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Update December 17, 2013:  

Sad to say, effective last December 4,  hindi na tumatanggap ang SSS ng Initial Application for Educational Loan.  Bakit? Kasi nai-allocate na lahat ng pondo for about 59,600 students who have already received their first loans.  Existing funds will be used to finance the subsequent loan applications of these students.

In short, naubos na ang 7-billion-peso fund for the Educational Loan Program. Nai-budget na lahat. Nai-allocate na lahat.  No more Initial Educational Loan applications will be accepted.  Only Subsequent Educational Loan applications will be processed. SSS says that the Educational Loan program will re-open once the first borrowers begin paying their loans.  Or siguro, kung merong new budget allocation.  


Update April 14, 2013 —  SSS has increased the maximum loan amount to 20,000 pesos per semester and has improved the rules!

Last February 13, 2013, my friend received from the postman her first SSS educational loan check, after filing her loan application on February 1 at an SSS branch. The next day after filing, she saw on her online SSS account that her loan check was already generated. Just 12 days later, on February 13, she got from the postman her registered mail that contained her SSS loan check

For her second SSS educational loan application, in July, amazingly, it took again only 12 days from date of application to her receipt of her loan check!  Wow!  Applause to the SSS Alabang branch! sss-loan-check

You can apply for this newly launched SSS Educational Loan program too.



It can be for your child already in college or in vocational school, or your child who is entering college this next school year. It can also be used by you yourself or your spouse. If you’re single, you can apply for your sibling or half-sibling.


1. Your actual monthly salary is not more than than 25,000 pesos per month.

2. Your last SSS monthly salary credit is 15,000 pesos or lower.

3. You have paid at least 12 monthly contributions.

4. You have paid the monthly contribution for at least 1 of the past 3 months.

5. You are not delinquent in your SSS housing loan or salary loan.

Documents to Submit:

1. Filled-up and signed application form. Note: There is a portion in the loan application form which the school needs to fill up and sign.

2. Your SSS ID or 2 valid IDs

3. Xerox copy of your SSS ID or 2 valid IDs

4. Assessment or billing statement from the school

5. Xerox copy of the stamped SSS E1 form of your child, spouse or sibling. (Your child or sibling needs to get his/her own SSS no.)

6. Your proof that your actual monthly income is not more than 25,000 pesos: Can be one of these documents:

– Pay Slip (original and xerox), if employed

– Pay envelope (original and xerox), if employed

– Certification of Income from Employer, if employed

– Latest BIR-stamped ITR, if self-employed

– Your notarized Affidavit of Income, stating that your actual monthly salary is not more than 25,000 pesos, if self-employed or voluntary

How much can you borrow?

For college students — up to 20,000 pesos per sem

For vocational students — up to 10,000 pesos per sem

The loan amount will depend on the actual total school fees that you will pay, up to 20k  for college students, and up to 10k for vocational students.

Example:  If your beneficiary is a college student, and his school fee total this sem is 18,000 pesos, your loan amount will be 18,000 pesos. If his school fee total is 35,000 pesos, your loan amount is 20,000 pesos.

Other Notes:

1. The loan check will be payable to the school, but delivered to you via registered mail.

2. You’ll pay your loan in installments starting after 18 months from date of release of last loan check. Payment term is up to 5 years for college students, and up to 3 years for vocational students.

3. Interest rate is 6%, imposed only on half of the total loan amount.

4. Your school must be CHED-accredited or TESDA-accredited.

5. For the next semester, you need to file another loan application, using another form titled Application for Subsequent Release of Educational Assistance Loan.

6. If you are Married, you are entitled to apply for two beneficiaries. If you are Unmarried, you are entitled to apply for only 1 beneciary. Once your application is approved for yourself or your beneficiary, you can no longer substitute another beneficiary.

7. If your spouse is also an SSS member and he/she is also qualified for this loan, you can apply for 2 beneficiaries each so that you can support a total of 4 beneficiaries, for example, your 4 children.


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  1. Hi krizza, yes, you’re eligible to apply. But it’s sad that there’s no more money for new applicants. Money becomes available only if some of the approved borrowers stop studying or graduate earlier. Those on top of the long long waiting list are the ones who will most likely have the chance of getting a loan. You can file your application though, if you like, but I don’t know if all branches are accepting applications.

  2. My father already avail the program of EDUCATIONAL LOAN from SSS. But we cant get the money. We actually needing it because its enrollment time and we have balanced in the university and we are only relying in the Program. We dont know where to get. We have already the stab of the program. If we cant get themoney from the program maybe I’ll just stop getting to school.

  3. Hi James Kenneth, is this your 2nd, or 3rd or subsequent loan? If this is your first-time-ever loan application, did the SSS officer tell you that it was already approved? If approved, the cheque is delivered to your home address. If it’s been a month since your application, visit the branch where you applied and ask. If this is a subsequent loan, you can also go to your local post office (Registered mail section) and ask if you have a registered mail from SSS. Bring your IDs. I hope your problem gets resolved.

