SSS Payment Deadlines for SSS Contributions and Loans

Updated Feb 2013:

Here are the new SSS payment deadlines for contributions and salary loans:

SSS Payment Deadlines for Voluntary and Self-Employed Members

Your payment deadline for a particular month or quarter is the 10th,
15th, 20th, 25th or last day of the following month, depending on the last digit of your
SSS no.

If the last digit of your SSS no. is:

1 or 2 — your deadline is the 10th day of the following month
3 or 4 15th day of the following month
5 or 6 20th day of the following month
7 or 8 25th day of the following month
9 or 0 – last day of the following month

For example, your SSS no. is 08-7878780-5, your last digit is 5, so your payment deadline is the 20th day of the following month.

If you’re paying for the month of June, your deadline is July 20.
If you want to pay for the 1st quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar), your deadline is April 20.
If you’re paying for the 2nd quarter (April, May, June), your deadline is July 20.

If the payment deadline falls on a holiday, Sunday or Saturday, you can still pay on the next working day, but not later.

SSS Form for Paying

Use the SSS RS-5 form — Contributions Payment Return. You can ask for this form at any SSS branch. You can pay over-the-counter at SSS cashier counters, Bayad Centers, SM Business Centers and accredited banks. Most of the time, there are RS5 forms available at Bayad Centers and SM Business Centers.

Payment Deadlines for OFWs

If you’re an OFW, you’re special. You have extended deadlines.

Anytime from January to December of the current year, you can pay for any month or months of the current year.

For example, we’re in the month of June, and you want to pay for the months of Jan to June, you can.

Another example: if it’s already September, and you have not paid for the months of Jan to June, you can still pay these months.

For the months of October, November and December (4th quarter): you can still pay these months until January 31 of the following year.

Note about using retroactive payments for benefit claims:

You CANNOT use retroactive payments for sickness, disability or maternity benefits if these events already occurred BEFORE YOU PAID.

Example: You gave birth in November. You learned that as an OFW, you can still pay for January to June, so you pay for these months to be able to file a maternity claim. This is not allowed. Your payments will be posted, but you will not be eligible for maternity benefit.

But if you paid January to June BEFORE you gave birth, you are qualified for maternity claim, even if you paid retroactively, as long as you paid BEFORE giving birth.

SSS Circular No. 32-P, signed by SSS President and CEO Corazon S. De La Paz, Nov 15, 2006:

…No contribution paid retroactively shall be used in the computation of any benefit arising from a contingency that preceded the date of payment of the retroactive contribution…

SSS Educational Loan, College and Vocational, 2012

Chart of SSS Contributions


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  1. Hi maam nora ask ko lang bkakitang laking monthly contribution ko dahil po b s subsequent loan? Dati po kc 580 lng po contribution ko monthly nung m trabaho ako thanks po

  2. Hi Gie, when you said subsequent loan, naka-avail na ang brother mo ng SSS educ loan last school year? If you apply in June for a subsequent loan, you must pay your April or May premium (or April and May). Puedeng 550 pa rin ang bayaran mo na monthly premium. I don’t know bakit 1700 ang sinabi ng SSS sa iyo. Puede sa Bayad Center. Write or check Voluntary. Have you registered at — so you can track your loan and other data. Make sure your new payment is already posted before you apply for your subsequent loan. Update your loan payment, if you have a loan.

  3. Hi Ms. Nors ask ko lang po…mag -aavail kasi ng loan asawa ko kaso nung nagtsek kami online we found out na almost 3months na di nakakpagpost ang company nila…pumunta sya sa hr nila at ang sabi may problem daw po sa bagong software at dipa alam when maayos…so ibig sabihin mag aantay kmi kung kelan nila mapost yun…wala pang kasiguraduhan kelan…ano po kaya remedy pede namin gawin to push them

  4. Hi mitch, na-check nio rin ba yong loan eligibility online? Kulang pa ba siya sa requirement na 36 contributions para sa 1-month loan? or 72 contributions for 2-month loan? Basta eligible na, kahit hindi pa na-post yong 3 months ay puedeng mag-loan, basta merong 6 contributions for the past 12 months.

  5. Hi po ulit .. Nkabayad npo ako ng april at may premuim.. Myron n din po school assestment at subsequent form un brother ko.. Natsek ko n din po yon status ko as voluntary memeber.. Last year po di ko problema ang payslip kc m work at m sweldo ako ..Ask ko lng po as voluntary member ano ang pde kong iPasa itr or affidavit of income ? thanks at god bless

  6. Hi,

    Ask ko lng po may loan ako from my previous job way back 2009 and i recently found out na hnde pla nila kinaltas sa last pay ko yung niloan ko, so ngayon ang laki na ng penalty. Can I just pay it over the counter even sa mga Business/Bayad centers? From 15k kse na loan ko ngyon almost 30k na sya :( so pra hnde na lumaki ng lumaki interest bayaran ko na lng xa, pero kelangan ba sa SSS mismo ako mgbayad?

