”, andiyan yong list of required documents to submit at yong address kung saan i-file. I hope you file ASAP. Xerox your documents for your own file.

  51. Hi wero isa rn ako sa plan holder ng 2 kong anak, pano proseso matagal na ng aantay ng update pano e claim mature na nung april gusto ko makuha ung pinagpaguran kong hulog ilang taon na nakakalipas, pls..rply asap thanks a lot

  52. I am a plan holder and i want to claim coz i already finish the maturity date last april 2016 how ca i get the money pls.. rply asap

  53. Im the planholder of my two children my son & my dauther my plan already mature last april 2016 and i want to claim it, can u pls, update me asap..thanks

  54. Hi wERo, thanks a lot again for the update. It’s good that they replaced the cheque quickly and deposited it themselves to your account. Have another nice day!

  55. this is an update about my rejected check because of “blurry stamped date”. it was accepted to be changed on June 21. and as advised by Atty. Togonon’s staffs they’ll handle it from there and just asked to nominate a bank account where they can deposit the check. On June 27 a deposit slip was sent to me by email to inform me of the transaction and advised to wait for 3 days clearing. On june 30 i got my money back.. so basically this ends my (bad) experience with FF/Danvil…. NOTE sa mga claimants yong tseke is valid for 1year daw.. so hurry up bago pa maging bula ulit yong capital nyo.

  56. Hi Danny, yes, you can still file. File asap. If your documents are there with you abroad, photocopy them then send the photocopies by courier to the address above in the post.

  57. It is only now that I have searched for Danvil Plans status since my policy is maturing on March 2018. Can I still file claim?

  58. I did not know about what happened to danvil plans. Can I still file CLAIM? MY POLICY IS DUE MAR 2018.

  59. Hi Nora! thanks a lot to this weblog! because of this site you help a lot of plan holders! I am one of those who can testify the result.& I’m so thankful that my money get back after a long years of waiting. So thankful w/ Atty. Rony Togonon & staff,I understand they’re so busy to accommodate phone call. Fortunately they reply my email for my instruction to deposit it in Bank since I’m outside the country. Yes!I got it!!!
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!& to those whose not yet receive, visit their office as scheduled in person/representative or send email.

  60. Hi Evelyn, thanks for this info. It’s considerate of them to give time to deposit your check to your bank account. I’ll move this up too.

  61. hi Nora.. salamat din sa blog mo.. dito ako unang nakakuha nang update sa FF/Danvil.. at dito na rin ako kadalasan sumisilip para malaman anu na nangyayari sa kanila.

    more power sa yo.

  62. share ko lang din para sa mga kukolekta nang tseke. ayaw daw tanggapin sa BPI yong tseke na isyu sa akin dahil “malabo ang stamped date”. so double check dapat lahat para di sayang ang lakad nyo.. goodluck ulit sa akin lolz

  63. Hi wERo, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. I’m glad that you got your money back. I’ll move up your comments so more people can read it. Thanks again.

  64. Hi to all.. the last time i posted in this blog i was really serious about terminating my paid policy. After weighing all the hassles that i might encounter during the process and the amount i’m going to get eventually i just given up any hope on redeeming my money. Luckily IC intervened and yesterday at least got my money back in full.

    I was included in the second batch of claimants and was scheduled last June 6, 2016. But i only saw the said memo last June 11. Tried to call the numbers as well as sent email but did not get any answer. Since i already have filed for claim all i need to have is an SPA to authorize my bro since i am working abroad. i immediately went to PHL embassy June 13 to get an SPA, sent home and asked my bro to visit their office asap. And thank God all the madness and nonsense is finally over. The liquidator issued managers check and just waiting for it to be cleared.

    My 15yrs nightmare is soon gonna be over!

    Thanks for this site for keeping the updates.. there are still those who are hoping that somebody would pick up the phone. I would suggest to go directly to their office with all your documents. Check if your name is included in the master list issued by IC.

  65. Hi Norvie, yes, you can go there without an appointment and submit your complete set of documents. See the list of docs required above. You can file photocopies and submit the originals when you claim your chque.

  66. Hi! It was just yesterday that I remembered about my Family First Plan which matured last June 2, 2016. And I saw this thread online. I have called the numbers on the latest published list but nobody answers. Can I just walk-in their office to claim or I still need an appointment for that?

  67. Hi Jafza, thanks a lot for sharing your positive experience. I’m so glad reading your comments — very helpful and encouraging. And very well-written 🙂 I should move this up to the post above.

  68. As I am currently working abroad, i was able to claim my full payments thru my brother. I went to Philippine Embassy in Kuwait for SPA… (Please see full comments above in the post).

  69. Hi Angelica, sorry I don’t have other phone nos. other than those listed above. Maybe they’re too busy to answer phone calls. Do you want to see the second-batch list? It’s here: Planholders Batch 2.

  70. Pls help where can I call to directly communicate to Danvill staff, I already tried to call in Banawe QC but nobody’s answering ….

  71. Hi Efren, thanks for appreciating my efforts. I’m glad your money was returned in full. Although Danvil also later failed, it’s the only one that was able to pay off matured plans and to return premiums in full for not-yet-matured plans. APEC, formerly Pacific Plans, the one founded by the owners of RCBC, is able to return only about 1/6 or less of premiums paid. Others were not able to return anything. Thanks again for coming back to share your experience.

  72. thank you so much for this site. today may 23, 2016 my brother was able to collect the refund of my 2 fully paid but have not matured plans at the address given by danvil. since i am currently outsdide of the philippines, i sent an spa for my brother and all other documentrary requirements.

  73. Thank you working pinoy for this blog. So many were updated and was able to act accordingly.

  74. Hi Marilyn, based on the latest directive from the IC, you will get back all the premiums you paid, and not the maturity value because maturity is still in the future. Send photocopies of the documents required (not the originals, they might get lost in the mail) through LBC or EMS (if EMS delivers door to door). See the list of required documents above and where to send. Then check the IC website from time to time for the list of planholders with checks. The latest is this: Danvil Plans

  75. hi! I have already migrated here in Canada since 2003 and continued oaying my plans until it fully paid last 2008 and got all the docs from the Family First when I went home last 2008. the maturity of my 2plans is on Aug.4th 2017. I just knew right now that the Family First Inc. was already closed and it was under Danvil can I still file for my claim though the due date was gone since a year ago.!
    Can I still possibly get my money from that plans though it wasn’t Mature yet? and how and what do I need to do?
    please advise..

  76. Hello, My policy matured Sept 2015, will I get my maturity value or premium only? finished paying 2007.

  77. Yes, finally!!! na-publish na rin yun list of claimants ng 2nd batch. Thank you all. And goodluck everyone!

  78. Pls tell us what website shall we look for .. Im one of the second batch of planholders

  79. Hi, my wife filed her claim last March 14, 2016. We are now living in Mindanao and can not personally come to their office at PPSTA to verify what is going on. We tried calling their office but they are apparently, too busy to answer their phones. I am wondering if their is anybody of you who is kind enough to publish the list of those who are included in the 2nd batch and also the schedule of payments or simply tell me where to get the informations.

  80. My name is Lorie I didn’t know that Danvil’s office in Alabang is closed already.Ive finished my payment last 2 years ago and it’s supposed to mature on 2020.Can I still claim my money? I live here abroad and was surprised when I saw these emails and comments.Please help me.

  81. Hi Evelyn, thank you very much for the update. This will help others. I’ll post this above later.

  82. To my fellow planholders, just want to share my update reply email from Atty.Togonon ;april 6,2016 2:39 pm
    “Pending the completion of some administrative matters required of us by the IC before the payment for the second batch, hopefully we can start paying the claims of planholders included in the second batch by the second half of April this year, the exact date to be announced later”

  83. Hi Nora…I’m a Danvil Polocy holder too and is very late in knowing that Danvil is closed already. May I know the email address of Atty.Rony Togonon? Our situation are bit complicated as we don’t have the required papers needed to files right now. We are living abroad & papers are kept in the Phils which nobody have an access.

