Pag-ibig Membership — Voluntary or Individual Payor

Updates as of November 22, 2012:

Before going to the nearest Pag-ibig branch, you must first get your Pag-ibig MID No. online. Sabi ng Pag-ibig, kelangang meron ka nang Pag-ibig MID No. for all transactions sa branch nila.

MID means Member’s Identification No.

Go to
Then click Membership Registration
Choose Register as New Member
Click Continue
Then fill up the online Registration Form. Kung gusto mong tingnan kung anong information ang kelangan sa form, click mo ito: Pag-ibig Online Registration Information

After you click SUBMIT, you will receive your Registration Tracking No. thru text or email. Keep this number.

The next day or on the second day, go again to E-SERVICES, then Member Registration, and then choose View Registration Information. You will use here the registration tracking no. you have received.

You will then see your PAG-IBIG MID No. Copy it, and then bring this to the nearest Pag-ibig branch. Show your IDs and any proof of your source of income, and then pay your first Pag-ibig contributions. Tanungin mo na rin kung saan ka puedeng magbayad bukod sa Pag-ibig branch.


How to be a Voluntary Pag-ibig Member

There are two types of membership:

  • Mandatory
  • Voluntary or Individual Payor.

I’ll be talking about the Voluntary type or Individual Payor type.

Who can apply for Voluntary of Individual Payor membership?

You can be a Voluntary member if:

  • You’re a Filipino aged 18 to 65 years old
  • You can pay the monthly contribution.
  • You’re not working with a company or organization covered by Mandatory coverage.

Examples of individuals who can apply:

  • Former employees or former OFWs who like to continue their Pag-ibig membership
  • Housewives or househusbands
  • Filipino employees of foreign organizations not under mandatory coverage
  • Employees of organizations not under mandatory coverage
  • Members and leaders of religious groups
  • Pensioners or retirees
  • Barangay officials
  • Other public officials not covered by GSIS
  • Other individuals who have money to pay the monthly contribution

How do you apply for membership?

1. Go to a Pag-ibig branch or an extension office. Bring at least one valid ID and a pen.
2. Ask the guard where to apply for Voluntary membership.
3. You will be assisted by a Members Services Officer (MSO).

Note: Merong konting pagkakaiba ang processes among the branches, kasi may branch na maraming tao, merong konti. May branch na online, merong hindi.

4. Puedeng the MSO will first go over your records via the computer, or you will be asked to fill up two copies of the Member’s Data Form (MDF) immediately.

5. You will be given a copy of your accepted MDF and instructions about your monthly payments.

Meron na ring HDMF Online Registration System:

This is still new, so the processing is not yet complete. You still have to complete your application at a branch or extension office.


If you surf the Pag-ibig website, you are asked to bring only a valid ID when you want to enroll.

But when I went recently to the Pag-ibig Fund Buendia Makati branch, I was told to submit the following requirements depending on my employment status. Click here to see the requirements you need to submit to apply as Voluntary member or Individual Payor.

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  1. Hi Olympia, yes, you can continue paying here in Manila. Since your records are in Zamboanga, it is good if you make your first payment as Voluntary at the Pag-ibig branch nearest your residence (go first to the customer officer issuing the payment order), and if you decide so, fill up the Transfer of Member Records form (so your records will be moved from Zamboanga to your new branch). You can pay your subsequent Voluntary payments at Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

  2. Hi pio, if you already have Pag-ibig MID no., you can pay at Bayad Center, SM Business Center or at your Pag-ibig branch.

  3. Hi good people of the Philippines, just a question. I have an unpaid loan (personal) with Pag-Ibig when I was still a call center agent. Since now I am in a different industry (construction) I was not able to pay for my loan. How can I continue paying for my existing loan in a very easy way. The regional centers are so crowded and government offices are closed during the weekends. Any comments will be appreciated.

  4. Hi Philip, have 2 years passed since your loan check date? If yes, Pag-ibig has most likely used your savings to pay off your loan. Whether 2 years or less have passed, you can continue saving with Pag-ibig by paying contributions/savings (not loan) at any Bayad Center or SM Business Center (200 pesos or much more). Use your Pag-ibig MID no.

  5. gud day po I worked in 1997 nov. I don’t know my pag ibig no. I want to continue saving. DIVINA ARMAS GAMBA po is my maiden name

  6. Hi Divina, register online, so you can get your Pag-ibig MID no. Use this Pag-ibig MID no. to pay 200 pesos or more a month as Voluntary at Bayad Center. This is how to get your Pag-ibig MID no. If your no. in 1997 was already a Pag-ibig MID no., Pag-ibig will give you the same no.

