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  1. Ma’am good day!
    Just want to ask Pwede po ba n magbayad ng amount na kaya lng namin bayaran? Kasi medyo mahal po ung contribution 1560 a month po
    Medyo mabigat kasi ang babayaran voluntary member kasi ako.for example I’ll just pay 500 quarterly?

  2. Hi SSS,

    I would like to know the status of my ID application because it’s already 17 months now from the date of application and it is not yet delivered to the assigned address.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  3. Hi faye, yes, you should pay only what you can afford to pay. Choose between 104, 156 or 208 a month. That would be 312, 468 or 624 per quarter. Were you an employed member before? Or did you register as self-employed before?

  4. Good day po. Inquire ko lang po if may form po kayo ng authorization letter para ma claim ng magulang ung lum sum ng namatay ng anak na isa-sign ng asawa. If meron sang site po pede madownload. Thanks

  5. Hi, good afternoon ! I just want to know if it is allowed to pay for RS-5 for the whole year. I am paying Php936 per quarter.

  6. Hi,
    I have some questions regarding SSS and Pagibig.I resigned last September 2012 from my previous company.

    1. How can I change my status as voluntary member because I don’t have plans of working and continue my online business.
    2. Can I pay my loan balance in full so I can apply for a renewal once I change my status as as voluntary member? I don’t have contributions for SSS (6 months) and Pagibig (1 year).
    3. My husband didn’t work for almost 4 years but he said that he only lacks 3 months for SSS and 2 months for Pagibig contributions when he was working so he can apply for a loan.What does he need to do as voluntary member and can he pay the remaining months so he can avail the loan?

    Thank you very much!!! I’ll be expecting your response. God bless !!!

  7. Hi Joan, where’s the wife of the deceased? I don’t think authorization letter is enough. If SSS allows this waiver of right to claim, it would be a notarized document with words like “I, __, legal age, residing…husband of deceased ___, waive my right to claim all the SSS benefits of my husband __ in favor of the parents of my husband, namely ___ … because….” But I’m not sure if SSS allows this. You need to go to SSS and ask first before they spend for the documents.
    About the funeral benefit: The parents can claim the funeral benefits, even without the signature of the wife, as long as the funeral receipts are in their names.

  8. Hi Cheng, yes, it’s allowed. But I suggest you pay in advance 2 quarters only. This is to avoid underpayment in case SSS increases the premiums. Just put your extra money into your savings.

  9. Hi carissa, for SSS, shifting from Employed to Voluntary is easier than with Pag-ibig. For SSS, just pay using RS5 form; check Voluntary. After posting, your status will be changed from Employed to Voluntary. You enroll in online SSS so you can check your records and check your loan eligibility: Yes, you can pay your balance in full as voluntary using ML1 form. Write your name, your SSS no. and address on the form. LEAVE BLANK employer ID no. For SSS, both you and your husband must have paid at least 6 of the past 12 months before you can loan. For Pag-ibig, you need to go to your Pag-ibig branch, and apply to become Voluntary. Bring IDs, certificate of separation (in case they ask) and Pag-ibig MID. How to get your Pag-ibig MID:

  10. Ms Nors, Last day ko na po sa work sa March 26 2013, gusto ko rin sana mag avail ng 2nd loan, pero sa april pa yung pang 72 contribution ko. paano po ba ang gagawin ko. kasi ang sabi sa akin, bayaran ko na lang daw yung pang april na contribution sa 1st week ng april. tapos mag loan ako ng 2nd week. pwede po ba yun? ang magiging status ko na, voluntary. pero by 2nd week of april, may bago na din ako work.

  11. Hi dexter, the advice given to you is viable. And yes, once you pay as voluntary (RS5 form; check Voluntary), your status will become voluntary, and if you do this, apply for the loan as voluntary. You’ll get the check thru registered mail.
    If you wait and loan thru your new employer, you’ll get the check thru your HR, and usually faster. Make sure that if you pay as voluntary, your voluntary payment plus your total payment under your new employer for the month of April will not exceed 1560.

  12. helow po,my sss#na po ako,, lng po ang hawak ko hndi pa po ako nka pg remit..gsto ko po sanang mka pg an OFW..panu po ba yun?anu po ba ang dapat kong gawin?san po ako pwedeng mka pg remit?..tanx po..godbless..

  13. Good day po… Tanong ko lang po ung SSS contribution as I signed a contract on a company base here in makati and I was informed that they will deduct 15% on my salary for my contribution. My salary will be in USD and I’m under the impression that there is a table for maximum contribution. Please enlighten me regarding the correct calculation. Thanks!

