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  1. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web sitfe before
    but after loooking att many of the articles I realized
    it’s neww to me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking itt and
    chrcking back frequently!

  2. i follow all your instruction but when i start click the link on my email it shows nothing.. i need my emplyee static info.. please help..

  3. hindi po ako makapag register paanu pu ba? na fill up ko na pu ung form peru pu wala pong nalabas na mula sa sss

  4. Same with me, I can’t register. Not accepted. I don’t know what’s wrong. tsk

  5. Hi Rhoxie, if you’re not able to complete the first part of registration, even if you write correct entries, that means the website is busy or not fully functioning. If you can, register at non-peak times, like dawn hours.

  6. I have completed the first part of registration. It’s the 2nd part that I could not complete.

  7. I have received sss validation but cannot register. I pay at bayad center as voluntary. I don’t know which is the receipt no.

  8. Hi Rhoxie, look for T#, and choose 6 digits. For example, T# is 0105Z0U6, enter 010506. If T# is 01008764, enter 108764 or 018764. Use T# of latest payment that you think is already posted (could be payment one month ago).

  9. Hi nora this is the no.T#2946Z1RW. can’t really register. what should I do? Hope you will help me. Thank you

  10. Hi Rhoxie, maybe because there are only 5 numbers, and the rest are letters? Sorry I’m not sure now. How about your other receipts? Try 294610. Have you tried using 5 numbers and a letter? If still not successful, next time, pay at SSS branch using an RS5 form, so the T# will surely be in the SSS database.

  11. Hi jane, try choosing 6 digits from your latest transaction no. or remittance no. The other option is to ask your family to pay 1 contribution and then send you the transaction no. Register after 3 or 5 days to allow time for posting.

  12. hi po, I filled up the form. The next step is to wait for email sent from sss. It’s been 1week I haven’t received an email from sss.
    I went to sss office at santiago city, i was told the system is under maintenance. It’s too long i haven’t received an email. I need it badly. Hope you can help us. Thank you

  13. Hi jun, CRN is the number on your UMID ID. CRN is the same as your SSS no., but with additional 00 at the start. But if you don’t have yet your UMID ID, write your SSS no. when registering. If you’re Employed, you should know first your Employer’s SSS no. before registering because you need it to complete your registration. If Voluntary/Self-employed/OFW, have your recent payment receipts with you because you need 6 digits from your receipt’s transaction no.

  14. Hi nitz, no, they’re different. Ask your HR for your employer’s SSS no. SSS number is your own SSS no.

  15. Hi nitz, if you’re employed, you need to input your employer’s SSS no. If voluntary, OFW or self-employed, you need to enter 6 digits from the transaction no. of your latest posted SSS payment receipt.

  16. My father has asked me to help him; he said he has no employer’s no. I guess we can verify at any SSS Branch, so we’ll know if his agency is remitting what they’re deducting as his SSS contributions. It’s his requirement for his 201 Files niya. Thanks po

  17. Hi nitz, yes, you better verify at SSS, at any branch. Every employer has its own SSS no (13 digits). If the agency has no SSS no., then they are not remitting collections to the SSS. An employee’s SSS no. consists of only 10 digits.

  18. Hi Nora, after receiving email verification/validation from SSS, I clicked on the provided link, it returned me back to SSS, and showed nothing. So basically,step 9-11 didn’t show. Pls. help to chase SSS IT support to look this matter. Thanks

  19. Hi Nancy, I hope by now you have enrolled already. Or if not yet, restart your laptop or PC, open your mail on Internet Explorer because it’s in this browser where the SSS website works well, and click again the link.

  20. Hi Nora, I’m now a non working spouse and have stopped my Sss contribution for almost 16 years…I would like to know what SBR no should I put to complete my online registration…I only know my last employer ID no…please advise..I just want to know my contributions..thanks

  21. Hi Marlene, pay one monthly contribution as Voluntary at the SSS branch so you can get an SBR no. You can pay as Voluntary if you were Employed or a registered Self-Employed before. It’s good to pay an amount equal or higher than your last contribution. See the new SSS table of contributions. Enroll in online SSS after your payment is posted, maybe after 3 days. Since you’re going to SSS, it’s also good if you verify your contributions first before paying — ask for a verification slip to fill up.