  7. Hi Po ask ko lng po pwede po ba ako mgbyad over the counter tru bayad centers? may loan po kse ako then ang laki na ng interest kse recently ko lng nlaman na yung previous employer ko hnde xa kinaltas sa last pay ko.

    so im planning to pay it na lng, do i need to pay directly ba sa sss or khit bayad centers will do na?

  8. good day.

    nag loan po kasi ako dati sa company ko, then I resigned last January.

    apparently akala ko deducted na sa backpay ko ung loan ko, pero nung tiningnan ko ung account ko (papagawa po kasi ako ng card) eh may 10,000+ pa ako na loan.

    I am now currently working sidelines, pwede ko ba bayaran ng pakonti konti ung loan ko sa mga bayad center?


  9. Hi Freedom, it’s better if you pay at the nearest SSS branch since you’re paying a relatively big amount. But if you’re very busy, you can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Double check your name, SSS no. and amount in your receipt. If your receipt is the kind whose ink disappears after a while, xerox your receipt.

  10. Hi RM, yes, you can pay at Bayad Center in installments. Then monitor your online account. By the way, did you check your last pay slip? Was there really no deduction for your loan? I asked because posting of your loan payment and updating of your loan balance could have been delayed.

  11. Hi Ms. Nora! If now pa lang ako mag aapply ng SSS and manganganak ako sa August 2014, pwede ko po bang magamit yun benefits ko sa maternity kung magbabayad ako ng annual or semi annual? thanks po! sana matulungan nyo po ako.

  12. good day maam, just wanna ask kung pwedi ba ibackpay ung mga previous years na hindi nabayaran sa sss contributions? bale voluntary member na po status ko tnx maam

  13. good day!. ask ko lang po if i would be entitled for maternity benefit? i was employed from april-september 2013..then nag voluntary npo ako starting february 2014 up to present..i gave birth this may 26, 2014 with twins, i already filled the mat1 and mat2 po but theyre asking me for separation certificate from my previous there any other way po..kasi sa manila pa ung employer ko and nsa province ako. i cannot travel pa po advive ng o.b ko kasi cs ako..hope you could help..thnx..godbless!!

  14. Hi helen, sad to say, but SSS needs your cert of separation, cert of non-advancement of mat benefit and L501 sheets. Affidavits are accepted if the company is no longer existing. Think of a friend still working in your company who might be able to help you ask HR about the papers, and so she can send you those papers through postal mail. Or you call your former HR and ask if you can send a relative to go there and ask your papers in your behalf. God bless too

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good Day! Would like to inquire if where I can pay my SSS Salary loan aside from SSS Office. Second, after payment, do I have to bring it to SSS office for them to receive the payment return or no need na po.

    Thank you and hoping for your kind assistance. God bless!

  16. Hi Gigi, at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. No, you don’t need to bring a copy of your receipt to SSS. These payment centers remit quickly to SSS, but posting of loan payments takes several days.

  17. mam loan po ng 10,000 peso s SSS last 2007 p so till now hindi p po ako nakakapaghulog so ask ko lng po if mgkno nba ang bbyaran ko in total pra mkpaghulog ulit ako.

  18. Hi valeriano, since you’re delinquent already, you can pay any amount every month. The bigger amount, the better. To see your balance, you can go to SSS and ask. Or you can register online at and check your loan balance and payment posting from time to time.

  19. Hi Ms.Nora,

    Im currently working po dito sa UAE need your help with regards to my pending loan,i left the company last 2012 po,tapos nagloan ako.. It’s been 2 years now po na hindi ko sya nababayaran.. Please help me kung paano ko sya mbbayaran?salamat po

  20. Hi Jezzylle, here’s a list of SSS collectors in UAE. Since your loan is already delinquent, you can pay any amount, but it should be higher than your monthly amortization. The higher amount, the better. You can track your loan payments and their effect on your loan balance if you have an online SSS account. Register at

  21. Hi po! Ask ko lng po kung pwede ako mag apply for Maternity, May 2014 po ako nag start mg hulog until June 2014. Self employed po ako.
    December 15, 2014 pa po ako manganganak.

  22. Hi shiela, I wish you started Apr 2014. Your semester of contingency is July to Dec 2014, so this means you should have at least 3 monthly contributions within the prior 12-month period of July 2013 to June 2014. You had only 2 contributions (May and June 2014) so you don’t qualify. Ask others too

  23. Hi Ms. Nora

    This will be one of my favorite blog hehe..I would suggest if you can create an FB page as well i mean if you have time po..I want to appreciate you mam nora for helping others thank you!

    Now my question is i have pad my salary directly to SSS para ma renew ko ung loan ko as per SSS pwede mo na irenew ung loan mo as long as nbayaran mo na ung half now yung binayad ko po will complete only half of the remaining balance, ngappear po xa sa online as loan OTC payment kelan po kaya xa mcrecredit sa salary loan balance ko para po mkrenew na ako?? Also How much po kaya ang amount for a 2nd time loan??

    Thanks po mam nora

  24. Hi po Maam Nor,
    Nag sign up po ako sa at successful po ang pag sign up ko.

    Nang mag log in po ako sa ay invalid daw po ang user id at password ko..