  14. Hi janine, before remitting, you must first register as OFW. This is important, so you will get a Date of Coverage. With your IDs and E1, you can visit the SSS desk at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Villa 152 Blk 6, Nouman Bin Basher St. cor Damascus Rd. Faiha, Phone: (+965) 6589-8699 email:, and register. You can also download this form, print it and send it to SSS QC (look for address in the form) and wait for an email from SSS (may take a long time). To pay your contributions, look for IRemit, Ventaja or Skyfreight or BDO Remit partners that accept SSS payments.

  15. Hi Dhee, yes, there’s a table for SSS contribution. I’m surprised by that figure, 15%! That’s about 1/6 of your salary! They need to use the SSS table. If they prefer to use %, the correct % for employee share is 3.33% of monthly salary credit, and there’s a maximum — 15k. 3.33% of 15k = 500 pesos. Employer share is 7.07%. 7.07% of 15k is 1060. Employers also pay EC, which is 30 pesos for 15k.

  16. Good day po.. Tanung ko lang po kng anung pwede naming gawin kasi po 59 going 60 this may na ang nanay ko 40 mos lang po ang contribution nya sa sss.. Pwede po ba naming bayaran yung kulang nun pra po maka kuha sya ng pension.. Anu po kya ang pwede naming gawin, tnx and godbless po…

  17. sir panO kung may SSS number kana tapos gusto mo tranfers by sef-employed pwde ba yun kasi mali binigay skin na form E-1 binigay..kasi wla po aqo work nagtitinda lang ako ng saging at fishball sa gabi…ndi pa naman aqo nagbayad..kya nag search ako kung panu mag bayad by self-employed..sana may sumagot

  18. pwde rin ba mag loan ang isang self-employed sir/ mkakakuha rin ba ng SSS ID kahit self-employed ka basta monthly ka nagbabayad..please sana may somagot

  19. Hi Mae, your mother needs 120 paid months to be eligible for pension. Your mother lacks 80 months. That’s almost 7 years more. Sad to say, you cannot pay for the past years. If you like, you can continue to pay her premium until she’s 67. Or she can choose to get her lump sum (total premiums plus interest). God bless din.

  20. Hi jeason, yes, you can apply for an SSS ID after your first payment has been posted. Yes, you can apply for a salary loan as self-employed after you have paid 36 contributions. This is how to apply as self-employed: Before you get an affidavit of source of income, go first to your SSS branch and ask if affidavit of source of income and barangay certification are enough for registering as self-employed. Hope you can register. If you’re successful, I hope you can comment again and share about what you did…so you can help others.

  21. Hi Ms Nors, I am an OFW and 5 months pregnant po, due ko po sa JULY 19, may contribution po ako sa SSS whole 2013, 520 per month, makakaavail po ba ako ng mat benefits? and pede ko pa ba hulugan ung oct to dec 2012 ko khit nauna ko na bayaran ang 2013 ng mas malaki para un ang i-include nila sa 6 months computation? para mas malaki makuha ko?

  22. Hi angee, I think I’ve just answered a similar question in another post. Sorry you can no longer pay for 2012. Last January, puede pa sanang bayaran ang Oct to Dec. But it’s already March, hindi na puede. Kung the same year sana, puede pa, kasi for OFWs, they can pay any month of the year during the current year. You can ask others too. Yes, you can qualify for maternity benefit; submit your MAT1 BEFORE delivery. take care

  23. Hi vina, you can find it in your RS5 receipt. If you don’t have an RS5 receipt, try entering 6 zeros. If the system does not accept, ask your family in the Phil to pay your next contribution using RS5 form, so they can give you the SBR no. They can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center

  24. hello po!,di ko sinasadya na na doble po ung hulog ko sa buwan nato anu pong mangyayari?,and gusto ko po sana n taasan ung hulog ko as self employed pati n rin ung sa father ko n voluntary po sya ngaun tapos po gusto nya po mag-transfer as OFW nasa saudi po sya ngaun, meron po bng requirements n kelangan?,

  25. Hi! I will undergo the removal of my ovary due to myoma. Is there any benefit that i can get since I have paid 18 years of contribution but my last payment was way back Oct 2005 pa. I am 47 year old only. And also my cousin got operated in gall bladder but her contribution was 2008 for 12 years. Same question is there any benefits that we are entitled of? Thanks

  26. Hi Ester, I’m not sure now if one’s condition after myoma surgery or after gall bladder surgery can still qualify as disability. I know someone some years ago who underwent hysterectomy and was able to get a partial disability pension for 18 months. You and your cousin can try filing. Or call SSS 24-hour Mon to Fri hotline 920-6446 to 55

  27. helo po, last 2005 i paid 5 months contributions sa sss as employed, then 2009 i paid 3 months as a volunter member, then this year 2013 i paid 6 months from jan-june, question is, can i still avail the maternity benefits? due date ko will be july 2013. thanks.!

