BDO Bank Rules — Banco de Oro Updates, Reminders

Here are some updates on BDO bank rules for customers.  Some are new;  the others are reminders.

Based on new BDO brochure:

  • Maximum amount of withdrawal per day  =  50,000 pesos
  • Maximum number of withdrawals per day  =  5 times
  • Minimum amount of withdrawal per transaction at BDO ATMs  =  200 pesos
  • Maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction at BDO ATMS  =  25,000 pesos
  • Fee for Withdrawal at the ATMs of other banks  =  11 pesos
  • Fee for balance inquiry at the ATMs of other banks  =  2 pesos
  • Withdrawal fee at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs  =  US$ 3.50
  • Balance inquiry fee at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs  =  US$ 1.00
  • Denied Transaction at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs = US$ 1.00
  • Fee for not maintaining the average daily balance  =  200 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for peso ATM accounts  =  2,000 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for peso passbook accounts with or without ATMs  =  5,000 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for SSS Pension accounts  =  100 pesos
  • You can make a checkbook request via BDO ATMs.  It’s free.
  • When you open a new account, you need to:
  • – be physically present at the bank  (not representative, not even family member)
    – bring at least two valid IDs  (original and clear photocopies)
    – bring a recent 1 x 1 photo

Based on personal experience:

At BDO branches inside SM Malls, you can deposit to BDO Cash Cards only up to 6 pm.

–  If you’re depositing to more than one BDO Cash cards, you pay 25 pesos for the second deposit. If you don’t like to pay, fall in line again to deposit to the second Cash card.

–  You’re not allowed to deposit to a BDO payroll cash card over-the-counter. The teller said it’s because it’s a company-issued cash card. This means you can no longer use the card for your own personal use if you leave your company. (Siempre that means bumili ka raw ng bago para sa sarili mo.)

But I checked if I can deposit to my payroll cash card online, and it worked. (Hope hindi nila i-disable ito. We find ways, di ba sabi ninyo, BDO?)

–  If your account is ATM-based (walang passbook), you pay 100 pesos if you withdraw at the counter.  Pero kapag nakawidro ka na ng 50K sa ATM, and you need some more, at marami ka pang pera, you can withdraw over the counter for free.

From the BDO website:

BDO account numbers have been changed from 10 digits to 12 digits. But don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything about your accounts; BDO will make the needed changes in your records. You can still use your 10-digit numbers, but you’re encouraged to begin using the 12-digit when you’re depositing, although not yet required.

For peso savings and checking accounts: 00 is added before the 10-digit number.
For US dollar savings accounts: 10 is added before the 10-digit number.
For third-currency savings accounts: 30 is added before the 10-digit number.

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  1. Hi Melanie, if you have reported it, then your account should already have a tag that will warn tellers. Is this a BDO savings account? The account no. is not on the atm card, so the thief will not know your account no., unless you wrote it somewhere among those he stole and the thief is knowledgeable enough, and unless the thief has a woman-partner confident enough to be able to approach the new accounts teller and ask for the account no. using your IDs. But if there’s a tag, BDO should ask verification questions first. Usually also, tellers advise atm-only-account owners to withdraw via atm first before OTC withdrawal. If cash card, OTC withdrawal is not allowed. Obtain a valid ID asap, so you can go to your branch and request for a replacement card.

  2. Hi Jojo, they will ask for unexpired valid IDs. For non-passbook accounts, they advise you to withdraw 50k first from the atm machines before you can withdraw over the counter, unless the atm machines all around the branch are out of order.

  3. hello ms nora,ask ko lang po kung ano rules ang meron kung mag-oover-the-counter?kasi nawala ko yung atm card ko third week ng January.Nagpunta na ako ng BDO branch kung saan nandun ung payroll account namin.Sinabi saken ng teller na kailangan ko humingi ng letter from HR sa office namin na nagsasabing nawala ko ATM Card ko tapos balik daw ako sakanila para mabigyan nila ako ng Affidavit of Loss.Pag punta ko sa office,dumiretso ako sa HR,sabi naman saken kailangan daw nila ng Affidavit of Loss galing BDO bago sila magiissue ng letter.Ano po ba tlaga mas magandang gawin?next week ikecredit na sa account ko yung tax refund ko eh,kailangan ko yun mawithdraw ASAP kasi magttravel ako paCebu,i really need cash.May nakapagsabi kasi saken,colleague,na it may take 3-5 business days for processing bago ako mabigyan ng bagong ATM Card.Please help.TIA

  4. Hi Mariz, if your account is atm savings, and not cash card, you should be able to withdraw over the counter showing your IDs, but you will pay a charge of 100 pesos. But ask your branch if this is allowed, as sometimes, they impose some policies differently. Talk to the manager, if the teller cannot decide. About ATM card replacement, explain your case to your HR. They’re in the position to make certification, as they are your employer, and not BDO. They’re the ones who can certify your identity.

