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Update December 17, 2013:  

Sad to say, effective last December 4,  hindi na tumatanggap ang SSS ng Initial Application for Educational Loan.  Bakit? Kasi nai-allocate na lahat ng pondo for about 59,600 students who have already received their first loans.  Existing funds will be used to finance the subsequent loan applications of these students.

In short, naubos na ang 7-billion-peso fund for the Educational Loan Program. Nai-budget na lahat. Nai-allocate na lahat.  No more Initial Educational Loan applications will be accepted.  Only Subsequent Educational Loan applications will be processed. SSS says that the Educational Loan program will re-open once the first borrowers begin paying their loans.  Or siguro, kung merong new budget allocation.  


Update April 14, 2013 —  SSS has increased the maximum loan amount to 20,000 pesos per semester and has improved the rules!

Last February 13, 2013, my friend received from the postman her first SSS educational loan check, after filing her loan application on February 1 at an SSS branch. The next day after filing, she saw on her online SSS account that her loan check was already generated. Just 12 days later, on February 13, she got from the postman her registered mail that contained her SSS loan check

For her second SSS educational loan application, in July, amazingly, it took again only 12 days from date of application to her receipt of her loan check!  Wow!  Applause to the SSS Alabang branch! sss-loan-check

You can apply for this newly launched SSS Educational Loan program too.



It can be for your child already in college or in vocational school, or your child who is entering college this next school year. It can also be used by you yourself or your spouse. If you’re single, you can apply for your sibling or half-sibling.


1. Your actual monthly salary is not more than than 25,000 pesos per month.

2. Your last SSS monthly salary credit is 15,000 pesos or lower.

3. You have paid at least 12 monthly contributions.

4. You have paid the monthly contribution for at least 1 of the past 3 months.

5. You are not delinquent in your SSS housing loan or salary loan.

Documents to Submit:

1. Filled-up and signed application form. Note: There is a portion in the loan application form which the school needs to fill up and sign.

2. Your SSS ID or 2 valid IDs

3. Xerox copy of your SSS ID or 2 valid IDs

4. Assessment or billing statement from the school

5. Xerox copy of the stamped SSS E1 form of your child, spouse or sibling. (Your child or sibling needs to get his/her own SSS no.)

6. Your proof that your actual monthly income is not more than 25,000 pesos: Can be one of these documents:

– Pay Slip (original and xerox), if employed

– Pay envelope (original and xerox), if employed

– Certification of Income from Employer, if employed

– Latest BIR-stamped ITR, if self-employed

– Your notarized Affidavit of Income, stating that your actual monthly salary is not more than 25,000 pesos, if self-employed or voluntary

How much can you borrow?

For college students — up to 20,000 pesos per sem

For vocational students — up to 10,000 pesos per sem

The loan amount will depend on the actual total school fees that you will pay, up to 20k  for college students, and up to 10k for vocational students.

Example:  If your beneficiary is a college student, and his school fee total this sem is 18,000 pesos, your loan amount will be 18,000 pesos. If his school fee total is 35,000 pesos, your loan amount is 20,000 pesos.

Other Notes:

1. The loan check will be payable to the school, but delivered to you via registered mail.

2. You’ll pay your loan in installments starting after 18 months from date of release of last loan check. Payment term is up to 5 years for college students, and up to 3 years for vocational students.

3. Interest rate is 6%, imposed only on half of the total loan amount.

4. Your school must be CHED-accredited or TESDA-accredited.

5. For the next semester, you need to file another loan application, using another form titled Application for Subsequent Release of Educational Assistance Loan.

6. If you are Married, you are entitled to apply for two beneficiaries. If you are Unmarried, you are entitled to apply for only 1 beneciary. Once your application is approved for yourself or your beneficiary, you can no longer substitute another beneficiary.

7. If your spouse is also an SSS member and he/she is also qualified for this loan, you can apply for 2 beneficiaries each so that you can support a total of 4 beneficiaries, for example, your 4 children.


