SSS Contribution Table 2014, Self-Employed, Voluntary, OFW Members

Here is the new SSS Contribution Table for Self-Employed, Voluntary and OFW members starting January 2014.

(Monthly) (Monthly) (Monthly)
1,000 – 1,249.99 1,000 110
1,250 – 1,749.99 1,500 165
1,750 – 2,249.99 2,000 220
2,250 – 2,749.99 2,500 275
2,750 – 3,249.99 3,000 330
3,250 – 3,749.99 3,500 385
3,750 – 4,249.99 4,000 440
4,250 – 4,749.99 4,500 495
4,750 – 5,249.99 5,000 550
5,250 – 5,749.99 5,500 605
5,750 – 6,249.99 6,000 660
6,250 – 6,749.99 6,500 715
6,750 – 7,249.99 7,000 770
7,250 – 7,749.99 7,500 825
7,750 – 8,249.99 8,000 880
8,250 – 8,749.99 8,500 935
8,750 – 9,249.99 9,000 990
9,250 – 9,749.99 9,500 1,045
9,750 – 10,249.99 10,000 1,100
10,250 – 10,749.99 10,500 1,155
10,750 – 11,249.99 11,000 1,210
11,250 – 11,749.99 11,500 1,265
11,750 – 12,249.99 12,000 1,320
12,250 – 12,749.99 12,500 1,375
12,750 – 13,249.99 13,000 1,430
13,250 – 13,749.99 13,500 1,485
13,750 – 14,249.99 14,000 1,540
14,250 – 14,749.99 14,500 1,595
14,750 – 15,249.99 15,000 1,650
15,250 – 15,749.99         15,500 1,705
15,750 – over 16,000 1,760


. Minimum Monthly Contribution for OFWs is 550 pesos.

. For those who have paid in advance contributions for the year 2014 based on the old SSS contribution table, make additional payments.


If you paid in advance 104 per month,
pay an additional 6 pesos for each month paid in advance.
If you paid in advance 312 per month,
pay an additional 18 pesos for each month paid in advance.
If you paid in advance 520 per month,
pay an additional 30 pesos for each month paid in advance.
If you paid in advance 780 per month,
pay an additional 45 pesos for each month paid in advance.
If you paid in advance 1,560 per month,
pay an additional 200 pesos for each month paid in advance.

What happens if I do not make additional payments?

SSS will post your contributions as payments for the applicable lower salary credit.

BUT those who paid in advance 104 per month and OFWs who paid in advance 520 per month, they must make the additional payments, or else their advance payments will be put on hold and will not be posted. Why so? Because there is no salary credit lower than 1,000 or no contribution lower than 104.

For OFWs who paid in advance their minimum, 520 per month, SSS will also put these payments on hold, kasi 5,000 ang pinakamababang salary credit for OFWs.

Ano ba ang difference between SALARY RANGE and SALARY CREDIT?

Salary Range refers to your actual gross monthly salary. Andito ba sa range na ito ang iyong gross monthly salary?

Salary Credit is the amount used by SSS to compute your salary loan amount, sickness benefit amount, maternity benefit amount and pension amount.


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  1. Good afternoon po, pano kung tapos na ang trabaho ko as ofw. Gusto ko pong mag voluntary contribution na lang since mataas na po para sa akin ang 1760pesos. Pwede po ba yun? Patulong po pano gagawin… Thanks!


  2. Hi nilda, if you increase by 1 or 2 levels, just pay the increased premium, there’s no need to ask permission from SSS. You can increase by 1 or 2 levels from month to month. Pag gusto mong increase by more than 2 levels, use RS5 form and fill up the Declaration of Earnings at the lower portion of the form.

  3. Hi Kate, yes, you can continue contributing as Voluntary. If you decrease from 1760 by more than 2 levels, sa SSS ka muna unang magbayad para maka-fill-up ka sa RS5 form. Fill up the Declaration of Earnings sa lower portion of the form, i-match mo yong earnings mo sa contribution na gusto mo, and then pay. Keep this form in your files. Pag age 50s ka na, increase your contributions, kasi ang basis ng pension ay average salary credit. Mas malamang na ang average salary credit for the last 5 years immediately before semester of retirement ay higher than the overall average salary credit.
    For next payments, puede na sa Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

  4. hi po, gusto ko pong malaman kung pwede ba gamitin yng bagong UMID I.D. sa SSS kasi po may ngpapa continue nang SSS contribution niya pero nakalimutan po niya or di na niya mahagilap yung mismong SSS I.D. number po niya for reference kung sakali..pwede po ba yun? pano bo ba? salamat po.

  5. Hi jo, puedeng i-verify ang SSS no. sa SSS branch. Fill up verification slip (date of birth, birthplace, etc). If you’re verifying for another person, get an authorization letter and her/his ID.