  5. Hi! Good morning. Can I convert my Peso Passbook Savings Account to Peso ATM account? If yes, do I need to pay something? What are required? Thanks :)

  6. Hi Tess, sorry no. What you do is you open a peso atm account with 2 valid IDs, 2 2×2 photos. Bring proof of billing, in case it’s required. Then close your passbook account.

  7. Hi cris, no, an atm card is not a valid ID. Several post offices are now offering digitized postal IDs for 350 pesos. You need barangay certificate or proof of address and birth certificate.

  8. Hi john, yes, you can deposit a check in your name to your Kabayan account. You are the payee, so your account can accept the check. Name on check should be the same as account name.

  9. Hi ms! Can we deposit and withdraw using BDO Cash Card even if no longer employed by the company that issued the cash card? Is the card still active?

  10. Hi nette, it’s better that you apply for your own BDO cash card (2 valid IDs and 2 ID pictures) so you don’t worry about any future changes in the payroll policies of your previous company or of BDO. Aside from that, usually payroll BDO cash cards only accept online money transfer from company accounts, and not over-the-counter deposits.

  11. Hi ms.n0ra, can I deposit my pag ibig cheque salary l0an to my bdo atm debit card savings/payroll?

  12. Hi Patrick, you should be able to deposit a check because your account is a savings account, but because it’s a payroll account, it depends on your company’s agreement with BDO. Try depositing it. The teller will advise you.

  13. elow po. can we withdraw over the counter using passbook at another branch of bdo. kabayan savings.thanks

  14. Hi, i just checked my husband’s Kabayan Savings card today (March 28,2015), but when i checked for the savings account, it only says unauthorized or inactive card, please contact the bank branch that issued the card. I’m worried because it’s to this account that my husband’s money is being deposited (OFW). I thought an OFW atm card of BDO doesn’t close. I also tried to update our passbook last month and I deposited money. then I withdrew. It was working. It’s only now that I checked and I can’t access. i also tried other atm machines. then the others who are also BDO cardholders also could not access. Was if offline? hope to hear from you soon.

  15. Hi, I want to ask po what’s d best account to open at bdo,we need to deposit a check from my tita’s insurance worth 900k php. What’s the maximum deposit to a savings account? many thanks

  16. Hi kaye, I hope you have already resolved your concern since it’s now 30th. Sorry I wasn’t able to answer last 28th or 29th. I hope it was the atm machine that was not functioning. And if not, I hope you already have gone to your branch and ask. And I hope you confirmed that your account is still active. If your husband’s account is Kabayan, and if this account receives remittance from abroad at least once in 12 months, it remains active.

  17. Hi Miguel, your aunt can open a passbook account (the maintaining balance is 10k pesos), or she can open an atm savings account (maintaining balance is 2k pesos). Both these accounts can receive a check worth 900k. The passbook may be a better option, so your aunt can monitor her withdrawals.

  18. Gud pm. We opened a Kabayan savings in 2012 but did not go abroad as planned. The atm was activated but was not used for 3 yrs, as in no deposits no withdrawals. The atm is valid thru 2022. Can we use it this 2015? Thanks

  19. Hi rheeya, I think your account is already closed. Try making a balance inquiry at a BDO atm machine. You might see account closed, account invalid, or account does not exist. You can open a regular BDO atm savings account — the maintaining balance is 2k pesos.

  20. Hi ms good day. I just want to know how can i apply a checking account to bdo. I have an account already but it is a remittance only. Can i apply a checking account also? If I withdraw through the teller, can I withdraw any amount? I mean is there no limit? How much is the maximum if through the teller.tnx

  21. Hi Edelyn, BDO and other banks are strict about issuing checking accounts. They will check if you have been a long-time account owner and if you have been depositing big amounts regularly. If you’re paying a car loan or a real estate loan, you can request for an endorsement letter for the opening of your checking account from your car lender or your real estate developer.

