Pag-ibig Membership — Voluntary or Individual Payor


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  1. Hi jonny, I think your 1,200 is with Pag-ibig; there’s just some glitch with your record. Keep your OEC receipts so you can clear up with Pag-ibig when you’re back here. Or you can email Pag-ibig (Subject: OFW Program) and request your 2 payments of 600 pesos each to be credited to your record. You can scan or picture your receipts and attach them to your email. Include your Pag-ibig MID.

  2. Hi may i ask if i can continue paying Pagibig as voluntary even i don’t have a source of income, but I’m receiving money from Saudi every month?

  3. Hi Maricel, yes you can continue saving as Voluntary even if you’re relying on remittances. Do you already have your Pag-ibig MID no.? If none yet, go to and register to get your MID. Then go to your Pag-ibig branch with your ID and make your first payment there. For your next payments, you can pay at Bayad Center.

  4. hi gud pm, may gsto lang po ako mlman sa pag ppa member ko sa pag ibig i hve already “MID NO.” then i want to know kung saan ako pwede or unang mag bayad po bilang new member.

  5. Hi ashley, you can go to the Pag-ibig branch nearest your residence with your ID, MID no. and any proof of your source of income.

  6. Hi steph, yes, you can use that. If you can, support it with some receipts of your sales or commissions. To get a BIR-stamped ITR, get a TIN no. from, pay 500 pesos at BIR for registration, ask for an ITR 1701 form and then file your ITR. You can also download the ITR form at Print using legal or A4 size

  7. hi mam. how much is voluntary contribution? Do i update or re-apply, since i had 2 monthly contributions in 2011? thank you very much

  8. Hi rica, if you don’t yet have your Pag-ibig MID, go to and register to get your Pag-ibig MID. Then go to your Pag-ibig branch with your ID and Pag-ibig MID and inform them you’ll continue paying as Voluntary. Minimum payment is 200 pesos per month.

  9. Good day Nora. I’ve been a Pag-ibig member since 1983 but I stopped after 2 yrs when I got unemployed. Then I restarted and continued paying after 15 yrs as individual/voluntary till present. My question now is I’m employed by a company that has been paying my mandatory contributions too. Is this payment of both voluntary and mandatory contributions okay? Need your reply Nora.

  10. Hi silvano, based on Pag-ibig’s encouragement of increased contributions from Employed members, yes, I think that’s allowed. But to prevent questions later on about double posting in your records, I think it’s better if you consolidate your mandatory and voluntary payments into one payment by asking your employer to increase your Pag-ibig deductions (this has been allowed since 2009 or 2010; although the amount of the employer’s share remains the same). Or you can instead register with MP2 and save with this program — it gives interest higher than the mandatory savings. You can also get your MP2 no. at the Pag-ibig website.

  11. Hi po.. ask ko lang po.dati po ako ofw . Pero ngaun po hindi na ako ofw.pwd ko po kaya I update ang pag ibig ko at ano way po para maipagpatuloy ko.? Pls advice me what to do thank u so much

  12. Hello! good day:-) how can i know if i’m already a member of pag-ibig? In my previous job, my pay had deductions for pag ibig. at present i’m ofw and i plan to apply for a pag ibig housing loan. Thanks!

  13. Hi Renlen, you can register online to get your Pag-ibig MID. Follow the steps described here: How to get your Pag-ibig MID number. Click “Register as New Member” even if you’re already a member. After getting your Pag-ibig MID no., you can email Pag-ibig and ask your no. of contributions. > Write as Subject: OFW Program for Housing Loans. If you pay your contributions abroad, you can check your payments at

  14. Hi PING, the minimum monthly savings amount for Pag-ibig 1 is 200 pesos. You can increase to 250 or 300 or more.

  15. Currently I’m an ofw here in saudi. I registered today as individual payor thru online. I wish for my family in the Phils to pay for me. What should they do and where should they pay? and how much is monthly contribution? thanks a lot

  16. Hi romfel, were you able to get your Pag-ibig MID no. online? If not yet, login again, and then check your Pag-ibig MID no. You can also copy your registration page or member data page and email it to your family so they can print it. Or your family can login to your account and print the page. What your family brings to Pag-ibig: your Pag-ibig MID no., a scan of your IDs (preferably iqama), your family member’s ID, printout of registration. I called Pag-ibig a while ago, and they said as first OFW payor, you need to make your first payment at the Buendia, Makati branch, since this is the branch for OFWs. I ask about OFWs with families in the provinces, and they said that your family can ask for assistance at the regional branch nearest them. Here are branches in Metro Mla and nearby provinces: The minimum monthly contribution for Pag-ibig 1 is 200 pesos. You can increase it to 500 or more if you plan to apply for a housing loan later on. Kudos to you for saving!

