BDO Remittance Partners in Italy

Updated February 9, 2016

Here’s a list of BDO remittance partners in Italy:

BDO Remittance Partners:

CBN London Ltd. – Milan
Milan Corso Vittorio Emanuele II No. 22/1, 20122

CBN London Ltd. – Rome
Rome – Ottaviano Via Germanico 50 00192

CBN London Ltd.  –  Rome
Termini Via Dei Mille 30

CBN London Ltd. – Rome
Barberini Via Delle Quattro Fontane 7
Rome, Italy, 00184

(For this Barberini branch, check if they’re still serving BDO customers, as of Jan 2016)

CBN London Ltd.  –  Florence
Via Della Spada 36R, 50123

International Money Transfer Partners:

See if you can find an outlet of these international remittance companies in the city where you are:

Sigue Money Transfer
Xpress Money Services
UAE EXchange Centre
CBN Grupo International Holdings BV (


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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was thinking if its possible to open a peso account at one of the BDO rimittance in italy? or in England?;;;

    I hope to get info about this.

    Thank you so much.

    Kind regards,
    Theresa Gloria

  2. Hi jasmin, i-google mo lang yong company to get the phone no., like for example ito: CBN LONDON LTD. – MILAN
    CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELLE II 22/1 20122 MILANO ITALY, Tel no.: +39 023 9440 029 / +39 023 9440 541 / +39 023 9440 121

  3. Hi Cora, tawagan mo nga itong BDO Remit Florence branch: (0039055) 462-5225 I hope they’re open on Saturdays and Sundays kasi alam naman ng BDO Remit na yan ang mga free days for Pinoys to make deposits.

  4. Good day po! Are there any email address that I can submit my resume po for BDO (Rome)? Thank you.

  5. Savings account of my cousin was open2004, under Equitable bank of Messina ( Sicily). Knowing after 2 yrs. time it would be dormant with charges on the left over,is it possible for your office to help me know the updated balance ? Secondly,an Equitable PCI Fund was likewise open on June 14, 2004.Please advise steps for withdrawing the sum registered. Can he withdraw the savings account & trust fund through your office or personally he has to go to Philippines ? Thanks so much.

  6. Hi Estrellita, ask your cousin to deal with BDO because he’s the account owner. He can use this page to ask about the status of his account He needs to write his account name, account no., date opened, branch where opened, bank name, date of last deposit and last withdrawal. It’s almost 10 years — he should act before the 10-year period is over.

  7. Hi Roy, sorry this reply is already late. If 26th is not a holiday there, then CBN London, which is BDO’s remittance partner there should be open on the 26th

  8. Requirements pls to open bdo kabayan savings and is it possible to open at your bdo remittance partners? Like at milan? Pls do reply on my cel# 039 3892095965…cant access email as of now.many thanks. God Bless.

  9. Hi emy, bring your IDs, 2 ID pictures, plus job certificate or proof of address in case these are needed: CBN London Ltd. Milan, Corso Vittorio Emanuelle II No. 22/1, 20122 Milan.

  10. Good day Sir/Madam! I’m KELVIN D. DACQUEL, 20 from Ilocos Sur, Philippines. I am a product of the University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City with the degree BS Business Administration major in Financial Management. Currently, I am residing in Milan, Italy. May I ask Sir/Madam if you have a vacant position where I can apply my knowledge and skills. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and appreciate your consideration. If you need additional information, you may reach me at 3895746752 or email me at I hope to speak with you soon. Thank you and God bless!

  11. Hi Kelvin, search online. Go to,,,,

  12. I wish there were also bdo remittances here in crotone south italy. There are always long lines at money transfer so I’m not able to remit to my kabayan savings accoount

  13. Hi ana, see if you can see there in Crotone these global remittance firms affiliated with BDO: MoneyGram, UAE Exchange, Uniteller, Sigue Money Transfer, Xpress Money, Transfast and CBN Grupo.

  14. hi how do I know if my online banking is already activated? I’ve confirmed the code through the atm machine. I don’t know if it’s already active. I logged into my account and it seems there’s no change. Thanks po

  15. Hi sarah, wait for an email from BDO. Or check from time to time. If you can see all features, like Account Information, Financial Services, Service Request, Send Money, icons, etc. and if they are clickable, then your online banking is already activated.

  16. I confirmed the code on august 04 2015. For how many days shall I wait for an email from BDO? thanks po again

  17. Hi can I use my ATM BDO KABAYAN SAVINGS while I am in Italy? it so hard for to withdraw and even check balance…pleae help me

    Thank you so much,

  18. Hi mrs Nora have a good day po, can I use my ATM card to withdraw here in Italy in any atm machine? BDO KABAYAN SAVINGS ATM card. I can’t do balance inquiry. Here in Genova (Genoa) Italy. Thanks a lot, sharon

  19. Hi Sharon, if you changed your atm pin in the phils and if your atm card has a mastercard logo, then you can check your balance or withdraw at an atm there that has a matercard logo. there are times though thàt the bdo-mastercard link is off, so if this happens, try the next hour or next day

  20. Good day po, I need to open a bank account but we’re far from any branches here in Italy. we work here in messina and it’s only on Sundays that we can get out. Is it possible to open a bank account online? Thanks po.

