SSS Contribution Table 2014, Self-Employed, Voluntary, OFW Members

Here is the new SSS Contribution Table for Self-Employed, Voluntary and OFW members starting January 2014.

(Monthly) (Monthly) (Monthly)
1,000 – 1,249.99 1,000 110
1,250 – 1,749.99 1,500 165
1,750 – 2,249.99 2,000 220
2,250 – 2,749.99 2,500 275
2,750 – 3,249.99 3,000 330
3,250 – 3,749.99 3,500 385
3,750 – 4,249.99 4,000 440
4,250 – 4,749.99 4,500 495
4,750 – 5,249.99 5,000 550
5,250 – 5,749.99 5,500 605
5,750 – 6,249.99 6,000 660
6,250 – 6,749.99 6,500 715
6,750 – 7,249.99 7,000 770
7,250 – 7,749.99 7,500 825
7,750 – 8,249.99 8,000 880
8,250 – 8,749.99 8,500 935
8,750 – 9,249.99 9,000 990
9,250 – 9,749.99 9,500 1,045
9,750 – 10,249.99 10,000 1,100
10,250 – 10,749.99 10,500 1,155
10,750 – 11,249.99 11,000 1,210
11,250 – 11,749.99 11,500 1,265
11,750 – 12,249.99 12,000 1,320
12,250 – 12,749.99 12,500 1,375
12,750 – 13,249.99 13,000 1,430
13,250 – 13,749.99 13,500 1,485
13,750 – 14,249.99 14,000 1,540
14,250 – 14,749.99 14,500 1,595
14,750 – 15,249.99 15,000 1,650
15,250 – 15,749.99         15,500 1,705
15,750 – over 16,000 1,760


. Minimum Monthly Contribution for OFWs is 550 pesos.

. For those who have paid in advance contributions for the year 2014 based on the old SSS contribution table, make additional payments.


If you paid in advance 104 per month,
pay an additional 6 pesos for each month paid in advance.
If you paid in advance 312 per month,
pay an additional 18 pesos for each month paid in advance.
If you paid in advance 520 per month,
pay an additional 30 pesos for each month paid in advance.
If you paid in advance 780 per month,
pay an additional 45 pesos for each month paid in advance.
If you paid in advance 1,560 per month,
pay an additional 200 pesos for each month paid in advance.

What happens if I do not make additional payments?

SSS will post your contributions as payments for the applicable lower salary credit.

BUT those who paid in advance 104 per month and OFWs who paid in advance 520 per month, they must make the additional payments, or else their advance payments will be put on hold and will not be posted. Why so? Because there is no salary credit lower than 1,000 or no contribution lower than 104.

For OFWs who paid in advance their minimum, 520 per month, SSS will also put these payments on hold, kasi 5,000 ang pinakamababang salary credit for OFWs.

Ano ba ang difference between SALARY RANGE and SALARY CREDIT?

Salary Range refers to your actual gross monthly salary. Andito ba sa range na ito ang iyong gross monthly salary?

Salary Credit is the amount used by SSS to compute your salary loan amount, sickness benefit amount, maternity benefit amount and pension amount.


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  1. Hi Ma’am Nora…Have a good day!I’m a flexi-fund member since October 2010 untill at present but I have just remitted 1560 monthly contributions before then this time 1,595 pesos.I just asking if can I go back to regular ofw sss member or can I cancel my being flexi-fund member?Do I have any new sss form to fill out upon doing so?Thanks a lot and I highly appreciated your answer.

  2. Hi marie, do you mean you were paying 1560 monthly since October 2010? And you thought you were paying for Flexi-Fund? If you were paying 1560 only, I think your payments were posted as regular SSS contributions, and not Flexi-Fund. Why do I think so? Because what SSS does is when it receives payments from OFWs, it gets first the 1560 and credits it to your regular SSS payments, and then the excess, which should be more than 200 pesos, is credited to your Flexi-Fund. You can write and ask your Flexi-Fund balance, so you will know if you have Flexi-Fund. Since 2014, the maximum regular contribution is 1760.