  17. ms.nora, my iqama is not with me; it’s with my employer, and they don’t allow me to keep it, or even show it. can I show another id? my family is in lucena city. Is there a branch in Lucena? where my family can pay for me? Thanks a lot

  18. Hi romfel, the Lucena City branch is here: Ground & 2nd Floor Lucena Grand Central Terminal Bldg., Ilayang Dupay. (042) 710-2869
    Yes, email a scan of any ID plus a copy of your OEC, or any proof that you’re OFW. Your family can also bring a receipt of your latest remittance from saudi. Take care

  19. Hi Jamie, the minimum for Pag-ibig 1 is 200 pesos. For MP2, the minimum is 500 pesos. But you can increase your contribution anytime

  20. Hi how much is contribution by self employed and voluntary members and how can they avail of housing loan? Thanks

  21. Hi Bernard, the minimum monthly contribution is 200 pesos. You can contribute more to qualify for a higher housing loan amount. For self-employed or voluntary members, they need to prove that they have a stable source of income to show Pag-ibig that they can pay their housing loan (business papers, passbook with records of regular deposits, bank statement showing regular remittances or deposits, receipts of sales commission, etc.) If not yet a member, register first at to get your Pag-ibig MID no., then go to the nearest branch and show your ID and source of income and pay your first contribution. Pag-ibig housing loan guide

  22. Hi Ms Nora, I am physically working here but my employer is overseas. Similar to home-based, but we do have a physical office. I want to pay my pag-ibig voluntarily since what I get are remittances from my boss and I’m responsible for my pag ibig on my own. how do I start, since I also want to avail of the pag ibig loan in the future. Thanks po.

  23. Hi Kate, if your office is just a place to do your work, and does not have business permit and DTI or SEC registration, then that means you’ll have to register with Pag-ibig as self-employed. First, you get your Pag-ibig MID no. , then go to the nearest Pag-ibig branch with your ID and recent remittance receipts and/or any proof of your job, confirm your registration and make your first payment there. You can pay your next payments at Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

  24. Hi miss Nora i just want to ask something. I wish to pay to complete the required no. of months for loan application. For example po, 22 months so it means I need to pay 2 more months. I wish to pay as voluntary for these 2 moths so I can apply for a loan. Is that possible?

  25. Hi Joan, it’s best that you wait for your employer’s remittances to Pag-ibig. I think you cannot be Employed and Voluntary at the same time. Even if you’re allowed to pay as Voluntary, Pag-ibig will wait for those 2 months to pass in real time before you can apply for a loan. For example, you pay in advance for April and May (you can’t pay for past months), you can apply for a loan only in June.

  26. Hi Ms. Nora. I would just want to know your opinion. I contribute 3,000php to PAGIBIG monthly. I am just annoyed that everytime I make my transaction at this remittance center they always mumble that the amount is too much. it is only my 2nd month of contribution tho. Do u think it is really to big for a PAGIBIG contribution? TY for letting me know ur opinion, mam. Hoping to hear from you.

  27. Hi Ms. Nora. I would like to clarify which PAGIBIG membership should I tick given that I am working in Macau although unofficial OFW because I was hired directly here. I registered online and ticked OFW but am really unsure. Should it be individual payor, ofw, etc. It kind of worries me esp. that Iam contributing quite high amount and might have some problems in the future. Your response is greatly appreciated, mam. Thank you.

  28. Hi kaye, do they comment in an envious way? Or saying something like “wow, she’s saving a lot!” Or do they’re just puzzled you’re remitting such a big amount to Pag-ibig? Whichever, I think you can save monthly any amount you like, as I have not read any maximum limit. Their Pag-ibig savings example has 2k as the highest. The Pag-ibig housing loan chart has 2,950 as the highest contribution (eligibility for the 6-million loan). If those in the remittance firm ask, try telling them “I plan to buy a Bayad Center franchise or a Generics Pharmacy in 5 years, or buy a Pag-ibig foreclosed home in cash in 5 years and turn it into a rental property.”
    If you like, you can consider contributing more to the Pag-ibig MP2 program — you can get your savings after 5 years, or you can renew it for another 5 years. For Pag-ibig 1, you can claim this at age 45 if you’ve accumulated at least 240 monthly contributions. If less, you can claim it at age 60. If you like MP2, apply for your MP2 account no. at

  29. Hi kaye, you can tick OFW, as you’re sending your payments from abroad. One advantage of paying as OFW is you can check your payments at Don’t worry about the high amounts — instead, be proud silently and happy you’re able to save a lot. I’m so glad you’re saving — we’ve heard a lot of Pinoys overseas whose salaries were spent just for shopping. Keep your receipts, and check online from time to time. 🙂

  30. hi… i would like to ask.. i already been approved in housing loan should i need to pay realty tax after paying my first amortization?

