Pag-ibig Fund — How to Claim Death Benefits

You can claim death benefits from Pag-ibig Fund only if you’re a legal heir or beneficiary of a Pag-ibig member who has died.

However, you can file a claim if you’re an authorized representative with a Special Power of Attorney (SPA), or a member’s court-appointed administrator or executor.

Pag-ibig death benefits consist of only two:

1. Provident Benefit. The amount of this is equal to the member’s Total Accumulated Values (TAV). TAV is the total of the following:

- all contributions made by the member
– all contributions made by the member’s employers for the member
– all dividends credited by Pag-ibig to the member’s account

Note: Salary loan balances or due housing loan amortizations will be deducted from the TAV.

2. Death benefit. The amount of this benefit depends on the TAV total and membership status at the time of death.

List of primary legal heirs or beneficiaries:

- Spouse (wife or husband)
– Children, whether legitimate, illegitimate, or legally adopted
– Parents of member

List of secondary legal heirs or beneficiaries:

- Grandparents of member (father’s side and mother’s side)
– Brothers and sisters of member

- Nephews and nieces of member
- Other nearest relatives

Note: For the distribution or sharing of benefits, the intestate succession rules contained in the New Family Code is followed.

Documents required to file a death benefit claim:

1. Application for Provident Benefits (APB) Claim (FPC010)
2. Death certificate of Pag-ibig member, issued by NSO or Certified True Copy by the Civil Registrar
3. Funeral receipt or payment certification from the funeral service provider
4. Notarized Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs (FPC011)
5. Notarized Affidavit of Guardianship (FPC012)
(if children are 18 years old and younger, or physically/mentally handicapped children)
6. Birth certificates of all children, issued by NSO, or Certified True Copy by the Civil
Registrar, or baptismal or confirmation certificates
7. Marriage certificate, issued by NSO, or Certified True Copy by the Civil Registrar, if
member is married
8. Birth certificate of member, if claimants are the parents or siblings
9. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), issued by NSO, if member is single
10. Two valid ID cards of claimant
11. Other documents required by Pag-ibig Fund upon filing of claim

Valid IDs: passport, driver’s license, voter’s ID, postal ID, SSS card, company ID, PRC ID, GSIS e-Card, AFP ID, IBP ID, OWWA ID, OFW ID, and SIRB seaman’s ID.

You can download the required Pag-ibig claim forms from the following:

Application for Provident Benefits Claim

Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs

Affidavit of Guardianship

Where to file your claim:

File your Provident benefit claim at the Pag-ibig Fund branch where the Pag-ibig member or employer has remitted the most or latest contributions. If the member had multiple employers, check if the member’s contributions are already consolidated in the branch where you are filing.

Note: Pag-ibig Fund says DO NOT HIRE a THIRD PARTY to follow-up your claim.

If the legal heirs or beneficiaries are unable to file the Pag-ibig Fund Death Benefit themselves, the claim can be filed by their authorized representative, their appointed court administrator or executor.

Any authorized representative is required to present a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) (Use Pag-ibig Fund SPA Form FCP014), his or her valid IDs, and the valid IDs of the member and beneficiaries.


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  1. Hi Mary Grace, you can claim your Provident benefits, which consist of your husband’s total contributions and total dividends plus a death benefit of 6,000 pesos. If you like to know the total amount, you can go to his Pag-ibig branch with your ID and marriage cert and your husband’s death cert and request for his TAV or total accumulated values. If he worked in different companies in different cities, consolidate his records so that all his contributions will be posted in one branch.

  2. Hi limondo, sorry you can no longer claim his death benefit, as he stopped being a member after he claimed his TAV funds. It’s unlike SSS. Ask others too

  3. Hi jen, you can add your child as your beneficiary using your child’s birth certificate. Your name is on the birth certificate as Mother. You can add your child online at Click E-Services then Click to Register then select View Registration Information, then continue.

  4. Hi Ms. Nora,

    My uncle is single and just died, He has a housing loan for 30 years and I think he already paid 15 years. Should it be automatic paid in pag ibig after we provide the death certificate?

  5. Hi Ms. Nora,

    My uncle is single and just died, He has a housing loan for 30 years and I think he already paid 15 years. Should it be automatic paid in pag ibig after we provide the death certificate?

    Someone just told this to us, In case its not true can we continue the monthly loan? Can we transfer the the tittle on us if even no authorization?