  3. good day po. I’m ofw. The amount I pay every month to sss is 550. Is this ok even if I don’t comply with the salary range set by SSS? What’s the difference if I comply with the salary range? thanks po

  4. Hi janine, the minimum SSS monthly salary credit for OFWs is 5,000, and the contribution for this is 550. It means your contribution is valid. If you pay higher contributions, you can claim higher benefits, like maternity benefit.

  5. Hello Ms. Nora I have a question what kind of Retirement claim form I need, I’m a Filipino-Canadian and paid my sss by myself as a volunteer. I’m going to be 60 nxt month August and also I paid 120 months. Thanks. LPCalvelo


  7. Hi Carolina, there’s a new SSS circular saying that if you’re younger than 55, you can now increase to any amount, and you can change frequently, but not decrease to below 550 (because you’re OFW). If you were not an Employed SSS member before you became OFW, before you pay, it’s best if you go to SSS and verify your date of coverage and your contributions. If you’re abroad, email and inquire about your date of coverage. I’m advising this because of your payment history, and so that you can correct your registration in case there’s a problem.

  8. Dear Mrs Nora, I am presently a pensioner. I was employed since march 1976 up to april 2004. I just want to know detailed computation of my monthly pension. Hope to receive your response soonest time possible. Thank you very much. Luciano J. Bartonico

  9. Maam nag naag apply ako sa contribution doon is 1300…first payment ko po as ofw is 1375…first month…pwede po ba me lipat ng self employed.if lipat me pano po ung nabayaran ko ung 1st month credited po va yon for another month…tnx po..reply pls

  10. hi po. Will clarify po. I borrowed and received sss check amounting to P17,500 (what I know is I should have received 20,000 but they immediately deducted the interest, is that right?). Then since oct 2012 I’ve been paying P875.00 / month for the loan. Last time I checked, P21,000 was my total payment for the loan but I still have a balance of 596.00. Why is that? Is that not overpayment? Why do I still have a balance?

  11. Hi Sunshine, yes, the previous SSS loan policy was to deduct immediately the interest. About possible overpayment: The loan should be paid within 24 months. Were there months that you missed? And was your paying period more than 24 months? If there were, then just pay the 596 balance before it becomes bigger. Later on, just file your request for a recomputation if you really see an overpayment (better than accumulating additional interests). SSS also says that salary loan overpayments can be added to the subsequent salary loan.

  12. Hi po. I’m Ofw. last year I wasn’t able to remit contributions. Can I pay for last year’s contributions. and if okay, where can I pay my late contributions?

  13. Hi Rachel, sorry, no, you can no longer pay contributions for last year. If this month were still January, you can pay for Oct Nov and Dec 2014. But it’s now September.
    As an OFW, what you can pay this month are from Jan to August, if you have not paid.

  14. Hi I want to ask if I can pay my monthly Contributions at SM Bayad Centers if I’m still newly registered with SSS. It’s only now I’m starting as Voluntary member. and How much would I pay? i don’t have work yet.

  15. Hi Mark, do you mean you just got your SSS no.? If yes, you cannot start paying as Voluntary member. Your payments will be accepted (because the tellers won’t know if you registered properly) but these will not be valid. You must find a job first, so your employer can report you to SSS and remit your contributions. You can also start with SSS as OFW or self-employed (small business, direct marketer, buy-and-sell, insurance agent, real estate agent, web designer). Before paying, register as self-employed using SSS RS1 form with proof of source of regular income (ORs, sales ORs, sales commission receipts, business permit, etc). How to Register with SSS as Self-Employed

  16. Hi, I am Jane, 47 years old, how much would as my monthly pension i will start my voluntary contribution on 330 pesos. Thank much.

