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  1. Dear Maám Nora,

    Hi po! I am an avid reader of your blog and you helped me with my maternity claims back in 2012. Please continue this blog to inspire and to guide people. You have been such a blessing.

    Anyway, I just wanted to ask again, I am continuing my Pagibig now and paying around 2k a month or sometimes less but minimum of 1k. I wanted to use this in the future as my housing loan but then I dont know how to go about it. I have seen others’ blogs telling the people that for OFWs, the old number tend to be disregarded and in fact not recognized because it is not under an employee in pinas. Parang panibago na hulugan na sha. Now I wonder, do I continue saving in Pagibig or wag nalang. Im really confused on how to get the money unlike sa sss na mejo mas madali coz you can see your contributions online. Some more, yung unified id doesn’t help as well since iba iba pa din ung number that you have to remember.

    I wanted to get a housing loan in the future and refinance thru pagibig. Yet I am very confused and some more ang layo ko to do my research.

    Anyway hope to hear from you soon maám nora!

  2. Hi Leslie, thank you for appreciating my blog. Makes me very happy. Yes, the old Pag-ibig no. can be the same or different from the new Pag-ibig MID. I think it would depend on when the old number was issued. Anyway, it would not be so much a problem because when you register at to get your Pag-ibig MID no., Pag-ibig will give you the same Pag-ibig MID if they see that you already have your proper Pag-ibig MID no. This is how to get your Pag-ibig MID no.
    After getting your Pag-ibig MID no., you can check your contributions on Click E-Services. As of now, only OFWs have this service.
    For Pag-ibig 1 savings (original Pag-ibig or mandatory savings), you can get your savings at age 60. Puedeng at age 45 if you’ve accumulated 240 contributions. For Pag-ibig 2 or MP2, you can get your savings after 5 years.
    For housing loan, I suggest you file your housing loan while you’re still an OFW because it’s easier to prove your source of income. Also, for OFWs, the ITR is not required. If you already have at least 24 contributions (P1 or mandatory Pag-ibig), you qualify. These are the documents required for a Pag-ibig housing loan: will get back. Thank you very much again for your inspiring comments.

  3. Nora,

    How are you?

    Leslie is right,making tulong mo Sa amin ,really.
    May problem ako about Pag ibig ko,Kasi lahat Lang sabi2x ang naririnig ko,kaya nag decide na ako magbakasakalu dito Kasi nag email na ako Sa Kabila pero walang reply same with sss,philhealth,owwa and pag ibig.

    Pag ibig member ako since 1998-2009 Sa government 2010 nagbayad ako pero di napatuloy Kasi d Pala hinuhulugan Ng ano as part Ng contract ko Sa Kabila.nagbatad ulit ako tapos nag iba ako Ng employer kaya nastop.huli ko bayad is 2012,october..ngayon gusto ko Sana ipagpatuloy maghulog para naman ako makaloan Ng calamity para Sa family ko Sa eastern Samar na affected Ng bagyong Yolanda or mutual loan,is ut possible kaya makalosn if emerged nila lahat contributions ko at pwd ko kaya mabayaran mga lapses?paano ko kaya malaman number ko at paano kumuha bg MID #

  4. Hi Cathy, This is how to get your Pag-ibig MID no. Even if you’re not technically OFW, since you’re overseas, you can check OFW so you can check your contributions on the Pag-ibig website. Non-OFWs do not have this service. You can pay your contributions (minimum is 500 pesos for overseas Filipinos) through IREMIT, PNB or Landbank remittance partners.
    About calamity loan, you can file your loan if you already have at least 24 contributions, and after your new contributions have already been posted (to show you are active).
    About paying retroactively: we cannot pay contributions for past months.
    Thank you very much for appreciating my efforts. Have another great day too

  5. Good day Ms Nora,

    After reading this article I get interested on enrolling myself on Pag-ibig MP2 and think of investing part of my savings there. When I started working I have been regularly setting aside a portion of my salary on savings no matter how small it is. We all know the fact that banks will not make our money grow much to our liking and more than we ever hope for.
    Having read this article, I decided to give Pag-ibig website a visit right away and find my way to the online services page and click on the MP2 enrollment ( However, I get stuck right after supplying the MID number for the Security Code it requires. Where do I get my security code?

    Unfortunately, I don’t have my HDMF ID with me. It doesn’t have much use unlike my ATM (salary) and loyalty cards (purchases on groceries, medicines, school supplies, etc.) so I left it at home, and most probably would have to look for it this weekend. I got my HDMF ID way back in 2004 and as far as I can remember I don’t think it bears the security code on it.

    Thanking you in advance for shedding light on my inquiry and thanks also for sharing information, and your thoughts on the above and other articles you have relating to this. Companies won’t bother sharing this to their employees on seminars, meetings, and updates. Its not that they don’t care but employees should find for themselves.

