SSS Flexi-Fund vs. Pag-ibig MP2 — Which Is a Better Investment?


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  1. Hi Amira, so sad to know of SSS inefficiency. You can have this corrected — it’s just so frustrating that you have to spend time to correct this. You can write a letter addressed to SSS on a bond paper with Subject: Correction of Posting to Regular Contributions and Flexi-Fund. Bring this letter to SSS with a copy of your receipt. Bring also your original receipt for verification. Write something like “Please correct the posting of the 20,280 that I paid on __ for the quarter Jan-March 2016 for regular premiums and Flexi-Fund. I found out that the whole 20,280 was incorrectly posted to my regular premiums. Please post my payment as follows:
    Jan 2016 — 1,760 to regular premiums
    Jan 2016 — 5,000 to Flexi-Fund
    Feb 2016 — 1,760 to regular premiums
    Feb 2016 — 5,000 to Flexi-Fund
    Mar 2016 — 1,760 to regular premiums
    Mar 2016 — 5,000 to Flexi-Fund
    Total —–20,280
    Xerox your letter and have it received by SSS. I hope you can comment again about your experience with SSS. Thanks

  2. Thank you very much for your advised ate Noors, I will try to do it as per your instructions above, and will give you feedback as soon as I got result from them..

  3. Hello po Ms. Nora, is it okay if our monthly payments vary, like 500 for january, then 1000 for feb, then mar-april none, again 2000 for may. and how much is the maximum amount that we can save per month with Pag-ibig MP2 account? Thanks po.

  4. Hi jhoy, yes, you can do that. You can have gaps and you can vary your monthly MP2 savings. There’s no maximum limit for monthly savings. You can save as much as you can save. There’s a minimum limit, which is 500.

  5. Hello Nora. I have MP2 na and I am paying P3,000.00 a month and that’s the amount that was input by the officer sa system. Would it be possible if next time I’ll add more amount, say, from 3k pesos to 5k pesos a month? Thanks a lot for this blog. Very helpful.


  6. Hi Jade, I called Pag-ibig and they said yes, you can increase, but when you pay, tell the cashier that the full amount is for MP2, so they won’t think that the difference will be posted to your Pag-ibig 1.

  7. Thanks a lot Nora! I just posted several questions in your other blog. I am an OFW and it’s not easy to queue the whole day just for some inquiries in SSS counter or PAG-IBIG counter here in abroad. You’re a savior! Sending you love.


  8. Hi po mam nora,tanong ko po sana kung pano simulan sumali sa MP2 at flexi fund.ako po ay isag ofw dito sa khamis saudi at member na po ako ng PAgibig at SSS nung anjan pa ako sa pinas mam. Mahigit 2years nadin ako nakahulog sa Regualr SSS fund. pano po ba pagsali jan mam at ano ang guidnline jan para po maumpisanhan sa pagsali po jan mam?

  9. I’m Ricardo T.Sarming, an Ofw and member of pagibig fund mp2 since March.11,2013. I want to know how I can check my monthly payments to mp2

  10. Hi Ms. Nora, I would like to ask if my mother can get her lump sum even if she worked before for just 3 years in the year 1980’s & stop her monthly contribution.
    She’s 59 right now & asking if she can still avail the said lump sum. Thank you.

  11. Hi Sheraceveda, yes, your mother can get back what she paid to SSS or Pag-ibig plus interests or dividends, but she needs to wait till she turns 60 before she can claim her lump sum.

  12. Hello MS.NORA good day. ask about my child’s sss. It’s been 5 months I have not paid since January 2016. Can I still pay 5 months from January 2016 to may 2016? I wish to pay for the whole year from January to December 2016. He’s not OFW. thank you po. more blessings to you.

  13. Hi evangeline, sorry, no. Only OFWs have that flexible deadline. This month, what you can pay is from April to December, or up to any month you want. Here are SSS payment deadlines. Or to make it easier, just commit to paying for a certain quarter before the last day of the quarter.

  14. Hi,Nora! Pano ko mababago yung status at surname sa sss ko? I am living in abroad na kc and i want to continue my sss contribution maybe 3 years na since i stopped my remittance. At nakalimutan ko na kng voluntary ba or self-employed ba yung sss ko. And pwede paba humabol sa pag.apply sa SSS kng ang age is 55yrs old na?

  15. Hi Musu, you need to file this form: SSS Member Data Change Request form. Download and print it, then accomplish it, scan and email it to, with a scan of at least 2 of your IDs and a scan of your marriage certificate attached to your email. Write your request in the body, plus your personal info (complete name, birthdate, SSS no.). Mention that a copy of your IDs and marriage cert are attached. You can enroll in SSS online service so you can track your records.
    About enrolling at age 55: Yes, any Filipino can, pero it’s doubtful if this person can qualify for the SSS pension later on, at age 65, after accumulating 120 monthly contributions. In the latest policy change they released, there was a requirement that the person should have started paying before age 55, but legislators opposed it (I can’t find updates yet). But the 55-year-old person planning to be a member can start paying asap, and hope for the best. Anyway, the money won’t be lost, as all money paid will be returned if pension is not granted. This prospective member should also enroll correctly: Use the self-employed form or the OFW form to register. How to enroll as self-employed

  16. Hi Ms. Nora. What if I invest one time, say P1,500,000.00 now, how much will I get after 10 years?

  17. im not sure how long ive been paying my pag-ibig 2…i just wanna know if ever d ko xa nawithdraw on the 5th year pwede ko ba xa iwithdraw on the next year? or on the 10 year na?