  84. Please, check the new advise from Insurance Commission about the details of Danvil Plans to all planholders regarding the payment of your policy.The memo was well explained for those individuals looking for answers.Visit the IC website now and all the explanations to your questions are there.Goodluck!!

  85. Hi and good evening fellow Danvil policyholders. Just checked the IC website and there isn’t any notice yet for the 2nd batch of payments.However, it is quite inspiring to know from Sir Noel Encarnacion that April, 2016 is promising.

    Let’s keep on visiting the site and post updates here. I also encountered the 50% payment during the maturity date in 2011 and the balance in 5 equal annual installments. I got the 1/5 in 2012 and the rest last Feb. 2, 2016. Patience is a virtue.. . . I still have 2 plans to mature in the next few years kaya i am trying to visit IC site for updates. Take care everyone. .

  86. Hi Noel, thanks again for sharing updates! It will surely help those who have been waiting for updates.


  88. Hi Elvie, the office of Atty. Togonon said that legitimate planholders can still file their claims even after the deadline. You can choose to send your documents through a reliable courier, or you can wait and file your documents in person at their office in May. See the list of documents and the office address in the post above.

  89. Hello Nora, My plan matured last year 2015. I also didnt file a claim last JULY 2015. I didnt know about this. Am i too late for this? Can you give me any suggestions what to do. I want my money back. I am going to Philippines this coming May.

  90. Hi rhea, there’s no announcement yet. Visit insurance.gov.ph from time to time, or google danvil plans facebook.

  91. Hi Noel, thank you also for updating us here. Your info will help others. I’ll move some of your notes to the post section above. Thanks again, and God bless too!

  92. Hi, Nora. I just want to thank you for your effort to answer all our concerns about the Danvil Plans. Once again,thank you Nora and may god bless you always..

  93. Hi Mel, Danvil did not send individual notices, based on comments. Planholders learned about all of these through the internet. I think the masterlist is not available online. Please see the list of required documents in the post above. The address is also posted above. Xerox all your documents. File asap.

  94. Hi Ms. Nora! I am not aware of Danvil’s closure, we have not received any notice or information on this. I would like to ask how can we access the Masterlist of Danvils for me to check if my name is included. By the way, maturity of my policy is on March 2016. Also, would like to know how we can file our claims. Maraming Salamat po!

  95. Hi Che, you can write Atty Rony D. Togonon. Contact Numbers: 232-0671 to 72, 09164552116, 09186689058. Yes, include a copy of your marriage certificate to explain your surname discrepancy in your IDs and your Danvil papers.

  96. Hi Ms. Nora, I will send my documents thru LBC. Can i ask the contact person and contact number, required po kase. And also, single pa kse ako nung naavail ko ung insurance. Kapag nag change status mo, marriage contract na lng po ba ang kailangan? Thanks

    2nd Floor, PPSTA Bldg. 1
    Quezon Avenue corner Banawe Street, Quezon City

    Dito lang po ba ipapadala yung mga required documents?

    Thanks in advance

  98. hello po,inquire ko lng po requirements for cheque to bank process.Feb 11,2016 po yung schedule ko ng claim. Nasa notice po na pwede ipa deposit na lng sa bank yung claim. thanks po in advance

  99. hello Nora tnx for your reply..do you have the address of atty. Togonon so we can send the necessary documents to him

  100. hello Nora asking for an advice or things what to do we also have policy which maturity date is of this month we are already busy last ddecember but we only see dat the office in alabang is no more since 2014 , we try to call the numbers we got but we have no reply do you have address where we can apply for claim we did not have or got any notice from danvil, and how we can have access to the master lists if my name or policy is included and where we can send our claims and neccessarry requirements

  101. Hi Al, thank you very much for your encouraging words. They mean a lot for a blogger like me 🙂 God bless too!

  102. Thank you very much Ms. Nora. You have been a VERY BIG HELP for us Danvil Planholders. If not for your site, we wouldn’t able to trace back what happened and happening with our plans. More power to you and God Bless!

  103. Hi Che, see the list of required documents above. To substitute for the cert of full payment, submit a copy of your first ORs and last ORs. File asap at the office of Atty Togonon. See the address above.

  104. Hello, my policy maturity is on 2017. Can you enlightened me what should I do. I also do not have any certification of full payment.I only have a receipt. Thanks in advance

  105. Hi Arnold, yes, I think so. You can submit a copy of your first OR plus that bank statement (if the last Danvil payment in the bank statement is mixed with other transactions, maybe it’s good to mark the payment with yellow marker) to substitute for the cert of full payment.

  106. Hi Nora,
    Many thanks for your feedback, I however have one more query. My Plan is already fully paid but I did not receive the certificate of full payment. What should I do? Is bank statement of my last payment acceptable? I also Have an official receipt being mailed but the last one i received was in NOV 2013, nothing follows after that although I’m still being charged regularly till the last payment dated NOV 2014.

  107. Hi reynilda, you can still file your claim. If you’re abroad, see the list of requirements in the post above, xerox the documents and send to the office address of Atty. Togonon through a trusted courier. Present your original documents when it’s time to claim your check.

  108. hello noel asking for an advice or things what to do we also have policy which maturity date is of this month we are already busy last ddecember but we only see dat the office in alabang is no more since 2014 , we try to call the numbers we got but we have no reply do you have address where we can apply for claim we did not have or got any notice from danvil, and how we can have access to the master lists if my name or policy is included and where we can send our claims and neccessarry requirements

  109. FIRST TRANCH OF PAYMENTS ARE SCHEDULED FROM JANUARY 26 TO FEBRUARY 17, 2016… (please continue reading in the post above)

  110. Thanks for your response Nora, yes, I have already filed and submitted the photocopies of required documents last September 2015.

  111. Hi Babs, have you filed your claim at the office of Atty. Togonon? If not yet, see the list of documents and the address in the post above. The deadline is July 30, but you can still file your claim. File asap. For the latest update, click the link given by Al (above your comment) to see the latest advisory.

  112. Hi Nora, It’s January 2016 and I have come to the final period of 15 long years in waiting to claim proceeds from my plan. Appreciate soonest and positive update on Danvil’s payment releasing for matured plans. Thanks, Babs

  113. To all Planholders,
    Please, check the new advisory from the Insurance Commission and Atty. Togonon regarding the approval of the first tranche of payments.Visit the website to find out all the details of the notice.Goodluck to all of us.

  114. I’m a DANVIL PLANS planholder and was not able to file the claim till now, does that mean I lose everything!!? During the payment duration it was so easy for them to make contact for any updates but now I haven’t even received any notification, not until I searched the web. My plan was supposed to get matured after 15 years (2022) and it’s fully paid already, there must be a way to extend this deadline please.

  115. Hi Jhun, you can have your SPA made when you take your vacation in the Phils because it’s cheaper here. I think you cannot get yet anything from Danvil this month, based on comments by Danvil planholders on Facebook. Google “Danvil Facebook” and read the latest comments by planholders; you will see that no one has received anything yet. Some commented that the first batch will be those who have received the first installments and those whose plans have matured.

  116. Hi Nora,

    I am also plan holder working here in KSA. I was fully paid on 2009 , but my maturity date will be on 2019.Since I’m working abroad I never know what was happening to DANVIL , It was in September when I knew it! so immediately I’ve sent my claim application. To satisfy my self I’ve send again my application from my friend going vacation same in September and submitted the same and it was been acknowledges by certain MR. Totie Baluyut.I’ll be home this coming Dec 22 to Jan3, 2016 only for a short holiday, in this regards , do I expect anything about my claim in this short of period?
    What to do if I will ask someone to authorized to get my claim please! Do I need to get Power of Attorney?