  6. Hi Rey, was your uncle updated in paying his housing loan? If he was not delinquent for many months, yes, his loan balance will be paid by his mortgage redemption insurance or MRI (MRI payments are included in the monthly loan payments). The title will be given to your uncle’s heirs, after processing. The primary claimants are his parents. If the parents cannot personally claim, they can secure a SPA to authorize their other children or grandchildren to claim. You can see some of the claim forms here:

  7. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Thank you very much for the info. it helps on our next step to claim death benefit of our uncle, I will leave again a message for the updates :)

  8. hello sir/madam, the check for the death benefit of my late father coleto quiñonez was here in pag ibig tandag branch but not yet release to me because of lacking of the marriage certificate of my father’s parents. what other options if my grandparents was not married? please. .thanks

  9. Hi bryan, was your father single? Because if he was single, based on the Pag-ibig’s hierarchy of heirs, his children and his parents are the primary beneficiaries. If you can present your birth cert and your father’s birth cert (and the birth certs of your siblings if you have siblings), why do they need your grandparents’ marriage cert.? Whether your father is legitimate or illegitimate should not be a factor in your claim and your grandparents’ claim. Nevertheless, if Pag-ibig asks for the marriage cert (maybe because of the sharing of benefits), and if they were not married, ask Pag-ibig if you can present a Joint Affidavit that your grandparents were common-law husband and wife.
    I hope you can share info later on about the result of your claim so others can learn from your experience.

  10. Hi elvira, sorry, if the Provident benefit is already claimed, the death benefit can no longer be claimed when the time comes that the former member passes away.

  11. 1. How much is the estimated total accumulated value of a Pag-ibig member who had been a member for 20 years?

    2. How much is the amount of funeral benefit to a member?

  12. Hi Elmard, 1. I tried using a standard online compound interest calculator and found that my results matched (although not exact amount) Pag-ibig’s MP2 table at their website (with the 500-monthly savings resulting in 34,921.79 in 5 years). So if we use this online calculator for a monthly savings of 200 pesos for 20 years, the result is 73,006.57. I used 4% as yearly dividend rate, as this is the rate usually mentioned in the news related to Pag-ibig.
    2. The funeral benefit is 6k pesos only. If total savings is less than 6k, funeral benefit is equal to total savings.

  13. Hi maam nora, may i ask, my sibling died in Taiwan last July. Can I file for death benefit even if his death certificate is authenticated only. Thanks

  14. Hi Emmz, do you mean the death certificate has been authenticated by the Philippine consulate in Taiwan? If yes, that means after the consulate has reported the death to the NSO and after the report has been processed by NSO, you can then apply for your sibling’s death certificate from NSO.
    I saw this instruction at the website of a Phil embassy in Europe: You may retrieve the NSO-certified Death Certificate from the Philippines three months after reporting the death at the Embassy.
    I don’t know if it’s faster in Asia, like Taiwan.

  15. Hi Ma’am Nora. Just asking how to consolidate contributions of death member.. He lives here in olongapo and work in manila.. Thanks mam and more power..

  16. Hi Johna, if he worked only in Manila and did not work in Olongapo, then it’s most likely that all his contributions were remitted to the Manila branch. You can request for a copy of his contributions at his Manila branch and then check the dates and contributions. Bring your ID and proof of relationship with the member (so you’ll have authority to inquire). To save on time and travel costs, collect all the claim documents required before you travel.

  17. Hi Ms.Nora,

    My friend died only early morning today, she only has 9months contributions only up to June 2014 due to No Operation of their company but still an employee. She’s single but has live-in partner. Is she entitled nor qualified to have her death benefits for her surviving family? can her live-in partner claim it or one of her family is the one to claim the benefits?
    Hope you can answer my question as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much.

  18. Hi Jades, your friend’s parents are the ones that can claim her Pag-ibig and SSS. Her partner cannot claim because he has no marriage certificate to show. They should not spend so much for travel and docs in claiming her Pag-ibig because the total would just be around 4k pesos, assuming that she and her employer contributed 100 pesos each every month (200 pesos x 9 months) plus dividends. Death benefit is either 6k pesos or total savings plus dividends, whichever is lower. SSS funeral benefit is better (20k).