  22. Hi! I have a problem on what to put on the Receipt No/OTC. I paid in the SSS Branch and the Receipt tells Pay Reference: F00070903030097
    I tried different ways in putting on the Receipt No/OTC but got no luck. I’m sure the rest of the information required are correctly being put in. Please advise. Thanks.

  23. Hi Ricardo, when did you pay this? Maybe this payment was not yet posted? Or maybe it was paid more than 6 months ago? Did you try entering 6 digits like 793397? or 709030?

  24. Hi Ma’am, I try to register my father to sss online to know his history on SSS but when it comes to savings account number it always says “Savings Account not registered”. But his pension always receive on that account number. And another problem is 16 digits his savings account number but on sss online only needs 15 digits. That’s why i can’t register him. I hope u can help us. Thanks so much. 🙂

  25. Hi, for self employed who are asked for receipt number/OTC when registering online, just type in the pay reference #. All of it. Numbers and letters. I helped my mother register online and did just that. It went through. Now we are waiting for the email that she can already loog in online. Hope this helps. =)

  26. Hi alquine, thanks a lot for sharing information — that typing all the letters and numbers is accepted, even if their instruction is to type 6 digits from the receipt no.

  27. Good day po May I file for maternity? I’ve given birth more than one year ago. I didn’t know about SSS previously. I’ve paid po for 9 months to Sss before I got pregnant.

  28. Good day! I am having a hard time trying to enroll my SSS number thru online since yesterday in the evening for the reason that there’s a prompt message in the lower part of my employer ID number stating that the encoded digits wasn’t registered to SSS but the thing is that’s exactly the ID number of my employer, I’ve already droped a message via email to them, can I clarify what do you mean by “if you do not know the branch code, type 000” Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  29. Hi fleurdelis, yes, if your employer number consists of only 10 digits, enter the 10 digits and then enter 000 into the rightmost 3-digit space.

  30. hello ! Im an OFW, my mom is paying my sss contribution at Bayad Center. Now Im trying to register online then they need the reciept number from RS5. I dont have RS5. how can I register online. Thank you

  31. Hi Krizelle, ask your mom to email you a recent Bayad Center transaction no. (paid a week ago or a month ago), the one that starts with TPA, then choose any 6 consecutive digits there for your registration.

  32. hello po mrs nora asko ko po panu po b computation ng adjustment ,2008 po start pension father ko nadagdagan po pension nia ng 600,pero ang lamsum nia lang ay 22,800 lang

  33. Hi sol, kung 600 pesos ang increase ng pension ng father mo, dapat around 50k to 57k ang lump sum ng father mo, depending on the month your father started receiving his pension. Ang lump sum dapat ay yong number of months na kulang yong pension x increase in monthly pension. Your father can visit SSS and ask. He should bring his ID, your old pension voucher (or any document that shows his old pension amount) and your new notice.

  34. hello po ms nora.hindi ko po maregister ung sss ng father ko(DECEASED) kc me ngprompt po nMember has a Funeral/Death Claim. Members with Funeral and/or Death Claim are not allowed to register in My.SSS.pwede pa po b n maregister ung sss niya online?THANKS PO!

  35. Hi My father died last 2006. How will I know if my mom will be granted of the said adjustment? Also I tried enrolling my father’s account in SSS Online Service but it ran to no success with the error below. Can you please advise? Thanks Member has a Funeral/Death Claim. Members with Funeral and/or Death Claim are not allowed to register in My.SSS.

  36. Hi Shane, yes, survivor pensioners are not allowed to enroll. SSS said that they will complete all adjustments for survivor pensioners this Dec 2016. I hope your mother will get her adjustments kung hindi correct ang computation ng pension niya noon


  38. Hi Chloe, try-try mo any combination. Sa Bayad Center kasi iba-iba kung nasan yong receipt transaction no. Minsan Ref#, or TR#. Kung yang THB yong transaction no., try mo rin 162742, or yong ibang number diyan sa receipt mo. Or wait for another day, baka kasi hindi pa napasok sa SSS system yong payment mo.

  39. MS NORA, ayaw pa rin po , nagtry an rin po ako ng ibang combination lagi lang po nkalagay SBR NO, NOT IN SSS RECORD. OFW po ako 2014 po yung last hulog ko s pinas, then nagresume lng po this september .

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