    Your immediate reply is highly appreciated.



  117. Hi Lyn, thanks for sharing. I wonder why you were required to go to Washington, DC to authenticate your SPA. I thought a SPA from a licensed attorney there in your city would suffice. God bless too. If this can be a bit of consolation, I think Danvil planholders have better results, compared to other pre-need firms’ planholders who got nothing and to what Pacific Plans planholders got — I’ve read that a 65-yar-old planholder who made a one-time investment of 1 million pesos in 2004 will get only around 61k. reference: http://www.mb.com.ph/measly-settlement-shocks-planholders-of-troubled-ppi/ And to think that the family that put up Pacific Plans is the same family that owns a big bank, RCBC, and affiliated companies.

  118. Hello Ms. Nora, I just want to share the results of my inquiry about my Danvil Plans. In Atty. Togonon’s email,he mentioned that they were still in the process of organizing and calculating properly all the amount to be paid for every plan holders, there are many policy holders of Danvil Plans,around 25,000, so they’re fixing their files, which ones will be first. Since my plan will mature in July of 2016, it will take longer for me to get my maturity checks. I even had to have a Power of Atty. made here in my State in South Carolina and process lots of papers in Washington,DC wherein the Philippine Embassy was located. OMG! I spent much much more than what I will get from Danvil Plans, and that’s why it’s hard to trust any company,that lure every person mainly the OFW’s and a person like who already migrated abroad. It’s so sad to realize that it’s our own fellow Filipinos who deceive and defraud their own fellow Pinoys because of their greed for money. I just leave my fate to the Lord God, if this hard earned money of mine will come back in my hands after a long years of investing,because i believe that saving for the future, will also save us, when crisis strike,but the crisis already happened in the hand of vultures.God Bless and Good Luck to my fellow Danvil Policy Holders.

  119. Hi there Danvil plan holders. Ano na po kayang balita sa Danvil. I am expecting na magre-release na ang insurance commission ng statement about Danvil. Ano po ba yung nire-resolve nilang issue against Danvil? It seems to me that this is just a delaying tactic? At the end of the day..nganga pa rin. Hanggang kelan kaya ganito?

  120. Hi Dothere, Family First was bought by Danvil years ago, then Danvil, along with many pre-need firms, stopped operating. File asap your claim with the documents that you have. See the list of documents and the address of Atty. Togonon above.

  121. Hi Ms Nora,
    I just learned about the notice yesterday. Obviously, i am late with the filing. i am a future provider plan holder that i am just waiting to claim on April 17, 2016. and i didn’t receive any notice/letter from any from Berkley/Family First or Danvil.
    I would mostly appreciate any help that u would extend to me. i would also appreciate your response thru my mobile 09287999868.
    Thank you very much.
    best regards.
    R. Evangelista

  122. Hi Ruel, file your documents at the Banawe cor Quezon Avenue office of Atty. Togonon asap. See the list of documents and the address above.

  123. Hi Nora, Who can we contact for I just read the news this month. For I am not expecting this, and the maturity of my plan is 2017.

  124. Hi Zim, sorry I think the masterlist was not made public. I can’t find anything online. January is about 3 months away, so it might be better if you file by courier asap. Send the required documents (all in photocopies) to the address above. Present the original copies when claiming the check.

  125. Hi Nora! I am also a Policy Holder of Family First. I just found out today that my Policy has matured already and that Family First/DanVil Plans has made a deadline last July 30, 2015 for any claims (Matured or otherwise). You mentioned about Masterlist in your post with @Ike. Where can i find it?
    Right now I’m out of the country and my contract will end on January 2016 which is the earliest that i can go home and file my claims. Please advise me what to do so i can get my claims for my matured policy. Thanks. Zim

  126. Hi Ms Nora. I asked my sister to see if still we can file our claims. My husband and i are plan holders and we are both have certificate issued from their last known office in alabang.i hope we still can.

  127. Good morning! Do we already know when Danvil will release the checks? I would appreciate it if someone who knows can answer? Thank you and God bless us all!

  128. To my fellow planholders, just want to share my update reply from Atty. Togonon.. (Please scroll up to see continuation)

  129. Hi Nora and thanks for your kind feed and the other claimant and concerned parties. i do have the Family First Future Provider Plan that is due next year on September 2016. Was trawling the site but couldn’t spot the masterlist link being referred. there is the google drive link but file is no longer existing. Please assist. This means i have to file now to claim. i hope my name is in the list. thanks in advance for the continued support.

  130. Hi Sylvia, yes, pre-need failures make us angry. You can send asap a photocopy each of the documents required (see the list above) to the address above through a courier like LBC. You can still send after the deadline as long as your name is in the masterlist.

  131. Please contact me regarding policy that was initially purchased while on medical referral in Philippines in 2004. Berkley International Plan Inc bought by Danvil
    #FPN253298 After my contribution stopped after 5 yrs my policy is to mature in 2019. I use to receive monthly statements but no longer have online access to my policy.
    Please give me some guidance on how I can be able to claim thou it’s past deadline date. So upsetting to read that a company has gone wrong for many policyholders.
    Hope to get a response from someone.

  132. Hi Babs, please see the requirements in the list above. You can file photocopies, and submit the original copies when you get your check. About cert of full payment, you can present copies of your first and last ORs. Address:
    2nd Floor, PPSTA Building 1, Banaue Street corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon CitY
    232-0671, 232-672, 09186689058, 09164s52116
    There’s no definite timeline. What they’re saying is they hope to process all claims by the end of this year. Most likely, next year, maybe partly because it seems a big number have not filed before the July 30, 2015 deadline.
    You can check updates on Facebook groups — just google Danvil Plans Facebook

  133. Hi Nora, This is the first time I am sending communication since i had completed payment for my plan in 2008 in which maturity is on January 2016. I have never been aware of updates on July 30 2015 deadline for filing claims. I have religiously waited this long so please help to advise as to:
    How can I claim proceeds of my plan?
    a. What are the requirements/checklist to file the claims?
    b. What is the office address to visit to transact and submit requirements? Please advise if you have office nearest to Makati City
    c. Please provide contact numbers
    d. What is the timeline to receive the cheque once all requirements have been submitted?
    Please be advised also that I have not received any Certificate of Payment Completion. How can I proceed if i haven’t received this Certificate? I can provide my policy account number anyway for reference of checking when I visit Danvil office. Your soonest response is very much appreciated, and I sincerely believe that this concern will be accordingly attended to. Thank you.

  134. Hi Lina, it has been several years that Danvil closed its branches in SM malls. I’m surprised that you have not known them. Did you go abroad? File your claim ASAP at the office of Atty. Rony Togonon at Banawe near corner Quezon Ave. See the complete address in the post above. See also the list of requirements. You can file only photocopies and then submit the original copies when you get your check

  135. update lang po, I wasn’t able to find your branch at Megamall when I went there yesterday. I just wanted to update. I already completed the payments and just waiting for my maturity in 2019. Is your branch in SM Southmall, Las Pinas City still there? TY.

