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  1. Hi Gina, Ideal filed for bankruptcy in 2010. It’s good you were able to find the office of Ideal or those who are handling its case, and that you were able to get 14,300, although it’s really horrible that the amount is so low compared to what you paid. Sorry I don’t have any updates. As of now, you’re the first to comment here that you’ve got some amount from Ideal.

  2. Hi Ms. Nora! ???? I just encountered your personal blog earlier this morning and I can’t stop reading one post to another, even the comments section. I’m currently doing a recent personal task to fix and organize all government-related benefits, insurance, savings and more. And I just want to actually commend you for putting up a blog like yours! ???? All informations are overwhelming but the way how you’ve written it still makes it easy to understand than have someone discuss it to me face to face.

    More Power to you Ms. Nora and God Bless!! ????????

    Question, is there any way for me to be able to subscribe? ????

  3. Hi Summer, thank you so much for appreciating my blog. I also have banksphilippines.com, sssphilippinesnotes.blogspot.com and others. Sorry I have not set up a subscription service. But I’ll try to email you if I have a new post. Thanks a lot again.

  4. Hi Ms. Nora! Can I claim remittance from abroad via BDO remittance even if I don’t have a bank account with them?

  5. Hi Lorie, yes, you can claim your remittance at BDO as long as the remittance was done through a BDO remittance partner like Moneygram, Xoom, Wells Fargo, etc. Bring your IDs. Sometimes they ask if you have an account with them; tell them none yet.

  6. Hi Ate Nora….remember me Rolly….
    Glad to say malapit na matapos ang Danvil saga ko …. not funny and definitely stressful…
    Sa mga Danvil planholders dyan, abang abang lang sa last episode nang journey natin….
    May update sa insurance commision site, paumanhin sa blogger…..hehehe

    Many thanks…..

  7. Hi Rolly, yes, I remember you. I’m glad that you got your benefits for your 2 plans, and that you’ll be getting back all the premiums you paid for your 3rd plan. Yes, definitely this pre-need situation has been a journey. Despite what happened, I can say that the owners of Danvil have been much better in handling their planholders’ money. The other failed pre-need firms were not able to return premiums at all. For the others, like Pacific Plans, they returned only a small portion, and of course many planholders rejected the settlements and will suffer long legal battles. Imagine a Pacific planholder who paid one million outright in 2004 and will only get 61,243, and an OFW who paid 77,300 over 10 years will only get 3,874! So unfair. And to think that Pacific was founded and owned by the owners of RCBC.
    Thanks for appreciating my blog. Even if your Danvil saga will soon end, I hope you visit from time to time and comment. And if ever you start a blog, I hope you give me a link. Have a great vacation!

  8. Hello Nora, I was asked by a friend living abroad to follow up on her plan with Berkeley International (DANVIL). Can you help me get in touch with the company? I think her plan just matured (May, 2016). I have some scanned docs for this matter. Hope you can help me on this one. Thank you very much

  9. Hi Renato, you can file those documents at the office of Atty. Togonon asap. Here’s the list of requirements and the office address: Danvil Plans You should have a SPA or authorization, but you can try going to their office and ask.

  10. Hi Ate Nora,
    Habang nagbabasa ako nang mga recent comments dito, di ko magawang di makisimpatya sa mga kababayan natin n di nakahabol sa deadline for submission nang documents for processing last year. Ako kasi, barely a week n lang nang mabasa ko(kaya hinabol ko talaga yung deadline last year), kaya di ko sila masisi, may mag-asawa pa at ito si kuya Renato. I can’t help to feel what they are feeling right now. Nakakainis, nakakagalit(minsan kasi kasalanan mo pa kung di mo nabasa, as if parang sila lang buhay nang mga working abroad). Ay naku, buti na lang may blog k n nasusulatan nang saloobin. When i go back, subukan k magtanong kung paano and then i will write here the feedback……yan n lang muna…

  11. Hi Rolly, so glad to hear from you again. Thanks for visiting from time to time to write your feedback here. Yes, it’s really sad — I feel that there are still planholders out there, most probably OFWs focused on their jobs, who have not read about the need to file their claim before the deadline, and before the door is closed forever. Looking forward to your updates after your claim filing.

  12. Mam gudpm po ask ko po kc yung mama ko po kc namatay sa ambulansya ee na heart attck po sya ndi na umabot po sa kadahilan po ng traffic ee meun po akong insurance ni mama ctatlo po ito ng cebuanna lhuillier po cee ask ko po kung pde maka kuha kmi ng pera salamt po need kc nmn ng konting tulong ..saka may insurance pa po ba n pde tanungan may sss saka xbdo si mama e

  13. Dear Sir/ Maam,

    Good day.

    I would like to inquire about pension adjustment of my status Leonardo Q. Barquin of legal age 64 years old, Poblacion, Toledo City, Cebu, 6038 with SSS no.06-0532894-1. I am a current member since 1979 to 1994. With this matter, I would like to ask if I am Qualify to have a Pension Adjustment.

