SSS Contribution Table for OFW, Voluntary, Self-Employed and Employed Members


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  1. good day, ms. nora! re the list i sent earlier, you might wonder why there were gaps. well, i tried freelancing/consultancy in 2004 – 2007 and again, made no sss contributions because of my financial obligations as the family’s breadwinner. the gaps in the earlier years were because either the employer did not have me covered during my probation months, or they did not remit my sss contribution while i was at their employ.

    thank you again and God bless…

  2. Hi ed, it’s good to see you have your records in order. I should have also asked you to list the corresponding salary credits for all your last 60 contributions so I’ll just compute the total, and divide it by 60 to get your average salary credit. Anyway, you can do that, while I do it too, and then we compare our computation.

  3. Hello, Ms. Nora! Thank you for your reply. Since 2001 to March 2010 my monthly salary credit would fall under the 15,750 – over in the SSS Range of Compensation table, as shown on the SSS website. According to this table my Monthly Salary Credit was 16,000 for all my last 59 contributions as Employee while my last contribution as VM in July 2010 was computed at P13,000; so P16,000 x 59 = P944,000 + 13,000 = P957,000/60 = P15,960. Am I correct? Is this what I am to expect as my pension? Again, thanks a lot and God bless.

  4. Hi ed, no, that’s just your average monthly salary credit (AMSC). The pension formula that will most likely result to the biggest result for you is: 300 + 20% x AMSC + [2% x AMSC x (CYS – 10)]. CYS is your total of credited years of service. I calculated your AMSC, and it’s 14,716.67. But I need to double-check it. Here’s my post on pension computation: I emailed you.

  5. Thanks a lot, Ms. Nora. At least now I have and idea. Keep on doing great service to our fellow Filipinos. God bless you always. 🙂

  6. Gud noon. Can I be the one to continue paying my husband’s sss because he resigned from his job and became ofw. He’s not able to go out because he’s busy. What’s the process? He worked here for almost 8 yrs. We know he needs to complete 10 years in order to claim complete benefits.

  7. Hi Ginalyn, yes, you can pay for your husband. You can pay at Bayad Center or at SSS. If at SSS, ask for Contributions Payment Form. If at Bayad Center, ask for Transaction Form. Check “OFW”. What was the amount of his last premium payment? How old is he now?

  8. Gud day ms. Nora, if i am just to start now paying sss contribution as ofw.. Do i need to fill up another form? Is it true that i can’t have another person to fix my papers? I am now here in ksa… Thanks

  9. Hi Heidi, were you employed here before and your employer remitted your contributions to SSS? If yes, that means you already have a Date of Coverage, so you can go ahead and continue paying, this time as OFW. Your family can pay for you (they’ll check OFW in the Transaction Form (if Bayad center) or in the Contributions Payment Return (if at SSS branch). Minimum premium for OFWs is 550.
    If this is your first time to pay SSS, meaning you were not employed before or your employer did not pay SSS, download the OW-1 form, fill it up, scan it and then email it to SSS: OFW Registration

  10. Hi my mother in law to want to advance her monthly contribution for whole year, she is a ofw can she advance it? Thanks.

  11. Hi rhea, yes, she can pay in advance. Many OFWs do this to save on remittance fees. But she must keep her receipt because the posting of her monthly contributions on her online SSS account will be done from month to month as each calendar month arrives.

  12. good day, I want to continue paying my sss monthly contribution as self-employed. Please tell what should I do to do so.

  13. Hi Salomon, since you were previously employed, you can continue paying as Voluntary. You don’t have to file any document to become Voluntary. Just make your payment and check or write Voluntary in your payment slip. You can pay at SSS, Bayad Center or SM Business Center. If you’re younger than 55, you can choose any amount you like to pay. Starting from age 55, you can increase your contribution amount only once by one level per year.

  14. ms nora what if I make contributions for 5 months before I give birth is 330, how much would be my maternity benefits? How do we compute?