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  1. Great article Nora. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand.This loan is very helpful to those who really want to study but has limited funds. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a “SSS E1 Form ”, I found a blank fillable form here: This site PDFfiller also has some tutorials on how to fill it out and a few related legal documents that you might find useful.

  2. Hi yumi,
    1. Yes, you can apply at another branch. You can apply near where you work, or at Diliman.
    2. Yes, you can continue your studies even if you stopped for a long time.
    3. If the check is issued, you must use it within 3 months. I don’t know if the validity of the check is still 3 months — check the validity date on the check. Before the start of the sem, you can enroll, then request for assessment, then submit your application. Usually, the application is approved within 1 or 2 months. Pay only the minimum so you can use the check later on. If there’s a payment deadline, ask your school if you pay, and they’ll refund you if you get your SSS check.
    4. As of now, there are no announcements of additional funds.
    5. No, it cannot be used for summer class.
    6. Migrant?
    Sad to say, but most people in SSS have no way of knowing when the educational loan program will be offered to new applicants. The $7-billion funding has been allocated to the 4-year or 5-year education of the first 60k loan applicants, so if there are no additional funds for this program, then new applicants will have to wait for the first applicants to pay off all their loans. The waiting list is soooo long, that’s why many SSS branches no longer accept new applicants. You can email

  3. hi Nora, i have plans to enroll in EXPANDED TERTIARY EDUCATION EQUIVALENCY AND ACCREDITATION PROGRAM(ETEEAP)this next semester and I want to avail educational loan for myself. Can i still avail it even if i just received my salary loan check last month (july 2015)?

  4. Hi ELizabeth, yes, you can avail of both at the same time. But if this is your first time to apply for the educational loan, sad to say that your application will be added to a long long waiting list that started to pile up since Dec 2013, when the funds were all used up and fully allocated to the first thousands of applicants. Some branches even do not accept applications anymore, as there’s no new funding. Ask others too

  5. Hi nora iam a single mom and iam an active sss member for more than 36 months. I want to apply an educational loan for my daughter, she just graduated high school last march. I plan to enroll her next year for college and ill be needing help from sss. Should i apply now? Since you said it will be long wait. Will it take a year or more for the wait? Thank you

  6. Hi maria cristina, sad to say that I think you won’t be able to get an educational loan, as up to now, there’s no news about additional funding for this program. The waiting list has become so long many branches have stopped accepting first-time applications. The list moves only if someone in the approved batch decides to stop studying and not avail of the loan. Also, you can’t apply in advance because the application form requires the school’s certification and signature and proof of current enrollment. See if your daughter can apply and enroll at TUP, RTU, PUP, Pamantasan ng Maynila, or a city university so the tuition won’t be too costly.

  7. My child should already be in second year college. but he stopped. whenever I go to sss to follow-up my educational loan application, up to now, they tell me there’s still no loan. Can we obtain a student loan so my child can study this second sem? because that’s the only assistance we have so my child can continue studying

  8. Hi Theresa, sad to say, there’s still now new funding for the SSS educational loan program. The original funding was already used up for the 4-year or 5-year education of the first batch (about 60k students). Check from time to time if there’s an announcement of a new funding. If you decide so, you can also check your city’s city-funded university if your child can study there.

  9. Hello, Ms.Nora I applied for SSS educational program last july. They accepted it but the check has not arrived, when can I get the check?

  10. Hi Nikki, is your application a Subsequent loan application? Meaning your first application (in 2013) was approved? What I know is there’s no new funding for first-time applications. As of now, it’s only those whose applications were approved in 2013 who can apply for subsequent loans. If your application is a subsequent application, enroll in online SSS so you can track your application, or you can go to an SSS branch, and ask.

