Pag-ibig Fund — How to Claim Death Benefits


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  1. Can children of deceased Pagibig Member still claim for death benefits if the Member has already received her total savings from PAGIBIG when she retired?

  2. Hi Maricel, if your mother got all her Pag-ibig savings when she retired, that meant she also ended her Pag-ibig membership, so you can no longer file a claim because she was no longer a member when she passed away. But to be sure, call Pag-ibig 724-4244 — they’re responding to calls.

  3. Hi Ms. Nora, mother passed away last month. We are currently working on her death claim. My concern is with regard on affidavit of waiver, my father is in abroad and could not personally sign. Notary office would not accept it unless it signed originally. Do we have other less hassle option way out?

  4. My husband passed away May 8,2015 and we have a housing loan/awardee under my husband Name Jonathan C. Cariaga.. may i request for information/rquirements what to do…ty much

  5. hi, i just want to ask .. my father died last apr.6,2015 and now i’am still processing for his death claim, unfortunately my mother got 1 id only which is company id. will u consider NBI or POLICE CLEARANCE as replacement for the 2nd id required? thats the only thing that made our processing delay.

  6. I am working here in Dubai for about 6 years…until now I don’t have pag ibig…pls help me and tell me what to do to become a pag ibig member..

    recently im In sharjah Dubai…. looking forward for ur immediate reply

  7. Hi Ms. Nora,
    My husband died already, and almost two years n, i haven.t received any claimed from pag-ibig, kasi we have housing loan n under disclosure na. And it comes n nai forward n daw yong lot sa acquired asset. And they send m a letter, stating to “Invitation to Purchase”. so i avaible the invitation para di mawala yong bahay sa amin. I used my own pag-ibig member loan. Ang tanong k lang po Ms. Nora. possible bang m makuha akong claim sa provident benefit ng husband k. Ang sabi po kasi ng kasamahan k sa work, if the member dies at meron syang housing loan, i gagrant n lang daw yong housing loan if pag- ibig member die. Meron po b akong makukuhang benefit from pag-ibig. Dito po sa makati ang branch where my husband remit the contribution. Thanks po.

  8. Hi Miriam, was the house not yet foreclosed when your husband died? Because if not yet foreclosed, you should have notified Pag-ibig about your husband’s death so they could have advised you on what to do. The housing loan has a mortgage redemption insurance (MRI) — the insurance will pay for the housing loan balance if the borrower dies.
    I’m just not sure if the MRI still works if the house is already foreclosed when your husband died. If you have not yet availed of the invitation to purchase, you should go to Pag-ibig with your husband’s death certificate and ask about MRI. Or if you’re working, call Pag-ibig first — 724-4244 — they are responding.
    After the housing loan issue is resolved, you can file to claim your husband’s Provident benefits.

  9. Can my father claim all his contributions from PAG IBIG even if still alive and not yet senior citizen? When I filed for death claim at pag ibig, the staff told me my father has claimed his pag ibig at the zamboanga pagadian branch. but they did not show me my father’s full contribution and last loan. what can you advise so my mother can claim? it was in 2003 when my father died but it’s only now that we filed our claim. thank you Raymel Sta Maria of QC.

  10. Hi raymel, was your father more than 45 years old when he passed away? And had he contributed 240 contributions? Was he employed in Pagadian for many years? If yes, he could have claimed all his savings. Another reason an early claim is allowed is when the member is permanently disabled. Email and ask if your father’s records are with them. Include your father’s complete name, birth date, birth place, names of employers, locations and employment dates. Include also a photo of your ID and birth certificate to prove that you have the right to inquire about your father’s records. Write as Subject: Death Claim — Your Father’s Complete Name

  11. Hi ms. Nora. My father passed away last May of this year. He was a gov’t employee for almost 8 years(not so sure the service he rendered). But, for some reasons, he stopped working in the gov’t office he was working for. He had his second family but I’m his child to his legal wife. My question is, can my father received any claims from pag-ibig since he was a former gov’t employee but stopped working for a long period of time? He was 61 at the time of his death

  12. Hi mai, he could have claimed his Pag-ibig savings when he turned 60 or just before he passed away. You can ask Pag-ibig if he has claimed his benefits. Bring your birth certificate to prove you’re his child, and his death certificate

  13. Hi mrs Nora, can we claim our papa’s benefits? He died 2012 at age of 48. He was OFW. but we were not written as beneficiaries as his status with Pag-ibig was single. Can we claim his Pag-ibig benefits?

  14. Hi Jerwin, if your papa did not claim his benefits before he passed away, you can file your claim, even if you were not written as beneficiaries in his Pag-ibig records. Your NSO birth certificates will prove that you are your papa’s heirs. Go to the branch where his records are (the branch nearest the company where he worked before he became OFW). Ask the branch if your papa’s payments as OFW were remitted to that branch, or to Makati branch.