  31. Inquire lang po. Panu po if gusto ko magloan.gusto ko kasi kumuha ng housing loan after ng contrata ko dto.ofw po ako. Pag uwi ko wala ako existing contract and most probably nde ako agad makakahanap ng trabaho maaprove pa din ba ung pag ibig loan ko? Ano pwede substitute for a contract?

  32. Hello poh ask q lng kung poh kung pwede q ilipat ung contribution q s pag ibig s single name ko kc poh married ang gamit q nung ng apply aq pro matagal n kmi hiwalay ng ex q kya ayw q n poh gamitin ung married s pg loan q ng bahay. pwede poh b un mg p register po aq ulit single name gagamitin ko.

  33. I’m mr joselito rodriguez, basak, pardo, cebu city, i’m pag-ibig member. for 4 months I’ve paid 1,000.00 monthly. I wish to lower my monthly contributions. How do I apply again? Thanks.

  34. Hi Joselito, you don’t apply again. Use the same Pag-ibig MID no. You can lower your payment to any amount between 200 to 1,000. For your first payment of this new amount, pay at your branch in cebu. Ask for a payment order first. Then later on, you can pay at Bayad Center.

  35. Hello po mrs nora. Thank you for responding to a lot of questions. I registered online feb 17 2015. It’s only now I checked and got my pagibig MID no. If I contribute 240 monthly, should I pay for the months I missed — feb to may? One thing, I haven’t gone to a Pag-ibig branch. Do I need to go there?

  36. Hello, i am currently employed but due to my sensitive pregnancy i was forced to have rest and take on LOA few months before my due(total of 5mos incl maternity leave). I have an existing salary loan and i am concerned on how will this be paid if im on leave since my i will be on leave without being paid. Our HR advised me to pay it directly to pag ibig. What info will i be needing in order to pay it directly, and where to pay and when? Thank you.

  37. Hi Warner, Pag-ibig does not accept payments for past months from individual payors. You can pay for May and months onwards. Are you near the Pag-ibig branch where your former employer remitted your contributions? It’s there where your records are. You can choose to go there and make your first payment as individual payor, so your records are in one place. Bring your IDs. You can make your subsequent payments at Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

  38. Hi I have a concern about paying my pagibig contribution, my last employment was march this year, I want to continue paying my contribution but under voluntary category, what will be the requirements? or can I directly pay my contribution over the counter or I have to fill out some form from pagibig? thanks

  39. Hi Edna, yes, you can continue paying as Voluntary. But it’s good to make your first Voluntary contribution at the branch where your former employer remitted your contributions so that your records will be in one branch. Bring your IDs and your Pag-ibig MID no. You can later make your second and subsequent payments at Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

  40. Hi Honey, Pag-ibig payment is usually accepted for the current month and succeeding months, not for previous months. But don’t worry because the computation for dividends is done annually — it does not matter whether your payment is credited as payment for Apr to June or as payment for June only. For example, your Apr to June payment is 200 x 3 = 600 pesos, but if credited as 600 pesos for June, it’s okay, your total dividends for the year will be the same.

  41. hi ms.nora, since 2008 till now I’m ofw. I never paid to pag ibig except for the 100 I see on my oec. I have obtained my mid. no. last week thru online. I want to start paying monthly. can my family start paying for me in the Phils and where? at buendia or bayad center? thanks.

  42. Hi Ms. NORA, I’ve been paying my pag-ibig contributions since I have my job. It’s been 4 years now. However, as a wife and planning to have baby later, I need to rest, so I resigned in my job. But still I want to pay continously in my contributions and possibly I want to avail the home loan in pag-ibig. Is it possible even I am unemployed? My husband is an OFW.

  43. Hi Sheilla Mae, yes, you can continue saving with Pag-ibig. Make first your first payment as Voluntary at the branch where your records are, and then you can make your succeeding payments at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Use your Pag-ibig MID no.. You might be allowed to apply for a housing loan even if unemployed if you can show proofs of continuous remittances. But it’s advisable if your husband also continues his own Pag-ibig so he’ll be the one to apply for a housing loan in case your application is not approved.

  44. Hi po. I wish to be a voluntary member. My last employment was october 2014. But my last employer remitted payments to pag-ibig zamboanga but I am Manila-based. I had online chat with pag-ibig as I had a loan balance. But they told me my loan was deducted from my contributions. Can I continue paying contributions here in Manila?

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