  11. I applied for subsequent loan aug 10 then til now the check has not been delivered to our house. It’s now sept 6. Why is that? midterms have passed; I haven’t paid because of the delay

  12. Hi mary jo, I wonder why you applied only in August. Why did you not apply in June? Is this for first sem? Are you on a trimester/quarter term system? You need to know if your loan was approved. Check your online SSS account, or go to the nearest SSS branch.

  13. Hi! Nora my brother previously applied for Educational Loan at SSS, two times po. last loan was December 2013 or January 2014 po then I stopped po. Can my brother apply this coming semester because I’ll study again? And will it be subsequent application? Thank you

  14. Hi Mayumi, your brother can try applying, and hope that your unused slot is still open. He’ll use the subsequent loan form. SSS announced that they will give unused slots to new applicants on the waiting list, but try applying, or ask SSS if your slot is still open.

  15. Hi Ms.Nora I applied my first educational loan last July 28, 2015 and my check is already generated today September 29, 2015. Can I go directly to SSS Office to get the check? Because I can’t wait for another week coz finals is also next week. I only have 5k balance on my account can I also refund the 15k that I have been paid?

  16. Hi Nikki, sorry I don’t know. I don’t know if the SSS officers will look where your check is because their standard process is to release the checks through postal mail. Maybe you can try if you’re near SSS Diliman. About refund, it depends on your school. Talk to your cashier or finance officer. Explain to them that the SSS check arrived very late. Another option is for you to use the excess for your next semester’s tuition.

  17. Hello. My brother will be a 4th year student next year, can I apply for an educational loan for him even if he’ll not start borrowing from freshman year? He’s a working student but he wishes to focus in his last year so I plan to apply for a loan for him. I am currently employed and single. Thanks!

  18. Hi Ghem, it’s sad but I haven’t read any update regarding additional funding for the SSS educational loan program. The program no longer has funds for new applicants. All funds have been allocated for the first batches of applicants in 2013. And the waiting list for new applicants is very long. You can ask your question here:

  19. Hi po. My brother has availed of sss educational loan then he decided to stop studying. Can I still apply? Thank you po. God bless!

  20. Hi Glenn, sorry, substitution of beneficiary is not allowed. This rule is written at the back of the loan form. But you yourself, the SSS member, can also avail, but the waiting list for new applicants is super long, and I heard that some SSS branches no longer accept applications.

  21. hi ms. nora! can i apply for educational loan for my self even im 29 yo but still i want to finish my studies? does applying for this loan has limitation of age? thank you for ur soon response.

  22. Hi lourdes, yes, you can apply. There was no age limit given, as long as you’re still a contributing member. But the problem is this program has no more funds, and I haven’t heard of new infusion of funds. The waiting list is long. I don’t know if SSS is still accepting applications. But you can try filing your application.

  23. Hi maam nora gud day! Mg 3 years npo nakasubsequently educ loan ang anak ko.nakaka5 tseke npo wala pong palya un 8 to 10 po dumadating n smin un tseke..ngyon po second sem na.. Wala p po un tseke ng anak ng ss naihulog na dw nila nung nov112015..tumawa po sa post ofis wala p dw po un tseke ng anak..sobrang delay npo..tapos n prelim ng anak ko pero wala p din un tseke..ano po pde kong gawin..sana matulungaan niyo ako thanks po ..

  24. Hi! Mrs Nora are there requirements to present when claiming my Educational Loan check po? Our option is pick-up po at the branch. And it’s my brother’s SSS po. DO I need an authorization letter and his Id? Then the Acknowledgement Stub Stamped with date, name and signature po of the one who processed. Thank you po and God Bless!

