BDO Bank Rules — Banco de Oro Updates, Reminders

Updated October 2015

Here are some updates on BDO bank rules for customers.  Some are new;  the others are reminders.

  • Maximum amount of ATM withdrawal per day  =  50,000 pesos
  • Maximum number of ATM withdrawals per day  =  5 times
  • Minimum amount of ATM withdrawal per transaction at BDO ATMs  =  200 pesos
  • Maximum amount of ATM withdrawal per transaction at BDO ATMs  =  10,000 pesos
  • Fee for Withdrawal at the ATMs of other banks  =  11 pesos
  • Fee for balance inquiry at the ATMs of other banks  =  2 pesos
  • Withdrawal fee at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs abroad =      US$ 3.50
  • Balance inquiry fee at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs abroad  =  US$ 1.00
  • Denied Transaction at MasterCard Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs abroad = US$ 1.00
  • Fee for not maintaining the Monthly Average Daily Balance  =  300 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for peso ATM accounts  =  2,000 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for peso passbook accounts with or without ATMs  =  10,000 pesos
  • Maintaining balance for SSS Pension accounts  =  100 pesos
  • If your account is a BDO Kabayan account, your required maintaining balance is zero, but you need to remit from abroad to your account at least once every 12 months.                                                                 If you are not able to remit once, your account will become a regular passbook account, and you will be required to maintain 10,000 pesos (if peso account) or $500 (if dollar account).  If you’re not able to maintain your account, you will be charged 300 pesos every month, until you’re able to maintain your account, or until your balance becomes zero or negative and  will then be closed.
  • When you open a new account, you need to:

– be physically present at the bank  (not representative, not even family member)
– bring at least two valid photo IDs  (original and clear photocopies)
– bring a recent 1 x 1 photo


Reloading BDO cash cards, based on personal experience:

–  At BDO branches inside SM Malls, you can deposit to BDO Cash Cards only up to 6 pm. Each BDO branch also has a maximum limit on the total amount of cash card reloads. So it’s better to reload in the morning.

–  If you’re depositing to more than one BDO Cash cards, you pay 25 pesos for the second deposit. If you don’t like to pay, fall in line again to deposit to the second Cash card.

–  You’re not allowed to deposit to a BDO payroll cash card over-the-counter. The teller said it’s because it’s a company-issued cash card. This means you can no longer use the card for your own personal use if you leave your company. (Siempre that means bumili ka raw ng bago para sa sarili mo.)

But I checked if I can deposit to my payroll cash card online, and it worked. (Hope hindi nila i-disable ito. We find ways, di ba sabi ninyo, BDO?)

–  If your account is ATM-based (no passbook), you pay 100 pesos if you withdraw at the counter.  But if you have already withdrawn 50K from the ATM, and you need some more, you can withdraw over the counter for free. 


About BDO account numbers: 

BDO account numbers have been changed from 10 digits to 12 digits. But don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything about your accounts; BDO will make the needed changes in your records. You can still use your 10-digit numbers, but you’re encouraged to begin using the 12-digit when you’re depositing, although not yet required.

For peso savings and checking accounts: 00 is added before the 10-digit number.
For US dollar savings accounts: 10 is added before the 10-digit number.
For third-currency savings accounts: 30 is added before the 10-digit number.

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  1. Can I encash BDO cheque to any branch? Can I transfer big amount to other BDO acct? How much is the bank charge?

  2. Hi Sandi, encash at the branch written on the cheque. If you’re at the branch, you can fill a withdrawal slip and a deposit slip, and present them at the same time so you can transfer money from one BDO account to another BDO account. If the receiving account is in a different area code or region, the interbranch charge is 50 pesos. Or ask about over-the-counter money transfer via debit/credit memo — charge is 50 pesos.

  3. Hi nora Am I allowed to change the atm card of my mother-in-law because she forgot her pin code? She has gone abroad and she left us her atm card so she can send us through her bank account. Is that possible?