  19. hi Ma’am Nora, may i Inquire. is hierarchy followed when claiming benefits? my husband just died last week, can my husband’s relatives, his sister or mother, claim if they’re the first to file the claims? Thank you and hoping for your prompt reply

  20. Hi jhay, you and your children are the main claimants (requirement: marriage certificate and birth certificates). If you have no children, his mother might share in the claim, but not his sister. Even if they’re first in filing the claim, Pag-ibig will ask them about the wife. Ideally, there should only be one claim (from you). But if they have filed first without including you, you can file your own. Maintain a civil tone with them, especially if you have no children, because Pag-ibig also considers the parents’ claim if the member has no children.

  21. Sir. my father is an ofw named remeo rabano agcolicol. Died on march 5 2013. Can we claim from pag ibig?

  22. Good day mam, My husband died just last sept 22, pwede po b magclaim ng death benefits sa pag ibig and how po.ur soonest response is highly appreciated .

    thank you

  23. Hi lloyd, if your father did not claim his Pag-ibig savings before he passed away, then you can file your claim with Pag-ibig. You can go to the Pag-ibig branch nearest where he worked before in the Phils, or at the Makati branch, if he contributed only when he was OFW. Bring your ID, your birth cert and your father’s death certificate (orig and xerox)

  24. my uncle died last year, one year after he got a housing loan from pagibig. I am his beneficiary, as I lived with him. Will Pag-ibig still collect or will his beneficiary continue to pay his housing loan. can the loan or house or housing loan be transferred to me? thanks

  25. Hi rene, sad to say, you can file your claim only if your uncle had a legal will expressing his intent to assign to you his housing loan or house. This is because you might not be the nearest legal heir. If your uncle was single and had no child, his primary beneficiaries are his parents. The next beneficiaries would be his sisters and brothers and grandparents. Look at this Pag-ibig Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs form
    About the housing loan: If your uncle has been paying directly to Pag-ibig, his loan balance will be paid for by his mortgage redemption insurance. The house can be claimed by his legal heirs, and might include you and your parents, if there are no primary heirs.

  26. Good day! May I ask if my father who passed away 2002 pa is a member of pagibig fund. He was a retired government employee. We didn’t see any ID. His name is Wenceslao B. Atun Sr. Thanks.

  27. Hi Ms.Nora, we just find out that my uncle still has Housing loan to Pag iBig which last payment is June 2006 and he is single. can his parents still claim for a death claim to Pag Ibig? Thanks

  28. Hi Rey, it’s good that the property is not yet foreclosed. Your grandparents should ask Pag-ibig if they can continue paying for the loan, and if they can apply for loan restructuring. Pag-ibig might ask for someone in your family who is a Pag-ibig member and who is qualified for a Pag-ibig housing loan and who can assume the housing loan.

  29. Hi Wenceslao, Pag-ibig was mandatory from 1981 to Dec 1986 and has been mandatory since 1994. If your father worked during these years then it’s likely that your father had Pag-ibig. Call 724-4244 and ask which Pag-ibig branch should you go to claim. Tell where your father worked the longest so they can determine which branch. When you go to Pag-ibig, bring your IDs, your father’s death cert and your birth cert (to show your relationship).

  30. hi nora, my brother passed away last month. he is my mom & his dad are his beneficiaries.His dad has a medical condition that he cannot travel in manila. he executed a waiver of his rights in favor of mom and is willing to sign documents so mom can process all of my brother death claims without him. does he still need to give mom SPA? if yes, is there a downloadable copy?

  31. hi ms. Nora, my father passed away last August 31-14. I’m his daughter we don’t know if my father already get his tav. what I’m going to do. thank you

  32. Hello, can my father claim my mother’s benefits? she died without claiming her provident benefit from pag ibig. Name of my mother is Thelma Basista Duran. She had an existing housing loan and is in foreclosure. thanks.

  33. Hi archie, visit the Pag-ibig branch nearest to where he worked the longest and then ask. Bring your ID, your birth certificate (to show your right to inquire) and your father’s death certificate.

  34. Hi Stephen, sad to say, your mother’s benefits are tied to her housing loan. Pag-ibig won’t release it unless the housing loan is fully paid. To be sure, you can go to Pag-ibig with your ID, birth certificate and your mother’s death certificate and ask. If you or your father are Pag-ibig members, you can also ask about assuming the house through rent-to-own.

  35. Hi annra, Pag-ibig usually writes 3 to 4 weeks on the acknowledgment form. But it usually takes longer, based on online comments

  36. Hi Jhen, death benefit is claimed together with the Provident benefit (total savings and dividends). Death benefit is 6k pesos. But if the member was inactive prior to his death, and his savings and dividends total is less than 6k, his death benefit is of the same amount as his total savings and dividends.

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