  15. Hi Ms. Nora, I have asked a question dated May 15. Still hoping to be receiving your reply.

    Thanks and more power!

  16. Hi April, so sorry I missed your question. Email your father the Affidavit of Waiver form; he prints it, fills it up, and then he goes to the Philippine consulate or embassy where he is and have it notarized or authenticated. Then he sends you the form via regular postal mail or through a courier (but this might be expensive). I’m not sure about the cost now, but embassy authentication might cost around 1k pesos. I can’t think of a less-hassle less expensive way. Call Pag-ibig 724-4244; they’re answering calls.

  17. Hi oliver, the benefit is released in a single check or in 2 checks or more depending on the relationships between or among the beneficiaries. I have seen a single check with all the names of the beneficiaries on the single check (beneficiaries are all brothers and sisters). There was one who commented here that Pag-ibig issued 2 checks in equal amounts — one check for her and her mother and the second check for an illegitimate child.

  18. Hi Ms. Nora, Good day, I will be filing the provident benefit claim for my father and I’m one of his sons, I just want to know if I will be the one who will accomplish the Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs or the representative on Notary? I mean, am I the one who will wrote on it personally? Do you have sample accomplished one? Hoping for your response. Thank you!
    Best regards, Jake

  19. Hi Jake, yes, it’s you who will fill up the form. Print using a black pen. Your mother and all siblings will sign the form. See the blanks for 3 Claimants. If more than 3 claimants, add another sheet of bond paper. For No. 8, fill up ‘a’ to ‘c’. The notary will fill up the ‘Acknowledgment” portion. Before writing on the form, read or scan the form first so you’ll get an overview of the form. You can also call 724-4244; they are responding.

  20. Hi Ms. Nora,

    So you mean I need to get all the signatures of my siblings? I have 4 siblings and we are all 5 so I need to use blank paper right? How about the portion on Marital (Spouse)? I’m still single so it’s okay to leave it blank right?

    Thank you so much Ma’am!

    Kind regards,

  21. Hi Ms. Nora,

    There is a blank space saying “With my marital consent” then 3 blank spaces for signature. What does it mean? My mother and other siblings were in the province so is it okay if I show to the notary their marriage and birth certificates?

    Thanks and more power! 🙂

    Kind regards,

  22. Hi Ms. Nora,

    I mean there is a note saying “with my marital consent”. One thing, ma’am 3 of my siblings doesn’t have their valid ID’s only my mother, sister and I have it, is it okay if were the ones who will just signed on it because some of the previous people who asked you that they received more than 1 check so we’re all 6 including my mother so it will be 6 checks am I right?

    Thank you so much!

    Best regards,

  23. Good day Ms. Nora,
    Two times k n itong pag message sainyo. With regards po kasi sa Provident/ death benefits ng husband k. With my last message sa inyo yong housing loan n naiwan ng husband k na under disclosure ay ako n lang po ang nag avail using my pag- ibig housing loan. But i have to wait it until June 22 kung approved b ito or not. Gusto k po sanang makuha kung meron p syang benefit under provident, kasi naka pag bayad n po kami ng 100 k plus n sa housing namin. Ask m lang po kung m marerefund p ako sa naihulog n namin under maceda law.

  24. Good day! ms nora. my concern is regarding to my mothers she is 65 now.She had a 3t plus money remaining in pag ibig fund.Manager says that i will claim the remaining money.My concern is if i claim the money.Is she had a death benefit in the pag ibig? or not?tnx marzel

  25. Hi marzel, yes, you’re right, if your mother has no more money with Pag-ibig, you cannot claim a death benefit. Pag-ibig’s death benefit is only 6,000, but if the total savings money to be claimed is less than 6,000, then the death benefit is equal to the savings amount to be claimed. In your case, the death benefit will be 3,000+. The money however earns dividends while with Pag-ibig, so the 3,000+ should increase.

  26. what if the pag ibig member is 2months resigned to her job. den she died, are there still requirements to claim death benefits?

  27. Hi marilou, yes, the claimant needs to submit all the required claim documents, even if the amount to be claimed is small. That’s why cost of documents need to be controlled. For example, if the total contributions is only 1k, the death benefit is also 1k, for a total of 2k. Death benefit is 6k, if total contributions is 6k or more.

  28. Ms nora. The father of my child died on march 12 2015. Can I file my claim next year? I’m currently abroad

  29. Hi leah, yes, but if you’re not married to your child’s father, and he’s single, the other primary claimants are his parents. It’s with SSS that your child is the sole primary beneficiary, if your child is under 21 and your child is his only child.