  4. Hi Anne, sad to say, you’re not allowed to ask for card replacement because it’s not your account. Your mother in law can send money to you for cash pickup at BDO.

  5. hi I’m here in saipan my bdo acct is close a yr ago back in philippines sunlife refunded my money and issued this a cheque how can I encashed that? Or can it be deposited to my wife’s account?

  6. Hi! Is payroll account automatically closed once resigned? If not what will happen and for how long before it is closed? Thanks

  7. Hi Willfy, sad to say, the name on the check should be the same as the name on the account where it is to be deposited. Your wife can ask the bank branch that issued the cheque of she can present a Philippine-consulate-verified SPA from you so she can encash the check.

  8. Hi Thess, years ago, BDO does not want payroll accounts to be used as personal accounts after separation from the company. But now, I’ve heard that after the BDO system detects that a certain account is no longer used for payroll, it converts the account into a regular account with regular maintaining balance requirement. So if you want to use your payroll account for personal use, maintain the required balance, which is 2,000 pesos if the account is an atm savings account.

  9. Hello po yung bdo kabayan savings ng papa ko is ako naghahawak seaman po sya so dun sya nagpapadala buwan buwan ngayon po nung nag check ako atm lumabas po is unathorized my card is invalid..panu po yun e yung papa kopo e e nsa barko anu po gagawin ko

  10. Can I convert payroll account to personal or savings account after resigning from previous employer? mine is bdo atm debit card.

  11. Hi! Just want to ask.i have an kabayan account atm w/ passbook but the I leave my passbook to my mom in our province.can I possible withdraw using atm card over the counter.& If can,how much the limit?

  12. Hi Trisha, you can withdraw from the atm up to 50,000 per day and up to 5 withdrawals per day. Maximum per withdrawal is 10,000. If you like to withdraw over the counter, you should present your passbook because your account is a passbook account. Those with atm-only account, they’re required to withdraw first 50,000 from the atm before withdrawing more over the counter.

  13. Hi bernadette, yes, based on online comments, once BDO detects that a payroll account is no longer used for payroll, it automatically converts it to a regular account. This means you need to maintain at least 2,000 in your account to avoid getting charged of the 300-peso penalty after 2 consecutive months of falling below the maintaining-balance requirement.

  14. My dad left his bdo kabayan card, but since yesterday we kept on trying to withdraw money from the atm but it says “Withdrawal maximum reached”. But i can’t even withdraw because of that thing, do you think i can go to the teller and get some money from the counter even if its from my dad? He’s an ofw kasi.

  15. hello im BDO kabayan holder passbook can i use my passbook to withdraw in other branch?

  16. Can i withdraw from my account over the counter even if I have not claimed my atm card to see if there’s already money in my account? Tnx

  17. Hi vilma, if you have a passbook, it’s better to present your passbook for updating. If your account is atm-only, the teller will advise you to withdraw from the atm machine, or tell you that there’s a 100-peso charge for over-the-counter withdrawal for atm-only account, and the teller might ask for your atm card or IDs. Another option is to go to the tellers at the sides (lower counters), present your IDs and account no. and ask if you already have remittance in your account.

  18. Hi Mrs Nora, am I allowed to remit cash over the counter at any bdo branch if the money came from other country? What are also the requirements needed? Thank you

  19. Hi mrs Nora can I claim the remittance sent to me by my sibling? I don’t have an account with BDO. I’ll get it over the counter. my valid IDs are passport and unified Id, but the address is not here in the province. Can I claim the money here? Thanks po

  20. Hi, what does it mean when it’s invalid transaction? I’m not able to withdraw but I can do balance inquiry po. Thanks

  21. Hi Yssa, are you withdrawing from a non-BDO machine? Make allowance for the 15-peso non-BDO atm withdrawal fee. Have you just received your atm card? You can withdraw the next day after changing your PIN. Did you deposit a check? Is it already cleared?

  22. Hi Jovit, yes, I think you can claim because you have your reference no., you know the amount, and you have valid IDs. Write 2 addresses on the claim slip — the address written by the sender first, then your provincial address (barangay, town, province is enough).