    Keep up the good work. Maraming salamat po! Kim

  6. Hi Kim, thanks for appreciating my blog. Comments like yours inspire us.
    About your MP2 enrollment, try clicking “No Pag-ibig MID No.”. You will need only your tracking no. If you forgot your tracking no., enroll in Pag-ibig 1 again, even if you already have your Pag-ibig MID no. You will be given a tracking no. different from your first tracking no., but you will be given the same Pag-ibig MID no. You can then use this new tracking no. in your MP2 enrollment.
    I admire you for your determination to save. I wish all young people are like you. Keep going!

  7. Hi Ms Nora,

    Thanks you for your prompt response. That’s what I did last week since I couldn’t get through and missed spotting the line saying “No Pag-ibig MID no.”. I enrolled myself on the Membership Registration found on the online services menu and received an sms stating my tracking number afterwards. I’ll give it a try.

    Sorry about the double comment sent. I noticed that you have deleted it already. When I clicked on the Post Comment button, an error dialog box appears stating that I have already posted my comment when in fact I just clicked on it the first time after finalizing my review on my words. I’m not sure if it’s glitch from my end so I decided to remove an extra space from my composition and hit on the comment button again. Then a few moments by, just before I close off my browser, I noticed that my message here appeared twice. Should have been a bit more patient on waiting maybe a minute or two before doing that.

    Anyway, thank you for the advise. More power to you. Kim 🙂

  8. Hi Kim, thanks again. About the double posting, it’s okay, no problem. I can just delete the 2nd comment if I see that it’s a duplicate. There are duplicates that appear from time to time, and the glitch is likely caused by our server or our template, not on your end. Continued blessings for you too.

  9. Hello Nora, I’m also interested in applying for MP2? What are the requirements. Can I still apply for this even if I have an existing housing loan and a delinquent salary short term loan? With regard to my STL loan or Salary Loan, I am already 1Yr delinquent, how am I going to settle this enable for me to qualify for a re-loan? Thank you so much. Sugar

  10. Hi sugar, if you’re an active Pag-ibig 1 member, even if you have existing loans, you can get your MP2 account no. and then start paying. About your short-term loan: usually Pag-ibig uses members’ contributions to pay for delinquent STL loans (called offset). But you can pay your total arrears (12 x monthly amortization) and after this payment is posted, apply for a loan.

  11. hi Ms Nora – am a MP2 member already – just would like to inquire on how dividend is computed…DO you have any idea po? Thanks and God bless.

  12. Hi melissa, dividends are computed annually, usually in March/April the following year. In March/April 2016, Pag-ibig will compute total earnings for the year 2015, and then decide the dividend rate for the year 2015. Past rates ranged from 4% to 5%. Your total savings as of Dec 31 2015 will be multiplied by the dividend rate — this will be your dividend for 2015. If you have saved 30k as of Dec 31 2015, your dividend will be 30k x .05 = 1,500. I based my reply on Pag-ibig’s computations shown on my TAV report and on news reports. Applause to you for saving. God bless you too.

  13. Thank you so much. I have an with meralco saving and loan assoc. Their computation for dividends is different. For example, declared dividend for 2014 was 17%. 17% will be computed from my january 2014 savings, then for succeeding months, prorated dividends, depending on the amount I saved in the succeeding months. That’s why i asked you on how MP2 dividend is computed by Pag-ibig. Again po, thanks a lot po

  14. Tita Nors, I’ve been paying pag-ibig 1 since 2008 for only 100 pesos a month, and also paid pag ibig 2, but was able to save only 500 pesos per month. Can I continue saving with MP2? Are Pag-ibig MID and MP2 different?

  15. Tita Nors, I’ve been paying MP2 in Pampanga. What If I begin paying at the bulacan branch? Won’t I have difficulty claiming later on?

  16. Hi Cesar, yes, you can continue saving with MP2. That’s a good decision. Yes. Pag-ibig MID and MP2 are different numbers. Your main ID no. is Pag-ibig MID. Your MP2 saving has an account no. You can have 2 or more MP2 accounts. You can email and ask your MID and MP2 numbers, so you can be sure about your numbers. Provide your personal data (name, birthdate, birthplace, gender, address, employers) so they can check.

  17. Hi melissa, wow, your 2014 dividend rate is super high! And your compounding is monthly! Super wow! Then it’s much better to save with your Meralco association than with MP2. Thanks for sharing info.

  18. Hello Ms Nora, Im an OFW and have already contributed 23 months while I was working in the Philippines and continued contributing it since 2015 until now as an OFW.Can I be granted a personal loan for house renovation? What are my requirements and where should I go to process it.Does it take a long time for them to grant me the said loan?Hope to hear from you soon.Thank you and God bless

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