  30. Hi ms nora. Im back with a new situation. If you can still remember,the last time i commented about being able to receive the title from pagibig. We were also able to receive the checks for povident claim. However as per pagibig accounting department we still have an amount more huge than the perovident claim to claim as refund since we exceeded the monthly amortization payments. Cause even when my mother died we were still paying for the housing loan. The problem is die to the chaos between pagibig and the insurance firm, our refunds is still pending. Pagibig said they cannot pay us due to the case between the insurance company they filed. That the funds will be coming from the insurane company who hasnt paid them til now. Ive been sarcastic with them through email since i feel its u fair to us beneficiaries to take he burden of the consequences of their chaos. Have you heard about the same case? What can i do to expedite this?

  31. Good morning Ms.Nora! My mother died Nov. 2008. We have not filed our death claim with pag ibig until now. The situation is she had also a housing loan with pag ibig. Can we still claim benefits from Pag-ibig? Thank you and have a good day! 🙂

  32. Hi aida, are your parents the claimants? your brother’s birth certificate is needed to prove that your brother is their child.

  33. Hi Michelle, do you mean you did not claim your mother’s MRI? Did you file paperwork to claim your mother’s Pag-ibig housing loan insurance or MRI to pay off in full your mother’s housing loan? Do you already have the title to your house? Because if your mother’s housing loan has already been paid off by MRI, then your mother has no more outstanding housing loan on her records, and you can file to claim her Provident benefits.

  34. hi May I ask the cp no. or email address of Pag-ibig Naga. I’m concerned about my death claim for my husband. march 20, 2015, cebu colon branch sent to naga all the requirements, up to now there’s no feedback. I was advised by cebu colon branch to call Naga, but they gave me a landline number.

  35. many thanks mrs nora. I emailed using the email you gave. They haven’t replied up to now. Thank you po.

  36. Hi wilma, wait a while. Maybe the Naga branch does not have an officer dedicated to replying to emails. Check from time to time.

  37. My mother retired from GSIS in 1984 and died last June 13, 2015. Are we eligible to receive burial benefit from Pagibig

  38. Hi Carolina, did your mother claim her savings and dividends from Pag-ibig when she retired? If yes, that means she ended her membership when she claimed her Provident benefits, so her heirs cannot claim a death benefit. If you’re not sure, call Pag-ibig 724-4244

  39. Good morning Nora,
    I just want ask about the death benefits.My father died last june and we dont even know if he’s a member of pag ibig however he was a retired employee of Chevron..we dont have his pag-ibig number.can we check it in your office even if we dont have the number? pls help..

  40. Hi Ms. Nora, my Father died 2009 but since then, we did not file for death benefits. My question is, can we still file for death claim at present though it happened 6 yrs ago? Thank you and God bless!

  41. Hi Eve, if your father did not claim his Pag-ibig Provident benefits when he was still alive, yes, you can file your claim even if he died 6 years ago. You can call 724-4244

  42. Gud pm po. Do we have something to claim as our burial benefit for my father who died april 2015? Our mother is also already deceased. All of us siblings are already at legal age. My father told us he has already claimed his lumpsum when he was 55 years old from pag ibig.

  43. Hi Veronica, sad to say, you no longer have anything to claim from Pag-ibig. The 6k death benefit is given only when the member dies with his Pag-ibig savings not yet claimed. But you can call 724-4244

  44. Greetings Nora , I was a pag-IBIG member. I collected my pag-IBIG contributions when I retired from work last 2007 at the age of 60 . Now I am 66 years old.. Am I entitled to your Death Benefits. Please advice me. Thank you .

  45. Hi Nora my brother died july 4. my brother has 2 sons 23,18 can they claim a death benefit for my brother he is 56 yrs. old

  46. Hi lolita, if your brother has not claimed his Provident benefits (contributions plus dividends) when he was still alive, then his 2 sons can file their claim. If he already claimed, his sons has no more benefit to claim. The death benefit is given only to members who are still members when they pass away. If you’re not sure if your brother has already claimed, call 724-4244

  47. Hi po Ms. Nora, my father died last October 2013, after burial, my sister came to pag-ibig to fix our house and transfer it to her name, and it was when we came to know that our house is no longer under the name of my papa. somebody applied to get it. They say our house is already theirs. We’re no longer at our house because we were ejected by the one who said the house is theirs. Is there still a remedy to get back our house? pls. reply. thank you po.

  48. Hi Ericka, was your father’s Pag-ibig housing loan already delinquent before he died? Were there notices from Pag-ibig to your father but you did not see these notices? Pag-ibig writes many warnings to original owners before they foreclose. Pag-ibig can sell a mortgaged house only if the house has been delinquent and then foreclosed. After the sale of a foreclosed house, the original owner can redeem it within 12 months. If the house is not redeemed after 12 months, the house can no longer be redeemed by the original owner.
    Ericka, I’m puzzled that you’re asking only now. Did you ask for help from neighbors or relatives when the buyer ejected you? To make sure that your house was really foreclosed? Did you ask for explanation from Pag-ibig? Did you ask them if the new owners are the real owners? You can go to Pag-ibig with your IDs, your birth cert and death cert and ask when your house became delinquent and when it was foreclosed.

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