  17. Hi Jane, you have 13 years to contribute before turning 60. Let’s say you increased your contributions for your last 60 months before turning 60 to 550 (salary credit of 5,000). Your pension will be the higher result using these 2 formulas:
    1. 300 plus 20% of 5000 plus [(2% of 5000) x (13 years – 10 years)]
    300 + 1000 + 300 = 1,600
    2. 40% of 5000 = 2000
    Your pension will be 2,000 because it is the higher result.
    By the way, you should start paying as employed, OFW or self-employed, and not voluntary. How to register with SSS as self-employed

  18. Hi po! Im Marjery Corpuz 33years old. employed po previously till 2012. my contributions were updated while working. I stopped when I resigned. I want to continue because I want to file Mat1. will give birth in March 2016. what should I do to qualify for maternity benefit?

  19. Hi Marjery, pay for Sep to Dec 2015 or Oct to Dec 2015 this September, and then pay for Jan to March 2016 in Jan 2016. It’s better to pay at Philhealth so you can get your updated MDR. Fill up registration form and check For Updating.

  20. Hello po, my husband and I previously paid as voluntary members. Now it’s almost 3 years we haven’t paid because we lost our source of income, until we found jobs here abroad. We’re now OFWs. How can we pay the minimum 550 for ofw. can we pay through our sibling as we are abroad and there’s no way to pay here? salamat po

  21. Hi Haydee, yes, your sibling can pay your SSS contributions as OFWs in your behalf. At Bayad Center, your sibling can pay — fill up the form (your names, SSS nos., check OFW, month paid, date paid). Then you can ask for the transaction no. so you can use it to enroll in online SSS, so you can check your records online.

  22. I have a question on SSS. I am currently living in Honolulu and contributed to it while I was in Philippines for my SSS. Can I continue to pay my SSS contributions so I can qualify for SSS pension? If I do, should I pay under employed, voluntary? Is the SSS pension taxable under Philippine laws? Thank you. Jessie

  23. Good Day Ms. Nora.
    Regarding the monthly salary range for the monthly contribution, Is the basis only the basic pay? not including the allowances? My basic pay with my current employer is P12,500 and if includes allowances it will be P16,000.

    and about the contributions, i wonder why my previous employer has different amounts of posted contributions in my sss. Last August 2014 the posted amount of contribution is P1485, Sept P1540, Oct20140-Jan2015 P1760, Feb2015 P1540. my basic pay with my previous employer was P14,000. Is there possible reasons why the posted contributions are all not the same?

  24. Hi Merille, the SSS monthly contribution is based on the actual total compensation for the month (basic pay plus overtime, differential, holiday pay, travel allowance, etc.) Monthly contributions are not the same if the total monthly salaries are not the same, like if there are unpaid leaves, absences, etc. and if there’s additional compensation.

  25. Hi Ms Nora, I am an OFW and had recently restarted my SSS contribution w/c is 780 per month. I would like to increase it to the maximum but they told me to do it gradually. Can I increase my contribution monthly so that in 2 years time or so I can reach the max requirement? I wanted to do this bec I want to avail the flexi fund. Can you pls help to advise. Thank you in advance and God bless.

  26. Hi tata, there’s a new circular regarding increases in SSS contributions. Are you younger than 55? If younger, you can immediately increase your monthly contribution to the maximum (1,760) so you can immediately start saving with Flexi-Fund. Register first with Flexi-Fund using OW1 form. Download it from, fill it up, scan it, then attach it to your email to Attach also a scan of your IDs. will give the link to the circular later

  27. Good day po, my mama asked me to post this question. How much will be the pension of a voluntary contributor for 10 years, with 550 monthly contributions.

  28. Hi Vina, the salary credit of 550 is 5000. These are the formulas for those who contributed for exactly 10 years:
    Formula 1: 40% x 5000 = 2000
    Formula 2: 300 pesos + (20% x 5000) + 0 (because there’s no excess years after 10 years) = 1300
    Formula 3: Minimum pension, which is 1000 as of today.
    The pension will be the highest result. The pension is 2,000 pesos.

  29. Me and my husband was previously paying the maximum contribution 1,560 pesos from employed to voluntary after we separated from the company but when changing occur in the salary credit january 2014 we just pay the 1,595 monthly contribution….my question is this okay ? If we want to pay the maximum contribution of 1760 do we need to go to sss branch for approval or just paying this amount since before we just paid adjustment on contribution from 1,560 to 1,595 not inform to sss.