  28. ms nors, is it possible for me to pay my 2009 contribution for the month of oct, nov, dec. i was unemployed that time. my total contribution as of now is 70. i want to apply for the 2nd loan. and i can’t wait for the month of may to file for 2nd loan. thank you,more powers.

  29. Hi dexter, sorry, you can no longer pay for 2009. You mean you want the 2-month loan? yes, you need 2 more contributions, and pay them earlier so they get posted early… so that by May, they’re already posted.

  30. Hi maam. 5 taon na po nasa abroad ang asawa ko, gusto niya pong maghulog hindi niya lang po maasikaso. Gusto niya po ako ang magbayad, pwede po ba iyon?

  31. Hi Lene, yes, you can, specially if you’re abroad and you want to save on the remittance fees. But if you’re here in the Philippines, I think 6 months in advance is the better one. The only major concern about advance payments is possible increase in premiums.
    You’re self-employed — just want to ask if you registered as self-employed and your application was approved.

  32. Hi Rowena, is your husband already a paying member before? If already a paying member, yes, you can pay for him using RS5 form. And then ask him to enroll in online SSS so he can track his SSS. If not yet, he needs to register first by applying at the SSS desk of the Philippine consulate where he is. Or he can download and print the OW1 form, fill it and then send to SSS QC (address on the form) and wait for SSS email (may take time).

  33. Hi SSS,
    I would like to know the status of my ID application because it’s already 8 months now from the date of application and it is not yet delivered to the assigned address.
    Thank you for your assistance.

  34. Hi po..graduate na po ako ng 4-Year course pero gusto ko pong kumuha ng adtl units for education through a certification program in USeP (Obrero,Dvo City). The program actually is good for a year only. Can I avail the educational loan assistance po ng sss? If so pano po un? Shud I apply before the sem starts? Or pg papatapos n ang sem? Kasi nbsa q sa req na kelangan ng billing from the school..And gaano po ba ito katagal iprocess? Salamat po in advance.

  35. Hi Ching, I’m not sure because your certificate program is only for 1 year. The loan rules specify a degree course or a vocational/technical course of at least 2 years. Look at the application form, and see how you can fill it out, knowing that it will take you only 1 year: I suggest you go to SSS and ask. If okay, you can apply at the start of the sem using assessment of fees; loan approval to check delivery takes about 3 weeks to a month.

  36. Hi gud afternoon. I think my previous employer mistakenly remitted my sss contribution in a wrong sss number (i think they used my philhealth#). i worked there for 2 years and a month. How can i transfer all my contributions to the correct sss number? Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi christian, it is not you who can correct the error; it should be your previous employer, because they’re the ones who remitted the payments. They’re the ones who have the receipt and the collection list. I suggest you print a copy of your online SSS contributions record (“Contributions — Actual Premiums”), showing that you don’t have contributions posted during the years you worked with your previous employer, and then go to this employer, and ask them to correct the error. Write 2 copies of your request and have them sign your copy, to prove that they have received your request and so that they will do their best to correct the error. Do you still have copies of some of your paylips? Check your SSS no. there if it’s correct — to show your previous employer that you gave your SSS no. correctly. Hope you can share later on how your problem was finally solved.

  38. gud day ask ko lang yung father ko meron pa sa di bayad na loan, nagclose yung company na pinagtrabahuhan nya nung inaplay nya yung loan na un.malapit na sya mag 120 contribution and he’s already 59 yrs old. makakapag pension ba sya kahit meron pang existing unpaid loan?

  39. Thanks for a quick response. Actually i notice that the SSS number listed on my payslip is the same to my PhilHealth number. Thanks again for your advise, I’ll keep you posted once the issue is resolve.

  40. Hi leslie, yes, as long as your father has 120 contributions before his semester of retirement, he can get his pension. But his first monthly pensions will be used to pay his loan, and only after the loan is paid in full that he will start to receive his monthly pension. The 13th-month pension in December is not used for loan payment, so he will get this. I hope you have enrolled your father in online SSS, so you can track his records.

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