    Nang nag try nako sa forget my user Id, pina type ang email ad ko,
    nang tinype ko ang email ad ko, not existing daw po.

    Ang ginawa ko nag sign up po ako ulit pero hindi na tatangapin dahil existing na daw po ang sss number, name ko at ang email add ko…

    Ano po ba ang dapat komg gawin?
    Thank you maam..

  25. Hi Gene, thanks a lot for appreciating my blog. Makes me happy. About your loan payment, I’ve observed that it takes time, about 1 to 2 weeks, before the payment is deducted from the outstanding balance. There’s a 2nd requirement for loan renewal — at least 1 year should have passed since the check was issued. Has 1 year passed since your loan check date?
    About loan amount, we have a better answer here: SSS Loan Amount Thanks again, Gene.

  26. @mam nora thanks for your reponse..oct 2012 pa po ung last loan ko sa sss im hoping mk renew ak pndagdag po sa panganganak ni misis more power po mam nore will keep you posted pr narin sa mga readers nyo…

  27. Hello mam nora,
    Just wanna ask if i can still avail of my sss benefit.i have paid my sss contribution for almost 3 years but then i have resigned last april 2013 then i did not continue to pay for my sss contribution for almost 1 year. I gave birth via CS on january 2014. Tanung ko po if i can still aply for my maternity sss benefit kahit sobrang late due to some personal reason.

  28. Hi brigitte, if you paid at least 3 contributions within Oct 2012 to Sep 2013, you’re eligible and you can try filing. Include in your MAT2 docs your MAT1 and ultrasound report and include a letter explaining why you were unable to file your MAT1 before your delivery. And then pray that it will be approved.

  29. Good day mam cora.. pwede ba mag hulog sa bayad center ng SSS voluntary member.. sa tita ko kasi ung huhulugan ko. pwede ba ako ang mag hulog para sa kanya??? at pano malalaman kung mag kano ang hulog nia per month.. salamat po..

  30. Hi MJ, yes, you can pay at Bayad Center for your aunt. Was she employed before? And did her employer remitted her contributions? I asked because I want to be sure she’s properly registered before you pay. She can check this SSS contributions table. What was her last SSS contribution when she was employed?

  31. morning ask q lng po bakit d aq mka post ng payment namin,snasbi out of bracket daw ang contibution nmin,,bkit po gnun???

  32. Hi rhoann, are you with HR or accounting? Are you referring to the SSS R3 or LMS program. If yes, sorry I’m not very familier with that program. Check your manual again.

  33. Mam good day po ask ko po sana uf i want to continue paying for my contribution as a vluntary member klangan pa po ba punta ako sa sss office pra mgpachange from employed to voluntary or can i just pay sa mga bayad centers and check the voluntary box. Salamat po.sana mareply nyo ako.

  34. Hi maf, yes, you can pay at Bayad Center and check Voluntary. When your payment is posted, your status will automatically change to “From Employed to Voluntary”. Register at so you can track your status

  35. Can i avail of maternity benefit even if i am a delinquent payer? I became a member in 2007. I paid diligently from 2007 to 2011. On 2011 i stopped working & enrolled in masteral studies. Last 2012 i was employed again in a local government unit, however i was employed on a contractual basis only thus no contributions for Sss were made..or can i just pay retroactively to avail?

  36. Hi ask ko lng po wat po need n requirement if im gonna pay it tru bayad center ng sss loan? Delingquet payer po ako. And meron po b cut off date o deadline wen it comes to sss loan since delingquet payer po ako like every 20th o 10th? I plan it to pay it half and renew after posting pde po b un since 2011 p po un cheque ko? Un po tnks po and more power God bless

  37. Hi Maam, namiss ko kasi ung quarterly deadline ng sss contributions ko (voluntary) last July 15. Is there any way para mabayaran ko pa yung april,may, and june? Thanks!

  38. Hi Aldwin, sorry but you’re already past your payment deadline. Bayad Center/SM Business Center will no longer accept your payment. I’m not sure if it’s viable, but if you like, you can try paying at an SSS branch today or tomorrow.

  39. hi po ms nora…last contribution ko po october 2013…kumpleto po hulog ko from jaunary to october 2013…nag stop po ako s work november…ngaun po EDD ko sa september…nagbayad po ako sss april may june as voluntary, availk ko po ba maternity benefits ko?salamat po

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    I really found you by accident, while I was browsing on Yahoo for something else, Regardless I am here now
    and would just like to say kudos for a fantastic post and a
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  41. hala we’ll no longer get back the contributions our employer has been deducting from our salaries since 2012. They’re just deducting and deducting but not remitting. It’s only now I came to know that there are payment deadlines

  42. Hi anne, your employer can remit past payments to SSS by paying penalties. You and your fellow employees should ask your employer to remit your contributions. I hope there are employees there who are able to risk getting harassed and losing their jobs so they can report your employer to SSS.

  43. Hi may-ann, you’re already late for April to June 2014. For July 2014, you can still pay it if the last digit of your SSS no. is 7. 8, 9 or 0. Check the deadlines above.

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