SSS Payment Deadlines for SSS Contributions and Loans

Updated Feb 2013:

Here are the new SSS payment deadlines for contributions and salary loans:

SSS Payment Deadlines for Voluntary and Self-Employed Members

Your payment deadline for a particular month or quarter is the 10th,
15th, 20th, 25th or last day of the following month, depending on the last digit of your
SSS no.

If the last digit of your SSS no. is:

1 or 2 — your deadline is the 10th day of the following month
3 or 4 15th day of the following month
5 or 6 20th day of the following month
7 or 8 25th day of the following month
9 or 0 — last day of the following month

For example, your SSS no. is 08-7878780-5, your last digit is 5, so your payment deadline is the 20th day of the following month.

If you’re paying for the month of June, your deadline is July 20.
If you want to pay for the 1st quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar), your deadline is April 20.
If you’re paying for the 2nd quarter (April, May, June), your deadline is July 20.

If the payment deadline falls on a holiday, Sunday or Saturday, you can still pay on the next working day, but not later.

SSS Form for Paying

Use the SSS RS-5 form — Contributions Payment Return. You can ask for this form at any SSS branch. You can pay over-the-counter at SSS cashier counters, Bayad Centers, SM Business Centers and accredited banks. Most of the time, there are RS5 forms available at Bayad Centers and SM Business Centers.

Payment Deadlines for OFWs

If you’re an OFW, you’re special. You have extended deadlines.

Anytime from January to December of the current year, you can pay for any month or months of the current year.

For example, we’re in the month of June, and you want to pay for the months of Jan to June, you can.

Another example: if it’s already September, and you have not paid for the months of Jan to June, you can still pay these months.

For the months of October, November and December (4th quarter): you can still pay these months until January 31 of the following year.

Note about using retroactive payments for benefit claims:

You CANNOT use retroactive payments for sickness, disability or maternity benefits if these events already occurred BEFORE YOU PAID.

Example: You gave birth in November. You learned that as an OFW, you can still pay for January to June, so you pay for these months to be able to file a maternity claim. This is not allowed. Your payments will be posted, but you will not be eligible for maternity benefit.

But if you paid January to June BEFORE you gave birth, you are qualified for maternity claim, even if you paid retroactively, as long as you paid BEFORE giving birth.

SSS Circular No. 32-P, signed by SSS President and CEO Corazon S. De La Paz, Nov 15, 2006:

…No contribution paid retroactively shall be used in the computation of any benefit arising from a contingency that preceded the date of payment of the retroactive contribution…

SSS Educational Loan, College and Vocational, 2012

Chart of SSS Contributions


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  1. hello ms. nors, good morning. I’m a vouluntary member and just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant. my last contribution was Feb.2014. I intend to pay this qtr (oct – nov.2014) to update my contributions. i just would like to ask if i can still pay for the previous qtr (july-sept 2014)or the months I missed (march, april, may, june). If yes, can i do this at a bayad center? or do i have to pay directly at sss? thanks in advance for your assistance.

  2. Hi Nic, if the last digit of your SSS no. is 0 or 9, you can still pay for July to Sep, until today only (Oct 31). And pay at SSS; bayad centers do not accept payments like these.
    If you give birth in May or June 2015, SSS will look for at least 3 contributions within Jan to Dec 2014 and your 6 highest salary credits. You said you’re Voluntary — do you have a Date of Coverage? Or did you contribute as employed before?

  3. Hi! i want to open a peso savings account but I am in UK. I am going to use it for my SSS maternity claim. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  4. Ms, i’m here in Jeddah, can i pay my contributions at remittance shops here? i don’t know whom i will address for sss pilipinas.

  5. Hi rodelio, you can pay your SSS at Skyfreight, Ventaja, IRemit, Telemoney and their remittance partners. Write your name, SSS no., amount and months to be paid. Some of the partners there are Enjaz, Al Rajhi, NCB Quick Pay, ABS CBN E-Money Plus Inc. or TFCMyRemit, Citi Express, Kapamilya, APEX Forwarders
    After 3 to 5 days, register at so you can check your payments from time to time:

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