  136. hi Nora, I just wanted to share that I have already forwarded my documents via LBC after I got a confirmation from Atty Togonon that it’s OK to send the photocopies via LBC. So for those who have not sent their requirements for claims yet, they can do so with a reliable courier. Thanks, JG

  137. Hi milagros, thanks for sharing helpful info. I hope most Danvil planholders have already filed their claims.

  138. Hello fellow planholders! I am obviously one one of those unaware of the latest updates re:deadline for filing of requirememts to be able to claim. Thank God by some luck, i decided to check out danvil plans . it was last year and i cant recall the exact date when i went to their office in ALABANG .no concrete information was given .what i recalled was that maturity date shall still be followed and that it will be paid equally dividing the benefit payable in 5yrs time. I decided to call the no. I saw shared and i was told that they have extended the date.for filing the necessary docs..it was only last aug. 20 i was able to forward the requirements. So for those who have not yet done it. You can still do.so. i believed their are still thousands of planholders out there just like me before who don’t have any clues re:the state of their plan.tnx and God bless us all!

  139. @Imelda: I understand your concern in regard of your policy plans unfortunately this blog is no direct contact with the liquidator.Like you,we are also planholders and if like to be updated what is going on now after the liquidation you better check the Danvil Planholders Group in the Facebook page and read some of the important informations.If you already paid since 2001 so it means that you receive your 50% maturity value.Just wondering…Goodluck to you.


    I have already filed my claims at the new office in Banawe last May 2015 (considering that I have fully paid since last 2001 pa)… and was told to keep in touch for the check’s release supposedly last June or July 2015…. AUGUST 2015 is about to end… How come until now there is no RELEASE of my check yet? How LONG will I wait for that? Thank you for your kind understanding…IMELDA T. VILLAESTER (LERIDA-married family name)

  141. Hi JG, you can still file your claim, as long as your name is in the master list. The deadline is for those whose names are not in the master list. File your claim asap.

  142. hi Nora, I just came across this website and i am a policyholder too. I got fully paid i think in 2012 and forgot about it. Unfortunately, I only knew today that there was a deadline last month and I was not able to file it. Is there someone who can still help me? thanks

  143. Hi Noel, thank you very much again for sharing helpful info. Hope you and all other planholders can get their checks soon.

  144. I just want to share my latest email from the Liquidator Atty. Rony Togonon dated August 9,2015.I asked him about the updates of our checks and here is what he replied..

    Hi!Mr. Encarnacion:

    Good day!The consulting actuary has finished the computation of the liquidation values of all Danvil plans.He is however still reviewing the data/figures considering that some 25,000 Danvil plans are involved and that this will be the last payment to be made to the planholders.He is just trying to make sure that everything will be in order.Once he finishes his final report,this will be forwarded to the Insurance Commission for approval.And, once approved, the schedule in the release of the benefit checks may now be set.You will be informed in due time when there is already a definite schedule in the release of the checks.Thank you.

    Atty. Togonon

  145. Recently we inquire the office in banaue regarding the release of claims as we filed this march 2015, all those not yet matured will start to release by sept. or early October as per latest update,hope its true so all of us can get our money.

  146. Hi ike, is your plan the Protector Plan, as Noel mentioned above? If yes, then please follow his advice. If not, and it’s the Future Provider Plan issued by Family First or Berkley, and if your name is in the masterlist, you can still file your claim, even after the July 30 deadline. Of course, the earlier, the better.

  147. @Ike:If you made inquiry to Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company regarding your Protector Plan ride to your policy then thats only for PPLIC.The Danvil Plans has nothing to do with the Protector Plans any longer since the aquisation.If you want to file claim for your PP you have to go to PPLIC office in Ortigas.The deadline date of Danvil last month has nothing to do with PPLIC.Goodluck!

  148. i am working abroad and i only happen to visit again your site and surprised about the July deadline filing. During my query last year to Prudential (as the plan i acquired is from Family First), they mentioned to me to wait for its maturity which is due by 2016. Please advise what can i do now, as deadline has passed, and my vacation is still by year end.

  149. Hi Nars, thanks for sharing helpful info. It’s great to know that they made clarifications because even I understood the first notice as referring to all planholders, whether in the masterlist or not. It’s great that the Phil Star published an article about it.

  150. Hello po. I submitted my claim and documents required but atty. rony has not replied to my emails. What should I do?

  151. Hi Noel, thank you very much again for your very helpful info. I hope all Danvil planholders have already filed their claims.

  152. Danvil website it does not exist any longer and if there is a site that we have to check for the releasing of our cheques is the Insurance Commission website for all the planholders who made a claim.Goodluck to us!!!

  153. The certificate of full payment will provide by Danvil Plans during the filing of your claim.It will appear in their database that your fully paid.Just to make sure to submit all the necessary requirements.

  154. Hi Irene, I think you can photocopy the first 2 and last 2 credit card statements where the Danvil charges appear plus the Oct 1, 2010 statement (no more charge) to show that you made all the payments. File asap, the deadline is July 31, 2015.

  155. Hi! Ms. Nora, My last payment (tru Credit Card Debit) was Sept 1, 2010. I did not receive “Certificate of Full Payment”. What do I do?
    Thank you, Irene

  156. Hi imee, thanks for sharing your communication with Atty. Togonon. I’ll move your update to the post. Thanks again.

  157. Just want to share my email exchanges with Atty. Togonon re: Danvil Liquidation

    Hi Ms. flores:

    Good day! The claims are with the consulting actuary engaged by the Insurance Commission to evaluate and compute the liquidation values of all bona fide Danvil claims. There are still some data to be inputted in his report which will hopefully be done in due time. Once he finishes his report, this will be forwarded to the IC for approval. Thereafter, the schedule in the release of the checks will be set. Anyway, you will be advised accordingly when there is already a schedule in the release of the checks. But definitely, payments will be made this year, 2015. Thank you.

    Atty. Togonon

    On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 1:37 PM, wrote:

    Dear Atty. Togonon,

    Kindly please update us regarding the release of the funds (trust fund) of danvil to planholders who filed their claim? I have filed my claim on a fully paid plan last March 2015. Thank you.


  158. @ Amanda: Yes,that is right.We are in the same boat and I already inquire this subject to Atty. Togonon and was explained it clear.Our records are in Danvils data and all the informations they need still intacts.If ever you changes the bank account what you have provided where the first payment was deposited before then you need to contact them of your new bank account details.If nothing changes then Danvils will just follow what you have on their file.Lets hope our checks will release soon.Hope for the best and goodluck.

  159. Tama pa ba ang pagkakaintindi ko na kung nakapagfile na ako claim dati ay wala na ako kelangan gawin pa ngayon? Nagfile na kasi ako ng claim last 2013 sa alabang office at nakuha ko na 50% ng claim ko. Yung natirang 50% ay babayaran daw yearly 5 years pero nagclose na alabang office last year so wala na ako nakuha. Paano ko makukuha yung remaining 50%? Kelangan ko pa ba pumunta sa banawe office? Salamat sa sasagot.

  160. Good evening Ma’am/Sir pano po malalaman kung klan pwede mkuha ung checke?naibigay ko na po un mga requirements last month and ang sabe po sa Danvil before mag end ang august i rerelease ang checke sa mga planholders.at mag po post cla sa danvil web.e wla pa po.tnx sana po may sumagot sa question ko.

  161. Thanks Nora! my Sister working on it to check all the documents have in my locker,& I ask my trusted friend to help assist my sister to submit before the deadline.

  162. Hi Evelyn, instruct your family in the Philippines to submit copies of the documents that you have before the deadline. They should submit much earlier so that you have time to make an affidavit if it’s needed

  163. I’m a plan holder of FPN/DANVIL. I have 1 policy that will matured this year,& the other will be on the succeeding yrs. all of them were fully paid long time. Presently I’m working here in abroad, only a copy of my passport I can provide. just to catch your deadline on July 30,2015.I’m still trying to contact my family in province to complete the requirements. If ever certificate of full payment can’t find, can you help me check in the access net system? I’ll just give my policy number thru email reply. Please help & advise. Thanks & more power!