  14. Good day Ms. Nora, I joined sss since 1975. I have a total of 147 contributions. i just recently applied for my retirement claim,and the status as of yesterday is still in “re-evaluation”. my concern is that how will sss evaluate my CYS since there were years when i was abroad and no contributions. will they still count the years from 1975 to 2016 as active “CSY”?

  15. Hi antonio, SSS will count only the years that you contributed to SSS. If your year of coverage is 1975, your CYS A is 1985 minus 1975 = 10. CYS B = number of years in which you paid 6 or more contributions within a year from 1985 to 2001. CYS C = Total number of months you paid since 2002 divided by 12. Your total CYS will be CYS A + CYS B + CYS C. You can check your CYS here: SSS pension data. How CYS is calculated by SSS

  16. Good morning mrs Nora, bukod po sa burial at death claim, meron din po bang 13th month pension every december? 54 total contribution lang po ang naihulog salamat po

  17. hello miss nora, i wish to cancel my policy with the Philippine Prudential I purchased last JULY13, 2016. Marami ako nababasa na negative comments and complaints about the policy, and have wished they have cancelled it during the free look period of 15days.

    I went back to the branch where i purchased the policy. along with me, was the request letter for cancellation and the policy which I wanted to return to them but they refused to accept the letter and the manager talked to me that they can cancel my policy but I can not receive a refund of my initial deposit amounting to 19, 890…. I told her, that it is clearly stated in the provisions of the policy that if im not completely satisfied with the policy, i can return and get a refund of my premium paid in full amount. Pero nag-insist parin ang manager na kung icancel nya mag babase sila sa cash value which means wala daw kasi zero pa ang cash value ko within first two years. sinabi pa nya na if ung pinag-uusapan namin is after two years na maari nya daw ako matulungan kasi may cash value na ko na pwede marefund only 6 125.00!! sinagot ko xa, na kaya nga as early as now gusto ko na i discontinue ang policy kasi di na ako interesado sa benefits nito at di na ko na kaya mag bayad pa ng premium for two years na kapalit ng 6125. gusto i iavail ung privilege ng 15days free period kasi ayaw ko magsisi bandang huli… sinabi ko pa, sabi mo kung after two years itong pag-uusan natin siguro matulungan mo ako, so pano na man ang mangyari, after 2months bumalik ako tapos ang sasabihin naman is sana nung naisip ko na indi ko kaya icontinue ang premium sa 15 days free look period dapat pinacancel ko na… i don’t know kung na.offend ko xa or what instead nag offer xa na kesa daw ipacancel ko hintayin ko na lang daw ung 6nonths kung sakali nmn daw after 3 yrs pwedeng mag pareinstate e sinabi ko n nga po na ipapacancel ko na irerefund ko nlng ung premium ko and about po sa labb plus di naman sinabi na may ganun sinabi lang after maswipe na ung atm ko at ang sabi ay non refundable na daw po balak ko rin po kasi sanang mag aral at ayun po gagamitin ko psoble pa po kaya na makuha ko pa yung 19 890? since dissatisfied ako sa pag-uusap namin, hininge ko po names nung dalawang tao dun at nung may mga tao na e sabi mag antay lang daw po kami at biglang inasikaso kami agad samantalang nung walang tao e ayaw pa kami kausapin at sila pa ang galit

  18. Hi gracia, thanks for sharing your experience here. Really sad that PPLIC is still doing the same deceitful things they have been doing. I hope nabawi mo yong pera mo kasi sinabi mong inasikaso rin kayo. Indeed, ang strategy is to be very firm in getting back your money.

  19. GOOD DAY! ..How can I complain against Caritas Health Shield Inc…gusto ko po kase ipacancel yung insurance ko sknla nung mismong araw na yun kaya pinagawa po nila ako letter para isubmit nila sa main office nila kasabay nung policy contract nila ..ayaw ko nga po sana pumirma ng contract dahil sabi ko ipapacancel ko nga pero sabi nila need ko daw po pirmahan para maisubmit nila sa main office nila kasama yung letter ko then bumalik ako sknila after 1week ang sabi hindi daw naaprove ang cancelation ko kaya no choice daw ako kundi ituloy yung insurance ko..possible po ba na maipacancel ko at marefund ko pa yung one year payment ko?

  20. Hi jene, days pa lang ba since nakuhanan ka ng pera? Magdala ka ng kasama mo na merong authority para matakot sila. Dapat ma-prove o ma-insist mo na na-deceive ka, na sinabi nila that you can cancel within __ days. Or kung kinuha yong credit card mo tapos sasabihin na i-verify lang, na hindi mo naman akalain na i-cha-charge na nila. Kung days pa lang, puede mo ring tawagan yong bank that issued your credit card kung paano mag-file ng cancellation para hindi matuloy ang charging ng payment kasi na-deceive ka.

  21. hello miss nora.. 2weeks na po kxe since then 🙁 tama po kayo nadeceived nga po ako kase nagulat na lang ako naicharge na nila sakin then pinapacancel ko na po agad nun kase sabi ko po hindi ko naitndihan mabuti na icharge na nila agad sakin tapos pinakausap na nila sakin yung mas mataas saknila pero ayun po pinagawa nila ko letter pero sinabi po nila agad sakin na wala daw assurance na macacancel ung payment ko hangang sa pagbalik ko nga po gnun ang sinabi sakin hindi daw naapproved ,.. ano po kaya maganda ko gawin para macancel yun or possible pa po ba na macancel yun?