  7. HI GOOD DAY PO,first time ko po magpamember sa pagibig nag paregister po ako online,ask ko lng po pwede na po ba magbayad directly sa bayad center with MID no.thanks.

  8. Hello po.. Saan po ako pwdeng maghulog ng contribution ko? I mean pwde din po ba ito sa mga bangko or kailngan sa Pag- IBIG offices lng?

  9. Hi! I resigned last January 31, 2016 and currently unemployed. I still have existing loan with pag-ibig. I like to continue my loan payment and my contributions as voluntary member. Do I need to register as voluntary member or is there a form that needs to be filled up? What are the requirements as voluntary member or unemployed? thanks

  10. Hi Karen Mae, visit your Pag-ibig branch with your ID and Pag-ibig MID and make your first payments there as Voluntary. Get a payment order first before paying. You can make your next payments at Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

  11. Hi elsa, the payment deadline is the last day of the month. For example, for February, pay on or before Feb 28/29

  12. Good afternoon. I would like to ask po if I am Job Order/Contractual employee and paying 200 a month as a voluntary member, could I apply for any loan? tnx

  13. Hi Mary Anne, yes, but present proof of income, like commission receipts or your recent salary slips. You should also have paid at least 24 monthly contributions. For those who have paid 25 to 59 contributions, you can borrow only up to 60% of your total savings and dividends. This means if you have saved around 5,000, your loan would be around 3,000.

  14. Hi, am I allowed to pay in advance my contributions for march 2016 to dec 2016? I’m unemployed. I wish to continue remitting my contributions? what form should I use? thanks po a lot

  15. Hi Daisy, yes, you’re allowed. If you’re paying in advance, it’s better that you pay at your Pag-ibig branch. The process is the same. Get your payment slip from the Pag-ibig customer officer and then pay at the cashier.

  16. Hi good day, I have a remaining loan balance with pag ibig and lost my work last december and I want to continue paying contributions to pag ibig. if I’m able to pay my loan balance, can I apply for a loan again? even if I don’t have a business yet?

  17. Hi davie, when was your loan date? Have 24 months passed? If yes, Pag-ibig will pay your loan balance using your savings (they call it offsetting). Yes, you can continue paying contributions to Pag-ibig; minimum amount is 200 pesos. Yes, you can borrow again, but present proof of source of income. Some online say that you can use a barangay certificate certifying you’re earning income (state the source). You also should have paid 5 monthly contributions within the last 6 months prior to loan application.

  18. Hi Faye, do you mean you haven’t been employed before? If not employed before, wait till you get employed so you’ll pay through your employer. If you get self-employed, you can start saving by showing your proof of income to Pag-ibig. But if you’ve been employed before and have contributed before, you have a choice: continue paying as Voluntary or wait till you get employed again.

  19. Hi! I just want to ask if a voluntary paying member can also file a loan?how and when?

  20. Hi, I work before in a company wherein they pay my pag-ibig, but my new employer now doesn’t pay yet my pag ibig. I want to continue paying my pag ibig as a voluntary. can it be possible? and is there a way to know my status of payment in pag ibig?

  21. Hi anna rose, your employer should pay your Pag-ibig. Employer shares only 100 pesos a month. You can ask about your payments at the Pag-ibig branch where your past employer remits — usually the Pag-ibig branch nearest the company location. While waiting for your employer, you can save with Pag-ibig as Voluntary; pay at the branch where your records are. If the branch is far, you can also pay at Bayad Center as Voluntary, but keep your receipts and consolidate your savings at your branch later on.

  22. Hi Nora. I have stopped saving in Pag-ibig for 15 months and want to reactivate my membership. I have been told that I need to pay all the 15 months I have missed to do so. Is this true?

  23. Hi Mae, yes, you can continue paying. No, you’re not required to pay missed months. If you’re near your Pag-ibig branch, pay at the branch for current month and the next months, if you like to pay in advance. You can also pay at Bayad Center (current month and advance payments, if you like). Use your Pag-ibig MID no.

  24. hi po. I resigned from my previous work. How can I pay my contributions and loan balance po? I have mid. no. Can I pay direct at bayad center?

  25. hi mam. ask ko lang po. nagresign na po kasi ako sa dati kung work neto lang po March 16,2016. at ngayon po nagbusiness nalang po ako. panu po ba dapat kung gawin para ako nalang po ang maghuhulog ng contributions ko at loan balance po..may mid. no n dn po ako. pwede n po ba direct sa bayad center?