  164. Hi simeon, yes, it’s the best that you can do in your situation. Send a copy your certificate of full payment (so that the original is with you, and give the original when claiming) and a scan of your valid IDs, plus a letter addressed to Atty. Togonon explaining your situation — that you’re abroad on a job contract and that your policy page and contract pages are in your bank safety deposit box and that you will submit these pages as soon as you get back in the Phils. Mention in your letter that you are submitting your certificate of full payment and 2 valid IDs.

  165. I’m a planholder of Danvil, maturity sep. 2016. The problem is I’m here abroad working. The only document I have here is the full payment given by their office in alabang and 2 valid I.Ds. The others I have them in my safety box. Can I send just this to catch the deadline on July 30 2015

  166. Hi Ener, yes, you can file for her. File asap, before July 30, 2015. After this date, no more claims will be accepted. The requirements are listed in the post above.

  167. Hi Nora, my mom is a planholder but she is in the province and cannot travel to Manila to file the claim. Can I file it for her? What are the requirements? Thanks, Ener

  168. Hi jannette, I think you can use your metrobank statement or printout. What is important is that you are able to submit your main documents to Atty Togonon before July 30, 2015.

  169. Gud am po. I’m here abroad. If I email Atty. Togonon and they require cert of full payment or latest statement of account, where can I get it? I was monitoring it before on their website, but now it’s closed down. But I have an account with metrobank where the monthly payment was deducted — is this valid?

  170. Galing po kami sa opis ng Danvil Last week to check kung ano n? Sabi po nila inaayos na nila lahat at kami follow up na naman ng July daw po,tawag na lang daw kami..

  171. Please,check the Insurance Commission website there is a latest posted advise from Atty. Togonon.Let’s hope that after the deadline we will have the good news.

  172. Hi Rolando, yes, your plan is now with Danvil. File your claim ASAP. The deadline for ALL claims is July 30. 2015.

  173. we got a plan from family first, then it went to danvil. did it go to legacy or is it still with danvil? are family first plans included in the danvil liquidation? it’s good I saw this page. thanks for any info!

  174. Hi Ricardo, you can ask your relative to file for you, but you need to give a SPA (authenticated by Philippine consul there). As an initial action, you can email: ATTY. RONY D. TOGONON, Liquidator, Danvil Plans, lnc. at rdtlaw21@gmail.com. Attach a scan of the main page of your Danvil plan, your IDs, cert of full payment if you have, or latest statement of account

  175. Hi Nora, No one from Danvil informed me about the filing go claims before 30th of July. How I can file a claim if I am outside the Philippines? Is the form available online? Best regards, Ricardo

  176. Hi Renato, file asap, before July 30 2015. Docs: policy face page, contract provision, cert of full payment, 2 primary valid IDs. I’m not sure if they’re still requiring a cedula

  177. Hi Jose, sorry I’m not connected with Danvil. I only wrote about Danvil because I was a policyholder before. You should look for your father’s Berkley plan contract or policy. It consists of about 3 to 5 pages (long bond paper size), with the first page containing the summary of the contract, like policyholder’s name, policy no., amount, maturity date. The deadline for filing for all Danvil claims is July 30, 2015. See the list of claim documents above.

  178. Hi Nora! I need help. My father used to work abroad in Dubai unfortunately he died last June 2013. we saw a piece of paper on his closet with notes of Berkley international life insurance co.inc with a certain amount. I just read some blogs and reports of Danvil buying berkley. I want to verify if papa was registered. What I only have is a piece of paper with his name, the company name and a certain amount. Mama remembers that papa was always joking “kung gusto mo magkapera, lasonin niyo ko para magkapera kayo”. So i am thinking that he got insurance while in the Philippines. 1990-1997 Holiday Inn, 1997-2004 Traders hotel, 2004-2010 Shangrila Hotel Dubai. Hope you can help me, you can contact me 09065584553 / kierpascual@yahoo.com . Thanks

  179. Hi, I have not been following up my Danvil plan. I just read it today about its liquidation, if that is the correct word. How should i file for my fully paid plan maturing this next year. And what papers/documents am I supposed to submit for my claim. Thanks and God bless. renato

  180. Hi Nars, thanks a lot for sharing important update. I’ll move your update up into the post in a little while. Thanks again!

  181. Any update when can we get the proceeds of our claim? I already filed last month, my plan is not yet matured but fully paid already on its waiting period supposedly. The staff said that we can get our claims within 6 mos but not specific. Computation on how much we can get is also variable, depends on how much the company can liquidate. Anyone who has update when can Danvil release our claims? Thanks to everyone sharing info to this site. Really very helpful.

  182. Hi roland, thanks again for the link. I thought you’ve already filed your NCB complaint, as PPLIC issued its stand on the NCB in 2013. I checked Danvil planholders’ comments on Facebook and I haven’t read any helpful update about the NCB. Anyway, I always hope the best for you and other planholders in the midst of these pre-need failures. Thanks always for sharing info from time to time.

  183. Good day! What are the requirements po for filing a claim? We are planning to go to the Banawe ofc anytime soon. Thank you.

  184. hi there. glad to know about this. My husband will be happy with this news. It was here where he got drowned with credit card debt. I hope he can get it back. please post more of the updates. thanks

  185. Hi Cors, thanks for sharing helpful info. I hope you get your lump sum the soonest time possible for IC and Danvil.

  186. I just called Danvil Phils. office. According to the person I spoke with, the lump sum of money that we are supposed to get will be released within the year 2015… when exactly? – no exact date yet. But he advised me to make a followup by May.

  187. Hello po. I’m not currently in the Phils. Can I send a relative to apply for the claims on my behalf? What are the documents required? I am holding certificates issued by FamilyFirst which I knew was acquired by Danvil Plans. Please advise. Jane

  188. I am presently living in Canada and I have a danvi plan maturing September 2015. What do I need to do so a relative of mine can claim for me. I have all my documents with me here in Canada.

  189. Hello po sa lahat. Pano po pala dun sa nakapagclaim na ng Half yung installment another half or nxt claim na lng ang kukunin namin,do we need p b n magpunta sa office nila? thanks in advance po,GODBless sa ating lahat.

  190. Hi Teresa, thanks a lot for the update and the link. I’ll put this in the post. Let’s also check from time to time insurance.gov.ph. As of this moment, this memo is not yet on the IC website.

  191. Hi Roland, thanks a lot again. It’s really great you’re able to connect with them. Good to know also they’re already including future claims. I hope everyone gets back all what they’ve paid, plus dividends. Again I moved your info to the post above. Thanks again.

  192. Hi Nora,
    As a new reminder for Danvil Plans holder seeking maturity payments, it will be prudent to apply NOW their claims (including those who already fully paid their premiums but plans maturing in the future)… (see continuation above, in the post)

  193. Hi Richard, thanks for your efforts. We hope your meeting pushes through, and surely, other planholders will appreciate it if you can give updates about your meeting. Thanks again

  194. Just to let you know that magkakaron ako ng meeting with IC resources sa asar ko kase sa kanila nag file ako ng complain sa Department of Finance thru the office of the secretary.

    As advise na mag start daw sila mag release between apr to july, 2015 pero sa daming dates na binigay nila dont know if matutuloy this time.

    I will update na lang if matuloy, dami kase ako hinihinging explanation sa kanila

  195. Hello co-planholders, where and how can i possibly check the status of my existing plan with danvil… learnt all of the chaos with danvil just last week…malapit na pala mamatay ang danvil at mapapasama pala pati pera natin…

  196. Hi Nora, I’m Mary Grace thanks so much for the updates. I’d been trying to find ways how to contact this Danvil Plans. I’m working outside the country. We worked hard for certain years so we can pay our policies and waited for maturity and now they’re making it hard for us to claim. please help me how to find ways to avail our policy. I’ll keep in touch in your blog. thanks again it’s really great help and also for fellow countrymen. God bless.