  23. Hi Jovit, is there an SM mall there where you are where there’s also a BDO bank inside the mall? You can claim the remittance from BDO inside the mall and then send money at the BDO Remit counter inside the mall (usually at the Customer Service). If there’s no SM mall, ask the BDO branch if they’re offering service of sending money for pickup at another BDO branch. If not, then you can send money through Cebuana Lhuillier or LBC or Western Union. Find a BDO branch near Cebuana or LBC or Western Union.
    Later on, if you’ll have a BDO account and BDO online banking, you can send money online using “Send Money” service for cash pickup or to another bank account.

  24. I received my brother credit card and I ask me to withdraw, I already have the pin number, is it possible without his signature on the back of the card?

  25. Hi Enzy, do you mean you will get a cash advance from the credit card? I think so, because the signature is for merchants to check. But sorry I’m not very sure if atms also check if the card is signed. But you can try.

  26. hi… what are the requirements to encash a bdo check. i have one and it is my backpay from mt previous employer. someone said that you need to create an account with 2000 balance. is it true?

  27. Hi anne, if your check is crossed, meaning you see 2 diagonal lines on the left top corner of the check, or if you see “For Payee’s Account Only,” then you should deposit your check to your bank account (any bank). If not crossed, you can encash your check over the counter at BDO. Present your IDs.

  28. Hello po. My lolo’s atm card got lost. He’s disabled and can no longer sign; only thumb marks. We went to BDO for replacement of lost card together with my lolo. But unfortunately they need his TIN from the US so he was not issued a card. And then they said my lolo should claim the new card. My lolo can no longer walk. We just forced him to go with us. And he can no longer go back to claim the card as it’s a hassle for us. What should we do? Thanks

  29. Hi Christopher, they charge 100 to 150 pesos for a replacement atm card, but sorry I don’t know if they charge for a replacement passbook. Most likely, they do not. Just bring your ID and damaged passbook.

  30. Hi Matesh, do you mean you and your lolo have applied for a new card, and that they will issue the card after your lolo gives his US TIN no.? I asked because you need to make sure of the requirements so your lolo will go to BDO for just one last time and you’ll spend for his transpo for just one more time. Sad to say, but your lolo will really need to go and claim his new atm card. The BDO officers will be liable if they give your lolo’s atm card to another person, even if it’s a spouse, child or grandchild — this is why they’ll really require your lolo to accept his card himself.

  31. Can I deposit my papa’s cheque to his account even if it’s for cash deposit only. the teller told me I can deposit to his account even if he is abroad. what’s the process of depositing a cheque. I’m the child of the account owner.

  32. Hi Aries, yes, you can deposit your papa’s cheque to his account. Anyone can deposit cash or cheque to your papa’s account. How to deposit? Go to your papa’s bank. Fill up the Check Deposit slip. Write your papa’s account no., account name, date. Look at the columns. You’ll write the name of bank that issued the cheque, branch, cheque no., amount of cheque, total amount. Sometimes there’s a stamped space where you write your contact no. Present the cheque and deposit slip to the teller. Usually the teller will ask you to write your papa’s name and account no. at the back of the cheque. Be careful when writing at the back of the cheque. Write only on the correct spaces allotted.

  33. Hi mrs Nora. Is police clearance considered a valid ID if I I encash my cheque? I lost my valid ID po.

  34. Can I withdraw at a BDO branch here in QC using my passbook? Even if the remittance was sent to the montalban branch?

  35. Hi Carmie, do you mean the remittance was sent to your BDO account? Yes, you can withdraw at any BDO branch in QC. You’ll pay 100 pesos. Bring your ID in case they require it.

  36. Hi erik john, NBI clearance is usually considered a secondary ID, but you try. Bring additional identification document. Ask the bank if they accept the new digitized postal ID so you can apply for this ID. If you have a bank account, it’s easier to deposit your cheque to your account.

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