  6. Hi po. Question ofw po ksi nanay q pero nagwork din xa before. Pwed po bang aqng ang maghulog s sss ng nanay q as voluntary. Pano po b procedure.salamat

  7. Hi Jen, yes, puedeng ikaw. Choose her monthly contribution. Then pay at Bayad Center or SM Center (RS5 form or yong kanilang form). Write Voluntary. Puede rin sa SSS. Fill up RS5 form. After 2 to 3 days (to allow for posting), register your mother online at You will use 6 digits from your transaction no. Check if your mother has a Date of Coverage — this is important. If your mother wants to change her status to OFW (so she can save via Flexi-Fund), ask her to download OW1 form from and then scan and email it to sss.

  8. Hi,
    Pano po ba kumuha muli ng SSS ID kasi nawala ko yata ang SSS ID ko pero yong E-1 form ko nasa akin pa po. Ano po ba ang gawin ko para sa balang araw wag po ako mag kaka problema.
    At saan po ako pwede mag bayad kasi OFW po ako ngayon ang last kung contribution is 2001 pa.


  9. Hi belle, you can apply for ID replacement only when you get back here in the Phils. Just present your notarized Affidavit of Loss of SSS ID, 2 other valid IDs and 350 pesos at any SSS branch with SSS ID photo system. Do you have a Bancnet-linked bank account in the Phils? You can pay SSS online through Bancnet. If you have a Mastercard or Visa credit card, you can pay SSS through PayPilipinas. After your payment is posted (about 5 days), register at (you need 6 digits na tabi-tabi from your transaction no.) so you can track your SSS data. IRemit, PNB, Ventaja are SSS collectors but they don’t have yet outlets in South Australia.

  10. Hi.
    Tanong ko lang po kung paano kumuha ng SSS number kung walang birth certificate nor baptismal certificate? Ang mother ko po kasi ay may sari-sari store at gusto maging self-emplyed member pero hindi daw po sya registered sa NSO kaya pinapalakad pa po namin sa ngayon sa lola ko and birth certificate nya. Pwede po kayang gamitin ung secondary requirements kung walang birth or baptismal certificates?
    Thanks po.

  11. Hi Jin, yes, puedeng gumamit ng at least 2 secondary documents, pero ang makukuha niya is temporary SSS no. Kelangan nio pa ring mag-submit later on ng original birth cert para maging permanent ang SSS no. Puedeng magpa-late registration ang mother mo sa local civil registrar para magkaroon ng birth cert. She brings marriage cert, affidavit of two disinterested persons, other proofs of birth.

  12. Hi,Nora. How much should my sss monthly voluntary contribution be for me to receive P10th monthly pension when i retire at 60 yrs old.Now, I’m 57 yrs old.Thank you.

  13. Hi mick, I don’t have your SSS data, so what I can say is that you can maximize your pension by contributing the maximum monthly contribution (1,760 pesos) for these last 3 years before you retire. The goal here is to move up your average monthly salary credit (AMSC) nearer to the maximum which is 16k pesos because pension would be based on AMSC.
    Your pension would be the higher of these 2 results:
    1. Pension = 40% of AMSC. Example: 40% of 15k pesos = 6k pesos (if AMSC is 15k).
    2. Pension = 300 pesos plus 20% of AMSC plus 2% of AMSC x no. of years na sobra sa 10.
    There are 2 AMSC formulas, but usually the higher AMSC is the average of the last 60 salary credits immediately before semester of retirement.

  14. hello po ask ko lang po kung magstart po ba ako ng payment as a self employeed or voluntary kasi wala na po ako work since middle ng january 2004 tapos nagstart po ako ng payment nung as a voluntary o self employed nung 2006 ng 220.00..
    220.00 po ang estimation for monthly payment na binigay po sa akin noon sa mismong sss sa baclaran branch for voluntary or self employed monthly payment ko daw po..
    pwede pa po ba ako magstart ulit ng payment ng pang voluntary or self employed this year? need ko pa po bang bayaran yung mga di ko na hulugan since 2006 as a voluntary or self employed?

    or pwede naman po ako magstart ulit ng payment this june2014 as a voluntary o self employed ng 220.00 po ulit?.. tama po ba?

    nakapaghulog po ako sa sss since working student po ako nung 1997 until nag work sa office ng hanggang january 2004 tapos na stop po ang bayad from the company since wala na po me doon kaya nakapagstart po ako ulit ng payment nung 2006 pero as a voluntary or self employed na po..

    tapos how many months ko po pwede gamitin (makapag Loan for emergency ko po or pang maternity) sa mga na hulog ko po sa sss if ever nagstart po ako ulit payment this june 2014 as a voluntary or self employed.. macocover pa po ba mga naihulog ko noong 1997/1998?

    thanks po sa sagot nyo in advance. hope matulungan nyo po ako sa mga questions ko po. God Bless po! :)

  15. Hi dyna, since you were previously employed, you continue paying as Voluntary. You can no longer pay previous years. You can pay current month or current quarter at Bayad Center/SM Business Center/SSS. After paying (wait for 3 to 5 days), enroll at so you can check if your Date of Coverage is 1997. Comment again here if your date of coverage is a later year (did you register using RS1 form in 1997?).
    If your overall no. of contributions is 36, with 6 contributions paid within the past 12 months, then you can apply for a salary loan. Can be online application.