  21. Good day! Can we open an account here at BDO MILAN. My husband has a BDO cheque but we don’t have an account with BDO so we’re not able to encash the cheque as he’s here in Italy. Thanks a lot po and God bless.

  22. Hi Nenette, ask this BDO partner (CBN London Ltd., Milan Corso Vittorio Emanuele II No. 22/1, 20122) if they’re offering Kabayan account opening.
    If not, you can ask BPI Europe (Piazza Del Duomo, 17, 20121, Milan, Italy) assistance in opening a Philippine-based BPI account.

  23. Hi po. Can I open a savings account in pilipinas even if I’m in milan? And can I ask another person to open the account for me?

  24. Hi mika, there’s no BDO bank in Rome; here’s BDO’s remittance partner that operates in Rome: CBN LONDON LTD. – ROME (Termini Unit), Via Dei Mille, Rome, Italy. Phone: +39 064 4702 878 Fax: +39 0644700993 Email: For Barberini unit: Via Delle Quattro Fontane, 7 00184 Rome Italy, Phone: +390645654860/ Fax: 390645654861

  25. Hi Brandon, if you’re abroad, you can send money directly to your BDO account at a Moneygram outlet. Just give them your BDO account name and account no. Please comment again if you meant to ask another thing.

  26. What documents are needed to open an account? And how soon can we get the card? Can I get the card in pinas?

  27. Hello Nora,just i want to asking my kabayan saving is still active or close,pls i need your reply god bless u always,003340271202 Moomina B.Dibaglen thnks again.

  28. Hi Kristine, bring your IDs, 2 ID photos and some money (In the Phils, you open with 100 pesos; I’m not sure how much they require there in Italy.) You will get your passbook and atm card maybe after 1 month. Your account will be active, but your atm card will become active only when you get back to the Phils and change your PIN at a BDO atm. If you’re planning to have your vacation in the Phils in a month, it’s better that you open your account here in the Phils. While here, change your PIN, enroll in BDO online banking, activate it at a BDO atm. Request for an atm card with Mastercard logo.

  29. Good morning. My cousin opened a savings account with passbook and atm last year when he/she came home. He was not able to deposit. He’d like to know if the account is still active so he/she can deposit. Thank you and have a nice day po.

  30. Hi Ethelyn, if 12 months have passed since the account was opened, the account is most likely closed. If you’re not sure about the date, you can test/try by depositing 100 pesos to the account at BDO. Fill up the deposit slip. If the BDO teller accepts your deposit, and processes your deposit, then it means the account is still active. But even if still active, ask your cousin to inquire here if her/his account is still Kabayan account or already a regular account.

  31. Good morning Nora, I’m Fr. Arnold, a filippino priest working here in rome, with double citizenship. I’ve heard that BDO in the Philippines has an offer of Car loaning, so in line with that, i’m asking if it’s possible for me to loan a car in the PH but paying it here in Italy?

  32. Hello Fr. Arnold, it’s not only BDO offering car loans, many banks have been offering car loans. If you were only here, it would have been very easy for you to buy a car using a loan. Since you’re abroad, you need someone you can trust to process your documents and to whom you can authorize via a SPA. You specifically mentioned BDO, but I suggest you browse this BPI auto loan site first because it’s better organized, has more practical info and easier to follow than that of BDO. Anyway, I also included here BDO auto loan. You can go here to this BDO Auto Loan page. It’s all here: requirements, loan calculator, car finder, prices, FAQs, and the online application form. The instruction for overseas Filipinos is you fill up the online application form, and someone from BDO will call you on how to process your loan. I think it’s good also to browse the website of car dealers to check the models, features and prices, so you compare with the prices quoted by BDO. Like for example, if you like Toyota, here are prices: Toyota prices for sedans.

  33. Pd po bang magtanong. Bale ung Bdo account ko po d ko na nahuhulogan mahigit na po 1 taon.. active pa.po ba ung account ko or close na

  34. Hi jameson, most likely closed na yon, kasi after 12 months, it’s automatically converted into regular account, which needs 10k to maintain or pay the 300-peso penalty every month. Pag walang 300 pesos sa account to pay for the penalty on the 14th month, ma-negative na and then automatically closed na.

  35. Hi mark, walang BDO branch sa Italy, pero merong BDO remittance partner — ito ay CBN London Ltd. (meron sa Florence, Rome and Milan). Kung wala kang makita diyan sa Lipari, you can send through Moneygram, kasi partner din ito ang BDO.

  36. I. I’m now Italian citizen, not dual yet, and I have to send remittance to DMCI for buy my house in the phils and I would like to know if now is legal to send cash or if I need to come in your office with Italian checks. being the DP fixed in a 2.2 M is that possible to send all in one? DMCI give me a ref. number on where I have to send but is that secure?
    many thanks

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