BDO Bank Rules — Banco de Oro Updates, Reminders

Here are some updates on BDO bank rules for customers.  Some are new;  the others are reminders.

Based on new BDO brochure:

  • Maximum amount of withdrawal per day  =  50,000 pesos
  • Maximum number of withdrawals per day  =  5 times
  • Minimum amount of withdrawal per transaction at BDO ATMs  =  200 pesos
  • Maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction at BDO ATMS  =  25,000 pesos
  • Fee for Withdrawal at the ATMs of other banks  =  11 pesos
  • Fee for balance inquiry at the ATMs of other banks  =  2 pesos
  • Withdrawal fee at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs  =  US$ 3.50
  • Balance inquiry fee at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs  =  US$ 1.00
  • Denied Transaction at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs = US$ 1.00
  • Fee for not maintaining the average daily balance  =  200 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for peso ATM accounts  =  2,000 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for peso passbook accounts with or without ATMs  =  5,000 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for SSS Pension accounts  =  100 pesos
  • You can make a checkbook request via BDO ATMs.  It’s free.
  • When you open a new account, you need to:
  • – be physically present at the bank  (not representative, not even family member)
    – bring at least two valid IDs  (original and clear photocopies)
    – bring a recent 1 x 1 photo

Based on personal experience:

At BDO branches inside SM Malls, you can deposit to BDO Cash Cards only up to 6 pm.

–  If you’re depositing to more than one BDO Cash cards, you pay 25 pesos for the second deposit. If you don’t like to pay, fall in line again to deposit to the second Cash card.

–  You’re not allowed to deposit to a BDO payroll cash card over-the-counter. The teller said it’s because it’s a company-issued cash card. This means you can no longer use the card for your own personal use if you leave your company. (Siempre that means bumili ka raw ng bago para sa sarili mo.)

But I checked if I can deposit to my payroll cash card online, and it worked. (Hope hindi nila i-disable ito. We find ways, di ba sabi ninyo, BDO?)

–  If your account is ATM-based (walang passbook), you pay 100 pesos if you withdraw at the counter.  Pero kapag nakawidro ka na ng 50K sa ATM, and you need some more, at marami ka pang pera, you can withdraw over the counter for free.

From the BDO website:

BDO account numbers have been changed from 10 digits to 12 digits. But don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything about your accounts; BDO will make the needed changes in your records. You can still use your 10-digit numbers, but you’re encouraged to begin using the 12-digit when you’re depositing, although not yet required.

For peso savings and checking accounts: 00 is added before the 10-digit number.
For US dollar savings accounts: 10 is added before the 10-digit number.
For third-currency savings accounts: 30 is added before the 10-digit number.

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  1. Hi jana, sorry, but the bank will not accept an expired ID or certification. Try presenting a barangay certification (the one with your photo on the certificate; barangays now take your photo with their webcam). To be sure, before you spend for new IDs, go to the BDO branch (see your check) and present your current barangay ID, and if they don’t accept, ask if they accept barangay certification with photo, or if not, if they accept the new digitized postal ID (then apply for the new postal ID).

  2. Hi ernesto, yes, your BDO account can accept a Union Bank manager’s check. Yes, it goes through the 3-day clearing period before the money becomes available for withdrawal. Clearing period is 5 to 7 days if the check comes from another region.

  3. Hi daisy, yes, if you withdraw over the counter, bring your passbook. If your signature does not exactly match the signature on their records, they will ask for your IDs.

  4. Hi can I withdraw BDO checks in other BDO branches? Please reply. Thanks. It will be a help.

  5. Hi Faith Ann, I think you can encash, but not all branches, so just enter the bank and ask.

  6. Hi Anne, you should be able to, as this is a savings account. I’m not sure though with BDO, but I have deposited to a Metrobank SSS pension account.

  7. Hi, how will I know if my account with BDO is still active? I have not checked it since I left pinas.

  8. Hi Claire, if your account has zero or small balance, or amount is below maintaining balance, and more than 1 year has passed, it’s most likely your account is already closed. You can email

  9. I didnt maintain the maintaining balance, and now ATm is invalid. Now, what should I do, someone deposited money in that account. How should I continues with this? Thanks.

  10. Hi Jj, BDO usually does not reactivate closed accounts, but if your account was closed just this month or last month, you can try asking your branch if you can reactivate. If not reactivated, ask your sender to go back to where he/she sent the money and amend his/her remittance from account deposit to FOR CASH PICKUP

  11. Hi. Have the policies of BDO for withdrawal through representative changed? Cause before we can withdraw with only one signature, second to the top line which was signed by the account holder. Now my aunt was insisting that the policies are no longer the same, that the first line has to be signed by the account holder as well. I called one branch in Makati, they said the policies didn’t change, and that means, only one signature is needed (2nd line). So has it been changed? Thank you and God bless.

  12. Hi Ren, I think they put 2 lines there to give space for joint account holders. But there could be tellers who ask for additional signature specially if the signature is not clear, or is just vaguely similar to the signature they have on their database. To be sure, the account holder can call the branch where the money will be withdrawn. God bless too

  13. Hi Jasmine, you can use it to support your ID. The teller will ask for your valid photo ID (company ID, digitized postal ID, voter’s ID, SSS/GSIS ID., passport, driver’s or PRC license)

  14. Hi Monica, is your photo in your philhealth id? The best way is to approach the BDO teller, and ask if your IDs are enough. If there’s a long line at the higher-counter tellers, ask those in the lower counters.

  15. hi, i’m elvera i just want to know because I never deposited to my account over 4 months already. Is that going to expire? (ihave money inside). In the past, I was regularly depositing to it. tnx

  16. hi po,tanong ko lng po..4months ko na po kasing di nahuhulugan account ko…maeexpired po ba un…???pero dati po regular po ako naghuhulug….tnx po..

  17. Hi elvera, if your account is Kabayan, and your last deposit 4 months ago was sent from abroad, your account should still be active, regardless of the balance.
    If it’s not Kabayan, and it’s a regular passbook account, and you have 10,000 pesos or more in it, it’s active and free from penalty.
    If it’s a regular passbook account with less than 10k balance, it could have been deducted with 2 monthly penalties already (300 pesos x 2).

  18. Hi po. Can my sibling who’s a college student encash a check? She/he only has student i.d.

  19. Hi donamay, is the check payable to your sibling? Tell your sibling to bring his/her registration card to support her school ID.

  20. Hi Lea, yes, find a BDO remittance partner. Cash card has maximum balance limits. For no-owner-name cards, maximum is 10k. For with-owner-name cards, maximum is 25k.

  21. Hi, I would like to ask if it is possible to reactivate my account. The case was, my account was closed because I am below my maintaining balance. The account was closed just last month. If it was possible, what should I do?

  22. Hi Jonnar, I think BDO does not allow reactivation. Some banks allow reactivation, but you have to pay certain charges. You can ask your branch if they allow reactivation, or you can open a new account at another branch (some may ask about closed account).

  23. Hi tin, there’s no maximum. You can deposit as much as you want. But if you’re depositing hundreds of thousands or more regularly, BDO will ask about your source of income (to comply with the money laundering law). It’s the BDO cash card that has a maximum limit.

  24. hello po! first time I used personal checks. I gave it to my aunt. How do I know if she already got the money? will the check be returned to me after?

  25. Hi tesie, check your checking account balance, so you can see if the amount you issued was already deducted. About return of encashed checks, it depends on your bank. Either they are mailed back to you or you pick them up at your bank branch.

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