  16. hi. i just want to ask if possible po ba na bayaran ko yung past whole year na di ko na hulugan kasi ofw ako ngayon.. thanks po

  17. Hi pehm, you can pay for Jan 2014 to May 2014 or the next months. You can no longer pay for months in 2013. If today were still Jan 2014, then you could have paid for Oct to Dec 2013, but it’s already May.

  18. Ask ko lng po if pwede po ba apply agad for sss id kahit di pa me nag start mag pay sa contribution ko. Bali my E1 form na me at nabigyan na din me ng ss number.

  19. Hi Cindy, before applying for your SSS ID, you must first have at least 1 posted contribution, and you must have a Date of Coverage, meaning your employer has remitted at least 1 contribution or you have paid your first contributions as self-employed with approved RS1 form.

  20. good day po ask ko lng po maam if obligado po b mg hulog ng 3 months advance s sss s pgkuha ng umid for taiwan po? wala p po kase kong sss pwede po b mgcontribute muna ko ng 1 month pg ngparegister ako s sss para makakuha po ako ng umid?

  21. Hi kelvin, register as self-employed using RS1 form plus your proof of source of income, then if approved, you can pay for 1 month. But based on comments online, you need to pay 3 contributions and you wait for at least 3 months to get a Date of Coverage and the approval to apply for your ID. Ask others too.

  22. Hi Ma’am, ask ko lang kc 2010 member nako ng SSS then end contract ako ng june 2013. july to sep 2013 nag voluntary contribution nalang ako. tpos naka pag work ako ulit ng 2014 pero di ako nakaltas for contribution..this june palang po. ask ko po sana kung pwede kong bayaran yung arrears ko nung oct-dec 2013 at jan-may 2014? ano pong i dedeclare ko sa jan-may 2014 self employed po ba or voluntary narin? thanks!

  23. Good day madam, ask ko lang po, OFW po ako dito sa KSA, may remaining loan pa po ako sa SSS before ako umalis ng pinas, pwedi ko po ba pabayaran sa mother ko sa pinas, pano po ang proseso.

    Thank you po in advance.

  24. ask ko lang po,matagal na po ako tigil sa pagtatrabaho…pwede po ba ako basta na lang maghulog ng SSS ko as voluntary?

  25. Hi Genaro, yes, your mother can pay for you. She can pay at Bayad Center, SM Business Center or at SSS. The SSS form is ML1, or the Bayad Center form. She’ll write your SSS no., your name, address, and amount and she can sign her name as your representative. Then later on check your loan payment/loan balance through your online SSS account.

  26. Hi Mylene, did your past employer reported you to SSS and remitted your contributions? If yes, you can continue paying your contributions as Voluntary without filing any other document. If you’re not sure of your past contributions, go to your SSS branch with any valid ID, and verify your contributions. After paying as Voluntary, register at so you can track your records.

  27. Hi mam ask ko lng pag nag pay ako everymonth ng 780 mag kanu po ang magiging pension ko at the age of 60..24 palang po ako at ka start ko lng mag pay ng SSS?thanks

  28. Hi mam Nora ask ko lng po pag nag pay ako ng 780 pesos everymonth magkanu po magiging pension ko at the age of 60?24yrs old palng po ako at mag start ng contribution ngayun..salamat po.

  29. hi ms. nora, member ang father ko since may 1972 date coverage. 60 years old na sya Jan 2014. nag inquire sya sa sss kung how much na total contibution nya, total contri = P2,837,122.19
    how much po dapat ang pension nya monthly?
    another question, january 2014 pa sya nag 60, di naasikaso ang nso birth cert nya, last may lang sya nakakuha at nagpasa sa sss, makukuha pa po ba nya pension from january to june 2014?

  30. Hi rachel, your father’s pension will depend on his average monthly salary credit and his credited no. of years. SSS Pension Computation
    Yes, his Jan to June pensions will be credited to his bank account in lump sum

  31. Hello! Im so glad na nakatagpo ako ng site na nagrereply sa mga questions about SSS :-) ask ko lang po Ms.Nora kung pwede kumuha ng SSS account ang pure Chinese husband ko, pure Filipina po ako. Yung sisters nya po kasi meron kasi employed sila. Husband ko self-employed. Then yung father-in-law ko member din ng SSS at marami na din syang contributions dati. If pwede din yung husband ko, what are the requirements? Thanks!