  22. Hi jene, based sa mga nagco-comment dito and other sites, depende sa no. of days passed at saka sa determination. Malaking bagay yong meron kang kasama na magpunta don na mas strong at mas firm sa iyo, at merong alam sa law. Sorry, up to suggestions lang ako.

  23. Good Day Ms. Nora! I am a non-working member and ang last contribution ko pa sa SSS is nung 2012 pa. I just want to know kung pano ako ma qqualify sa Educational Loan ng SSS not for my children, since my eldest is just 4yo but for me because I am planning on taking B.A. Psychology at AMA Online Education program and It is PACUCOA Accredited (Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation) and ISO 9001:2008 Certified. My husband is employed and also a member of SSS.

  24. Hi Nora Good day po.Gusto ko sanang magpa online registration sa SSS.nahinto ang pagbabayad ko ng contribution last 2011 sa dahilan na nandito kami buong pamilya ko sa abroad.sinubukan ko nang nag fill-up ng application for members registration para sakaling ma track ko yong status ng SSS ko kaya lang nagkaroon ng problema dahil isa sa mga hinihiling nila ay Receipt number found in RS5 receipt ng SSS paid at least 6 months prior to the current date at wla na yong resibo sa akin.Ano ba ang dapat kong gawin dahil sa tanong na iyon hindi ako makapag rehistro thru online?Nais ko sanang ipagpapatuloy ko yong pagbabayad ng contribution ko. ang alam ko nakapagbayad na po ako ng 4 years thru self employed status.Kung sakaling makapag registered ako online,Paano ako pakapagbayad sa contribution as nandito ako sa Canada? Sana matulongan mo ako sa mga tanong ko. Samalat po.ang pangalan po ay Bobby.

  25. Hi Bobby, I’m not sure kung Edmonton nga ang location mo based on your IP address, pero merong IRemit office diyan sa Edmonton where you can pay your SSS. Find it here: IRemit offices in Canada. Subukan mo munang magbayad ng 1 month, and then try using the IRemit receipt no. in your online SSS enrollment. Try any combination of 6 digits doon sa receipt no. Before you started paying SSS as self-employed, nag-register ka ba noon as self-employed using RS-1 form? I asked kasi important na naka-register ka ng maayos. Hindi kasi valid ang mga contributions mo if you did not register properly. I hope your registration will be approved so you can check your status. If you’ll see you have a Date of Coverage, your contributions are valid.

  26. Hi Nora Maraming salamat po sa pag sagot at payo sa mga tanong ko.Opo naka pag registered po ako ng RS-1 form.Yes,nandito po kami sa Edmonton.Subukan ko munang magbayad kahit one month lang muna sa IRemit.

  27. Hi po. Nandito po ako sa saudi ngayon nagpadala po ako sa kapatid ko ng 70k. Magrrelease naman po sila ng ganung pera kaso po walang ibang id yung kapatid ko TIN at company ID lang po. Ano pa po kaya pwede nya ipresent as supporting documents. Thank you po.

  28. Hi po , gusto ko lang po malinawan . beneficiary po ako ng father kong namatay , nagpepension po ko sa sss niya totoo po bang kapag kumuha ako ng sarili kong sss tas mahulugan po ng companu na pagtatrabahuan ko ay automatic na macucut off yung pension ko ? salamat po god bless po

  29. nabasa ko po yung sinulat mo about savings account. If homebased po ang work ko and need nila ng bank account ko for them to deposit my salary. What will be the best bank? Im looking for an account with low or no daily balance required. Also po bank na di mahirap kausap sa requirement lalo sa ID. Thank You po

  30. Hi Nora! I am from La union living now in Canada. I want to ask about my plan in Berkley Intnl. Plan Inc (Danvil Plans). It’s fully paid last 2012 and will mature in 2020. I’ve just read from your blog that every plan holder have withdrawn their money. Can I still withdraw my payments?
    Hope you can help me.
    Thank you.

  31. Hi Benjamin, I’m from Sudipen, La Union. Hello, kaprobinsiya. Yes, you can submit your Danvil documents via LBC. ASAP. Send photocopies. Submit the originals when you claim your cheque. The list and the address is here: Danvil Plans. After a few days, depending when LBC says that the docs can reach Danvil, email Danvil danvilph@yahoo.com CC rdtlaw21@gmail.com and inform them that you have sent your documents to them via LBC.

  32. Hi Nora. I appreciate what you’ve been writing for Filipinos. It’s my first time here and I hope you can add a subscription page or widget so that the readers can be notified whenever a new blog post is published on your blog.

    It’s also a good way to collect email so you can reach to your readers. And who knows maybe someday you can write a book and let us know about it or other endeavours you would like to share to us.

    Hope to read more of your informative post in spite of being busy working at home.

    (I am also moonlighting online overseas. Looking forward for tips about freelancing and vice versa.)

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