  30. I have already made at least 120 monthly payments and I am doing it voluntarily. I am 42 years of age. I am not an OFW. Can I increase my premium payments per quarter to be able to reach the maximum payments soon? Or can I just pay the maximum amount for the whole year and stop afterwards, considering that I have already made at least 120 monthly payments? I am paying 440/month as of the moment.

  31. Hi,my contribution is only 550 a month.if i will pay more than 10years of much my pension if i reach 60 years old.i am
    only 41years old now…so far i already paid 6years of my contribution
    Please reply
    Thank you

  32. Hello po,

    Pano po kaya ang gagawin ko kasi yung payment ng mother ko last pa is 2011, gusto po sana naming I continue.
    Papano po kaya yun self employed po sya.


  33. Dear Ms. Nora, good day po, I have 248 total contributions and i am 53 yrs of age, and I’ve stopped paying. what can you advise po, do i need to continue to pay my contribution to maximum? i’m still an agent of insurance. Will my benefits increase if i retire on 60 yrs of age? how much will be my monthly pension. im willing to pay po start this year january,2016 pls. give me an advice what is the best i’m confident not pay previous because I know i’m qualified but i want to know if i can avail higher benefits if I pay 2016 until i reach 60 in 2022? i hope i can received the feed back herewith my e-mail, thank you and god bless

  34. Hi Ms. Nora, what’s the procedure if I stopped paying SSS contributions for about 7 years and want to continue paying? Thanks

  35. Hi gemma, you can increase your pension if you pay the maximum premium over the last 60 months before you turn 60. If your last premium was not maximum, you should start paying the maximum this year or anytime before you turn 55. See this new SSS circular about increasing SSS contributions. The amount of your pension will depend on two factors: the number of years you contributed, and your average salary credit. Obviously, if you have more maximum contributions, specially in the last 60 months, your average salary credit will be higher.
    Have you registered in online SSS? If not yet, prepare your last premium payment and look for your transaction no., as you need it when you enroll. After you have successfully enrolled, comment again, so I can guide you on how to get your estimated pension amount.

  36. Hi Macky, if you paid contributions before as employee, you can pay anytime at SSS or Bayad Center. After your payment is posted, your status as Employed will automatically change to Voluntary. But to be sure that your contributions as employee were remitted, go to SSS and verify your contributions with your SSS ID or 2 IDs if no SSS ID. Fill up verification slip. When verified, you can then pay at the SSS cashier. It’s wise to pay a higher monthly contribution (higher monthly salary credit) than your past contributions. After payment posting, enroll in online SSS so you can track your payments.

  37. Hi Beth, do you mean sickness, disability or maternity claim? Yes, they accept and screen the documents you submit and then they forward these documents to SSS Diliman for processing.

  38. kylangan ko po kumuha ng static info ngaun pero d makumpleto kc bago pa lng ang e1 ko wala pa ako employer ano po kya dpat kong gawin… sana may mag reply agad.. thank you

  39. hi ms. nora. i started working and paying my sss in 1979 until i resigned in march 2010 and changed my membership to voluntary in july of the same year. this was because there was this project that became a one-shot deal instead of what i believed to be a long-term one. i wasn’t able to make any payments after that because i couldn’t afford it anymore. my question is: how will this affect my retirement benefits? i’m due for retirement this month. thank you very much and god bless!

  40. Hi ed, if you paid the maximum monthly contributions from Apr 2005 to mar 2010, I think you will receive a fairly bigger pension than most because you started paying in 1979 — your no. of credited years of service might reach 29 or 30 or 31. Don’t feel sad you were not able to pay after march 2010 because if you tried to pay but paid lower premiums, it would have reduced your average monthly salary credit. If you can list your last 60 monthly premiums, we can estimate your pension, but if you have your online SSS account, you can check your estimated pension online. God bless too

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