  197. Hi Noel, thanks for sharing helpful and encouraging info for Danvil planholders. I’ve moved your updates to the post above. Thanks again!

  198. Hi Roland, that’s great news! Policyholders will be very happy when they come to know this. I’m glad that Danvil has funds to pay benefits amidst their difficulties and although not in ways promised to policyholders. Thanks again for always sharing here Danvil updates. I’ve moved your update to the post above. Warm regards too!

  199. Hi R. lopez, the Danvil case is with the Insurance Commission. Check their website from time to time. Updates for planholders of Prudential, National Life and Pryce Plans were announced on the website, so I think they’ll do the same with Danvil. You can email the IC at pubassist@insurance.gov.ph

  200. Me and my husband has finished paying our contribution . My husband plan is already matured since july last year . Im trying to phone different number and couldn”t get any reply. I emailed them and their reply is to contact insurance commision . I don’t know what to do . Please let me know what is the best thing to do.

  201. Has anyone tried to contact the conservator, ATTY. TERESITA CAALIM regarding our overdue claims?

  202. Hi Nora,

    I just checked this morning on the status of the Danvil Plans maturity payment and the staff at the IC told me that they are still evaluating the “recomputations?” and no date yet when can they finish this recomputations. However, a new address for Danvil Plans was given: 2nd flr., PPSTA Bldg., 419 Brgy. Lourdes, Banawe st. cor. Quezon Ave. Contact no. for this new address is not yet available according to the IC staff.

  203. hi, just want to know went can i get my next claim ( three years) from danvil, they said last october that the commission will post any advisory regarding the next release of my claim…when is that?

  204. Salamat sa update CORS SILAYAN.Sana naman early next year as much as possible.
    Kasi walang isang salita ang IC.
    Please update us kung ano na pa ang latest status in the future.

  205. Nag-close na ang Danvil office sa Alabang. They are answering queries via phone through Insurance Commision.


    I called there to follow up where I could get the remaining balance of our benefit. Ang sabi nila NEXT YEAR pa daw nila mare-release but will be released LUMP SUM. When next year? Hindi pa daw nila masasagot coz there are computations being done bago nila ibigay sa planholders ang lump sum.

  206. Hi! good day, I’m buying all paid policies. Just text or call my mobile number 09238684022…no need to wait ng matagal pag ayos ng documents bayad agad.

    Thank you and Gob Bless.



  208. Hi Ms.Nora, I’ll be completing my payments to Danvil this Jan 2015. How can I verify my contributions.thank you.

  209. Hello po sa lahat. May nakakaalam na po ba ng bagong office ng DANVIL wala na po yata sila sa ALABANG e..Godbless po sda ating lahat and GOODLUCK din pla..

  210. Hello there! I am Claire Sapon now Claire Dennis. I have a policy with family First. I got the plan on 2002 and have been paying for 5 years. I’m not sure when is my maturity date but I have the feeling that it will be in 2017. I want to make a claim before my maturity date. I also need a certificate of full payment.. Can you please send me an email how to make a claim and who to contact. It will be much appreciated if you can help me with this matter. Many thanks..

  211. Hi alejandro, I hope by that time, the Insurance Commission and Danvil have already fixed their trust fund problem. Research Danvil on Facebook to read updates from other planholders.

  212. Hi, im alejandro morante, im worried to my plan w/c will mature nov. 07 2015. Can you advise me what to do? I’m expecting to get it in nov 2015. I hope I can get it in full.

  213. As of today I note that the website of Danvil plans is now closed website namve is avaliable to be purchased. The mypolicy@danvil.com.ph address no longer exisits. I would also be interested to know any new office address and or contact information

  214. I don’t know if you already encountered send email to Mr. Francisco lately.He is not responding anymore as there is automatic replied that Danvil office will moving to the new location.
    Anyone here have any information where is the new office??

  215. Hi Marie, sorry I don’t know, but of course we always hope for the best. Continue writing to IC, commenting on social media and reading updates online like Facebook group comments

  216. Hi Ms. Nora,

    I am at a loss. I got the first 50% of my maturity claim last year and was supposed to get the first installment (the one Danvil promised to give in 5 years) last August. I have been trying to call all their hotlines but to no luck, until I stumbled upon this website and found out that the office in Alabang had been closed.

    I sent an email like what the others did and received an auto-reply today informing me to contact IC as they are currently transferring offices.

    I really do no know what to do and what to when I contact IC. Do you think there’s still a chance that policy holders can still get the maturity claims?

    Many thanks.

  217. i just sent an e=mail to danvil but unfortunately. the response is to contact the Insurance Commission office as they are transferring to another office. To quote their e-mail “We apologize but please be also be informed that the company is currently on the process of transfer of office. You may temporary visit Insurance Commission or contact them at (632) 523-8461 local 105 for the mean time. Thank you.”

  218. Hi Lyn, sorry I can’t say if your plan to come here solely to negotiate with Danvil is practical. Their last office, in Alabang, is already closed. I think you can do your follow-ups first online. Email Danvil (see latest comment above) and email the Insurance Commission: pubassist@insurance.gov.ph. You can email also government officials and comment on social media. There are Danvil groups on Facebook, you can read their updates. Thanks for commenting.

  219. Dear Ms.Nora,

    Out of curiousity lang po,meron din akong dalawang plan sa Danvil Plans Inc.,
    This will mature on 2016 of July,wherein i signed with this company during the Berkeley years pa sila,pero ngayong nabalitaan ko dito sa USA na nabulilyaso ang kanilang pre need plan,medyo nabigla ako,hindi na rin ako makaaccess sa kanilang website,dahil sabi under construction,ang tanong ko lang po,US Citizen na ako,pero alam naman ng kompanya na ako’y hindi na Pilipino,What can i do,to get my money on 2016 or do i have to come back there in the Philippines and sat down with them and take my money as early as possible,Is this a good idea or do i have to wait in July 2016?
    Hihintayin ko po ang iyong reply and thank you for your website.


    Lyn Gregg

  220. Hi Edwin, thanks for sharing your info. Will move your comments above, to the post portion — your email is the first that mentioned about their transfer to another place.

  221. I sent an email to Danvil last week. Got this reply today. Has anybody here done this already. Baka kasi pag na surrender mo lahat ng policy for pre termination tapos di naman nila binigay yung check? Mas lalo na nawala lahat.

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Should you decide to pre-terminate your plan at this stage, this would be under Plan Termination Value (PTV), you will be entitled for a refund of upto 10-50% of your Total Amount Paid to date or what is stipulated at your Schedule of Plan Termination Value. As respectfully pointed out before, any decision to pre-terminate your plan is disadvantageous to the client.

    To process your PTV, you need to submit a signed cancellation letter with photocopy of your two valid ID’s and surrender all your contracts that pertains with your policy (Policy Face Page Contract Provision, etc) . Your PTV would be in-form of crossed check and for pick up at our office and would be available one to two months you have completed your requirements. In your absence, you may send your representative to file and claim your check as long as you also provide us an Special Power of Attorney (must be authenticated at Philippine Consulate if your current location is outside the country) with his/her two valid ID’s. If you would request for change of check’s payee name, you need to provide us a Deed of Assignment instead of SPA (must also be authenticated at Philippine Consulate if your current location is outside the country). As of the moment, we cannot proceed with your PTV until we have received your requirements.

    Please also be informed that the company is currently on the process of transfer of office. You may temporary visit Insurance Commission or contact them at (632) 523-8461 local 105 for the mean time.

    Please feel free to e-mail us at mypolicy@danvil.com.ph should you have concerns.