  32. Hello po!

    Paano po kung padecrease yung icocontribute like current contribution is maximum but will decrease it next month to say 104? Do I get it right to just pay with RS5 form to declare the income?

    Whats the difference between voluntary and self-employed in terms of benefits claim and contribution payments? Thanks!!

  33. Hi Juvy, first, your husband should apply for his SSS no. by submitting a filled-up E1 form and his birth certificate or baptismal cert or passport (orig and xerox). He must also bring your marriage cert in case his citizenship or residency is questioned. After getting his number, he applies as Self-Employed by submitting a filled-up RS1 form and proof of source of income. Other instructions:

  34. OFW po ako sept.2012 po ako unang nagbayad ng payment ko sa halagang 880 pesos…umuwi po ako ngaung july 2014 at nalaman ko na hindi pala binabayaran ang SSS ko…itatanong ko lang po..kailangan ko bang bayaran ung lapses ko?o magbayad na lang ako continously every month?ano nga ba ang pwedeng gawin ko…sa ngaun nag aapply pa ko sa another country na naman…papano if magkaroon ako ng higher salary…pwedeng un pa rin ba ang babayaran ko?…

  35. Hi rodelieta, did you register using OW-1 form before paying your first contribution? If not, while you’re here, go to SSS and verify your membership status and check if you have a Date of Coverage (DOC). Bring your ID/passport and any proof of your being an OFW, so you can file your OW-1 form in case you don’t have a DOC. If you find that you have a DOC, you can pay for July or July to Sep (3rd quarter). There are SSS payment deadlines; you can no longer pay for past years.
    You can continue to pay 880 even if your salary increases. Register at so you can check your payments while abroad. Open a Bancnet-member bank so you can pay your SSS online.

  36. Thank you for the response. Wala po kasi birthcert husband ko, pwede po ba passport lang tsaka marriage cert? Ano po pwedeng proof of income? Wala naman sya payslip. Di din nakapangalan sa kanya ang small family business.

    Another question, mas ok po ba mag voluntary kesa self-employed?

    Thanks po ulet :-)

  37. Hi Juvy, in the E1 form, it says that passport is also accepted as a primary document, so your husband can apply. He can submit an Affidavit of Source of Income.
    He should start as Self-Employed using RS-1 form because this is his first time. He cannot be Voluntary because he was not previously an Employed member. A Voluntary is someone who has been a paying member previously.

  38. gudpm! my previous status as of april 2014 is employed, i started working here in uae last month. How can i change my status to ofw and my contribution amount. tnx.

  39. Hi excelen, if you’re near the Phil consul in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can fill up the OW-1 form there. If not, you can download the SSS OW-1 form and email to (Subject: Attention: International Affairs Office). Since you were already a paying member before, you can already pay your contribution from abroad (IRemit, Ventaja, etc.) and check your status as OFW. You can also ask someone in the Phils to pay for you (ask him to check OFW; payment is accepted as long as you pay before the deadline for Individual Payors). After your payment is posted, ask for the transaction no. and register at so you can track your SSS records.

  40. Good day! tanong ko lang po kung magkano ang magiging pension ng anak ko at the age of 60 kung ang contribution nya monthly ay 1.650 for ten years. Twenty four years old po sya nagstart magbayad, Thanak you po.

  41. Hi Leticia, based on the formula, his pension would be 40% of 15k which is 6k. But he’s only 24; there are 36 more years before he turns 60. Salary credits will increase, and his contributions will change. If he has a lot of higher or maximum contributions especially in his 50s, and higher no. of years, then his pension will increase.

  42. Hi Nora,
    I am an OFW and already accomplished the OW1 however I am not enrolled for flexi fund which I want to apply now. Do I have to accomplish it or Will it be automatically considered once I pay in excess of the max contribution? thanks

  43. Hi Cel, when your first submitted your OW1, you checked “Regular” and not “Flexi-Fund”? If yes, then submit your OW1 again and check “Flexi-Fund” so your Flexi-account will be set up first before you pay your first more-than-1760 contribution. If you’re far from a Philippine consulate with an SSS office, download the OW1 form, sign it and mail it to:
    International Operations Division
    3/F SSS Building, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
    1100 Philippines

  44. papano ko po malalaman ang previous contibution ko kasi po isa po akong OFW pero gusto ko po mag patuloy sa pag huhulog salamat po

  45. Hi JOEL, you can go to SSS if you’re here in the Phils and verify your contributions or you can register at so you can check your contributions. To register, you need your latest payment transaction no., so ask someone in the Phils to pay your contribution (1 month or more) for you at SSS, and to send you the RS5 transaction no./OR no. then after 3 to 5 days when your payment is posted, you register online.

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