  26. Hi Ms. Nors! Just want to ask po if I can renew my MPL with pagibig by June or July this year. First amort po of my current mpl is august last year. But I did not have contribution for March 2016 because I was on Maternity Leave. I reported back last April 18. Will I be able to renew this or I need to have 6 months contributions prior to my loan? Thank you po.

  27. Hi Erma, does he have his Pag-ibig MID? If not yet, you or he can get his Pag-ibig MID no.. First, you will receive a registration tracking no. via email or text, then later, you will receive your Pag-ibig MID no. Then use this to pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Minimum is 200 pesos. The bigger amount, the better. If his Pag-ibig branch is near you, you can also pay there. Keep your receipts so you can cross-check later on when you check with his Pag-ibig branch.

  28. hello good morning po maam. pwede pa po ba ma retrieve yung pag-ibig number ko?. I forgot na kse ee. Last work ko kase yung 2012 pa. Salamat.

  29. Good afternoon, I just wanna ask what kind of form we need to fill up since we have penalty, my boss got a problem to our co-worker since she didn’t manage the payment of my boss last June 2013 up to present.

  30. Hi Ms Nora,I am an ofw. I missed to pay my voluntary hdmf contribution from january 2016 up to this date. If I opted to pay now the whole year, could i still backpay the january onwards til december? Thanks

  31. Hi Gigi, I think you can pay from this current quarter to Dec (April to Dec). Don’t worry about not being able to have Jan to March receipts. Just add the money that you planned to pay for Jan to March to your April-Dec payment. Pag-ibig said that we can increase our monthly savings anytime. If you’re thinking about dividends, the dividends are not credited monthly; they’re credited once a year (theoretically every Dec 31, although they’re able to compute the dividend rate much later).

  32. But Ms. Nora what I’m worried about I missed the 1st qtr contribution is that I’m planning to apply for housing loan this coming july-aug during our 1 month vacation to davao city. Am I still qualified to avail the said loan or is there any required no.of contribution prior to loan availment? Thanks again…

  33. Hi Gigi, for the Pag-ibig housing loan, the required no. of monthly savings is 24 contributions, but Pag-ibig allows one-time payment of this 24-month requirement to enable you to apply for a housing loan. You can get your Pag-ibig MID no. online now and then have someone pay this quarter (minimum 600 pesos) at Pag-ibig Davao. When you apply for your housing loan, you will be asked to pay the rest (21 x 200 pesos). This monthly payment will be increased later on, depending on your loan amount. The increased monthly savings will be included in your monthly loan amortization (if this is still the SOP). If you’re buying from a developer, ask them if you can use a Pag-ibig loan. There are developers that don’t have yet individual titles for their properties (only the master title for the whole project), and therefore you cannot apply for a Pag-ibig loan.

  34. hi po mrs Nora. I have unpaid salary loan in 2014. I was told all is due in april 2016. I paid only 1 month. Can I have my loan balance offset with my contributions so I can apply for another loan? thanks po

  35. Hi Olivia, it’s Pag-ibig that does the offsetting after the 24-month payment period is over. Did you continue paying your contributions? If you’re now voluntary, you need to be active (paid contributions for 5 of the past 6 months) and to present proof of source of income when you apply for a loan.

  36. What if I had a mistake in filling up the registration form, is it ok to register again? Will the rtn change? Is that Ok? Thanks po

  37. Hi Arjel, in the past, Pag-ibig allowed second or 3rd registration, but now it’s no longer allowed. Wait for your RTN, and then login again to see your Pag-ibig MID no. After getting your Pag-ibig MID no., correct your errors. If your type of error can’t be changed online, visit Pag-ibig with your ID.

  38. I registered for Pag-ibig Membership last April 2016. I haven’t got my Pag-ibig MID yet and haven’t made any contributions. Currently, I am unemployed. Am I required to pay the monthly contributions even though I don’t have a source of income?

  39. Hi Kate, you’re not required to pay if you’re unemployed. If you have registered online, you can send a PRIVATE MESSAGE with your complete name (with middle name) and birth date to Pag-ibig through their Facebook page and ask what is your Pag-ibig MID no.

  40. Hi pearl, is this about multipurpose loan? If you have 24 to 59 monthly contributions, your loan amount is 60% of your total money with Pag-ibig. If 60 to 119 contributions, loan amount is 70% of your total money. If 120 or more, loan amount is 80%. You also should have paid 5 of the last 6 months. Show proof of source of income like barangay cert or commission receipts.

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