  15. Hi Erika, salary range refers to your monthly salary. For example, if your monthly salary is 4,400, your salary range is 4,250-4,749.99 and your salary credit is 4,500. When SSS computes, it uses the salary credit, not the actual monthly salary. In this example, SSS uses 4,500. Before I compute, when is your expected delivery date?

  16. hi mrs nora may I ask how much usually is the amount if it’s a first salary loan? and how much is the interest if my monthly salary is let say 13k a month.thank you

  17. Hi rommel, do you mean you have already contributed 36 contributions? Or more but less than 72 contributions? if your monthly contribution for the past 12 months is 472.30, your first salary loan will be 13k. Your total interest will be 1,398 and your monthly amortization will be 600. Remember this is only an estimate, as I’m not connected with SSS.

  18. Hi erika, pay for Jan to Mar asap this March. You can make your payment up to Apr 10 (or up to your deadline), but pay at SSS. Then pay Apr to June anytime during the Apr to June quarter. If you’re able to pay 330 for each month from Jan to June, your maternity benefit will be 6,000.

  19. Hi, can I decrease my monthly contribution from 1430 tp 1100? I’m an online freelancer by the way. Should I still need to have declaration of earnings to do such?

  20. Hello po ma’am Nora, I am a government employee and chose to have my contribution to SSS as voluntary member amounting to 440 per month though I have a gross income of 27,000 a month.Is it okay if I just pay that amount for 10 years? Would I benefit from it if I chose not to continue paying after 10 years of continuous payment?What particular benefits would I earn?.thank you and more power maam!

  21. Hi ms.nora I just want to ask po. last year Jan 19 this person filed an SSS loan. almost 1 month po when he got 15k. Can he apply again? and how much? His deduction is 385 monthly.

  22. Hi Erika, if he did not stop working, meaning he continuously paid his loan through his employer, yes, he can renew his loan. Did you mean 381.50 monthly? The salary credit for this is 10,500. His new loan amount will be the average of his last 12 monthly salary credit. It’s times 2 if he has paid at least 72 contributions, minus his loan balance. He can enroll in online SSS so he can check his loan status.

  23. “34XXXXXXXX Your contribution payment for Apr 2016 amounting to P550.00 has been posted”

    I got this text from SSS last week and I’m about to receive my very first pay at the end of the month. This is my first job and I’m just wondering ‘cos my salary credit is 13,000 and I thought my contribution would only amount to 472.30php. Why does the text say 550php?

  24. Hi Onin, maybe the text was a mistake? Usually SSS texts only to voluntary and self-employed payors. Besides, your May contribution is yet to be remitted by your employer next month and the collection list is yet to be filed in July. Yes, your SSS deduction is 472.30

  25. Hi ms. nora, how much is the contribution if your total salary is less than P1,000.00? let say P700.00

  26. Hi Donna, with SSS, the lowest monthly salary is 1,000 pesos. If the salary is 700 pesos, he/she is not eligible for SSS membership, based on the SSS law.
    If you meant the member worked for only 1 day or 2 days of the month, earning less than 1k, then there would be no SSS deduction.

  27. Hi Mrs. Nora, last year my husband’s loan amount was 15k. Why now, you’re saying it’s 11 only? he has been paying the same amount of SSS contributions

  28. Hi Erika, I’m also puzzled. Are you sure his monthly contributions were all the same? Maybe he had overtime work last year. Because the SSS loan amount is based on the average of the last 12 monthly salary credits. If he has worked for 36 years or more, the loan amount is doubled.
    Anyway, you can check his loan details in his online SSS account. If none yet, he or you can register to get an online SSS account.