  22. how much will it cause me if im gonna convert my payroll account to a savings or checking account? i was advised to do that by our hr before for the final pay since they’re gonna issue a managers check which i just got last fri i really hope that you can help me thanks! ??

  23. Hi pauline, there should be no cost. Just the money to open your account (2k for atm-only account). Bring valid IDs and ID pictures. BDO usually advises former employees using company-restricted payroll accounts to open their own accounts. If the issuing bank (branch written on your check) is near your place, you can also try encashing your check there; sometimes they encash checks even if crossed as long as it’s manager’s checks.

  24. Good day Ms. Nora! Just want to ask if my husband can withdraw over the counter his salary from his bdo payroll account to any bdo branches if he does not have with him his atm card?we left it during our vacation to our relative’s house but it was already been kept and will be returned to us this month end.

  25. Hi ivy, your husband can try with his IDs. He tells the teller he’s willing to pay the 100-peso charge (fee for over-the-counter withdrawal for atm-based accounts), and maybe another 100-charge for interbranch OTC withdrawal.

  26. Hi ms nora. My husband are going to send me money from abroad to my bdo account and i gave him 11 digits account number without the zero on the first digits is it possible that the money took to long to recieve my husband told me that he already sent the money last week tuesday and its 5 days till now I didn’t have it yet. What should i do? Id it from the account number i gave to him was mistake? Please help me thanks..

  27. Hi Celyn, it could be the reason. Call BDO or go to your branch with your IDs. I hope you can solve it at your branch since it’s only the prefix zero that’s missing. Bring your marriage certificate, and other ORs of remittances from your husband, just in case.

  28. Hi gud pm ms Nora, what are the requirements to replace my lost Kabayan passbook at ATM card? Pls reply po so I can follow up immediately. tnx po

  29. Hi Jenny, submit ASAP a notarized Affidavit of Loss of Passbook and ATM card at your BDO branch. Bring your IDs with photocopies.

  30. hi just wanna ask if i can use my atm saving account to pay through groceries and shopping malls? and is it possible that my atm account will closed if i haven’t depositibg money for example 1-2months?

  31. Hi angel, yes, you can use your BDO atm at all SM stores and other stores displaying the Megalink and Express Net logos. But at non-SM stores, to be sure, ask first the cashier before getting goods. If you have not deposited for 1 or 2 months, your account will not close, as long as the balance is not 0.00. Remember also that you can be deducted with 300 pesos if you fall below the maintaining balance for 2 consecutive months, and it will close if after the 300 is deducted, the balance becomes 0.00 or negative.

  32. hi po. My account balanceis only 200 pesos left. And i think its almost 1 month. And tomorrow my student will send money through my account.. Do my account still activate? what if not and she send money to that account. Can she get it back? pls response. Asap. Thanks

  33. Hi agnes, did you maintain your account last March? If yes, your account is still active even if you did not maintain your account last April. To be sure, make a balance inquiry now at BDO atm to see if your account is active. If your student sends to a closed BDO account, the money will be put on hold by BDO. Your student needs to go back to where he/she sent the money and change the remittance mode to Cash pickup at BDO, so you can get it over the counter at BDO.

  34. hi good day.. Tanong ko lang po.. Ilang buwan po ba ang itatagal sa pag claim ng account ng namayapang depositor?? We already submitted the necessary document to the BDO. They gave us the checklist of documents at yun po ay na isubmit na namin sa kanila. My father is the depositor. Whenever we went to the bank to follow up our claims they always said that they still need the signature of their legal officer. Its already 7 months since we submit the said documents. Please advice po kung ano pong dapat gawin.. Thanks po

  35. Good day Ms. Nora, I opened a BDO Kabayan savings account in Manila, can I withdraw money over-the-counter in Cagayan Valley BDO branches? Thank you.

  36. Hi grace, usually after 6 months. Other special checks like SSS educational loan checks expire after 3 months (expiration written on the voucher).

  37. Gud noon po! Can I withdraw over the counter without my atm card? I gave my card to my mama. I need cash and she’ll be back friday.

  38. Savings account atm only, no passbook. Can I withdraw over the counter? Thank you po!

  39. Hi mariflor, you can try, but it might be difficult because you don’t have your atm card with you. Try at your BDO branch. Bring your IDs. Fill up the withdrawal slip. If approved, you will be charged 100 pesos.

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