  25. Hi Yumi, was your brother clearly instructed to pick up his check at his branch? What I know is that they are sending the check to the member’s address by postal mail. You can use your brother’s authorization letter and ID to receive the check at your home address when delivered by the postman.
    If he was instructed to claim his check at his branch, I’m not sure if they’ll give it to a representative since it’s a check. But if you like to try, yes, bring all the documents that you mentioned, including your own ID

  26. Hi sarah, yes, you can claim your check by presenting your ID or IDs to the postman who will deliver your check

  27. Hello po, more than 1 month has passed and my educational loan has not been delivered to my address until now. Is there a new policy? my previous educ loan was delivered within 1 month, but now christmas is almost here and it’s not yet here. My child needs it. please let me me know what is the problem. thank you

  28. Hi Susan, I haven’t read any new related policy. Maybe SSS has much heavier work load this December, so checks are delayed. If you can see through your online SSS account that your check was already issued, then wait hopefully for just a few days more. But if you can’t see yet the approval, you can visit your branch and ask.

  29. hi miss nora, ask ko lang po if sino po ba ang magbabayad ng Educational Assistance Loan ang member or ang beneficiary? and kailan po mag start ang payment if naka graduate na po ba ang beneficiary? and lastly every sem po ba dpat mag submit ng application for EALP form?

  30. Hi Camille, sad to say, there’s no new funding for this program for new or first-time applicants. New funds arise only when an approved borrower cancels his slot, or when borrowers pay their loans. Ask others too

  31. Hi Ms. Nora ,in subsequent loan form,what to put?The name of the member or the name of the student-beneficiary?Thanks in advance

  32. Hi Cesar, the name of the member. You write the name of the student only on the blank “Name of Student” under “School’s Certification.”

  33. Hi Nora,
    I’m a call center agent but I wanted to finish my study.Am I eligible to have that kind of loan? If ever when will they going to collect the payment? Is it after I graduated?

  34. Hi Nora, I filed a Loan for my brother last October 2015, but it’s now nearing march and the educational loan is not yet granted. everytime he goes to the branch he’s being told it’s on process. how long is the educational loan processed? tnx po :)

  35. Hi Telly, are you a first-time applicant for an educational loan? If yes, sad to say, the waiting list is soooo long. There are no new funds for first-time applicants. But if you filed for a subsequent loan, meaning you have been granted already an educational loan for the past semesters, your loan should have been processed already. Usually this loan is processed within a month.

  36. Im a first timer for the educational loan of sss, last dec i filed the loan, and i try to follow up last week. But im still in waiting list. How long thus it takes? the teller told me before that the brrower who filed last july 2015they received their checks last sept. 2015. As i compute the months it was took for only two months. Now i will try to followed up again, until what month would i expect to received the check?

  37. Hi Michelle, did they tell you if those who got their checks in Sep 2015 were first-time applicants? What I know is that the list for first-time applicants is super long, and that the list moves only when a long-time borrower stops availing of the program. Sorry I don’t know when you can get your check. In the meantime, you might have to find other sources to be able to pay your tuition.

  38. Hi Mrs. Nora, currently the SSS, still have no funding on the Educational Loan, do you know any sources that can help us with our payment? tnx.

  39. Hi Felix, so sorry I don’t know any other institution offering educational loans. I know the offices of mayors, governors, the vice president and senators and congressmen give assistance for payment of medical bills, but I’m not sure if they accept requests for assistance for tuition fees.

  40. Hi ree, is this your first time to apply for the SSS educational loan? If it’s your first time, sad to say, I think it’s doubtful that you can get a loan, as the waiting list for new applicants is super long. If you were part of the first batch of applicants (around 60,000 applicants) whose applications were approved, file for the current semester using the Subsequent application form.

  41. hi. i finished my bachelors degree and would like to pursue a law course. am i eligible to apply for this educational plan?

  42. Hi edhel, the SSS program is not clear on what it meant by “college degree”, but in the form, you’re going to check if you’re in 1st year, or 2nd year, up to 5th year. And sad to say, this educational fund has no new funding yet, and the waiting list is long. The fund has been fully allocated back in Dec 2013, and I’ve heard of a few in the long waiting list who have been granted loans after some of those previously approved stopped studying. If you’re near an SSS branch, you can try asking.

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