  29. Gud day po…b4 i am a private sch. Teacher. Now im in public as teacher 1…i stopped paying may sss contribution last 2013…now i am 4 months pregnant and planning 2 pay so i can claim 4 maternity benefit…is it still possible po?how much will i pay monthly?i am hiping 4 ur immediate response….thank u…

  30. good day Ms. Nora.. i would like to know if in any way you could provide me of a tabulation of salary range and salary credit. i work in a construction company as an administrative staff.previously, starting march 2015 only 190.80 were considered by the company as monthly deductions for sss and philhealth for workers earning at a daily minimum wage rate (provincial rate) of 316.50. recently, this month of july, everyone was in shock when the company deducted 536.00 for sss and philhealth contributions claiming an increase in salary credit from 2500 to 12,000… was it true? when did the adjustment took effect?

  31. Hi stephanie, is your expected due in Dec? Sorry but your semester of contingency is July to Dec 2016, so you should have paid last quarter or any quarter within July 2015 to June 2016. But if your due is Jan 2017, you can qualify by paying for July Aug and Sep. Pay for the quarter on or before Sep 30, or you can pay for July within July, Aug within Aug and Sep within Sep.

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  33. Hi Ms. Nora. I just want to ask, my Auntie is an Ofw and is paying 1,760 sss contribution monthly as she wanted to get more benefits whe she is ready to retire. She would like to know if it’s okay as an Ofw to pay that certain amount of contribution and that she will benefit more in the future? She is just worried that there is cut off contribution for ofw to pay rather than paying what she wanted. She also would like to ask you if there is a deadline payment for each month or she can just pay any day of the month. Many thanks. Hope to hear from you.

  34. Hi Angela, yes, your aunt can pay the maximum amount. Since she’s an OFW, the deadline is more flexible. She can pay on any day of the month and can pay for any month of the year. She can pay for 2 or more months to save on remittance fees. But if you are the one paying for her in the Philippines, you follow the deadline for locals so you don’t need to show proof that your aunt is an OFW, meaning you pay for the current month within the current month. Yes, she will get a higher pension because she’s contributing the maximum. You can ask your aunt if she also wants to save with SSS Flexi-Fund or with Pag-ibig 1 and MP2 5-year savings scheme.

  35. Hi mrs Nora gusto ko sana malaman Kong magkano makukuha sa first loan as a ofw may payment contribution is 550 minimum bracket per month almost 2years na po ako naghuhulog,,,gusto ko sana mgloan….tnx

  36. Hi Dhian, sorry, pero hindi ka pa puedeng mag-loan kasi ang requirement ng SSS bago first loan is nakapag-contribute ng 36 monthly contributions. At halimbawa lang, meron ka nang 36 contributions, dahil ang salary credit ng 550 is 5,000 pesos, ang malo-loan mo lang is 5,000 pesos. Sa Pag-ibig, kung mas malaki ang ipon mo doon, mas malaki ang amount ng malo-loan kasi 60% to 80% of total savings ang pinapa-loan doon. At puede nang mag-loan after 24 contributions.

  37. Hi Ma’am Nora
    Would like to ask, my mother is paying as a voluntary / self employed
    But she forgot to pay her monthly for the past 3 months, since she went to province (province is in an island, no banks, nor establishments) Can she pay her contribution and have it applied to the paid 3 months? Thank you

  38. Hi po. Would just like to ask if much will be the orugh estimation for my sss maternity benefit. I used to work but not anymore. So from employed to voluntary member po ako..for the past 12months e 330 nlg po nbbyad ko..mgkanu kaya mkkuha ko? Slamat

  39. Hi Arielle, ang monthly salary credit ng 330 is 3000. Kung normal delivery, 6,000 ang magiging maternity benefit mo. Dapat merong 6 contributions within the 12-month period prior to your semester of delivery para 6 contributions ang ma-count. Kung 3 contributions lang, 3,000 lang benefit mo. Take care

  40. Hi po pwede ko po bayaran in advance ang monthly contributions ng husband ko? Nagbayad n po ako ng whole year nya para 2017 sa bayad center..dati nkacontribute n sya ng 105..parang 15 contributions n lng ang kulang nya tama po ba? Kung nabayaran ko n ung 1 year nya may kulang p n 3 months..pwede ko n po ba bayaran n lng ung 3 months in advance?

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