    Best regards,

    Customer Service Department
    Customer Relation Group
    Danvil Plans, Inc.

  222. Hi Edwin, yes, planholders should ask help from lawmakers and media people and comment on various social networks to drive attention to the preneed issue.

  223. nag email din ako sa IC pero wala sagot. I told them that I will also write my congressman that IC is not helping plan holders like us. It seems na dapat talaga isangguni sa congressman. Hope he can help.

  224. Just today September 11, 2014 at 10:30a.m. I called up the Insurance Commission hoping to get some updates regarding my policy at Danvil Plans. My policy will mature in 2018. I am very much worried regarding my policy, thus, I telephoned the IC. The IC operator answered my call and tried to connect me to the Person In-Charge, however, the phone just continue ringing for several minutes but no person took up the phone. It only puzzled on my mind….does this Insurance Commissioner (Person In-Charge for Danvil case) act honestly for the policyholder victims of Danvil Plans?

  225. Hello, i believe that i noticed you visited my web site so i came to return the prefer?.I am
    trying to find things to enhance my website!I guess its ok to use a few of
    your ideas!!

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  226. I checked the Danvil FB account and one member said that the Danvil office is closed. Kaya wala na sumasagot ng telephone. It seems the Insurance Commission will have to deal with this already. My plan will mature Dec 2015. I don’t know what the IC will do here. Sana parang PDIC where they return your deposit with reasonable interest due.

  227. Hi jo, PPLIC is registered with the Insurance Commission. But some PPLIC agents’ marketing practices are wrong. Getting a client’s credit card and saying “tingnan lang natin kung merong laman” and then withdrawing money from it is a deceitful act. Available credit card amount cannot be known by swiping.
    About your checking account: No, they cannot withdraw from your checking account.
    If you like, you can go. But don’t bring your checkbook, atm cards, or credit cards.
    If you like to buy insurance or other pre-need plans, go to the more stable companies like Sun Life, Manulife, Insular Life and others owned by the top banks. I’ll add a link to a list of the top insurance firms later on.

  228. And also, one of their agent called me this morning that I have 4 rewards from them for availing their policy: scholarship, gift certificates and the remaining are confidential “daw”. They want me to claim it in their office located in Makati together with my 2 valid id’s and checkbook on Friday. Should I need to come? Please give me some advise. Thanks a lot!

  229. hello Miss Nora, this is different from stated insurance company above. It is called Philippine prudential life insurance company (PPLIC). I don’t know if it is fortunate or unfortunate for me to avail of their insurance but one thing is I already availed of their so-called “LAP Plus” that is worth 350 covered for one year. Recently, almost 2 weeks after of availing it, I’ve read some posts from different blogs saying it is a scam. Lots of victims expressed their frustrating experiences. I can say I am still lucky that I have only paid 350 compared to thousands of money as the other policy holder spend. I just want to know from you since I already have the trust in your blog if it is really a scam? Another thing is I can’t remember if I have given them my checking account no. Is it possible for them to withdraw money from my checking account without issuing a check? I guess it is impossible, right? It just really bother me. I’m hoping for your further response. Tnx!

  230. Mr. Francisco is not responding anymore emails.Is anybody here has any latest news about the status of our checks?It seem that we are been playing and fooling by Danvil Plans. and maybe because no one from us made the serious complaints yet that is why they’re getting away from it.For us that we are overseas right now its really frustrating that we can’t do anything.Hoping that those Planholders whose in the Philippines will do some action about this matter and let the media knows that we are victims of this situation.
    Its already September and until now we are waiting we don’t know if there is any.Let our voice be heard its never too late..

  231. Hi Garciano, sorry I don’t know. I’ve read from various online comments that their funds were put on hold by the IC to ensure that all policyholders will be able to share in the funds. Google Danvil Facebook to read updates from other policyholders.

  232. Hi Mam Nora good morning may i ask updates about danvil. No one’s picking up the phone; they don’t reply to emails.

  233. Hello po,

    I have pre need plans from Berkeley/ Danvil which will mature DEc 2015. I have sent email to Danvil inquiring. But did not get any reply. Their phone numbers don’t seem to work. Can I still get my monies on Dec. 2015. Appreciate the help. Thanks.

  234. Gud day Mam Nora, ask ko lang po kung alam mo yong group ni Dr. Tamayo which is the PPLIC-VICTIMS sa FB group with her secretary of Marieta Dimagiba their group leader of 3rd batch at ask ko din po sa mga nag members kay Dr Tamayo kung sino sa inyo kung ano ang napag usapan tungkol sa pina file na kaso sa PPLIC sa Insurance Commission. Kasi balak din po kaming mag member sa kanila which is the joining fee of 5,000 pesos. Kung sino man dyan sa inyo na member na kay Dr Tamayo paki bgay nlang po ung contact number nyo para makipag ugnayan po kami sa inyo…salamat po.

  235. Hi Nora, I’m also a Danvil Policy Holder and worried how to claim my money since I’m an OFW. Who is Dr. Tamayo, is he also among us? Do you have his email address. Thank you

  236. It is still dark. Still cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel. If they Danvil is saying our claim is with the Insurance commission, then let all start writing Insurance Commission at pubassist@insurance.gov.ph

    Let us see what this Public Assistance channel can do.

  237. I have been follow up many times to Mr. Francisco for the cheques.All I’m getting from him thousands of apology.It has been a while from the maturity date and up to this date nothing is happening.This is ridiculous our hard earned money still in the limbo with Danvil.The big question now is when?

  238. Excellent blog you have here.. It’s difficult to find good quality writing like yours these days.
    I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  239. Hi Amanda, thanks for sharing the contents of Danvil’s reply to your email. Sorry that I can’t advise you because I can’t know what option will turn out to be better. Search Facebook for Danvil groups and read comments and updates from various planholders and then weigh your options. Thanks for appreciating my blog.

  240. Hi Jan, yes, it’s really frustrating and makes us really angry and horrified. Search Facebook for Danvil groups so you can see updates and comments

  241. Hi Nora,
    Planholder din ako ng Danvil. last sunday ko lang nalaman ang nangyari sa Danvil at thanks sa tulong mo lalo na samin na medyo shock sa mga nangyari. Nag email ako kahapon sa Customer Service nila at nag reply sila ngayong umaga. Please advise kung ok bang i pre-terminate ang plan.

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Our record shows that your plan is already fullypaid. Should you decide to pre-terminate your plan at this stage, this would be under Plan Termination Value (PTV), you will be entitled for a refund of upto 50% of your Total Amount Paid to date or what is stipulated at your Schedule of Plan Termination Value. As respectfully pointed out before, any decision to pre-terminate your plan is disadvantageous to the client.

    To process your PTV, you need to submit a signed cancellation letter with photocopy of your two valid ID’s and surrender all your contracts that pertains with your policy (Policy Face Page Contract Provision, etc) . Your PTV would be in-form of crossed check and for pick up at our office and would be available one to two months you have completed your requirements. In your absence, you may send your representative to file and claim your check as long as you also provide us an Special Power of Attorney (must be authenticated at Philippine Consulate if your current location is outside the country) with his/her two valid ID’s. If you would request for change of check’s payee name, you need to provide us a Deed of Assignment instead of SPA (must also be authenticated at Philippine Consulate if your current location is outside the country).

    Please feel free to e-mail us at mypolicy@danvil.com.ph should you have concerns.

    Best regards,

    Customer Service Department
    Customer Relation Group
    Danvil Plans, Inc.

  242. Hi Nora,
    What a news! I felt hopeless! I am in abroad what can i do? Paano na ang family ko. Nag deposit po ako ng P66,000 And installment ko po is P6,000 @ 59 months bali total po ng ibinayad ko sa kanila eh P500,000.00 tapos na po ang maturity last June 2014 . Kahit ibigay na lang nila yong mga nadeposit ko. kahit wala na yong mga promise nila di po bah?