  4. hi Ms nora I’m here in cebu. which branch po of SSS accepts application for educational loan? first time po to apply. It’s ok if I’ll be put on waiting list..

  5. Hi brennan, try a bigger branch nearest to you, not the ones at the malls. All full-service branches should accept all applications, but because of the lack of funds available, some have stopped accepting applications. Tell them you are willing to wait. The waiting list moves only if there’s someone from the first around-60k batch backs out and stops studying.

  6. hi Nora, thanks for the reply. I already been to one of the satellite office here in cebu but they told me that they no longer accept initial applicant. Is it possible that i will be accepted in the main office here in cebu and be put on the waiting list?

  7. Hi brennan, you can try, but be prepared if they say they’re also not accepting. So sad for you about the lack of funds. The waiting list SSS-wide is super long. Ask your city hall if they have scholarship programs. Search online for scholarship programs. If you’ve just graduated from a public high school, check if you can apply for SM Mall scholarship next school year.

  8. Good day! Just wanna ask if how long it takes for the approval of my first time sss education loan? the examination of my brother is nearly approaching.

  9. Just reading previous post and just got some idea.
    Sana maging kabilang ako sa bagong batch na malaanan nang funds.

  10. Hi Gene, sorry, pero I suggest na maghanap ka ng backup for the tuition of your brother, and not rely on this SSS loan, kasi maraming nasa waiting list, and there is no new funding for this program.

  11. Hi! Panu kung mag 3rd yr na anak q amd now lng aq mg-apply for sss educ loan, pede po b?

  12. Good morning.pano poh kung graduate na yung nka avail nang eductional loan..pano poh ba babayaran yung educational loan at sino poh baang magbabayad?at ilang taon poh ang tagal?i need ur answer poh.thank you

  13. Hi ronie, the SSS member who applied for the education loan is responsible for paying the loan, kasi sa SSS account niya naka-record yong loan. Kung gustong tumulong magbayad yong graduate, mas better of course. The borrower will receive a postal mail from SSS, but he/she can access his/her loan data faster through online SSS, para puede nang mag-start magbayad para hindi lumaki yong interest. 3 to 5 years ang time frame for payment. Here’s how to enroll in online SSS.

  14. hi nora, i’ve been to sss main office here in cebu.ano po ba dapat kong gawi? kasi ganito ho and scenario// bali basic salary ko po is 14k nasa bpo insduatry po ako tapos ang remittance ng employer ko is maximum bali nasa bracket na 16k which contradict on my basic pay. ano po sunod na kailangan ko gawin?

  15. Hi brennan, ang SSS contribution ay hindi based sa basic salary lang; ito ay based sa gross pay mo for the month. Baka meron kayong overtime or night differential or holiday pay kaya na-reached yong 16k na salary mo for the month. Hindi naman yata gusto ng employer na magbayad ng mas malaki sa SSS; mas gusto nila lower, pero dahil ang gross pay mo ay 16k or more, 1,178.70 ang babayaran nila at ikaw ay mag-share ng 581.30. Mas okay nga ito, kasi if you want to apply for a loan later on, higher ang loanable amount mo. Other short-term benefits too are higher.

  16. Goodmorning po. I was applying for an educational loan and actually i was already on the waiting list. This is my first time and i am on my 4th yr in college. Is it possible that my loan will be approved if there is already a fund?

  17. Hi pedi po bang mag ask since gusto ko po na mag apply sa educational program ng sss for my daughther. Nasa grade 8 pa lang po sya now. Nung nagask ako sa sss branch nmin dito sa valenzuela 2019 pa daw cla pedi mag aproved sa mga new aplicants
    pero tumatanggap nmn po cla ng application… Ang tanong ko po pedi ba na now na me mag apply since matagal pa bago cla mag open para sa mga new applicants.

  18. Hi Sheryl, sorry hindi pa, kasi sa application form, merong portion doon that the college/university will sign, certifying that your child is enrolled in the university/college. You’ll also be required to submit a statement of account from the school. Since you’re preparing early, maybe it’s better to research on good state colleges like PLM where the tuition fees are not so costly so you don’t need to borrow from SSS. Puede ka ring mag-save sa Pag-ibig MP2 (5-year maturity), higher interest, for school fees later on.

  19. good pm po. ask ko lng po kung pde p pb mga avail ng educational loan sa sss for this coming 2nd sem?

  20. Hello po. Ask ko sana, if possible ba na ma encash ang cheque sa bank instead na sa school kasi po binayaran ng distant relative ko ang whole semester ko tapos saka pa dumating ang cheque & w/o prior notice?

  21. Hi CM, ang payee ba ng cheque mo is the name of your school? Then your name mo ay nakalagay na “fao or for the account of”? If yes, sorry hindi puede, kasi ang payee is the name of your school. Ang kausapin mo is your school cashier (yong head). Makiusap ka na ibayad mo yong SSS loan cheque, and then i-refund nila. Explain to them what happened. Tell them you’re willing to pay some fees for the refund processing. Tell them you’re going to use the refund to repay your distant relative.
    Pag ayaw nila, another option is to use the cheque as your advance payment for the next semester. Kaya lang, ang tagal pa, in 7 months pa yong next sem. Paano na if later on, hindi magamit? May utang ka sa SSS na hindi nagamit.
    Another option is to go to SSS with your school receipt, and ask if they can re-issue the cheque in your name to repay the one who paid for your school fees. Tell them you were forced to borrow to beat the payment deadline. I hope you can write again how you were able to resolve your problem.
    Make sure you protect all your original school payment receipts. Photocopy your receipts for yourself and for transactions.