  18. Hi jenifferben, what I know is that kung hindi mo naman siya formally ni-renew for another 5 years, puede mo siyang widrohin kahit on the 6th year na kasi wala ka dito when the 5th year arrived.

  19. Hi hermer, if you are referring to the 1985-1989 posting problem, oo, hindi pa tapos ang adjustment project. According to their latest press release, up to June next year pa ang adjustment ng mga pensions originally processed before 1997. Yong mga death and disability pensions naman, up to Dec this year daw.

  20. Hello mam Nora,I just want to ask, about my case I am a member of sss but I use the last name of my leave in partner,but we not married how can I chachange this for my origin last name. I will appreciate if you can help me.thanks.

  21. Gud day po..ask q lng po kahit hindi po ba natapos mka 5 year sa mp2..pwede na po ba cya ma withdraw or wait pa ang 5 years bago mawithdraw.tnx!

  22. Hi Mrs Nora, Thank you po sa pagiging helpful at informative ng site nyo. Nag-enroll po ako ng MP2 around December 2014. P3000 po ang naihulog ko ngunit hindi na nasundan. I understand it would not incur penalties as long as it would not be withdrawn within 5 years of maturity despite the lack of appropriate number of contributions, pero ang tanong ko po eh maari ko pa po bang mahabol yung mga Months na hindi ako nakapaghulog at maicoconsider pa rin bang 2014 yung start date niya kahit kulang-kulang na yung hulog? Salamat po. Jeff

  23. Hi Jeff, I’m sorry for missing your question. It’s great that you started saving with MP2. Yes, Dec 2014 pa rin ang starting date mo. At puede mo nang kunin Dec 2019 or after. Yes, puede mong habulin (in theory) yong mga months you were not able to save, pero hindi na nila ipo-post retroactively, meaning ang posting date mo ay yong payment date mo. But okay lang, kasi marami pa ring time for your increased savings to earn interest. Specify the current month as the applicable month (parang lump sum savings), para hindi nila akalain na yong payment mo is advance payment for the months of Jan to Dec 2017.

  24. Hi Ms. Nora ask ko po yong pag-IBIG fund po ba magpepension ako dito. At ano po edad ang pension time.kc nguumpisa na po kc akong magbayad ng pag-IBIG fund ko. Salamat

  25. after 10 years of MP2, could be extendable. For instance, you are planning for 20 years in this plan since it looks good does it acceptable?

  26. Hi ms Nora.naghulog lang ako once last Oct 2015.then i stopped.I want to continue.kailangan ko ba maghulog for Nov 2015 to the present (17 months).kailan Ang maturity Oct 2020?

  27. Hi marivic, Pag-ibig MP2 ba ang iyong tinatanong? Hindi na puedeng bayaran ang past quarters. Pero you can continue saving. Kung gusto mong mas malaking hulog kesa dati, puede. Sabihin mo lang na this amount is for this month of March or April. Puede na ring ngayon na one time na big payment. Sabihin mo rin na hulog mo for the current month. Yes, ang maturity is Oct 2020, pero make sure na the same account number, or ask the cashier or Pag-ibig officer.

  28. Hi po gusto ko lng po sana ng advice wla p po ako sss at pag ibig gusto ko po sna mgkaroon nitong mp2 at nitong ff funds sa ngayon po andito po ako sa abu dhabi ngwowork as a baby sitter hope matulungan nyo po ako slamat po

  29. Hi po Ms.Nora pano pgnkasali n ako dto sa mp2 at ff funds po tapos after 2years ei ngstay n po ako ng pinas can i continue parin po eto khit d n ako ofw??

  30. Hi Vicky, mabuti na naisipan mong magmember sa SSS dahil mas madaling mag-member while abroad kesa mag-self-employed dito. Makakapunta ka ba sa Embassy? Meron kasing SSS office don:
    Embassy of the Philippines
    W-48, Street No. 8, Sector 2-23, Plot 51
    Al Qubaisat, Abu Dhabi
    If not, you can email Ruel A. Velasco (SSS Representative ) and ask how to register as OFW member. Minsan meron silang promo events sa mall para maasikaso nila ang mga OFW members. Pag makapunta ka don, dalhin mo na rin ang passport mo, or yong ID nio diyan, or copy of job contract. 550 ang minimum for OFWs, up to 1,760. You can choose. Kung gusto mo ring mag-save sa Flexi-Fund, mag-enroll ka na rin. Ang pagbayad ng Flexi-Fund ay kasabay ng regular SSS contributions. Yong sobra sa 1760, yon ay mapupunta sa Flexi-Fund. Dapat yong sobra ay 200 pesos or more. Halimbawa, pay 2,200. Yong 1,760 mapunta sa regular SSS at yong 440 ay mapupunta sa Flexi-Fund.
    Yong sa Pag-ibig naman, mag-enroll ka online dito: Click mo yong E-services, then Membership registration. Later on, pag meron ka nang Pag-ibig MID, mag-enroll ka rin online sa MP2 Enrollment system.

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