  243. Hi Teorem, some of those commenting on Danvil accounts on Facebook are giving out the Alabang address, so that office might still be there. Find what other policyholders are thinking about on Danvil accounts on Facebook

  244. Hi , I’m one of the Danvil’s Planholder and I’m just dissappointed while reading all your conversation, I’m quite hopeless that I will be able to get what I deserved. But I think I should join the group. On a second thought , where will I start?
    This Mr. Eleazar emailed me and same answer I got like the rest of you got. Should I go to their office first? But where? Is it still existing the in Alabang?

  245. Hi Basil, that’s the same experience by Danvil policyholders commenting on Danvil Facebook accounts. The common reply is that checks are on hold because the IC is still auditing Danvil’s funds for conservation purposes.

  246. Hi Nora,
    Anybody got update on Danvil’s telephone number in Alabang. Been calling their hotlines this week but only ringing, no one answers. I have been following up my 1st check for the 5-yr installment. Hotline nos. 828-0468/828-6184/828-2036/828-1998/828-1483/828-1612. Even these mobile nos., no answer 0922-4293599/0999-8850018.

  247. Hi Orlando, file your claim with Danvil in their Alabang office. But based on online comments, Danvil funds are on hold by the IC. Google Danvil Plans Facebook so you can read other members’ comments on Facebook.

  248. Hi nora, our policy were matured last feb 2014. How can we get our maturity benefit? What will be the procedure in claiming our refund? Shall we file a claims wit IC? Di pa kmi nakakapunta sa opis ng danvil sa alabang. Pls advise. Tnx. Orlando salazar

  249. Hi Jessie, Danvil is currently under the conservation program of the Insurance Commission (IC). The last update that I know is that they have not been able to issue the checks they were supposed to give to claimants because the IC is still reviewing the sufficiency of their trust fund. I think in your policy, you can see the % of what you can get if you pre-terminate your plan. You can email Eleazer Francisco, Customer Service Department, mypolicy@danvil.com and ask the process of pre-termination.

  250. I am a Danvil customer and already paid in full,maturity will be 2019.
    I have my complete payment certificate. How can I still get a refund for the payment I made with Danvil?
    Please help and give me some advise.
    Thank you and really appreciate your help.

    Jessie Arce
    Delaware, U.S.A

  251. Hi mildred, sorry my knowledge about Danvil is only limited to the updates sent it by policyholders. The most recent updates are here on this post, such as the one shared by Roland.

  252. Greetings NOra,

    `hi, I a plan holder and would like to know the status of the policy I bought which will mature on 2017 and is already fully paid.

    I read all the blogs regarding Danvil policy.


  253. Hi Roland, thanks a lot for always sharing your updates with us here. These are certainly helpful for many Danvil and PPLIC members waiting for some good news. Will move your update to the post section so more people can see. I hope the group’s legal effort will be successful. Thank you very much again.

  254. Hi Nora,

    I was able to contact a certain group led by Dr. Tamayo (contact no.:0917-5222152/ 0922-8101403) who’s suing PPLIC with the help of lawyers hired by this group. …
    (by Nora: I moved this comment to the post section…ABOVE. Scroll upwards)

  255. Hi Libay, thanks a lot for sharing your email response. I will put this as the most recent update on the post, so more people can see. Thanks again.

  256. From: Customer Service – FFI [mailto:mypolicy@danvil.com.ph]
    Sent: Friday, June 06, 2014 9:01 AM
    To: De Villa, Liberty

    Dear Ms. De Villa,


    Eleazer Francisco
    Customer Service Department
    Customer Relation Group
    Danvil Plans, Inc.

    Please see the complete email in the post above.

  257. Hi Lea, sorry I didn’t buy that PPLIC plan so I don’t know its rules. Read your policy again. Look for something about payments and reinstatement. Yes, continue fighting for it, but not in an expensive way. Write the Insurance Commission pubassist@insurance.gov.ph mentioning details of your policy.

  258. Ms. Nora,
    hi po.need ko pa kasi nang advise regarding po sa pplic wala po kasi akong narefund sa kanila.yung makakavail daw po nang refund nila na 30% is yung mga nakapagbayad ng march 2013. pass due po kasi base status ko sa kanila sa palagay nyo dapat ko pa bang ilaban pa ito? almost 113k po kasi ang naibayad ko sa kanila.thanks.lea

  259. Hi Roland, that’s a good development. Surely, planholders will be glad to know that. I truly hope that Danvil will be able to pay everyone, even if it takes some time. Will again insert your update in the above post. Thank you very much again for sharing.

  260. Hi Nora,

    I just had a reply from Mr. Francisco of Danvil regarding folow-up on my first 50% (P90k)maturity payment cheque below:

    Dear Mr. Nicolas,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We had a meeting at Insurance Commission last May 08, 2014, and they informed us that the result would be lifted on the end of this month. Kindly follow up with us on the first week of June 2014, we hopefully already have a date to give you by that period. Thank you.

    Please feel free to e-mail us at mypolicy@danvil.com.ph should you have concerns.

    Best regards,

    Eleazer Francisco
    Customer Service Department
    Customer Relation Group

  261. Hi Roland, thank you for sharing helpful info. I inserted your info in the above post as the most recent update. Thanks again

  262. Hi jessie, it will be the mother who will file the claim or the owner of the plan. Sad to say, Danvil was put on conservation status a few years ago, and it’s currently under audit by the Insurance Commission, based on comments here. You can call or visit their office, so you can have the latest updates.

  263. Hi Jessie, you can request for your cert of full payment at their office. The other docs, you need to bring. Your maturity amount depends on your plan. Sad to say, you cannot claim your benefit immediately. I think the release of benefits still depend on the Insurance Commission (IC). Based on comments here, Danvil is being audited by the IC.

  264. Hi Jessie,

    Nag-apply ako for the first 50% maturity payment ng isang Plan ko sa Danvil last Nov. 2013 pero hanggang ngayon wala pang na-issue na cheke. It seems there is a bogdown in the Insurance Commission’s part as per e-mail message last April 14, 2014 from Danvil’s Mr. Francisco below:

    Dear Mr. Nicolas,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    I apologize but we were advised to follow up again at Insurance Commission after Holy Week. You may double check with them to confirm this information. Thank you.

  265. Regarding the PPLIC’s Protector Plan claims, I understand that those claiming below P100k should file their lawsuits/complaints with the Insurance Commission (located along UN Ave. near M.Adriatico, Manila). Those above P100k should file their cases elsewhere, eg. metropolitan trial courts.

  266. Ms. Nora, do you have any idea kung gaano katagal ang claiming ngayon sa Danvil? any updates po? plano na kasi ng sister at pamangkin ko magclaim. paano din po pala pag 10 years old p lng ung pamangkin ko with my sister as her mother, same sila nkplan sa Danvil. My special procedure po ba pag minor?

  267. dun na lng po kami pwede mag claim you think how much po ang pwede nmn makuha if 777/month hulog for 10 years? thanks. dun din po ba pwede makuha sa office nila ung ibang requirements? dun n rin po ba pwede mag claim? thanks alot!

  268. Hi Jessie, sad to say, Danvil no longer operates there, and no longer sells plans. It now only has 1 office, at JJACCIS Bldg along Acacia Ave, near Isuzu Alabang, Alabang-Zapote Road.

  269. Ms. Nora,

    still active pa po ba ang mga branches ng danvil sa malls like SM North? di kasi mcontact ung number nila japanese/chinese ung sumasagot. pwede din po ba kumuha ng Certificate of payments sa kanila? thanks!

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