  22. Good Day! I am a non-working member and ang last contribution ko pa sa SSS is nung 2012 pa. I just want to know kung pano ako ma qqualify sa Educational Loan ng SSS not for my children, since my eldest is just 4yo but for me because I am planning on taking B.A. Psychology at AMA Online Education program and It is PACUCOA Accredited (Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation) and ISO 9001:2008 Certified. My husband is employed and also an SSS member. THANKS!

  23. Hi Ms. A, to qualify, you can just pay 1 monthly contribution, or your husband can apply for you. But sad to say, the educational loan program has already used up all its funds for the 4-year or 5-year education of around 60k students whose loans were approved in 2012 and 2013. No funds have been added to the program. The first names on the waiting list can only avail when some of those already approved discontinue their studies. If you have time, you can try asking the nearest SSS branch if they’re accepting new applications. Pursue your dream. Find other ways. You can. With prayers.

  24. Hi gud afternon nag avail ako ng educational loan last 2013 one semester lng kasi my nag sponsor na personal na tao so ngayon natigil na ang sponsor ng tao pwede pa ba mag avail uli ng educational loan?

  25. Hi Pewee, sorry most likely naibigay na sa iba yong slot mo. Ang dami kasing nag-aantay na new applicants — a long waiting list. Meron silang circular na nabasa ko na dapat hindi more than 6 months yong gap ng application because they’ll assume that you’re no longer interested, and will therefore give the slot to another applicant. I might be able to search the circular when I get back in a week. I have to go somewhere. Or you can ask SSS or others baka merong nagbago. Pero I know there’s no new funding for the program — that’s why the waiting list of new applicants is long.

  26. Hello po, inapply po ako ng papa ko for educational loan. Sakin po ba ibibill ng sss yung payment ng loan po or sa papa ko? Salamat.

  27. Hi Ellaine, sa papa mo ibi-bill ang loan payments kasi siya ang nag-loan. Required lang na meron kang SSS number para halimbawa kulang ang payments or pension ng papa mo to pay the whole loan, ibi-bill sa iyo yong SSS account yong unpaid balance.

  28. Hi Jenn, sorry hindi puede ang uncle. Dapat parent or kapatid. Besides, wala pang new funding ang educational loan program. Mahaba ang waiting list.

  29. My husband already availed an Educational Loan year 2015-2016, unfortunately he was died due to vehicular accident last February 2, 2016. This year 2016-2017, the SSS branch of Koronadal City advised me to transfer in my name as a wife. I already filled-up form last June 2016, unfortunately till now, I haven’t received any from the SSS. I borrowed money last sem just to pay the tuition of my son & daughter for the 1st sem. and now it’s 2nd sem. My question is “is there a chance that my application on educational loan for my son and daughter be approved on 1st sem?” Hope to hear from your end.


  30. Hi Florepes, sorry about your husband. Did you use the new application form? or the subsequent loan application form? I think your application was treated as a new application, and was put in line behind the super long waiting list. The rules prohibit substitution of student, so most likely substitution of member/sponsor is also not allowed, so your application was considered as a new application. You can ask the Koronadal branch if you should have used a subsequent loan application form or a new application form.

  31. Gud pm. I want to ask if hm ang monthly payment if natapos n ung educational loan. Nka 8x po kmi nag avail. Thanx

  32. Hello po Ms. Nora. I was one of the beneficiaries po pero unfortunately po e napatigil po sa trabaho ang papa ko. Bale first year 2nd sem up until 2nd year lang po ako nabigyan ng assistance. Nung nag3rd year na po ako, hindi na po ako nakaavail kasi wala daw po trabaho papa ko. Ask ko lang po kung marere avail or maibabalik pa po yung assistance ngayong mahigit 1 year na din po ulit may trabahaho ang papa ko. kahit 1 sem nalang po ang natitira. Salamat po.

  33. Hi Nora, I’m so upset since I tried to apply for a student loan my basic is more than 15k but less than 25k but sss system turns me down, a colleague of mine who has a 16k basic but she was able to take advantage for her education loan, its been a year now

  34. Hi Daisy, your colleague might have applied long before you did. The educational loan fund was all used up in Dec 2013 for around 60k students. Hindi pa naman actually naubos, pero nai-budget na lahat ang pera for the 4-year schooling of those 60k students. The waiting list started Dec 2013, so pagkahaba-haba na ngayon. Kung meron mang nag-stop among those 60k, ang nagkakaroon ng chance to get approved ay yong mga nasa una sa waiting list. Wala pang new funding for this loan program. I hope you can find other remedies

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